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32 Ways To Get Paid To Give Advice Online – $25/Hr

Are you good at giving advice? Have you ever thought of getting paid to give advice to people? Honestly, in my opinion, people who give great advice deserve to be paid. But do you think it is possible to get paid to give advice in real life?

Yes, it is very much possible! There are several websites and apps available nowadays that offer these opportunities.

Here in this article, we’ve listed the best and handpicked platforms that pay a decent amount of real cash. So, let’s jump into the list and explore new opportunities.


Disclaimer:  This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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Give Advice By Answering Questions

The easiest way to earn money while giving advice is by joining websites and apps that offer this opportunity.

You mainly need to express your opinions through short questionnaires. Some of the most legit websites and apps in this category are as follows.


1. Opinion Outpost

Job: Answer Questions

Pay: Up to $5 per answer

Availability: Worldwide

One of the best platforms to get paid to give advice is Opinion Outpost. You can give your opinion by taking part in short questionnaires on specific products or brands.

You’ll be credited up to 50 points for each questionary you complete, and these earnings can be withdrawn through PayPal or Amazon gift cards.


2. Just Answer

Job: Answer simple questions

Pay: Up to $25 per answer

Availabilty: Worldwide

As the name itself says, you need to Just Answer on this website to make money. It has more than 20 million people around the globe on its user base. And it is rapidly increasing.

You can earn around $5 for each accepted answer, although it can go up to $20 for difficult ones. Once you accumulate at least $20 on this website, you can directly withdraw that through PayPal.


3. LifePoints

Job: Answer Questions

Pay: Depends on the type of questionary

Availability: Worldwide

If you want to get paid to advise without spending much time, LifePoints can be your ideal option. It accepts members from all over the world, although you need to be at least 14 years old.

Each time you take part in short surveys, you can earn some points depending on the length and difficulty of the subject.

Once you accumulate enough points, you can redeem those through PayPal.


4. Survey Junkie

Job: Short Surveys

Pay: $10 per survey

Availability: Worldwide

Although it is mainly known for legit surveys, Survey Junkie has a segment where you can give brand-related opinions. This platform is well-known for its high-paying policy.

Companies mostly opt for this program for the development and betterment of their products.

You need to share your opinion on a particular product or service by filling out a simple survey. For each survey, you get some exciting points that you can redeem through PayPal.


5. Pinecone Research

Job: Test Products/Answer questions

Pay: Up to $7 per test/$5 per survey

Availability: Worldwide

If you often try your hands on new products, Pinecone Research can help you to make money. All you need is to give your honest opinion after testing the products. And for each of your opinions, you can earn real cash.

However, you need to be at least 18 years old with a valid email id to join this website. Once you have enough money in your wallet on this website, you can opt for the withdrawal.


6. Product Testing

Job: Test Products

Pay: Up to $100 per test + Free products

Availability: United States only

Available exclusively for people in the United States, Product Testing is a leading website for opinions. Besides, it also offers mystery shopping and secret dinner opportunities.

The joining procedure is pretty simple, and you will get instant approval. However, you need to be at least 18 years old. You then need to review a specific product or service to get instant cash rewards.


7. Quora

Job: Answer questions of real people

Pay: depends on your popularity

Availability: Worldwide

There’s no need to say that Quora is the most popular question-answer platform in the world right now. However, it also has a partnership program that is ideal for getting paid to give advice.

You need to go through a demanding selection process that can be a little longer than usual. But if you have the approval, you can make quite a fair amount of money each month.


Get Paid To Give Advice As a Chat Agent

Many companies often need talented chat agents to troubleshoot and give advice to their customers.

So, if you have the zeal to handle customers and a good typing speed, you can surely start working as a chat agent. And the companies now offering this opportunity are as follows.


8. Needle

Job: customer support

Pay: depends on your expertise

Availability: United States

It is an excellent platform for those who love shopping. All you need is to connect the customers with the right products through chat support.

However, you need to be a permanent citizen of the United States to become eligible for Needle. Besides, you should also have good communication skills.

This company currently offers a fixed hourly rate, which will depend upon expertise and experience.


9. Arise

Job: Technical advice

Pay: Up to $19 per hour

Availability: United States

If you want to earn as an independent contractor, Arise is the best fit. You can make around $9 as soon as you join this company.

However, this rate can go as high as $19 per hour, depending on your skills. The joining procedure is very simple, and you will get quick approval.

Arise currently pays through PayPal and direct wire transfers to its freelance chat agents.


10. SiteStaff Chat

Job: Chat support

Pay: Up to $15 an hour

Availability: United States

You can get paid to give advice on SiteStaff if you have a typing speed above 65 WPM. Besides, you should also have good accuracy while typing.

