17 Legit Ways To Get Paid To Read Emails- Earn $50+/Week

We all know about email and how important it is for communication in our daily routine. It has changed the whole way we communicate since its inception. 

Most of the companies choose email as a way for communication to know various aspects like customer reviews, employee guidelines, deals, client interaction, etc. 

An average professional usually spend 1-2.6 hour by just reading or answering emails. This sums up nearly 10-26% of his working hours. 

Sometimes it will be boring but also important that you cannot skip. What if the condition that you can get paid to read emails? 

Interesting right? Yes! You can really earn money by just reading emails without disturbing your working hours. 

Before knowing the ways where you can get paid to read emails, You must be aware of some basics to learn what to hold and what to leave in this journey. 


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What Is Email?

In the olden days, we used to send our messages in written format with letters or by using telegram. As technology progressed this form upgraded to electronic form known as ‘Email’.

This all started way back in the 1950s but the reliable credit can be shared with Ray Timilson as the inventor of email in 1971. 


Forms Of Emails

There are mainly 3 main categories of email writing and they can be sub-categorized more with purpose.

  • Formal Emails
  • Semi-Formal Emails
  • Informal Emails

They are more sub-categorized into welcome mail, survey mail, hiring mail, newsletter, offer mail, spam, etc. 


Websites To Get Paid To Read Emails

All along the way time management is important, You must know which email is important and what can turn spam, in order to save your time as well as to avoid virus threats to your personal computer.

Here we are sharing a few legit ways where you can get paid to read emails, Have a glance and start earning.


1. Vindale Research

Joining Bonus: $1 signup bonus.

When it comes to earning money in a passive way Vindale Research provides you many alternatives to do so.

One of which is email reading, Here you can claim $1 as a signup bonus and an additional $5 by referring your friend to join this platform.

There is a margin of $50 you need to reach to cash out your money through PayPal. It is very easy to earn $50+ through Vindale Research.

Apart from email reading, you can fill online surveys, play games, watch movies, and can even share payment receipts to earn real cash. According to Vindale Research, you can earn up to $50 per survey you complete successfully.

Website: Vindale Research.

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2. InboxDollars

Joining Bonus: $5 signup bonus.

InboxDollars is the next one on the list to get paid to read emails. Flexibility is the key feature on this website where you can operate from anywhere you want.

Here you can claim $5 as a joining bonus and additional bucks by referring and completing your profile registration.

What will be the task here? There will be various emails of the different companies, all you need to do is open and crosscheck those and encash later.

Similar to the above even InboxDollars offers various other options to make passive income like filling online surveys, shopping, watching videos, playing games, etc.

Here the cash-out limit is set to $30, once you reach the mark you can cash out through PayPal. You can also win various gift cards through this website.

Website: InboxDollars.

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3. InboxPounds

Joining Bonus: £5 signup bonus.

This is the sister company of InboxDollars. This is based in the UK. Here the whole procedure of earning is similar to InboxDollars. 

All you have to do is open and check the assigned emails for you and encash later. You can even fill surveys, watch movies, and play games to earn more money.

You can search using the InboxPounds search bar to earn real cash and rewards.

Website: InboxPounds.


4. Swagbucks

Joining Bonus: $5 Instant signup bonus.

Swagbucks is not only free to join but one can win $5 as an instant signup bonus. When you are listing out the best money earning sites by online surfing this site will bang the top place.

Here you can get paid to read emails, watching movies, playing games, shopping, surfing the internet, and mainly filling online surveys.

Here for every completed task, you will be credited with Swagbucks, where 100 Swagbucks can weigh $1. You can even earn reward points, gift cards, and more. 

Website: Swagbucks.

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5. InboxPays

Joining Bonus: $5 signup bonus.

InboxPays is another best site where you can earn real cash in multiple ways. Similar to Swagbucks even InboxPays offers you $5 as an instant signup bonus.

You can start earning by reading emails, playing games, surfing online, taking real-time surveys, and the main part is you can even earn extra bucks by referring to partners.

There will be continuous passive work available on this website, you can choose along with your free time to make some extra money.

Here you need to reach $25 to encash. As the availability of work is high you can easily make $25+ in no time and encash using PayPal.

Website: InboxPays.

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6. MyPoints

Joining Bonus: $10 signup bonus.

MyPoints helps its users to earn rewards in the form of real cash, gift cards, and more. Here you can perform various tasks to get your stake.

By first-time signing up you can earn $10 as a signup bonus. Here you can mainly shop online to claim more rewards like Amazon gift cards.

One in the section is reading emails and filling surveys. Here you can earn $50 per survey and many surveys pay less and also easy to fill in less time.

Website: MyPoints.


