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35 Ways To Get Free Books For Kids By Mail In 2024 [All Genres]

Don’t you still enjoy the smell of a new book? Yes, it still gives us trill, isn’t it? But this excitement gets even doubled up if we don’t need to burn a hole in our pocket to get books, as those are costly these days. But thankfully, there are several platforms available that deliver free books for kids by mail.

From eBooks to the traditional hardcover one, you just name any format, and there are platforms available that deliver free books in your preferred format.

But yes, not every website has the same collection that suits your taste.

So, our team of editors and book lovers joined hands together to fetch the best platforms to get free books for your kids. But before we reveal those, let’s understand the basic ways to get books for free.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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What Are The Three Best Methods To Get Kid’s Books For Free?

Even in this era of complete digital dominance, there is still a thriving book industry present in this beautiful world!

And you may not know, but there are even ways to get paid to read books as well. Besides, there are also ways to get free books for kids by mail.

  • Start Book Swapping: We often don’t reread a book once we have completed it. So, it is better to swap those books for something that you haven’t read. Resort to your friends and foes to start swapping.
  • Take A Library Membership: Although it is pretty old school, libraries are still the best places to get free books. And most libraries don’t even charge a subscription fee these days. However, you do need to return those at specified times.
  • Get Free eBooks: Several places, like the Little Free Library or the Imagination Library by Dolly Parton, provide free books to kids and young adults. So, keep an eye on those platforms to gram such offers.

Besides these three methods, you can also visit your local community centers and religious places to get free books.

There are even several FB groups available that regularly swap books among themselves.

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30 Best Platforms To Get Free Books For Kids By Mail

From eBooks to PDFs, from paperbacks to hardcovers, there are many places to download and get many types of books in many different formats.

So, we have researched through hundreds of those to fetch the best platforms that deliver free books for kids by mail.


1. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

Without any doubt, the Imagination Library by Dolly Parton is the best platform to get free books for kids by email.

She mainly established this brainchild exclusively to push the kids to adapt to book reading, which is becoming obsolete!

Right now, this organization has more than 135 million books in its inventory. Besides, they have already delivered free books to more than 1.5 million kids around the globe.

And right now, you can get a free membership if you live in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Ireland.

Any child till age five can enroll in this program for free. And they can get a free book delivered right to them once every month.


2. Amazon Kindle

With the introduction of its seller’s program and mTurk, there are now several ways to make money on Amazon that anyone can try.

But with the launch of Kindle, this giant has already acquired a space in every book lover’s heart.

Not just the paid ones, there are now several eBooks available on the Kindle platform that you can download without paying anything. And the children’s section itself is divided into paid and free categories to choose from.

You can easily navigate to the top 100 free kindle books on the website. Besides, Goodreads recently published an impressive list of 200+ free kindle books for children from every genre.

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3. Free Children Stories

If you want free children’s books mailed to your home, you should definitely resort to this unique platform called Free Children Stories.

While most platforms rely on old classics, this one emphasizes publishing new books from all the kids’ genres.

The main category is divided into four primary segments: 3 years to 5 years, up to 8 years, up to 10 years, and the middle graders. And in each of these segments, there are thousands of books you can get for free.

They also have a paid section, although that is extremely cheap, and you’ll get most books within a single dollar or less. Besides, they now have an excellent collection of illustrations as well.


4. Read.Gov

Most of us don’t even know that the US Library of Congress has its own free book program called Read.Org that anyone can take part in.

However, you do need to be a permanent citizen of the United States to get the benefits of this fantastic program.

It is probably among the very few platforms with an enormous inventory of old English classics. Besides, they also have a separate segment of famous books, from Christmas Carol to Cinderella.

Making an account here is easy, and you can easily do it in a few simple steps. Once your account is approved, you can download any book you want and read it on any PDF device.


5. International Children’s Digital Library

ICDL, or International Children’s Digital Library, is actually a research project completely initiated and funded by the National Science Foundation.

The Microsoft Research team and the Institute for Museum and Library Services also joined hands with NSF to make this dream a reality.

