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12 Guaranteed Ways To Get Paid To Post Ads In 2024

Do you know that an average blogger earns around $1k to $5k per month? Yes, and if a blog gets a good amount of traffic, the earnings can go as high as $50k per month. And most of these bloggers usually get paid to post ads on their websites.

A huge fan base can even earn you millions through sponsorships and brand collaborations.

According to a recent finding, Kim Kardashian makes around $500k for each of her Instagram posts. And now, you can also take the same route to have financial success.

There are many ways to get paid to post ads. If you are looking for branded content or paid partnerships with big companies, you must have any of the following.

  • A personal blog with a good amount of organic traffic.
  • Your YouTube channel with a good follower base.
  • Social media handles a good number of followers.

We will discuss all six proven ways to get paid to post ads on your blog or social media handles. Besides, we also sum up several alternative ways. So, let’s start!


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12 Best Ways To Get Paid To Post Ads


1. Start a Blog

If you want to know about the best way to get paid to post ads, you should know about blogging and how to en-cash it. Needless to say, it has now become one of the most popular ways too.

Many people mistakenly think that starting a blog takes a huge investment and workforce. However, you can enter this industry with minimal investment and with less effort than in other fields.

Several bloggers around the globe earn six figures. And many even earn seven figures. All you need is to get an excellent server, register a domain, and write about your favorite things to get started.

The first two parts of this initial setup can be arranged for just $100 per year. However, you can upgrade your hosting package once you start to get more traffic.

It is undoubtedly not easy to start a blog and shoot it to success in a few days. You need expert guidance to take the right path.

One of the most popular blogging maestros, Greg Johnson, recently launched his fantastic course to guide you to success. So, join this FREE Workshop now to become a six-figure blogger.

There are four main ways by which you can make money through blogging. You can either put paid advertisements on your blog or go for affiliate sales.

Besides, sponsored posts and digital product selling can be great alternatives to these. So, here goes the complete details.

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A. Paid Advertisements

It is the most popular way to generate income through a blog. There are native ads and text ads that you can display on your website to earn money.

Several companies now give you the platform to join as a publisher and start connecting with global advertisers. The most notable ad platforms are as follows:

  1. Google AdSense: Needless to say, it is the most popular ad platform that millions of bloggers now trust. Although it doesn’t have any minimum traffic requirement, you will have an edge if your domain is at least three months old. It now assures around 60% to 75% revenue share with its publishers.
  2. AdThrive: It is the best choice if you have a blog that is now generating around 100k organic traffic each month. However, most traffic should be from premium countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. You can easily generate more than $1k each month just through native ads.
  3. Mediavine: This ad management service requires you to have at least 25k unique visitors to get approval. It assures much better ad revenue if you cross the 30k active session benchmark. Many big publishers are now sticking to this ad platform due to its high CPC rate.
  4. Monumetric: This ad-partner network wants you to have at least 10k unique visitors per month to get approval. But once you get it, the CPC is pretty high. Besides, it is now associated with many big advertisers. So, the fill rate will be pretty high. However, you will need to pay a setup fee of $99.

There are several other companies like Media.Net and AdPushUp that now also offer lucrative deals for ad programs. However, you need to check out the CPC rate and choose accordingly.

Do check my Income Report for further info.


B. Affiliate Marketing

It is one of the best options to get paid to post ads if you’re aiming for significant revenue. There are two main ways to do affiliate marketing.

First, if you post an affiliate link on your website and your visitor clicks on that ad, you can earn in a per-click way.

And secondly, if you post the same and one of your visitors buys that product from your link, you can earn a commission from that sale.

There are three leading affiliate marketing platforms active on the internet if you are looking for good products. The platforms and their details are as follows.

  1. Amazon Associates: It is the most popular destination for affiliate marketers. You can simply create a free account and choose several products. And you will get a custom link for each of those products. You can then place those customized links on your website.
  2. FlexOffers: It now offers thousands of opportunities for affiliate marketers in various niches. Besides the typical earnings through an affiliate, it also has a referral program for additional revenues. Once you complete your registration, you can get the affiliate link and place it on your website to start earning.
  3. MaxBounty: It is one of the best affiliate platforms if you have a majority of your traffic from countries like the United States and Canada. This outfit not only offers an excellent per-lead commission but now has opportunities in almost all the niches you can think of.

