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20 Ways To Get Paid To Be An Online Friend [$200+/Day]

Who doesn’t love to hang out with friends? And who doesn’t love to spend time with our best buddies? We all do! But, do you know that there are now ways available where you can even get paid to be an online friend?

Yes, surprising it may sound, but it is absolutely true. In the era of cyberspace, many things have gone online, like shopping and work meetings.

And same goes for friendship, and the space for virtual friendship is constantly expanding.

You may not even believe it, but most websites where you can work as an online friend now assure close to $3k/month of income.

Many people even reported earning way more than that. But before we reveal those high-paying platforms, let’s clear your fundamental doubts first!


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How Does Virtual Friendship Work?

Friendship, an integral part of our life, can be beneficial in many cases.

Let it be for emotional support or a Saturday night out; a good friendship is essential in every step. And in monetary benefits, too, friendship can be equally rewarding.

Believe it or not, you can make money by referring friends nowadays. Besides, there are now many platforms to get paid to be an online friend.

Most of these companies are free to join. And for each minute you spend as a virtual companion, you can make money.

First, these companies will run a personality test to know about your like-minded people.

And then they will automatically match your profile to the people looking for an online friendship. Now, this friendship can be either strictly adult or just a casual one, depending on your choice.

People looking for an online friend usually pay a handsome subscription or a joining fee. And as their friend on that platform, you are entitled to get your cut from that amount.

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Who Mainly Pays For Online Friends?

There are several platforms that now assure legit ways to get paid to be an online friend.

You can either get paid to chat online or can directly meet with them in person. And in both cases, you’ll be compensated monetarily. But do you know who the primary clients are?

Depending on the adult and non-adult segments of friendship sites, this client group can change subsequently.

But in the broader spectrum, the primary client group is as follows.

  • People looking for online companionship to have sex chat or adult entertainment
  • Many people also look for emotional support whenever they feel lonely
  • Most men with white-collar jobs often look for online friendship
  • Many people also look for a native friend whenever they visit a new place or country
  • Everyone who loves to share their hobbies and discuss new ideas
  • Fitness freaks often look for gym buddies or online fitness buddies to get motivation
  • Many people also love to make foreign friends as they want to learn new languages

So, these are the primary groups of people who mainly pay to have online friends.

However, many elderly people are now also looking for online friendships as they also feel lonely and left out after they retire from an active and working lifestyle.

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How To Start Earning Money As An Online Friend?

There are not only just several phone actresses’ jobs for women but several online friendship opportunities as well.

But in both of these categories, you just need to take these four steps to become successful and become a top earner as well.


Step 1: Create A Friendly Profile

Yes, you do need to have a friendly approach and a positive vibe to become an instant hit on the online friend GPT sites.

And to start with, you need to create a pleasant profile that anyone can feel connected to. You can sign up for any website of your choice and make a custom profile.

Start by using a familiar alias name if you don’t want to reveal your real identity.

And then you should also upload a nice-looking profile picture. You also need to talk about yourself in brief.


Step 2: Declare Your Financial Details

As you will mainly use these platforms to earn money, let’s stick to that goal from the initial phase.

You need to declare the payment terms before you actually go on for a virtual friendship. Most of these platforms let you choose your asking rate.

Even if you are not allowed to, you can definitely set your preferred mode of withdrawing money.

Most of these websites do support PayPal and Payoneer. Many of these websites also support direct bank transfers.


Step 3: Clear The Personality Test

You need to go through a customized personality test on most of the GPT sites for online friendship.

Companies mainly use this method to search for and connect with like-minded people. So that the online friendship lasts longer and both can mutually benefit from that.

Most of these websites now use sophisticated AI to match people.

And for that, you need to feed certain credentials like your preferred ethnicity, interest, and demographic profile to find the best match.


Step 4: Wait For A Friendly Approach

You need to have patience if you want to get paid for online friendships.

Depending on your preference, you can either go for friendly talks or adult talks like sexting. And trust me, there are several amazing websites to get paid to sext as well.

But in any online friendship site, you need to wait for a suitable approach from the right person to get started.

It is better to stay out of stalkers and online creeps when it comes to online companionship.

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What Are The Services Can You Offer As An Online Friend?

