80+ Genuine Ways To Find Work At Home Jobs in 2021

Are you looking for opportunities that will match your talents?

There are many wonderful opportunities for the people who are looking for work at home jobs which will give people their financial stability.
In the process of finding home-based jobs, you could end up at many scammers.

Eventually, it becomes tough to find a legit site. After great research, I have bought you a list that will save you time in finding the right website.

In today’s world, with the knowledge of the internet,  you will have a huge list of legal companies that will let you earn from your home.

Work at home job is a wonderful opportunity for people like homemakers or retired persons or students or any category.

As the rate of unemployment increases, the rate of giving employment opportunities also is at a peak.


Genuine Work At Home Jobs:

The below list will help you with how to start with the right step. Also, where you can search for those wonderful work at home jobs that will let you earn your income.

Also, there is a rumor that most home-based jobs are for the people who are residing in the US or Canada only.

I don’t completely agree with this, but yet there is also good news for people like me. You can enjoy the perks of work at home jobs from any part of the world.

So let us boost your pockets with a small list of legit organizations.


Work At Home Jobs – Data Entry:

Most of the Data Entry jobs are highly scammed. I have bought you a list of a few legit companies which will help you to earn income.

Mostly these are home-based jobs with a basic investment.

What Are The Basic Requirements?

  • Basic typing skills and grip over touch typing system.
  • Mastery in MS Word, MS Excel, and other word processing tools.



1. SpeakWrite:

SpeakWrite deals with people who are good with legal, general, and Spanish transcription and also with few data entry jobs.

If you have very good typing skills and can type paragraphs without mistakes you can surely apply to this organization.

It provides you with flexibility in the job where you can sit at home and work by balancing family as well.


2. DionData Solutions:

DionData Solutions is one of the largest companies of data management service which does not charge any registration fee or any hidden fee.

This does not operate through any social media or has any contact with you through social media for any sort of interview.

DionDataSolutions helps people to maintain the quality of their life by providing an opportunity to work with them.


3. SigTrack:

All the basic requirements are to attend a 3 minutes interview on Skype and have US citizenship. They are hiring as of now.

One has to have a PayPal account to receive the payback of your hard work. The payment depends upon the accuracy of typing you can handle.

Learn more details about SigTrack now.


Paid Surveys:

Answering a few surveys online may also help you to gain some extra bucks.

You need to be selective enough to pick the right company and make utilize your time in gaining income. Though this opportunity is just a side hustle that will let you satisfy one or two bills.

Requirements To Apply For Paid Surveys:

  • Good knowledge and grip over products or the world around you.
  • Internet connection.
  • Phone or computer to answer surveys.



4. Survey Junkie:

Survey Junkie one of the popular and reliable panels for high-paying surveys where you can get paid between $3 – $75 per simple survey.

This company has more than 5 million active users and rated 4.5/5 stars on the Trustpilot website. Join the community of survey takers by signing up at Survey Junkie.


5. InboxDollars:

InboxDollars will let you earn $5 just for sign up as a welcome bonus.

This website does not only pay you to answer surveys but also pays you for doing tasks like reading emails, playing games, shopping online, watching videos, and many more.

This is one of the legit websites which will let you earn for utilizing the website. If you live in the UK or Canada, then join InboxPounds or DailyRewards respectively.


6. Vindale Research:

When it comes to high paying surveys, we must talk about Vindale Research.

Yes, this company claims that its users can earn up to $50 per each survey. Vindale Research also pays you for watching videos, reading emails, referring friends, and more.

Join Vindale Research today and start earning some decent bucks. $1 Signup bonus.


7. MyPoints:

MyPoints is another high paying survey platform which worth your time. One can earn from $1 to $5 per each survey.

Signup now and complete your first 5 simple surveys to unlock your $5 welcome bonus. You can redeem your earnings via PayPal.


7. PineCone Research:

Be a part of marketing research to get more valuable products in the future by just sharing your opinions.

