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101 Fun Jobs That Pay Really Well in 2024 [The Ultimate List]

Most often, we come across people who might work more than 50 hours a week but still don’t experience any emotional and financial balance. Do you know why?

The simple answer to this is missing of Happiness/Fun index! which eventually leads to job dissatisfaction.

As stress and anxiety are the main factors for health issues and less productivity, you need to pick your jobs wisely. After going through various trends and requests, we have listed these amazing fun jobs that pay well for you by evenly maintaining your stress-free levels.

Without any late, let’s delve into the aftermath of this article and learn how you can easily earn $25000-$100000/Year using simple methods.

Topics Covered In This Article

  • Fun jobs that pay well without experience
  • Unique jobs that pay well
  • Fun jobs that pay 6 figures
  • Fun jobs that pay well for 20-year-olds
  • Fun jobs that pay well without a degree
  • Fun jobs that pay well near me


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What Are Fun Jobs?

what are fun jobs

According to Gallup work statistics, there are only 15% of actively engaged employees, which eventually means the rest 85% of the people either hate their job/leaving their jobs.

The reason for this poor job engagement is that most of the workers won’t be able to manage their work-life balance by parallelly managing their income stats.

Consider the fact that jobs we engage in must mainly create a space for us to impulse our interests to satisfaction as well as enjoyment. If the job you are working with can be enlisted to this category, it can be considered fun.

Here are a few areas you can find fun jobs that pay well:

  • Fashion: You will buy, design, suggest, and also recommend various accessories as well as clothing to your clients.
  • Hospitality: This section of the job directly/indirectly contributes to or is related to travel and tourism by providing accommodation and food.
  • Technology: Jobs here tend to expect the usage and development of various hi-tech equipment as well as services.
  • Writing: Here, you use your skills of writing for various journals, novels, websites, and magazines, in return for money.
  • Automotive Industry: Manufacturing, using, and repairing of vehicles.


Easy Fun Jobs That Pay Well

Who doesn’t want to earn money with some easy and simple tasks? No one, right? So here we tried mentioning the best and simple ways to make money in no time!

1. Play Real Money Earning Games

playing games

Earning Potential: Earn Daily Rewards + Real Time Cash

Fun Element: What could be the best fun way to earn money than playing games?

Life will be at its best when you can find plans to earn money with ease and no stress. For this to achieve, you can start with money-earning games in your free time.

Game Apps That Pay Real Money

  • Blackout Bingo: Play unlimited bingo games here for real money with no interruption.
  • Solitaire Cube: Try regularly updated challenges by competing with players online.
  • Poolpay Day: Compete and earn prizes that are redeemable via Paypal and more!
  • 21 Blitz Game: Complete the online challenges within the time to earn rewards.
  • Dominoes Gold: Play this real-time dominoes game to earn rewards for scoring high.
  • Bingo Cash: This free Bingo game can fetch you rewards with your gaming skills.
  • Solitaire Cash: This brain-teasing fun game helps your skills turn into dollars.

Platforms To Play Games And Earn Money

When coming to the legit platforms to earn money from gaming, the below list needs a special mention:


2. Answer Paid Online Surveys

answer paid online surveys

Earning Potential: Earn $1-$5 Per Survey

Fun Element: Share your valued opinions through surveys to help companies improve quality.

Who says no after knowing that your simple and honest opinion can help companies to save lots of bucks and helps in quality enrichment? What if we add that you can also get paid to do this?

Definitely a yes! right? So here are the top survey sites to share your opinions on online surveys and have fun by earning simultaneously:

  • Freecash: Get paid for taking surveys & testing apps. Up to $250 joining bonus.
  • Branded Surveys: Surveys on this website are available regularly; fill in your free time to make money.
  • Surveys2cash: Share your opinions and get a chance to earn upto $100 on completing your first survey!
  • InboxDollars: Get paid to fill out surveys, watch movies, play games, and shop online.
  • Toluna Influencers: Earn up to $250 per month in extra income by taking surveys and playing games.
  • Valued Opinions: Participate in this market research survey to earn from your opinions.
  • Panda Research: Get paid up to $3 – $50 per survey. Earn regular extra income by taking surveys and reading emails.
  • MySoapBox: Get an instant $2 signup bonus and make up to $25 per survey.


3. Participate in Money Winning Contests

Earning Potential: Earn $500-$1000 Per Contest

Fun Element: Simply register with your account to win a chance to earn from the contest.

Do you have any idea that you can earn free cash by simply registering your account on a Cash App? Yes, this is really possible!

All you need to do is enter your details and wait for your luck to turn on. If your account shortlists, you can earn $500-$1000 as a reward.

Cashapp Reward Program

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4. Earn Money While Watching Videos

watching videos - fun jobs that pay well

In 2021, U.S. adults spent 167 minutes per day watching TV video content and 149 minutes per day watching digital video- Statista

Earning Potential: Joining Bonus + Price per view

Fun Element: Get paid to watch tv and videos in your free time!

Watching videos is not a new routine for most of us; on average, unknowingly, we at least spend more than an hour or so watching them. How about turning this hobby into money?

There are many side hustlers making decent chunks into their accounts by watching video content on legit platforms. Not all in the market are as genuine as you think.

For that to sort here we mention 3 best platforms where you can easily get paid to watch tv and videos:

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5. Get Paid To Read Emails

In 2021 average time spent by people to read brand emails is around 10 seconds per mail- Statista.

Earning Potential: Earn $10-$50+/week

Fun Element: Get paid to read emails-Formal or Informal emails.

When looking for fun and easy ways to earn money, email readings also head the list. These emails can help companies learn reader patterns and opinions on varied topics.

So here are the best platforms where you can get paid to read emails for quality:

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6. Earn Real Money By Referring Friends

refer friends

Earning Potential: Earn $5-$25 For Each Referral

Fun Element: You can clearly make money by referring friends and family!

Every company looks for promoting strategies, and one of the well-known and popular techniques is the ‘Referral Program.’ Companies pay decent commissions to the users who promote brands and refer peers to join their platforms. 

Best Platforms To Earn Real Money By Referring Friends

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7. Get Paid To Install Apps

Earning Potential: Earn Signup bonuses + Daily rewards.

Fun Element: You can have fun earning money by just installing the apps on your device.

You cannot simply neglect this way to add to the list of fun jobs that pay well, as here, the process simply includes downloading a respective app and then using that app to earn signup bonuses + added rewards.

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Fun Jobs That Pay Well Without Experience

We can find many people who waste time without trying any work alternatives considering the fact that they don’t have work experience.

Here is the time for all those individuals to improve their effectiveness by trying these fun jobs that pay well without any prior experience:


8. Voice Actor

voice over jobs for beginners

Source: PayScale

Earning Potential: $30k-$275k Per Year.