You also need to have the ability to handle at least four conversations at a time to get selected.

This company accepts new people through an easy joining process. You can either opt for PayPal or direct deposit to withdraw your earnings.


Other Platforms To Make Money Giving Advice

Besides the specialized jobs we have mentioned above, many companies now also offer opportunities where you can earn by giving your valuable opinions.

Some of the most notable among those companies are as follows.


11. Live Advice

Job: Expert Advice

Pay: You can fix your hourly pay rate

Availability: Worldwide

This company mainly focuses on life coaching and financial advice. So, if you think you can guide anyone on the right track, Live Advice is definitely for you.

It has already served millions of customers throughout the world. You can easily create an account on this platform and set your rate.

However, try to fix it according to the industry standard to get more clients.


12. Askables

Job: Answer questions

Pay: Up to $15 per answer

Availability: Worldwide

All you need to do is to answer specific questions about your preferred niche while working for Askables. And for each of your qualified answers, you can earn up to $15.

You are just a few clicks away from joining this company, although you need to have absolute expertise in your preferred subjects.

This company currently pays its freelancers through linked PayPal accounts.


13. Keen

Job: Expert advice

Pay: Profit sharing (62%)

Availability: Worldwide

In the last few years, Keen has become extremely popular among freelancers. It achieves this popularity due to its high payout and timely payment. You can join this company in a few simple steps.

And after getting the joining approval, you can set your per-minute rate or per-hour rate. Every time you give advice through this platform, you will get 62% of that revenue.


14. Live Person

Job: Anwer Questions

Pay: Profit sharing

Availability: Worldwide

If you want to get paid to give advice without any fixed commitment, Live Person is the best bet for you. You can join this website by filling up a simple joining form that hardly takes a few minutes.

After that, you can directly access its unique dashboard loaded with useful tools. Its unique algorithm automatically matches you with the question from your niche.


15. Bit Wine

Job: Advice people through video call

Pay: Depends on your performance

Availability: Worldwide

This outstanding website mainly focuses on future telling and parapsychology. So, if you have expertise in astrology, tarot card reading, palmistry, Reiki, and similar niches, Bit Wine is the best option.

All you need is to describe your expertise, and you’ll get instant approval. You can then choose your own hourly rate. After deducting the commission, you can get it directly through PayPal.


16. Web Question Answers

Job: Answer questions

Pay: Depends on your expertise

Availability: Worldwide

It is probably the only website to get paid to give advice that doesn’t charge any commission. You can take the total income that you generate on this website.

It is also an excellent platform for content curators and technical writers. But yes, you do need to have a flair in writing to get selected on Web Question Answers.

After that, you can get all the earnings you generate from ad revenue.


17. Experts 123

Job: Answer questions

Pay: Up to $20 per answer

Availability: Worldwide

Without any doubt, Experts123 is among the best options if you want to answer questions and earn money.

Its users post specific questions on this platform. And you can choose those questions according to your preference and answer those.

For each qualified answer, you can earn up to $20. You can withdraw your earnings each month through your linked PayPal account.


18. Helpowl

Job: Answer Questions

Pay: Depends on your expertise

Availability: Worldwide

From extremely silly to incredibly technical, you can find almost any kind of advice on Helpowl.

It has a vast network of users that post their queries each hour. All you need to do is to answer those questions to earn money.

However, you do need to give detailed and satisfactory answers to earn points. Once you earn enough points, you can directly redeem those for cash rewards or gift cards.


19. Weegy

Job: Answer Questions

Pay: Up to $0.2 per anwer

Availability: Worldwide

It is a community-based platform that offers solutions for various problems. And if you have expertise in any particular subject, you can join Weegy.

It will take just a few minutes to create a free account on this website. And for each of your answers, you can earn around $0.2.

After you accumulate at least $20 in your account, you can raise a withdrawal request.


20. MyLot

Job: Answer forum queries

Pay: Depends on your expertise

Availability: Worldwide

Many people love to participate in forum discussions. And now, MyLot allows you to get paid to give advice while participating in forum discussions.

It is not just a question-answer platform but also a chill hangout place for online nerds. You can easily join the public discussion board on various topics and earn a pretty good amount of money.


21. KGB

Job: Answer questions

Pay: Up to $0.1 per answer

Availability: United States

Since 1992, KGB has proved its worth as one of the best places for sharing ideas. And now, it has become one of the global leaders in the customer care and information service industry.

You can also be a part of this platform and share your opinion by answering short questions. For each question, you can earn around $0.1. However, it is currently available only in the United States.