Pinecone Research pays you for taking surveys and testing products too. You can expect $3 – $5 per each survey and up to $7 per each product test.

Once you reach the threshold limit, you can redeem your earnings via PayPal. Join PineCone Research now and start working.


8. Swagbucks:

This is also the most trusted and legitimate survey site by the people who have used it. Similar to InboxDollars, Swagbucks also provides a $5 signup bonus.

Swagbucks also lets you earn for watching videos, searching the web, taking surveys, referring the website to friends where you can earn for their sign up.


10. OpinionCity Surveys:

Browse all the high paying surveys from different platforms in one place. No need to go to multiple websites and no waste of time.

At OpinionCity, you will have the option to take only high paying surveys or the surveys you like to answer.

Earnings will be high compared to other survey networks as well. Sometimes, you can browse surveys that pay up to $100 each.

So, why are you waiting? Isn’t it a good deal? Join OpinionCity here and test your luck.


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Work At Home Jobs – Virtual Assistant:

Virtual assisting is one of the in-demand work at home jobs according to the research I have made.

There are many openings for this post which I can see on Facebook groups or any other social media.

Overall, a virtual assistant is a person that supports business owners virtually in order to grow and maintain their business.

There is no particular need to meet the organization in person regularly unless it’s urgent enough but can always help them virtually.

If you have a caliber of becoming a virtual assistant you can always try to apply for such openings.

You can always undergo training or courses, that many websites will guide you with step by step procedures.

What Should One Have to Become a Virtual Assitant?

  • Knowledge of using communication tools like Skype or IMO or any other tools.
  • Experience in the related field.



11. FancyHands:

FancyHands is one such website that hires people throughout the world.

They are presently hiring people as virtual assistants, and are looking for people with good communication skills and great internet research skills.

All you need to have is a great internet connection and you need to be aware of using common software or websites. The pay rate varies from $5 to $8 per task.


12. Zirtual:

To be a part of Zirtual, you need to be a resident of the US only as of now. Also, it is a part of Startups.co.

Looking for openings outside the US, try to check the website periodically for better openings. Please look into the desired requirements before applying for the job at Zirtual.

Depending upon the client, the earning would be an average amount of $13 to $18 per hour.


13. Time Etc:

Time Etc lets you earn a full time or part-time where you can make earning accordingly.

If you are a resident of the US you can surely apply at TimeEtc. During the selection, you have to discuss the payment procedure.

Mostly the pay rate is fixed on an hourly basis.

If you have any experience certificate with a valid degree that will add an additional benefit to your interview.

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Need Easy & Extra $300/Mo For Free?

SurveyJunkie: Take short, easy, and selected surveys and get paid up to $3 – $75 per each survey. The only site that has more than 4.5 stars rating on Trustpilot. Signup here.

InboxDollars: Get paid to watch videos, play games, and shop online. $5 Signup bonus. One already made $75 within a week. Try it now.

Pinecone Research: Up to $3 – $5 per each survey & $7 per each product test. Also, get FREE products. Join now for FREE.

LifePoints: Earn $1 – $5 per each quick survey & Also participate in regular contests to win Amazon, Walmart gift cards. Sign up now.

OpinionCity: Connects all high paying survey platforms in one place. Earn up to $100 per survey. Limited Joinings. Signup here NOW.


Work At Home Jobs – Transcription:

People all over the world are happy transcribing audio files into word format and earning income through it.

I have many friends who are happy with this job and are also enjoying their family life equally.

If you are very sure about your typing skills and hearing ability and understanding the languages then this could turn out to be a wonderful opportunity you can grab.

There are many online transaction companies that will help you earn easily.

To enjoy career and family life together, this is one of the best work at home jobs.

What Are The Requirements To Become A Transcriptionist?

  • Typing skills and hearing skills.
  • Good internet, laptop or a PC, headphones, foot pedal.
  • Knowledge of transcription.



14. Quicktate:

Quicktate offers home-based roles all over the world. To get hired and start earning, you need to pass a few levels of tests.


