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38 Real Game Apps That Pay Real Money 2024 [Cash or PayPal]

It is estimated that over 300 million people have downloaded game apps that pay real money. Most of these downloaders are claimed to earn real cash from them. The actual question vested here is, are they really earning?- Our simple answer is YES!

Keeping the earnings from gaming aside, learn that periodic gaming sessions can improve your mental functioning and help you prevent brain aging.

On average, we spend more than 5 hours a day on our mobile, and this is the time for us to turn this irresistible urge to turn productive and find ways to earn money.

Check out our list of the most reliable legit game apps that pay real money while improving your logical skills, reaction time, and cognitive abilities as well.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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Real Money Earning Games From Skillz To Play & Win

Skillz Play provides a number of real-time legit cash games on their board where you need to find a place on their Skillz Players list.

Accomplish every task assigned, master Skillz level, and earn unique rewards and real cash prizes. Here is the top-picked list from Skillz organized games, Try and earn in your free time!


1. Solitaire Cube

game apps that pay real money - Solitaire Cube


Solitaire Cube is one of the top trending skill-based card games available for free on both mobile platforms.

Here you can earn real cash prizes by having brain-teasing fun with their cash tournaments or regular free card games.

This game is very carefully designed to have a smooth and modern feel without losing the essence of the Klondike Solitaire game.

How To Get Started With Solitaire Cube?

You only need to download the Solitaire Cube free app and register with your account. After starting your game, you are matched with other players tabled on the same skill level.

As you place a relative bet with the counter peers, they do the same, and the top three winners split the winnings equally after the game.

Reasons To Download Solaitaire Cube App

  • Here you can win real-time money.
  • Securely deposit and withdraw your money using PayPal & Apple Pay
  • Unlike other apps, there will be no distractive ads during play
  • You can participate in big tournaments to earn big prizes.

Is Solitaire Cube Legit?

With an average of 4.6/5 based on 97K+ user ratings, this can be the finest app to be listed on legit cash-earning apps.

Apart from this, most of its users mentioned that they earned high enough in comparison with other cash app games. And there is also a likely chance to lose money if you lose(This needs some great skills).

To help the newbies, they also offer free Z coins initially, which can be easy for you to start your card game.

How Much Can You Earn From Solitaire Cube?

Like the Bingo app, this platform cannot be your primary income source but can surely compensate for your pocket.

You can also grab a chance to participate in big events and earn bigger figures. (But the investment will also be on the higher side).

Note: This free app is unavailable in some the states like Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee.

Download Solitaire Cube now!


2. Blackout Bingo

game apps that pay real money - Blackout Bingo


According to data found till now, the Blackout Bingo platform is believed to have paid nearly $72K per hour (nearly $2 Million a day) on average to its combined player base.

This platform complies with all the legal standards to be a skill-based game app. And while spinning a bingo, you and everyone you are competing with see the same balls and cards in real-time.

Moreover, Blackout Bingo controls how much you can win or lose with this real money-earning game. This skill-based money-earning gaming platform has no reason to be considered a gambling app.

How To Get Started On Blackout Bingo?

Firstly, Download the Blackout Bingo app and register your account. After this, you will be assigned a beginner scorecard and matched with competitors relative to your score.

Join and compete in 2-minute challenges and earn up to $83 by winning a challenge. You can also increase your bet by negotiating with competitors.

Reasons To Download Blackout Bingo

  • This platform compiles all the legal standards.
  • You will be matched with your skill-based peers.
  • Timely earnings right after the completion of the tournament.
  • It can hardly take 2-4 minutes to complete a challenge.

Is Blackout Bingo Legit?

Considering the fact that the parent company of the Blackout Bingo platform is Skillz Games (NYSE: SKLZ), a publicly traded company, you need not worry about this app’s legitimacy.

With ratings of 4.5/5 by over 95k people and Millions of downloads, Blackout Bingo is another top addition to the list of game apps that pay real money.

How Much Can You Earn From Blackout Bingo?

It all depends on your skills and the number of games you play. By placing heavy stakes, you can also get a chance to win a $750000 prize pool(Rarely).

We firmly say never consider these games as a primary income source, they must be just an added way of earning money in your free time.

Note: Here, your earnings are reciprocal to your deposits. The more your invest, the more you gain with winnings. Withdraw your earnings through PayPal and reinvest to earn more.

Download Blackout Bingo now!


3. Pool Payday

Pool Payday


Pool Payday is a leading pool game for cash. It is a virtual pool game where you compete with your friends or other competitors available online, matching your skill set.

This app offers you in-game earnings powered by the Skillz platform based on your Z tokens earned from tournament winnings.

How To Get Started On Pool Payday?

Download the Pool Payday app and complete the signup process. After redirecting from your account, you will be entitled to play a few free challenges to learn the instructions.

After having a glance at all the steps, you can start opting for competitors available online. Only two players can play this game, and the one who wins will grab the bet.

