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50 Best Online Jobs That Pay $20 An Hour or More [2024]

This article has a big list of both offline and online jobs that pay around $20 an hour to $50 an hour.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, with or without a degree, you can work on these jobs and earn a decent income above minimum wage.

If you are an employee already, most of these jobs can fit as part-time side hustles as well.

So, if you are seriously looking for a job to work from home or have some room in your daily schedule for a part-time gig, this article helps you land a job that pays $20 – $50 an hour.

Some jobs may require a certain certification or course completion. And they will be worth investing in in the end, as you can get even higher pay rates for the coming years.

Plus, I’ve mentioned some free resources and helpful courses throughout the article to help you land your favorite job smoothly. So, let’s begin the hunt for your favorite job!


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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50 Legit Online Jobs That Pay $20 – $50 An Hour


1. Earn Money Through Blogging

If you are looking for jobs that pay $20 an hour or significantly more, blogging is something you should definitely give a try.

Unlike other jobs, blogging allows you to work from anywhere as an independent person and still pays higher hourly rates than what you are expecting.

There’s a reason why blogging is at the top of this list. Even though it takes a few months to make actual money, once it’s started, it will pay you forever for the work you do only once.

That’s passive income. I make over $200 daily from this blog, and I don’t even work more than 3 hours a day. That’s like $70 an hour.

When I started blogging, I also had many doubts like most of you, but today after five years, this blog now makes around $7000+ a month and generated over $381,212.85 over the last four years. You can check my overall income report here.

a screenshot of mediavine ad income report

Mediavine Ad Income Report

Want to start your own blog but don’t know anything about it? Let me explain this in detail…


What Exactly is a Blog, and What Bloggers Do?

In simple terms, a blog is nothing but an informational website that consists of useful content for a particular niche, mainly in the form of articles, images, videos, audio, or podcasts.

A blogger is one who creates blogs, manages content, updates, and always aids his readers in gaining knowledge through his work.

How Bloggers Make Money?

The luxury of blogging is that it generates income from various methods. Once you acquire a decent number of regular visitors, you can monetize your blog and make money. Here are some diverse ways you can make money from blogging…

  • Display Ads: Have you ever encountered ads on any website you are on? Those are called display ads. Revenue for these ads depends on the visitor expanse; the more visitors you gain, the more you earn.
  • Sponsored Posts: When your website reaches the popular mark by gaining a decent number of genuine audiences, various companies reach you to promote their services and products on your blog in exchange for fair money.
a screenshot of sponsored post income

Sponsored Post Income from one Sponsorship deal.

  • Affiliate Marketing: Here, you will earn commissions by mainly promoting the products of various companies on your blog. This is one of the easiest and most profitable ways to make money.
  • Courses/Training Services: You can share your knowledge through video/audio courses and get paid subscriptions in return.
  • Selling Products: One can use their blog to sell digital products like courses, webinars, eBooks, etc. This is one of the best ways to get close to your audience by helping them gain knowledge.

Can I Start A Blog?

Firstly, It’s a big Yes! This is the most common question for all beginners. Blogging works for people with all kinds of skills and from anywhere in the world. Once you create a blog and publish a certain number of quality articles, the income will be totally passive.

Through blogging, you share experiences and ideas, which can, in return, gain you fame and money. For those who are looking to start blogging, remember one thing, blogging is a life-turning opportunity where you can earn any figure you aspire to.

How Much Should You Invest To Start a Blog?

Starting a blog and maintaining it costs much less than anyone spends on coffee every month. It takes less than $100 investment to get started.

With Bluehost, you can create your own blog in under 30 minutes for just $2.95 per month. (you’ll also get a FREE Domain with Bluehost)

Never hustle fast; take your time to analyze other blogs, and focus mainly on the process. Your life can see unexpected heights by sparing 1-2 hours of your daily productive time with minimum investment.

Choose your niche and competitors wisely; you can learn many things through experience. Blogging is not about investing money. It is all about investing your knowledge and efforts.

If you are interested in starting your blog, take advantage of our detailed guide, How to Start a Blog and Make Money in 2024. It’s totally free, and just one click away. You’ll find all resources you need to start a successful blog and make thousands of dollars every month like us.

Start Your Blog With Bluehost Now!


2. Earn $20 – $35 An Hour as a Freelance Proofreader

Well, this job is for the grammar-hunting eagles in the crowd. If you are an avid reader with the ability to point out mistakes and errors in the text you read, you’ll fit the best as a proofreader.

But what exactly is proofreading? It’s a process of reading the written text (such as articles and books) and marking errors if you find any.

As of 2024, there are more than 1.1 billion websites on the Internet, and the content they publish daily must go through the process called proofreading to be error-free.

This is why the demand for proofreaders is very high, and these opportunities have never seen a drought in recent years.

According to, proofreaders bank around $27 an hour on average, and it goes up to $35 an hour with time and experience.

This is one of the fun jobs that pay well, and to get one, you don’t necessarily have to be an expert at this. You just have to be better at the English language and grammar than an average person.

And what I like the most about proofreading is it comes with double-edged benefits. You get decent hourly pay and will acquire enormous knowledge by reading many articles and books.

How To Get Started as a Proofreader?

So if you want to get into the action with proofreading, I recommend you start with the learning process first and then focus on the earnings part.

One of the proofreading moguls, Caitlin Pyle, offers a 45-Minute FREE Proofreading Workshop, which you can join for FREE of Cost. It will let you know all the secrets to making a six-figure income from this job.

Thousands of students who have enrolled in this course are currently working as full-time and part-time proofreaders making $1000 – $5000 per month. You can check their student success stories (more than 300 testimonials) on their website.

