24 Legit Ways To Get Paid To Chat – Earn Upto $15/Hour

Our medium of communication is constantly changing, so is our attention span. People left spending minutes on reading lengthy texts which eventually ramified into a series of smaller formats called ‘Chatting’.

But the fun fact we are missing here is that we are spending more time than usual on this chatting web. According to a report published in Forbes states that in the past 3 months we have spent about 85 billion hours in WhatsApp alone.

Now just imagine how far we got addicted! That’s nothing wrong with following this trend when you can find a productive area. What is the productive area of chatting? For what purpose are people spending these huge hours? Is there any way out?

Your regular chatting can turn productive when you can learn that you can even get paid to chat online. Yes! That’s true. There are many legit companies where you can get paid to chat for respective hours and tasks.

We will be assisting you in mentioning the list of websites. Have a pick, and turn your routine to earning. 


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24 Legit Ways To Get Paid To Chat Online


1. Chat Support Representative In Amazon

Earning potential : ($1.5 – $2) per min.

Amazon is one of the companies where it provides huge employment in various sectors. As this is an e-commerce service delivery company there must be strong and unique customer support all the time.

To assist its customers, Amazon offers the best customer care support on call as well as in the chat process. As a chat support representative here your main task is to support clients by answering their queries.

You must be trained with the chatting tools to get accustomed to these chatting tasks. There is a flexibility to choose between part-time or full-time depending on the nature of the job and the salary you are expecting. 

By working with efficiency and good rating you can get a permanent post here and also unified incentives. For what you are waiting for? Apply now!!

Website: Amazon Jobs.

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2. Fiverr

Earning potential : ($1) per min.

Fiverr is one of the best platforms where you can get multiple opportunities to work. One in which is getting paid to chat online.

If you have skills in reaching customers’ requirements through chatting this is the best platform where you can quote your value. For this reason, this platform is considered to be a unique and gentle model for freelancers.

All you need is to sign-up and set up the gig to get clients. Here you get the flexibility to fix prices for your work and interested clients will reach you through your profile section in Fiverr.

You can charge them on an hourly basis or task basis, you will get paid through Payoneer or PayPal after the completion of work. Fiverr also offers a transparent dashboard and lovely customer support.

Website: Fiverr.

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3. Premium.chat

Earning potential : ($3.99) per min.

One of the best website where people can use to earn money by chatting and video calling. If you are a person with more social media knowledge, working here would be more flexible.

Here the pay rates depend on the working minutes through live sessions. You can also set your own pay rate with the expertise and popularity you own along the way. 

Premium.chat offers its users to earn money through different tasks like video calling and chatting. One can connect with clients from all over the world.

If you are assigned with many tasks at once you have the flexibility to accept or reject the upcoming orders or make them in the queue. As a paid partner you can work from any remotest location with the help of the internet.

All you have to do to start is to create a personal profile, it can also be the same as they hold on social media platforms. With this, it will be easier for you to share links on social media.

You can earn more money using their lucrative two-tier referral system. One can edge 2.5 % of all revenue granted by referrals and an additional 2.5% on anyone they refer to.

Website: Premium.chat.


4. KGB

Earning potential : ($0.10 – $0.05) per min.

This is one of the companies that started with a goal to improve people’s understanding, industry expertise, and operational exercise over time. They began their journey as INFONXX.

KGB started in 1992 and constantly progressing its way from then. This is one of the largest providers of information services, directory assistance, and consumer trending.

They have also built well-known brands in the UK and France. All you have to do is to register with this company and answer the queries of the clients in an efficient way. 

To be done you must possess good communication skills, writing skills, and also good oratory skills. The best part here is you can get paid directly through bank payments.

Website: KGB.


5. Lip Service

Earning potential : ($1) per min.

As the name indicates this is all about assisting with your knowledge through communication. This can be either chatting or telephone.

They are mainly specialized in all facets of live operator service that can in turn save the company money. Lip Service mainly interlinks chat agencies with chat operators.

As a chat operator, you must complete the task assigned with the time framework to earn money. You must be at least 18 and a woman from the US and Canada to get qualified.

All you have to do is fill the application form and wait for at least 72 hours for a reply. Once you are approved you can start your services to get paid to chat online.