Reasons To Download Pool Payday App

  • Fun, enticing head-to-to head competitions,
  • Unlimited plays with no restrictions,
  • Earn extra score for speed and techniques,
  • Genuine payouts through Paypal or Apple Pay.

Is Pool Payday Legit?

This is absolutely legit! This app has been rated 4.6/5 stars by 80000+ users on the App Store.

Many of its users mentioned that this app gives unlimited fun with included opportunities to compete and win some real money.

How Much Can You Earn From Pool Payday?

Depending on the mode you play, you can earn added score by proper positioning, speed hitting, and double knock.

You can earn relative to your bet like:

  • $6 Entry Fee= $10 Prize Pool
  • $18 Entry Fee= $30 Prize Pool
  • $30 Entry Fee= $50 Prize pool
  • $60 Entry Fee= $100 Prize Pool

Apart from all, they conduct annual tournaments where you can win $10000 as a mega cash reward which you can claim immediately after winning.

Note: This app is not available in regions like AZ, AR, DE, CT, IL, LA, ME, MT, SC, SD, and TN. You cannot earn from these regions but can play for free.

Download Pool Payday now!


4. 21Blitz



21 Blitz is one of the best game apps that pay real money, and it is available on all platforms like App Store, Galaxy Store, and Play Store as well.

Here the game is a mixture of Solitaire and 21 card games created by Tether Studios, which has a user base of millions.

21 Blitz was ranked in the top 50 Casio games on App Store with more than 27K+ user ratings, which is high- likely known to be a brain trainer.

How To Get Started On 21Blitz?

Here you download the app and start competing against others in hybrid blackjack Solitaire rounds which last for around 3 minutes.

You can play for free as well as can place bets to win rewards from the tournaments.

All the rewards can be saved and can be further utilized for entering other tournaments, unlocking trophies, and can also win daily rewards.

Reasons To Download 21 Blitz App

  • You can play multiple games to win rewards,
  • Easy to use and can win streak bonuses,
  • You can pair up with your partner in a tournament,
  • Prize tournaments are available across 75% of the world,
  • Chance to win virtual trophies and rewards.

Is 21Blitz Legit?

Since this app is from Skillz, there is no need to prove 21Blitz’s legitimacy separately. This is totally a legit one.

This app has been rated 4.6/5 stars by nearly 31K players on both App Store and Play Store combined.

Note: Not available in following states like AZ, AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME, MT, SC, SD, and TN. You can download and play for free if needed.

Download 21Blitz now!


5. Dominoes Gold

game apps that pay real money - Dominoes Gold


Dominoes Gold is one of the popular dominoes games on the App Store. Here the game is very simple; where you need to place the dominoes tiles on either side of the board and match the ends or add multiples of 5 to earn points.

This also seems easy as it turns tricky with an increase in the levels.

How To Get Started With Dominoes Gold?

Download the Dominoes Gold app, and link your account to get the game updates and notifications. If you are new, you can go through the instructions and start playing the challenges.

Reasons To Download Dominoes Gold

  • Marked to be the best fun inducer,
  • You can earn real cash rewards,
  • Unlimited tournaments to earn added rewards,
  • You can play anytime and anywhere,
  • The game can hardly last for minutes.

Is Dominoes Gold legit?

Dominoes Gold has a rating of around 4.7/5 on the App Store based on more than 27000 user reviews.

Coming to the earnings, you are allowed to participate in tournaments right after paying the entry fee. Your winnings will depend on the level of entries you are taking. And participating in the pro leagues can unleash the chances to earn bigger prizes in one go.

But all these tournaments have paid entries, so we prefer you to choose the tournaments wisely.

Note: Cash Tournaments on Dominoes are not available in AZ, AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME, MT, SC, SD, and TN.

Download Dominoes Gold now!


Game Apps from Papaya That Pay Real Money

Papaya Gaming is one of the popular platforms that provides game apps that pay real money. This company’s user base has been proliferating for the last two years.

It has a user review rating of 4.7/5, with millions of downloads. Check out the games they are offering:


6. Solitaire Cash

game apps that pay real money - Solitaire Cash

Source: Apple App Store

Solitaire Cash is one of the best game apps that pay real money and provides brain-teasing fun. Here these mini-tournaments can plunge you with heart-filled nostalgia and a pocket full of rewards.

This is a must-download app for Solitaire/Cards/Spider/Freecell/Patience, also big-run card lovers.

How To Get Started With Solitaire Cash?

Download the Solitaire Cash app, and create your account by choosing an avatar that will be displayed on all the tournament’s leaderboards.

Prepare for all the tournaments, participate and win to increase your XP to level up, and participate with highly skilled competitors to place high bets.

Various tournaments have different payout structures and play structures, so you can join the one that appeals to you and compete.