So, if you are interested in this job, I recommend you attend this FREE Workshop to learn the nuts and bolts of this job and how to get clients.

How To Find Your First Client?

You’ll get the most of the required knowledge from the above workshop to begin your journey as a proofreader.

And you can also list your services on freelance websites like Fiverr or Upwork, signup for online job boards like FlexJobs, or apply on websites that offer online proofreading jobs.

Signup For FREE Proofreading Workshop!

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3. Participate In Market Research Through Surveys

According to Insider Reports 2024, an individual spends an average of over 4 hours and 30 minutes on the phone and social media daily. I’ll fall into that bucket, seriously.

If you are on the same boat, it’s time to be rewarded for that. Taking paid online surveys on mobile can easily turn into a lucrative time pass. Moreover, you don’t need to sacrifice your fun activities as these apps also pay you to watch videos and play games.

These surveys generally take 1 – 40 minutes to complete and pay you around $0.50 to $100+ each. So it’s possible to fetch $20+ an hour if you work on the right surveys.

Since hundreds, if not thousands, of fake websites on the Internet, try to scam people in the name of surveys, you must be very careful in choosing the right platforms.

Well, forget about the scams, as we’ve done the research on behalf of you and brought the best survey apps that pay you instantly. Here is the list…

  • Freecash (Get paid for taking surveys & testing apps. Up to $250 joining bonus.)
  • Branded Surveys ($20 per survey & 100 points signup bonus)
  • Surveys2Cash: (Earn up to $100 on completing your first survey.)
  • SurveyClub (Earn $1 – $115 per survey. Earn gift cards and real cash)
  • Survey Junkie (Rated 4.5/5 on Trustpilot. Earn up to $75 per survey)
  • InboxDollars ($5 instant signup bonus and up to $20 per survey. 5+ ways to earn)
  • Toluna Influencers (Earn up to $250 monthly in extra income)
  • Swagbucks (Get up to $3 – $50 per survey and a $10 signup bonus)
  • MobileXpression (Free $5 per month for app install. Install now and get a $10 Amazon gift card in a week)
  • MySoapBox (Get an instant $2 signup bonus and make up to $25 per survey)

These are some popular survey panels that actually pay real cash to their users.

Since the best surveys aren’t constantly available every time, it’s clever to sign up for multiple platforms to maximize your earnings.

By doing so, you’ll be able to switch between the apps and work on the best offers available at any point in time, and you can also claim free signup bonuses.

Plus, unlike fake or scam websites, all the above platforms are totally free to join and use. You don’t need to pay anything. If any other platform asks for your money, you can consider it as a possible scam.

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4. Try Voice Acting Gigs to Earn $20 – $100 an Hour

A voice-over job comes with great income potential, and it can easily be turned into a full-time career if you work on it in the correct way.

Most people think voice-over jobs are for people with beautiful voices, but anyone who can modulate their voice and have impressive narrative skills can try these.

This job won’t require a recording studio at home. It takes a quiet place or room and a recording mic, and you are all good to go.

And if you look at the market, you’ll find an impressive number of opportunities with hefty pay rates.

jobs that pay $20+ an hour- Voice acting jobs


According to, you can earn up to $325 for recording a 2 min or 300 words ad, and the pay goes up according to the length of the recording.

As an online voice actor, you can offer a gamut of services that pay incredibly well, such as…

  • Audiobook Narrator (which pays up to $1500+ per project)
  • Voiceover for local radio commercials (Up to $100 per ad)
  • Voiceover for national radio commercials (pays up to $10,000 per ad)
  • Background voiceover for animated shorts ($100 – $10,000 per project)
  • Explainer voiceovers for apps or website trailers ($100 – $500 per task)
  • And more.

List out your services on Fiverr or join the voice-over job offering companies like to begin your journey as a Voice-actor. You can also try it as your part-time and grow with time and experience.

And I also recommend you take your first step by Signing up for this Intro to Voice-over Intro Course to understand this industry in a better way. This intro course covers the nuts and bolts of these voiceover jobs and helps you find clients quickly.

Join FREE Mini Voice-Over Course!!!


5. Online Transcription Jobs That Pay $20+ an Hour

Transcription is nothing but listening to audio files and converting them into text format by typing out what you hear.

Several companies in the medical, legal, and insurance industries often need records in writing rather than in audio files for ease of preservation.

And for that, the transcription industry is constantly booming all over the world.

It is one of the very few jobs that pay $20 an hour or more without having any strict requirements to enter this field.

Transcription Jobs Requirements

  • Strong listening and accurate typing skills.
  • Can maintain good ear and hand coordination.
  • Must manage at least 60 words per minute in typing.
  • Technical instruments like foot pedals, PC, and headphones are a must.

Earning Potential

  • The average salary is around $40k+ per year for medical transcribers.
  • You can earn around $15 – $30 per hour while working from home.

How To Start

Join The FREE Transcription Course!!!

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6. Become a Teacher & Teach English Online

During this pandemic situation, most of the students are now attending their classes online from their homes. And due to that, the demand for online teachers is continuously increasing.

Several Eastern countries, like China and South Korea, also prefer online teachers to learn English.

So, you can consider this among the best jobs that pay $20 an hour.


You need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in English or related subjects to enter this field.

Besides, most of the online teaching platforms also want you to have TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificates.

It will also be better if you already have previous teaching experience in either the offline or online sector.

Earning Potential

Most of the online platforms offer you around $20 to $25 per hour.

However, this rate can go further up with your expertise and academic excellence. It is not very difficult to make more than $40k per year just by teaching online.