15. FocusForward:

FocusForward is also a global platform where you can earn from any part of the world.

The procedure for saying like you need to apply for the position and get through the tests to get associated with the company.


16. SpeakWrite:

SpeakWrite hires only people from the US and Canada. They recruit experienced transcribers for both general transcriptions as well as legal transcription positions.

Pass through the online test, then be trained and start earning.

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Translator Jobs:

Work at home jobs that are translation based is perfect for people with a great knowledge of various multiple languages.

If you are bilingual you can always try to apply for translation jobs that will help you earn a perfect income.

In addition, if you have the relevant qualification and perfect experience you will have many opportunities at your doorstep.

What Do I Need To Have To Become A Translator?

  • Knowledge of different languages.
  • Ability to differentiate between vocabulary.
  • Basic degree.
  • Experience certificate to apply to renowned organizations.



17. WorldLingo:

WolrdLingo is one of the popular companies in the market that will help you to work from home in the field of translation.

Being a freelancer you can apply to this organization as they hire people from any part of the world.

If you have the perfect qualification and the required degrees you can try to get associated with WorldLingo.


18. TextMaster:

TextMaster is another company open to people from any part of the world. The basic requirement is to sign-up and to apply online.

You need to pass a few basic tests and if selected can take projects accordingly.


19. LanguageLine:

If you are a resident of the UK, US, and Canada you can surely apply at LanguageLine.

The basic requirement is proficiency in English and a degree.


20. VerbalInk:

Send your resume to VerbalInk and give your interview. If you get selected, you will be receiving works with happy earnings.


21. Gengo:

There are 2 sections of the interview, which will let you start your career with Gengo. You will be handling the projects according to your profile.


Work At Home Jobs – Bookkeeping:

A bookkeeper is one who helps with the financial relationship between the business owners and themself.

Basically, the bookkeeper gathers and records the financial information of businesses.

All he or she has to do is to gather the information and become an interpreter and act as a guide to the business owners to make the right financial decisions.

This does not mean you have to be an accountant to become a bookkeeper. The basic tasks between the two keep on overlapping but the bookkeepers’ job comes before the job of an accountant.

What Are The Basic Requirements Of a Bookkeeper?

  • A concerned degree is required.
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge of MS Excel and MS Word.
  • Experience in a similar field is a benefit.



22. AccountingDepartment.com:

Like many others, AccountingDepartment.com hires people from the US only. This organization believes in work-life balance which helps you to grow both personally and professionally.

This is a virtual company that lets you enjoy your hard work with a good amount of pay.


23. ClickAccounts:

ClickAccounts is a company that works for small companies to help them with accounting or bookkeeping services.

It is basically a business process outsourcer, which provides jobs for people with similar knowledge and experience.

They are always in search of creative and talented individuals who can assist them with such services.


24. Belay:

Belay produces bookkeepers, web specialists, executive assistants, and many more.

For good work at home jobs, this could be your next option which can happen at your home.

Get onto the website, apply and get the job of your choice to earn your future.


Work At Home Jobs – Proofreading:

If you’re good at vocabulary or spellings and can bring out grammatical or punctuational errors from any text you read,  you can apply for the job as a proofreader.

This is one of the wonderful home-based jobs where you can sit at home and easily earn.

Requirements to Become a Proofreader:

  • Bachelor’s Degree is mandatory.
  • Experience certification is required.
  • Knowledge to grab the right opportunity.



25. ProofreadingPal:

To join ProofreadingPal, you need to have a minimum of 5 years’ experience with a valid degree to apply to this company.

You have an online form to fill up and if the organization is happy with your resume, you will be hired.


26. ProofreadingServices.com:

All you need is to take the 20 minutes preliminary test at the website and if selected can continue working with ProofreadingServices.com.

You will have a good virtual team to work with and will help you to gather an average of $23 PER HOUR.

Fortunately, you can choose between part-time or full-time opportunities as they are available.