Fun Element: Use your beautiful voice for various commercials/characters and various events.

This job is for you if you have a decent voice and can pitch in various tempos.

All you do here is provide a voice for your client’s requirements. The requirements include cartoon characters, artists’ voices, podcasts, and audiobooks.

What’s Next: Voice actors always have a high demand. Check out this Free Voice Over course to get your journey started without confusion.

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9. Blogging

travel blog

Earning Potential: $20k-$80k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can create your creative content along with popularity.

Blogging must be your top priority on the list of fun jobs that pay well; if there is some job where you can have high earning potential relevant to fame, that is blogging.

The blog is nothing but an informational website where you tend to publish legit content relevant to niche and engagement.

Thorough research and decent writing skills with perseverance are only needed to run a successful blog.

Ways To Earn From Blogging:

What’s Next: In order to Get Started With Your Money Making Blog refer to our website, where we clearly state step-by-step procedures.

We also mentioned Our Blog Income Report to illustrate the actual income potential of a valuable blog.


10. Proofreading

proofreading information

Earning Potential: $21-$34 Per Hour.

Fun Element: You can correct and help others to write more lucidly!

Proofreading is a quality enrichment task done to the content; here, we check for the draft’s spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting errors.

This is considered to be one of the finest money-making ideas to be prioritized in your free time.

Proofreading is simple but needs lots of attention and skill. In order to acquire them, you can join ProofreadAnywhere Free Training by Caitlin Pyle, a professional who trained thousands of students.

What’s Next: Join a 76-minute Free Workshop by Caitlin Pyle to learn how to make money from home easily.

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11. Transcription

online transcription typing jobs you can do from home

Earning Potential: $31k-$65k Per Year.

Fun Element: Use your listening skills to convert audio into a text format!

Transcription is nothing but a process of converting audio into a textual format using typing tools. Depending upon the tasks, you can be termed a transcriptionist.

You can work in various fields when you have transcription skills, like Legal Transcription, medical transcription, and general transcription.

Companies For Transcription Jobs:

What’s Next: Interested? But not having skills? Don’t worry! Try this Free Mini-Course on General Transcription by Transcribe Anywhere. Their students mentioned that they earn around $25k-$40k/Year in their testimonials.

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12. Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant jobs

Earning Potential: $15-$40 Per Hour.

Fun Element: Be a valuable host by providing your services to clients!

A Virtual Assistant job is a legit fun job that pays well. In this gig, your task is basically to provide professional administration, customer support, marketing, etc., for the different entities you work for.

A personal PC, organizational skills, communication, and computational skills are basic fundamentals you need to work on to start your career with Virtual Assistant Jobs.

What’s Next: Want to Learn Virtual Assistance Course in Less Than 30 Days? Try this Free Virtual Assistance Course by Gina Horkey to learn all the fundamentals.

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13. Freelance Writer

freelance writer

Earning Potential: $31k-$102k Per Year.

Fun Element: Be creative and unique in your writing style, whether it be Persuasive or Expository!

You write freelance writing as per the client’s requirements in the comfort of your home. First, find the companies that offer freelance jobs and then register with them to offer your services.

Writing is not everyone can do, and this needs lots and lots of hard work, time, and patience to generate and match the user’s expectations.

Grammar, punctuation, decent writing style, brevity, and legit are the things you need to work on to write for others.

What’s Next: To learn and get started with a Freelance Writing Career, you can try this 30-day Free Writing Course by Holly Johnson. In no time, you will be on the list of people who make $50K-$100k/Year.

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14. Film Critic

Earning Potential: $48k-$374k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can have fun viewing and reviewing films of different genres.

A film critic watches and explores various components of a movie, including cast, plot, storyline, performance, cinematography, editing, dialogues, and direction.

Based on all these factors, you will write a review to let your audience know the real crux of the film. Most of the audience considers a movie only on the reviews of popular film critics.

What’s Next: Stay genuine in posting your reviews; you can create a separate channel for the particular posting of your opinion on different films.


15. Vlogger

get paid to travel while posting on youtube

Earning Potential: $1000-$100k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can record, play and publish unique content on your channel.

Alike blogging, vlogging is also a content developing and publishing method.

Vlog specifically means a video log/video blog; being a vlogger, you develop content relevant to your dedicated niche and record videos. Your videos must be crisp and clear to engage more audience.

Sponsorships, advertisements, product commissions, and services are your main income here.

What’s Next: Decide your niche, and start recording videos to publish on youtube and other best apps for vlogging to earn well.


16. Chef

Earning Potential: $38k-$78k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can have fun preparing several diversified food items!

A chef is someone who is trained professionally in cooking. The fun fact is that you can alter various menus to create new food items. Opportunities and rewards are always high for this job.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Supervise kitchen team
  • Cooking/Tasting abilities
  • Oversee food preparation
  • Take care of quality and quantity
  • Manage food costing and inventory.

What’s Next: To get started, you need to hold 10+2 for Degree courses like a BA in Culinary Arts, Bachelor of Catering Technology and Culinary Arts(BCTCA), or Bachelor Of Hotel Management(BHM).


17. Fashion Designer

fashion designer - fun jobs that pay well

Earning Potential: $50k-$75k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can Nuzzle out your creative skills in designing clothes and accessories.

If you have a creative brain for designing, you can add this to your list of fun jobs that pay well. Here you design apparel and accessories patterns for clients in various aspects.

You can land up in famous brands or even as a celebrity fashion designer with the proper skills. Landing in this field is a bit on the tougher side, but the rewards are high.

What’s Next: To get started, you need to have a design degree and hands-on practical experience.


Unusual Fun Jobs That Pay Well

This list of fun jobs is for those people who love to show their passion for work by earning money. Have a glance at this list to know how they really work:


18. Get Paid To Listen To Music For Free

get paid to listen to music

Earning Potential: Earn $1-$10+ Per Song.

Fun Element: Have fun listening to songs on different platforms in exchange for cash!

Can I really get paid to listen to music? this is the prime question for most of us. Yes! That is the real answer.

Music cannot only heal your mind but can also help you to stay agile throughout your day. There are several websites available in the market that pay you to listen to music.

All you need to do is register your account on these platforms and go through their playlist by not playing any song or radio for less than 60-90 seconds. 

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19. Get Paid To Date Online

Earning Potential: Earn $10-$250 Per Date.

Fun Element: Have fun dating new people online and getting paid in return!

It is always fun socializing thyself with new people online! This activity helps you gain exposure and gives you ample knowledge of human behavioral structure. 

Let it be romantic, friendship, intimacy, or any bonded relationship, you can plan and date many people online and make money in return. 

On average, many sites pay $26 per hour just for being engaged in this online dating activity. 

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20. Get Paid To Flirt Online

get paid to flirt

Earning Potential: Earn $10-$50 Per Hour. 