How to Start

You can join VIPKid, which is now offering around $24 per hour to its online teachers.

So, join the VIPKid teaching platform right now to make more than $40k per year.

You can also join other online teaching platforms like Magic Ears and Education First, which also pay quite well.

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7. Virtual Assistant Business- Get $20-$25 Per Hour

With the boost in the digital era, companies are now engaging in expansionist policies.

For to provide better services, companies or organizations are looking for supportive aids to make better profits.

These things are only can be achieved with the help of virtual assistants. These people are basically independent contractors who can primely provide administrative services to clients by working remotely.

Virtual assistants can operate from any remote corner but can have complete access to the client’s office and can also make necessary planning, customer support, event planning, and schedules as per guidelines.


Virtual assistance doesn’t require you to have any specific academic qualification or even any particular skill set.

However, you need to have good typing speed and excellent communication skills to prosper in this industry.

Besides, you should also need to be hardworking and should have the ability to multitask.

Earning Potential

The average salary for a virtual assistant job is around $40k.

And based on the type of service you offer, you can demand anywhere between $15 – $75 per hour. You can make a good living just by taking this as a full-time profession.

How To Start?

One of the maestros in the VA industry, Gina Horkey, launched her ‘30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success course to help VA aspirants.

jobs that pay 20 an hour

It will guide you to become a successful VA within a month. Besides, you should join this course to learn about all the tips and tricks to shine in this industry.

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More Work From Home Jobs That Pay Hourly

Most real-time jobs push people into a situation where they fail to achieve their work-life balance.

Working from home can not only help an individual to maintain this balance but can also improve your control of time.

Controlling your time is one of the highest dividends money pays‘. To help you nurture more on this, we prepared a list of work-from-home jobs that pay $20+ an hour.


8. Try Freelance Writing

When you want to be independent and work for yourself by evenly earning the same as a full-time job, freelancing can be the right away option.

Many people are picking this gig as this can be the best option to earn $20+ an hour, even from home.

Ways To Find Freelance Writing Jobs

  • Signup with freelancing websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Writer, etc.
  • Join social networking groups.
  • Try a few paid and free internships.
  • You can also join freelance communities.
  • Can stay active on networking sites.

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Freelance Writing Earning Potential

  • Your earning varies along with the niche you pick.
  • According to U.S.BLS, writers and authors make around $30 per hour

How To Get Started?

freelance writing

Don’t know how to get started? Just signup for the FREE Workshop by Holly Johnson to learn how she went from zero to $200K a year as a freelance writer.


9. Working Solutions Jobs

Working Solutions is one of the renowned companies which has its network spread wide across the United States and Canada.

This company usually provides work-from-home opportunities to the right candidates.

They make sure to impart the best customer service through their rigorous processes to ensure consistency.

This consistency includes program strategy, security, educating clients, and also investing in their ongoing development.

Working Solutions Eligibility

  • Basic degree with decent technical knowledge.
  • Only residents from the USA and Canada.
  • Must be able to work in rotational shifts with efficiency.
  • Any freelancers, contractual workers, independent workers, and part-time workers from the above regions are eligible.

How To Apply

  • Apply to this company if you can able to give your best regardless of working hours.
  • Filling out the application form here is quite easy, as all you need to do is to fill in your basic details. 
  • Right after that, you need to take a few fun and challenging assessments, which may take hardly 30 minutes. 
  • Your assessment will be continued with a Skype interview to get finalized. 

Working Solutions Salary

  • Earn around $15-$50+ per hour. Hikes along with experience. 
  • The beginner basic pay rate is $15 per hour, working 30 hours a week. 

Working Solutions Review


10. iMedX- Earn $20+ An Hour Easily

As the name says, iMedX is an integrated medical document management and health information solutions company. This company was founded way back in 2002 and based in Atlanta, Georgia.

iMedX can provide high-value revenue cycle management solutions, including coding services, education, training opportunities, medical transcription, and data analytics.

iMedx-Medical Transcription Jobs

  • iMedX is considered a trusted resource for clients across the entire revenue cycle spectrum.
  • Expertise in this company can add an extra edge to your career opportunities.
  • You can pick your job either in auditing, consulting, medical transcription, draft editing, etc.
  • For more job opportunities, you can refer to their employment opportunities section to apply for your desired role.

iMedX Salaries

  • Depending upon the roles like medical transcriptionist, medical copy editor, etc, pay range varies.
  • You can earn around $20-$35+ per hour; this can increase along with your expertise.

How To Get Started In iMedX

  • Must ace medical terminology with good typing speed.
  • One must hold a degree in medical documentation.
  • Others without a degree in the medical field can only apply if they hold three years of experience in any medical field. 
  • Fill in your details and experience in the transcription application and submit.
  • If your profile gets shortlisted, you can get an assessment test continued with a Skype interview.


11. 10UP- Web Development Jobs

10UP is a company that constantly serves to make the internet better with its consultative, creative and, innovative tools, engineering services, and dependable products for content creation and management.

When you are looking for remote web development jobs, 10UP company can serve you as a one-stop solution.

They especially deal with websites as well as website tools, where you can show your skills to develop more fluidity and efficiency.

Skills Required

  • Must be able to create websites that are more functional, secure as well as visually appealing.
  • Tasks may vary according to the client’s requirement; for this, you need to excel your skills in the necessary areas.
  • HTML/CSS, Analytical skills, Design skills, Javascript, Debugging, and SEO, are a few skills you must transcend. 

10UP Salaries

  • Being a newbie, you can earn around $60k+ a year.
  • With the progress in the expertise, you can easily make around $102K-$160K a year. 