Reasons To Download Solitaire Cash

  • Lucky chance to turn skills into dollars,
  • You can win real money tournaments,
  • Secure payouts using PayPal,
  • No destructive ads and bugs,
  • You can also earn daily rewards and gifts
  • There are also special challenges and rewards.

How Much You Can Earn From Solitaire Cash

There are multiple ways where you can earn from Solitaire Cash. One is real-time money, where you place a relative bet and earn accordingly.

Apart from this, you can earn daily rewards for maintaining an app opening streak. You can also earn from referring friends. Each referral can earn you around $1.

Note: Earnings through this app can’t be claimed from the regions like Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Lowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, South Carolina, Montana, and South Dakota.

Download Solitaire Cash now!


7. Bingo Cash

game apps that pay real money - Bingo Cash

Source: Apple App Store

If you are a fan of apps like Blackout, Bash, Story, Clash, Holiday, and Blitz Bingo, then you will definitely love Bingo Cash a lot.

Here you will get the same cards and also be placed with equally skilled players to compete with each other.

How To Get Started With Bingo Cash?

Download the Bingo Cash app and finish the signup process. You need to check for the challenges on the dashboard. You can join them and get your skills upturned.

Match with highly skilled players and compete with them to win real cash prizes within a few minutes.

Reasons To Download Bingo Cash

  • Many added features and tournaments,
  • Real-time rewards and scores,
  • No additional registrations are required,
  • No distracting ads and timely leaderboard updates,
  • Chance to earn daily rewards and bonuses
  • You can participate in multiplayer events.

Is Bingo Cash Legit?

Bingo Cash is a highly liked app with a user review rating of around 4.7/5 on the App Store. Most of its users rated it five stars.

Even though the app is free to download, you need to spend some money to participate in the events.

Rewards are worth claiming, but you cannot wholly rely on them as a prime income source. You can play these games in your free time and can compensate for dinner or apparel.

Note: Cash Tournaments on Bingo Cash are not available in AZ, AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME, MT, SC, SD, and TN.

Download Bingo Cash now!


Swagbucks Games That Pay Real Money


Swagbucks is a well-known platform where it offers you a $10 signup bonus after registering.

It offers game apps that pay real money and various options like Live surveys, surfing the Net, Watching videos, etc.

Before getting into more details, you can also refer to our Detailed Swagbucks Review.


8. Grand Mafia

  • Play Link: Grand Mafia.
  • Earning Range: Earn around $100-$130/Month.

This is one of those liked games for Swagbucks users. This game is considered too engaging as there are many levels available to spend your free time earning money.

After registering, you need to qualify for every level. By reaching level 22, you will be offered 13000 Swagbucks(Worth $130). You can reach this threshold within a span of one month.

Claim your award after reaching level 25 and redeem your Swagbucks through gift cards, Amazon pay cards, or also as PayPal money.


9. Raid Show Legends

This game is more interesting when you play on a computer than on your mobile. Swagbucks pays around 4,972($49.72) SB as a reward for installing this game and opening two void shards within ten days of installation.

This is a role-playing game. Users review it as one of the most engaging and worth-trying games on Swagbucks.

Mentioned credits will be credited within 5 minutes for newbies. You can claim these rewards through your PayPal or can redeem them as a gift card.


10. Farmville 3

  • Play Link: Farmville 3
  • Earnings Range: Earn around $10-$40/Month.

Farmville 3 is an online adventure game where you need to simulate your farm, garden, and animal breeding to earn rewards in return.

It is a fun-inducing and knowledge-boosting game that includes every aspect of life. Level up your game and Earn Experience Points(XP). Currently, there are 150 levels available.

Earn 1000 Swagbucks(Worth $10) by building your first animal farm and Earn around 4000 Swagbucks by reaching level 30(It may hardly take 14 days).


11. Other Swagbucks Games

Swagbucks lists many game apps that pay real money, all you need to do is play these games in your free time and reach a threshold level to unlock rewards.

Based on your interest, there are different categories of games like Adventure, Word puzzle, Fighting, and also arcade games like:

Popular Swagbucks Games

  • Wheel Of Fortune: Earn $1/Play,
  • Solitaire TriPeaks: Earn 4SB/Play,
  • BingoBingo: Earn 4SB/Play,
  • SuperPlink: Earn $1/Play,
  • Trivial Pursuit: Earn $1/Play.

Most of these games also offer a Signup bonus of $1 added with a Swagbucks Signup bonus of $10. Apart from games, SwagStakes is another option where you can convert Swagbucks rewards to snag an entry and win huge rewards.

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Game Apps That Pay Real Money via InboxDollars


InboxDollars offer you an Instant $5 signup bonus. Here apart from earning from playing games, you can also earn rewards from watching videos, filling out surveys, and shopping online.

Learn more about the interesting games offered by InboxDollars for real-time cash:


12. Spades Royale

  • Play Link: Spades Royale
  • Earnings Range: Earn around $5-$25/Game.

