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Get Paid To Drink Water in 2024 [#1 Pays $15000?]

We all know, “If there is no water, there is no life.” Water is an invaluable life-sustaining force. It is so vital for all life forms on earth that it doesn’t have any substitute.

This never-ending necessity can also cause several health issues if it’s impure or not taken sufficiently.

So many businesses have budded up to take care of these two issues, and it is here where you can find fantastic jobs that pay you to drink water.

Surprised right? Dive into this article to know what all get paid-to-drink water jobs are available out there.


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Can I Really Get Paid Just for Drinking Water?

get paid to drink water

“We Never Know The Worth Of Water Till The Well Is Dry”- Thomas Fuller.

We will be unaware of anything’s respective worth until it is found nowhere; the same applies to the water. Even after knowing its benefits, we ignore following precautions dramatically.

Regarding the above question: Yes, you can absolutely be paid to drink water. As we already said, water has been and will be in demand forever. This is why we see many businesses, such as water plants, bottled water manufacturing units, etc.

At the same time, government units also take care of water quality. You can find opportunities to get paid to drink water at all such places.

While some may require you to inspect the quality of water, others might want you to encourage others to drink water. This article has created a list of jobs and companies that pay you to drink water.

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How to Get Paid to Drink Water: Jobs That Pay to Drink Water

The water resources industry has a lot of opportunities for you to earn while you drink water.

All these opportunities are not just any side income sources but can help you earn lump some money.

Here is a list of a few well-paying, get-paid-to-drink-water jobs that have been there for a long time but are not discussed much.


1. Referral Programs

refer friends

  • Income Potential: Up to $100 per referral (varies with the company).

Bottled or Packaged water companies and other businesses in the water industry look out for people who can promote their brand and drive in more sales. You can be that promoter they are looking for by joining their referral programs.

Like any other referral programs, these also pay you a commission when someone purchases through your reference.

All you need to do is to promote their packaged water in your circle of friends and family. The best way to promote anything these days is through social media.

You can click photos or make videos and post them on your social profiles. If you are a social media influencer or have a good number of followers and reach online, you can make more money.


2. Drinking Water Quality Inspector

Water Treatment Plant Operator

  • Income Potential: $38K to $82K per year.

You can find a water quality inspector job in either the public or private sectors. At any of these places, the job of a drinking water quality inspector is to check if the water is safe for consumption.

Some of the duties you need to fulfill as a water quality inspector may involve the following:

  • Ensuring the quality standards are met
  • Inspecting and evaluating the sampling activities
  • Investing in groundwater contamination
  • Checking for pollutants, etc.

Sometimes, you may also need to go and inspect home water apart from the reservoirs, dams, refreshment bottling companies, wastewater treatment facilities, etc.


3. Water Sommelier

  • Income Potential: Average of $52,597 per annum.

As a water sommelier, you will taste the water and get paid for it. But it is not as easy as it sounds.

To be a water sommelier, you must be able to identify and distinguish the different types of natural minerals present in the water. Water’s taste depends on parameters such as minerality, carbonation, hardness, etc.

To be able to detect all these, you need to have a lot of expertise that you can draw by getting trained to know the nuances of water. 

Water Sommeliers are most in demand in the culinary industry. Here’s what they do:

  • Educate customers about the taste of water and help them choose one
  • Teach people in the culinary field about using different waters in different cuisines

A water sommelier certification course can take you a long way in this field.


4. Water Tester

water taster

  • Income Potential: An average of $47,892 per year.

While water is the means of life, it can also be the reason for many contagious diseases if it is not clean.

This is where the role of a Water Tester comes in. This person is the one who ensures that the water is safe for the public to consume.

A water tester’s job is to ensure that the water quality in the freshwater systems and waste treatment plants meets the EPA guidelines. They usually follow a biological sampling and chemical testing method to fulfill their task.

Here’s a step-by-step procedure of the job done by a water tester:

  • Collect water samples
  • Test the water using specialized equipment
  • Check the level of harmful substances and chemicals present in the sample

This job requires you to have keen attention and understanding of the science of water because, ultimately, you might be responsible for people’s health if something goes wrong.


5. Water Treatment Plant Operator

  • Income Potential: Average of $47,301 per year.

As the name itself suggests, a Water treatment plant operator is responsible for operating the machines or equipment in a water plant. However, their job might vary depending upon the size and type of water plant they work in.

Some of the most popular duties of a water treatment plant operator include the following:

  • Disinfecting water by adding chemicals
  • Monitoring the gauges, meters, and operating conditions
  • Collecting and testing sewage/water samples
  • Recording the operational data and other readings
  • Operating equipment to purify water or dispose of or process sewage
  • Cleaning and maintaining filter beds, equipment, tanks, etc.

That’s a long list, right?!

Water plants work round the clock throughout the year, so this job requires you to work rotational shifts.