This project was first introduced as a celebratory milestone in the Library of Congress way back in 2002. They first aimed to include at least 10k free books available in more than 100 different languages.

Now, this inventory has gone well beyond that, and you can find almost any book of your choice. You can now also sort the books by genre and pick your favorite one accordingly.


6. Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is probably among the only few companies related to books and publishing that now holds its place under Fortune 1000. And they now have more than 600 retail outlets spread over 50 states in the USA.

You can definitely purchase budget-friendly kids’ books from their retail store. However, they also have a summer reading program where you can get books for free. Yes, they send eight books each year to their summer entrants.

All you need is to fill up a simple form available on their website and give them ten choices along with your favorite genres. And they will send you the books during summer vacations.

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7. GoodReads

Nothing can be more trustworthy than GoodReads if you talk about genuine book reviews.

And not just the best business books and the fiction ones, you can also get books from every genre you can possibly imagine. However, they also send free Disney books by mail to kids these days.

While GoodReads is mainly used for book recommendations, it also has a dedicated segment for free books. Besides, several authors also give free copies of their recent publications to get genuine reviews.

Getting a free book is easy as you just need to follow all your favorite authors. And whenever any book is available to download for free, you’ll get a notification.


8. Project Gutenberg

Johannes Gutenberg was the first publisher of this planet who actually printed and distributed copies of the Bible around six hundred years back.

And to tribute to his achievement, Project Gutenberg was launched to create awareness among book readers.

However, it has also become a great platform to get free children’s books by mail. It now has more than 60k great books in its inventory to choose from. And a lot of those are from the kids’ genre.

All their books are copyright expired and available freely. But yes, all these books are actually digital publications that you can download and read on any device.


9. OpenLibrary

Open Library is also a great project with a massive catalog to choose from. This project has also been launched to create awareness and to encourage people to read books again, especially the classic ones.

Right now, this platform has more than 3 million books in its inventory. And you can get free copies just by creating an account here. But yes, you can download just one book at a time.

From 1450 AD to the present time, you can choose various books from various time periods. But yes, they do have classics like Alice in Wonderland and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.


10. Unite for Literacy

If you are not a native English speaker and looking for children’s books in other languages, Unite For Literacy is the best choice for you.

Right now, this incredible platform has more than 400 free picture books to choose from that all kids will love.

However, it mainly has Spanish books in its inventory, with a few books in other languages as well. And in 2019, the American Association of School Librarians recognized this platform as the pioneer in the book industry.

You can easily create an account here by filling out a short form. And once your account is created, you can manually download any book of your choice.

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11. BookBub

In recent years, BookBub has already established itself as one of the best marketplaces for discounted books.

Although not all the books are free, most of the books are extremely pocket-friendly and come with a hefty discount.

You can manually sort the available eBooks according to their supporting devices, such as Kindle, Google, and Kobo. Besides, they also have pdf books suitable for your smartphones.

After soring the categories, you just need to pick the “free” tagged books from the search result. And if you choose the right category and select the right book, you can get those free kid’s books by mail as well.


12. American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults

Not all of us rely on just visual interactions to read books and enjoy the thrills. There are even special kids who solely rely on touch to read it.

They use a Braille format that can be read and understood only by contact.

American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults is one such project that made a free catalog for all the kid-friendly braille books that you can download and enjoy without paying a single penny.

Once you make an account on this platform with proper credentials, you can receive up to 12 free books.


13. Magic Keys

From puzzles to anime books, from picture stories to elementary learning books, you just name any, and you can get it on this fantastic platform called Magic Keys. So, if you want to aid the learning process of your kids, you should resort to this one.

This website has a dedicated segment called the “Children’s Story Books Online,” with tons of free books available to download. Besides, you can even get great books for young adults.

Like other platforms, joining this website is also pretty easy, and you can do it in a blink of an eye. And once you make it, you can freely download and enjoy reading kids’ books.


14. FreeCycle

The name itself tells the story, isn’t it? Yes, it is one of the best platforms to redistribute books among avid readers. And they do it without any charge at all.

So, if you are looking for free books for babies by mail, FreeCycle is definitely the one to rely on. This company mainly collects books from local areas and distributes them to other readers.

