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Get Paid To Advertise On Your Car – 10 Best Ways For 2024

“Get paid to advertise on your car” is not a new term for us as it has been popularized way back since many brands opted for this advertising technique considering its advantages.

By taking reference to our daily usage and driving patterns, owning a vehicle is an additional show put into our pocket expense. So finding ways to earn money without altering our daily routine can be the most likely option.

Car advertisement techniques can help us to earn for every mile we drive as our routine.

All we need to do is to register with the companies and get our car wrapped by joining campaigns. One can easily make around $100-$550/month with no additional effort.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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What Is Car Wrap Advertising?

This is one of the finest and most effective marketing methods where your car is wrapped lite/partial/full with a vinyl wrap. Here your car serves as a moving billboard mainly for the purpose of promoting brands all across the places where ever you drive.

Here vinyl wraps are easy to remove, and it is highly unlikely that damage your car. Some companies also offer you head-up billboards where you display ads by scrolling while moving.

People who are looking for easy side gigs for extra money can opt for this depending on the reach of ease level.

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Ways To Get Paid To Advertise On Your Car

Is there any place left on earth where we won’t find advertisements? It can be vehicles, billboards, buildings, roads, etc.

If everyone is catching this opportunity to turn into additional bucks, why can’t you turn your vehicle into some money-earning asset?

So, here we come with a few ways you can earn money by advertising on your car, join them as per your comfort:


1. Wrapify



Wrapify is one of the renowned companies James Heller started this in 2015.

This company helps to empower fortune 500 companies to reach local people through advertising on cars in exchange for money.

How Does Wrapify Work?

Reaching the right audience is the main goal of any advertising agency. Wrapify will make this work more accessible by providing mobile billboards right in front of the targeted audience.

Wrapify works in a simple technique that cars are provided with advertisement wraps, and as they move through various places, they can market to multiple people.

Ads are relevant with GPS, data tracking, time of the day, and traffic patterns. The busiest routes get more ad exposure.

Drivers here do not need to change their driving patterns. The more they drive, the more they earn.

They can also opt innovative concept called ‘SWARM,’ where the same ad will be displayed in one location to create a marketing exertion.

How To Get Started With Wrapify

In order to join Wrapify, all you need to pass is their fixed guidelines that mainly include a verification check, vehicle condition, age factor, driving accident history, and driving score.

After checking all these guidelines, you need to download the Wrapify app. Register yourself as a driver and finalize your profile.

With the availability of the campaigns in your area, you will get notified in your app, and then you will join.

How Much Can You Earn With Wrapify?

Depending upon the wrapped body percentage of your car, your earnings may get varied.

  • Lite Version: $181-$280/Month (Coverage level-20-30%)
  • Partial Version: $196-$280/Month (Coverage level 40-50%)
  • Full Version: $264- $452/Month (Coverage level 60-90%).


  • Compatible Payments: Wrapify offers you easy weekly payments through direct deposit.
  • No defined Commitments: You can pick campaigns around 1-3 months, no need for long-term commitments.


  • Strict Background Verification: There will be strong verification of your accident history, and also you must be above 21 years.
  • Vehicle Specification: This is the primary concern factor. Your vehicle must be a newer one and not be more than 10 years old.
  • Termination Charges: Depending upon your contract, you will be charged a penalty if you break your contract.


2. Nickelytics

get paid to advertise on your car nicklytics


Nickelytics is one the most trusted mobile advertising company with the main mission of supporting various brands reaching all across the world through advertising.

How Does Nickelytics Work?

Nickelytics helps you can earn incremental income from your gig-economy driving shifts.

It is always a more admirable thing for us to have a consistent income stream just driving on the road for our regular work. This company serves us by creating this valuable opportunity.

So every time we drive, we earn for every mile with this advertising campaign.

How To Get Started With Nickelytics?

All you need to do here is to download their app and follow up on the signup process. Right after processing their terms and policies, you can get access to their portal.

You can activate the app while you are driving. They use your routes and mileage to find the brands and designs that best fit your location and allocate the ads.

Relative to the assigned ads, you can custom install wraps and get paid to advertise on your car.

How Much Can You Earn With Nickelytics?

  • Here your pay always varies with the advertisement type and campaign length.
  • Nickelytics mentions that their drivers earn between $175-$250, and some of their best campaigns can also range over $500.


  • Trust Rating: Considering all the reviews, Nickelytics has the most trusted votes and can be added to your list for sure. 
  • High Conversion Rate: Nickelytics is based on a client-focused approach. They are linked with many popular brands, and so are the earnings of the drivers.


  • Driving Limits: One must at least drive 450 miles a month. If by failing to reach your target, your chances of offers will get down.
  • Vehicle Requirement: It must be a newer one, and consider your car not less than 10 years old.


3. Carvertise

get paid to advertise on your car with carvertise


Carvertise was founded in 2012 by Mac Nagaswami. It developed into a team of high-performing operators and entrepreneurs on a unified mission to transform the transit media industry.

How Does Carvertise Work?

Carvertise has been recognized as one of America’s largest advertising companies. It has partnered with more than 500+ brands to advertise.