How to Get Started In 10UP

  • Depending upon the position you are looking for, you need to check the eligibility criteria mentioned on their job portal.
  • Various posts like Recruiting agents, Frond-End developers, Strategy developers, Java engineers, UX designers, and SEO specialists are available.
  • You can redirect to the careers section on their website and pick a position you are looking for.
  • Click on the Apply Now button to redirect to the application process. Complete your filling process once you meet their desired requirements.

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12. Search Engine Evaluator Jobs- Earn $15-$25 an hour

Search engines always process themselves by measuring the quality of their search results.

Precisely, search engine evaluation is a qualitative measure by which search engines manage their efficiency better.

Being a search engine evaluator, your task includes evaluating videos, web searches, or any other content by giving contextual feedback on relevant search results.

Considering its decent pay rate, this can be the best option to add to the best list of jobs that pay $20 an hour.

Skills Required

  • Technical and Software knowledge of the computer
  • Computer Fluency
  • Must be able to improve search results and rankings
  • Can improve webpage loading speeds
  • Denude inefficiencies in website performance
  • Must be able to personalize the browsing experience
  • Maintain offline and online metrics.

SEO Evaluators Salaries

  • Being a basic SEO analyst, you can earn around $4000-$4500 per month.
  • On average, an SEO evaluator can make anything around $15-$25 per hour

Best Companies For SEO Evaluators

Once you gain your skills in this field properly, there are quite decent companies where you can earn your place. Some of the best on the list are:

  • Workforce Logiq– USA-based company which is now a global workforce management leader.
  • Appen– This is an open market organization listed on the Australian securities exchange.
  • Google– Leading search engine giant all across the world.
  • iSoftStone– Chinese web evaluator company.

How To Get Started

After knowing the earning potential and skills required, you are now all set to start your career in this area.

For more details, refer to our detailed article on 7 Best Search Engine Evaluator Jobs That Pay $15-$20 Per Hour.


13. Health Care Engagement at Carenet Health

Carenet Health is one of the renowned healthcare engagement systems that provide clinical support, telehealth, and advocacy solutions 24/7/365.

The healthcare sector is one of those sectors which has high job satisfaction, here you can earn money while helping others. 

If you have nursing experience and looking for a better career shift, Carenet Health can be the right option for you as it offers part-time as well as full-time jobs.

Skills Required

  • Nursing knowledge
  • Degree in Nursing(Preferred experience) 
  • Analytical and communication skills
  • Interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Active listening and proper decision making
  • Coordination and judgment skills.

Carenet Health Recruitment

Here is the process you need to follow in order to become an engagement and advocacy team member at Carenet Health.

  1. Online Application and Review
  2. Culture Assessment
  3. Computer Aptitude Assessment
  4. Initial and Secondary Interviews
  5. Conditional Offer letter
  6. Drug and Background Verification

Once you are done with every step, you will be hired, and your training begins then on.

Carenet Health Salaries

  • As a registered nurse at Carenet Health, you can make anything around $20-$28+ per hour
  • Engagement and medical representatives earn around $11-$30+ per hour.


14. Earn Rewards Worth $50 Using Nielsen Panel

Neilsen Panel is one of the professional research companies that provide the world’s leading provider of media and marketing information.

This market research company also offers few rewards by just installing their application or software.

How It Works

  1. Firstly, signup with the Neilsen website with your personal and device details.
  2. Download the Neilsen application or computer software on qualified devices.
  3. Earn rewards by using your registered device, as you generally do.

How Much Does Neilsen App Pay

  • Earn $50 online through Neilsen App for every separate device you register. 
  • If luck persists, you can also win a $10k monthly sweepstakes.
  • Playing scratch-off games can help you win instant win-game tokens.

Next to do:

  • Join now here! For free, earn rewards through Amazon, PayPal, or Giftcards.


15. Social Media Jobs- ModSquad(Earn $20+ per hour)

Social Media Jobs are those jobs where your task is to be responsible for creating and administering content on all social media platforms.

ModSquad is one of those legit companies you must add to the list of jobs that pay $20 an hour for offering social media jobs.

ModSquad Work From Home Requirements

  • Must own a PC or Laptop with the right configuration.
  • Must maintain a reliable internet connection.
  • The contractor ought to have a dedicated field of work.
  • Must necessarily maintain a decent workplace to balance work.
  • Should possess the necessary skills and equipment to perform tasks.

ModSquad Salary & Benefits

  • One can easily make around $11-$20+ per hour through ModSquad. 
  • The pay range varies along with project duration and skill level. 
  • ModSquad offers monthly payments through PayPal.

Is ModSquad Legit Or Scam?


Online Jobs That Pay You $30+ Per Hour


16. Bookkeeping Jobs That Pay $30+ An Hour

The demand for virtual bookkeeping jobs is constantly rising as most individuals and companies now look for shared resources to minimize their spending.

And now, you can start working as a bookkeeper online to make a good living.

However, you need to work hard for the first few years to get good clients before you start earning good money.


  • Bachelor’s degree in any commerce-oriented subject like accountancy or finance. 
  • CPA course or pass the GMAT to join this field.
  • Math and Problem-Solving abilities.
  • Attention to detail and organization.

Earning Potential

  • You can make as much as $80 per hour if you establish yourself as a reliable bookkeeper.
  • The overall earnings will also depend on the type of client that you are working with.

How To Start?

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17. Become An Event Planner

With the changing trends, people are more likely to make their special events more special by picking event planners; this is the right time for you to get in this field if you have any interest.

Being an event planner, you must be able to coordinate meetings, special events, locations, transportation, etc. 