Fun Element: Have fun using your playful language to impress peers online!

Why does someone pay for flirting? Because Flirting generates positivity and can increase the promising aura between the people involved in the conversation. This approach really fills the emotional void created in the needy’s life!

Remember that it is always a good gesture when you stick to the limit and show compassion to the other person in lovable words. There are many platforms that help you earn from flirting this way. 

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21. Get Paid To Advertise On Car

Earning Potential: Earn $100-$550 Per Month.

Fun Element: Have fun customizing your car with popular brand advertisements all over!

How often have you seen cars roaming on roads full of advertisements? You know there are getting paid to do this? 

If you have a car and want to cut expenses loaded by it, this fun job is for you! All you need to do is register with the advertising agencies and allocate them the place on your vehicle.

Most commonly, this is known as the ‘Car Wrap Advertising Technique.’ To earn more from this gig, you can also install a billboard on top of your car and earn relative to the miles driven

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22. Get Paid To Draw Online

Earning Potential: Earn $5-$100+ Per Art.

Fun Element: Show your creative talent in expressing concepts through your drawings. 

Most of us have many hidden talents! This is the time for those who have drawing as a talent to make it more productive by turning it into a side income gig!

Be it designer drawings, banners, art, comic books, etc., there is no end to the demand for this talent. Start showing your drawing talent in different ways to make money.

What’s Next: Sole talent is not enough to convert this gig profitable. For this, you need to try these legit 34 sites that pay real cash for drawing online.


23. Get Paid To Chat Online

customer support jobs from home

Earning Potential: Earn $0.1-$1 Per Minute.

Fun Element: Show your expressing skills and connect with many peers online through chatting!

May it be for customer care support, online friendship, survey texting, opinion collection, etc., for any purpose, demand for chat jobs is ubiquitous

If you can show your extrovert and decent talking skills via messages and serve the purpose for which the company assigns you, then this fun job can help you earn fair enough.

You can earn from chatting just in minutes directly to your Paypal or bank account as weekly or monthly payments. 

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24. Get Paid To Read Books 

Earning Potential: Earn $10-$60 For Book Summary.

Fun Element: Gain knowledge and money simultaneously by reading books as a hobby.

How often do you read books for knowledge? Even if you don’t have a habit of reading books, add this hobby to your to-do list, as this has many advantages. 

The Healthline website states that reading books can progressively improve our mental and physical health. What if we say there are also ways to earn money by reading books?

Interesting right? So don’t take the same sloth moves; start your career in this gig immediately!

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 Fun Jobs That Pay Well For Your Daily Routine

We perform various activities in our daily routine, like walking, exercising, sleeping, eating food, etc. We often fail to track our regular habits, which can negatively impact right life convention tracking. 

The only way we can keep a check on this is by earning money from these regular activities, but is this even possible? We firmly say yes! Here is how:


25. Get Paid To Walk

get paid to walk

Earning Potential: Earn placing bets with counter peers.

Fun Element: Maintain your shape and health by competing in walking with other registered users!

Walking 1.2-2 miles regularly is considered healthy for an individual; this can boost immunity to tackle Diabetes, Heart disease, Obesity, High Blood Pressure, and depression. 

But excessive walking can also drain your energy, so keep track of your walking patterns through various apps available for free

In order to earn from them, you need to download- install these health apps and earn relative to your step count by competing with others or daily targets. 

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26. Get Paid To Sleep

Earning Potential: Earn $30-$80 Per Nap.

Fun Element: Get paid to sleep and earn rewards with respect to nap sessions!

This is one of the most unknown passive income ideas to most of us. But is that really possible to make money while sleeping? Yes, we can!

Mattress tester, Overnight caregiver, sleeping executive, etc., are some of the fun jobs where you can get paid to sleep

As sleeping can rejuvenate energy levels and improve body functioning, most companies invest large chunks to followup people’s sleeping patterns and requirements to meet their expectations. 

This is the point where you can grab the opportunities and try making money while sleeping!

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27. Get Paid To Eat Food

Earning Potential: Cashbacks + Free Food.

Fun Element: Fun earning cashback and free food for sharing your food review!

Food needs constant reviewing to maintain quality and taste. Food reviewers mainly do this task; they share genuine reviews of various restaurants and cloud kitchens to help them to maintain the standard food report. 

If you have a fair-tasting skill, you can become a food tester, eat at collaborative restaurants and earn cash for sharing legit reviews. 

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28. Get Paid To Surf The Web

get paid to surf the web

Earning Potential: Earn rewards + Cash backs. 

Fun Element: You can get paid to surf the internet in your free time!

Every information we need is now available at the end of our fingertips, Thanks to the advancement in Internet technology. 

Apart from traditional ways of browsing, you can use a few platforms to surf the internet to earn perks

You can use this platform to also earn from other activities like watching videos, filling out surveys, shopping online, etc. 

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Creative Fun Jobs That Pay Well

Life may feel boring when we tend to find regular traditional jobs as side income too; as a solution for this, here we tried mentioning the best creative fun jobs that pay well:


29. Get Paid To Write Poetry

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought, and the thought has found its words- Robert Frost

Earning Potential: Earn $15-$100 Per Poem.

Fun Element: Show your unique talent with enticing poetry to earn fame and money in the required levels!

If you have the ability to create and present unique literary work, then this fun job is for you! All you need is to be distinctive in the style and rhythm of writing.

Magazines, Newspapers, Greeting cards, Poetry books, Contests, Blogs, etc., are all where you can potentially market your poetry and earn fair enough. 

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30. Get Paid To Wear Clothes

get paid to wear clothes

Earning Potential: Earn rewards + Free clothes.

Fun Element: Have fun wearing unique-fashioned clothes in return for cash rewards.

You might be confused about how this is even possible. We felt the same before knowing the ways, and this is considered to be one of the easy, fun jobs that pay well.

Companies pay you to wear clothes just in order to know the fashion sense and style statements with respect to the client’s perspective. 

You can earn fame, various free clothes, and brand collaborations with this. But you must be super stylish and aware of your apt fashion sense. 

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31. Get Paid To Drink Beer

Americans spend over $37 Billion annually on beer consumption- Delphi Statistics.

Earning Potential: Earn $1000-$3000+ Per Month.

Fun Element: Fun being a brewmaster for tasting different kinds of beers!

Beers have unprecedented demand in the market all across the world, so beer companies always look for better brewing techniques and quality management to sustain the market competition.

If you have a better inch of taste in testing beer and can manage new brewing techniques, this fun job is waiting for you! with this job; you can drink, travel, earn and have fun just for tasting beer.

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32. Get Paid To Get Tattoos On Your Body

get paid to get tattoos

36% of Americans aged 18-25 and 40% of those aged 26-40 have at least one tattoo on their body- Pew Research Centre.

