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Get Paid To Drink Coffee in 2024: 16 Tasty Ways Inside!

On average, Americans spend $40-$50/month for coffee. What if we say you can easily get paid to drink coffee more than that in a fortnight or less?

Interesting and unreal, right? But really, it works! being coffee freaks, after analyzing our budget trends, we came to the fact that coffee is turning out to be an added weight to the pocket.

And after quite a research on this topic we came to the conclusion that considering a whole lot of health benefits, why can’t we take this as an advantage and spend as well as earn money from drinking coffee?

Before getting into more details, let us explain the benefits of drinking coffee and also a few coffee challenges to earn $500-$1k easily.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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Benefits Of Drinking Enough Coffee

get paid to drink coffee

Source: Netflix

May Your Coffee Kick In, Before Reality Does- 1899 (Netflix TV Series).

A rightful coffee(Intuition) can help you gain the courage to face reality to take a break from your stress and anxiety.

According to the thesis published by Harvard Education, an average consumption of 2-4 cups of coffee in a day can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, Heart Disease, Liver, and endometrial cancers.

Also, it can help to tackle Engima.


Other Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

get paid to drink coffee

  • Energy: Caffeine in coffee can activate the central nervous system and boost your energy levels for at least 3-4 hours.
  • Brain Health: Active coffee can help you fight against Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease by keeping your brain healthy.
  • Weight Management: Coffee can help you alter fat storage by boosting gut health. This can result in proper weight management.
  • Stress and Anxiety: Daily routine starting with a cup of coffee can help you fight stress and anxiety.
  • Longevity: With 2 cups of coffee at the right time can help you fight to age and also the overall functioning of your body, which can eventually build longevity in your life span.
  • Skin Health: Caffeine and polyphenols like CGA can act with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects, which can enhance your skin texture.

Note: Make sure your intake of coffee is in limited/required quantities to take the edge of its health benefits. Intake of anything in over quantity can be hazardous.

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Can I Really Get Paid to Drink Coffee?

get paid to drink coffee

There are many ways to get paid to drink coffee. Before that, this local coffee challenge is unique and worth mentioning at the top.

Here they provide you a chance to earn $1000 to drink local coffee for a whole month. But there are a few requirements and terms to participate. There are as follows:


  • Must be a coffee lover and willing to share the right experience with local coffee
  • Also, be a self-posses Starbucks Addict
  • Will be able to provide experience in all social media channels.


  • Able to visit eight locally owned coffee shops over the course of the month
  • Must be able to attest proof of a photo at every coffee shop
  • Must gain insights into the experience and quality report of the coffee
  • Also, be able to brief experience in a short summary.

Perks Earned:

  • Earn 25% of $1000 as advance payment after selection.
  • You can have a chance to have free delicious coffee for a month.
  • You will be featured on as a guest.

Challenge Link: Coffee Challenge.

After this, you can continue reading for more interesting ways where you can easily get paid to drink coffee and show your passion.


Ways to Get Paid to Drink Coffee

Being a coffee lover and also considering its health benefits, are you excited to also know about the ways to get paid to drink coffee?

So without getting further delayed, Here are the best ways you can start right away to learn to make money from drinking coffee:


1. Become a Coffee Review Blogger

coffee blogger

Potential Earnings: $1000 – 10000+/Month

When coming to freedom of expression and earnings, Blogging must be prioritized on top. Most of us lack the knowledge of blogging potential, so we keep on looking for other income alternatives.

But considerably, earnings are high and in tune through blogging by simply developing content by picking a relevant niche.

How To Get Paid To Drink Coffee Using a Blog?

With all the knowledge and research of coffee-relative things, you can start preparing your content on the base of SEO-researched keywords as rightful articles.

Here there is no restriction on your content when it is genuine. Apart from all this, With all the licit knowledge, you can mainly write review posts on the coffee products and can also share tips to take advantage of good coffee products.

By maintaining consistency in efforts for blogging, you can earn high from Display Ads, Sponsored posts, Affiliates, and also Product Commissions.

