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15 Places To Get Paid To Make Phone Calls [Up To $10/Call]

Life will be much better if we can earn rather than pay for our phone calls, isn’t it? Believe it or not, several such platforms do exist where you can really get paid to make phone calls nowadays.

There are quite a few options if you want to earn just by calling. And depending on your preference and time commitment, you can even make a handsome living just by doing this job.

But yes, like other industries, not every option available is legit.

So, our team of experts tried at least a hundred different options to finally fetch out the 15 companies that are not just legit but also pay equally well.


Disclaimer:  This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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Why Do Companies Pay You To Make Phone Calls?

get paid to make phone calls

Most companies use cold call strategies to increase their sales, obtain new customers, and maintain engagement with their customers.

Most people think cold calling is spam, but this is not picking a random phone number to deliver a sales pitch. A cold call is a call you make to wanna-be customers based on some data or prior research.

The prior data means the data of people who filled up a form on your website or expressed interest in your company products in the past.

To generate more sales from their prospects, many companies hire people to make phone calls. So, if you feel you need money right now, then you can join any of the below companies to get paid to make phone calls.


Platforms To Get Paid To Make Phone Calls

There are now several apps that pay you to unlock your phone available nowadays.

However, your earnings can be doubled if you prefer direct calling, as there are several legit platforms are there where you can get paid to make phone calls.


1. Blue Zebra

If you want to get paid to make phone calls from home, nothing can be better than Blue Zebra. It is a virtual appointment setting service where you need to make cold calls for other companies and convince customers to meet their representatives.

Right now, this company is hiring freelance customer care executives with at least five years of cold calling experience to join their team. And they are now offering a base pay of $15/hour with up to a 14% increase within 60 days of joining.

Blue Zebra doesn’t have any part-time opportunities as they want you to commit at least 40 hours each week, preferably between 8 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Friday.


2. Cash4Minutes

There are several companies available that are known for providing legit WHF remote phone jobs to enthusiastic people. Cash4Minutes, without any doubt, is the forerunner of this industry. With this company, you can simply turn your unused calling minutes into real cash.

Every time you call through this platform, you’ll listen to an internet radio station in the background. And you can add up to ten phone numbers to your profile. All you need is just a mobile phone or a landline connection to get started.

Right now, this company offers around $10 to listen to 5k minutes of online radio play. So, you’ll earn around $0.06/minute. But in tier-1 countries, this rate can go up to $0.08/minute.


3. ARC

Do you know about mystery shopping? If yes, ARC is among the most reputed companies that offer a platform to earn while mystery shopping. And with this fantastic platform, you can now get paid daily through your cell phone.

After joining this company, you need to make cold calls to various numbers provided by them to start mystery shopping. However, this company also specializes in customer care surveys and call analysis as well. And now, they are accepting talented callers from all over the globe.

There is no time commitment needed, as you can work anytime and from anywhere. And besides English, you can also join this company if you are a native speaker of Spanish, French, Italian, and even Hindi.

get paid to make phone calls


4. CallCenterQA

If you are looking for high-paying virtual call center jobs, this fantastic company called CallCenterQA should be among your top choices as you can earn cash for calls while working. It is also a mystery shopping company where you can earn up to $5/call.

All you need is to be just 18 years old with a computer setup to get started with this company. You need to call the number for mystery shopping and then fill up a small feedback form. And each of these sessions will take around 10 minutes to complete.

You can even complete the entire procedure in less than 5 minutes once you get enough expertise. And they pay within seven business days of a successful mystery shopping.


5. Upcall

With Upcall, you can make cold calls for various companies and industry leaders. And in return, you can earn a hefty commission along with base pay. Besides, this company also assures timely bonuses, incentives, and various other facilities for their callers.

You can fill up the application form right on their website itself. And they typically respond within a single business day. However, they are now exclusively open to USA-based callers only. And you also need to have a calling setup to get selected.

Although you have the freedom to choose between various shifts, you need to be available during business hours while working for this company. And you can earn around $10 to $15 on average as a complete newbie.


6. Perception Strategies

Like any other legit mystery shopping company, Perception Strategies is also a platform where you can get paid to call people. However, you can select your time and calling preferences while working for this company.

This company primarily deals in the healthcare industry in the USA. So, you need to mainly call various healthcare companies to know how they are treating you. Besides, you may also need to visit nearby medicine stores while working.

Once you are done with your call, you need to deliver detailed feedback by filling up a form. And the complete process takes around 15 minutes to complete. And for that, you can expect to earn approximately $15 on average.


7. Confero

You may not know, but Confero is one of the largest mystery shopping companies in the USA. And now, they have started providing home-based calling jobs to enthusiastic remote workers from all over the world. And depending on your preference, you can either select a part-time or full-time opportunity.

You actually need to experience telephonic shopping services while working. And after each call to the number that they will provide, you need to fill up a detailed feedback form describing the overall experience.

Recorded or non-recorded, the calls can be of any type. However, you need to fill up as much information as you can to become eligible for the payout. And for each call, you can expect between $10 and $15.


8. Secret Shopper

As the name itself suggests, Secret Shopper is a known name in the mystery shopping industry in the United States. However, they now have several other telephonic job opportunities as well. Besides, you can also choose the industry you are comfortable calling in.

Joining this company is also pretty easy as they have huge vacancies to fill out. All you need is to fill up the joining form, and the company representatives will call you within seven business days to have a telephonic interview.