Most picked card game on the InboxDollars platform. This game has millions of online players competing with each other by skill matching.

As soon as you install and register your account, you can play through InboxDollars and earn around $25/Game after reaching level 50.

With this game, you can experience amazing social exposure, exciting challenges, modes, and special tables. Claim your rewards through PayPal or gift cards after completing challenges.


13. Board Kings

  • Play Link: Board Kings
  • Earnings Range: Earn around $5-$35/Game.

This game is most entertaining to play with family and friends. All you need to do here is roll the dice, hop on your board every time you roll, and complete the challenge.

You can build your own board city with the coins you receive and can also add famous landmarks to your board.

This platform offers more than 20 board games, allowing you to earn $35 on reaching levels through the InboxDollars platform.

Note: Also win free rolls, special surprise bonuses, referral bonuses, and goodies after winning.


14. Rise Of Kingdoms

Are you up for building the lost Egypt empire? If Yes! Then this game is so alluring and addictive for you.

They provide 13 unique civilizations where you need to guide and build an empire from a lone clan. Use your governing skills, and fight with other armies by following your strategies.

Start downloading the app and playing through InboxDollars to earn real-time rewards. Reaching level 18 within 21 days of installing can fetch you $75 Instantly.

Claim this reward from PayPal, Amazon Pay, or any kind of gift card. App has a 4.6/5 user review rating!


15. Merge Dragons

It is one of the most entertaining game apps that pay real money. Here you can combine everything into better and more powerful items for your journey.

You can earn $40 by progressing in levels to Foothill 3 within 14 days of registering for the game. You need to match eggs, plants, fruits, and other magical elements at every level to discover more powerful dragons.

Participate in daily quests and rewards with Kala. You can also try their new themes, which are updated biweekly.

Note: Rewards here are only gained when played from Inbox Dollars which can be encashed using Giftcards.


16. Clock Maker

  • Play Link: Clock Maker
  • Earning Range: Earn around $15/Game.

Clock Maker is a free match-three game. Here, you can spend time matching gems, jewels, and puzzles in a row. Earn added boosters by matching four and above jewels!

Here you can play the match of 3 games for free online or offline. This game is worth trying as periodic updates make it more interesting. 

By playing this game through InboxDollars, you can easily earn around $15 on completing challenges. It has a user rating of 4.3/5 based on 450k reviews.


17. Other Games by InboxDollars

Just signing up with InboxDollars can fetch you a $5 reward instantly. After signing up, you can check their free games section that pay real money.

They mention two sections of games like Arcade games as well as WorldWinner games. You are redirected to the game companies that need more players by check-in into the section.

Other InboxDollars Games:

  • Worldwide
  • Spin Wheel
  • Bubble Shooter
  • Americal Buffalo Shots
  • Video Bingo

Apart from earning from games, you can also earn cashback of 18% for every dollar you add to the WorldWinner game wallet.

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Real Money Earning Games on Mistplay Platform

game apps that pay real money - mistplay

Mistplay is another well-known platform with more than 100 million downloads and with user review rating of 4.0/5 Stars.

This platform offers unique games just curated for avid players like you. Play now and earn reward units:


18. Coin Master

  • Play Link: Coin Master
  • Earning Range: Earn around $10/Game

To be a Coin Master, you need to battle out to be the best Pirate, Hippie, Warrior, or the Viking of all your competitors. 

Along with the game, As you spin the lucky wheel, you have the opportunity to win rewards, shields, raids, or extra attack times. Be high on the leaderboard by taking items and gold from other competitors.

Collect cards on every completion of a level, and you can also play with friends by connecting via Facebook.

Encash from the Mistplay site through Visa cash and Giftcards like Google Play, Uber Eats, Amazon, and more.


19. EverMerge

  • Play Link: EverMerge
  • Earning Range: Earn rewards and Gift cards.

EverMerge is a magical world game where you need to match 3 block puzzles. This play offers endless possibilities and combinations, which make the game more interesting.

You will be rewarded for every activity, like matching puzzles, spending time unlocking new levels, and leveling up. This app expects a bit of strategy to progress for levels.

Drag, Merge, Match, and organize puzzles to earn all along by playing through MistPlay. Redeem them through the Mistplay site or also as gift cards.


20. Other Mistplay Games

Mistplay is one of those platforms that must try to earn gift cards and rewards while playing games. Here you can always find new mobile games that are specially curated to spend your free time.

Earn units along with your play, and later redeem these units via Giftcards on Amazon, Play store, Mastercard, and more. This platform has a rating of 4.6/5 based on 380k reviews.

This platform has more than 20 million users, and now it has paid $34 million in rewards, be a part of it to earn now! Also, win a chance to earn a Grand Prize of $400.

Games On Mistplay

  • CashBoron
  • DragonCity
  • FamilyFarm
  • Tropic Cats

Note: The more you play, the more will be the units(Redeemed later as rewards). Also, earn rewards from referring friends and family.