Skills To Become An Event Planner

  • One must hold organizational skills.
  • Great communication.
  • Client-First Approach.
  • Negotiating and Budgeting.
  • Multitasking.

Event Planning Careers

Once you pick this field, there are numerous options you can pick and join:

  • Wedding Planner
  • Event Space & Venue Manager
  • Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Communications Manager
  • Social Media Event Coordinator, etc.

Event Planner Earnings

  • An average Event planner can make around $16-$34 an hour.


18. Become An Growth Marketer

The growth marketing field is very underrated to be considered as jobs that pay $20 an hour.

The real potential of this field can also help you to earn more than $50+ an hour.

Growth marketers grab the opportunities to refine and create better growth strategies beginning from email marketing to SEOs.

This can help companies to boost their customer presence.

Skills To Become A Growth Marketer

  • Technical and Marketing Automation.
  • Copywriting and Designing Skills.
  • Customer Empathy and Data Analysis.
  • Experimental Process with Funnel Optimization.

How Much Does A Growth Marketer Make?

  • On average, Growth Marketers can make around $11-$34 an hour


Online Jobs That Pay $10+ An hour

If you have a satisfactory full-time job and looking to add more strength to it, try these online jobs that pay you $10+ an hour. 

As this is considered a low income for an hour of work, there would be zero pressure with zero investment.


19. Non-Phone Jobs That Pay $10 An Hour

Are you the one who hates being on the phone while working from home? Then this section is especially for you!

  • VIPKid– Open to USA and Canada, Earn $5-$10 by tutoring 25 minutes lesson.
  • AppenEarn $8-$10 an hour through Search Engine Evaluation.
  • BrainFuse– Open to the USA, Earn $10 an hour by home tutoring.
  • FancyHands– Be a virtual assistant and earn anything around $10-$20+ per hour.

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20. Direct Phone Jobs That Pay $10 An Hour

Are you the one who likes to assist the needy when they require help? If yes, this section is for you! 

  • Concentrix– Earn $10-$12 per hour as a customer support agent.
  • Working Solutions– Earn $7.25-$25+ an hour by working remotely.
  • LiveOps– Virtual call assistant job here can fetch you around $10-$15+ an hour.
  • NexRep– Earn around $10-$23+ an hour by working as a virtual receptionist.

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21. Become A Chegg Tutor

Chegg is the best education platform that helps students to learn more in less time and cost. Tutoring students here can easily help you to earn $10+ an hour. 

How To Become Chegg Tutor

  1. Firstly, Signup as a tutor on Chegg.
  2. The signup process is followed by two verification forms.
  3. Provide student ID cards or Diploma certificates.
  4. Lastly, submit your Government Issued ID card.

Depending on the subject you pick, you need to pass a few skill tests assigned on this platform.

How Much Can You Earn From Chegg?

  • One can earn $10-$30 per hour by tutoring students. 
  • You can also earn from selling your notes and selling textbooks on Chegg.

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22. Try Scribe Editing Jobs

Scribe is one of the popular and professional publishing companies. Working as an editor here can help you earn $10-$60 per hour without any hassle.

How To Join Scribe

  1. Firstly, check for openings.
  2. Check your eligibility criteria.
  3. Signup on their website.
  4. Get approval and start working.

Financial Benefits Of Joining Scribe

  • The decent hourly direct deposit pays.
  • Tuition and Education reimbursement.
  • Access to emergency loans.
  • Immediate access to 401K.
  • Free access to Scribe library.


23. Sell Your Products Online

Decluttering your house can not only make your place well-ordered but can also help you to earn some bucks in return for exchange.

You can sell your stuff like crafts, unused jewelry, furniture, clothes, arts, electronics, etc. 

Best Websites To Sell Your Products

  • Decluttr– This platform can turn any junk into money.
  • Oodle– Available worldwide to sell your products.
  • Recycler– Available all across the USA, Sell anything here for a better price.
  • eBay– One of the popular websites to sell or buy any products.
  • Etsy– You can sell your products on the ready-to-take Etsy market.

Also, check 25 Legit Sites To Buy Or Sell Stuff.

Earnings From Selling Products Online

  • Make anything around $10-$100+ per day.
  • Earnings vary along with the product and the platform you pick.


Online Jobs That Let You Earn $25 An Hour

Here are a few jobs that pay you $20-$25 an hour by working remotely. 


24. Speech-Language Pathologist

Here your task is to train and treat many types of communication and swallowing problems for adults as well as children.

You must create individual strategical plans to help them overcome their difficulties, for which you get paid around $25-$60 per hour.

Skills To Become a Language Pathologist

  • Degree in speech analysis with approved license.
  • Able to evaluate speech and swallowing difficulty levels.
  • Must be able to create treatment plans.
  • Patience with necessary skills.

Speech-Language Pathologist Salaries

  • The average hourly pay rate for language pathologists is around $25.09-$34.06.


25. Certified Public Accountant

If you have immediate financial knowledge, this job is for you; all you need to do is prepare tax documentation, audits, and also budgeting. 

Public Accountant Duties and Responsibilities

  • Balance finance records.
  • Conducting audits of individual or firm accounts.
  • Monitor all finance issues.
  • Proper Budgeting Techniques.
  • Assisting with external audits.
  • Must be aware of all taxation laws.

CPA Hourly Pay

  • You can make anything around $25-$30.55+ an hour.


26. Real Estate Agent Job

A real Estate agent is one of the remunerative jobs that pay you $20 an hour without any doubt. 

Your main task here is to assist both sellers and buyers to seal the right deal based on the market conditions. You earn commissions on each completed deal. 