As you must have already understood that there are several ways to get paid to be an online friend.

And there are several different kinds of friendship as well, let it be SFW or just adult friendship.

So, depending on your preference, you can offer various services to your online friends, like,

  • Have sext or NSFW talks (Only if you are an adult and the platform allows it)
  • Talk about personal, financial, or family problems with them to relieve their stress
  • Play online video games with your virtual buddies
  • You can just Netflix and chill if you have a shared account
  • If they have gone through a recent heartbreak, consolation is the best way
  • You can either learn or can teach them foreign languages

Besides these online activities, you can do some in-person activities as well.

You can go gardening or any other activity if you share your hobby with your online friends.

But remember, don’t share your real identity and actual address until you are absolutely sure and feel safe about your online friend.

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Can You Really Get Paid To Be An Online Friend?

Before you actually become an online friend and earn money, you need to clear this fundamental doubt first.

And it is directly related to your financial and social safety as well. You need to understand that most of these websites offer completely platonic services.

So you don’t need to worry about your safety and security. And most of these companies also have payment protection options so that no one can cheat you financially.

And yes, you can definitely get paid as an online friend if you select the right platforms to start with.

The chances will definitely get better if you are a hot lady looking for online companionship, as most of these websites are loaded with lonely men.

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Things To Consider Before Becoming An Online Friend

Although there are many ways to earn money to be an online friend, there are certain things you need to consider before you actually start working as a virtual companion.

And for that, you need to ask you specific questions that are as follows.

  • Are you friendly enough, especially to strangers?
  • Do you feel comfortable talking to strangers about life and problems?
  • Are you a good listener and can communicate without interrupting frequently?
  • Do you have a non-judgmental attitude towards your friends?

And if you want to take online companionship a step forward, you also need to ask yourself if you are really comfortable having sex talks and adult messages with complete strangers.

Although these companies mainly aim for platonic relationships, many websites also have the provision for video chat or even in-person meetings.

So, you also need to decide whether you are comfortable revealing your actual identity or not.

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Get Paid To Be An Online Friend This Month (More Than $100/Hour)

Although there are hundreds of platforms available that claim to assure a legit opportunity to earn money as a virtual friend, most of these websites is fake.

So, our team has tried and tested hundreds of available options to fetch the best and the better-paying ones for you.


1. Rent A Friend

If you talk about the realm of virtual friendship, you indeed talk about Rent-A-Friend. And now, you can also try the user-friendly rent a friend app besides the fantastic website.

As the company itself says, close to 700k people typically look for virtual friendship through this platform each day.

You can either strictly maintain a virtual friendship or can also arrange an in-person meetup with this platform.

Although you don’t need to opt for a background check, you need to verify your profile with your mail ID and phone number.

And now, you can earn around $15 to $50/hour, depending on several factors. This company doesn’t take any cut as their commission.

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2. Rent A Cyber Friend

If you want to get paid to be an online friend, that too without revealing your real identity, Rent A Cyber Friend is definitely the best option for you.

It is totally a virtual service where you don’t need to meet in person. Besides, you can also use an alias name.

One of the best things about this website is that you can also offer various services besides being a friend.

From being a tour guide to helping someone learn a new language, you can provide any service you want.

Right now, this company offers around $15 to $30/hour on average. However, you can only withdraw your earnings once you cross the $75 minimum payout balance.


3. Rent A Local Friend

Believe it or not, Rent A Local Friend is highly recommended by one of the travel giants, Tripadvisor.

This platform mainly promotes local friends in foreign cities throughout the globe. And in every corner of this blue planet, you can use this platform.

It acts more like an Airbnb tour package but with more customization options. You can easily select your preferred rate of payment and can directly communicate with interested people.

You can also offer your service like a local guide or a translator right on this platform. And for that, you can expect around $30/hour on average.

And for a full-day trip, you can expect around $150 to $200/day on average.


4. FriendPC

If you wish to get paid to be an online friend, you need to try this fantastic platform called FriendPC.

You’ll not only get paid to be someone’s virtual friend but will also get paid once you complete small tasks requested by your online friends.

You can also work like an online coach covering various topics on this platform.

And after you complete each task or each coaching session, you’ll be getting paid directly on your linked bank account. And you don’t need to wait at all.