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Other Game Apps That Pay Real Money

When coming to the detailed list of game apps that pay real money, options are eternal, but the thing is finding your real interest and time to play. Here are the other genuine platforms one must try:


21. Toluna Influencers

game apps that pay real money - tolunainfluencers

Toluna is one of those legit platforms where you can earn money playing games, taking surveys, and surfing the internet.

The availability of games on this platform is a little bit on the lower side, but they are worth playing with decent returns.

Here you can play for free and can encash once you reach the limit of 10000 points as gift cards. In order to claim from PayPal, you need to wait till the limit reaches 95000 points.

Register Now to earn your 500 points rewards and also to earn money in other simple ways.


22. Kashkick

game apps that pay real money - kashkick

  • Play Link: Kashkick
  • Earning Range: Earn around $5-$50/Per day.

Kashkick is worth mentioning as a reward-offering platform. Similar to Toluna here, you can earn money by not only playing games but also by performing some small tasks.

You can watch videos, listen to music, review products, and refer your friends to earn rewards.

This platform is free to signup for! minimum age must be 18. Apart from earning, you can also find better money-saving deals and links for investing your money.

This app has a user review rating of around 4.6/5, filled mostly with positive reviews. We say it is a worth-trying platform!


23. MyPoints

game apps that pay real money - mypoints

  • Play Link: MyPoints
  • Earning Range: Earn a $10 Signup Bonus

Another platform provides lots of ways to earn gift cards, rewards, and points.

The earning ways include playing free games, watching short videos, product reviewing, survey filling, and many other online activities.

Above all, you can also shop through Mypoints partnered with over 2500 top retailers or encashed using PayPal or Amazon Gift Card.

Note: You can also earn $5 as a referral bonus when you refer your friend!


24. Freecash

  • Play Link: FreeCash
  • Earning Range: Earn around $15-$20/Day.

Freecash is one of the fastest-growing websites to make easy money online. On average, people earn $10/per day by performing various tasks.

Being a newbie, you can earn $1 for every 5-10 minutes by completing offers via Free cash. Apart from this, it also offers 24/7 customer support where they can guide you to how to ease out ways to earn money.

By stopping the leaderboard, you can win a reward of $500, and here you can also win coins from testing websites, taking surveys, and more.

Note: Claim your rewards using payment methods like PayPal, Cryptocurrency, Giftcards, and coupons.


25. Appstation

  • Play Link: Appstation
  • Earning Range: Earn stream codes, Rewards, and Gift cards.

Appstation is a free-to-download mobile application available on both Android and iOS. There are many games listed on its portal. You can select games of your choice and start playing.

You can earn coins for every minute you play. The best part is that you can start earning from the very next moment you download the app!

The earned coins from this platform can be traded for gift cards, real cash rewards, and Amazon pays coupons.


26. CoinPop

  • Play Link: CoinPop
  • Earning Range: Earn gift cards from multiple brands!

CoinPop is a readily available and legit game app that pays real money. All you need to do here is to play games, and this platform tracks the activity status.

You can pick any area of interesting games like Arcade, Adventure, Puzzle, etc. You get rewarded with a relative gift card depending on the activity status.

Best Giftcards To Claim From CoinPop

  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Best Buy Gift Card
  • Playstation Gift Card
  • Starbucks Gift Card
  • H&M Gift Card
  • Air Bnb Gift Card

Redeem your gift card right after reaching the threshold. The more you play, the more you earn.


27. Drop

  • Play Link: Drop
  • Earning Range: You can earn drop points and rewards.

Drop is the platform for earning points by doing the things you love. It’s best to earn by playing arcade games, which are updated regularly, so you won’t get bored.

Apart from playing games, you can earn from shopping by turning them into drop points. This platform has partnered with over 500 brands where you can use these reward points to shop.

All you need to do here is to Download Drop, perform activities and earn cashouts relatively. You can also try their premium membership for free to unlock more offers.

Note: The other ways to redeem your drop points are from Giftcards, Cryptocurrency, Charity, and as passes for contests.


28. Cashyy

  • Play Link: Cashyy
  • Earning Range: Earn free PayPal Money!

Cashyy is one of the popular play-and-win money apps which is absolutely free to download.

After registering your account, you need to discover games of your choice, accomplish missions, and win coins in return. Games are constantly updated here so are the reward values.

Spend your free time on this app to win Amazon cards, Google Play coupons, Playstation cards, and Zalando vouchers or to directly earn fast and real cash in PayPal.

Note: No added deposits, in-app purchases, or any false advertisements are included in Cashyy.


29. Rewarded Play

  • Play Link: Rewarded Play
  • Earning Range: Earn gift cards and also rewards.

As the name suggests, RewardedPlay is a favorite place for many to earn money from playing free games listed on their portal.

You can earn money from home without leaving your comfort. By playing the best-listed games on this website, you will get rewarded within 48 hours!

