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35 Best Free Sites Like Netflix To Watch In 2024

With more than 5k original shows and more than 15k global movies to choose from, Netflix is undoubtedly the biggest video platform in this world right now. But do you know that there are even free sites like Netflix available that also offer similar content?

Yes, from Amazon to Apple TV+, several paid but cheaper alternatives to Netflix are available these days. Besides, you can also access completely free sites like Roku, Tubi TV, and Plex to watch great content.

But not every platform stream movie legally! Besides, you will also face several geo-restrictions while hunting for your favorite movie.

So, our team of experts personally tried hundreds of streaming platforms to fetch the best 35 options for you.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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17 Best Free Sites Like Netflix

There are several free sites like Netflix available all over the globe that doesn’t charge a single penny to stream the latest movies and trending shows.

However, a few of them wants you to register for free before you start watching.


1. YouTube

Nothing can be as popular, versatile, and trendsetter as YouTube. And famous YouTubers like PewDiePie and Logan Paul are as popular as any Hollywood celebrities. Yes, that’s how popular this platform is, with more than 2 billion active users.

Although YouTube is mainly known for free content created by independent creators, it also has a premium segment to watch everything without any ads. Besides, there are several original shows that you can access only on YouTube Premium.

If you don’t want to take any subscription for YouTube Premium or YouTube Music, you can alternatively buy or rent any movies of your choice for as little as just $2/title.


2. Roku

If anything is as popular as Netflix in the USA, it is definitely Roku. All you need is to download a Roku streaming player on any of your smart devices, take a subscription, and start watching your favorite movies, shows, standups, and many more!

Yes, it is one of the most popular free sites like Netflix that is available on almost all the smart devices in your house. And on a single subscription, you can access this fantastic platform from anywhere, anytime.

Although Roku is completely free to use, you may need to take additional subscriptions if you want to access premium channels like HBO, ABC News, and a few others.

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3. IMDb TV

We all resort to IMDb to check the ratings and reviews before watching any movie, isn’t it? But do you even know that the internet movie database has its own video platform called IMDb TV? Yes, it is an ad-supported free platform to watch shows and movies.

Creating an account here is also pretty easy, and you can also log in with your Google account or your FB account. From Sci-Fi to drama, from romcom to just high school romance, this platform has thousands of contents in hundreds of genres.

You can freely watch several classic hits like “Mad Men” or the “Schitt’s Creek.” And after Amazon took over IMDb, you can now also watch these contents on the Amazon Fire TV stick.


4. Tubi TV

A handful of free sites like Netflix are as diverse as Tubi TV. All you need is to register on this site to make a free account and then start watching your favorite shows and movies of different genres in different languages.

From the latest Hollywood blockbusters to popular sitcoms, from standup comedy shows to just talk shows, you can find content from almost all the genres you can possibly think of. Besides, they have fun genres like “Not On Netflix as well.

It is available on almost all smart devices, including your smart TV and Roku streaming device. Besides, you can now also access it on gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox.

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5. Popcorn Flix

If you are almost addicted to just Netflix and chill, you can now simply start binge-watching on this fantastic platform called Popcorn Flix. Yes, it is one of the most popular streaming services out there, with massive global coverage.

From drama to comedy, from children’s movies to horror, and even documentaries, there are hundreds of genres to choose from. However, you’ll mainly have content for the mature audience.

This platform can be accessed worldwide, and you don’t even need to buy a subscription. You can just create a free account and start enjoying this platform.


6. Vudu

No, it is not what it actually sounds like! Jokes apart, Vudu was once just a lame marketing strategy by Walmart to direct their customers to the DVDs section to generate sales. However, this story has long ended.

Vudu has now relaunched with a new look and a revamped feel to attract the Gen-Y. And the best part, it is now completely free to use. Besides, there is a fantastic catalog to choose from that covers almost all genres.

You can easily create a free account here just by logging in with your Google or Facebook account. But yes, this is an ad-supported platform where you may get annoyed with the frequent commercial breaks.

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7. Crackle

From “227” to “All in the Family,” from “Who’s the Boss” to “Malcolm and Eddie,” there are thousands of popular and trending titles to watch on this fantastic platform called Crackle. Besides, it has already established itself as one of the best free sites like Netflix.