Website: Lip Service.

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6. The Chat Chop

Earning potential : ($10) per hour.

Chat Chop is one of the full-time service providers dedicated to onsite chat. They can provide high-end customer satisfaction with their efficient services.

Chat Chop also provides chatbots for extra conversations with its clients. If you look to join as a chat agent in this company, all you have to do is to register on their website with your details.

Butt you need to hold few qualifications to qualify as a chat agent in The Chat Chop:

  • You must be a native-level English speaker.
  • Must be aware of spellings and the structure of sentences.
  • Positive Mind.
  • Quick learner with decision-making skills.

Here your talent is nurtured by integrating AI technology through which you can work more efficient and effective. 

Website: The Chat Chop.


7. Chat Recruit

Earning potential : ($2) per min.

When considering few companies to get paid to chat, Chat Recruit has the potential to grab the spot. This website is one of the top online chat service providers in the UK. 

Here there are multiple choices to choose with to earn money like webcam chat, phone chat, and messaging. As there are no middlemen involved you can directly register with your details.

Chat Recruit team ensures your privacy with the utmost protection of your personal details. They provide timely payments with competitive prices that are directed towards your personal bank account.

All you have to do is to read the terms of the company and choose the service you want to provide then you can be redirected towards your personal account.

Upload your documentation and the photos to get approved. Once you get the approval you can do limitless chatting, calls, and webcam interactions to earn money.

Website: Chat Recruit.

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8. JustAnswer

Earning potential : ($5 – $30) per hour.

This is one of the best platforms where you can get answers to varied queries from people of different sections all across the world.

There are more than 12000+ experts registered on the JustAnswer website and available online to answer your queries. If you are an expert in any relative field like Business Analytics, Finance, Law, Health, etc.

Then there is a wide scope for you to get paid to chat online using this website. Here sometimes you can even answer to professionals, you can get paid only after your answer got approved.

Strong research and genuine answers are encouraged here on this website. So, what you are waiting for? Register right away and answer more!

Website: JustAnswer.


9. Outplex

Earning potential : ($9 – $14) per hour.

Outplex is one of the companies to be listed where it hires chat support agents to handle its client queries and requirements.  Here through the chat process, you need to take up sales and recommend the clients to get the products.

If you love interacting with people to convince them to get products and also in getting valuable suggestions this job is for you. You must possess a multi-functioning ability with good communication skills.

They started way back in 2001 with 15 members and in 2017 they have launched an AI management system by banging the 8th fastest growing employer in the US in 2012. Register now!

Website: Outplex.


10. Dream Lover

Earning potential : (up to $2) per min.

Are you the one who is interested in adult chatting? Especially when you are a woman and like to flirt with boys, this is one of the best opportunities to turn this into cash.

But here do not worry about the privacy of your personal data, which is highly protected under the website norms. You are your boss here, no need to reveal anything without your consent.

The main eligibility criteria here is your age, one must be at least 18 to get access. The more you chat the more you earn. There is also an option for webcam calling, and this is completely your choice to pick.

Website: Dream Lover.

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11. Live World

Earning potential : (up to $2) per min.

Companies grow large when they prioritize customer satisfaction. Live World is one of the companies that give most of its priorities to interact with customers to get constant advice and relative queries.

They offer various jobs among them chatting process is one of the sectors where you can choose to start with. This company believes human connections as the real mantras to educate, inspire, and also to create values of the people. 

Live World explains human beat algorithms by concluding that nothing in this world can match a person’s intellect and compassion when evaluating and participating in conversations. As they prioritize this way, they also expect a few skills from you to join.

  • Excellent communication and typing skills.
  • Multi-Tasking skills.
  • Patience and Perseverance.
  • Strong typing skills. 
  • Social channel interacting knowledge.
  • Professional conversational style.
  • Good grammar and appropriate punctuation.

By working with this company you have the flexibility to work from remotest location and also timings. As the pay rate varies based on an hourly basis, to earn more you need to work more.

Website: Live World.


12. Working Solutions

Earning potential : ($7 – $30) per hour.

You need the best customer service community to reach the expectations of clients, most companies fail in this aspect.

Working Solutions is one of the companies relative to this section that can assist well to the companies looking forward to building their customer service community.