This app offers some of the popular gift cards like Amazon, Target gift cards, and Best Buy gift cards. Download Rewarded Play and start earning now!


30. Lucktastic

  • Play Link: Lucktastic
  • Earning Range: Earn scratch codes worth $10-$25000.

For your chance to win real prizes, you must play free scratchers for 100% free. This platform provides you with free scratch cards every day!

When your scratch card matches with three symbols, you can win cash prizes, in-app rewards, gift cards, and many more.

You can also enter Sweepstakes and mega life contests for more rewards ranging around $25000 and can also grab a chance to win a car.

Note: Lucky players can also win chances for holiday trips, items of their favorite brands, etc.


31. Bananatic

  • Play Link: Bananatic
  • Earning Range: Earn virtual currency!

Bananantic is a platform where it collects the genuine reviews of players and helps companies to develop games more interesting.

Here you can join their community to play games and share reviews with other players. You can also share your opinion and recommendation on the group board.

Playing games can earn rewards named ‘Bananas,’ which can be redeemed later with various merchandise.

Note: You can also participate in in-game quests to earn CSGO skins, Steam wallets, Paysafecards, and more.


32. Gamehag

  • Play Link: Gamehag
  • Earning Range: Earn secret chests and soul gems!

Gamehag is where you can find many games where you can pick and start on your choice.

Here every game is free to enroll in and has some quests to solve. Up on solving, you can win soul gems.

These soul gems can be redeemed later for Stream Codes, Giftcards, Master Cards, CSGO skins, RIOT points, and also for top-ups.

Note: Here, your soul gems have no expiry time, so you can encash them whenever you want.


33. Long Game Rewards

This is another readily available game, both on Android and iOS. This can help you add some ease to your financial goals by helping you to earn money from gaming.

You need to download the app and link your bank account to get started. The LGR app is linked with leading financial institutions to offer you rewards every day.

Here you can earn coins daily for playing games, saving money, and investing in your personalized goal and advice.

Note: Your transactions are FDIC-secured, so there is no need to worry about linking your bank account.

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Real Money Earning Word Games

Regular doing of word games and cross puzzles can improve your brain health and cognitive functions -Neuro Study

Considering its benefits, we made a special section for these games where you can parallelly improve your brain health as well as earn from them, Checkout the list:


34. Word Cube

  • Play Link: Word Cube
  • Earning Range: Earn super coins and Rewards worth $5-$100!

To improve your knowledge by training your brain, Word Cube takes the top spot. Matching the tiles allows you to learn new words every time.

It is very easy to play and has a modern look. You can also play offline. The best part is it has no timer and can level up whenever you want. Earn $5 upon completing the tutorial.

It offers special rewards and super coins up on clearing levels. With the progression, you can also unlock the 35 best themes to customize the ambiance.


35. Word Star

  • Play Link: Word Star
  • Earning Range: Earn quick rewards daily!

This widely available free-playing game can reward you daily by facing a few in-game challenges.

You can participate in head-to-head challenges, solve simple puzzles, find words and organize them in stipulated time to earn money.

Earn big prizes with speed and creativity, hardly there 2-minute bite games. Golden letter game can fetch you 375 points for each word.


36. Real Money Word Search

This word search game can provide you a chance to play multiplayer mode online or offline with timely challenges.

You can compete and win head-to-head challenges against players all across the world to win real money and prizes.

This also helps you to be listed on the Leaderboard and win trophies, cash, virtual currency prizes, and amazing loyalty program rewards.

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Show Format Games That Pay Real Money

Not all of us will get time to spend more on gaming, so this section is for those who get less time but still want to be handsome with gaming. Checkout the list:


37. Swag IQ

  • Play Link: Swag IQ
  • Earning Range: You can earn Swagbucks!

Swag IQ is a trivia app now known as Swagbucks Live that has various games available on its portal to play throughout the week.

Join this game community and play in your free time for a Chance to win Swagbucks and real-time money.

By playing more games and also by inviting friends, you can get a chance to participate in a grand prize event, where you can earn $1000.


38. HQ Trivia

  • Play Link: HQTrivia
  • Earning Range: Earn real cash prizes every day!

HQ Trivia is a popular live game where you can win real cash prizes for free by answering free trivia questions.

Every day it updates with new questions where players have 10 seconds to answer multiple-choice questions that incrementally increase in difficulty.

Apart from answering, you can also solve daily puzzles, and you can also earn from referring your friends.

Note: Weekly added games with HQ words and HQ Tunes can help you earn a prize pot of $1500.


More Ways You Can Earn From Real Money Earning Games

If you are good at gaming and can’t take out your mind off other activities, then this section is especially for you.

We tried mentioning the ways where you can turn your gaming habit into a full-time income source and not look back then on!