27. Fiverr:

Fiverr is one of the great platforms for freelancers who are good at proofreading and editing services. The basic is under $5 but depending upon your caliber the earnings change.

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Work At Home Jobs – Voice Acting:

These jobs are hitting the market by a storm and there are many people who are getting the benefits of voice acting jobs.

Don’t you think this could be a huge opportunity for people with diversity in their voices?

The job is basically to use voices for characters on screen or while narrating a book on making an announcement and many more.

Requirements For A Voice Over Artist:

  • Versatility or uniqueness in your voice.
  • Networking and auditing skills to know the difference in variation of voices.
  • Certification may be a plus point.



28. Filmless:

Join Filmless and get an opportunity to work as a voice actor. They have many openings with different requirements worldwide.

It is basically a freelance organization that helps people to work from home.


29. Voices.com:

Voices.com is one of the popular companies which gives chances to mostly all voice over job seekers.

Gather an earning of  $100 to over $1500 depending upon the project you work on.


30. VoiceBunny:

VoiceBunny is again a similar platform that lets people earn through their voice acting jobs.

The process of selection is a bit tough. VoiceBunny aims in producing the best for its clients and so the recruiting procedure is in-depth.

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Editing Jobs:

Editing and proofreading jobs are two interchangeable words but are different processes.

In actuality, editing takes care of the flow, clarity, and sentence structure of a material.

Whereas proofreading is the final step of a document which checks out from word to word of a document.

If you are good at categorizing the content as it should be, you can apply for an editor job where you can find healthy income as a freelancer.

What Are The Requirements For An Editor?

  • A basic graduation study is necessary.
  • Pursuing special editorial techniques.
  • Work experience in a related field.



31. EditFast:

EditFast is an option to earn healthy and fast income easily. This company lets you grab 40% of the final project which they collect from the client.

You need to have basic experience and a degree. The registration and activation on the webpage do not mean you will start earning.

Unless and until your caliber meets the client requirements, you will not be offered any projects and so the earnings.


32. Enago:

Enago is one more website that gives you tremendous team support so that you can pass through any hurdle easily.

It would be a great deal if you are good at medical and clinical sciences, physical sciences and engineering, arts, humanities, and social sciences, life sciences, and others.

A requirement of a minimum of 5 years of academic copy editing experience.

One should be good at punctuations, sentence structures, grammar, word choice, the flow of a sentence, and many basic things.


33. Gramlee:

Work as a contractor from the luxury of your home at Gramlee, one of the good home-based jobs.

However, the company is ready to hire exceptional editors with good experience and degrees.


34. LifeTips:

If you are passionate enough to edit or give tips that clarify or connect sentences or phrases or guide certain things then LifeTips is ready to hire you immediately.

They are always in search of in-house editorial support staff with good knowledge about this field.

Inclusions with the salary also are perks like medical benefits.


35. OneSpace:

OneSpace is looking for English and Spanish language editors.

They are open to all small editing tasks like website categorization, and image tagging, which helps in earning few benefits.

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Work At Home Jobs – Tutoring Jobs:

Most of the online tutoring platforms look for a relevant degree in the subject you are ready for teaching. You can always give tuitions from home online or offline.

There are many clients looking for people who can train their kids accordingly and help them academically.

It does not only mean about academics but also about the help about any basic fields.

How To Become A Tutor?

  • Good educational background related to the field you opt for.
  • Computer or laptop with a good internet connection.
  • Tutoring certification is always a benefit or additional help to grab the right options.



36. TutorVista:

TutorVistaa aims to build relationships with the community to clients. Thinking to start a teaching career and have a post-graduate certificate? Then apply at TutorVista.com.

You will earn an attractive package with a convenient place to work. Start to invest 4 hours of work schedule per day with a good PC or Laptop and internet connection.


37. Cambly:

Earn around $0.17 per second to teach as tutors online at Cambly. You can fix your own working hours and earn as low or as high as possible.