What’s Next: Learn How to Start A Profitable Blog in a detailed article on our website. And you can also find our Blogging Income Stats, which lets you stay motivated!


2. Start a Coffee Channel on YouTube

coffee vlogger

Potential Earnings: $100 – 10000/Month

Visual representation always has a high impact on viewers’ understanding as blogging is a content development method through articles. On YouTube, you present content in video format.

This is considered to be one of the most profit-earning gigs with some serious efforts. You can use this world’s leading video publishing website for your content on coffee.

How To Get Paid To Drink Coffee From YouTube?

Here you will select any of the relevant areas, like reviewing coffee products, drinking coffee, testing coffee types, or showing tips on how to use them, etc., by recording a video and publishing them by making necessary changes.

YouTube pays you for relevance with views. On average, with all the display ads, your income will be appreciated, and you can also gain added sponsorships and commissions.

But gaining views is not as simple as there are millions of content publishers. But once you are popularized with your engaging content, there is no stopping for you.

There are many normal people turned millionaires using YouTube revenue. What are you still waiting for?

What’s Next: Create your channel. Try making winning content. Avoid mistakes and harsh reviews not to gain negativism. YouTube is all about sharing rightful knowledge in a rightful manner.


3. Start Coffee Affiliate Marketing

coffee affiliate

Potential Earnings: $1000-$5000/Month.

Affiliate Marketing is a process where you get into a contract with the brands and promote their products. Up on every product sale from your referral, you will earn commissions and free products.

Interesting, Isn’t it? But this is a mindful act, where you need to cross-verify the legalities and the legitimacy of the products before promoting them to not get into future hiccups.

How To Get Paid To Drink Coffee Through Affiliate Marketing

Here earning technique is simple, you signup with brands or retailers and get the full details of the coffee products and their links.

You can also drink coffee in order to get a useful overview of their product and can promote it on your own website or publish buying links on all your social accounts.

Referral Bonuses, Sponsorships, Commissions, Coupons, Value-added Giftcards, and Free products are the earning ways here.

What’s Next: Find the best sources to promote products with high traffic and sale conversions.


Top Coffee Affiliate Programs You Can Join Free

Affiliate Marketing can turn into high-income potential when we can tie up with multiple brands.

By now, you have had a glance over this process. To ease up your things further, here we mentioned a few best coffee affiliate programs to earn some quick cash.


1. Amazon

This is the leading E-Commerce website where we can find almost everything. You can now join the Amazon Affiliate program, where you will be partnered with thousands of coffee brands, Items, Raw materials, etc.

You will be affiliated with buying/referral links with which you market and publish with all the social actives, and whenever there is a sale conversion, you can earn commissions on it. Sometimes you can also have free products and coupons.

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2. Humble Maker Coffee

This California Coffee Company tends to produce organic craft whole bean coffees and coffee beverages. Considered to be one of the finest organic coffee companies in the world using drum roasting techniques.

Here joining their affiliate program can fetch you 8-10 percent commission for every sale conversion, and the best part with them is that they donate 10% of their annual profits to Autism children.


3. The Coffee Scrub

This company produces cosmetic products like face and body scrubs, which can be helpful in targeting common skin conditions like Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Scars, Dry Skin, Psoriasis, Acne, etc.

So the demand is high for them, and you can Join Coffee Scrub Affiliate Program and earn a 5 percent commission for every sale conversion through your link.


4. Koa Coffee

Since 1997 Koa Coffee has been providing supreme quality coffee products for which it has won the Coveted Gevalia Cupping Competition, PCCA coffee of the year, and has also been marked as one of the top 10 coffees of the world by Forbes.

Through their affiliate program, you can earn 10-20 percent commissions for every conversion.


5. Tayst Coffee Roaster

Tayst Coffee produces 100 percent compostable coffee pods that are produced from nutrient-rich soil. They also take care of their packing materials to stay bio-renewable.