39. Start A Gaming Channel On YouTube

  • Source: Statista
  • On Average, there are about 5.4 million viewers who actively engage in watching Youtube live game streams-Statista
  • Earning Range: Easily earn around $0.1-$0.3/Per ad view

If you are one who can record and play games exceptionally, Youtube is the right platform for you to earn from live-streaming your content.

How To Make Money On Youtube?

  • Ad Revenue: Earn from Pre-roll, Mid Roll, overlay, and Display ads
  • Channel Membership: With gaining popularity, you can charge to live stream
  • Selling Merchandise: Sell own or partner’s merchandise to earn commissions
  • Sponsorships: With popularity, many companies are ready to sponsor you
  • Affiliate Marketing: You can promote many affiliates for commissions

Get started with linking your google account and bank account. Start recording engaging content to gain popularity.


40. Start Streaming On Twitch

  • Source: Twitch
  • Twitch has around 7.8 Million unique creators streaming live each month- Twitch Statistics
  • Earning Range: You can earn around $100-$1500+/Month

By seeing the number, what is your excuse to start your game streaming on Twitch? Start your journey immediately, as live-streaming games is a growing trend.

How To Make Money On Twitch?

  • Viewers Subscriptions
  • Sponsor ships
  • Donations on super chat
  • Affiliate promotions
  • Brand collaborations and commissions
  • Ad-revenue and Twitch bits.

Note: You can also advise people to earn money in gaming-relevant queries on community forums on Twitch.


41. Start A Blog & Review Games

  • The global content marketing industry between 2021-2025 is expected to grow by around $475.8 Billion- Ahrefs.
  • Earning Range: Earn around $300-$4000/Month

One which tops the list to create content is Blogging. Now you can be part of this global revenue by simply starting your own blog.

To start a successful blog, you need to be very consistent in efforts and also be particular in your Niche Selection and creative writing.

Ways To Earn From Blogging

Note: You can refer to our article on how we made a whooping $7000+ in a month, and you can also start brand promotions on your blog for extra revenue.


42. Create A gaming Forum Or Community

You can create a gaming forum or community and can add all the like-minded people. Here you can share gaming ideas with each other and also promote brands.

You can all make a list of game apps that pay real money and start competing with each other on those games to earn a handful of rewards.

With the help of these forums, you can also check the ways to play games and share tips to boost your revenue through gaming.


43. Participate In Gaming Tournaments

  • Online tournament revenue can reach around 1.08 Billion-Statista

There are many gaming tournaments conducted all across the world where you can participate and win high cash rewards.

Check the event details on social media platforms or gaming platforms and register your details to compete with players.


44. Organize Gaming Tournaments

No time that you can always find genuine gaming tournaments, so you can edge this opportunity by organizing your own gaming tournament.

You can start any gaming league by promoting it on social media and in your gaming community by charging a premium fee.

Share the collected amount with the winners by deducting your commission. This is one of the best side-business income ideas.

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45. Sell Your Game Currency

This gig is for you if you have a habit of playing games often and collecting game currency.

All you do here is play games and collect the game currency. Some game currencies cannot be cashed out, so it’s better to sell them to a potential buyer who needs them.

You can also sell earned gift cards in exchange for PayPal Money. Find these clients on social media and also on gaming forums/communities.

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46. Become A Professional Game Tester

Every game must be aligned in such a way with user likeliness. For this, gaming companies always find potential game testers to find the essence for them.

Being a game tester, your task is to test the game by playing and suggest the necessary modifications to the developers. Based on full-time or part-time you can earn from these companies.

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47. Sell Your Old Game Accounts

After some relative time, you may get bored playing a few games, and all your level-ups and game coins are left idle in your account.

Now, this is the time you need to trade these accounts with other players who can take advantage of your gaming level.

Note: Register on player auctions and publish your stats to sell your gaming account.


48. Become A Gaming Influencer

Gaming Influencers are earning 122X times the average salary- Advanced Television Study.

The gaming industry is growing swiftly so is the revenue ways from it. You can be a gaming influencer to let people know the real potential of the gaming industry.

You can also share the list of game apps that pay real money and can also publish gaming ways and earning stats on various forums.


49. Start Your Own Gaming Merch

This is a dream for many gamers to start their own gaming merch. This can not only help you to earn money but can also promote your brand and channel.

With this idea, you can sell your own stuff and can also collaborate with others to promote products.

Top 5 selling Gaming Merch

  • Tshirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, and Pants
  • Accessories, Phone cases, and Stickers
  • Facemasks, Neck warmers, and Headbands
  • Mugs, Cups, and also Water bottles
  • Photos, Cushions, and Home decor items

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50. Win Money From Live Sports Bets

As we previously mentioned, there are many game apps that pay real money where you can also raise bets with other players.

All you need to do is register with the gaming platforms by surfing the Internet and compete with other players by placing your customized bet.

Once you win, the whole stake will be yours. Up to lose, you may hardly lose the entry price. Gear up and be prepared with gaming skills!


