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Get Paid to Get Tattoos on Your Body (Up To $10,000)

Do you ever think about getting a cool tattoo? Or do you already have some tattoos on your body and want a few more? If yes, you will be surprised if I say there are ways to get paid to get tattoos these days.

Although unconventional, you can make money by putting cool logos and texts as tattoos on your body. And there are many companies available these days who are willing to offer up to $10k for a single tattoo.

But you do need to understand all the aspects of getting a tattoo and earning from it before you actually opt for one. And to help you, we have tried all the possible methods to find the best for you.

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What is Skin Advertising?

Often dubbed “Skinvertising” in popular culture, skin advertising is a practice of using the visible part of your body as an advertising platform.

And the people who are into this skin advertising are colloquially known as skin advertisers or human billboards.

From face to hand, from legs to back, you can use any visible part of your body as an advertising medium. It can either be a permanent tattoo or a temporary one.

More and more companies are now embracing this advertising technique. And for that, there are now many options available to get paid to get a tattoo in 2024.

Famous Russian adult movie star Anna Morgan recently created a buzz after she tattooed “MyMMOShop” on her breasts and earned $500k for that tattoo.

However, you don’t need to take such bold steps to earn from skin advertising. But yes, there are many other second jobs ideas available as well that pay equally well.

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How Much Do Tattoo Models Get Paid?

If you are looking for companies that pay for tattoo advertising in 2024, there are plenty of options available. However, not every site pays the same.

According to our estimates, you can make around $70k/year if you truly unlock the income potential of skin advertising.

A temporary tattoo that will last for a few days can make you a couple hundred bucks. In contrast, a permanent tattoo can fetch you up to $10k.

While evaluating the currently available skin advertising gigs on Fiverr, we understood that it typically ranges from $5 per temporary tattoo and up to $2k per permanent one.

One guy recently ended up tattooing 15 logos of different companies throughout his body. And for that, he has earned $200k in total.

Recently, Dominos launched a unique campaign where anyone could get 100 pizzas a year for the next 100 years. But to get that, you need to tattoo their logo.


Companies That Pay For Tattoo Advertising in 2024

If you still think about what companies pay you to get a tattoo, we do have the best answer for that. The most popular companies where you can get paid to get tattoos are as follows.


1. LeaseYourBody

This American website called LeaseYourBody almost revolutionized the whole tattoo advertising in 2021.

Before it came into the market, people looking for opportunities to get paid to get tattoos did not have a single-point platform to see all the available options.

And then, LeaseYourBody came into the market and organized this whole skin advertising industry. It is not the end client who will want you to have their logos tattooed on your forehead.

Instead, they act as a mediator between the companies looking for participants and the skin advertisers.

The company itself says it offers $100 to $5k/tattoo, depending on various factors. But we have found while trying our own that typical skin advertising offers on this platform range from $200 to $1k.

However, this company charges a flat 30% commission fee on your asking rate.

How Does LeaseYourBody Work?

First, you need to create a free account.

You don’t need to pay any joining fee, and there are no additional or hidden costs involved. During the joining process, you need to declare a few details, like what kind of tattoo you would love to have or where you would love to have it done.

You also need to declare your preference between a temporary tattoo and a permanent one. Don’t forget to put your asking rate. Once you fill in all the details, they will give you approval and starts a bidding process.

Companies registered with LeaseYourBody will then start bidding for your body’s space to get their tattoos done.

The company that offers the best price will win the space. That company will then give you the design you need to tattoo your body within a specific time.

Once the bid is closed, they will directly cut their 30% commission and give you the rest 70% through direct deposit or online transfer.


2. Fiverr

This Israeli platform called Fiverr is undoubtedly the largest online marketplace currently serving millions of freelancers around the globe.

Besides some traditional freelance projects, you can also find many other unconventional works, like tattooing your body, on this unique marketplace.

All you need is to create a free account and build your profile while highlighting your crucial expertise.

You can also describe why and where you want to put the logo or text as a tattoo. This company gives you the freedom to choose your gig price, which ranges between $5 and $995/gig.

Right now, this company also offers payment protection to avoid any scams or fraud. But yes, Fiverr is not the only one, as there are now many high-paying freelance job websites available that offer this opportunity.


3. eBay

The old daddy of the online auction market, eBay has several unique features. It now has more than 200 million active users spreading over 33 countries across the globe.

You just need to signup and create an auction for the tattoo space on your body. Let the clients bid for the best price! It is probably the only website that has witnessed several record-breaking deals on skin advertising.

Back in 2005, a guy called Andrew Fisher made $37,375 for putting a temporary tattoo on his forehead that lasted for 30 days. A company called SnoreStop won the bid, thus the skin advertising space.