Once you get your joining approval, you can start working on that same day. And to start calling, you need just a computer, an internet connection, and a headset.


9. Reality Based Group

You may not know, but Reality Based Group or RBG is the founding member of the MSPA (Mystery Shopping Providers Association). They are also among the largest mystery shopping companies in the whole world. And now, they are looking for confident people to join their team.

Like all the mystery shopping companies, your job role will be similar. You need to cold call the numbers they will provide and talk to them as their potential customers. And you also need to understand their behaviors toward the customers.

You need to fill up a small feedback form at the end of each call. And for each successful call, you can expect to make around $15 to $18 on average.

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10. Yardi Matrix

Previously known as Pierce-Eislen, Yardi Matrix is one of the best platforms to get paid to receive calls on your mobile. Founded way back in 2000, this company merged with a California-based company called Yardi Systems in July 2013.

It now mainly focuses on the commercial housing and apartment industry in the USA. And you need to conduct a telephonic survey as a potential renter or buyer. Right now, they are offering around $6/hour to their new entrants with a 0.5/survey bonus on top of that.

However, you need to complete at least 75 surveys in the very first week of joining and at least 100 surveys/week afterward. This company also frequently offers additional benefits to its top callers.


11. CoinByCall

You need to call landline numbers while working for CoinByCall. Besides the USA, you can also call in many other countries, such as Germany, Russia, South Africa, Poland, Hungary, and many more. And for each of those qualified calls, you will earn Bitcoin (BTC) or Litecoin (LTC).

Whenever you call someone with your cell phone, this company plays an internet radio station in the background. And for thousand minutes of calling, you can expect to make around $1. So, if you have a $5/month plan and usually call 5k minutes a month, you can earn pay off your phone bills with this income.

However, you can call for up to 120 minutes on a single number in a single day. Otherwise, it will be counted as a spam call.


12. SkilCheck

Although it is not exactly a mystery shopping company, SkilCheck works quite similarly. While working for this fantastic company, you mainly need to conduct telephonic surveys. You just need to call people and ask them a specific set of questions to get the answers.

A typical call on this platform can hardly take just 5 minutes to complete, while the lengthier one can go till 10 Minutes. And for each of those qualified calls, you can expect to make around $15/hour on average. However, they also offer handsome incentives.

It is also pretty easy to join this company as you don’t need any calling experience to get selected. However, you do need to have strong communication skills.


13. Xerox

We don’t need to brag about the reputation of Xerox as it has almost become similar to photocopy all over the globe. But not many people know that it also provides a platform to get paid to make phone calls.

From tech support to customer handling, from refund process to troubleshooting, you just name any, and this company is now working in all these sectors. And now, they have huge vacancies for talented individuals to join their side. But yes, you need to have calling experience to get selected.

Although the earning model depends on your experience and quality, you can expect to make around $15 to $20/hour on average.


14. Amazon MTurk

Amazon is not just a global superpower in terms of eCommerce and OTT, but this company has recently ventured into freelancing with its newest product, Amazon MTurk. And if you are looking for genuine late-night WFH jobs, you should check out this brilliant platform.

But not just calling jobs, you can get various jobs that need human intelligence on this platform. Although the payment is on the lower side, you can easily make around $1k/month, thanks to continuous project availability.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is also pretty easy to navigate. Once you open an account, you can just filter the available opportunities in the calling section. For more details, do check our complete Amazon Mturk Review here.


15. FlexJobs

Although it is not actually a company but a job search engine instead, you can get several full-time and freelance phone-based jobs on FlexJobs. And not just to get paid to make phone calls, you can even get legit phone actress jobs for women while registering on this site.

It is pretty easy to register on FlexJobs. You can either create a new profile or directly log in through your existing google account. And once you are successfully logged in, you can complete your profile by uploading your resume.

Once your profile is completed and verified, you can start your quest for phone-based jobs on this platform.


Alternative Ideas To Get Paid To Make Phone Calls

In case you are not a fan of the concept of calling someone and delivering sales pitches, surprisingly, we’ve got some alternatives for you to make money fast sitting at home.

Here are some interesting ways to get paid to do your daily activities.

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How do I get paid to receive calls?

There are several companies available nowadays, such as Apple and Xerox, that frequently have openings for home-based customer care agents.

And if you join these companies as their at-home advisors, you can easily make money to receive calls.


Can I get paid for being on my phone?

Cash4Minutes and CoinByCall are two of the most reputed platforms where you can earn just by being on your own phone and talking to your own people.

Both these companies will play internet radio in the background for which you’ll get paid.


How do I get paid in minutes?

There are several mystery shopping companies available, such as Reality Based Group, ARC, and Secret Shopper, where you can start working as a mystery shopper and get paid for each of your minutes.


How do I get paid to make phone calls?

From making cold calls to set appointments, from mystery shopping to telephonic surveys, several tasks are available with various phone-based job providers nowadays.

And while working for them on either a part-time or full-time basis, you can get paid.



Depending on your calling preference, you can choose between cold calls, hot calls, and survey calls.

Besides, you can also go for the tasks that need you to attend to incoming calls rather than calling people. And in all these jobs, you can easily make around $15/hour on average.

So, these are all the legit platforms to get paid to make phone calls this year. But, if you think we have missed any company or if you know any other legit companies that provide equal opportunities, feel free to connect with us in the comment box below!


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