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12 Insane Ways To Get Paid For Searching The Web In 2024

With the costs of everything going up in today’s world, the income we earn may not sufficient all the time. Apart from our daily needs, we all have several other expenses, such as paying EMIs, loan interest, etc.

And we also have desires such as saving for a holiday or buying a home. Doing all these just with our salary is not possible and may cause a burden. Therefore we definitely need a side job to earn some extra bucks.

In this article, I’m going to tell you about an easy and not-so-time-consuming side hustle that allows you to earn some pretty good cash.


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How We Get Paid For Searching The Web

All of us in this modern-day world go to the web at least once a day for some other information. Do you know this can actually help you earn money?

Yes, searching the web can help you make money. The internet has paved the way for several options such as this to earn some extra cash. Then why not earn money while searching the web?

This is such easy work that it doesn’t require you to take any extra time. If you are somebody who is always on the web, then this side job can be full-time work for you to kill the ample time you have.

So why late? Let us jump on to know where and how you can get paid for searching the web.


12 Companies That Can Get You Paid For Searching The Web

A lot of websites and companies on the internet want to know your browsing habits. They want this information to help their clients better advertise their products or services in your demographic.

To know the online behavior of users, these companies have started offering rewards like cash and gift cards to urge people to use the internet in different ways, like searching the web, taking surveys, or doing online research.

These websites conduct different surveys for different sets of people all the time. Though you may not be eligible for all these surveys, it doesn’t hurt to apply on these sites. Who knows, you may come across some survey that will end up giving you a pocket full of rewards.

The following are some credible websites that you can trust to get paid for searching the web.


1. Wonder

Wonder is a research service that acts as a personal search assistant for individuals to fortune 500 companies. It helps you gain strategic knowledge by providing information about online users’ behavior.


You can apply online to join their research community and get accepted by fulfilling a trial assignment. Once done, you will be assigned research work. You need to find sources or answers and integrate them to get paid.

The popular research works at Wonder include recommending a service or product, determining the size of the market, gathering statistics, etc.


The pay rates are excellent here. However, it depends on the research you are assigned. You can earn from $8 for a question up to $35 for complex queries. Thus this is a great website to earn a notable amount of side cash.


You may not be eligible for all surveys.

Payment Mode

As a member of Wonder, you will be paid every two weeks through PayPal.

You can signup here to be a member of Wonder.


2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the most popular spots online to earn cash and rewards for sharing your thoughts. You can earn some virtual points for answering survey questions.


To get started with Survey Junkie, you need to create a profile and answer some questions for them to decide which surveys you qualify for. After that, you will start receiving surveys, which you need to complete to earn points.

On average, you can earn $1-$3 for each survey.


You will earn between 100 to 200 points for each survey. The only task you get here is to take surveys.


You will get only one survey per week. It means that if you get $3 for that survey, it is likely that you will earn around $12 per month. You will be able to cash out only after you earn a minimum of 1000 points, i.e., $10.

Payment Mode

You can redeem the points for gift cards, or you can put them into cash which can be transferred using your Paypal account.
Signup for Survey Junkie here.


3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a rewards and loyalty program operator where you can get paid for taking online surveys, watching videos, etc., and you can also earn gift cards when you shop online. You can also earn cashback.


All you need to join their community is just to signup. Once signing up, you can gain access to the Swagbucks search engine. Using this search per hour can get you 50 points. You need to rack up these points and redeem them for your rewards.


It offers several easy ways to earn points, such as watching videos, playing games, shopping online, etc. You can redeem these points for gift cards to popular retailers such as Walmart and Amazon. You can creatively make them cash by using them to shop for groceries or other needs.


You cannot get real cash except gift cards. The points you earn can only be redeemed for gift cards. If you want to cash out, you need to reach the threshold limit of $25, which is pretty time-consuming.

Payment Mode

You can redeem points for gift cards or for cash that will be deposited via a PayPal account.

Signup for Swagbucks here.


4. InboxDollars

This is one of the most popular Get-To-Paid sites and is similar to that of Swagbucks. There are over 10 million members in the InboxDollars research community. Watching online videos is a common task you will find here.