Earning Potential: Earn $5-$2K Per Tatoo.

Fun Element: Get inked with partnered brands to promote and earn actual cash in return!

By seeing the above stats, we can pledge the real people’s interest in getting inked on the body. Some have passion for them, some have their own marketing techniques, and some belief in superstitions. 

Whatever the purpose, this must be added to your list of fun jobs that pay well if you also have tattooed interests.

“Russian Adult Star Anna Morgan Earned $500K for inking “MyMMOSHOP” on her chest”– This shows the potential of body marketing techniques through tattoos. What are you still waiting for?

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Simple Fun Jobs That Pay Well

Here are those jobs that need little attention, but if you are well-versed, they seem very simple and worth doing:

33. Get Paid To Color

Earning Potential: Earn $15-$80 Per Hour. 

Fun Element: Show your innovative, creative skills in coloring and decently earn from that!

Referring to Glassdoor color artists’ salaries, it is averaged that they can earn around $68k per annum. Passable, right? The best part of this gig is that you can also work in the comfort of your time schedule. 

This is one of the best ways to turn your time into fun and productive. You can also influence your circle and create your own brand with coloring talent. 

Color Influencers, Color trainers, Color bloggers, Color suppliers, etc., are the ways you can get paid to color

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34. Get Paid To Click Ads

watch ads for money

Spending on advertising is increasing steadily and expected to surpass over 1 Trillion US Dollars in 2026-Statista.

Earning Potential: Earn from relevant tasks + Signup Bonus. 

Fun Element: You can simply earn from clicking ads on different platforms. 

How much money can you make watching ads online? is this really possible? if yes, what are the platforms to make money from ads? here are the top questions you can get answered in this section.

Video ads are viewed and shared 12X times the normal ads, so most companies spend a few chunks to credit the ad promoters. You can also grab this chance and get paid to click ads on various genuine sites.

To start with, all you need is an account on these platforms, and an added benefit is that you can also earn a signup bonus for this. 

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35. Get Paid To Advice Online

Advice: It’s more fun to give than to receive -Malcolm Forbes.

Earning Potential: Earn $5-$25+ Per Advice.

Fun Element: Have fun advising the needy in the hope of rewarding the benefit of the situation. 

Do you master the art of giving or taking advice? As Malcolm mentioned giving advice is always fun and satisfactory as you are helping the needy with the right step.

There are many platforms available in the market that are ready to pay you for taking your advice! surprised? but really, it is true! Always be extra cautious while giving advice, as it may sometimes lead to reprobation.

This advice strategy also includes a few surveys that help companies improve their working strategies with your answers.

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36. Get Paid To Make Phone Calls

get paid to make phone calls

It takes an average of 8 cold calls to reach the prospect- Sirius Decisions.

Earning Potential: Earn $10-$45+ Per Hour.

Fun Element: Have fun talking on the phone to fulfill the business strategy by serving the companies.

Businesses that never implied ‘Cold Call Strategies’ witnessed 48% less growth than the others who implemented this. So the demand for these phone call jobs is always on a sharp spike.

If you love making phone calls, this can be a fun job for you to make money on an hourly or minute basis. The best part is that you can also have the flexibility to join work-from-home phone jobs

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Fun Jobs That Pay 6 Figures

The single biggest reason we all look for different job trends is to make 6 Figure income Stats! For this, we have got you covered in this section.

Find the below-mentioned fun jobs that pay well your 6 figures with ease and time.


37. Bookkeeper

Earning Potential: $33k-$51k Per Year.

Fun Element: Fun in learning new financial and responsibility management skills.

As a bookkeeper, you are simply responsible for handling and recording the day-to-day financial transactions with the perfection of the business entity you are working with.

Many Bookkeeping Jobs pay well for working without leaving the comfort of your home.

What’s Next: Bookkeeping needs some great skills, Don’t worry! You can opt for this Free Book-Keeping series by Ben Robinson to easily make a 6-figure income.


38. Professional Video Gamer

professional video gamer - fun jobs that pay well

Earning Potential: $41k-$103k Per Year.

Fun Element: What could be more fun than getting paid to play games?

The gaming industry has grown leaps and bounds; back then, it is a pipedream to earn from gaming, but now it is an all-new story.

Ways To Earn From Gaming:

  • Try Cash App Games
  • Live Stream On YouTube
  • Participate in Events/Competitions
  • Gaming Journalism/Article
  • Create Tutorials and Walkthroughs
  • Create a Podcast on gaming

What’s Next: Very simple! find ways to earn money by playing games in your spare time. Refer to our website for the detailed list.

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39. Web Developer

Earning Potential: $68k-$129k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can use your creative skills to design the best websites for clients.

With the increase in the reach of the internet, you can find clients all the ways. As a web developer, all you do is create websites for your clients that can work reliably and efficiently.

Depending upon your work, you are categorized into Front-end, Back-end developer, or Full-Stack Developer.

What’s Next: Try to learn developing skills and problem-solving techniques. Opportunities are everlasting in this field so is the competition.


40. Ethical Computer Hacker

Earning Potential: $112k-$156k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can have fun with every bit of your hacking skills without breaking any laws.

Here being an ethical hacker, you keep finding vulnerabilities in the system, gain authorized access to those loopholes, and find the solutions to fix them. This is considered to be one of the most high-paying and repetitive jobs.

Note: Gaining access in an unauthorized way can be termed as Hacking(Black hat). To counter-attack, them is ethical hacking(White hat).

What’s Next: Along with a university degree, you need to get certified in the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker exam. For those who are from a nonacademic career, you can opt for the Cyber Security Certification Program conducted by California University.


41. Postsecondary Teacher

teach english online

Earning Potential: $80k-$142k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can earn fun and satisfaction by guiding higher students into their better careers.

Here your job is to educate and direct students involved in the courses after high school. You train students in specific areas by collecting rightful information.

You must also develop instructional resources and also acquire materials for lessons. Provide your valuable feedback and tips to the students.

What’s Next: Doing a Ph.D. and lots of real-time experience with handling expertise will let you land this dream job.


42. Computer Hardware Engineer

Earning Potential: $30-$50 Per Hour.

Fun Element: You can help companies with your innovations in developing new computer hardware technologies.

As a computer hardware engineer, you prioritize computer systems and components research, development, design, and testing. For this, you need to have proper well-acquired knowledge about the components of a device.

What’s Next: Try pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and build practical knowledge along with certifications.


43. Commercial Pilot

commercial pilot

Earning Potential: $45k-$155k Per Year.

Fun Element: One of the most fascinating jobs where you can travel to different parts of the world while earning money.

Who doesn’t want to enjoy adventures by exploring different corners of the world by flying in the air? Seems Birdy, right? But highly possible when you become a pilot.