Log in at any time and start to take calls from the clients accordingly. This is open worldwide so, there are possibilities for you to meet people from all over the world.


38. BuddySchool:

BuddySchool lets you teach and earn whenever your time permits. All you have to do is create your profile as a tutor and let the right students profile match yours.

The more you give your best at your job, the more ratings your gather and so you will start earning accordingly.


39. Brainfuse:

All the process begins with sending a resume to Brainfuse and then if you get selected, you will receive a registration code. Accordingly, you can start working as a tutor and earn healthy.

As of today, the company is celebrating its 20 years of success in providing online tutors. The scope of work is very vast, as this organization has clients from almost all streams of life.


40. Skooli:

If you are good at academics and have a degree with some teaching experience then you can try Skooli now.

This could turn as a great opportunity for people with such high qualifications.

With better tutors, the students tend to pocket better grades and so the fee structure is high at Skooli and it is a good benefit for tutors to earn heavy income.


Claim Your $5 Signup Bonus Now!

Wanna make some quick money? Sign up for these below offers to make $10 – $20 real cash in the next few minutes.

  1. InboxDollars ($5 instant signup bonus & get paid to watch videos and play games).
  2. SurveyJunkie (Top-rated, short, and easy surveys. Up to $3 – $7 per each task).
  3. OpinionCity (Up to $100 per survey & browse all high-paying offers at one place).
  4. Pinecone Research (Up to $3 – $5 per each survey & $7 per each product test).


Focus Groups:

Focus groups are considered as one of the basic ways to earn more money than answering surveys.

It is about providing a detailed opinion about some brand or the company within the selected group of people.

There are many organizations looking to hire people for such focus groups.

If you’re good at shopping and reviewing the products or sharing any opinions our product trials you can apply in any of the below.

Basic requirements to work in focus groups:

  • Basic grip over the world around you.
  • The specific time schedule that leads to healthy earning.



41. Respondent:

Respondent deals with an online market research company that is open to hiring worldwide.

Registration with correct requirements and with good knowledge is needed. Sign up and enjoy earning at this organization.


42. Mindswarms:

All you need to do is to register for Mindswarms and wait for the right option to strike your eye with earning benefits.

The basic requirement is to share your views regarding some topics or products in the form of a video. Earn approximately $50 per project.


43. FieldWork:

A simple procedure is to focus on the research and the team will get back to you with the related earnings.

You can form a virtual group to do the required job with all the technical support from the team. Join FieldWork here.


Work At Home Job – ESL Teacher Opportunities:

ESL – English as a Second Language is reaching its peaks as the requirements are high in demand.

If you have a native level fluency in English there are many companies that are ready to hire such experienced teachers.

A basic video interview is required for you to get selected for any organization.

How do I apply for ESL Jobs?

  • I have a high qualification in English.
  • Start with good companies to attain an experience certificate.
  • ESL training and its certification are helpful to attract good students.



44. TeachAway:

TeachAway is open to hiring tutors from any part of the world.

The basic procedure is to sign up on the website and apply for a suitable job. A clear profile is needed with your resume during the application and if in case you get selected you will hear from a recruiter easily.

TeachAway’s group of teachers get jobs in a few international schools or colleges or universities also, the income also depends upon the toughness.


45. QKids:

Qkids is open for people to paste in the US and Canada. You need to hold a bachelor’s degree to apply for this job. It is very strict while recruiting people as ESL tutors.

To earn around $16 to $20 per hour you need to commit around 6 hours per week. Mostly the age group of the students will be around 5 to 12 years and the class limit is to 4 students only.


46. Landi:

Landi is one more great opportunity for the people in China to learn English. The organization pays from time to time and there is a team to help you if you have any issues that are computer-related.

An earning of approximately $18 to $25 can be gathered for investing 8 hours per week.


47. PalFish:

At PalFish, there are various age groups where you can start teaching and you would be associated with one student per session.

There is no necessary certificate required but a minimum of bachelor’s degree is mandatory.