Their unique coffee beans and monthly subscription plan can fetch you a $10 commission for every sale conversion.


6. Lady Flacon Coffee Club

This San Francisco-based company produces high-quality coffee and tea products.

They are highly popular for their packing techniques and also with the benefits included like antioxidants, polyphenols, anti-inflammatory, hydrating, mellow buzz properties in their products.

Join their affiliate program and earn around 10 percent commission for every sale conversion.


4. Become a Coffee Ambassador on Instagram

Potential Earnings: You can earn up to $1000 per sponsored post

Using micro-influencers is turning out to be a new revolutionary marketing technique for brands and businessmen. Instagram is now all time growing social trend. Ad conversions have grown leaps and bounds through this platform.

The best part here is that regardless of your followers, using proper hashtags and relevant posts can make you reach a wide range of audience and can become a coffee ambassador.

Using attractive bio, suitable hashtags, great images, and captions are considered to be pro tips to Make More Money on Instagram.

Here you deal with various companies and promote their coffee-relative products through posts and publish buying links. You can earn from ad revenue, commissions, sponsorships, and also free products.

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5. Get a Coffee Taster Job

coffee director salary


Potential Earnings: You can earn $36000+/Annum.

Who doesn’t love to sip a coffee considering its health benefits? If you are also one among them, do you know there are ways where you can get paid to drink coffee?

Any coffee drinker has high expectations for its taste. Being a professional coffee taster, you not only merely sip the coffee but also evaluate and express your review over various coffee types for different brands.

The companies work on quality improvement in relation to your reviews and modification tips. If that works, you will be branded and rewarded with a quality coffee professional tag. Enticing isn’t?

What’s Next: If you want to show your passion for coffee by tasting it, You need to get certified by the International Institute Of Coffee Tasters and start your profession.


6. Find a Coffee Roaster Job

coffee roaster salary


Potential Earnings: You can earn around $15-$20/Hour.

Here you will be acting as an all-rounder. The tasks can range from production, quality, gradation, and also the selection of beans. Demand for this job is always on the progressive curve.

For quality enrichment, you need to have a complete hold on coffee roasting equipment and also stay firm with weighing and portioning accurately.

You must also build the ability to plan and discuss the innovative ideas of new coffee blends by maintaining a proper practice, certifications, and also safety standards.

What’s Next: Join a certification course in Boot Coffee Campus and gain a solid hold on every aspect. You can also conduct events along with your team and can show your skills for money through coffee roasting.


7. Become a Director of Coffee Quality

coffee director salary


Potential Earnings: You can earn around $32k-$61k/Annum.

In order to obtain better coffee products, there is a requirement for a predominant quality assurance team which will be headed by a director.

Being a coffee director, you need to take care of multiple things like Blend parameters, Roast development strategies, Tasting, Quantity, Cupping, and also revenue operations.

This job is quite challenging, but the rewards and satisfaction are at the higher end. Here with your proper contribution, there can be significant profits, customer engagement, and also fame.

What’s Next: Gain a handful of experience on all the equipment and also master your skills in public operations to bloom your coffee business high.

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8. Become a Coffee Shop Barista

coffee shop barista

Potential Earnings: You can earn around $11-$19/Hour.

Coffee Shop Barista is one of the most well-known and rightly seen job profiles in our day-to-day life.

Here your task is to prepare hot and cold beverages, which also include types of coffee and tea. It would help if you were well versed in all the types with speed and efficiency, like Espresso, Dupio, Tirramasu, Macchiato, Affogato, iced lattes, Irish coffee, etc.

Apart from preparation techniques, you must also educate customers on the drinks menu and also give advice to people about the best choice they can make.

Build strong customer service skills and knowledge, as this is the key factor for better sales. The better you serve, the more you earn tips on top of your salary.

What’s Next: Be a quick learner to gauge the customer’s priorities and take the reviews seriously to work on the critical flaws. For more details, you can refer to the Barista course offered by International Barista and Coffee Academy.