Real Estate Agent Requirements

  • No educational qualification is required.
  • Some states ask you for a license.
  • Must be able to understand social cues.
  • Ability to negotiate and integrity.

Real Estate Agent Earning Potential

  • An average real estate agent earning potential is around $48000+ a year.
  • Your commission may vary along with the best deal you complete. 


27. Website Application Tester Job

A website tester is one who uses performance tools to test web applications and web-related interfaces. Your main task is to find and resolve bugs on the platform you are working on.

Skills Required

  • Must hold Software Bachelors Degree.
  • Able to use and maintain all testing tools. 
  • Technical testing ability with planning.
  • Must be able to recommend software improvements.

Website Tester Earning Potential

  • Being a technical tester(Resolving Technical Bugs) can help you to earn $30-$45+ per hour
  • A general tester(Design Flaws) can let you earn $20-25 per hour.


Online Jobs That Pay You $20 An Hour

Here are a few midrange jobs that pay you $20 an hour for working just a few hours a day. For your flexibility, we tried to cover remote-earning jobs as well!

28. Computer Programming

While web developers create dynamic websites with coding and markups, programmers use different coding languages to develop stunning software.

And both of these are lucrative jobs that pay $20 an hour or more. Although these are entirely technical jobs, you can quickly learn coding and web development skills, both online and offline.

Computer Programmer Requirements

  • Must hold a degree in Computer Application.
  • Possess web development skills.
  • Decent coding skills with the application.
  • Inquisitiveness with proper communication.

Earning Potential

  • You can earn around $62000 per year being a programmer.
  • Earn around $58000 per year as a web developer.

How To Start?

  • There are several websites like Udemy that now offer excellent coding courses. You can join these online courses completely free of cost.
  • However, if you are looking for more structured learning programs, you can join coding boot camps. 

Also, Read 25 Best Part-Time Weekend Jobs For Side Hustlers.


29. Try TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is one of the best online websites that provides multiple opportunities to aspirants all across the United States and the United Kingdom.

How To Register As a Tasker?

  1. Firstly, Signup on TaskRabbit
  2. Build your profile by checking eligibility.
  3. Pay the registration fee of $25.
  4. Set your schedule and work area.
  5. Start getting jobs through messages.

Earnings From TaskRabbit

  • Your pay rate may vary with the task you got assigned. 
  • You will be paid through the direct deposit method right after the task.


30. Dog Walking Jobs

Canines are the real best friend of humankind. And all pet owners love their adorable pets like their own children. This job is especially for those who want outdoor work. 

Due to the paucity of time, some may fail to spend time with their pets. You can now grab this opportunity by dog-walking your pets to earn some money in return.

Dog Walking Requirements

  • Pet training certification.
  • Proven experience in dog training.
  • Pet behavior understanding.
  • Patient, reliable, and punctual.

Earning Potential

  • You can easily make $30000+ a year; hourly pay rates may vary around $20-$30.

How To Start?

  • If you are a tech-head, there is a website called Rover that provides an opportunity for animal lovers to work as dog walkers.

Similar Post: 21 Coolest Jobs Working With Animals


31. Alorica Work From Home Jobs

Alorica is a US-based company that hires employees all across the globe as customer care executives. This platform can be one of the reliable jobs that pay you $20 an hour.

What Exactly Do Alorica Agents Do?

Tasks can vary along with the tasks you were assigned with tied-up clients of Alorica. The role can be:

  • Customer Support Executive.
  • Technical Support Agent.
  • Online Chat Agent.
  • Inbound Sales Executive.

Alorica Salaries

  • The pay rate may range around $0.12-$0.35 per minute on call.
  • The hourly rate can be around $14.50-$21.10+, depending on the client assigned.

Next To Do

Go through our detailed Alorica Work From Home Jobs Review – Earn $20 An Hour.


32. Arise Work From Home Jobs

Alike Alorica, Arise is another best legit platform to find legit call center jobs. It is headquartered in Florida and started way back in 1994.

How Much Will Arise Cost To Start?

  • For Business Setup: $100(For Paperwork and LLC).
  • Certification & Training: $99(In-person Training).
  • Background Verification: $25(Varies with the state).
  • Calling Equipment: $100(Varies with outdated PC).
  • High-speed Broadband: $50($30/month recurring fee).
  • Dedicated Phone Line: $50($20/month recurring fee).

How Much Arise Pay?

  • On average, Arise works from home; salaries vary around $9-$20 an hour.

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33. Rent A Room On Airbnb

As travel culture is getting more popular day by day, room-renting applications like Airbnb are gaining popularity. This is the right time to grab this opportunity by renting out your room on this platform.

How To List With Airbnb?

  • Start with creating an Airbnb account.
  • Set up your listing with all amenities mentioned.
  • Provide accurate and legit information.
  • Lastly, follow the website’s instructions carefully.

How Much Do You Earn From Airbnb?

  • Depending on the place you list, your income varies, But an average-sized room can earn you $25 an hour.


34. Be An Fitness Trainer

With the boost in people’s alertness on health, there is a significant boost in the fitness career path. In this digital era, online fitness classes are an all-way become a known snack.

If you are the one who loves to help yourself as well as others to stay fit, this job is always open for you. 

Skills To Become An Fitness Trainer

  • An approachable personality with a positive attitude.
  • Able to handle people of all ages with due respect and care.
  • Good communication with decent knowledge of health.
  • Specialized in fitness training with certification.

Fitness Trainer Earnings

  • Depending on the personal training or group training, earnings vary. 
  • In any case, a perfect fitness trainer can make around $25-$50 an hour.