Because it is a free platform, you may need to pick up the book from places rather than get it delivered right to your house. But you do get those books that you can’t even buy with hefty prices.


15. PaperBackSwap

Yes, you guessed it right just by reading the name of this platform. PaperBackSwap is dedicated to making an ecosystem to swap books among book lovers globally.

However, it is now only available in a few countries like the USA and UK.

So, if you want to get free books for kids by mail, it is definitely the one to hop for. It now has more than 1.5 million amazing books to choose from. But yes, you need to swap it rather than get one for free.

You need to bear the shipping price for the book you send to other readers. But on the contrary, you don’t need to pay anything to receive one.

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16. Environmental Protection Agency

We all love the environmental efforts by Greta Thunberg, isn’t it? But does our own child have the same awareness about our environment?

This fantastic platform called the Environmental Protection Agency was established to solve these riddles.

EPA is mainly established to create environmental awareness among young people. And they now have a fantastic initiative where they send free books on the environment to kids all over the United States.

To create environmental awareness, they designed the books in an interactive way. So, your kids will cherish and enjoy these books. And you can now also make an account in just a few clicks.


17. Fresh Fiction

Although the name emphasizes fiction, Fresh Fiction has every genre to cater to. However, to get free books for kids by mail, you need to write a small but genuine review once you read them.

Not everyone can be a great reviewer, and you need to judge your own writing skills before applying to this program.

Otherwise, your application will be rejected in no time. But if you have that flair, this platform is definitely the best one for you.

If you don’t want to review, you can simply take a subscription to its sister site called the Fresh Fiction Box, where you can get books without paying any additional charges.


18. NetGalley

If your kid is good at analyzing a book after reading it, NetGalley is definitely the best option you can try.

But yes, to get a book for free, your kid needs to write a short but descriptive review on that topic and submit them.

They now have a vast collection of classic books. However, they mainly focus on new creations by new-age writers. So, your kids will be exposed to various genres while reviewing for this site.

Although it first started for the kids of the United States, this platform is now available in many other countries, such as the UK, Germany, and Japan.


19. Baker Publishing Group

There are very few places that actually send free books for toddlers by mail.

But among those very few, Baker Publishing Group is definitely among the top choices. However, you do need to write a short review to get any book from this platform.

Joining this platform is super simple, as you can do it in a few simple steps. They also provide instant approval to start your hunt for great books and t review them.

Once you select any book, you can request to get a free copy in exchange for your genuine reviews. But yes, you do need to submit the review in the specified TAT.


20. DigiLibraries

If you talk about the best eBook library accessible from all over the globe, you definitely talk about DigiLibraries.

It has a great collection of books in every genre you can possibly think of. But the most exciting part, it has a dedicated segment for juvenile readers.

They even dived deep and created two more categories, fiction, and non-fiction, under the juvenile segment. And you can freely download any book you want from those two sub-genres.

Right now, they have three digital variants for each book, PDF, EPub, and Mobi. And you can download your book in any of these three formats on your device.


21. Guide2Free

While most platforms emphasize giving free access to books, Guide2Free is probably the only platform that offers free magazines as well. Yes, several kids’ magazines are available that are equally exciting as books.

From People Magazine to Popular Science, from Marie Claire to animal-related magazines, it has so much to offer.

And you don’t need to pay a single penny to get any magazine subscription from this platform.

While all the magazines are free, you may need to put your credit card details in a few cases. So, while submitting these details, note down the free period, or else it will start charging after that period.


22. Book Bank

Although Book Bank delivers free books for kids by mail, it mainly depends on donations by fellow readers. And you also need to grab your books until the stocks last and pay the shipping price.

However, if you teach at a Title-1 school in the USA, you can make good use of this platform as almost half of your student strength will be from lower-income families.

So, you can support them by getting books from this platform. Most of their books need you to pay a $0.75 shipping fee to get those home-delivered.

If you can’t afford that much, they frequently have sponsorship programs as well.


23. Read Conmigo

From preschool to grade five, you can get unlimited free books from this brilliant platform called Read Conmigo.