Right now, you can earn around $10 to $30/hour on average. But you can also set your preferred asking rate. You can also block any of your online friends if they misbehave or act rude to you.


5. PenPalWorld

You may not know, but PenPalWorld is not a typical platform to get online friends but a search engine instead.

With the help of its unique algorithm, you can directly connect with global users who have similar interests to make a special bond.

Right now, this platform has more than 3 million active users around the globe. And you can also open an account without a single penny.

After you get the initial approval, you can directly start communicating with friends.

However, you can also opt for a VIP membership where you can contact 50 friends each day. But on a free account, this connection is limited to just three each day.

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6. Seeking Arrangement

Without any doubt, Seeking Arrangement is one of the best platforms to get paid to be an online friend.

However, friendship is not the only service you can offer on this platform. You can make any “top shelf” arrangement to get monetary benefits.

You need to open an account that is entirely free of cost. And then, you need to go through a background check, as they only approve verified people on the website.

You can then offer various friendship services that include talking over the phone or webcam.

Right now, you can expect around $30/hour on average. And if you go for a webcam or direct telephonic conversation, you can expect much more. Many people also reported making more than $200/day.


7. Lip service

There are many places to get paid to be a friend. But nothing is more sensual than Lip Service, although it is typically targeted at female members.

And for all the gorgeous ladies out there, it is one of the best platforms to get paid to flirt online these days.

You need to be just 21 years old to become eligible to open an account.

And once you get the initial approval, you can start uploading your photos, videos, and status right on this platform. But this company is now only open to the citizen of the USA and Canada.

If you have the right kind of personality with a splendid look to flaunt, you can easily bag around $80/hour on average.


8. MyGirlFund

As the name itself suggests, this platform called MyGirlFund is also subjected to female members only.

And the company itself claims that it has nearly 25k registered chat hostesses on its platform. You can also become a part of this enormous team.

The best thing about this company is that it takes care of the complete privacy of its chat hostesses. So, you don’t need to reveal your identity while working as an online friend on this platform.

Besides text, you can now also go for the video chat option. And you can expect around $50/hour on average.

However, many female chat hostesses also reported earning more than $30k/year while working on this platform.


9. FlirtBucks

If you want to get paid to be an online friend, nothing can be as rewarding as FlirtBucks.

It is actually a user-friendly chat console where like-minded ladies and gentlemen can hook up and have a friendly chat.

You need to be just 18 years old to become a member of this unconventional dating site.

You can either opt for text chat or can also opt for video, or voice chat. But yes, you do need to verify your profile to unlock all its features.

Right now, this company is paying around $0.1/minute for text conversations and around $0.4/minute for video chats.

Don’t miss our in-depth FlirtBucks review to get more inside knowledge about this company.


10. Premium Chat

As the name itself tells the whole story, Premium Chat is a platform where you can chat with unknown people as their virtual friends.

And in return, you’ll get monetary compensation. Needless to say, it is one of the best chat support jobs from home these days.

Typically, it is aimed at delivering quality answers to questions.

However, you can also use this platform to have casual friendships with any of its active members. And now, it has massive global coverage.

For text chat, you can expect to earn around $1 to $5.99/minute on average.

However, this rate can go as high as $8.99/minute if you opt for video chat. You can also go for a flat billing that starts from $25/hour on average.

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11. Papa

Although it is not a traditional friendship site, Papa is surely one of the best options to get paid to be an online friend, especially to elderly people.

You’ll mainly work as a Papa Pal on this platform to talk and communicate with age-rich people in your locality.

This website is highly acclaimed by The New York Times as they praised this company for combating loneliness among older adults.

Besides, you can also perform small tasks to help those beloved people. While working at Papa Pal, you can expect around $15/hour on average.

But if you also accomplish small tasks like furniture assembly or grocery shopping, this rate can go as high as $25/hour.


12. Family Romance

This Japan-based company called Family Romance first came into prominence after Japan reported having one of the lowest marriage rates.

This website is mainly aimed at making families and friends with like-minded people in Japan.

But yes, this company also has plans to expand further to assure global coverage. Joining this platform is super easy as you need to have legal age to do so.