They can also help in optimizing sales, service, satisfaction, and also show visible progress in the respective business. You can join their forum as a chat agent to get paid to chat.

One can also work as an independent contractor from home with flexibility in working hours. You can be your own boss here, check their opportunities section for more details to get placed.

Website: Working Solutions.

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13. Accolade Support

Earning potential : ($10 – $12) per hour.

Accolade Support mainly works with companies to improve their return on investment(ROI) on all marketing efforts. Their main task is to find potential customers and interact with them.

This task can only be possible if they have chat associates. They have a huge network of various companies where they offer call center services. As a chat agent, you can work from any virtual location.

All you have to do is to fill their recruitment form and documentation. Once after selection, you can choose your interested services like customer service, technical service, or sales.

Here you can join as an independent contractor based on hourly pay. Here they expect a few skills from you as a chat agent like:

  • USA accent and writing skills.
  • Good speaking skills.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Best technical support capabilities.
  • A high level of accuracy in work.
  • A high level of attention to detail in every task.
  • High dignity of professionalism and reliability, etc.

Along with this, you must acquire a telephone with a headset and a personal computer to complete the assigned tasks to earn money.

Website: Accolade Support.


14. FlirtBucks

Earning potential : ($5) per min.

One of the popular websites where you can get paid to chat with strangers. This is especially for the extroverts who can even be a bit naughty through their text.

when you are more leaned towards social media platforms, this can be easier for you to handle. More opportunities for girls as there are many idle boys registered on this website looking for chatting partners.

The best part here is you need not share your private details to register, this is not a cam performer so no further complications on work. You can be yourself to earn through chatting. 

You can select from the list with whom you want to chat and even you can select the time slots. If you can interact well and can handle good conversation you can earn well.

All you need to do is register with the website and must have a personal computer with high-speed internet. Typing skills, fun personality, conversational skills, free and fair mind are the personal requirements to hold this job.

You must be at least 18 years of age and can withdraw money twice a month through PayPal.

Website: FlirtBucks.


15. Asurion

Earning potential : ($10 – $12) per hour.

Technology has crossed leaps and bounds. To help with this scenario Asurion helping its customers to enhance their lives through technology.

Asurion is basically a call center company where it provides employment for chat agents. All you have to do is to register with your profile and get paid to chat online.

You can check their website for more detailed explanations about how things work. There are multiple options to choose from like chat associate, corporate, supply chain, technical, internship, etc.

One can search for the Asurion careers column for more details. You can create your own working schedule to get paid to chat.

Website: Asurion.

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16. Apple At Home

Earning potential : ($18) per hour.

Apple is one of the most reputed companies that we all aware of. The best part here is you will get the best working environment with the best pay rate here.

If you are one who loves to interact using technology with others this platform is suitable for you. Once you got recruited you will be assigned as an Apple At Home Advisor.

You have to make conversation with the relative customers through which you are helping an entity to raise its standards.

To get placed here you must have excellent communication and verbal skills. One must pass at least 35 words per minute in typing. Here you are the human connection to Apple to fulfill their queries.

Convenience, Comfort and no hassles are the added advantages of working with Apple Care. Apart from this, you will get paid to chat timely, and also you can avail of product discounts along with good career growth.

With time you can get promoted to Apple Home Advisor to Team Manager then to Area Manager

Website: Apple At Home.


17. MyGirlFund

Earning potential : ($2) per min.

This is the platform for boys where they can find girls to make flirty conversations. You must be a girl to enroll on this website to get paid to chat with registered boys.

There are more than 20000 girls registered on this website which shows the safety and earning potential through this website. You can make money in the leisure time by just interacting with random guys.

As there are a series of verification to register, bullying and fake registrations are highly unlikely here. All you have to do is legal signup and start making money. Still, waiting?

Website: My Girl Fund.

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18. Best Buy

Earning potential : ($9.44 – $22) per hour.

Best buy is the website where you can be placed as a chat agent to get paid. This company is mainly committed to taking care of its employees and rewarding them for the dedication and hard work.

By working with this company you can earn competitive rewards, benefits, discounts and also many opportunities. You can choose a chat service or you can also pick calling depending upon your choice.

