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25 Ways To Get Paid To Listen To Music [Earn Up To $10+/Song]

Who doesn’t love to listen to good music? But what if I say there are many ways available to get paid to listen to music?

Although a new way to make money, earning just by listening to good music is very much possible these days.

But not every website is legit and pays according to the industry standard in the online market.

So, we took accounts of several different parameters, including earning potential, payment frequency, legitimacy, and user review, to finally select the best of the lot!

Before we dive deep, let’s talk about your biggest doubt regarding this opportunity first.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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Can I Really Get Paid To Listen To Music?

Yes, there are many ways to just listen to music and get paid these days.

While many offers platform to review a particular track or genre, many platforms also offer playlist submission services.

But you need to understand three things before you start making money from it.

  1. You should open accounts on multiple platforms to maximize your income and also make it sustainable.
  2. You should listen to a new song or a radio station for at least 60 to 90 seconds.
  3. Consider it a side hustle until you generate a decent income regularly; that takes time and effort.

However, you can also start your music blog, review vlog, or even podcast if you have the right creativity.

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20 Unique Websites And Apps To Get Paid To Listen To Music

Although there are now several ways available to get paid to listen to music, not every website is as legit as they sound.

So, we personally tried and tested hundreds of apps to carefully select the best one for you. And trust me, you can try these websites and apps with complete confidence.


1. SliceThePie

There are no better options to listen to music and get paid than this fantastic platform called SliceThePie.

It is not only globally renowned for music reviews but is also among the very few WFH companies that pay weekly to its users.

All you need is to listen to a new track for at least 90 seconds and then write a genuine review. But yes, each of your music reviews should at least have 45 words.

And for each of those reviews, you can get anywhere between $0.03 and $0.15, depending on the review.

Right now, this platform is only available for permanent citizens of the United States and Canada.

Although it is entirely free to join, you need to earn at least $10 to request a payout through a linked PayPal account.


2. Music Xray

If you want to get paid to listen to music on PayPal, nothing can beat the presence of Music Xray. It works pretty similarly to SliceThePie.

But the most significant difference is that it now has massive global coverage.

This platform is absolutely free to join, and you can create an account in a few simple steps. And once you have an account here, you can start listening to the new tracks.

You can submit your review even after playing the song for at least 30 seconds.

Although it claims to pay up to $0.5/review, we found that the average lies around $0.1 to $0.2 per song. And once you accumulate $10, you are free to opt for a withdrawal.


3. MusicGo App

There is a handful of “get paid to listen to music” apps that are actually legit. And among those, the MusicGo App takes the top spot.

It has three ways to earn while reviewing a new piece of music or background score.

First, you can listen to a track and write a short review. Second, you can collect puzzle pieces on the app to make extra points.

And third, there is an option for a daily spinning wheel where you can become the grand prize winner.

You don’t need to worry about the app’s legitimacy as it has close to a 3.8 rating on the Google Play store.


4. HitPredictor

The name itself tells the whole story. Yes, you need to predict if a new track is going to be a hit or flop.

And HitPredictor not only assures the best possible ways to get paid to listen to music online but also assures an industry-standard payout.

The best thing about this platform is that you can preselect your preferred music genre or even artists.

And once any new song is available in that genre, you’ll get a notification. For reviewing each song, you can earn 3 points on average.

And once you collect 50 points in total, you are free to claim a $5 gift card. You can also get your preferred CDs, DVDs, or iTunes subscription for as low as 1,250 points.


5. MusicGateway

There are very few websites to get paid to listen to music that provides almost an endless supply of new tracks to review.

MusicGateway is the one that assures just that. However, it works best if you already have a moderate fan following on your social media account.

If you are a music producer or a music jockey, this program can be highly beneficial to you. All you need is to submit your music directory.

And once any other people use that directory submission, you’ll get your cut.

You will get an incentive for the more volume you submit. And for that, it has different payout slabs where the more you review, the more you earn.


6. PlaylistPush

Although there are several get paid to listen to music sites available, most of the platforms pay a few cents for each review.

However, PlaylistPush is one such website that pays up to $12/review. But yes, the average is around $1/song.

With its massive global presence, this platform has an enormous inventory of songs to choose from. So, you are highly unlikely to face a shortage of available songs to review.

You mainly need to monetize your playlist through this brilliant platform. And this platform especially prefers either= Spotify or Apple Music.

But yes, you do need to have at least 400 followers on any of these two platforms.


7. RadioEarn

We all love to listen to online radio channels, isn’t it? But what if we can also earn besides listening to it?