And after that, you can attend any events with your online friends.

You can expect around $200 per 4-hour package as a virtual friend. However, many people also reported earning way more than that.

Besides, you can also keep your gifts and tipping amount with you, as this company doesn’t take any commission.


13. Phrendly

If you are a bit adventurous and want to take online friendship a step forward, Phrendly is definitely one of the best options for you.

Not only just friendship, but you can also get paid to sext right on this platform. Yes, this platform allows adult conversations.

But yes, this website is now exclusively available in the United States and Canada.

And you need to be just 18 years old to open a free account here. You can choose between text and video or audio chat as your primary mode of communication.

Your friends can “Share A Drink” with you on this platform by tipping you a specific amount. And you can expect to make around $50/hour on average.

Don’t forget to check out our in-depth Phrendly App review to get more inside knowledge.


14. College Steps

Honestly saying, College Steps is not at all intended towards making online friends. It is mainly aimed at making college guides and mentors for young students and freshers.

But over the years, it has established itself as one of the best platforms to make college friends as well.

Yes, if you are a freshman and need guidance for any subject or a new entrant looking for a gym buddy, this platform works like a charm.

You can find mentors, guides, and even friends from your college through this unique platform.

You can choose between entirely virtual or in-person while making friends through this platform. And you can comfortably earn around $10 to $15/hour on average while doing so.


15. The Chat Shop

You may not know, but The Chat Shop is undoubtedly one of the best platforms to get paid to be an online friend.

It is a company that mainly works to give complete customer care solutions to micro and mid-range businesses.

However, you can also work as an online friend while talking to people around the world. They mainly opt for these calls to get over to their loneliness.

And while talking to them, you can easily make around $15/hour on average.

But yes, you need to go through a rigorous selection process that also includes a complete background verification.

And you also need to have at least 65 WPM typing speed to become eligible for this role.

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16. Chat Recruit

If you want to get paid to be an online friend or online dating partner, Chat Recruit is surely one of the best options for you.

It is an interactive platform where you can talk to strangers via text message. However, you can also opt for video and audio messages.

Creating an account here is simple, although you need to be at least 18 years old to become eligible.

And once you get the initial approval, you can start communicating with online friends and chat buddies.

As the company itself says, you can expect around $2/minute in text chats. However, this rate can go many folds if you opt for video chats through your HD webcam.


17. Text121Chat

If you are into adult-oriented conversations with complete strangers, Text121Chat is one of the best options to hop for.

Besides, you can also get paid to be an online friend right on this platform, even if you are from the remotest corner of this blue planet.

This platform is mainly aimed at complete virtual connections. So, you don’t need to meet in person.

Besides, you can also hide your real identity and other credentials like your phone number and address.

Right now, you can expect around $0.07/message, although you need to commit at least 2k messages/month.

And if you can gather some experience with this company, this per-minute rate will increase many folds!


18. Fiverr Friendship

Needless to say, Fiverr is one of the best freelance job sites. But, do you know that Fiverr is also a great place to get paid for friendship?

Yes, this company has a dedicated segment called the Fiverr friendship, where you can offer virtual companionship for monetary compensation.

First, you need to open a free account on Fiverr to get started. You need to then fill up your profile by giving the proper credentials.

And then, you can create gigs for offering friendship. You may not know but Fiverr allows you to set the gig price between $5 to $999.

But at the initial phase, it is better to stick to a $5 to $10/gig range to get more clients. However, this company will charge around 20% commission from your total generated revenue.


19. Freelancer

Not just a strong competitor of Fiverr, Freelancer is one of the best places to get paid to be an online friend.

Impossible it may sound; this company also has a dedicated segment where you can offer virtual friendship and companionship.

Many lonely guys typically look for a partner on this platform. And if you can create a catchy profile that gives a welcoming vibe, you are bound to achieve success.

You can also directly search for opportunities in its unique search engine.

Right now, you can expect around $12/hour on average while working for this company. But, with the right set of expertise, you can surely fetch as much as $25/hour.


20. Your Own Website

Yes, nothing can be as rewarding as satisfying as creating your own. And you can comfortably make your own website and start offering services as a virtual friend or companion.

Although it takes a lot of effort in the initial phase, your income will begin rolling within a few months.

