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15 Ways To Get Free Perfume Samples by Mail [2024 List]

Niche perfumes and perfumes from luxury fashion labels are unbelievably costly. A 100ml bottle of Creed Aventus will cost you close to $500. But won’t you love it if I suggest some options to get free perfume samples?

According to a report on Expert Market Research, the current global market for perfumes stands at $45.9 billion. And it is expecting a CAGR of 5.5% till 2028. The market is enormous!

Many e-commerce platforms, online perfume stores, and luxury fashion labels offer free samples of their EDPs, EDTs, and colognes on a regular basis. So, here is what I found!


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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7 Websites And Online Stores To Get Free Perfume Samples

Several Perfumeries, fashion labels, and even beauty blogs offer free samples of EDP and EDT from time to time. Check out my top (and trusted) picks!


1. PinchMe

Screenshot of PinchMe homepage while I was looking for free samples of perfume.


PinchMe is my favorite place to get free perfume samples nowadays. And the best thing is that they send samples and decanters by mail; no need to visit any physical store. You just need to review the perfume; that’s all!

Unique Feature

  • No shipping fees! No credit card details or other sensitive info.
  • Not just perfume, you can even get free samples of various beauty products.

What I Like: Reviewing perfume is one of the money-making hobbies that pay really well. And you can easily get costly EDPs, such as a free Dior perfume sample.

2. Sephora

Screenshot of Sephora homepage while I was looking for free samples of perfume.


Ladies, you must have already known that Sephora is your go-to place to get free women’s perfume samples, isn’t it? They always have their selection of free samples from their recent fragrant line.

How It Works

  • Purchase & Get: Buy at least three items, add perfume samples from the free sample section in your cart, and order the entire cart to get those.
  • The Beauty Insider Program: Sephora will give you points for each purchase that you can redeem to buy perfumes and decanters. It also offers free samples on your birthday as a gift.

My Take: Sephora adds new samples each season, and it depends on its current perfume line. So, you can get various samples of different perfumes throughout the year.


3. Hermes

Screenshot of Hermes landing page


Established in 1837 in Paris, Hermes is now a popular name in the luxury fashion and beauty industry. They launch season-wise clothing, accessories, and even perfumes. And thankfully, they provide free samples to their loyal customers.

How To Get It

  • Sign up for an account and subscribe to their newsletter.
  • Go to the contact us page and email them.
  • Mention your requested sample and your full mailing address.

Note: All the requested samples are subject to availability. So, you must have some patience to get your desired piece.

You can get more details on the FAQ page of Hermes. They have discussed the procedure for getting free samples in the “how may I receive a sample of your fragrance” section.

4. Ulta

Screenshot of Ulta Beauty homepage while I was looking for free samples of perfume.


American fashion house Ulta Beauty not just gives free samples of their perfumes but also provides free skincare and beauty samples. And this company has a presence in both the US and the UK.

How It Works

  • Open a free account and signup for their monthly mailing program.
  • Let them know you need a monthly catalog (for free).
  • Receive new perfume samples each month for testing.

Alternate Method: You can also shop online from Ulta Beauty and add free samples to your cart while you checkout.

5. Diptyque

Screenshot of Diptyque Webstore front.


If you are looking for free perfume testers, Diptyque can be your ideal choice. Although they don’t have any special offers for free samples, they do have a unique program.

The “Try Before And Samples” Program

  1. Go to the offer page and choose your fragrance.
  2. Add a free sample of that same perfume while you checkout.
  3. Once you get the full bottle and the sample, use the tester first.
  4. If you send the main bottle (unopened) within 14 days, they will refund your full amount.

Other Way: If you don’t want to purchase a whole bottle, you can add up to 2 free samples of fragrance and beauty products every time you shop on their site.


6. Walmart

Screenshot of Walmart website that I took while searching for free EDP and EDT samples.


Walmart is undoubtedly the best place to get free perfume samples in the USA. It is also the go-to place if you are looking for free coin-counting machines or a Cash App ATM.

Walmart takes good care of its customers and provides many additional facilities to maintain good relationships. And they also have a free sampling program.

How It Works

  • Sign up for a free account and join their newsletter.
  • Once you receive any mail with a free sampling offer, check out the online store or visit your nearby Walmart.
  • Your nearby Walmart store will give you samples instantly. And it will take up to 6 weeks if you order online.

What I Don’t Like: These are all US-specific offers without an option for global buyers.

7. Pretty Thrifty

Screenshot of Pretty Thrifty website.


Pretty Thrifty is a beauty and fashion blog known for its generous giveaways and freebies.

They have a dedicated page where they list perfume samples for free. And they also add new perfumes depending on availability.

What I Like

  • You can get niche perfume samples, such as Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford.
  • The process is simple and takes a minute or two.

What I Don’t Like

  • They don’t update the sample page often. I can only find offers from 2021.
  • Tried to contact their support but no response.


8 Alternative Ways To Get Free Fragrance Samples

Perfume brands, beauty stores, and fashion blogs are not the only options where you can get samples. There are many other ways available as well. Here are my top picks!


8. Beauty Product Testing Panels

Screenshot of Preferred Fragrance's free perfume sample page.


Fashion houses and perfumeries love their products getting reviewed by their customers. And for that, they offer their testing panel where you can submit your review after sampling some new fragrances.

My favorite fashion brands with testing panels are:

There are many other individual testing panels also available that offer free samples of EDP and EDT. My favorites are:

Bonus: Testing new perfumes and beauty products can be a great side hustle. And there are many ways available to get paid to test products.


9. Shop Online

Screenshot of The Body Shop landing page in Canada.