9. Become a Coffee Technician

coffee technician salary


Potential Earnings: You can earn around $40000-$50000/Annum.

An unerring coffee can always be the end result when the coffee machine is working accurately along with Barista’s commands.

But here, credit is not always with them. The real credit also goes to the coffee machine technician who installs, repairs, and maintains coffee machines periodically.

This job does not necessarily require a college degree, but hands-on experience and pertinent knowledge of the machine’s functions serve the mandate.

No need to worry about opportunities as there is always a high demand for this as you can work for a company, as a freelance worker, and can also place at popular cafes and restaurants.

What’s Next: This profile needs some serious skills. To learn and hail in this field, you can opt for a Technical Machine Maintenance course(Beginner or Advanced) at International Barista Coffee Academy(IBCA).

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10. Become a Coffee Shop Manager

coffee shop manager

Potential Earnings: You can earn around $20-$29/Hour.

You can guess the task of this gig from its name. It’s a well-known fact that poor management can incur huge losses for the coffee shop.

For this, you need to develop good management skills, excellent customer service skills, and also turn well-versed with daily operations.

Your tasks mainly include fair customer response, stock management, supply chain management, ingredient selection, forming merchandise, account maintenance, and also sale conversions.

You must not only make the above services valuable, but you must also convince your prospects that what you are offering will help them get what they really desire.

What’s Next: Build personal management skills with actionable goals. Try finding coffee manager jobs on Craigslist, Zip Recruiter, Indeed, and LinkedIn.


11. Participate in Coffee Contests

coffee contests

Potential Earnings: You can earn impressive cash prizes and also various rewards.

Are you a coffee expert who can make good-looking and tasteful coffee? If Yes! this is the time for your skills to expose to various contests to earn rewarding prizes.

Usually, these competitions are conducted by popular coffee brands, and you can also win a chance to place in their company if they got impressed with your work.

Apart from companies, there are also world events on coffee competitions held like World Barista Championship, World Brewers Cup, and World Coffee In Good Spirits.

You can also find these competitions promoted on social platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

What’s Next: You can register for the World Coffee Championship Season and can also become a member of their community and knowledge-building organization.

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12. Become a Coffee Mystery Shopper

Potential Earnings: You can earn on an hourly basis and also tips. 

This is one of the unique ways where you can get paid to drink coffee, very simple as it seems to be. Here you are entitled to visit any coffee shop with the objective of measuring the quality of customer experience of the respective place.

It’s a fun activity where you can get a chance to visit many new shops which can let you work in your free time.

All you do here is, register with the list of coffee shops, and then you visit based on the list and collect the necessary information and experience. With all this data, you will prepare a report and submit it to the Mystery Shopping agency.

You can mainly earn as a Mystery Shopper by sharing valuable information like store layouts, pricing, product selection, and also value for money. Apart from the money, you can also win a $200 Giftcard.

What’s Next: If you are an ardent admirer of coffee and want to explore various coffee places in return for earning some extra cash, this gig is for you.


13. Become a Travelling Coffee Salesman

get paid to drink coffee - travelling coffee salesman

Potential Earnings: You can earn relative to commissions on sales.

The coffee business mainly gains profits through product distribution and corporate sales. This task is mainly responsible for the sales team.

Here you being a coffee sales representative, will get in touch with various brands and partners who are ready to distribute and market their coffee products.

With time and effort, you can become a Sales Manager responsible for distributing multiple territories. You are also responsible for coordinating product delivery with compliance with the customer contracts.

What’s Next: You can distribute and offer various coffee brands to corporate offices, restaurants, hotels, and also potential customers and earn commissions for every sale conversion.

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14. Earn Cashbacks on Coffee Purchases

get paid to drink coffee -earn cashbacks on coffee purchases

Potential Earnings: You can earn exciting cashback for every purchase.

We all spend cash for shopping online or offline, whether it can be for food, apparel, electronics, etc. But unknowingly, we spend the actual prize without getting cashback.