A commercial pilot is a professionally trained person who operates the flying controls of a commercial aircraft. There will be rigorous training before handling real on-hand aircraft.

What’s Next: When you want to start this high-paying, fun job, try acquiring certification in aircraft engineering. Make sure to have more flying hours under your belt in training to gain more experience.


44. Astronomer

Earning Potential: $115k-$154k Per Year.

Fun Element: This is the only field of science in which you can study and observe physics at work throughout the whole universe. Interesting right?!

The study of astronomy is considered to be the oldest of the natural sciences. Galileo Galilei’s invention of the telescope validated astronomy to develop more into a modern science.

As an astronomer, you will spend your time analyzing spatial data of the universe, creating research documents, and also develop programs to emancipate the data collected by you through research.

What’s Next: Varied with your interest, we suggest you pursue a Master’s/Doctoral degree in astronomy to fit you properly into this field.


45. Physicist

Earning Potential: $58k-$142k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can have fun studying the interactions between matter and energy.

A physicist is a person who will involve in the discovery and study of the ways that energy and matter interact.

Added to it, you will also conduct, investigate and conclude the solutions and theories of real science. High rewards, popularity, and self-satisfaction are the added features here.

What’s Next: You need to pursue Ph.D. in research and academia. Entry-level posts only require a bachelor’s degree in physics.


46. Property Caretaker

Earning Potential: $44k-$62k Per Year.

Fun Element: Earn and manage properties with ease without leaving your comfort.

Being a property manager, you will be responsible for holding various commercial, industrial or residential properties by looking after their lease, maintenance, and resale.

You must have decision-making and managing skills to go for long in this industry.

What’s Next: Have excellent knowledge of property flipping and get certified with institutions like NALP, CPM, and CAM to gain more genuine sales conversions.


47. Wardrobe Stylist

wardrobe stylist

Earning Potential: $32k-$68k Per Year.

Fun Element: Have fun being a personal stylist with different styling recommendations!

This job will be the best pick if you are a fashion freak with good grooming taste.

All you need to do as a wardrobe stylist is to find your clients and recommend to them the best styling tips for apparel, cologne, footwear, etc. and make them stand out from the crowd.

What’s Next: Pursue a fashion design degree and participate in internships. Also, build your portfolio with the latest fashion trends.


48. Purchasing Manager

Earning Potential: $96k-$154k Per Year.

Fun Element: Turn your skills in for negotiating and suggesting the best contracts for your clients. 

Depending on the nature of your work, you are termed as purchasing manager, purchasing director, or supply manager.

Your main task here is to lead a team responsible for procuring goods and services for resale or client use. Grab the best value deal by properly negotiating and reviewing the quality and quantity of the products.

What’s Next: Priorly have a bachelor’s degree in business/finance/or economic field and hands-on real-time experience.


49. Race Engineer

Earning Potential: $88k-$115k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can have all the respect and credit for training racers.

Have you ever wondered how these F1 racers are going that fast? The answer here is not only the physics but the Race engineers who constantly train them.

As a Race Engineer, you must take care of racing fundamentals like high-level security measures, organizing, and preparation of the racers.

What’s Next: Try graduating with mechanical/automotive engineering, and then get trained with motorsports organizations.


50. Architect


Earning Potential: $112k-$179k Per Year.

Fun Element: One can have lots of fun designing and creating new home ideas.

Modern-day homes have become a fundamental part of our human experience. Everyone is highly likely to want to design their home as unique as possible.

As an architect, you will be a skilled professional who designs and plans these buildings. Considering the responsibility for safety and design, you must hold a professional license from state boards.

What’s Next: One needs to pursue Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering along with a Master’s degree in Architecture.


51. Personal Shopper

Earning Potential: $10-$16 Per Hour.

Fun Element: You can learn and have fun with knowledge of different items by shopping for clients.

A personal shopper is one who shops for their clients; here, you can shop for everything on the limits of the client’s requirements. You can also deal with clients’ buying impulses to suggest better shopping deals.

Due to time paucity in this modern world, you can find clients across. Don’t hesitate to add this to your list of fun jobs that pay well.

What’s Next: There are many legit websites like Instacart shopper mentioned on our website, do refer to them and learn how to get started.


52. Food Technologist

Earning Potential: $49k-$62k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can taste and judge various food items in return for payment.

Food Technologists are those professionals who test, taste various food items and judge the required parameters.

If you are the one who can have a great sense of taste and testing quality, No doubt! you could be the proper fit here.

What’s Next: Complete your graduation/post-graduation in Food technology. Gain hands-on experience in food processing companies/restaurants/FMCG.


53. Biostatistician

Earning Potential: $63k-$196k Per Year.

Fun Element: Can gain and implement health and data science knowledge.

Biostatisticians are basically analysts and data collectors who mainly focus on biology fields such as agriculture, medicine, and health.

These guys are highly trained to analyze and represent factors that impact the health and overall well-being of the animals, ecology, and humans. Fun job as well as reputable!

What’s Next: One must have a Bachelor’s degree in biology added to technical knowledge of IT.


54. Roller Coaster Engineer

Earning Potential: $75k-$120k Per Year.

Fun Element: You must be involved in creating some fun-induced amusement parks.

Roller Coaster Engineer is someone who manages and designs amusement rides for various entertainment parks. Here you take care of the construction process and interrelate with the crew to generate blueprints for creating the physical infrastructure.

What’s Next: Earn a structural engineering degree and become a certified engineer. The more fun and safe rides you create, the more you will be rewarded.


55. Music Therapist

music therapist

Earning Potential: $47k-$85k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can have fun and satisfaction by aiding people using music as therapy.

This is a proven fact that music can heal a few health conditions. A music Therapist is a professional who uses music to heal patients with different health conditions like psychological and nervous issues.

Rehab centers, daycare centers, and Senior citizen halls are a few places where you can get placed.

What’s Next: With a music degree, you need to be certified as a music therapist. A certificate of health care is highly preferable.


56. Optometrist

Earning Potential: $106k-$163k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can help many clients by identifying and curing issues related to the eyes.

An optometrist helps patients identify defects, injuries, and diseases related to the eyes. Being on this duty, you also need to maintain a proper record of the case study and suggest the necessary precautions and timely medication.

What’s Next: Must hold an Optometry degree along with a state-issued certification. With this proper certification, you can also start your private practice.


57. Orthodontist

Earning Potential: $90k-$339k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can have the satisfaction of making your client smile with the correction of teeth alignment.

With the increase in beauty consciousness nowadays, many people tend to opt for orthodontists to help them with their dental imperfections.

As an Orthodontist, you will diagnose, prevent and correct dental irregularities. You aid them with appliances like braces to realign the teeth and jaws to turn them perfectly.

