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20+ Creative Ways To Get Paid To Color in 2024

Every one of us has one or more talents. Some play music, play sports, and do coloring pages. This article is to give you a clear glimpse of how you can get paid to color as a hobby.

Anything we like to do is considered to be a replenishment to our mind, this can churn out negative thoughts and keep us positive throughout our life.

The Internet is a modern tool nowadays to monetize our everyday habits as it has many opportunities to earn doing odd jobs.

One among the list is coloring. Our selection of colors defines who we are, and if you have this skill of coloring, what is stopping you from earning this way?

Let’s get started to learn how we can get paid to color.


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Is It Really Possible To Get Paid To Color?

Absolutely Yes! All you need to do here is to trust your progress and skills.

In this era of the Internet, talent reaches every nook and corner, there is no way you are left out by letting your skill drain.

According to Glassdoor, an artist makes around $67,000 per year on average. By having strong coloring skills and passion, you can easily turn this into a full-time profession or at least a part-time gig that put some extra bucks in your pocket.

In addition to this, you can also join community forums, leaderboards, and social media platforms to increase your reach and proliferate your earnings.


8 Smart Tips To Get Paid To Color In Your Free Time

We all must turn our free time productive by evenly enjoying. What are the ways to do this? Obviously, the main way is to earn from doing what we like the most.

get paid to color

For people who like to color, here are a few smart tips you need to follow to never look back on your work and progress.


1. Influence Your Circle

As people always tend to buy things from trusted sources, you need to influence your close circle with your skills, these are the ones who encourage/publicize your work in the beginning stages.

Although you have a long way to go, your family and closest aids are the ones who stand with you in a culture of honesty, psychological safety, and mutual trust.


2. Use Social Media Platforms

Creating business accounts on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest can serve you with the right plan of action as they can leverage your skills and income by reaching more audiences.

3. Work On Niche Selection

Considering marketing strategies, you always need to be more specific towards niche selection.

Stepping into varied niches can’t help you with sale conversions. Focus on one proper niche where you are good and promote accordingly.

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4. Start A Website

This is always important to start your own website to promote your work. Here you can not only learn to market your content but can also get genuine reviews from your viewers.

Accordingly, you can shape your skills and promote them on other platforms too. Income from ad approvals and collaborations is an added advantage when you have decent traffic.

Note: Additional time and Investment are needed; plan this tip after establishing your brand.


5. Persuade Quality Enhancement

No matter how hard you try, no one will pick your colorings without the quality and elegance in your work.

Always enrich in quality over quantity, and your income will parallel your desired range in no time.


6. Build A Strong Network

On platforms like Pinterest, you can find similar-minded people like you on group boards.

Join your niche group board and start promoting there in exchange for re-promotion. Once you get popularity no need to look back from there.

You can also contact micro-influencers who can promote your quality content.


7. Create a Brand With Your Stories

Every piece of art tells you a story. When you can master this art of expressing your context through your colorings, there is no end to your sales.

People always look for unique content, so create your brand with your colorings and make them play for you.


8. Try New Promoting Techniques

With the increase in internet trends, you need to always look for dynamic promoting techniques.

Some of them include Digital PR, audience segmentation, creating trends, email publishing, contextual marketing, etc.

You need to spend a little chunk of money on these techniques, but you can earn them back easily with conversions.


11 Creative Ways To Get Paid To Color

After learning tips on how you can edge your free time by coloring, here is the next section, you need to focus on.

get paid to color

As only tips can’t help you out, you also need to know the ways where you can get paid to color efficiently.


1. Become A Color Consultant To Get Paid To Color

With your blooming experience in coloring, you can relatively gain a strong sense of colors, and you can use these skills to earn some money.

Here your task is simply to assist people in deciding which color suits them the best. This includes a wide range of purposes like interior designing, home exteriors, grooming, hair color, etc.

You can also do certifications to earn some standard income, and moreover, the more you gain experience you can build a high customer base.

As a color consultant with the proper skills and experience, you can earn around $60-$100/Hour or $42k a year.


2. Get Paid To Test Coloring Products

This is the next best way to make your time valid count, you can earn money by testing as well as reviewing many coloring products.

With coloring, you can not only build your art skills but can also have a keen knowledge of many coloring products, and now this is the time to turn this knowledge into income.

Here you need to test and give a genuine review of the products like coloring books, coloring inks, and pencils so that it could help the users wisely pick for their work.