This company is on a mission to help a network of more than 1 million registered drivers who are looking for better passive income ideas

It earns margins from the advertising firms as commissions for promoting through the mobility networking route.

How To Get Started With Carvertise?

You need to redirect to the driver’s page on Carvertise and check with their driver qualifying terms. Once you are eligible, fill out their form with all your personal details and apply for their approval.

In filling in the details, you need to share your car model and all the relevant data. After qualifying, you are matched with the brands, and you will get a confirmation email or call.

Depending upon your partnership level, your car will be wrapped fully or partially, based on wrapping levels you can earn for advertising.

How Much Can You Earn With Carvertise?

  • Carvertise has various campaigns where your pay can range from around $300-$1300/campaign.
  • Beware of fraudsters luring you for Carveritse cheque payouts, as this company only pays through direct deposits.


  • Right To Choose: Unlike other brands, You are the decision maker here to pick or reject campaigns.
  • More Earnings-Less Work: Here, using the Swarm program, you can park your car at a particular location to advertise the brands and earn enough.


  • Drive Limits: Here, as a Carvertise driver, you need to drive at least 30 miles a day. If you aren’t going to abide by this, you will lose your membership.
  • Vehicle Requirement: The car must be in good condition and maintained. A newer one is highly preferable.
  • Long Verification: Considering safety policies and all, they take a little extra time to verify your background.


Added List To Get Paid To Advertise On Your Car

Below listed companies have many mixed reviews from the previous drivers who already joined to earn from advertising.

Considering their pros and cons and the availability of the market, you can pick them after thorough research.

But our suggestion is to consider the above-mentioned companies as the priority before reaching this list.


4. Use StickerRide To Get Paid To Advertise On Your Car



StickerRide is one of the advertising companies that started in 2013 in Europe. This company has a network of over 40,000 drivers earning through advertising.

It also helps drivers to reduce car expenditure through added discounts.

How Does StickerRide Work?

StickerRide usually is an app where you can get paid to advertise your car. There are also many fun activities involved in the app where you can earn additional bucks.

This app also provides you with insights into how much you can earn depending on your location. This can help you to decide whether to join or not.

How To Get Started With StickerRide?

In order to apply, all you need is to download the StickerRide app and register your car.

Here your qualification depends on the campaigns you participate in. The main glitch here is that they won’t mention the criteria until you participate. Chances of rejection are high even after joining.

Check the campaigns section over the app and select your desired list and apply. Once you qualify, you can start driving and earn for every mile.

How Much Can You Earn With StickerRide?

Depending upon the location, type of stickers, campaign model, and time zone, your payout varies.

Here you earn perks in the form of points. Each point is equal to $0.1/£0.1. In addition to that, you can also earn rewards for gasoline, carwash, and insurance.


  • App has a user-friendly interface and can be easily accessible.


  • StickerRide has poor customer care service and also has unresolved bugs in their app.
  • This app is not preferable for regular drivers as it has a poor payment structure.

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5. ReferralCars

get paid to advertise on your car with referralcars


ReferralCars has one the unique features that it offers its users both commission-based and non-commission-based campaigns.

As a driver, you can bid from your location to avail yourself of your decal. Campaigns here are available to entry-level drivers also.

How To Get started With ReferralCars?

In order to start your work with ReferralCars, as mentioned above, you need to search for the available campaigns in your area.

Fill out your online bid form with all your details. After verification, you need to pay a sum for shipping to avail your decal at your doorstep.

You will get your payments after attaching the decal to the car and showing them the proof. You need to send decal pictures on a streak as proof of the long campaign.

How Much do You Earn With ReferralCars?

Your earnings start within 90 days of your campaign, or you will earn a $100 gift card.


  • Easier payments within 90 days in the form of money/gift cards.
  • Small decals for better elegance. 


  • They charge for shipments of decals.
  • Joining the right campaigns are often a rare find.

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6. FreeCarMedia

get paid to advertise on your car with freecarmedia


FreeCarMedia is also one of the mobile advertising companies where you can get paid to advertise on your car.

This company mainly offers back window decals. You can install them on your own.

How To Get Started With FreeCarMedia?

Starting with FreeCarMedia is very easy. You need to fill out a form on their website with all your details.

After reviewing your profile, they will contact you back via email to add you to their network of ad campaigns.

How Much You Can Earn From FreeCarMedia?

They mention you may earn around $50-$400/Month. This can vary more as you only wrap for the back window.


  • You can reject or accept the ad campaigns depending on their nature.
  • Advantage of wrapping and unwrapping your decal on your own.


  • The verification process takes time as there are many registered drivers.
  • Payouts here are less competitive and have mixed reviews from users.

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7. CarBucks Advertising

get paid to advertise on your car with carbucks


CarBucks vehicle advertising network is basically a web service that matches commuters who are looking to earn from ad displays.

This company creates peel-and-stick ad banners for each engagement, and preferably they are see-through vinyl wraps.

How To Get Started With Car Bucks?

Download their app and register your account. After verification, you will get approval status through the mail.