There are many ways to get free fragrance samples in the USA. But shopping online from beauty stores or perfumeries will definitely increase your chance.

Most of the big fashion labels, niche perfume makers, and luxury brands offer their free samples when you purchase something.

I found five such online stores where you can add samples to your cart for free.

Note: You may need to order a certain cart value to get these samples. Do check out their policy page for more details.

10. Shop At Perfume Stores

Screenshot of The Perfume Store website while I was looking for free samples of perfume.


Physical shops are witnessed decreasing demands due to the rise of online marketplaces. And to attract their customers, these shops are taking new strategies, such as giving free men’s perfume samples to their loyal shoppers.

From UK-based The Perfume Shop to the Dutch perfume giant Douglas, there are many such perfume stores exist that you can visit to collect some free fragrance samples.

However, possibilities are there that you may not get what you are looking for. But still, you can get some pretty niche samples, such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Issey Miyake.

My Take: Visit the stores whenever the rush is low (such as afternoon). But try to visit during shopping seasons, like Easter or Christmas, to get high-end samples.


11. Sign Up For Newsletters

Screenshot of Dolce & Gabbana website while looking for free perfume samples.


Almost all the major perfumeries, luxury brands, and high-end beauty websites have their newsletters.

And time to time, they deliver product launch reports and availability of samples for their new products through their newsletters.

I’ve subscribed to six such websites and got a pretty fast response. Here they are:

My Take: Not only did I get customized alerts for the free perfume sample I was looking for, but some of these companies have also given me discounts on my first order as a welcome gift!

12. Social Media

Screenshot of Chanel's IG handle.


All the big luxury brands, niche perfumeries, and elite fashion labels have their social media pages, especially on Facebook and Instagram.

They often run free sample giveaways to engage with their customers directly.

Some of these companies also run separate IG campaigns to attract their new-age customers. Here goes a list of IG handles you should follow to get some free samples.

You can also search for ongoing giveaways and free sampling campaigns by looking through the hashtags. I found the most campaigns by searching through these hashtags:

  • #freesample
  • #freeperfume
  • #freefragrance
  • #freeperfumesamples
  • #freebies
  • #freestuff

Bonus: Besides Instagram, FB is also a great option for searching for new giveaways. And there are many other ways to earn money on Facebook as well.


13. Product Review Sites

Screenshot of BzzAgent website while searching for free perfume samples by mail.


Most perfume brands look for genuine user reviews to improve their existing products and also to analyze the current need of their customer base. And for that, they partner with reviewing sites where you can get paid to write reviews.

However, not every product testing guarantees money, as you’ll mostly get freebies, such as free samples of their top-end perfume. At times, they also offer full-size perfume bottles rather than samples to their reviewers.

I tried many such platforms and found seven review sites that have dedicated testing programs for perfumes and essential oils.


14. Request For Samples

Screenshot of Huda Beauty website.


Don’t want to wait till the giveaway campaign to try your favorite cologne? You can always request the brands to give you some free perfume samples.

But don’t forget to mention and give reasons why you are a loyal customer to them.

Not just EDPs and EDTs, you can even get free land if you request the right agencies for the right reasons.

Look for the “Contact Us” page of your favorite perfumery or fashion label, and drop a mail. If your request is compelling enough, you are surely going to get it. Here is a list of companies you must contact:

My Take: This method needs consistency and patience. Many big brands take up to 14 days to reply back. But don’t nag, and obviously, don’t spam!


15. Departmental Stores

Your nearby departmental stores are your last bet if you want to know how to get free Dior perfume samples. All you need is to visit your nearby store, which sells decent perfumes.

You can ask the salesperson or the cash registrar to know about any ongoing giveaways. You can also head up to the sales manager to see if you can try any of their available samples.

But be polite! Don’t pretend it’s their duty to give you free samples. And visit during non-rush hours.


How To Get Free Perfume Samples By Mail?

Screenshot of Freefly's Website.


Yes, it is now possible to get free perfume samples by mail. There are many such reviews and product testing sites exist that will mail you the sample or the full pack.

You need to use it, review it genuinely, submit your opinion, and keep the sample or the bottle yourself. Here goes a list of sites that now offer perfumes for testing.

  • Sampler: Get free samples of any beauty products. Available in selected countries.
  • Popsugar Dabble: Signup for a free account and participate in their sampling campaigns.
  • FreeSamplesbyMail: Mostly deals with niche perfumes. Only available in the US.
  • Home Tester Club: Offers multiple products on request. Available in selected countries.
  • Freefly’s: Hundreds of perfumes and beauty products for testing. Only available in the US and Canada.
  • Sample Source: Become a member and then “try before you buy.” Available in the US and Canada.
  • Jo Malone: Up to 3 miniature samples of top-end perfumes with all orders above $120.


How To Get Free Perfume Samples From Big (Luxury) Brands?

You can get some free perfume samples in the UK and USA by following the methods I’ve mentioned above. But if you need a consistent supply stream, there is another road you need to walk on!

Big brands and niche perfumeries often collaborate with social media influencers to market their EDPs and EDTs among young buyers. But you need a professional handle or dedicated page to do that.

Open a business handle on IG or a page on FB to get started. Be unique and imply your skills to get some followers.

Once you deliver 100+ posts and have at least 1k followers, you can start contacting the companies for a paid collaboration.

Besides being an influencer, there are several other ways to make money from Instagram blogging. If you need a side hustle, go for it!


Final Takeaways

Unless you are a reputed influencer or a very loyal customer of a particular brand, it will take time and patience to get free perfume samples. You can also try to contact new fragrance shops and perfumeries to ask for some samples.

So, that’s all for today, folks! If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to start a conversation with me in the comment box.


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