Yes, this is now very much possible with the introduction of this innovative platform called RadioEarn.

You just need to download the app on your smartphone and create a free profile first.

And once you are approved, you can start listening to various online radio channels around the world. For every 15 minutes of listening to a channel, you will earn specific points.

And once you accumulate enough on your inventory, you can either redeem it for gift cards or can also go for cash rewards.

Besides PayPal, this company now also pays through Bitcoin.


8. Research.FM

Available in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, Research.FM has a unique survey model to review music.

And you can get paid to listen to music right on this platform. However, it is now an invitation-only program.

Once you receive an invitation to join the app, you are free to select songs to review from their inventory.

And for each of your reviews, you’ll earn cash rewards, although the earnings depend on the type of song and the artist.

Right now, this company pays by both PayPal and direct wire transfer. But yes, you do need to earn the minimum payout amount before requesting a withdrawal.


9. Kollect. FM

This Netherlands-based startup called Kollect.FM recently witnessed a massive surge in popularity, especially among European music lovers.

This platform actually works to create an ecosystem to connect music creators with curators. You can join this platform as a curator in a few simple steps.

However, you do need to have sufficient experience in the music industry to get selected. Besides, you need to have a decent social media presence as well.

By joining this company, you will not only have the best chance to make money by reviewing music but can also interact with like-minded music lovers from around the world.


10. Radio Loyalty

Although a relatively new player in the industry, Radio Loyalty now offers an industry-standard rate while assuring the best opportunities to get paid to listen to music.

And the best part is you can join from every corner of this blue planet. It mainly works with popular radio stations.

Once you create a free account here, you can be ready to surf and listen to various radio channels. A captcha will come every 3 minutes that you need to solve.

And for tuning it to a specific radio station for certain minutes, you’ll earn points. And once you accumulate enough of it, you can redeem it by PayPal transfer or Visa gift cards.


11. Renaissance

If you are looking for current get paid to listen to the music app, Renaissance is the place where your hunt should end.

You can easily download and install this lightweight app on your smartphone and create a free account.

Once your account gets approved, you can directly connect your Spotify or YouTube music account with it.

Instead of giving cash rewards, this platform actually offers stars that you can definitely redeem for cash.

For every 20 songs you listen to on this platform, you will earn a star. But you can’t get more than five stars each day; thus, you can only listen to up to 100 tracks per day.


12. Genius

Although it is not a typical song review site, Genius provides a very lucrative earning opportunity for the music industry.

All you need to do is to transcribe the songs to provide lyrics to the music lovers. Believe it or not, it is one of the best ways to get paid to type online these days.

However, this opportunity is currently exclusively open to the citizen of the United States. And, it is a part-time job.

You’ll mainly get the songs to transcribe the lyrics from Thursday to Sunday each week. Although they provide an industry-standard rate, the final payout will vary depending on the accuracy.


13. Current

Do you know which app now has more than 100k+ radio stations on its inventory from around the globe? It is Current!

It is a lock screen app that plays radio stations and independent tracks whenever you lock or unlock your phone.

You need to just listen to the track for a specific time to become eligible for a cash reward. And the best part; this lightweight app will never slow down your smartphone.

Besides reviewing, it also assures other opportunities like paid surveys and referral commissions. And now, it pays through both PayPal transfer and direct deposit.


14. WeLocalize

There are very few apps to get paid to listen to music that allows you to make handsome earnings each month.

But trust me, WeLocalize is among those very few where you can earn more than a grand each month.

It is basically a music site that lets you transcribe the lyrics of new songs. And for each piece you transcribe, you can earn up to $4/lyrics. It is not difficult to create more than ten lyrics each day.

Even if you stick to just a single song each day, you are eligible to earn an extra hundred bucks each month. But this platform is now only available in the United States.


15. Earnably

Not every GPT site offers the opportunity to earn while listening to music.

But, Earnably is one such website that lets you earn in so many different ways than traditional methods like online surveys.

This unique platform has a vast network of radio channels from every corner of the world.

And you can start listening to these channels once you join this platform. It is pretty easy to join the site, and it is not restricted to any geolocation.

You can redeem your earnings for listening to music through either a PayPal transfer or gift card purchase.

And it also has a lucrative referral program where you can earn an additional 10% of your referral’s monthly income.


16. Cash4Minutes

especially popular among the new-age kids, Cash4Minutes is an excellent platform that provides ample opportunities to get paid to listen to music.