It is easy to join this community. You need to simply signup with your email address and create a password. It doesn’t cost anything to signup here; instead, you will be given a signup bonus of $5.

Signup for InboxDollars here and get paid for searching the web.

Once you have created your member account, you can start earning money by doing several easy and fun tasks such as taking surveys, playing games, online shopping, reading emails and searching the web, signing up for special offers, etc. The amount you earn depends on the number of tasks you accomplish.


The signup process is pretty simple. You can use the InboxDollars search engine to earn 1 cent per four searches. You also have a cash option for payouts on this website.


To use the cash-out option, you must have at least $30 in your account.

Payment Mode

You have three payment options. You can either ask for a paper check, a prepaid visa card, or gift cards from several retailers.


5. MyPoints

MyPoints is yet another great cashback site. If you love shopping online, then this site is for you. Shop via this website to reap great profits by earning gift cards and scoring meaningful benefits on everything you buy.


You need to create a MyPoints account by signing up to join their research community. You can start earning points as soon as you sign up by fulfilling tasks such as printing coupons, watching a movie, taking surveys, etc, and of course, shopping online.

Join the MyPoints community here.


You have the facility of instant redeeming of points without waiting for weeks and days. However, you can redeem only after reaching a threshold limit of $5, which is basically 700 reward points here.


You may not always find deals. And there is also a points cap, i.e., a limit on how many points you can earn a day.

Payment Mode

You can redeem the points for gift cards with some popular restaurants and retail stores partnering with Mypoints. Or you can just ask for a cash deposit into your Visa prepaid card or Paypal account.


6. MobileXpression

This is a market research company that aims to understand the patterns of people using the internet through their mobile devices. 


To research, you need to sign up and complete a short registration form and then install this app on your phone.

The software of this app works independently on your device in the background by analyzing and researching your usage with no extra job for you to do, and you will be paid for free. However, there is an option through which you can earn some extra bucks by taking surveys.


You can earn without doing anything. You will get some cool rewards with this app ranging from amazon gift cards to electronics such as iPads or flat-screen televisions.


There is no cash payout option.

Payment Mode

You need to redeem the points earned for Amazon gift cards. Besides, you can also use them for charitable donations.

You can sign up for MobileXpression (iOS) or MobileXpression (Android) here.


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7. Neilsen Computer & Mobile Panel

This is an app that collects data on how people use the internet. This information is used to design new products and services that are sold online and improve the existing ones.


To join their research community, you just need to register and answer a few questions and then download and install their app on your computer and mobile. That’s it now; you will be earning money without having to do anything.

The software does all the work in the background on this device. Don’t worry; it won’t affect your device speed or battery life.


Your account will be credited with your earnings every month. The more you use this app, the more you earn. Once your balance reaches $5, you can cash it out instantly.


The only way you can earn through this app is by downloading it. Nothing more.

Payment Mode

There is no cash-out option. All you can do is convert the points to cash by choosing from the 50+ gift cards they offer, ranging from Starbucks to Target.

Join Neilsen Computer and Mobile panel here.


8. Qmee

This research company is a bit different from the others. You need to install the Qmee browser extension after signing up. It will be monitoring you in the background and offers you rewards and cashback depending on your search.


As a part of the Qmee community, you will be offered cashback when you purchase from Qmee’s partner brands. You will be asked to watch some particular ads or take some paid surveys. These are the working opportunities that get you paid using Qmee.


There is no minimum cashout limit. You can instantly your balance to Paypal.


The money you make with Qmee is considerably very low. It may be around some 5-10 cents for watching a video.

Payment mode

Paypal or Charitable donation. Signup here to earn through Qmee.


9. FusionCash

This is a GPT site that allows you to earn cash and some additional incentives by completing tasks, offers, and participating in online surveys.


You need to download their toolbar on your PC or app on your handset and do your normal searches. Signing up with FushionCash is pretty simple and just requires some of your fundamental info.