You may not believe it, but this platform has several chartbusters, such as “Mission Impossible III” and “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,” which you can watch without paying anything. Besides, it is also a treasure trove for old English classics.

And like many other platforms, this one is also ad-supported. So, you may face as much as a 60-second ad break while you watch anything on this one.


8. CONtv

Over the last couple of years, CONtv has established itself as one of the best free streaming platforms. But the best part is that you don’t even need to register or create an account. Instead, you can simply start watching just by clicking on the title.

From classics to action, from Sci-Fi to adventure, there are several genres to choose from. And if you are an anime fan, they have a dedicated segment for you altogether. And a few of those movies are even available with subtitles for the global audience.

Based in Switzerland, this platform also has a massive collection of classic cartoon services, such as “Laurel and Hardy” and “Abbott and Costello,” to watch and enjoy!

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9. Pluto TV

If you want to watch live channels on sites like Netflix for free, you should start your quest with this brilliant platform called Pluto TV. With more than 75 live channels to choose from, there is no space for you on Pluto to get bored.

From comedy to geek, from news to sports, and even the latest music, you just name, and this platform has it all under its roof. And right now, it is available on almost all smart devices, even on smart TVs and Mac devices.

They have recently launched their very own Pluto Movies channel, where they broadcast non-stop movies, from old classics to the latest chartbusters.


10. Classic Cinema Online

Are you a fan of old Sci-Fi classics like the “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” or “1954”? If yes, Classic Cinema Online is definitely the best place for you. Action, adventure, or war, you can find several titles of almost all the genres.

The best thing about this platform is that it has a long list of very old classics, such as the 1694-version of the iconic “Pinocchio” or the 1936 musical called “Let’s Sing Again.” Besides, it also has a dedicated segment for the family audience.

Most of the classic movies you can watch here are almost flawless, and you won’t even see a grainy feel or buzzy screen while watching those.

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11. FilmRise

There are very few free sites like Netflix that have their own app for smart devices. And among those, FilmRise is truly the forerunner. Not just on your mobile phone or laptop, you can even watch movies through this platform on smart TVs as well.

This platform also has a unique “Auto Play” feature where shows will automatically start once the previous one ends. And they will shuffle the titles according to your preferences of genres and movies.

Right now, it has more than 20k titles to choose from. And besides movies, there is plenty of TV series, reality shows, dramas, sitcoms, and even cartoon shows available on this platform.


12. Xumo TV

If you are looking for free sites to watch web series, Xumo TV can be the perfect choice for you. It has more TV shows and web series than movies. So, if you are a movie buff, you may get disappointed with their catalog.

However, this platform has a grand collection of series, sitcoms, and other TV shows. And they frequently shuffle their featured content on the welcome screen. Besides, they now have thousands of TV titles to choose from.

And the best thing, this platform has more than 200 channels that they stream live. Besides, there is plenty of food and travel shows you can also watch without paying a single dollar.

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13. CW TV

Many people have already dubbed CW TV as the best free alternative to Netflix. However, it may feel a little annoying at times as you may have to watch up to four commercial ads in a single episode of a series.

But if you keep that aside, it is genuinely a brilliant platform with more than 25k titles to choose from. And for superhero fans, there is a vast collection that includes iconic shows like the “Flash,” “Batwoman,” “Nancy Drew,” and many more.

If you are a non-native speaker, this platform has included subtitles in various languages in almost all their shows and movies. And you can also create a free account in just a blink of an eye.


14. Movies Found Online

Yes, the name says it all! Movies Found Online is truly the platform to get all the movies available freely over the internet. And most movie buffs already tagged it as one of the best free sites like Netflix.

There are several great movies to choose from, including “The Green Hornet.” Besides, you can watch several award-winning documentaries on this platform, such as “The Michael Jackson Story: The Man in the Mirror” and “Johnny Cash: American Rebel.”

Although it is an independent platform, they mainly use YouTube UI to stream its movies. So, it doesn’t have any geo-restrictions.