Even after knowing all this, it can be a little hard to fully understand how affiliate marketing works and how you can make the most money out of it.

And to help you with this, Michelle launched a new course. So, joining this amazing affiliate marketing course can help you all the way.

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C. Sponsored Posts

It is one of the best options to earn from blogs if you want a fixed income from each of your vlogs or articles. You will not only get paid to post ads but also collaborate with big brands this way.

However, you will need good traffic in your blog to get sponsored posts that will also pay you well. You also need to have writing skills for articles and videography skills for making vlogs.

But, even if you have a flair for writing, it is not easy to write engaging content for blogs. One of the sensei in the writing field, Holly Johnson, recently launched her course to guide writers to achieve success.

So, you can join the writing workshop to create articles that can attract millions of potential customers.

All you need is to write about the products or services of the company you have collaborated with. And you need to include a link to that particular product or service.

You can directly approach the companies for sponsored posts, or you can also let people know that you are open to sponsored posts through your social media handles.

The earnings from the sponsored post will broadly vary according to the reputation and monthly traffic of your blog. You can charge around $100 per sponsored post if you are not getting massive traffic.

However, websites that have millions of unique visitors per month usually charge up to $10k per post.

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D. Sell Digital Products

First, you need to understand what digital products are actually. From eBooks to online courses, from printables to digital cards, everything falls in this category.

It will also be a great addition to your website if you want to get paid to post ads. As of 2021, a typical online course is sold for around $100, although it can go as high as $1k for specialized courses.

You can launch your course and start making money. Although it is not very easy, you can do that if you have the proper planning. You need to chalk out the flow of the course and the subject of the course according to your area of expertise.

However, you need to make it simple and price it on the lower side to attract more students in the initial days. You need some technical aspects to fulfill before starting your course-selling journey.

First, you need to have a good computer, a webcam, and a microphone. And secondly, you need screen recording software to make the course.

Once you are ready with the course, you can then directly advertise that on your social media handles and various classified websites.

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2. Start A Social Media Ad Agency

Ad Agencies are on the rise these days. If you are a regular user of any social media platform, you’ll definitely witness all kinds of ads in your newsfeed every day.

It’s the businesses or entrepreneurs behind these advertisements. Nowadays, everybody started promoting/selling their products through social media ads.

This created an opportunity for ad experts to come up with a great business idea called Social Media Ad Agency.

The main job of an Ad Agency is to help businesses and entrepreneurs in creating and running profitable social media ad campaigns. They assist their clients in creating low-cost ad campaigns that bring maximum sales and ROI.

If you are good at using any social media platform and have complete knowledge of how that platform works, then you can also start this business on your own.

This business requires no big investments at all, and the only thing you need is your expertise. If you can do so, you can also charge a fixed amount per month for each client to create/run their social media ad campaigns.

Ad agencies, perhaps the best way to get paid to post ads is because you can work for as many clients as you want, and you earn as much as you work. On average, you can charge $1000/month from each client.

For a detailed explanation or more knowledge on this topic, you should check out this amazing course.


3. Post Ads on Facebook

If you don’t have a blog but still want to get paid to post ads, Facebook is undoubtedly the best option. You will get the largest audience on this social media platform, as almost half the world’s population is now using Facebook.

One of the best features of Facebook ads is that you can target a specific age group or demographic profile while placing it. Besides, the interactive design and placement of your ad will also help you to generate more leads.

Although it is not very complicated, you do need to follow the learning curve. It is a trial-and-error method where you need to understand your campaign through multiple attempts.

So, you need to start slow and with a low budget to try various combinations during ad placement. Once you find the best way, you can go for a higher budget.

Costs of Facebook Ad Campaigns: It all depends on your target audience and demographic profile. But, many people have already bought Facebook ads at rates as low as $0.05 per click.

However, warm targets will cost you more. But it will also convert active leads into final sales. So, you need to consider various factors while planning your Facebook ad campaign.

You can watch free YouTube tutorials on the Facebook ad campaign. Besides, you can find various study materials and case studies too.

You need to properly analyze all the available resources and plan your ad campaign accordingly. Once you find a way to do everything right, you will get the lowest cost-per-ad-click.