What’s Next: A medical Dentistry degree is required along with practical knowledge. You must have a clear knowledge of diagnostic tools priorly.


58. Actuary

Earning Potential: $59k-$151k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can help individuals/entities to regulate future complications of financial imperfections.

Being an Actuary agent, you will predict and create possible solutions for the present effects of possible future perils in financial modeling and risk analysis in various areas like interest rates, insurance cuts, ROI, and financial policies.

You must analyze and create procedural ideas to implement to ensure your client does not fall on the losing side.

What’s Next: Commerce degree or MBA is highly preferable in this field. Gain proper knowledge in areas like mortgage, insurance, enterprise risk management, pensions, etc.

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59. Art Therapist

Earning Potential: $38k-$65k Per Year.

Fun Element: Use your creative brain for art to enhance the physical well-being of your clients.

Art therapy is a profession in that we use art making as a tool to enhance and embrace the emotional, physical, and mental well-being of the affected people.

Beyond the logic behind this technique, there lies self-expression and gratification, which clears the conflict of thoughts and can develop behavioral strength through art.

What’s Next: Must hold a master’s degree in Art therapy or mental counseling. Also, make sure you reach the American Art Therapy Association’s(AATA) education standards.


60. Audiologist


Earning Potential: $56k-$92k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can get a chance to cure and emphasize people’s hearing problems and make them normal.

Audiologists are those people who treat, manage and understand people’s hearing problems. You have the freedom to work with people of all ages and suggest rehabilitation and curing management techniques.

You will also need to coordinate with other specialists like language pathologists, health professionals, scientists, and engineers.

What’s Next: Must hold certifications in communication disorders along with a relevant medical degree.


61. Geologist

Earning Potential: $48k-$172k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can have fun and knowledge of all the physical properties related to solid earth.

As a geologist, you will study the structure, characteristics, and composition of rocks and minerals of the earth through various geological studies.

These studies help locate places and maps and evaluate the quality and quantity of the varied resources available on earth.

What’s Next: Science stream in high school along with a master’s in Geology added with analytical and observational skills.


62. Hydrologist

Earning Potential: $45k-$82k Per Year.

Fun Element: Can learn, examine and study various underground and surface water phenomena.

Hydrologists are scientists who conduct various research on the circulation, distribution, and properties of all the sources of water available. These studies and the results can help us maintain water resources quality and quality.

What’s Next: The tasks also include water pollution checking levels, and also to use quality instrumentation, you need to have well-versed technical knowledge as well as a Hydrology degree.


63. Mathematician


Earning Potential: $101k-$157k Per Year.

Fun Element: There is always fun involved in performing Mathematics!

Mathematicians are those scholars who always work on mathematical principles and develop new fundamental ideas relevant to theories.

Mathematics is omnipresent, so the scope is always high. You can also teach students online with your own Maths channel.

What’s Next: Degree/Ph.D in Mathematics is likely preferred. In order to keep up with the competition, you always keep on updating with books.

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Unique Fun Jobs That Pay Well

We might all be bored with our regular, periodic jobs, which can affect our productivity and work-life balance.

In order to tackle this, in this section, we listed some unique fun jobs that pay well and also help you to mark your utmost productivity.


64. Homicide Detective

Earning Potential: $58k-$86k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can have fun detecting and solving the mysteries behind crime activities.

Homicide Detective is a government agent who works especially in the homicide relative field, where they mainly engage in solving crimes related to unnatural deaths.

You also interview and communicate with witnesses, the accused as well as the family members of the victim and produce reports in court.

What’s Next: Must pursue a degree along with police training and gain real-time experience by working under senior officials.


65. Stunt Performer

Earning Potential: $24k-$72k Per Year.

Fun Element: Performing stunts is always a risk and fun-induced activity!

Not all actors are alike. Tom Hanks can perform their own risky stunts, and many celebrities hire stunt doubles to get the task done.

Being a stunt performer, you need to perform high-risky stunts in place of celebrities and get rewarded. Apart from the point of risk, this is considered to be one of the best fun jobs that pay well.


66. Netflix Tagger

Earning Potential: $22k-$45 Per Hour.

Fun Element: Unlimited fun to watch movies and tag them to the right category!

Are you a movie freak? and love to watch movies of different genres? Is Yes! this job is for you.

Netflix creates these opportunities for people who love to get paid to watch movies. All you do is watch movies of different genres on Netflix and tag them to the relevant category to make the search results for the users more accurate.

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67. Super Car Driving Instructor

super car driving instructor - fun jobs that pay well

Earning Potential: $10-$50 Per Hour.

Fun Element: It’s always fun driving at high speeds by parallelly training safety measures!

Not every best racer will turn successful without a proper driving instructor. So your task as a supercar driving instructor is to start by explaining the basic fundamentals to the racers, like cockpit positions, acceleration, braking, precision driving, path following the rules, and safety escape measures.

What’s Next: You must imbibe all the technicalities behind supercars and must be well-versed with the best-certified driving skills.


68. Cruise Director

Earning Potential: $55k-$69k Per Year.

Fun Element: There is always a scope for you to create new fun activities to entertain your cruise.

Cruise ship directors are those who plan and organize various entertainment tasks like dramas, songs, musical nights, active games, etc., on cruise journeys.

You must be able to handle the whole crew and people and balance the line of entertainment along with the creative brain.

What’s Next: This job won’t expect from you much more than a normal license certification from the cruising agency and management skills.


69. Nail Artist

Earning Potential: $17-$30 Per Hour.

Fun Element: It’s always an engaging activity to make nails to express elegance with beautiful nail art!

The beauty industry is always worth pitching, and there is no end to the ways to groom beautiful.

One of which is nail artistry; here, you get trained in different nail arts through well-known courses and try them on clients’ nails. The more beautiful you turn your client’s nails, the more you get rewarded.

What’s Next: Gain some skills using various courses like Jawed Habib, VLCC, Lakme beauty schooling, or International beauty.


70. Park Ranger

park ranger - fun jobs that pay well

Earning Potential: $26k-$60k Per Year.

Fun Element: Take the responsibility to converse and protect national park resources.

Park Rangers are those individuals who enforce laws pertaining to the safety and conservation of national parks.

They take care by preventing fire breakouts, animal conserving, avoiding litter, and destroying plants. Cleanliness and ecological balance turned out to be their main tasks.


71. Toy Creator

Earning Potential: $49k-$84k Per Year.

Fun Element: What could be more fun their creating innovative toys for kids?

As the name suggests, your task here is to create toys for fun. But not as easy as it seems; one needs to design prototypes and always come up with new ideas to beat the market.

In order to bloom high in this field, you need to balance innovation with an economical range evenly.

What’s Next: A design degree and knowledge of editing and designing tools like Photoshop are preferable.


72. Concert Promoter

Earning Potential: $27k-$109k Per Year.