Jobs To Make $50 An Hour

35. Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an online business in which you earn commissions for each product you sell through listing on your channel.

You can use your personal blog, website, or even social media accounts to promote affiliates. For every sale, you earn commissions in return. 

Which Websites Offer Affiliate Products?

  • Many popular websites like  AmazonShopify, and ClickBank offer you affiliate products.
  • You can also display your user reach on your accounts to attract affiliate providers. 

Affiliate Marketing Income

  • Depending on the commission percentage and sale conversions, your income can vary.
  • There are reported cases that affiliate markets earn from the base $5000-$100000 a month. 

Next To Do

affiliate marketing business

Newbie?! Try this affiliate marketing course by Michelle in order to max out their earnings in this relative field. 


36. Start A Flipping Business

A flipping business is a simple process in which you need to purchase saleable items from online auctions or flea markets and resell those in exchange for profit.

How To Start Flipping Business?

  1. Prepare your business plan.
  2. Grow your network.
  3. Choose a business entity and get permits.
  4. Find potential clients.
  5. Take assistance with a proper team.

Can You Make Money From Flipping Business?

  • On average, you can claim 20%-33% of the profit on each right flip.
  • Your earnings may vary with your negotiation and handling skills. 

Next To Do:

jobs that pay 20 an hour

Try Rob & Melissa Stephenson’s Unique Free Flipping Course that can lead you to success in this business. 

After that, You can try these 13 Easiest Things To Flip For Profit and Make Decent Money.


37. Try Photography

The quality of photography has rapidly improved since the start of this decade. It has now become an integral part of life as we always want to capture our best moments with lenses.

You can also take this as your full-time profession, and it is among the few jobs that pay $20 an hour or more.


  • You don’t need any academic qualifications.
  • Complete your photography course.
  • Need basic photography equipment like camera, lenses.
  • Must be aware of photo editing software.

Photography Earning Potential

  • The average salary is around $45000+ per year for professional photographers.
  • Many photographers make it into six-figure figures.

How To Start?

  • Join platforms like iStock Photos or Getty Images to sell them online.
  • There are many companies that are available on the Internet to sell your photos.
  • Apart from that, you can even sell your photos to bloggers and online business owners to make the most out of them.
  • Create social media profiles, join local groups, and run ads to spread the word quickly.

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38. Delivery Driving Jobs

The twenty-first century is entirely dominated by the internet, where we even shop from our laptops or smartphones.

While the software plays a major role in the front end, logistics plays a significant role in the background.

And there, the delivery drivers came into action. So, you can easily make money working as a delivery driver in 2024.


  • Must have a personal vehicle with a license.
  • Having a motorcycle can help you deliver food.
  • A special license is required for special vehicles.
  • Willingness to adhere to the assigned routes.
  • Always be mindful of the traffic rules.

Earning Potential

  • An individual is a delivery driving partner can make him earn around $44000 a year.
  • Income varies with the time you spend and the type of your vehicle.

How To Start?

  • Join websites like Postmates, and DoorDash, to start delivering food.
  • If you have a car, then you can try Uber or Lyft to drive people from one place to another place. 

Also Read 10 Companies Offering Flexible Food Delivery Jobs


39. Online Sales Representative

If you have great negotiating skills and can able to sell any items to the customers easily, then the sales representative job pays you a lot. 

Apart from offline, sales representative jobs can also be done online; there are many companies that offer these jobs with decent hourly pay rates.

Softskills For An Sales Representative

  • Empathy with emotional intelligence.
  • Active listening with effective communication.
  • Flexibility and Confidence.
  • Time management and Optimism.

Sales Representative Earnings

  • Depending on the products you deal you can perhaps make anything around $50 an hour.
  • Your commissions as a representative may vary with the quality and quantity of products too.


40. Be A Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are those people who generate creative visual concepts using various computer software.

They can communicate ideas that can inspire, transform, inform, and enthrall consumers.

They usually advance layout and design for direct application purposes like advertisements, brochures, reports, and magazines.

This job must be a requisite add-on to the list of jobs that pay $20-$50 an hour.

Graphic Designer Skills

  • Excellent IT skills with software applications.
  • Organizational behavior with time management.
  • Attention to detail with accuracy.
  • The ability to take criticism can be added advantage.

Graphic Designer Salary

  • If you are working for hours, your hourly pay rate may range between $15-$50 per hour.


Online Jobs To Earn $15 An Hour

Are you the one who wants to stay indolent but also wants to make some money? Don’t worry! Consider we covered you here in this section.


41. Get Paid To Walk Jobs

How often do you take steps in a day? Very frequent, right? How about getting for each step you take?

Yes! Absolutely you can get paid to walk up to $15-$25/hour. 

  Apps Where You Get Paid To Walk

  1. Achievement– Earn $10 for every 10K points(Max 80 points/day).
  2. Sweatcoin– Earn $1000 for every 20000 Sweat Coins.
  3. BetWalking– $3 for every 15 miles covered.
  4. Runtopia -$10 for every 10000 points earned.

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42. Earn Money Through Referring Friends

With the growing online trends, online earning options are also picking their way up. One on the list can be earning money by referring friends. 

You can easily earn up to $1-$35+ by just referring your peers. 

Cashback Sites/Apps For Referring

  1. Rakuten-$10 as Rakuten Bonus, $25 for each referral. 
  2. BeFrugal– $10 as a signup bonus; earn $15 for each referral.
  3. TopCashBack– $10 for every successful referral made.
  4. Ibotta– Earn a $5 signup bonus, $10 for each successful referral. 

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43. Acorns- Save & Invest To Make $15+ An Hour

Acorns is a micro-investing application that helps people to save and invest to earn returns in the future. 

