21 Entry Level General Transcription Jobs For Beginners

Do you have great typing skills and want to leverage your skills for extra income?

If you are searching for some opportunities to create a secondary income or work from home, then you are in the right place.

Transcription is a great opportunity to earn a living while sitting at home and typing audio files into text. On the lucky side, this job rarely asks for past experience.

Though there are many different categories in this field like legal, medical, and more, general transcription is an open opportunity for most people to work in.

Today, we are discussing the general transcription jobs and listing some legit companies that offer jobs in it.

If you want to get into this field, then go through the complete article to know the process and pick the right company to work for.

So, without making a further delay, let’s jump into the article.


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What is General Transcription?

In simple terms, General transcription is nothing but the business of converting speech into text format. This text interpretation regularly accommodated in various fields like business, lawful, or clinical purposes.

This field has a wide range of scope in journalism, and with genuine and hard work you can earn more. The most well-known kind of translation is from a communicated in language source into the content.

For example, a PC record reasonable for printing as an archive, or, a report. Regular models are the procedures of a court hearing, for example, a criminal preliminary (by a court journalist) or a doctor’s recorded voice notes (clinical translation), etc.

General transcriptionists essentially serve private law offices, neighborhood, state, and central government offices and courts, exchange affiliations, meeting organizers, and philanthropies, etc.

All the scope for general transcription started in the late 1970s. Before that, Making a record of speeches is a herculean task for the workers. The flexibility of recording came after the introduction of cassettes.

There is an enormous interest in general transcription and the interest is developing. A wide scope of organizations, associations, experts, and people re-appropriate interpretation.

Your customers may incorporate colleges, and money related foundations, creators, experts, center gatherings, open speakers, and numerous others.


Things To Know About Transcription

As every task or work has a procedure, Even transcription work has its systematic procedure. If you are the one who is looking forward to starting your career in general transcription jobs. You must have a detailed view of the stages of transcription.

They are very easy and imbibed in no time. When getting more precise into the transcription this thing can be subcategorized into 3 types:



This word basically originated from Latin, in simple terms representing exactly the same words pronounced. This process is viewed as a generally confused and tedious procedure.

This procedure is additionally over the top expensive on the grounds that it includes ensuring each word expressed word, each feeling, chuckles, yelling, foundation clamor, even mumbled or mumbling or scattered sentences or words are interpreted cautiously and time-codded in the composed organization making it like a definite reproduction of sound or video document as recorded.

Such translation, for the most part, utilized for lawful records or motion pictures, movies, and video plugs, and so forth.


2. Edited Style

Edited style transcriptions are regularly utilized when the transcriber can overlook the parts from the video or sound document, without upsetting the importance of the chronicle not change by any stretch of the imagination or the points of focus.

However, here the main crux or kind of interpretation is monotonous as the transcriber must comprehend what is essential to keep into farewell or video record and what isn’t significant.

Edited style transcriptions require the transcriber to comprehend and detail the real sense or reason for the video or sound document and simply tidy up the chances of holding the unwavering quality of the sound or video record.

Such sorts of translations are commonly utilized for workshops, meetings, open addresses, and article classes, etc.


3. Intelligent Transcription

Here this transcription expects the pure skilled persons. This needs hard work and effort to acquire the knowledge to work as an intelligent transcriptionist. Here you need to grab every word and interpret the real intentions spoken behind the lines.

For this, you need to gain experience. Only the experienced candidates are eligible for this section. The final output must be direct and comprehending the original nature. 


Types Of General Transcription

General transcription is the transcription work that includes all the fields except medical and legal work. These sectors need additional courses to learn and certifications are needed to pursue.

There are various types of general transcription, everything has its own importance. Work is the same everything involves the converting process but the relative fields are different.


Dictation Transcription

Here one person dictates the context and the transcriptionist must convert the dictation into the text format. This transcription mainly used in educational institutions and political speeches.

Interview Transcription

This transcription is nothing but creating a textual format of the conversation between two or more people about the things discussed in the interview. This transcription can be done in a real-time or virtual recording.

Academic Transcription

Academic transcripts are the complete data of the students. It can be their Name, Address, Guardian details, Valid Id proofs, etc. These transcripts are generally from the education board of conduct. These transcripts also include Mark sheets, Report Cards, Backlog certificates, Module list, etc.

Telephone Call Transcription

Call transcription is nothing but the on-time text format record of the audio or video call between person to person or conference calls too. This will be written in text format for convenience purposes in a conversational language. This transcription is mostly done in a real-time environment. 