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4. Post Ads on Instagram

Instagram is not just a great platform to share amazing photographs with your friends and family, but you can also earn money through this platform. Millennials are more into Instagram than Facebook due to its unique features.

If you have a good number of followers on this social media platform, You can make some serious money through brand collaboration.

Famous brands are now looking for social media influencers who have a strong presence on Instagram to promote their products and services.

And you can easily collaborate with those companies to earn as high as $10k per month. Typical sponsored content from a reputed company can earn you as much as $1k in a single shot. However, you do need to have sizable followers.

Brand Collaboration On Instagram: There are now several websites available where you can create your account and start collaborating with global brands.

Some of the most popular sites are iFluenz, FameBit, and TapInfluence. You can create accounts on these platforms in just a few minutes if you have a good number of followers on Instagram.

Your asking rate should be according to the market standard. If you have a huge chunk of followers on Instagram, you can ask for even $1k per sponsored post. However, you do need to have proper market research to know about the current market rate.

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5. Post Ads on Twitter

Days are gone when just celebrities and influential people around the globe used to get millions of followers on Twitter. Now, many bloggers also have the same kind of attention on this social media platform.

However, you do need to have the ability to tell the whole story within 280 characters. You can also use this unique website to get paid to post ads on social media.

It acts quite in a similar way to Instagram. But, you can also post your ads on Twitter by investing a few bucks per day to reach more audiences.

And in this way, you can also make a proper lead generation technique if you are selling anything on your website.

Earning Mechanism In Twitter: There are two main ways to use this platform as a money-making tool. If you have a good number of followers on Twitter, you can go for brand collaboration.

Izea is one such platform that connects Twitter influencers with global brands. The final asking rate for each sponsored post will depend on several factors, like the number of followers and engagement.

And secondly, you can also start your ad campaign for your blog or website. If you are selling your stuff or if you are into affiliate marketing, you can invest a small portion of your earnings in Twitter ads.


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6. Post Ads on Pinterest

Most of us already know that affiliate marketing works best if we get a good amount of traffic from countries like the United States, Canada, or Australia.

And as a surprising fact, around 60% of users on Pinterest are residents of the United States. Moreover, about 50% of users of Pinterest earn more than $50k per year on average. And, around 10% of Pinterest users earn more than $125k per year.

These stats alone can prove how significant the Pinterest ad campaign can be for your products. But first, you need to know how Pinterest works. It works quite in a similar way to any search engine.

When you search for something on a search engine, it shows you a list of results. And when you search on Pinterest, it shows you a series of images called “Pins”.

Designing Ad Campaign on Pinterest: It works in a similar fashion to Facebook ads. You can create an ad and control various aspects of it, like demographic profile and target age group.

Once anyone clicks on your Pinterest ad, a list of Pins will open, which you can preselect. Several users reported that they were able to place ads at as low as $0.01 per click on Pinterest.

If users click on any of your Pins in that particular ad campaign, it will take them directly to the landing page or onto your website. And you can include affiliate products on your website or landing page to generate more leads.

The conversion rate is also quite good on Pinterest, as around 72% of users decide what to buy offline after checking Pins on this platform.


7. Post Ads on YouTube

Most of us don’t understand that YouTube is a search engine that works similarly to Google. When you search for something, you get a list of results with website links.

And on YouTube, you get the same thing but with videos. So, it can be a great option if you are willing to get paid to post ads on the internet.

You may have already noticed that whenever you start watching any video on YouTube, some ads automatically start playing.

Well, some ads are non-skippable, while some allow you to skip after five seconds. And those are the ads from which publishers and YouTube make their money.

If you have any product, you can directly run a video ad campaign and attract more customers. And if you are a publisher, you can display those ads on your video to get your commission.

1. Direct Ad Campaign: You can put ads on your product or affiliate site on YouTube. It will cost you around $0.02 per click if you are good at setting a specific target audience.

You need to make a good video ad to convince your potential buyers to visit the site. However, you can also make a good channel and participate in the ad program to generate ad revenue.

2. Brand Collaboration: There are options like Upfluence and CreatorIQ, where you can make an account and start collaborating with global brands. However, you need to have a good follower base on your YouTube channel.

You can either directly review their products on your video or can post the affiliate link on the video description to get a commission.