You mainly need to listen to online radio stations from all over the globe. And for that, you can make up to $0.08/minute.

But it has a huge drawback for many people. You need a dedicated landline number to sign up on this platform.

But once you create a profile, you’ll receive all the further communication through email.

It is among the very few companies operating right now that provide both PayPal and direct transfer facilities for its users.

Besides, it recently started paying through Bitcoin and Litecoin as well.


17. Current Rewards

One of the lightest apps that I personally tried, Current Rewards, is a brilliant lock screen app that won’t cause any lagging issues on your smartphone.

Besides, it has a collection of more than 100k live radio stations around the world. It is now available in both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

And you can download it in seconds. After installing it on your smartphone, just launch the app to get started!

As the company itself says, you can make around $120/month on average just by having it on your lock screen. However, they now have a credit limit of $150.


18. UniqueRewards

Without any doubt, UniqueRewards offers a great way to get paid to listen to music this year.

Unlike most other platforms in this industry, you can actually earn just by listening to good music rather than beating around the bush.

But yes, you need to enter a captcha every thirty minutes to continue the songs. However, the earning opportunity is on the slimmer side.

You can expect around $0.02 to $0.03 for a single slot of 30 minutes. So, even if you listen for the whole day, it is tough to make even two dollars a day.

But yes, it can be a nice addon if you are a music lover and want a little boost.


19. FusionCash

This fantastic platform called FusionCash not only offers opportunities for getting paid or listening to good music but also offers several other options.

It is one of the highest-paying online survey sites as well. Once you create an account and log in to your dashboard, you can start listening to new music.

But every few minutes, a captcha will come, which you’ll need to solve. This company pays on a monthly basis, and you’ll receive the payment on the 20th of each month.

But the best part is you can now claim a $5 welcome bonus just for joining it today.


20. Fiverr

If you have ever worked as a freelancer, you must have already known about Fiverr.

This Israeli tech giant provides almost all kinds of online freelancing opportunities, including paid music reviews.

Yes, you heard it right! Many music producers, disk jockeys, and singers want to check the response of their songs to work on the weaker portions and improve them.

And for that, they ask for paid reviews as a freelance task on Fiverr.

You can also find co-writing opportunities to create new tracks. And the best part about this platform is that you can prefix different rates for each of your gigs.


5 Alternate Ways To Make Money Listening To Music

Besides all the 20 websites and apps we have mentioned above, there are five more ways that you can also try to earn just by listening to good music.

Although it can be a bit hard for the first few weeks or even months, you’ll earn way more than these apps once you set up the right path.


21. Create A Music Blog

I started this blog around three years back to keep motivating myself to become truly financially independent.

However, I also had a dream of helping others like me to achieve such financial stability.

Although it takes a little time at first to just set it up on the correct path, I started generating money from this blog within just six months.

And believe it or not, I’m now making more than $7k+/month just from this blog. You can check my latest monthly income report to get a more detailed view.

And if I can do it for finance, you can do it for music as well. All you need is to follow your dreams to chase your ultimate goal.

And trust me, you need just three things and a minimal budget to start a music blog.

  • Domain Name: Although it costs around $20, you can get it completely free on Bluehost
  • Hosting: After using many, I finally got satisfied with Bluehost as their hosting service starts from just $2.95/month
  • WordPress Theme: You can start with basic WP themes that are entirely free to use

Believe it or not, you can start your dream music blog with a budget of less than $100.

Check out our step-by-step guide to set up a blog in less than 30 minutes to start making money as a music blogger.


22. Review Music On YouTube

Do you know about Anthony Fantano? This 34-year-old guy has constantly been reviewing good music for a decade or so.

And right now, he has close to 2.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel called The Needle Drop. And believe it or not, he is earning millions right now.

Several other famous music review channels on YouTube, such as Todd in the Shadows and Brad Taste In Music, are also making millions.

And if they can do it, you can do it too. All you need is to set up a free account and start reviewing good music.

But yes, you need to create a USP to make your channel stands out from the crowd.

And once you start getting views, you can earn from multiple avenues, including AdSense revenue, paid promotions, and paid collaborations.


23. Become A Music Influencer

If you want to get paid to listen to music and earn six figures, you better become a music influencer.

You can either create an excellent follower base on social media platforms or can start wiring a blog to become one.

Trust me, it is one of the best ways to start a business without investment. You should start with keeping your profile active on all social media channels.

You can now also create Reels on YouTube and Instagram to influence others.

But remember to create your USP to stand out from the crowd. You can start with a particular genre or can cover multiple genres depending on your choice.


