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Hello everyone,  Who wants to increase your Pinterest followers? Then this article is for you.

Almost everyone wishes to have a big number of followers; right?  But how to get more followers within less time? Let’s see!

I also wished to have a big number of followers on my Pinterest followers when I just started with my blog.

Before starting my blog, I was completely new to the Pinterest platform, I don’t know what is a pin, what is a board or group board. But I decided to workout on this platform because I have read so many blogger’s success stories that are telling Pinterest is helping them with traffic.

After so much reading of people’s stories, I came to the conclusion that Pinterest is a great platform to drive huge traffic.

Either for bloggers or for Internet marketers, Pinterest will be a gold mine if they work out well on this platform.


How To Get Pinterest Followers Fast:


I have found some useful videos on YouTube that are sharing some strategies and methods to increase Pinterest followers.

At that time, almost every Pinterest experts suggesting different strategies to increase followers on a new Pinterest account. So, I have followed those methods and it worked well for me.

pinterest profile

I have got 3100 followers within 2 months by following those methods and being active on the Pinterest platform (follow my profile here ).

Let’s check the step-by-step process how exactly I did to get 3100+ followers in just 2 months.


Creating A Perfect Pinterest Profile:

Before you start promoting your content on Pinterest, you should set up your profile that clearly reflects what is your topic and what you would like to share about?

I created my profile with my name + my blog name + also included important keywords related to my blog topics. (you can check here)

pinterest followers

Including keywords and topics not only good for SEO purpose, but I also left a hint to my profile visitors to know about my blog and topics. So, they will start following if they are interested in my topics.

Upgraded To Business Account:

Later I upgraded my Pinterest account to “business account” to enable more features like adding a website, Pinterest analytics dashboard options etc.

I also enabled “Rich Pins” option. This feature helps your pins to get description directly from your blog automatically.

Both of these changes help to increase your profile visibility and reach. This also brings more followers to your account.

If you want to know how to set up a business account and rich pins options, read this article and optimize your account for Pinterest SEO.


Pinning Consistently:

The more you are active on the Pinterest platform, the more you get results in terms of followers or website visitors or monthly viewers.

Pinterest love when you keep pinning consistently every day without changing any strategies. I suggest sticking to one strategy than trying more.

Important Note: I often read success stories and strategies of other people and end up with a confusion to choose a perfect strategy for me. If you keep changing your way of pinning in very less time, this badly affects your profile performance. Sometimes It could be considered as spam by Pinterest spambots. So, It’s better to stick to one strategy and wait until you get results. whether it takes one month or two.

I pin 30 – 40 pins every day, both mine and other people pins. I use Tailwind to schedule my pins every day. This tool is one of the reasons behind my Pinterest reach and followers.

I suggest using Tailwind to schedule pins. Because this one is the smartest tool, it allocates best time slots every day and pins only in that time slots.

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Adding Pinterest Follow Widget On Your Blog:

I don’t know you agree or not, most of the people would like to follow us if they like our articles and want to read more.

So why not adding a follow option directly on our blog? Yes, this will extremely help us to increase our followers base.

If you are a WordPress user, then you can install ” AccessPress Pinterest Plugin” and it will help you to add your Pinterest follow widget on your blog. (check the below picture.)

pinterest widget

You either can add that widget on your blog’s sidebar or in the footer widgets section. Not an only Pinterest widget, You can add widgets of whatever the platform you want to increase your followers on.

Repinning Others Content:

Not only from us, but the best content also comes from others too. There are and will be so many people in our niche that are competing with us.

If you find any useful pins from other people that will help your followers, you can pin that to your own boards. Pinning only your content is a kind of spam too. You need to repin other people’s content related to your topic.

This method helps you and others to reach more people and get more followers. If you repin other’s pins, Other people will repin your pins.


Using Keywords & Hashtags:

Using mostly searched keywords and hashtags in pin descriptions will help to rank better in Pinterest search results.

pinterest search keywords

You will get followers directly from organic search. Once, you rank top on the search results, you will get more followers and more views.


Following Others:

This method is my favorite one and I got more than half of my followers using this method only.

It is better to follow this method when you have no followers and started newly. This method works better and motivates you in the beginning stage.

There is no magic behind it, simply you need to find and follow more people in your niche. so they will follow you back.

Pinterest allows users to follow up to 300 people in a day. To find more people, you can search for a keyword in the Pinterest search bar and select people from the drop-down option. (check below picture.)

pinterest search drop down


When I am following this method, I used to follow 100-150 people every day. On an average, I got 40-60% followers every day.

Means, If I follow 100 people in a day, at least 40 members will follow me back.

I stopped following this method after getting 2K followers on my profile. Now, more focusing on content and Pinterest SEO.

Now, my profile is getting followers organically on Pinterest. Around 50+ people per day following my board’s and profile too.

So, here we are at the end of the article. Hope my strategies will work for you to get more followers to your account.

Now, I would like to hear from you back. which of these methods are you going to implement on your Pinterest profile to increase followers?

If you have any other queries, please leave a comment below. I always happy to help you.

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