Voicemail Transcription

This is the type of general transcription jobs that is gaining importance. Android and iOS apps are developing to fill the void for this field. Voicemail transcription is nothing but converting voice mail into text format. This thing can help you to read all the voice mail without hassles.

Meeting Transcription

This is one of the important transcription services as meetings are quite common in any field. And these meetings need the textual format to give seminars or to take notes on the briefing of what happened in the meeting. Later this text format can be transferred to the employees to get on with int instructions. 

Lecture Transcription

Students cannot gain complete data from just listening to a lecture, Data shows lectures along with the transcripts are 80 percent more accurate than just an ideal lecture. This transcription is nothing but the text format of the lecture which is going to conduct or the lecture that happened in the past. This text may be improvised for the purpose of students or listeners.

Presentation Transcription

Presentation is nothing but making data available on the public platform. This knowledge sharing act can be more improvised by converting the presentation into text format. Here comes the scope for the people who opt for general transcription jobs. They convert this presentation into text format and make it available to read in a more crispy way.

Podcast Transcription

This is one of the big markets which is gaining importance and scope from the past decade. The podcast is nothing but a digital audio file available in the market about the data in a particular topic or content.

Podcast transcription is nothing but turning that piece of audio into a text format. Many companies offer podcast transcription with a decent pay scale.

Focus Group Transcription

A focus group is a guided discussion in a gathering of individuals to gather subjective information regarding a targeted matter. This group generally includes more speakers and the analysis is larger.

This is a bit complicated transcription job with more number of speakers talking continuously. But this transcription is as important as the discussions happened to create the final draft on the focussed topic.

You will get decent pay for being effective and cautious. And can even acquire more knowledge as professionals are involved in the talks.

Seminar Transcription

This transcription is almost similar to the lecture and presentation transcription works. Seminars are nothing but a group of people gather together to give seminar lectures on important selective topics and they share immense knowledge in that time frame.

Transcription is evenly important as the seminar to hold and share the knowledge from those seminars.

Further, this knowledge can be converted into text format by seminar transcriptionists which can be utilized by people with hearing disabilities. To convert this data into a braille font, the textual format is needed. Visually handicapped people are also more benefited from this work.

Radio Shows Transcription

This can be categorized into electrical transcription services. Radio is an asset from the old golden age. Before the inception of the digital era, Radio is the only source of information sharing. This radio still holds its importance and more data is transferred today.

And this data requires text format to share or to inform. Here come the works for radio show transcriptionists. This shows will get a Trascribed certificate after penning down the whole thing.

Television Shows Transcription

More than 90 percent of the world population watch television today. The content published on television has many terms and conditioned involved and the publishers are accountable to the government for the content they publish.

TV transcriptions incorporate TV broadcastings, motion pictures, programs, appears, and so on. It changes over sound data into a precise book record. Content records can be re-perused, dissected, cited, or utilized for cases filed for distributing reasons.

Talk Shows Transcription

Talkshows are basically real-time conversations with a fixed host inviting guests to speak on relative topics like Biography, Success mantras, Knowledge sharing, etc. This shows requires a text format in order to create the whole plot of the episode. 

Transcriptionists here helps in creating the subtitles for the people of other regional languages. This field has a wide range of scope.

Event/Conference Transcription

Events or conferences are the congressional gatherings that happen on a fixed time and date. Here gathering happens to share the knowledge on the respective topic, motivational speech or any life guidelines, etc. As similar to the seminar conversations these events also require textual formats. Event transcriptionists get the job done here.

Medical Transcription

As there is a significant spike in health care resources, there exists uniform progress in the demand for medical transcriptionists. But here this work varies with the above mentioned as this job needs an additional medical accreditation certificate to possess. Along with that, you need to have patience and dedication. Very few fields have the opportunity to save lives, One among the top in the medical field.

By working as a medical transcriptionist be proud to be serving in one of the means. Contact the hospitals or doctors to start your job in this field.

Legal Transcription

Legal Transcription is the way toward deciphering any kind of lawful continuing from the verbally expressed word (counting sound records) into a composed book report that has been deliberately arranged so you can without much of a stretch discover the data you need.

Proper transcription can aid justice to serve better, Here the transcription will stretch its hands in the forms like Testimonies, Depositions, Court hearings, Criminal Interrogations, Client petitions, Legal documentations, Briefs. This all can be converted from audio to text format by legal transcripts.