Grab around $10 – $30 per hour based on the age group you select and the hours you dedicate.


48. VIPKid:

The age group of the students is 5 to 15 years and a minimum of eight hours per week has to be dedicated.

Bachelor’s degree is preferred and you need to have a native North American accent.

Grab $14 – $22 per hour with flexible work hours and a luxury zone of your home.

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Search Engine Evaluators:

Are you good at web navigation and websites and have a good internet connection, then you can always apply as a search engine evaluator.

If you can set and get adapted to the guidelines of the job you can try a shot at this role.

Requirements To Become An Evaluator:

  • Dedication towards the work.
  • Basic qualification.
  • Management Skills, Problem handling skills.
  • Internet research skills with computer fluency.



49. iSoftStone:

iSoftStone gives a few guidelines in which you need to work with its limits and you get rated depending upon its efficiency.

You need to pass through a qualification test and then attend a training program to start working with iSoftStone.

An average of 25 hours has to be dedicated to taking the pleasure of the pure benefits of a search engine evaluator at iSoftStone.


50. Lionbridge:

Lionbridge is one such company that has relevant jobs regularly.

You can take a part-time or a full-time job from anywhere and from any part of the world.

Once you drop your resume and give your interview the company approaches you depending upon the vacancy within your country.


51. Leapforce or Appen:

Appen is another trusted company which is running this industry for a long time. Earlier it was known as Leapforce but has been undertaken by Appen.

Most of the searches at Leapforce or Appen is Google-based and so you need to be active at Google plus or Google search engine.

You need to get through a basic test before getting selected for the opening. An average of 10 to 20 hours per week has to be dedicated to this job.

Get associated with the company and enjoy the benefits of working with it.


52. Zerochaos:

Zerochaos is a company that hires the people residing at us only. Payscale is different based upon the location they select from. Check the website for more information.


Medical Coding:

Medical coding is also known as medical classification where you use alphanumeric codes to represent or record the documentation of healthcare diagnosis, medical services, and any other related things.

It is basically similar to the translation where the coders write the patient’s condition in the form of specific codes.

Medical coding is one of the best home-based jobs which is in demand with high freelance opportunities.

Requirements Needed To Become a Medical Coder:

  • A study in the related field.
  • An experience certificate is mandatory.
  • AHIMA and AAPC Certification is necessary.



53. Humana:

Humana is considered the largest provider of health insurance which gives you an occasional opportunity to travel to Louisville, the headquarters for work purposes.

This company offers work at home jobs in various related fields like coding educators or medical coders or case managers and others.


54. Conifer Health Solutions:

ConiferHealth also offers work at home jobs for medical coders and quality assurances.

The basic job is to configure and focus on financial and patients communication regarding healthcare.


55. ChangeHealthcare:

ChangeHealthcare was formerly known as Altegra’s health.

This provides software and technology which helps with medical coding in the field of radiology and all other basic related things.


56. Aviacode:

Aviacode provides auditing services to physician groups and medical coding jobs for a part-time or full-time basis.

Also, if you have any experience for healthcare providers or primary care specialists are hospitals or even dentists you can try your luck at Aviacode.


57. TheCodingNetwork:

TheCodingNetwork ensures providing medical coding and quality assurance services to the concerned doctors.

A minimum of three years of experience for a medical coder job and five years for a coding auditor position is mandatory.


Work At Home Jobs – Chat Agents:

Any company or a brand which has many customers online, always search for people who can work for them as chat agents.
There is no basic requirement needed to apply for this job. This is considered as one of the best work at home jobs for any category of people either to work part-time or full time.

Basic Requirements To Become a Chat Agent:

  • Wonderful and spectacular typing skills.
  • Problem-solving and client handling ability.
  • Basic degree (Graduation).



58. TheChatShop:

Besides, if you are a resident of the US and UK then TheChatShop is ready to hire you.

All you need to have is a minimum typing speed of 65 words per minute. It also ensures you work for 20 to 40 hours per week.


