Make Money On Instagram – 9 Ways To Get Paid For Instagram Posts

Instagram is one of the trending social media apps these days. And it is hard to say that it will be outdated one day. Started a decade ago as a mere photo-sharing social media app, Instagram is now the most loved app.

If you see Instagram has reached the mark of 1 billion active users in 2018. And it is only to grow more and more with the kind of features it is offering to make the users hold on.

This hugely used platform is helping a lot of businesses to promote themselves. As a result of this, users with a good number of followers have a chance to make money with the help of this app. 

Do you have an Instagram account? Then why not use this chance to make money by doing what you already do? Want to know how?

In this article, I am going to share with you some tips on how to get paid for Instagram posts. So read on to learn them.


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How To Get Paid For Instagram Posts

To earn via Instagram posts you need to have a decent number of followers and you must be able to keep them engaging with your posts.

However, a few hundred followers can’t help you make money with this idea. You need to have at least 1000 followers to make use of this opportunity.

But don’t worry if you only have some hundred followers, I will help you learn a few tactics of how to increase your following.


Start With Building Followership

The entire game depends on the number of followers you have. So the first step would be obviously to focus on building solid followership. There are several ways that you can increase your list of followers.

You can sell anything or promote your website or just share your travel diaries, or any interesting things you do daily. Follow the below steps to improve your followers count.

Socialize With Users Of Your Niche

So depending on the kind of profile you want to create, start socializing with the users in your niche by liking their pictures. You can request people to follow you, run contests, and do many more like this.


Post Attractive Photos

The most important factor that drives a lot of traffic to your Instagram page is the photos you post. Make sure the photos are of high-quality and create colorful patterns. Also keep posting videos, as many stats show that videos on Instagram gain more engagement than photos.


Request Shoutouts

You can also request users with a huge number of followers to give your page a shoutout. You can request shoutout for a shoutout in return or there are ways you can buy shoutouts for your page. 


Post Consistently

No matter what tricks you adopt to increase your follower account, the key is consistent posting. Don’t let your followers forget you. Make at least one post a day to engage them. Use the Instagram Stories feature, to make it more interesting. Post at least 5 stories a day.

  • Keep interacting with your followers by replying to their comments and liking their comments. A friendly gesture can help you earn faithful followers who may promote your page in their circle.
  • Use niche-specific hashtags, to reach more users.
  • You can also host giveaways if you wish and can do so.
  • The important thing you should note while posting is to let your content not deviate from your niche.
  • Keep enjoying the whole process so that your posts don’t appear unreal.

So these are certain tips that you can follow to up the count of your followers.

Now let us know what to do next.


Make Yourself Available

Now that you have earned a considerable following for yourself on Instagram, you should start finding and making yourself available for brands and businesses to promote their products. There are usually two ways you can do this.

  • Tag Brands For Free Initially
  • Approach the brands through mail or DM.

Whenever you post things on your Instagram page, make sure that you tag the brands relevant to your niche if there is any possibility of tagging.

For example, if your Instagram profile is about fashion and style and if you make a post in which you are wearing apparel or accessory that you brought from a brand, consider tagging the brand in that post so that they know about you.

You may not get the offer to promote their products immediately but you will be noticed and can have a chance to be approached. This way try tagging as many brands as possible relevant to the post and your niche.

Now the next important thing you need to do is provide your contact details. The easiest way is to add your email id and phone number in your Instagram Bio. This is an advantageous thing you can do for yourself if you wish to earn through Instagram.

The other way to approach the brands is to write them through the mail and explain all your eligibility and capabilities to help them promote their products. You can also do the same by sending a DM to their Instagram profile.


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More Ways To Get Paid For Instagram Posts

If you have carefully observed the above paragraphs I talked about earning by promoting products of different brands through your Instagram posts. So you already know one hack. However, there are many other ways through which you can earn on Instagram. 

But before that let us a look at the earning prospects through sponsored posts/paid promotions.


1. Sponsored Posts/Paid Promotions

Paid promotions or Sponsored posts are all about posting for a brand on your Instagram page. You need to tag them, attract your users with the picture you post to buy their product, write a call to action line, use the said hashtags of the campaign, etc.

Your payment for making a post depends on the number of followers you have. On average, you can demand as follows…

 3-20K $75-$300
20-100K $300-$600
100-250K $550-$800
250-500K $800-$1200
500K+ $1200+


However, this only an estimation that is near to the real rates and may vary with different companies and the kind of post they want to do. You will get the said payment on the condition that the content and audience engagement should be strong and meet their expectations.

This is the most lucrative way to make money through your Instagram posts. Now let us have a look at the other ways.


2. Sell Your Photos

This is one more way you can get paid for Instagram posts.

If you have amazing photography skills and you post high-quality images on Instagram then you can sell them to make money. We know about stock photo websites where you can sell the photos you clicked. This is almost similar to this but has a different marketplace.

There are several marketplaces where you can sell your Instagram photos. 

  • Foap – $5 per photo as many times as they are downloaded.
  • 500px – 60% of the total sales and 30% of the net sales on your photo are yours.
  • Twenty20 – $2 every time your photo is used
  • Snapwire – an average of $50 per chosen photo
  • – 75% of the listed price is yours on every sale.

These are some of the legit and high-paying places where you can sell your Instagram photos. To know more details you check their websites.


3. Affiliate Marketing By Instagram Shoutouts

I mentioned before about increasing your follower count by buying shoutouts. Once you garner a huge number of followers, you can do the same thing for other upcoming Instagramers and make money.

So get paid for your Instagram shoutout posts now.