A lady named Karolyne Smith, aka “The Forehead Goldie,” also cracked a $10k deal for tattooing her forehead that same year. Canadian gambling company ‘’ won the auction, and she put the website name on her forehead in return.


4. Craigslist

Do you know that Craigslist now gets over 20 billion page views each month? Yes, it’s a landmark that this American advertising company recently crossed.

From job openings to housing, from second-hand goods to odd jobs, you can find almost anything of your preference right on this website.

You can easily create an account without any cost. And after that, you can directly put free advertising on the “sale” or “offer” section.

You can also set up your asking rate right on that same advertisement. However, this company now charges a 5% flat commission fee.

You can easily filter the skin advertising offers in your locality as well. And for each of your tattoos, you can charge up to $10k.

And it is not only just the best place to get paid to get tattoos, but you can also explore many legit ways to make extra income through this platform.

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5. HostGator

Based in Houston, USA, HostGator has recently witnessed a massive popularity surge. They have also created a strong reputation for their on-time assistance and unmatched after-sales service.

Besides, they now also offer a 99.99% uptime. But, is that all? No, this company also has frequent opportunities for skin advertising as well.

Since its establishment, this hosting company has adopted several unconventional ad strategies.

And it created a solid buzz in media after a guy called William Mel Gibby, popularly known as ‘Billy The Human Billboard’ in pop culture, tattooed “” on his forehead.

And Billy bagged an astounding $15k for that deal. This company still offers these kinds of skin advertising opportunities. They pay around $4k on average, although it depends on several factors, like the size and place of the tattoo.


6. News Sites And Social Media

You can’t deny the power and presence of social media in the 21st century. We now almost have our virtual identities established through these media.

And you can also use it for your own benefit to get paid to get tattoos as well.

Just search for the tattooing groups on Facebook and post your offer after you join. You can also look for your local telegram channels and other local directories like Yellow Pages. These local directories often have these lucrative deals in skin advertising.

You can follow some brands like HostGator and Toyota that frequently offer these deals. Follow their Instagram profiles as they mainly announce their offers there.

Besides this, you can also make money on Instagram in various ways if you have an active profile.


Tattoo Advertising 40k Per Forehead

If you are still worried about the legitimacy of the end clients offering money for skin advertising, worry not! There are many proven ways to get paid to get tattoos.

Many people have followed these paths and have earned quite a large chunk of money.


7. Toyota

You don’t need any introduction to this Japanese automobile manufacturer, do you? It is among the premier players in the automotive market.

And before they launch any new cars from their premium segment, they are known for adopting super-aggressive and out-of-the-box marketing campaigns.

Back in 2004, Toyota recruited 40 young adults to put various tattoos on their foreheads. These tattoos included the car name, model, and price of their new series at that time. For those tattoos, Toyota has paid them around $11/hour on average.

However, that unusual marketing campaign lasted for just three hours. And a year later, a European young adult TV channel called CNX adopted the same strategy to market their channel in cities like London, Glasgow, and Leeds.


8. Red Sun Cigarettes

This New York-based tobacco company called Red Sun Cigarettes is known for adopting unique strategies to market its products. Back in 2015, this company launched its “Extremely Nicotine Campaign,” that involved skin advertising.

This company asked people to tattoo the logo of Red Sun Cigarettes on their bodies. And for each of those bright red & yellow tattoos, participants have earned at least $1.5k. People with more prominent and eccentric tattoos bagged up to $3k.

And the winner of the contest bagged a whopping $5k for the Red Sun Cigarettes tattoo. Since then, this company has adopted these marketing strategies several times.


9. Feel Unique

This London-based website called FeelUnique is quite a big name in the beauty and cosmetics industry in the European market. A few years back, they also adopted skin advertising strategies to popularize their website name.

Right after their website launch, they launched a new set of marketing campaigns. They asked people to put the domain name on their eyelids and then wink at strangers. And for that, they paid around $150 to each on average.

They first invited ten people to join the campaign. However, more than 100 people have registered to join their movement within just a few hours. You can now keep an eye on their newsletter to grab such deals in upcoming months.


10. Air New Zealand

Known for its lavish flights and unmatched air experience, Air New Zealand has already pioneered several ad campaign designs. A few years back, they introduced a campaign called Cranial Billboards.

They asked people to shave their heads and put on a temporary tattoo of Air New Zealand. And in return, they gifted either $777 cash or a round trip to New Zealand worth $1200 at least.

This company has received at least thousands of applications willing to participate. However, they have selected 30 among those. Most interesting, then-legal secretary of California, Terry Gardener, also participated in this unique campaign.