Fun Element: Concerts are itself fun-persuaders!

Very familiar job for everyone, As a concert promoter, you must coordinate with the music team and venue managers to conduct concerts for entertainment.

You need to engage in promotional and organizational work and get many rewards and perks in this field.

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73. Wine Maker

Earning Potential: $40k-$114k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can taste and prepare different kinds of wine!

This spec is for you if you have good taste and knowledge of wine. Winemakers are usually those people who look after grape gardening and post-process them to tasteful wine into different flavors.

You will also be termed as a vintner or enologist for looking care of wine production. Build a community forum, create unique wine flavors, and start disbursing.


74. Chocolatier

Earning Potential: $91k-$116k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can have the fun of taking the edge of art and science in chocolate preparation.

The chocolatier is the one who mainly uses his talent in crafting different types and shapes of chocolates using well-defined preparation techniques.

You prepare truffles, choco bars, choco-desserts, cakes, and pastries. The way you edge over the rightful quantities of ingredients destines you to master this art.


Fun Freelance Jobs That Pay Well

According to various surveys mentioned on, there are nearly 57 million Freelancers in the USA alone.

The sole reason for this progressive trend in freelancing is that you can be your boss in the comfort of your time and health.

If you want to be on the same line, you can find many freelancing apps and companies that offer freelancing jobs.


75. Graphic Designer

graphic designer - fun jobs that pay well

Earning Potential: $39k-$75k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can have fun while visualizing and creating some innovative graphic designs.

Graphic designers are those professionals who plan, project, and experience varied creative ideas using visual as well as textual content.

You use aesthetics of the topography and compositional arrangement of the images, text, and ornamentation to convey message and meaning beyond what a normal language can explain.

What’s Next: Get a basic degree with an additional certification in graphic design.


76. Social Media Manager

Earning Potential: $36k-$93k Per Year.

Fun Element: Can create various strategies and understand the trends of social media in detail.

As a Social media manager, you are mainly responsible for setting the content strategy and also to boost user engagement to the websites.

Your basic 5 tasks involve Social listening, Social Understanding, Social Networking, Social selling, and Social Influencing.

What’s Next: Consider a basic degree along with an internship in social media associates to understand the trends.


77. Web Designer

Earning Potential: $48k-$101k Per Year.

Fun Element: Have fun creating lovable and more lucent website designs!

Website designers are the creators who build and create beautiful websites through the combination of numerous visual elements like photos, graphics, text, infographics, and also videos.

For this, you need to have strong technical and analytical skills as you need to work on programming languages like HTML, CSS, and also JavaScript.

What’s Next: Earn a computer science degree and get a strong edge over tools and programming languages.


78. Resume Writer

resume writer - fun jobs that pay well

Earning Potential: $51k-$88k Per Year.

Fun Element: Communicate and build strong resumes to help seekers to serve their purpose.

The name itself defines, Your task here is to create contentful resumes with the rightful placement of the elements of the candidature to make it stand out from the competition.

As there is a significant increase in a job competition, resume-building is fundamental everyone needs to work on, so the scope is high!

What’s Next: Learn basic fundamentals and techniques of resume building through thorough research on job trends.

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79. Business Consultant

Earning Potential: $50k-$100k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can recommend advice to the top leaders of an organization/Entity.

A Business Consultant is one who looks for the implementation and recommendations for resolutions the company needs to direct.

For this, you need to conduct deep studies of the events, like interviewing personnel and implementation flaws and provide analysis on a timely basis.

What’s Next: Get a degree and become a certified Business Management Consultant(BMC). You can also opt for Project Management Certification(PMC).

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Fun Jobs Related to Entertainment Industry That Pay Well

The arts, Entertainment, and recreation industry have seen a significant trend in offering more jobs over the past few years.

Jobs in this field are not only fun enticers but can also be challenging for which we could gain maximal work satisfaction.


80. Disc Jockey

disk jockey - fun jobs that pay well

Earning Potential: $28k-$41k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can have unlimited fun by playing and remixing songs for the events!

Disc Jockey conducts musical programs of the recorded music along with some engaging tasks like anchoring, jot games, and quipping to attract the audience. 

In order to perform as a Disc Jockey, you need to have strong knowledge of music and event management skills.

What’s Next: Built decent knowledge of disc operating along with songs and rightful remixing of tunes.

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81. Event Planner

Earning Potential: $36k-$85k Per Year.

Fun Element: Plan and organize events with your innovative ideas to make them more interesting!

Be it weddings, birthday parties, festivals, or any important events, they need some systematic planning. This task is not everyone’s cup of tea. Here comes the role of event planners. 

As an event planner, you plan, structure, organize and manage the whole event with care and affection to make it more smooth.

What’s Next: Create your event portfolio, attest to your previous work, and start marketing your business.


82. Entertainment Reporter

Earning Potential: $29k-$117k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can popularly focus on fun segments like movies, fashion, and amusement.

An entertainment reporter is someone who mainly involves in reporting news relevant to cinema culture, fashion, arts, lifestyle, and also comedy events.

You can also start your own channel and provide legit news to gain an audience base.

What’s Next: You require a degree in mass communication and journalism. Research and specialize in the relative niche to gather more information.


83. Lighting Designers

Earning Potential: $43k-$92k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can play with different gradients of lights for the events and shoots!

Lighting designers are those technicians who will look after the light effects using off-screen equipment.

They are responsible for creating mood scenes and light plots. They also oversee the rig construction.

What’s Next: Learn Architectural light phenomena with a degree in Fine arts of lighting design, and work with industry to gain real-time experience.


84. Animator

animator - fun jobs that pay well

Earning Potential: $52k-$112k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can have the liberty of creating different animation characters to life on the screen.

The animator job is one of the reputable gigs that must be considered in the list of fun jobs that pay well. You will have ample opportunities in movies, short films, and also as a freelancer.

Animators will create and design two and three-dimensional models and render those images/scenes live on screen using visual effects using different software.

What’s Next: Have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and build experience with creative anime software.

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Fun Jobs with Animals That Pay Well

What could be more fun than taming your favorite animal in return for decent pay? U.S Bureau Of Labor Statistics also mentioned that trend for jobs with animals is advancing at a steady pace.

If you are the one who never outgrows your desire to make caring for animals, here are some of the best occupations you can consider:


85. Dog Walker

dog walking - fun jobs that pay well

Earning Potential: $29k-$46k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can play and energize yourself by dog walking.

Most of us are fond of dogs, but we hardly get time to spend with them. If you are one who can dog walk in your free time, this gig is for you.

All you need to do is find clients and walk their dogs to keep them energized and rewarded!

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86. Zookeeper

Earning Potential: $29k-$48k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can take care of and pet various kinds of animals in one place!