Trust me, I myself started this blog around four years broke when I was almost broke and desperately looking to get rid of my student debts.

But now, I’m constantly earning around $90k/year on average, just with this blog.

I’ve also recently published my latest monthly income report to let everyone know how I’m earning more than $7k+/month.

You may not know, but you can also set up your money-making blog for just $100 bucks or less. And to do that, you just need three simple things.

  • Website: You need to purchase a domain name. But amazingly enough, Bluehost is now giving it completely free.
  • Server: Bluehost is another champion here as they are now offering dedicated servers with 99.99% uptime at just $2.95/month.
  • Website Theme: You can manually customize the themes with WordPress. And most of these themes are completely free.

Even after you purchase all these three things, setting up a blog can be a challenging task. So, just follow our step-by-step guide to set up a blog in less than 30 minutes right now.


How Much Can You Earn As An Online Friend?

Although there are several websites available to get paid to be an online friend, not every website pays the same.

Besides, not all high-paying friendship sites offer the same level of client availability. And both these factors are directly related to your potential earnings.

If you charge around $20/hour on average and work for just three days (8 hours per day) each week, your earnings will be about $480/week.

And you’ll end up making $1,920/month and around $24k/year on that rate.

If you take it as a full-time profession and work for 8 hours each day for five days a week, your earnings will be around $800/week.

And you’ll end up making $3.2k/month and about $58k/year on average. However, many people also reported earning more than $100k/year.

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Safety Tips If You Want To Be An Online Friend

In most of the websites where you can get paid to be an online friend, your identity will be hidden and secured.

Generally, they don’t share your sensitive data with other third-party users. However, there are certain steps that you need to take to ensure the utmost safety.

  • Always look for the SSL certificate [HTTPS] of the website
  • Never share your personal information, like address, phone number, and social security number
  • Never agree in an in-person meeting with strangers until you are completely sure
  • If you feel offended or uncomfortable, block the person on the website and report
  • If any website asks for an upfront fee, that’s definitely a red flag
  • Nod to your instinct and leave the website if you feel anything suspicious

Besides, you also need to read the online reviews of previous and existing users to get more inside knowledge.

It is also not a great idea to use your bank account. Instead, you can open either a VPA or a PayPal account to get payments.

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What Is A Virtual Friend?

In the era of digitization, everything has gone online. And there is no exception for friendship too. A virtual friend is anyone whom you usually don’t meet or talk to in person.

Instead, your friendship with your virtual friend is only limited to cyberspace.

You may not even realize it, but all the friends that are there in your Facebook profile whom you never met are actually your virtual friends.


How To Make Friends Online?

There is no hard and fast rule to making online friends as it solely depends on your communication skill and friendly vibes.

You can start making online friends on Facebook as almost half the world’s population is there on the platform.

Besides, you can also use other platforms like Rent-A-Friend or Rent-A-Cyber-Friend to make online friends. While FB won’t pay you to have online friends, these two platforms will definitely assure that.


Are Virtual Friends Real Friends?

In-person or completely virtual, your friendship depends on how connected two people are.

So, if you feel connected with your virtual friend, he or she is definitely a real friend of yours.

However, virtual friendship needs more time to have a sense of security and commitment than in-person friendship.

But yes, many friendships even lasted for a lifetime, even after they started from a virtual space.


Is RentAFriend Safe?

Known as one of the key players in the friendship industry, RentAFriend is definitely a safe place. If you start with the website itself, it is completely secured with SSL certification to encrypt your data.

They also don’t use your data or sell it elsewhere. And if you talk about payment, it pays on time, and there are no such genuine complaints against them related to payment.

You can also find several testimonials of real users on the website itself.



So, these are all the best possible ways to get paid to be an online friend. However, this online friendship can be highly bizarre at times.

So, if you are uncomfortable with strangers and can’t handle NSFW talks, you shouldn’t venture into this field.

There are several home business ideas for women that you can try that offer a much safer choice.

Even if you are comfortable enough and have an eccentric personality, you can still face issues regarding a sustainable income.

You need to take it as a full-time profession to make around $4k to $5k/month on average. So, choose wisely!

That’s all for today, folks! Feel free to drop your queries in the comment box below.


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