Do you know there are a few apps where you can get paid to drink coffee by ordering through them? Cashbacks are always exciting to win! So here are a few apps to download immediately:

  • Ibotta: American company offers valuable cashback on every purchase you make on this platform.100% cash back on the first purchase.
  • Fluz: Earn cashback while you shop for coffee or any other product, and also keep earning from referring friends on Fluz.
  • Rakuten: You can earn cashback from shopping through 2500 different stores all across the United States. You can get up to 40% cash back through PayPal.
  • Fetch Rewards: This is a grocery savings app that rewards you for snapping and uploading the coffee receipt.
  • Coffee Cash Back: Specific Coffee reward program of Thai, where you earn points for every 100 baht spent. 1 point=1 baht.


15. Invent New Coffee Flavors and Get Paid

get paid to drink coffee - new coffee flavors

Potential Earnings: Earn rewards and hikes for every successful flavor inventory.

Coffee is the area we have a large scope for experimenting by adding new flavors. The more we compliment it with added rightful ingredients, the more it gains popularity.

So here is the way where you being a coffee flavor inventor, try adding different ingredients while brewing coffee, like adding alcohol to beans, spice mixing, or coffee oils to roast. End of the day, your goal is to make it more tasteful and unique.

There are many popular coffee brands looking for creative flavor artists like you who can make taste magic using discrete ingredients.

What’s Next: If you have a potential investor, you can brew your own flavored coffees and can start your own cafe.


16. Try Coffee Intern Jobs

get paid to drink coffee - coffee intern jobs

Potential Earnings: You can earn around $10-$15/Hour.

Before setting up your own cafe or working for other cafes, training as an intern can enhance your skills in this field. The best part here is that you can even start your career as a teen.

In the coffee internship, you will be trained to welcome customers, prepare tasteful coffee, latte designs, packing knowledge, beverage blends, brewing methods, and also presentation techniques.

The course may last for 3-6 months, and you can also earn a stipend, medical allowance, and accommodation bonus. You will also be upskilled with quality and quantity enrichment techniques which you can make an edge in your own coffee business.

What’s Next: You can join the world’s most popular coffee retailer Starbucks Internship Program to learn pure coffee enhancement skills.

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Get Paid to Drink Coffee: Companies That Pay to Drink Coffee

Considering the competition in the coffee field, brands always want to enhance their quality along with their taste.

So they acquire some best quality assurance teams and the marketing team to get this thing done.

You can now grab this opportunity and join these below-mentioned companies to get paid to drink coffee:


1. Amora Coffee

Joining Link: Amora Coffee.

This is one of the qualified roasted coffee company started way back in 2011. Their mission is to bring fresh and unique coffee to all Americans, which is driven by their passion.

Their unique feature is that they use the finest beans and a 9-stage roasting process. They also started a tea business in 2015.

Now you can grab this chance to become a distributor of this company and earn a commission of $10 for each referral. You can also win a free bag of coffee worth $1.


2. Chameleon Coffee

Joining Link: Chameleon Coffee.

This company is one of the most well-known organic coffee manufacturers. They tend to offer various types for which you can get paid to drink coffee. But how?

Simple! They offer sweepstakes for coffee lovers to participate in when they sip coffee in their free time. This can range around $3000, which can be termed as an “Ultimate Coffee Break.”

The company was started way back in 2010. From the start, they provide cold-brew bottled enriched coffee, which is fun having in your free time. Take as many breaks as possible and participate in their challenge to win the prize. 


3. Dollar Tree

Joining Link: Dollar Tree.

This is another affiliate program where you can earn commission on referrals and sale conversions.

After finding the right brand with research and commitment, you can list this on the Dollar Tree platform, and up to sales, you will be entitled to earn a commission of 7 percent.


4. Gourmesso

Joining Link: Gourmesso.

This California coffee company is affiliated with Nespresso/Nestle and Keurig/Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

They produce Gourmesso capsules for Nespresso machines and GloryBrew pods for Keurig machines, where you can take advantage of marketing them and earn 20 percent commissions per sale.

