15 Websites To Get Paid To Listen Music Online (2021 Update*)

Making money by doing things we love is a dream for everyone. How it would be if you earn through your hobby? Amazing right! I am here with an idea that can help you earn money while doing the things you enjoy. However, I am not talking about a full-time job. Here is a side income idea with which you can get paid to listen to music. Yes, you heard it right.

Who doesn’t like listening to music? Almost everyone enjoys music. Then why not cash it when it is such an easy and fun way?

There are several ways available online that can help you earn money for listening to music. In this article, you can find a list of websites that pay to listen to music. Keep reading further to know the Hows and Whats of these websites.


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Get Paid To Listen To Music With These Websites

You can find below a list of some legitimate websites or music companies that will pay you for listening to music.

Some of them also have other offers like transcribing lyrics of songs, writing reviews, etc. However, these jobs also don’t take much time. If you think you can do these and have the necessary skills then you can consider doing them.


1. Nielsen Market Research

Nielsen Market Research is an American company that works for big brands and businesses to help them know the customer’s pulse.

You need to do nothing except download their app. It runs in the background monitoring your internet and phone usage habits and pays you for it.

Its monitoring also includes what kind of music you listen to. So practically you will be paid for listening to your playlist. You need not listen to any other tunes except the ones you daily do. Isn’t that cool? For this, they pay you $50 per year which is more than $4 per month.


2. Earnably

This is a GPT (get to paid) website where you will be paid for doing different tasks of which listening to their radio is one. To earn with this site you must be 18 years or more of age and need to create an account. 

Since Earnably’s radio works through RadioLoyalty you will earn points every time you use it towards your account. There are different levels in this radio listening and you can earn bonuses as you advance in those levels. This site also offers different payout options as you complete each level. 

You can redeem your earnings through Paypal or gift cards even if they are as little as $2.

Apart from listening to their radio, you will also have several options to make money like watching videos, playing games, etc that neither take much time.


3. Slice The Pie

This is one of the famous review sites that pay you for every review you write. You can review different products at Slice the Pie of which music is one. To join their community and get paid to listen to music you must be 13+.

You need to listen to a track and write a review about it. Before starting to write a review you must listen to the song compulsorily at least for 60 seconds. I suggest you listen to the entire song before writing a review because Slice the Pie looks into each review and doesn’t consider any vague ones. 

You will be rated depending on your performance and reviews. Higher ratings will help you earn more comparatively.

You will be paid 5 to 6 cents for each review and can earn 50 cents if you spend an hour of your downtime on this. Your earnings will be credited to Paypal every Tuesday and Friday and to withdraw them you must have at least $10 in your account.


4. HitPredictor

HitPredictor wants you to review a song or track before it goes into the market. You need to listen and rate a new song, write feedback to the artists, composers, or radio stations.

You will be earning points for each review you write. If you review a definite number of songs in a definite period as required by HitPredictor then you will get bonus points too. You can exchange all these points for Amazon gift cards.

Here, every three reviews will get you $1. If you review 15 songs you will earn an Amazon gift card worth $5. To do all this you need to signup with them. This opportunity is available to everyone across the globe who is 13 years or more.


5. FusionCash

This is another GPT website where you can make money by doing different tasks. This site offers you a signup bonus of $5. One of the several tasks that FusionCash pays you for doing is listening to their radio that works with RadioLoyalty.

To signup with FusionCash, you must be 13 years or more if you are a US resident and 18 years or more if you are from other countries.

This site pays you in cash for listening to music. You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal or cheque once they reach a threshold limit of $25.


6. RadioEarn

RadioEarn is an internet-based radio that allows users from all over the world to earn money for listening to it. The flexible thing with this platform is you are free to listen to the song or music of your wish. You are not asked to listen to any particular one.

You also need to bear with ads that appear every few minutes as this is an ad-funded program. However, RadioEarn doesn’t keep all the ad revenue to itself. It gives back a share to its listeners also.

This site will reward you in points for listening to songs and ads every 15 minutes. As these points accumulate you can redeem them for Amazon gift cards or cash out them through bank transfer.


7. Music Xray

Music Xray is a New York-based music tech company. This is another platform where you can get paid to listen to music. Making money on this website is pretty simple. You need to do nothing else except listening to music.

First of all, you need to create an account on this app and take a survey where they will try to know your music preferences. Once you sign up you will be called a “Music fan” and can find music that suits your taste. As a music fan, you need to rate songs and artists. You will earn 10 cents for each song you rate.

Sometimes you will also find focus groups to participate in and earn some more. All your earnings can be cashed out via Paypal once you reach a $20 threshold limit.


8. Unique Rewards

This is a GPT website available for residents of the US, UK, and Canada. You can get paid by doing many tasks such as on other sites of which one is to listen to music. Must be 18 years or 13 with parental permission to use this website.