While most platforms tend to rely solely on English books, this one has an enormous collection of Spanish books as well.

Since 2010, this fantastic website has delivered more than one million books. And now, they are hoping to extend that reach even further while making their inventory with newer books.

Right now, this service is available only in three states of the USA; Texas, Florida, and California. However, they are soon planning to expand their reach throughout the nation.


24. My Reader Rewards Club

Previously known as Tyndale Blog Network, My Reader Rewards Club is relaunched at the market with a positive appeal and a revamped look.

And if you are looking for the best platform to get free books for kids by mail, it is definitely the one.

However, it is still run by Tyndale Publishers, which mainly publishes Christian religious books. But yes, even that genre has many kids’ books to offer. If you browse through their catalogs, you will find many interesting books.

From referring friends to subscribing to newsletters, there are many ways to earn points. And you can use those accumulated points on your account for further purchases.


25. Harlequin Reader Service

For a very long time, the Reader Service from the Harlequin network has offered book subscription services all over the United States.

And now, they have a unique offer where you can get books without paying a single dollar.

Once you create a free account on this platform with the proper credentials, they will send two books each month. And you don’t need to pay even the shipping fee for those two books.

But there is a catch! If you forget to cancel your subscription after receiving the book, they will keep sending two books each month and will charge for those two.


26. Hoopla

With more than 300k books, ebooks, audiobooks, comics, movies, and music, Hoopla is definitely among the best platforms if you want free books mailed to your home.

Wherever you are on this blue planet, you can take free books from this fantastic site.

Besides free service, it also has a dedicated online library service. All you need is to take a subscription, and you can rent eBooks to read on your devices.

However, they only provide browser versions to protect copyright.

Hoopla has recently launched its revamped app that you can download on Android smartphones, iOS devices, and smart TVs.


27. LibraryThing

You can get free books for preschoolers by joining this fantastic platform called LibraryThing. It almost has an endless inventory to choose from. But yes, there is a catch. You need to review the book to get a free copy.

But it works a bit differently than other review sites. First, they list a book to review and declare how many copies they can give for free. And the community members then submit the request to get one.

If they have 20 books to give but have received more than 100 books, they select the top reviewers and provide them with the opportunity.


28. BookCrossing

BookCrossing is not just a simple library site! It is actually a community with more than 2 million book lovers from all over the globe.

And through his unique platform, they swap and exchange books among themselves. Although they started exclusively for the people of the United States, they have now expanded their reach.

This platform is now available in other countries as well, such as the European countries, Australia, Canada, and a lot more.

It has a unique feature called “Book Map,” where you can place the book you want to swap, and the engine will automatically find the best match from your nearby locality.


29. eReaderIQ

It is not precisely a bookselling site but a comparison site instead. In eReaderIQ, you can keep a tab on the price of your favorite book. So, you can get it when the price drops at Amazon or when they have some free copies.

This website mainly compares prices on Amazon, and you’ll only get those books that are available on this platform. However, there are multiple ways to sort the results on eReaderIQ.

And from “Teen & Young Adults” to just “Comics & Graphic Novels,” there are numerous genres to choose from.

There are two ways to get books for free. First, just sort the result with the “Freebies” button. Or else, you can also grab the “Deals under $1” to get it at an unbeatable price.


30. BookMooch

BookMooch is mainly a book swapping platform that now has a significant number of booklovers in its community. It also delivers free books for kids by mail. But yes, there is a catch.

Whenever you send a book to someone, you earn three points. And you can use those points to get books from other people. You need to bear the postage and shipping costs of the book that you want to send.

But to receive one, you don’t need to pay a single penny other than those points which you have already earned.

And right now, it has at least thousands of available books from every genre to choose from.


5 Alternate Ways To Get Free Books For Kids

Not just the online platforms or apps, you can even get free books for kids by mail from traditional sources, such as your nearby library or your local community center.

So, we have delved deep and fetched the best methods to get free books in alternative ways.


31. Local Library

Although it is pretty old school, your local library can be your savior if you want free books.