This application round off the spare change from your purchases and invest them when you signup with the Acorns signup program

Acorns Legit And Safe?

Many have the same doubt as you need to link your bank account and personal details to this application in order to round off your spare change for investment. 

Acorns’ application is absolutely legit, safe, and secure. It holds SSL encryption with protected investment accounts and also insured spending.

Acorns Features

  • Invest(Acorns Invest)– Invest your spare change.
  • Money Later(Acorns Later)– Planning for retirement(IRA).
  • Deposit Checking(Acorns Checking)– Direct deposits and Mobile check deposits.
  • Money Early(Acorns Early)– Setting up an investment account. 
  • Earn reward(Acorns Earn)- Shop with 3500+ retailer partners and earn rewards. 


Pay Per Hour Jobs In Nigeria

44. Be An Internet Marketing Analyst

An Internet marketing analyst is one who decodes the data on the internet and then translates this data into easy information that anyone can read, interpret and understand. 

This collected information can help many businesses to determine consumer behavior and shopping patterns.

Skills To Become An Internet Analyst

  • Business and Marketing skills.
  • Statistical and Technical skills.
  • Creating reports and analyzing data.
  • Able to use Google and Adobe analytical tools.

Internet Analyst Hourly Pay

  • This job for sure can take place in the list of jobs that pay $20 an hour. 
  • With expertise, you can easily make around $33-$44 an hour. 


45. Hand Gesture Video Collection Jobs

This is the job where your task is to help train and develop artificial intelligence algorithms behind gesture recognition technologies.

You need to shoot and record short videos of you performing hand gestures. 

Skills and Requirements

  • Able to make efficient hand gestures.
  • A built-in or external webcam.
  • Able to simulate a video conference environment.
  • Right ability to follow instructions. 
  • Can speak Yoruba, Hausa, English, or Igbo Speakers living in Nigeria. 

Salaries and Allowance:

  • As a fresh graduate, you can earn around $500-$1500 a month


Online Jobs That Pay $20 An Hour In South Africa


46. Become An Animator

An animator is one who creates visual effects and animation for clips, films, video games, and more using various software tools.

This is one of the best jobs that you can turn into a full-time job without leaving the comfort of your home. 

Skills Of An Animator

  • Creativity and Teamwork.
  • Flexible to use various software.
  • Better communication and presentation skills.
  • Must meet rigorous deadlines. 

Animation Salary In South Africa

  • Earn $20-$100 by registering with freelance websites like Upwork


47. Technical Testing Jobs 

This job includes the task of creating test plans and test cases for testing the serviceability of a system against business requirements to prevent defects in the live system.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Diploma in testing and programming.
  • Manual testing experience(Must).
  • SOAP UI and Jira.
  • Must manage mobile testing and log defects.

How Much Do Tech Testers Make?

  • According to ZipRecruiter, one can make around $11-$56 an hour


48. Personal Trainer Jobs 

Picking a personal trainer is a never-fading trend; if you are interested and have the skills to train the needy, this job is ready for you.

Your job as a personal trainer is to instruct the clients on body training and necessary exercise plans and can also give dietary solutions.

Personal Trainer Qualifications

  • Certificate In Fitness Training. 
  • Diploma In Health and Fitness.
  • Manage time schedules.
  • Interpersonal skills and patience.  

Personal Trainer Salary

  • You can earn $20-$24 for every client you deal with.
  • Can also earn remotely from online fitness training classes. 


Jobs That Pay $20 An Hour In India

49. Data Entry Jobs-Earn $10-$27/Hour

When you look to work from home in India, Data entry jobs can grab the immediate spot as they are easy to find and low-work pressure jobs. 

They ask you for no special skills; all you must have is a PC, Interner, Typing skills, and detailing.

Additional Skills for Data Entry Jobs

  • Typing and communication skills.
  • Can operate standard office equipment.
  • Time management and research skills.
  • Data collection and Database structure knowledge.

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50. Try Appen Work From Home Jobs

Appen Limited is a reputed company formed way back in 1996, headquartered in New South Wales(Sydney). This company currently holds remote workers spread across 130+ countries.

Appen Requirements

  • Better English proficiency.
  • Good knowledge of search engines and web ads.
  • Must hold a right to social media platforms. 
  • Can commit 20 hours of work per week.
  • Must have a compatible PC.
  • High-speed internet with a compatible browser.

Benefits Of Working With Appen

  • You can earn $20-$35 an hour.
  • The huge availability of projects.
  • Timely payments in your bank or Payoneer account.

How To Get Work In Appen

To get details about it, check our detailed Appen Work From Home Review.


51. Full Stack Developer Jobs

Stack-developing jobs are one of the most remunerative online jobs. Here you completely work with the server-side or Backend.

All you need is some decent skills in a wide variety of coding niches, and you can also manage UI/UX management.

Responsibilities Of A Stack Developer

  • Need an associate degree in computer science. 
  • Able to help with the design and development of software.
  • Debugging and testing of software.
  • Can able to check optimization and cross-platform compatibility.
  • Must develop APIs and Restful services. 
  • Should balance security, scalability, and maintenance of software. 

How Much Do Stack Developers Make?

  • Depending upon the entity you are working for, your pay range may vary.
  • One can earn about $25-$150 an hour, excluding bonuses. 



So, these are the best jobs that pay $20 an hour or more. You can take any of these jobs, either full-time or part-time, depending on your preference.

But, do give yourself some time to sharpen your skills in that particular field. Several online courses are available in almost all niches, which you can try without any cost. So, keep learning and keep earning.


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