51. Flip Your Old Gaming Gear Online

If you want to make some quick money from the things you are not using, flipping gaming gear is the right option.

Finding clients on gaming community forums makes it quite easy to flip your gaming gear.

For added profits, you can also try websites like Craigslist, Facebook Market Place, eBay, etc., to sell your stuff easily.

Note: You will be charged with added commissions here, but sale conversions are decent and easy.

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52. Play Games While House Or Dog Sitting

As a gamer, we mostly spend time on game apps that pay real money, but do you know you can also earn parallelly in other ways same time?

One can easily earn from House sitting or Dog sitting in free time by playing games. This gig is easy and fun enticer for kids, adults as well as retirees.

Most Relevant Article: 15 Babysitting Jobs For Kids Lovers to Earn Money.


53. Launch Your Own Store & Sell Digital Gaming Products

With the gaming interest, you might have previously purchased some premium games and might have gotten bored.

There are many platforms online where you can list your digital gaming products for sale. Here you can earn money in an immutable way by securely transferring the products to buyers.

You can also open your own store to enlist your products and help customers to process their orders.

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Can These Real Money-Earning Games Make You Rich?

The global gaming revenue net worth is now over $300 Billion- Newzoo’s Revenue prediction.

But can these figures help you turn rich by playing games? We say Yes or No! at the same time. Confused?

Firstly learn that earning money from games can always be considered a side income unless and until you are completely dedicated to the gaming relative income source.

To become a millionaire from playing games, you need to commit lots of effort and time. And parallelly, you need to try and implement more than 2-3 ways to earn.

Note: We accept earning from playing games is fun! but also consider health complications for prolonged hours of game commitments.


How Do Gamers Make Money?

Ways To Earn Money Online From Gaming Industry has seen a hike of 60% in 2023 financial year- The Financial Express.

We have seen a constant spike in earnings of online gamers in different ways. But do you know how games are making a lot of money?

11 Ways Gamers Make Money

  • Live streaming games online
  • Creating own Gaming channel
  • Brand collaborations and promotions
  • Creating Gaming walkthroughs
  • Writing Gaming guidelines for websites
  • Being a game coach for needy
  • Testing games for brands
  • Game quality assurance analyzing
  • Hosting game tournaments and podcasts
  • Participating in top game tournaments

Note: It seems easy, but this needs lots of gaming skills and time management to hail high in this field.


What Are The Negative Effects Of Online Gaming?

With the increase in the trend of earning money online, fraudsters are luring players for money in different ways.

Before learning the techniques of earning get aware of facts about how you can get scammed and tips to avoid them.

Risks Involved In Online Gaming

  • Super addiction and Cyberbullying
  • Malware attacks and Privacy Concerns
  • Hidden fees and cards theft
  • Targetting gamer’s Ip addresses
  • Phishing and fake game applications

Note: From the above activities, you can lose your data and can be further blackmailed for money.


How To Avoid Money-Earning Games That Scam Users?

Following the basic steps mentioned below can help you avoid following in the hands of seamsters.

  • Cross-checking genuine user reviews
  • Use the official website for in-app purchases
  • Don’t click any spam mail related to offers
  • Never share your personal information on 3rd party apps
  • Create strong and authenticated password
  • Avoid using purchases by saving debit/credit cards
  • Always re-verify the terms and conditions of the platform.

Note: In your own merch or website, always state clearly the pros and cons of earning ways and conditions, never to mislead any of your readers.


Game Apps That Pay Real Money – Take Aways

Our society and change in work culture are firmly pushing us to work hard to earn money, but what is this all leading to? -‘Stress and hopeless life’?

More than 52% of Z generation people are suffering from mental health conditions. Which clearly states that Financial freedom without mental peace is completely awry. So keep yourself free from everything and find ways to earn stress-free.

The best way to keep yourself happy and productive is by finding game apps that pay you real money. I hope the above-mentioned list will serve your purpose better.

Always be aware of fraudulent apps, and never run after free money. Nothing will get free in our life. We need to thrive smart to earn and be Financially Independent.


FAQs on Real Money Earning Games

Do Game Apps Really Pay?

Yes! They actually pay you in actual cash as well as in rewards. After reviewing many genuine reviews and trying most of them, we concluded this list.

But be aware that they won’t make you super rich by playing but surely can compensate as a side gig.


Are Game Apps That Pay Real Money Safe?

Every way and app we tried mentioned are safe to play, but always be aware when sharing your personal data and card details.

There are high chances for your data to get breached when you are not properly checking the website’s background and providing sensitive data. Also, never click on any malicious redirecting links.


What are your recommendations for best-paying game apps?

All the concise lists we mentioned are all considered to be the best-paying apps. But depending on the nature of payments, you can pick along with your comfort.

Games like Solitaire Cube, Blackout Bingo, Poolpay day, Dominoes Gold, etc., will reward you instantly. Also, signup with Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars to earn an Instant $10 signup bonus.


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