If you are looking to make money from your YouTube channel, you must have a good number of monthly views. So, work hard to make an excellent follower base.

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Other Ways To Get Paid To Post Ads


8. Advertise on Your Car

Painting vintage ads on vehicles was a top trend in the sixties and seventies. However, most of those vehicles are buses and taxis. But now, it is even possible to use your car as an advertising platform.

Many companies choose this method as it attracts the most number of potential customers as your vehicle moves all over the city or from place to place.

It acts as a moving billboard but is way cheaper for the companies. But, you may have already worried about the painting of your car just by reading the first few lines.

Don’t worry; companies that offer this opportunity make the ad stickers that cause no harm to the original paint of your car. And many times, they even pay for the cleaning of your vehicle after the term gets over.

Companies Offering Car Advertisement: One of the most popular websites in this category is Wrapify. This California-based company has already proved its trustworthiness among drivers who want to get paid to post ads on their cars.

However, it is currently only available in the United States. You can make as high as $500 per month just by putting ad stickers in your car.


9. Advertise on Your House

You can use the front of your house as an advertisement space for the companies. However, it must not be a rental space, and you need to make an agreement with the company before taking any steps.

Sometimes, homeowners face difficulties like uneven painting jobs or improper maintenance of painting jobs in the ad space. So, you need to talk to the companies looking for the ad space and clearly state your conditions.

You also need to remember that the contract should be for a minimum of three months. Or else, you won’t get a lucrative profit this way.

You can contact your local business to let them know that your house’s exterior wall is available for advertisement. Besides, you can also use your social media handles to let everyone know that you want to get paid to post ads on your house.


10. Advertise on Your Clothes

Although it sounds a little unconventional, it is absolutely true. You can make money by wearing branded clothes. If you have a good chunk of social media followers, you can make a few thousand bucks just this way.

It is not traditional to get paid to post ads, but several clothing companies often work with social media influencers as a marketing tool.

Companies like Cracked often conduct contests where you need to post selfies wearing their clothes.

If you have a good number of followers, you can also offer this service on freelance platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.

Here along with earning, one can keep the clothes with them for free. It is undoubtedly another way to update your wardrobe besides having a monetary benefit.

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11. Advertise On Your Body

Way back in 2005, a lady from Utah came into the limelight after she auctioned her forehead as an advertising space for an online casino for $10k.

Sounds bizarre? But yes, it is absolutely true. But you don’t need that extreme path as there are other ways to do so.

A couple of years ago, Red Sun launched a campaign where anyone could get $1.5k just by tattooing their logo anywhere on their body.

A more creative design offered up to $5k in cash. And several people tried to do that and got the money right into their bank accounts.

Famous companies also often use this strategy where they use humans as a moving billboards for their advertisements. Air New Zealand offered a free round trip to the country in 2009 if anyone shaved their head to put a temporary tattoo.


12. Participate In Events

You can participate in local events and tournaments like a car race or a sprint. And for that, you can approach local businesses or even bigger companies to sponsor you.

You can put their logos on your clothes while participating. Besides, you can also put the ads of the companies on your car if you are participating in a car race or drag race.

You can also arrange events all by yourself and associate companies with them. And for banners and ads, you can charge as much as $10k per event to reputed companies.

You need to contact your local ad agencies and let them know about your events or competition so that they can arrange some ads for you. Besides you can also post it directly on your social media handles.


Legal Requirements For Posting Ads

For any sponsored content or any relationship or association with any brand or company, the Federal Trade Commission or FTC requires you to disclose the brand tie-ups.

It is to protect the consumers against any fraudulence. In this way, consumers have the scope to know if they are earning money by promoting their products.

It is not just applicable to sponsored articles or videos but to social media posts as well. You need to disclose if you are getting sponsorship from any company or brand to a specific tweet or wall post.

Many people often put hashtags such as #sponsored, #promotions, or #ad in those kinds of posts or tweets. Besides all these, you also need to be aware of your local rules and regulations for posting ads.


Final Thoughts

The ways we have mentioned in this list are the proven ways to get paid to post ads. Try hard and make a follower base first if you are looking for a place in the influencer market.

Or else, you can also learn search engine strategies like SEO and SEM to get organic traffic to your blog. But do remember, you need to invest your time in this sector to achieve success.


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