The zookeeper is the one who is responsible for taking care of all the animals present. Your tasks mainly include feeding them, keeping the premises clean, and maintaining the zoo’s order.

What’s Next: Get certification in animal behavior learning and animal maintenance laws.


87. Pet Sitter

Earning Potential: $21k-$42k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can have lots of fun with domestic animals!

Petsitter is someone who takes charge of taking care of pets of their owners. You timely feed them, groom them, take them for walking and also prefer timely medication if needed. 

Petsitting is one of the most liked fun jobs that pay well. Prefer a part-time job to make well.

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88. Veterinarian

Earning Potential: $67k-$124k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can care and learn about various health issues and the physiological nature of animals.

As a veterinarian, you deal with the branch of medicine that includes finding, managing, diagnosing, treating, and curing health disorders in animals.

As the scope of disorders in animals is high, you can earn well by improving relative skills.

What’s Next: Pursue a graduation degree in veterinary and perform real-time consultations for animals to gain experience.


89. Animal Groomer

animal groomer - fun jobs that pay well

Earning Potential: $23k-$53k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can make animals more elegant with your grooming techniques.

Like humans, animals also need to groom periodically to stay hygienic and look beautiful. But this thing is not so easy to do as animals tend to panic about these new-agƒe grooming techniques.

As an animal groomer, you need to trim nails, and hair, do body wash and look after skin-related issues to refer a pet vet.

What’s Next: Learn animal behavior and handle them with ease and care!


90. Animal Nutritionist

Earning Potential: $48k-$85k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can take care of animals’ nutrition and show affection!

Every animal or human needs constant nutrition to stay agile and in proper condition.

Being an Animal Nutritionist, you need to take care of vital vitamins, carbs, and the nutrients required for animal sustenance.


91. Marine Biologist

Earning Potential: $32k-$98k Per Year.

Fun Element: Learn and acquire deep knowledge of marine life and the hydro ecosystem.

Marine Biologists are those researchers who conduct experiments and understand the deep analysis of the ocean’s ecosystem.

They analyze natural/invasive species and ocean water conditions. Also, suggest countermeasures to tackle.

What’s Next: Bachelor’s degree/BSc in Marine Biology or related to Oceanography or Earth Science.

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Fun Solopreneur Jobs That Pay Well

Solopreneurs can really change the face of the economy; here, you do not need to tend to work for someone but only work for your progress in your favorable gig.

This below-mentioned section is for those solopreneurs to consider starting right away to make more money with time and effort.


92. Personal Trainer

Earning Potential: $32k-$93k Per Year.

Fun Element: Have fun and satisfaction by training others to stay fit and healthy!

With the growing consciousness in the field of fitness, opportunities are blooming high for personal trainers.

Being a personal trainer for your clients, you need to take care of your client’s exercise patterns, diet plans, and nutritional supplements.

What’s Next: Get a certified state license and open a personal fitness center.

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93. Photographer

Earning Potential: $29k-$63k Per Year.

Fun Element: Show your skills to capture beautiful moments of nature with your lens!

Photography is always the top pick to add to the list of fun jobs that pay well. There is always high demand and competition for this niche.

If you have decent skills in photography, there are numerous ways to encash using your photo skills.

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94. Magician

magician - fun jobs that pay well

Earning Potential: $45k-$76k Per Year.

Fun Element: Always use your tricks to entertain the audience!

The magician is one of those professionals who entertain people with different magic tricks, illusions, and effects. With expertise and practice, your trick patterns and acts seem next to impossible to the audience.

Birthday parties, special events, stage shows, circuses, and home parties, are some areas where you can use your skills to encash.


95. Interior Designer

Earning Potential: $50k-$92k Per Year.

Fun Element: Design homes with your creative and innovative ideas with heart!

As an interior designer, you tend to implement theoretical house design concepts to life. Your work, like designing wardrobes, furniture, and color concepts, will elevate the house’s aesthetics.

Start as a freelancer, or join any established company to show your skills and gain expertise.

What’s Next: You can have a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or can also do certifications in interior designing.


96. Nanny

Earning Potential: $25k-$52k Per Year.

Fun Element: Take care of kids like your own!

One of the most underrated fun jobs that pay well; you can prefer this after retirement.

Here your task is simple; you need to take care of the children who need some rightful parenting. You can also suggest a few health tips, morale-building, and behavioral changes.

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Fun Jobs That Pay Well Without a Degree

According to the Bureau Of Labour Statistics, more than two-thirds of occupational jobs don’t require a college degree.

Many people end up working in a different field from what they really pursued at graduation, which perpetually makes their college degree unproductive. So, here we mentioned the best few jobs you can consider even if you don’t have a degree:


97. Brewmaster

Earning Potential: $30k-$70k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can prepare and taste varied beers!

If you are the one who is fond of beers and have knowledge of preparing them, this gig is for you.

Brewing beer is a growing trend now. All you need is to learn the brewing process and implement it with different flavors to attract customers.

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98. Google Street View Driver

Earning Potential: $26k-$63k Per Year.

Fun Element: You can have fun exploring new routes to assist google maps!

If you are a driving freak and want to explore a few new routes and analyze, you can opt for this fun job.

You only need to drive and mark the route patterns with desired speeds. Do a thesis and allow google street viewer to calibrate.

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99. Fire Chief

fire chef - fun jobs that pay well

Earning Potential: $51k-$125k Per Year.

Fun Element: Helping people while they are in a fire emergency!

Fire Chiefs/Firefighters are those heroes who risk their lives to save people in fire emergencies.

Here you will have all the responsibility and the satisfaction of your life for saving numerous lives and valuable assets using extinguishers/fire trucks.

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100. Romance Novelist

Earning Potential: $15k-$48k Per Year.

Fun Element: Enjoy the freedom to express your ideas/thoughts in novels. 

As the name reveals, you being a Romance novelist, enjoy writing stories, novels, and a thesis on the romance niche.

Users must always live experience through their writing; you must build decent writing skills to achieve high in this field.

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101. Mystery Shopper

Earning Potential: $10-$15 Per Hour.

Fun Element: Can know and shop for others in return for rewards.

There are always high chances of becoming a Mystery Shopper. All you need to do is to share opinions on store layout, pricing, and product selections.

High chances of earning high rewards and gift cards.

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Fun Jobs That Pay Well – Conclusion

Do anything in your life, but let it produce fun- Walt Whitman.

Stress causes about 1 million workers to miss work every day, and to be precise, more than 83% of workers are suffering from this work-related stress which can eventually show the affect on productivity.

Earning money is not the sole criterion for our life; money adjoined with a fun element and healthy life can only balance the desired life.

Fun in a job can not only increase productivity but can also breed creativity with job satisfaction. So why can’t you take a break from your other side gigs and try these unique, fun jobs that pay well?


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