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15. Kanopy

While most people like entertaining titles, many people also prefer serious movies, especially educational ones. And if you are one such movie buff, Kanopy is truly the right platform for you. With more than 5k films, it has a huge inventory.

However, this platform actually lists those movies which are already available for free in universities or library sites from all over the globe. Besides, they mainly emphasize independent films and foreign titles.

But the only drawback is you can stream up to a limited number each month. And it is currently exclusively available to University students, research scholars, lecturers, and professors.


16. Plex TV

Plex TV has created a recent buzz in the global media after joining hands with more than ten content distributors from every corner of this blue planet. And now, they have more than 25 genres to choose from.

Right now, this platform is completely free. However, it does have a subscription-based model where you can watch the same movies but with a far superior quality. Many of its titles are even available in 4K.

Not just the android devices, you can also access this platform in PlayStations and Xbox. And this platform is now also available on Roku and Apple TV.


17. 123 Movies

If you are looking for top-rated movies, trending web series, and other premium content on free sites like Netflix, 123 Movies is the only place to get that. And this platform can be accessed from every corner of the world.

Besides the recent hits and chartbusters, this unique platform has a vast collection of educational and serious movies as well. And most of their recent titles are in HD format to enjoy by the subscribers.

Although it is not mandatory, you can still make an account on this platform to create your own watchlist. Besides, they will also be going to suggest you movies depending on your preferences.

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18 Best Paid Alternatives To Netflix

There are several free sites like Netflix that offer spectacular shows, sports events, original series, classic movies, recent chartbusters, and a lot more.

And in a few of these platforms, you can even get paid to watch movies in your free time.


18. Amazon Prime Video

If anything is as vast and as popular as Netflix, it is undoubtedly the Prime Video from the house of Amazon.

Yes, Prime is surely among the best sites like Netflix, with free trials and global coverage. And not just watching videos, you can now even make money on Amazon.

With close to 20k shows, web series, movies, and Amazon originals to choose from, this website is definitely a treasure trove. And now, it comes with a small monthly subscription fee of $5.99 to $8.99, depending on your country.

But Amazon gives more benefits with the Prime membership, not just access to its video platform. You can get several additional services like one-day delivery, assisted pickup, and a lot more.

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19. Apple TV+

The eye candy of Apple users, Apple TV+, is now available in the USA, UK, Canada, Russia, Asia, and a lot more. And with just a $4.99/month subscription fee, it is definitely worth a try as it has several shows and movies exclusively available on this platform.

Right now, there are several independent filmmakers also working with Apple TV+ to bring new shows and movies on their platform. And they are also trying to cover as many sports events in the USA as possible.

One of the best things is that this app is pre-installed on all Apple devices. And they are now also giving a two-month free subscription offer before you start your paid membership.


20. HBO Now

We all have watched Game of Thrones, isn’t it? But do you know that it is actually an original of HBO? Yes, from Veep to GOT, HBO Now has already produced and showcased iconic movies and original web series.

And now, many people count it among the best OTT platforms like Netflix. However, it is on the costlier side as the subscription starts from $14.99/month. But yes, you can get it for $9.99/month if you are a student.

HBO Now also has a sister platform called HBO Max which you can also access with a single membership plan from several countries around the globe.


21. Hulu

Hulu first came to fame as one of the best sites like Netflix but free. However, they have also started their monthly subscription service, which you can get for just $6.99/month for single users. And for multiple screens, it goes up to $11.99/month.

Right now, it has thousands of movies, talk shows, and web series exclusively available on this platform. And you can even watch the episodes of your favorite primetime shows the very next day after it airs live.

You can even get a membership for Hulu with Live TV, where you can access 50+ live tv channels. But you need to pay $44.99/month, which is on the expensive side.

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22. Disney Plus

We all grew up watching Disney movies, isn’t it? But now, they have launched their own OTT platform that now has a global presence. Known as Hotstar in India, Disney+ is definitely worth trying, especially if you are a superhero or an anime fan!

They recently created a buzz after releasing Shang-Chi, Mulan, and Star Wars on their platform. And you can get a membership for just $6.99/month or $69.99/year. Besides, it has massive global coverage.