With your increase in popularity, companies reach out to you for collaborations, and in addition, you can also earn free products.

Research thoroughly and give genuine reviews to build your viewer base and qualify as a popular color tester. With this, you can also start your channel reviewing products and earn additional income.

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3. Sell Your Art Online

Turning your skills into money is another added skill you need to develop. No matter how much talent you possess, without exposure, it would contain to home.

There are many platforms where you can get paid to color. All you need to do is to market your art and fix a respective price. Earn anything around $50-$500/Art.

Use different platforms like Craigslist, Facebook, and Etsy to sell your art, and they charge you a little commission for every sale conversion.

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4. Get Started As Color Influencer

By having decent coloring knowledge, you can help many people through various online platforms who need color assistance.

You can start and grow a community with all your like-minded people and share your interests along with new ideas. This can also enrich your skills and can edge you to become a color influencer.

As a color influencer, you can assist your followers with coloring ideas, promoting works, products, and many more through your Instagram business account.

With gaining audience vogue, you can also earn commissions for products when people purchase from your affiliate link.

You can also refer your friends to earn some referral bucks through the Amazon referral program.

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5. Start A Coloring Blog

Creating a coloring blog is something a coloring artist must prioritize over anything. This can not only help you from creating content but can also have a chance to improve yourself.

In order to make a business out of a blog, all you need to do is to create and publish quality content with consistency.

With the increase in traffic, you can earn many sponsorships, promotions, and affiliate links where you can earn commissions that are no less than your routine income.

Apart from this, you can also post reviews of various products and share links on your blog to earn gift cards/free products on every sale conversion.

In order to earn from display ads, you can join Google ads or Mediavine. Learn how I made a whooping $7147/month through a blog using these techniques.

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6. Try Dropshipping Your Colorings

Dropshipping is one of the finest and most economical business ideas, where you find a supplier, accept orders from the clients and earn some margins over products.

Considering its low barrier entry, flexibility, and ease of nature, dropshipping is considered one of the viable business options.

This is definitely a profitable idea when you enhance a few steps, like niche selection, building a brand, prioritizing customer service, and finding genuine suppliers.

Dropshippers earn around 20%-30% profits, and if you can scale it well with the right product, your earnings will be in the thousands for sure.

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7. Start Your Coloring Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is not a new thing for this generation. When you have standard content which can engage the audience, this is the best place where you can get paid to color.

All you need to do is to create your own YouTube channel, name it recognizable and start publishing your coloring videos.

YouTube channel has the credibility to reach a vast audience base all across the globe. When people start watching the videos and liking them, you can convert this viewer base into business.

You can also partner with many coloring brands and promote their products for added commissions. One can also raise a fundraising campaign for your new coloring project.

From YouTube, you can easily earn around $1-$18/1000 views considering your channel’s niche.

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8. Make Money Using Color Supplies

This is the earning way where you can supply colors of different brands or use white labeling/private branding techniques to market.

White labeling is nothing, but you make slight modifications to the bulk-manufactured coloring products and promote them with your own branding.

This would be a bit expensive but considering its advantages, many people opt for this to create their own brand, highly useful when you want to start a business with no unique idea.

Here there is flexibility for you to fix the price of the product, always be aware of the products you are picking and make a strong analysis before branding your name.

Note: Considering expenses and time requirements, we suggest you opt for this only after gaining decent popularity in other ways.


9. Get Started With Coloring Business

In order to get started with your coloring business, you need to consider a few steps, like ongoing costs, maintenance, branding, etc.

Relative to your coloring niche, you need to target an audience and promote to gain some reach in the beginning. You can create your own coloring books and market them directly to clients or suppliers.

Apart from selling, you can also open your subscription box to our website/blog. Give access only to fewer items on your website for free. For complete access to viewers, you can charge them a subscription fee.

Keeping subscription fees minimal with more quality content can gain you more popularity and sales conversions.

You can also open an idea box where people post their questions. Answer them for free. After gaining their trust, you can also charge a minimum for ideas relative to coloring.

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10. Organize A Coloring Party

There is nothing wrong with spending a few bucks to market your skills, organize a coloring party invite all your aids, and get paid to color.

Amused? Here is how! Surprisingly we have no idea how many like-minded people we share our space with. Maybe your closest aid can value your coloring with the best quote.

So never leave any stone unturned. Plan your space and create a guest list and invite them for a coloring party, display your art and sell to whoever is interested.