22. OutPlex

Job: Customer support

Pay: Up to $14 per hour

Availability: United States only

Previously dominated the market as Talk2Rep, OutPlex currently operates as one of the largest customer service providers in the United States. Besides, this company has also stepped foot in the knowledge process.

However, you need at least 30 WPM typing speed with 95% accuracy to get on board. You can easily earn around $14 per hour by solving customer queries.


23. Live Pro

Job: Answer customer queries

Pay: Depends on your expertise

Availability: United States

If you talk about the knowledge process industry, Live Pro is definitely among the leading players. It now offers customer care positions to talented freelancers.

You can apply through an easy process as they also provide extensive training.

This opportunity is now exclusively available in the United States. You will get your hourly rate depending on your skill and experience in this industry.


24. Maven

Job: Consultation

Pay: Fix your own hourly pay rate

Availability: United States only

There are very few better options to get paid to give advice than Maven. One of the best things about this company is that you can choose your own hourly rate while joining.

But, it is better to select a reasonable rate to get more queries coming your way.

You need to be a permanent citizen of the United States to become eligible for this job. Besides, you also need to have real expertise in your subject.


25. Weebly

Job: Solve customer queries

Pay: Up to $17 per hour

Availability: United States

It is probably the only provider that offers $17 per hour to its freelancers. And you can join Weebly through its easy selection process. However, this company is currently only accepting people from the United States.

You need to be located near Arizona and often opt for on-site training for its new members. Besides, you also need to commit at least 25 hours each week.


Independent Ways To Get Paid To Give Advice

Many free-minded people often like to start their own businesses rather than go for a job. And for them, here we have some interesting ideas that actually work very well.


26. Start An Advice Blog

Nothing can beat the freedom and joy of creating your website if you want to get paid to give advice. You can create your own blog in just 20 minutes.

Once you create a blog and start writing on your topic, you’ll start getting readers over time. There are several ways to monetize your blog with Display ads, affiliate marketing, courses, eBooks, and more.

Here you can see how much money I make every month giving career advice to people through this blog, have a glance at it, and work on starting your own blog.


27. Start a Consulting Business

If you have the right kind of expertise in any specific niche, you can start your own consulting business. You can provide that through online platforms, phones, or even video calls.

Make a dedicated handle for your consultation segment on all the social media pages. Don’t forget to reach out to your nearby community centers to get clients.


28. Create & Sell Online Course

Over the last decade, the demand for good online courses has been rapidly increasing. And it is also the same case in the field of genuine advice. You can make your course and sell it online.

There are websites like Coursera and Udemy that now give you this opportunity. Besides you can also make it public through your social media handles.


29. Publish an eBook

People tend to prefer eBooks over physical books nowadays due to many reasons.

Anyone can carry them on smart devices and read them on the go. And, people are now emphasizing more on life-lessons and motivational books.

You can grab this opportunity and publish your own eBook to give your advice in detail on any subject you prefer.


30. Become an Online Counselor

If you think you want to take this as a full-time job, you can start your career as an online counselor. Just make a social media handle and start advertising that you are offering online counseling.

You need to opt for either telephonic or online chat to communicate with your clients. Besides, many counselors also prefer direct video calls to make it even more engaging.


31. Become a Financial Adviser

Finance is something that almost all people need advice on. So, if you are good at this subject and manage money well, you can start working full-time as a financial advisor.

It will be better if you have an educational background in the finance or commerce field. Besides, you should also know about current finance and investment scenarios.


32. Start an Advice Column

You can kickstart your advice column if you already have a dedicated website for your existing business. However, you can also open a fresh one and attract customers through various channels.

Write proper and descriptive advice in your column that also signifies your existing business. In that way, you will make not only potential readers but also potential clients.


Why Giving Advice Is An Excellent Way To Make Money?

We have already described all the possible ways to make money by giving online advice. But, we may have a question in our minds about the potential of this career.

There are many things like a low capital requirement and freedom of work hours that make it attractive. Besides, two main factors make it stand apart.

You can start earning almost instantly: First, we are not talking about a “get rich instantly” scheme of any kind. But, you can start earning as soon as you begin advising your customers.

You will also have the freedom to choose your rate on many websites or even start your own business.

You can generate sustainable income: Many online advisors earn seven figures each month. But we are not talking about the top flights in this category.

Even if you start your business and get a few clients, you can definitely make a sustainable income each month.



So, there are all the details you need to know to get paid to give advice. But you need to choose your niche wisely and invest your time to sharpen your skill to become successful.

Don’t forget to commit to fixed times each day if you work with websites or apps. And if you work independently, spare some time for your marketing too.


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