And in the future, they are planning to bring all the superhero series on this platform. But on a different note, Disney+ is now also offering several closed captioning jobs for their upcoming shows and movies.


23. Discover+

If Kevin Richardson (The Lion Whisperer) or Bear Grylls (Man Vs. Wild) is your idol, Discovery+ should be your go-to place to watch shows and movies. Right now, it has also started operations in the Philippines, Denmark, India, and a few other countries besides the USA.

Besides their original shows, they also have collaborated with a few other channel partners, including Lifetime and A&E, to bring new series on the platform. And you can watch all these for just a small subscription fee of $6.99/month.

This year, they have also introduced a seven-day free trial program for their new customers where you can enjoy the platform for a week without paying anything.


24. Hallmark Movies Now

Previously known as Feeln, Hallmark Movies Now is now dominating the web space for family-friendly content. It has also earned praise as one of the best free movie sites like Netflix that you can access from various parts of this blue planet.

From classic movies to family shows such as “The Golden Girls” and “Last Man Standing,” there are several amazing things to choose from. Besides, it also has a vast collection of comedy and suspense movies.

Right now, you can get a subscription for just $5.99/month. But for a yearly plan, you just need to pay $59.99.

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25. PBS

PBS, or Public Broadcasting Service, is the largest public broadcaster and TV show distributor in the USA. Not just for entertainment, they also produce shows and television programs to educate American citizens.

From “Cosmos” to “This Old House,” from “Sherlock” to “Miss Scarlet,” there are several amazing shows and movies to choose from. And you can watch all those in HD format from any of your smart devices and televisions.

Although this platform is primarily free, you can donate to get a premium membership. And if you are a WHYY Passport member, you can even access their two other platforms; PBS Online and PBS Kids.


26. Paramount+

Previously known as CBS All Access, the web version of the iconic Paramount Pictures has reappeared in the market with a greater feel, newer shows, and a revamped look. Besides, you can watch almost all the shows from the CBS platform itself on Paramount+.

For just a $4.99/month subscription fee, you can watch iconic shows like the “Big Bang Theory,” “Survivor,” “CSI: Miami,” “NCIS,” and a lot more. Besides, they also have a vast library of movies and TV programs to choose from.

With this single-subscription plan, you can even watch shows from other platforms as well, such as MTV, Nickelodeon, Smithsonian, and a lot more!


27. Pureflix

The doppelganger of Netflix, you can even chill on Pureflix as well! From family-friendly content to wholesome entertainment, there are several genres to choose from. And you can watch thousands of shows from each of those genres.

However, they mostly have Christian content with more than 2k religious titles under their platforms. Besides, they have a great collection of educational content as well. And right now, you can access all of them from any smart device.

This year, they have dropped their subscription fee to just $10.99/month. However, you can get it even cheaper for just $99/year if you take a yearly subscription.

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28. Sling TV

If you talk about the best free streaming sites, you should definitely consider Sling TV among those. It is actually a new-age alternative to cable channels where you’ll get the same service at a much more affordable price.

Right now, they have three packages to choose from that range from $25/month to $40/month, depending on the number of channels you opt for. ESPN, History TV, Cartoon Network, NBC, Fox Sports, you just name any, and this platform has it all.

It is now exclusively available in the USA. However, they are soon planning to expand their services in a few other countries.


29. BritBox

As the name itself suggests, BritBox is one of the best British OTT platforms. You can get almost all the famous and trending British TV content right on this platform. From detective dramas to talk shows, there are many things to choose from.

If you are an avid fan of Sci-Fi dramas or classic TV shows, it is definitely the right platform for you. And you can watch almost any British show and movie just a few hours after the program goes live on television.

You can get a subscription to this fantastic platform by paying a small fee of just $6.99/month. And for a yearly membership, you need to pay just $69.99 for a single shot each year.


30. Vimeo On Demand

As we all know, Vimeo, Twitch, and Dailymotion are the arch-rivals of YouTube! And now, Vimeo has followed the same route as YouTube and launched its add-on subscription service as well called Vimeo On Demand.

From standup comedies to family-friendly drama, from political talk shows to Sci-Fi movies, you just name any, and this platform has it all. You can also access all the free content available here.