And several of them have “books by mail” programs as well, such as the New York Public Library. You just need to take a membership of your local library, and you are done.

Many of the libraries these days are government or community-funded. And they don’t even take any subscription fee to increase the reading habit, especially among young adults.

All you need is to visit the library and take books from your favorite genre.

Besides the library, you can also contact your local community centers as they also have small library facilities in them.


32. Bookmobiles

If you really need free books for kids by mail, there are at least a hundred different ways to get those.

But among those, getting it from a bookmobile is definitely among the most exciting. You can borrow as many books as you want from these bookmobiles.

Besides traditional books, these bookmobiles now also offer several other learning resources, such as magazines and journals. But yes, you do need to return the books or magazines on time, or else you may face a small fine.

Several big libraries, especially if you live in a metro city, have their own bookmobiles. So, you can book it through the online catalog, and they will deliver that to your home.


33. Book Exchanges And Book Banks

Many book lovers joined hands and formed book exchange clubs that swapped books without any cost. And it is a global scenario as these clubs are now almost everywhere.

One such amazing book bank is the Maryland Book Bank. Located in Baltimore, this fantastic book club lets all the kids under age 13 take as many books from the book bank as they can.

Besides, adults can also take up to 25 books/visit. You can find these book banks and book exchange clubs in your locality as well.

Just keep an eye on your local newspaper and also search for the flyers in your community center to locate them.


34. Local Churches And Religious Centers

Churches, Masjids, Temples, Synagogues, and similar religious centers are not just a great place to cleanse your heart but also to take your internal learning process a step forward.

And most of these religious places have programs where they give free books.

Bibles of America is one such religious organization that has given away close to 2 million books since they started the program way back in 2000. Besides Bible, you can get many scholastic and Christian teaching books.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is another great place to get the King James’ version of the Bible. Besides, they also offer other holistic books from time to time.


35. Facebook Groups

Nothing can be more powerful than social media in this digital era. And like many other things, it is also among the best places to get free books for kids by mail.

Yes, you just need to become a member of FB groups that emphasizes that. Just search “Book Exchange Club” on Facebook and sort it with your locality or city name.

Join as many groups as possible and start posting. You’ll be surprised to see that you’ll begin swapping books in no time.

You can also start your own book exchange program by creating an FB group yourself. And trust me, it is one of the best ways to start a business without investment that still makes a hefty profit.


How To Download PDF Books For Free?

Most online bookstores provide books in EPUB format to protect the copyright and also to negate the chance of illegal and unauthorized prints.

But there are a few websites that deliver books in PDF formats as well.

But before you download a PDF book through these sites, you need to be extra cautious about copyright infringement.

Or else, you may also fall into legal trouble. Besides, we also have to give the authors due credit.

Besides online sites, there are even FB groups and subreddits available to get free PDF versions of iconic books. You can also request one on those forums if those books are not readily available.



Before you register to any of these sites, you need first to decide the format you want your kid to start reading with.

Different sites exist for different formats, such as PDFs, EPUBs, and even hard copies. So, it is better to only register to those which you are absolutely sure about.

And if you already have an outstanding stock in your house, you can even make money out of it as there are several places to sell textbooks as well.

So, here are all the best platforms that deliver free books for kids by mail. That’s all for today, folks! Feel free to drop your feedback and queries in the comment box below.



How can I get free hardcopy books?

With more than 90k books, Little Free Library is the best place to get free hardcopy books. But you can also get it from local book exchange clubs and bulletin boards.

Besides, reputed publishers give hardcopy books in exchange for genuine reviews.


Is there a place to get free books?

You should resort to your local library and your nearby community centers to get free books.

Besides, you can also choose online platforms like Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library and Free Children Stories.


Does Dolly Parton send free books?

Dolly Parton definitely sends completely free books through her project called Imagination library.

With its expansion in more than five different countries, she has already gifted more than a million books to kids and toddlers alike.


How can I get free Dolly Parton books?

Joining the Imagination library by Dolly Parton is easy. All you need is to register with proper credentials and your correct address.

And they will start sending one free book each month until your kids reach their 5th birthday.


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