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How to Make Money With Coffee?

Till now, we have seen ways to earn from drinking coffee. This section is to let you attach more with coffee in your life. Simple! you start your business with coffee-relative things and earn from it.

Here are the best ways one can start to make money with coffee:

1. Open a Coffee Shop

It is always a dream to come true when we can establish an entity on our own. One on the list which is highly profitable and satisfactory is opening a coffee shop.

But this needs a lot of groundwork and a passion-driven plan to implement in a proper manner. We are here to help you to focus on to set-up your coffee shop:


a) Strategic Location

I have seen most coffee shop owners’ feeling low about their business profits. Always remember to set up your coffee shop in a strategic location where in which there is more crowd to avoid losses.

Even though the rent may be on the higher side, your earnings from this area can compensate for your expenditure with ease.

The best locations you can pick is at corporate offices, shopping malls, restaurants, and also at amusement parks.


b) Find A Source For Coffee Beans

No matter how strategic your location is, without the taste, you will end up with poor sales. So always find the best roaster near to you, check their quality and pricing method, and tie up with them.


c) Customised Menu

Regular coffee is found everywhere. Just give the customers a chance to visit your store with your unique menu shades. Try brewing your own coffee flavors after thorough trials and offer them the best coffee of their life.

d) Other Factors

  • Apply for a startup loan and make sure you gain it with loan interest. You can also borrow from your peers, which can be of less-no interest.
  • Apart from this, keep an eye on your ambiance too. 40-60 percent of people visit a coffee shop based on its ambiance and aroma.
  • Always choose and pick experienced and well-mannered staff to gain public attention and good reviews.

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2. Sell Coffee Online

Setting up a coffee shop at a single location can only spread to a limited reach. In order to further boost your coffee sales, you can also try selling your coffee online.

Here initially, you need to decide on which line you sell your coffee, whether it is drop shipping or roasting.

If you want to set up your own website, you can try starting your coffee blog and publishing content to let people know the real essence behind your coffee.

You can also partner with e-commerce websites like Amazon, E-bay, Flipkart, etc., to sell online. Always prefer quality over quantity to attract a wide audience base.


3. Try Coffee Photography

Who won’t like to keep attractive coffee images as wallpapers for phones and laptops? You can edge this opportunity to grab some bucks.

You can click some amazing pictures of your latte designs and brewing methods, and you can publish them on stock photo websites, where the clients quote them to buy from you.

This is not only fun but can also market your coffee brand and the store.

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Get Paid to Drink Coffee: Conclusion

Considering changes in our lifestyles and job patterns, we can observe significant changes in the rise of different diseases, and also, most of us need to deal with stress and anxiety.

Drinking coffee in an adequate amount can be a short-term solution for all these issues and also help in the long term by taking a few added medical and lifestyle measures.

Coffee has a lot more benefits for your health by evenly keeping you stress-free, don’t ever consider spending money for this as an added expense. And to also help you with this, we tried our best to cover the ways where you can get paid to drink coffee.


Get Paid to Drink Coffee: FAQs

How to get started drinking coffee?

Considering its benefits, drinking coffee under the limit is always preferable.

If you are a beginner, first get to know the bean types and the intensity level. Always start with more latte or cappuccino so that you won’t feel the hardness of the cocoa.


How much does it cost to produce a cup of coffee?

Depending on the type of coffee we pick price range can vary anywhere between $3-$9/cup.

This can be more when it is organically brewed and can also see a significant rise depending on the location.


How can I get a free coffee?

If you are eager to grab a free coffee, almost every popular platform offers you this. Starbucks offers a reward program where you can have a free coffee on referral.

McDonald’s and also Dunkin offers free points where you can grab a free coffee.


Does getting paid to drink coffee really work?

Yes! Obviously. There are quite a many ways where you can get paid to drink coffee.

As mentioned above, you can try any of them or can use various apps for free rewards, which you can encash to have a free coffee.


Looking for Other Easy Ways to Earn Money?