Besides taking a paid membership, you can even download movies, web series, and television shows for as little as $2. And they now have massive global coverage as well as they are expanding rapidly.

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31. MUBI

MUBI is surely among the best free sites like Netflix that has amazing content to choose from. And the tagline reads that this platform is for all the “Cult, classic, independent and award-winning films from around the world.”

They actually pick 30 movies each day and feature those. And the next day, you’ll get a different set of movies to grow your binge-watching habit. Besides Hollywood classics, they have a great collection of Bollywood and Korean dramas as well.

You can take a subscription to this platform for just $5.99/month. And on a few occasions like Christmas or Cyber Monday, you can get it at an even lower price.


32. Fandor

If you are looking for “cult and mainstream” titles, Fandor should be your primary go-to place. Launched in 2011, this platform currently has a collection of more than 6k titles. And they have a significant collection from almost all genres.

From cult to dark comedy, from drama to documentaries, you just name any, and this brilliant platform has it all. And you may not believe it, but you can even watch classic shows like “Marriage Italian Style with Sophia Loren.”

If you are a movie buff, this platform has an iconic collection of classic masters. And for just $9.99/month or $90/year subscription fees, this is a grand bargain, indeed!


33. Acorn TV

If you are hunting for similar Netflix companies, you should check out this fantastic platform called Acorn TV. It’s an online streaming service that mainly specializes in British sitcoms. However, they have a massive inventory of other movies and web series as well.

This platform has recently created a global buzz after releasing two of the most iconic shows, “Loch Ness” and “A Place to Call Home.” Besides, they also have iconic shows like “Doc Martin” and “Vera.”

Right now, this platform is available for just $4.99/month. And it will cost even less if you go for a yearly subscription. And the best part, this one has massive global coverage.

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34. Showtime

Several cable network channels now offer their channels to stream live through their online platforms. And among those, Showtime is definitely among the forerunners. You can watch TV shows, movies, and other interactive programs within any ad break.

You can watch all your favorite shows and sitcoms aired on Showtime movies and TV on this online platform. Besides, they also have exclusive content for online platforms. And you can access this one from any of your smart devices with stable internet connectivity.

For just $10.99/month, you can actually access various channels under the umbrella of Showtime. And at this price, it is genuinely a grand bargain.


35. Shudder

If you are looking for free sites like Netflix for adults, Shudder should be among your top priorities. It is also dubbed Netflix for horror fans. So, if you are a “Conjuring” fan, this is the best platform to hop for.

They have recently included several independent films in their catalog to stretch their horror genres. And now, they have almost all the sub-genres from horror-comedy to horror-romance. You just name anything spooky, and they have it all.

You can take a subscription to this platform for just $5.99/month in the USA. And if you pay annually, the subscription amount will be just $56.99. Besides, they also offer a seven-day free trial to all the new members.

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How to watch Netflix for free?

As of this year, there is no way to watch Netflix for free from anywhere in this world.

You need to pay at least a $9.99/month subscription fee for a single screen and up to $19.99/month for multiple screens. However, they do offer free trials for up to seven days on a few special occasions.


Is there anything like Netflix but free?

Yes, there are several platforms available that are close contenders for Netflix. The top choices among those are definitely YouTube and Dailymotion.

However, other platforms like Roku, IMDb TV, and Tubi TV also offer similar content to Netflix.


What websites let you watch free?

YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, and Dailymotion are the four most popular online video and streaming platforms that let you watch all their content for free.

Besides, there are other websites also available, such as Tubi TV, Plex TV, Kanopy, and a lot more.


How to download movies for free?

If you have a Netflix subscription, you can download any movies for free to watch offline. You can also do the same thing on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+.

Besides, you can also download movies available on YouTube and Dailymotion platforms without paying a single dollar.



If you are a serious movie buff, it is better to get a Netflix or Prime Video subscription as they have loads of original content that are not available otherwise.

But, if you are a binge-watcher, you can get lots of movies and web series on several free platforms available worldwide.

You can also choose any one of the free sites like Netflix we have listed above with complete confidence. And that’s all for today, folks! Feel free to drop your suggestions and feedback in the comment box below.


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