59. Needle:

Needle is one such place where you will be answering the client through chat.

Moreover, if you apply online at ‘Needle’  and become a member of the Needle, you can earn points and redeem them elsewhere.


60. Applecare:

You need to have a piece of basic knowledge about the technical issues of the product as most of the chats from clients are to fix technical issues.

Also, a minimum typing speed of 35 words per minute is necessary. Join Applecare here.


61. SiteStaff:

SiteStaff is a company that hires such a chat agent regularly.

Luckily, if you are bilingual it will surely add act as a benefit for you to get hired at this organization.


62. LiveWorld:

Basically, LiveWorld looks for people who can handle tasks like customer service social media moderation, and social media monitoring.

The payment is based on an hourly basis and requires strong typing skills.


Work At Home Jobs – Freelance Writing:

Freelance writing is one of the most profitable earnings you can make from sitting at home.

The process may take some time to build a career in writing but for sure it is one of the most rewarding earnings.

You need to have knowledge about the establishment of a blog or a brand and then to pitch clients with your portfolio.


  • Creativity, research, and writing skills.
  • Degree in fields like English, literature.
  • Basic experience to grab valuable clients.



63. FreelanceWritingGigs:

FreelanceWritingGigs is a freelancing guide that pays you for writing the gigs. This company helps you with a notification alert on your mail if you have any new gigs to be written.


64. Problogger:

Problogger helps beginners to start a career as a blogger. It helps you to work part-time or full time and earn a career in it.

The organization and its team play a supporting role in building your reputation in the virtual world.


65. Guru:

Guru is one of the companies that hire beginners for its freelance writer jobs. To give a good start you can apply at Guru and see if your luck shines as a freelance writer.

There are many people who are enjoying their benefits at Guru with all related files of interest.


66. Project4Hire:

Basically, Project4Hire helps web designers or graphic artists or IT specialists or translators or software programmers, and many others to make money with its programs.

Eventually, it is a freelance job website where you can find many openings basing upon your site of interest. Luckily you can find freelance writing opportunities also at this website.

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Designing Jobs:

Hopefully, if people are good at designing skills, it is a proven fact that you will rule the world. There are many options and the sky is the limit for creative and talented designers.

Photo Editing/Photoshop Artist, Logo Designer, Brand Identity Designer, Flash Designer, Creative/Art Director, and many more.

What Are The Requirements?

  • Degree in the related field
  • An outstanding portfolio
  • A Personal computer with a good internet connection.



67. Krop:

Krop connects creatives to the vast world. All you need to do is to submit your resume with a portfolio.

Based on your point of interest, you can search for your applicable opportunity.


68. PeoplePerHour:

PeoplePerHour is such a platform that connects companies and job seekers throughout the world.

You can grab freelance designing jobs and earn accordingly with good bidding abilities.

Earning can be on an hourly base and the job seekers can earn healthy depending upon the project they take.


69. Upwork:

Upwork is a website that helps people to grab jobs like graphic designing and website designing.

One needs to have a basic knowledge and know-how to bid for the product depending upon the project.


70. SmashingMagazine:

SmashingMagazine jobs help to attend opportunities based on full-time or part-time or as well as a freelancer.

Similarly, if you have great designing skills depending upon the stream you can surely apply at Smashing jobs.


71. AuthenticJobs:

AuthenticJobs is again a similar portal that lets you impose your designing skills in making a huge sum of money.

You can directly contact the clients which will lead you to earn extra benefits accordingly.


Food Delivery or Rideshare:

If you looking to earn income with lots of flexibility you can try food deliveries all right sharing apps.

You will earn sufficient income by getting into one of these companies.

Basic Requirements:

  • Knowledge about routes.
  • A vehicle with all documents.
  • Above 18 years of age.



72. LyftDriver:

Lyft helps you to earn income by dropping clients to their suggested locations. If in case you have completed 100 rides, you can earn a bonus of 300 dollars.