If you are really interested in this field, You can learn more about legal transcription through various free classes online.


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Skills Required For General Transcription Jobs

Every job has a set of skills to be developed. As extending the same trend general transcription jobs also expects you to hold some skills to start with.

Good Listening Skills

One must have very good listening skills, As listening is the key skill one must possess to start a job in this field. Wrong listening skills can affect you immediately as output results are very quick. Your mistake can cost the whole meaning of the act.

Typing Speed

You should ace in your typing speed, As here you should hold the fastest finger first to note down everything to convert speech to text.

If you are going to work for focus group transcription your workload will be higher and you have to sync with multiple speakers. The more efficiency and speed you show in your typing skills the more you get your pay.

Grammatical Knowledge

Transcriptionists are hired to get the work done in less time and in an efficient manner.

So as a transcriptionist you must even take care of grammatical errors as proofreading by some others can take more time which is ruining the main purpose of a transcriptionist.

Patience and Composure

You should increase your patience and composure to survive in this field. You may encounter many people who have great oratory skills. They can speak more words in less time. 

Here you should show your composure to listen to the whole thing and your patience will the key factor to get everything in text format. Any imbalance between these two can collapse your whole work.

Being Accountable

Here you should hold the utmost responsibility in the work. You are accountable for the mistakes you have done along the way along. Your silly mistakes can cost big in the long run. So be very responsible and accountable in fulfilling your work. 

With proper responsibility and accountability, you can complete the assigned work more efficiently. Every transcription is important, Do it with heart.

Thought Making

Sometimes you must read between the lines to get the real crux of speech. When your task is assigned as an intelligent transcriptionist, You should give a direct opinion without errors. Here your thought process and thinking must be more efficient to give opinion based remarks.

You should make the right decisions and the right details at the right time to be the right transcriptionist.

Software Skills

There are various software developed only relative to transcription works, Thanks to the digital era. Penning down everything is the age-old tradition. Now everything is related to software where you can use them to get your job done.

If you really want to start a career in general transcription jobs then immediately get an idea of how transcriptions software works and try to improvise your skills.

Along with the software skills, you should aware of some technical knowledge of the devices you are using for transcription, as always technical assistance is not available and waiting can affect your valuable time.

Staying Flexible

If you are working for a company or medical entity or any other you may not know your working hours. So try to imbibe the nature of working in any flexible hours. Everything here won’t go in order with our needs and deeds. So try to stay flexible all along and build your skills.


Earning Potential Of A General Transcription Jobs

Your earning potential varies from the type of transcription job you choose and the company you work for. 

On average as a medical transcriptionist, you can nearly up to $50000 per year. And being a legal transcriptionist your pay may range between $20000-$60000 depends upon your work and efficiency.

A remote transcriptionist can earn up to $3000 per month on an average. If you are a beginner you can earn $15-$20 per hour this can be varied along with your work and efficiency. 

As these payscales mainly varied with the companies you are working with, We will provide you clear data on the best companies that offer jobs as transcriptionists and the payscale related to it.

Sign up for this FREE General Transcription Course to find the expert guidance that’ll help you in choosing the right path in transcription.


Companies That Offer General Transcription Jobs


1. GMR Transcription

This is a translation organization that enlists transcribers everything being equal and pay them as per their experience. The work mostly manages to interpret on the web lawful, general, and clinical Transcriptions.

They pay around $0.7 to $1.25 every moment of sound. All you need is to round out the application structure on their site and show up for an online translation test.

Your hired entity or the client will choose your payment based on your work and efficiency.


2. SpeakWrite

SpeakWrite is extraordinary compared to other transcription organizations to work for, however, you’ll require a smidgen of experience. They have a settled client base that incorporates legitimate, government, law implementation, and private division customers. They offer faster, accurate, and reliable transcription services.

As a transcriptionist for SpeakWrite, you’ll be paid $0.005 – $0.006 per word. Normal workers make $500+ every month with top workers surpassing $3,000 every month. Payment will be credited in 2 installments through cheque or bank transfer.

So as to work for SpeakWrite, candidates must breeze through an assessment with at least 60 words for every moment within any event with 90% precision. You will likewise require in any event one year of interpretation experience, and you should pass a historical verification.

When you’re affirmed you will pick your own days of work and afterward work will be doled out to you during your days of work. You’ll have to plan in any event 15 working hours out of every month.