You will get a signup bonus of $5. You will get to earn 1 cent for four searches. Though it appears low, it may add up quickly if you use the web regularly.


No need to worry if you don’t have a Paypal account. FusionCash will make payments through direct deposits to your account.


The payout threshold is $25. However, your earnings will appear if your account remains dormant for 90 days.

Payment Mode

Direct deposit, Paypal, or paper check.

Signup with FusionCash here.


10. Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft launched a search engine named Bing as a head-to-head competition against Google. But it did not fulfill its goal. As a result, it has made it a get-to-paid search engine which is good news for side hustlers.


Earlier named Bing rewards, Microsoft Rewards used to pay only for using the search engine. But now, you will be paid for doing different tasks such as shopping at Windows or Microsoft stores, playing trivia games, and taking quizzes.


You will be paid 5 cents for each search which is pretty good when compared to the other GPT websites. However, there is a daily limit of 50 per day.


There is no cash payout option.

Payment Mode

Gift cards for Xbox and Windows stores and major retailers like Amazon and Starbucks. Charitable donations.

Signup for Microsoft Rewards here and start racking up points and earn your way towards great rewards.


11. Crossmedia Research Panel

This is a research app that has been recently acquired by Google. Its job is similar to that of the Neilsen panel.


All you need to do is to sign up and download the app. Once done, it works in the background collecting information about the internet usage of the company’s products and services.

However, Google has now stopped new signups for this app. If you wish, you can get notified about the next signup activation by signing up at Google Opinion Rewards.


Users can earn money as soon as the app is installed. You will get $2 upfront and $1 per week for installing on one device, $4 upfront, $2 per week for installing on two devices, and so on.


It is currently not active. It is just an invite-only program.

Payment Mode

You can redeem your earnings for gift cards from a selection of major brands.


12. SavvyConnect

SavvyConnect is a market research app by SurveySavvy that delivers surveys at your fingertips. With the help of its VIP program, it uses safe and cutting-edge technology to collect data from the users’ surfing habits on the internet.


You need to signup and download their app, which runs in the background, to keep an eye on your online browsing behavior. It is a great way to get paid without investing any effort.

There is also another way to make money through this app which is by completing surveys.


You can earn $5 per month by installing the app on a device. Like that, you can earn $5 for each device you download the app on( up to three devices). You can additionally earn $1 to$3 for each survey completed.


They consider age groups for particular surveys. So you may not be eligible to complete all the available surveys.

Payment mode

You will be paid through paper checks.

Signup with SavvyConnect here.

So these are some of the ways you can get paid for searching the web. All these are easy to deal with and less time-consuming. One can easily make a decent side income by using these side hustle alternatives.

But wait! This is not the end of the list. There is one more interesting and credible way that will help you get paid for searching the web. Look below to know what it is.


Become a Search Engine Evaluator

I saved the best for the last. You will definitely like this idea. Read on…

This is a completely non-techie and a legit way to make money by filtering the search results. It is very similar to that of getting paid for searching the web.

All you need to do as a search engine evaluator is to rate the results from search engines like Google, Bing, etc., and check if they are relevant to the user’s intent. There are a set of guidelines that you need to follow to do this job.

This job is assigned to independent contractors, which means you can do it from the comfort of your home. 

This gig is a little tougher than the ones mentioned above as it requires you to have excellent research skills and knowledge of current affairs. You may also be required to attend an interview to be qualified. It is worth going through all these stages because you can earn around $12-$15 per hour.

If you are interested, you can make this your full-time job. There are several major companies, such as FlexJobs, Appen, etc, looking for people to fill this position.



Earning a little cash while doing the things we do commonly is such an interesting and easy way. And why not try?

Getting paid to search the web include a lot of other ways, but the ones I mentioned above are credible and genuine. While this could be a great side gig for college students to make some pocket money, it can also be a fabulous hustle to make side cash like a work-from-home mother.

There are many individuals who have made this a full-time job. 

So don’t miss this side hustle to make some decent side income. Also, share with us the other ways through which you got paid for searching the web if you tried sometime.


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