Check the benefits and opportunities section on this website to also get payment details and employment details. 

Website: Best Buy.


19. Needle

Earning potential : ($15) per hour.

The Needle is a company where it helps websites by driving customers to purchase by offering a genuine conversation with a person. They keep hiring valuable chat agents to assist their clients.

As it is one of the growing e-commerce agency there is a high need for chat agents to get through the way. You can also give suggestions to the customers on what to choose and pick.

There is flexibility to choose working hours and the pay will be hourly based. They believe superior customer service means more eCommerce revenue, so they hire only quality chat agents.

Website: Needle.


20. Site Staff

Earning potential : ($10) per hour.

This is the website where you can convert your website visitors into consults, leads, tours, and appointments with live chat. Site Staff is also one of the best home-based virtual chat agencies.

There is a high demand for chat agents on this website as they offer empathetic marketing with live chatting. You must at least meet 60 words per minute to get qualified on this website.

Register yourself with your details, after getting a personal computer with a better internet connection. All you have to do is to answer and clear the queries of the clients and give them the necessary suggestions.

You can charge your own rated depending upon your expertise and knowledge. 

Website: Site Staff.

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21. Arise

Earning potential : ($9 – $14) per hour.

Arise is one more company that must be added to the list where you can get paid to chat. This company creates a culture that brings together smart, innovative, and talented people from different backgrounds.

Here you can be hired as an independent contractor with your flexible hours of working. As a chat consultant, you have to answer the queries of your followers. 

Create your profile and register yourself on this website. Also, check the opportunities section to get more details on recruitment.

Website: Arise.


22. American Express

Earning Potential: ($15) per hour.

Americal Express is one of the companies which provides varied services to its customers like financial, travel, and also insurance-related things. 

This company also includes products like credit cards, traveler’s checks, and charge cards. To happen everything smooth they need chat agents to reach the customers to get the suggestions.

They offer opportunities to create a unique career journey shaped by talent and expertise. As a chat agent, you need to timely respond to the customer’s inquiries, the more efficient is your response the more you earn.

Website: American Express.

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23. Live Person

Earning potential :  ($2) per min.

Live Person is now the conversational cloud, this is an AI-powered command center for consumer conversations. 

Here the highly qualified chat experts on the site are matched to individuals that possess queries who are looking for professional expertise. As a chat agent that is your responsibility to take over those queries and clear them.

Detect exactly what the customers want in real-time and also manage automation to scale consumer interactions. Access the real-time data and improve your performance over time.

Here you can get payments through PayPal and there is also the flexibility to pick your working hours.

Website: Live Person.


24. Presto Experts

Earning Potential: ($2-$3) per min.

When you are looking forward to getting paid to chat online with new clients, this is one of the best places. Presto Experts is not only the place where you can earn money but can also have the freedom to consult with professionals and tutors on your own time.

You can answer your answers via chatting, calling, and also email. All you have to do here is sign up using their forum and later create a personal profile. 

Check the eligibility and meeting qualifications to get placed. You can also choose in which way you are choosing to work either it can be an email or chatting.

Website: Presto Experts.

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Alternative Side Hustles To Make Extra Money


Try Proofreading

Here also reading is the main job but you need to point out typos, errors, grammatical mistakes in the content, or documents. These jobs are super flexible and can earn you up to $15 – $20 per hour.

Check the full list of websites here to find a well-paying job.


Get Paid To Read Books

Another great opportunity for avid readers to make some serious cash by doing what they love. As a book reader, you need to complete reading a book and share your honest reviews and thoughts upon it.

This job is the best as it increases knowledge and fills your pockets at the same time.

Check the 9 best places to get paid to read books.


Get Paid To Type Audio Files

Have great typing skills? Well, then transcription is for you. All you need to do is convert audio files into text format by typing while listening to them. Such an easy job to work from home in your free time or full-time.

There are several companies to find online transcription jobs. Earn up to $10 – $25 per hour.



There is always a positive side to everything we presume, so turn your leisure tasks like chatting into an earning medium by working for these companies. 

Here are 24 incredible ways through which you can earn money for just texting and talking on the phone. Working from the limits of yours has become simpler at this point, try the above list and let us know your thoughts.


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