73. UberEats:

UberEats application hires people to deliver food to their clients. If you are looking for a part-time job this could be one of the best options to pick. Also, you need to have your own vehicle to deliver food.


74. DoorDash:

DoorDash is a food delivery app and is accessible in many places. Apply for a job and become a food delivery person to start a healthy income. You can enjoy some tips like extra perks.


75. Postmates:

Postmates is another food and grocery delivery app that lets you earn income based upon your number of deliveries.

You can easily clear some of your bills with the tips you get in search of jobs.


Technical Assistance:

There is a vast requirement for people with technical knowledge. You can try to apply to many places which will help you to work from home and earn income.

There are many companies who are in search to hire talented people from all over the world.

Basic Requirements:

  • Concerned degree in the related field.
  • Experience Certification.



76. Zapier:

Zapier usually hires for ‘Customer Champion’ who can handle technical support services.

The application procedure is simple and easy, as you need to answer a few questions.


77. Automattic:

Technical positions are open where you can apply and the job seekers are called ‘Happiness Engineer’.

Good grip over WordPress and HTML is required to grab the opportunity. Join Automattic today.


78. Apple:

At-Home Advisor is the technical term used to introduce you to the world if you get hired at Apple.

You need to be a master in the field to find yourself in the organization.


Work At Home Jobs – Captioning:

With the improvement in videos and their contents, the demand for captioning jobs is at its peak.

The basic job is to put the video format into simple texts, which are easily understandable to people (easily communicated).

What Are The Requirements To Become a Captionist?

  • Perfect education – Basic degree in English.
  • Experience certificates in the related field.
  • Being bilingual is the icing on the cake.



79. Rev:

Rev is open to hiring people who can work from home in any field of life. You need to pass through the basic selection procedure and you will also be helped with a small training session.

Grab the opportunity to play with words at Rev.


80. CaptionMax:

CaptionMax is open for the people of the US only. Post your resume and if everything matches the requirements of the firm, you will be hired as Captionist.


81. VITAC:

This company hires people from the US on both a part-time or full-time basis. You can also work offline or online at this organization.

VITAC is considered as one of the exclusive providers of success to the captioning industry.


Claim Your $5 Signup Bonus Now!

Wanna make some quick money? Sign up for these below offers to make $10 – $20 real cash in the next few minutes.

  1. InboxDollars ($5 instant signup bonus & get paid to watch videos and play games).
  2. SurveyJunkie (Top-rated, short, and easy surveys. Up to $3 – $7 per each task).
  3. OpinionCity (Up to $100 per survey & browse all high-paying offers at one place).
  4. Pinecone Research (Up to $3 – $5 per each survey & $7 per each product test).


Work At Home Jobs – FAQs:

Q. Are You Searching For More Easier Jobs?

Don’t want to work with technical fields?

If you give your full interest in searching the legit companies you will finally reach the right company which will give you the key to success.

You can sit back at home and work from there at your ease.

  1. Become a BabySitter – Take care of kids near your home. Earn accordingly.
  2. Take care of elderly people in and around your neighborhood. Trust me you will make a healthy income.
  3. If you love music, then become a music rater. Rate the music you hear and earn accordingly.
  4. Website Tester is again a technical portion but you can surely earn without perfect certificates or degrees.
  5. MTurk helps you earn a happy income where you can multitask depending upon your ability.
  6. Sell Photos online will help you to resolve many topics of your life.

Q. Can anybody apply for the above vacancies?

Hopefully, Yes, it is my portion of the solution. All you need to have is the key ingredient – interest. 

If you really want to make money, you will make it by hook or crook. But, when there are plentiful options at your doorstep, then why choose the wrong path.

All you need is to have patience and interest to start your career with your set of goals.


Work At Home Jobs – Conclusion:

I hope the above list and details are clear and easy to understand. Always prefer to try the ones that suit you the most and satisfy your inner mind.

I shall be happy to hear from you in the future for any further assistance. Please write to us with your suggestions or comments.


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