Other Ways to Get Paid for Tattoos Advertisement

There are many ways to get a tattoo for money. However, not every method is as effective as the highest-paying one.

So, we have tried and tested all the possible ways to finally identify the best ways to get paid to get tattoos.


1. Advertise Your Tattooed Body Online

If you already have a few tattoos on your body, it can be your pathway to entering the industry of skin advertising.

All you need to do is take some great pictures of your tattoos and advertise your body online. You can start by uploading those pictures to your social media account.

However, there are many companies available that now work as mediators, bringing brands and people together. You can also directly approach those companies to get some excellent tattoo advertising opportunities.


2. Use Online Classified Ad Sites

Nothing can be as good as classified sites if you want to get paid to get tattoos on your body. You can find all the available options through those sites.

Besides, these classified sites also bring local companies and local skin advertisers together. So, you can also explore your nearby opportunities.

Craigslist is one such company that often lists these opportunities. You can directly search for available tattooing opportunities and then filter them according to your demographic profile.

And there are many legit websites like Craigslist that also offer these kinds of unique opportunities.


3. Contact Your Favorite Brands Directly

Many brands, especially global leaders, are now willing to offer great opportunities. All you need is to tattoo their logos or names on your visible skin to make money.

Many companies also give you free stuff for tattoos. So, if you can’t find a way to earn real cash, you can go for a barter. But yes, you need to be professional to approach them correctly.

Take some great pictures and highlight the key benefits while approaching those companies directly. You also need to mention if you are willing to do a permanent or a temporary one.


4. Use Social Media Platforms

Can you get paid for getting a tattoo? If you are still in doubt, you are simply ignoring the power of social media. Besides being the platform to connect with friends and foes, social media is also the best way to attract potential advertisers.

Just click some great photos, write a short description of why you want to get the tattoo done, and voila!

Use every social media account you have, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even WhatsApp, to showcase your offer. You can join your local Telegrams channels as well.


5. Check Brands’ Advertising Campaigns

It would be best to look for companies offering opportunities to get paid to get tattoos. You can easily find it online.

It is better to look for your local Facebook groups as well. Besides, you can also drop your question about finding a local opportunity for skin advertising on Quora.

HostGator is one such company where you can get paid for tattoos. They recently paid a guy called William Mel Gibby an astounding $15k to ink “” on his forehead. If you are brave enough, you can take these bold steps to earn big.


Important FAQs

Can I really get paid for getting a tattoo?

Yes, you can definitely get paid to get tattoos these days. We have already discussed several ways to find such deals as well.

It is now absolutely possible to make around $2k on average and up to $10k on the higher side from skin advertising.

However, getting a tattoo on your body has its pros and cons. And you need to understand all the bright and opposing sides of it before locking your first skin advertising deal.


  • You’ll get a free tattoo without spending any money.
  • You’ll become an attention grabber, and people will interact with you more.
  • Temporary tattoos can be washed off within a few days.


  • It doesn’t look nice if you put a vague tattoo in an obscure place like the forehead or cheek.
  • A permanent tattoo will remain with you till you die.
  • Even if you want to get rid of it in the future, it will cost a lot to remove it permanently.


How much can a tattoo model get paid?

It depends on several factors. If you are only comfortable with temporary or semi-permanent tattoos that will not last long, those can pay you around $1k/tattoo.

However, you can make much more if you opt for a permanent one. Many people have reported earning about $10k per permanent tattoo.

However, the final offering of skin advertising depends on the size of the tattoo and the place where you want your tattoo. Areas like the back, upper arm, and belly are significantly visible.

So, you’ll get the best price if you select those places. You can also select eyelids and feet, although they will fetch you less money as they are less visible to the public.


How to get a free tattoo and get paid as well?

Again, it depends on several factors. Many companies offer additional amounts to get the tattoo done all by yourself.

Many companies also have their own tattoo artists and their own setup to get it done. So, it is better if you can talk to the end client and clear all your doubts.

If you are using platforms like Fiverr or LeaseYourBody, you can also mention the payment terms beforehand.

Even if you get these offers from any other platforms, you should talk to the company representative to know who will pay for the tattoo.

If you think that the tattoo cost will be included in the final offering, double-check the actual amount you are getting after spending the tattoo cost.



There are ways to get paid to get tattoos. But it is not wise to take it as a full-time opportunity and become a human billboard within a few months or so.

But yes, if you only opt for temporary tattoos, it can be a unique side hustle. However, you do need an eccentric personality to complement your tattoos perfectly.

But there are many other ways to make a pretty good amount of money without putting in much effort. Don’t forget to check out how I earn $7k+/month from blogging, even in this challenging situation.

So, that’s all, folks! Feel free to drop your feedback and suggestion in the comment box below.


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