6. Lifestyle Apps

You might have some built-in apps on your phone that remind you to do certain daily activities such as working out, drinking water, decreasing screen time, etc. All such apps are called Lifestyle apps.

These in-built ones might not give you anything else apart from reminders. But there are similar apps that you can download on your phones, which remind you to drink water and reward you for doing so.

This way, you will remain hydrated while also making a few cents.



Get Paid to Drink Water: Companies That Pay to Drink Water

Now that you have an idea of what kind of opportunities you have to earn by drinking water, we want to make it much easier for you by discussing the companies that pay you to drink water.

Below is a list of famous companies where you can find jobs paying you to drink water.


1. Hydrant (Get Paid $15000 as Cheif Thirst Officer)

Hydrant is a health and wellness company that produces and sells flavored powder mixes that you can add to your water. These powder mixes come with a lot of nutritional value and health benefits, further improving your water intake.

You can earn literally $15000 by participating in their contest. And all you need to do is drink water for 8 weeks with Hydrant. You can check here or the official website for more info on this.

They have a Hydrant Influencer program for which you can sign up to work with them. As a hydrant influencer, you will be promoting their products via TikTok videos, etc.


This is a great way to try their products, drink more water, and earn simultaneously.

You will be paid either in cash or on receipt of goods and services. Sometimes, you may receive both.

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2. Culligan Water

get paid to drink water


Headquartered in Rosemont, United States, Culligan Water is a global water treatment company that offers water softening and filtration solutions to homes and businesses.

This company looks to work with people who have the zeal to improve and provide better water to the public. You can find opportunities in water testing and other technical fields.

You can also use their franchising opportunities to make more cash.

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3. eBates



If you read our posts regularly, you must know that eBates, currently known as Rakuten, is a cashback app that rewards you for shopping with its partner brands.

Apart from shopping, you can also earn cashback when you buy food or drinks from their partner restaurants.

Rakuten partners with brands such as Hint Water, Everydrop, Zerowater, etc., that work with the motive of providing pure water and water filtration products.

You can earn cashback when you shop for water or other products from these brands and redeem it for cash or gift cards.


4. UpEnergy

get paid to drink water


Based in Kampala, Uganda, UpEnergy is an environmentally conscious company that works to make clean technology accessible to all sections of society. They work with the motive of reducing carbon emissions.

Their work includes the sales and distribution of high-quality, long-lasting, and fuel-efficient biomass cooking stoves, electric pressure cookers, and water purification systems.

They have job openings for positions such as Safe Water – Project Manager, etc., that can help you to get paid to drink water.

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5. Josh’s Water Jobs

This is a job board that is dedicated to jobs related to water only. Established in 2011, Josh’s Water Jobs acts as a bridge between organizations in the water sector and prospective talents in the global water community.

Some job openings on their board include water policy, governance, law, science, advocacy, WASH(Water, Sanitation, Hygiene), and more.

No matter which part of the globe you are in, you can find and get paid opportunities to drink and deal with water.

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Tips For Getting Paid to Drink Enough Water

Water isn’t enjoyable enough to drink always, but we can’t do it the other way. But a few jobs that we mentioned above may require you to drink more water or encourage others to do the same.

In both cases, you can use the tips mentioned below.

  • Add reminders to your phone so you don’t miss drinking more water even in your busy schedules.
  • Add flavored mixes to your water so you don’t feel bored
  • Replace water with coconut water or other beverages such as fruit juices, coffee, tea, etc.
  • Set goals to encourage yourselves to drink more water
  • Don’t skip water after meals
  • Carry a refillable water bottle everywhere you go, and keep sipping throughout the day.
  • Use copper water bottles to keep you motivated.

Make your water intake experience as relishing and beneficial as possible by following these tips and more if you have any.

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Get Paid to Drink Water – Final Words

Finally, we would like to say that getting paid to drink water is an age-old job opportunity that has always been present but not discussed enough.

Suppose you are knowledgeable about the science of water and have the required educational qualifications. In that case, you can end up with a high-paying water-related job in either the private or public sector.

Even if you are not a water expert, you can still work campaigning for companies that sell water and turn every purchase into cash.


Get Paid To Drink Water: FAQs


Is Getting Paid To Drink Water Profitable?

Yes, getting paid to drink water is profitable enough. If you look at the opportunities we listed above, almost all of them are well-paying and dignified jobs.

You can earn an average of $55K per annum by getting into any job that we mentioned in this list.


Can I Make Good Money From Drinking Water?


For example, the referral programs we mentioned can help you earn passively whenever someone purchases upon your recommendation through a TikTok video you posted long ago.


What Is The Best Get-Paid-To-Drink Water App?

One of the best get-paid-to-drink water apps we mentioned is Hydrant. It is a personal favorite because it makes drinking water fun with its beneficial flavored mixes.


Are There Any Downsides To Getting Paid To Drink Water?

There are no downsides as such, but jobs such as water tester and water treatment plant operator might demand a lot of physical work.


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