3. REV

In the event that you are somebody who searches for boundless acquiring jobs in general transcription, at that point Rev.com precisely suits you.

This is the main site that offers every minute of everyday credit to the system customers, they’ve increased over the years through reliable work.

The customers, as well as even the laborers, are more than happy with the manner in which they handle things. May it allot work, or auspicious installments consistently. I am certain you’ll have an extraordinary translating time.


4. TranscribeMe

They acclaim to be one of the legit and best work from home transcribe services. TranscribeMe is a well-known choice for amateurs keen on having a go at deciphering as an approach to acquire additional money.

They don’t require past experience however a foundation in law or medication can get you a more significant salary rate. As indicated by the organization, month to month normal profit check in at $250 while their top transcriptionists acquire as much as $2,100.

They pay a good amount if you have good skills and proven efficiency. To apply all you have to do is simply register, take the test, and sit tight for their answer inside 12 business days.


5. Pacific Transcription

A completely Australian-possessed organization with a solid universal center, They claim Pacific Transcription has been giving top-notch translation administrations since 2002.

Pacific Transcription has practical experience in key fields including lawful and clinical interpretation administrations, translating recorded video calls, medico-lawful work, transcription administrations, composing of scholastic research meetings and center gatherings, fund, and media transcripts, and expert moment taking.

You should hold at least 60 words per minute in your typing to get a job here. They pay well along with your work.


6. CastingWords

CastingWords offers high-quality audio transcription services. They claim 99 percent accuracy in their work efforts and results. Timely delivery is their main asset.

To make workflow easier here you can choose any medium for transfer like Email, Dropbox, FTP, RSS, or Zapier. customers can download their uploaded files in various formats, So there is a scope for more customer traffic.

Here you can even opt as a translator or transcriber. You have the flexibility to work in both the means. Casting words offer timely payments.


7. 1888 Type-It-Up

One reason to consider working for 1888 Type-It-Up is the likelihood to procure more significant compensation.

They pay transcriptionists $30 – $180 per hour. They intend to pay at any rate $60 per sound hour ($1 per sound moment) and higher whenever the situation allows. Rates differ contingent upon what the customer is eager to pay. You will be paid two times a month by PayPal.

So as to begin, you should finish an assessment by translating a short sound document. Speed isn’t a piece of the test. They don’t have a base WPM prerequisite. You need to be more precise and efficient to gain their trust.

One thing you need to look after is that you should pay a $35 application charge. On the splendid side, they recognize that the application expense lessens the number of candidates, so you’ll have less rivalry.


8. Terescription

This venture basically manages translation errands identified with media outlets, for example, captions, shut inscriptions for motion pictures just as television programs.

They enlist individuals simply subsequent to breezing through their assessments, for the most part, comprised of errands identified with precision in composing, spelling, and sentence structure.

The necessities for the activity are a headset, foot pedal, and a rapid web association. Join Terescription today!


9. Scribe.com

Scribe offers you errands identified with the interpretation of webcasts, interviews, or different recordings. You have to go after the position through their site and show up for the test.

Work is served on a first-come premise. You can work as indicated by your adaptability. They pay is around 6$-10$ every hour. You can even join as a Tele-Care transcription job.


10. Daily Transcription

Here you can join as a transcriber without any experience. They offer assured payments on time period. Here what is more exciting is that you can choose the flexibility and type of work. After completion of the work, your payment will be credited.

But this is only for the people around the US and Canada. Join Daily Transcription here.


11. SpeechPad

SpeechPad is one of the good companies to choose, For the people who are looking to start a career in general transcription jobs. 

One can earn up to $0.25 – $2.50 per audio minute or nearly up to $150 per hour. Payments are made twice per week by PayPal.Speechpad assures payments on time.

Signup right now, Signing up process is absolutely free here. Here before joining you must qualify a screening test conducted by the speech pad team. Once you qualify you will be assigned the tasks and earn well with your efforts. 


12. Tigerfish Transcribing

This entity is serving since the late 1980s. There is a wide range of fields where you can choose your area of interest like Interviews, Shows, Documentaries, Crime Investigations, Etc.

Even here there is a screening process, As Tigerfish stretches only on quality deliveries. Initially, you need to apply for this job and transcribe a 15 minutes sample file. Your performance can result in your placement. 

Tiger Fish nearly pays about $0.03-$0.04 per single line transcribed. For this one has to download a free version of Express Scribe Software. The main thing to note here is this is only for US residents.