You can apply for 3,6,12 months of campaign contracts. Here, you agree to their terms to track your GPS through the app and for every mile you can earn from advertisements.

How Much Do You Earn From Car Bucks?

Payment ranges from $20-$35/Monthly/Per advert. This can range over $300/Year/Per single banner.


  • Long run campaigns
  • Easy wrap stickers, fits easily
  • Varied ad options.


  • No chance for ad picking
  • Low-income range
  • Strict contract retrieval policy. 

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Other Mentions To Get Paid To Advertise On Your Car


8. LorryZone

LorryZone is one of the fast-growing outdoor advertising companies In India that deals with vehicle advertising in particular.

This company has a huge network of commercial vehicles across the country that includes Buses, Trucks, Autos, Mobile Vans, etc.


9. Ads To Go

AdsToGo is another company to be mentioned on the list where you can earn money through advertising.

Here this company also offers you a referral program where you can earn money by referring any of your aids to join.


10. CarWraps

CarWraps offers you premium wraps for your vehicles that are more cost-effective than the paint job. Depending on your ad campaign, you can get your car wrapped here to earn some side gigs.

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Benefits Of Vehicle Advertising

  • Vehicle advertising is the most effective and efficient form of advertising as it can reach more consumers at a lower cost. 
  • In a survey conducted, more than 29% said outdoor advertising caused them to visit retail stores within a week or so.
  • More than 31% of people’s buying habits depend on the advertisements they watch on the road.
  • Vehicle advertising boosts the fame of a brand 15X times more than normal advertising.
  • This advertisement technic has a high number of daily impressions with a high hit ratio.


Requirements For Car Wrap Advertising

Here are a few things you need to look into to get paid to advertise on your car:

  • Driving Range: As payouts vary with pay per mile, you need to consider this when you can at least cover a range of 35 miles a day for better returns
  • Campaigns: Joining campaigns for a period will let you abide to reach some targets. You need to drive your car to a specific location. Opt only if you can fulfill them apart from your regular work.
  • Vehicle Requirements: Well-maintained car with no/less accident history, must be not more than 10 years old.

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How Do Car Advertising Scammers Work?

In any respective field, without prior research, you will end up falling to the scammers. Here we mention a few ways where you can have a glance at how they scam drivers:

  • Phishing Mails: Emails with lots of offers, assuring you with huge payouts in less time. In reality, it won’t work.
  • Upfront Deposit: No genuine company asks you for upfront payment for wraps, campaign joining, or for membership.
  • Fake Giftcards: They offer invalid gift cards after you complete your drive campaign, which eventually won’t work.


How To Avoid Advertising Scammers?

Where comes the problem, and there comes the solution too. Here are a few things you need to keep a check on to avoid scammers in your way:

  • Personal Info: Never ever share your personal details with any company you join.
  • Report Fraud: Unfortunately, if you fall for any scammers, don’t panic. Take your moment and report to the fraud alert agency to make sure you come out of risk.
  • Don’t Pay: At any cost, never ever pay for wrap charges or registration fees. Most likely, you will land in a scam.

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Ways To Find Legit Car Advertising Companies

Here are a few factors to be considered in order to find the legit companies that help you to get paid to advertise on your car.

  • Application Fee: No right company will charge you an application fee upfront to process your application.
  • Application Process: Formal application process is the key to finding the right pick, the verification process is a bit complicated, but chances are highly unlikely you will fall into fraudsters.
  • Customer Care: Either for queries or campaign development, legit companies always offer you proper customer care support.
  • Car Wrapping Charges: Companies mostly pay for ad wrapping around your car. Some companies only charge for shipping your decals.
  • Driving Score: This is related to your driving efficiency, accident history, and also your insurance policy. Any right company won’t let you in a campaign if you fail in this factor verification.


Alternative Ways To Earn From Your Car

One in 20 has a car now. Owning a car is not something impossible but turning it into an asset is something we need to look into it.

When you tend to research properly, there are many ways to earn passive income with your car.

You can deliver packages, join Uber, DoorDash, and Postmates part-time, advertise, and also can lend your car for rentals in your free time.

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Get Paid To Advertise On Your Car – FAQs

Is vehicle advertising a viable option?

Unlike static advertisement patterns, this advertising method is always a viable option as you can reach a larger spectrum of targeted audiences at a cheaper price.


What Advertisements Are Placed On Vehicles?

Usually, depending on the relative campaigns, you will get the recommended ads, which can be product promotion, brand promotion, movie promotion, real estate, educational institutions, health care, etc.


How Do Legitimate Advertisers Work?

They won’t ever ask you for upfront payments. They will mention this clearly on their portal, the whole policy.

Here they assure you standard small, easy payments without luring you with high payouts.


Is Advertising Your Car A Good Idea?

Apart from transport comfort, owning a car is a liability considering its added expenses to the pocket.

So we say advertising your car is a better idea to cover your expenses by just moving with your daily routine. 


Is Pepsi Advertisement On Car A Scam?

Pepsi’s official website has mentioned that this was a fraudulent promotion which has not come from the official PepsiCo team.

So make sure to get into these top brand promotions and also make sure you land in genuine promotions.


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