You need to take a screenshot of the user’s profile page and can upload it on your page in the posts or in the stories to show support and expose them to the market. This can help them increase their following. This is what is called Shoutout on Instagram.

Shoutouts are not always requested just to improve the follower count but also to promote their products to a larger audience. You may recommend a product to your followers from other users and help them improve their sales. 

If someone did not approach you with an offer for shoutouts, you can do it yourself by finding affiliate products to promote. There are several affiliate networks where you can find products to promote and they will pay you in return for promoting.

And many more…

Go visit their websites, to know more about the kind of deals and pay rates that these affiliate marketing companies offer.

Shoutouts can be as cheap as $5 and as expensive as some hundred dollars. So this is also one of the best ways that you can earn money on Instagram.

Take a look at this Affiliate Marketing course by Michelle who earns around $50,000 per month through affiliate marketing online.


4. Sell Products From Your Online Store

If you already own a store online then use your Instagram account to garner sales for you.

Everything you need to do is similar to what a common Instagram beginner does. And we have already discussed it above. Improving follower count, etc, etc. The next thing is marketing your product in an attractive way that your followers end up buying them.

Invest your time here, see big returns coming. Some tactics to follow while using your Instagram account for selling your products is

  • Create your profile around your niche.
  • Gain the trust of your customers by giving them a peek of how you work, etc.
  • Tell a creative story about your product to sell it.

Now that Instagram has come up with the Shop option, you can create your Instagram Shop and display your products there to sell. Your audience will automatically be redirected to your website and thus helping you make profits.


5. Become An Instagram Marketing Consultant

This is a great way to earn through Instagram even though you don’t have a huge following. A few hundred to thousand followers can help to consider you as an Instagram Marketing Consultant.

But along with followers, you need to have good knowledge about the app, it’s working, marketing tactics, attractive promoting skills, etc. All these abilities will also be looked for when hiring you to this post. Because as an Instagram consultant you must be able to help the businesses or the person who hires you to improve their profile by posting at the right time the videos and photos that match their brand and business goals.

Some people even freelance this job and earn $16 to $75 an hour. This is a lucrative opportunity and you can earn more with more experience and expertise.


6. Sell Digital Products To Your Instagram Audience

Digital products here are not any digital devices. The digital products that I am referring to here are ebooks, or courses, video courses, webinars, etc.

You can create any one of the above said digital products that share information along with tips and tricks on how you did something and achieved it. However, people are not going to buy anything that you sell.

So let the courses or ebooks that you sell be content-driven and inspirational. For example, you can create a course on how started a business, what you went through to succeed, what you learned through the experience, and what you have to say for those who want to start afresh on the same.

There are users on Instagram who sell different courses like Personal development, learn to code, how to start a blog, a business, any subject course, and many more.

For your followers to trust you, you must be giving them a daily dose of motivation from day one through your posts, offer to download certain free courses by adding them to your mailing list, etc. Once they love this, they will be driven to buy your courses also.


7. Scale Your YouTube Audience With Instagram

Are you a YouTuber? Then join Instagram to build up more audiences for yourselves with the number of creative and attractive marketing features it has.

The 700 million users of Instagram make it a source for you to grow your subscribers count on YouTube. You can post Instagram videos to create hype for your upcoming YouTube video and earn more. 

Certain effective tricks that you can follow to increase your subscribers thereby more shares and likes through Instagram are as follows…

  • Build excitement by releasing teasers for your Upcoming YouTube videos.
  • Share your real-life and establish social relationships with your audience.
  • Get Content inspiration from your followers by asking them what kind of stuff they want to see on your channel.
  • Make use of hashtags to approach a new audience.
  • Collaborate with other Instagram Influencers.

So these are some useful methods you can follow to use Instagram as an audience generator for your YouTube channel.


8. Market Your Airbnb

If you have your place listed on Airbnb then use your Instagram account to market it and let a huge audience know about the availability. This way you can be noticed by people from different corners of the world and they would consider guests in your place when they travel to your city.

Follow these steps to make your place so attractive to be hired.

  • Give a virtual tour of the space you listed for rent.
  • Post testimonials and pictures by past clients.
  • Offer discounts on special occasions.
  • Tag Airbnb in your posts.

These are some of the ways that you can promote your place to travelers. Why all those followers go in vain when you can cash them out? So don’t hesitate to adopt this money-making opportunity if you listed your space on Airbnb. Even Airbnb themselves partnered with Instagram and experienced huge success. So you too can. 


9. Turn Your Love To Travel Into Money

Do your Instagram posts revolve around your travel diaries? Then you can someday start a travel business of your own and help all your Instagram followers when they want to travel.

This business would be a hit as your Instagram followers know that you have a knowledge of different places around the globe and you can help them by suggesting the best ticket deals, food corners, lodging facilities, etc.

You can build this trust in your audience by not just posting your pictures in the locations you travel to but also by posting food cuisines over there, beautiful sceneries, etc. 

So plan from now to develop a travel business and make money via Instagram.


These are a list of few productive ideas that can help you get paid for your Instagram posts. So if you have an Instagram account focus on growing your followers and adopt any one of these methods to reap great benefits.

Pro Tip: Remember that you need to come across some negativity on this visual media, however, ignore all the trolls as responding to them may worsen the experience. Sometimes trolls too make you famous so don’t reply to them in a rage because you may end up damaging a following.



With Instagram growing huge with the number of users, let the smart folk in you monetize it by building a following for yourselves. I hope you find a suitable way to get paid for Instagram posts from the list above.

Share with us more ideas to make money on Instagram if you have any. Also, feel free to share your success stories that you had with the help of Instagram.


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