13. Way With Words

Way With Words has the best-supporting staff, They offer $0.45- $1.75 per word. They pay through PayPal. One without any experience can also apply to this. But you should build the best command in English. It has a tuff entry test which you need to score at least 68.


14. 3Play Media

3PlayMedia pays you nearly $20-$30 per hour. Here you must be a citizen of the United States to get this job. You should have the best efficiency in English and must have at least 75 words per minute. Here you should work on an hourly basis. You can earn well if you work efficiently.


15. Transcript Divas

Transcript Divas pays you $0.84 to $2.48 per audio minute. There is a processing time of one week to get your check matured. It will be an added advantage if you have experience in the transcription field.


16. Athreon

Athreon pays $0.03$ per word. But Athreon only recruits candidates with experience. To get placed you must be a transcription training program graduate or have at least 2 years of work experience in the transcription field. They have strong customer support, They pay well for your work.


17. Averbach Transcription

Averbach Transcription will pay you nearly $1.00 per audio minute for normal files, and $1.50 per audio minute for the works which are in advance. But in order to claim your stake, you need to have at least 2 years of experience in this field.


18. Cambridge Transcriptions

Cambridge transcriptions offer jobs in various fields related to transcription like a corporate field, Legal field, financial field, etc. Join this right now!


19. Quicktate and iDictate

Even this allows you to choose from various fields. Pay varies along with them. By working as a medical transcriptionist you can earn up to $0.005 per word, General transcription $0.0025. You have to pay $20 for background checks to get posted. You must opt for Scribe pro to write here, It may cost $60. Signup Here!



This is only for the residents of the United States. They pay nearly $0.00588 per word for legal and $0.00695 per word for medical transcription. This requires foot pedal along with one year of experience in the transcription field. Join here!


21. CrowdSurf

CrowdSurf even recruits people without experience. They pay $0.03 to $0.20 per minute they also offer bonus rates.

They have multiple payment methods, You can choose as per your flexibility. CrowdSurf has its arms in various fields like Education, Entertainment, Business field, etc.


Some Useful Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the advantages of general transcription jobs?

If you are asking about the advantages of choosing general transcription jobs you can work remotely. With this, you can develop the best grammatical knowledge and also good typing speed. Very easy to start, and acquiring knowledge. Opportunities are ample where you can get a job.

It has a good income potential you can earn more than what you earn from your regular job.


2. What is Turn Around Time?

In simple terms, Turn Around Time(TAT) is nothing but the time required to complete a task or to fulfill a customer’s request. So, you can convey TAT with customers or clients and let your work complete within that time framework.


3. Differences between Working Hours and Audio Hours:

The audio hour is nothing but the length of the file you need to transcribe for the client. The audio file usually takes more time than 1 working hour. Here you will be paid on completion of one audio hour that means only after completion of the whole file.

Working hour usually refers to one hour, You may or may not complete the task in one hour, But even though clients will pay you for how many working hours you worked. This thing can only be assigned to the experienced candidates due to their efficiency.


4. Where Can I Find Jobs as Transcriptionist?

Opportunities are ample in numbers and can find everywhere. You can find them on the website or local listings. You can create a profile of you and apply to the various websites that offer job for you. We have listed out a few legit companies you can have a glance at in the above section.


5. Can I Earn Enough?

Yes! Transcription jobs have decent earning potential. You can work either part-time or full-time remotely and fill your pockets.


6. What Equipment Do I Need to Start a Transcription Job?

Its very simple for an individual to start a career in general transcription jobs. All you need is an electronic device, Printer, Paper, pen, Footpad, Internet connection, Some technical knowledge. Everything mentioned is very easy to gather. For this reason, the transcription job is easy to start with.

Along with the hardware equipment you need to get software either free or premium, Premium is more preferred for its flexibility and customer support. Headphones are a must to avoid surrounding disturbances.


7. Which Software is More preferable?

You can use any software, Depending upon your work. Some companies offer their own software to complete the job using it. You need word processing software, Time tracking software to track the time for work, transcription software to generate the final draft. 


That’s all about general transcription jobs. I hope you’ll get all the required information about these jobs. If you feel I missed something, don’t forget to mention it in the comments section.

Never be afraid to start over. It’s a chance to rebuild your life the way you wanted all along.

If you really want to start your career in this field we hope our mini beginner’s guide can help you along. We are with you, You can write to us at any time in our comments section. Suggestions are welcome! Thanks for reading.


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