Unique Rewards pays you to listen to their internet radio. The interesting thing about using their radio is you can earn money every time you enter the site’s captcha.

This pay is 1 cent for the UK and Canadian users and 3 cents for US users. You might be thinking it is less but the fact is you need to enter a captcha every 30 minutes with this site. So as many times as you enter the captcha you keep earning.

You are allowed to cash out your earnings with Paypal or check once they reach a threshold of $20.


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9. research.fm

research.fm is a music research company where you can make money by listening to music. This company runs an app as well as a site where you can submit your inputs on the kind of music you want to hear.

They have a secured server where you can listen to short music samples and rate them. They also pay you for giving feedback on new songs via the emailed surveys. All the earnings you accumulated here can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards.

To join research.fm you need to fill the contact form on their website and submit it. Then you will receive an invitation from them to fill a survey. This is the only way that you can use their services. 


10. Welocalize

This is a different option to earn through music compared to the above ones. Welocalize is a transcription service company. Here you will not get paid to listen to music instead you will be paid for transcribing music lyrics.

If you are a music lover and also know how to transcribe then this is a great money-making option for you. This job, however, takes a bit more time than the time taken for listening to a song. Similarly, the pay is also more. Welocalize currently pays $4 for transcribing a song.

All you need to do to work with them is to watch an introduction video, fill out the application form, select your music preferences, and start transcribing. You are not time-bound and can use this opportunity as a part-time job. The speeder you type the more you can earn.


11. PlaylistPush

This is a music pitching service that helps independent and new singers and musicians to get their music heard. You will not only get paid to listen to songs or review them but there is another completely easy and profitable way you can earn money with PlaylistPush.

Do you use Spotify, Deezer, or iTunes and have a separate playlist with more than 400 followers? If yes, then PlaylistPush is ready to pay you $12 for each song you add to your playlist. This amount is more than that you can make with other websites comparatively.

Your earnings depend on your reputation and engagement with the app. Payments will be transferred to you via Paypal.


12. Cash4Minutes

This is another place where you can get paid to listen to music. Cash4minutes is a unique service that helps you make money with the help of your unused phone minutes.

All you need to do is connect to their system by signing up and start dialing to selected radio streams. You will be paid for every minute you listen to the radio at the rate of $0.08 per minute. There are no limitations to the number of minutes you can spend listening to the radio.

The more you listen to the more rewards you earn. The rewards may be cash or Amazon codes or Bitcoin.


13. Current Rewards

Current Rewards is a multimedia platform that allows you to earn money by listening to more than 100000 stations on your smartphone’s lock screen. 

You need to download their app and after that every time you swipe your lock screen you can listen to the radio stations of your choice. You will be given credits for this which you can redeem for cash or gift cards, or even gadgets.

However, there is a daily credit limit. This company claims that an active user can earn nearly $120 per year.


14. RadioLoyalty

RadioLoyalty is another platform where you can earn via listening to music. Though this website is not functioning currently, you can use their internet radio through different GPT websites.

I have already mentioned those sites above have a look. Some of them are Earnably and FusionCash.


Alternate Ways To Make Money Online

Still interested in finding more fun ways to make money online without spending much time? Well, you will love these below offers then.


1. Join ProductTesting

ProductTesting is a review collecting platform that pays its users to use and review branded products. Once you become a member, they will send you products and you need to submit your review.

After the job, you can keep those products without paying a penny. Interesting right? Give ProductTesting a try here.


2. Join Pinecone Research

This company is another great opportunity for people who searches for bucks in their free time. This is also similar to reviewing products and it pays up to $7 per successful review.

Apart from that, Pinecone Research is also known for high-paying surveys offers where a single 5 mins long survey can bring you up to $3 – $5. So, why wasting time, you can join Pinecone Research here.


3. Try OpinionCity

Have you ever tried online surveys? How many websites did you sign up? Here is the real one you must join. OpinionCity is not a survey platform. It is a platform that connects all the legit and high-paying survey platforms in one place.

Without going anywhere, you can browse the best offers within less amount of time. Give OpinionCity a try if you are interested.

Here are some other best platforms to make some quick real cash:

  1. InboxDollars ($5 signup bonus and pays you for watching videos online)
  2. SurveyJunkie (Top-rated and high paying survey offers. More than 8 million active members)
  3. Panda Research ($3 signup bonus and make $3- $75 per each survey)
  4. LifePoints (Open for all countries.  Get paid for your valuable opinion).



So this is a list of legit places where you can get paid to listen to music.

I can say that this idea of making money by listening to music is only a little side gig and one should not expect to make more cash. This only one of the ways of making money online out of a ton of ways.

However, this would be interesting and profitable to only those who are music freaks as they will be able to stick around for a long time.

Use more than one website to earn a handful of income. Please feel free to share your views if you have used any of these websites or if you have some other better options.


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