24. Start A Music Podcast

BBC journalist Ben Hammersley first coined this “Podcast” term way back in 2004 while mixing broadcast with iPod.

And since then, podcasts have started to get popular around the globe. Close to a billion users now regularly listen to podcasts on various platforms.

If you have the proper understanding of music, or if you are a singer, you can definitely start your podcast right now!

And believe it or not, a good podcast can even make millions of dollars in no time.

From Apple Podcast to Spotify, you can choose any music platform to start your podcast. And once you have more than 5k active followers, you can start earning from sponsors and paid promotions.


25. Listen With Nielsen Mobile Panel

There is no better way to get paid to listen to music reward programs than this brilliant platform called Nielsen. And the best part, you technically need to do nothing to earn rewards from it.

First, you need to visit your application store to download and install the app, as this one is now available for both Android and iOS.

After that, this app will automatically track your playlist for market research. And for doing nothing, literally, you will earn $50/device per year.

So, if you have two smartphones and a computer, you can earn $150/year just by doing nothing but listening to your favorite music.


How To Get Paid To Listen To Music On Spotify?

With an inventory of more than a million chartbusters, Spotify is one of the prime forces in the music streaming industry.

And with its latest innovations, you can simply stream your favorite song on any of your devices seamlessly, let it be your television or your smartphone.

It now works with various voice-assistance services as well, such as Alexa or Google Assistant.

Moreover, you can now also download the music from Spotify to listen to it offline. And yes, there are ways to get paid to listen to music on Spotify as well.

The best way to earn from the music industry is by creating playlists. Millions of people around the globe regularly search for great playlists that suit their moods and music taste.

And now, you can use any playlist submission service like PlaylistPush to monetize your playlist on Spotify.


How Much Can I Make Listening To Music Online?

Although there are several legit ways to get paid to listen to music, the final earnings will broadly vary the work you choose and the number of hours you invest each day.

Websites like SliceThePie and Music Xray now pay around $0.03 to $0.5 for each of your reviews.

Besides, you can also choose playlist submission services like PlaylistPush that let you earn up to $1/song.

And for reviewing it, you can earn as much as $12/song. But yes, you won’t have a considerable number of songs to review each day.

You can also choose lyrics submission services like Genius and WeLocalize. These two websites pay as much as $4/lyrics, depending upon the length and accuracy of the song.

Besides, you can also choose Radio Earn and Radio Loyalty which pays you a few cents each minute to listen to live radio stations.

According to our own experience, it is pretty challenging to make more than $8 to $10 per day if you invest an hour or less.

But yes, this earning can increase if you invest more time. Technically saying, you can expect around $300 to $500/month on average if you invest a significant amount of time each day.



How to listen to music and get paid this year?

There are at least 25 legit ways to make money just by listening to music that we have already discussed on this blog.

These websites mainly offer four avenues to earn. First, you need to take part in music-related market research. Second, you can just try out new tracks and give your feedback.

Third, you can promote artists on vlogs and social media handles. And fourth, you can promote live radio stations.


How to direct traffic to listen to your music and get paid for it?

There are two ways to direct traffic to your podcast or channels to get paid for music.

First, you can start making a significant number of followers on your social media handles, especially on Facebook and Instagram.

And second, you can create your own YouTube channel to get a good number of subscribers.


What are the apps where you get paid to listen to music?

There are numerous apps, at least 20, that assure legit opportunities to get paid to listen to music.

And depending on your preferences, you can select any of those and start making money.

While websites like SliceThePie and Music Xray allow you to earn just by reviewing the song, there are platforms like Radio.FM pays you just to listen to your favorite radio stations.


Do artists get paid when people listen to their music on Spotify?

Definitely; artists do get paid a heft amount if a good number of people listen to their tracks on Spotify. This platform mainly works on two revenue models.

For popular and trending artists, it pays a fixed contract amount to the artist to release their song.

And for others, it has an ad revenue sharing model where the artist will receive a cut from the total ad revenue that they generate from that particular song.


Conclusion – Is It For Everyone?

Music is one of the most beautiful creations of humankind. And it can make our lives better in so many ways.

And the latest addition; you can even get paid to listen to music nowadays. However, it isn’t easy to make more than $300/month on average.

So, it is better to consider this as a side hustle and not as a core job that you can entirely rely on. However, there are several amazing second job ideas to make extra income that you can also try this year.

That’s all for today, music heads! Feel free to drop your suggestions and feedback in the comment box below. Happy listening!


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