You can also include fun-induced coloring activities where you can charge for the people who participate and teach them a few skills. This can be really fun, trust me!


11. Get Paid To Color Through Apps

This is considered to be one of the most lucrative ideas. Here, you use smartphone apps in your free time to get paid to color.

You can find many popular apps in the Play Store/App Store, where you need to download them and use them to create some additional income.

Follow the below section for a detailed list of genuine coloring apps that pays money.

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15 Genuine Apps/Websites To Get Paid To Color

While surfing the net, you can have many numbers of apps/websites that pay money, but finding the legit ones is quite a difficult task without research.

So here we have made your task easier by listing out a few genuine coloring apps/websites that pay you for use.


1. FineArtAmerica

FineArtAmerica is easy to access. People shop here for home decor, and if they like the color pages, they can buy from you: less commission and easy access.


2. MistPlay

MistPlay is a rewards app where you can download coloring apps like Cross-stitch, Tap color, and Cross-stitch coloring mandala. Every app here offers you real cash rewards by participating in live activities.


3. Redbubble

Redbubble is one of the apps that unleashes your potential for art. Here you can earn from placing your art on clothes, accessories, and customized wall posters too.

Market your art on this platform and earn easily. You need to get approval before starting on this platform.


4. Foap

Foap is one of the best apps where you can earn money selling your coloring pages and earn $5 for every approved page.


5. TapFillArts

TapFillArts has a wide variety of activities involved to earn money, this app allows you to withdraw the amount once you reach the threshold of $100.

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6. SlideJoy

SlideJoy is an app where you can earn from viewing a few ads on your lock screen. You can use this app in your free time for coloring.


7. Etsy

This is one of the most trusted e-commerce platforms for many. It has an art& collectibles section where you can list your items for sale and earn.

There is a monthly subscription fee of $29 for a basic account and $299 for an advanced tier account.


8. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the well-known apps where people can market their skills for money. By using Fiverr, you can sell your goods at a customized price and also $5 for each service you provide.

You can also build a strong client base as well as the best connections on Fiverr. Customer reviews from this platform can turn out to be an advantage in improving our skills.


9. Tap Pics

This is one of the mobile apps where you can get paid to color. Here, you need to fill the colors with suitable colors.

Tap Pics also claims it pays up to $250 for filling colors, it also provides hints to the coloring ideas.


10. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a rewarding app that you can use to earn from selling your coloring pages as well as performing other activities too.

Check out our detailed review on InboxDollars to know how you can earn from it and its legitimacy.


11. Swagbucks

Alike InboxDollars, Swagbucks also lets you sell and earn from your coloring pages as well as for performing activities.

Refer to this Swagbucks review to learn more about the ways of earning from this platform.


12. Turning Art

Turning Art is a platform where you can join their partner’s program to display your art. You can also collaborate with them for their future programs.


13. Shopify

Shopify quotes, “As you can dream it, you can sell it with Shopify.” This is the most trusted platform for many sellers to market their products.

You can sell your coloring on this platform in exchange for little margins on sale conversions.

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14. ColorByNumber

ColorByNumber is available for both iOS and Android, offering various earning options by selling colored images.
First, create your account, then start filling in colors, and earn commissions on every sale for your colored page.


15. Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art is one of the finest art-promoting platforms where you can reach them to show your coloring skills. Here you can get paid to color when you qualify for their screening process.


Get Paid To Color: Conclusion

Talent development always increases productivity and performance. No matter which profession or hobby you choose, you need to stand out from the crowd.

What could be the best part of finding ways to earn from your talent without leaving the comfort of your home? Nothing right?

Go through this article in detail and follow the ways to make your time count valid. For any queries, our comment section is always open for you.

How To Get Paid To Color: FAQs


Can I Teach People To Color?

Yes! Knowledge is doubled when we tend to share. Teaching people how to color can be the best way to boost your skills as well as your income.

Teaching can also lets you be more cautious of mistakes and can help you learn more techniques in this field.


Are There Other Websites Where I Can Get Paid To Color?

Considering the readability of the users we contained in our list, apart from them, there are also many websites and apps which need mention:

Note: You can reach us in our comment section to know how to get started with any of the mentioned ways.


What Are The Tips To Sell My Art?

Always follow these baby steps to master selling your art:

  • Focus on quality over quantity
  • Quote reasonable prices
  • Always focus on genuine promotion
  • Prioritize customer feedback response.


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