7. FusionCash

Joining Bonus: $5 signup bonus.

One more site where you can earn money by multitasking. This is especially of US residents, Where you can earn $5 as a signup bonus and more by referring to your partners.

Here you can take surveys, play games, surf the internet, read emails, refer, to earn real-time cash and rewards. Here the minimum cash-out limit is $25.

There is also a section of a video course where you can learn how to manage FusionCash. Even without signing up, you can opt for paid videos or Fusion Cash surveys.

Website: FusionCash.


8. Daily Rewards

Joining Bonus: $1 signup bonus.

DailyRewards is one of the sister companies of InboxDollars. Even this company provides various opportunities to earn some passive income. 

Here one can read emails, take surveys, play games, watch videos, etc to earn money. They have partnered with technology, retail, and market research companies where you need to review those products for better efficiency.

When coming to get paid to read emails, you can choose your area of interest and get some targeted mails to check with. Try this now!

Website: Daily Rewards.

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9. Unique Rewards

Joining Bonus: $5 signup bonus.

Here you can earn money with just a click. This platform offers its users to earn money by reading emails, watching videos, playing games, clicking ads, shopping online, etc. 

You can choose your area where you need to create passive income. When it comes to email reading you will be assigned to some emails, you need to cross-check and encash.

One can earn an additional bonus by referring a friend. Here minimum cash-out value is around $20, by reaching you can claim through PayPal.

Website: UniqueRewards.


10. Cash4Offers

Joining Bonus: $5 signup bonus.

Cash4Offers gives several ways to earn real money online. By free signup, you can get an instant reward of $5 and after cashout, by reaching the limit you can become a gold member.

Gold members can withdraw money within 72 hours. Here you can get paid to read emails, taking surveys, referring friends, etc. They offer top rewards and a low payout limit.

They have excellent customer care service you can reach them at any time to get your queries solved.

Website: Cash4Offers.


11. Send Earnings

Joining Bonus: $5 signup bonus.

This is one more company-owned and managed by Inbox Dollars that started way back in 2000.  This is one of the online rewards clubs that pays its users in cash for online activities.

Here you can claim instant $5 for signing up and can earn more with every referral. There are various online activities where can get paid to read emails, playing games, filling online surveys, complete offer fillings, watching videos, etc.

Website: Send Earnings.

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12. Points2Shop

Joining Bonus: $1 signup bonus.

When it comes to making a list of the largest free online reward programs Points2Shop will join the list with no doubt. Here you can earn cash or virtual points by performing online activities.

Here you can opt for reading emails, completing surveys, playing games, watching videos, shopping online, and many more. 

They also have a mobile application where you can earn money by operating from anywhere you want. Here you can earn $0.50 for every US/UK member you refer to this website. Additional $0.50 for every offer your referral completes.

Not only the referral bonus, but one can also earn a percentage of referral down-line. This can range from about 15% of qualifying offers they complete.

Apart from the cash, you can even earn gift cards, game cards, and more. You can get support from their team at any time from the community chat column.

Website: Points2Shop.


13. CashCrate

Joining Bonus: $1 signup bonus.

This is one of the sites where you can get paid to read emails, fill surveys, play games, watch videos, and many more to earn rewards.

Here you can get $3 as a bonus when your referral spends $10 on this website. Here joining is entirely free and you can also claim a bonus of $1 instantly.

When you choose to opt for email reading to earn here, you will be assigned emails from advertisers. You need to check and earn cash.

The minimum cash-out limit is $20 and once you reach you can encash from PayPal.

Website: CashCrate.


14. Small Business Knowledge Center

Joining Bonus: Not Assured.

This is one of the unique sites particularly related to email works. They conduct a market research study of direct mail and also email marketing. They usually spare rewards for each usable piece of direct mail or email you send to them.

You need to register with their panelist profile forum by mentioning your status. You can register with any tag like a self-employed, business owner, firm manager, etc.

Here you need not worry about filling your personal details in the panelist profile as personal information is protected safely on this website. They also remove personal information prior to usage in their study.

Your junk can help them out to learn more about email marketing techniques. Why you are waiting for? Show your junk and get rewarded well.

Website: Small Business Knowledge Center.

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15. Rupee Inbox

Joining Bonus: ₹50 Signup Bonus.

This is one popular website based in India. They show sponsored emails to their members. All you have to do is free signup and earn ₹50 as a signup bonus. 

Once you become a member of RupeeInbox you will get access to the internal mailbox where you get paid to read emails from advertisers daily. 

You can earn around ₹100-₹500 per day by hardly sparing an hour in the entire day. Very simple and effective, Give it a try!

Website: RupeeInbox.


16. Uniq Paid

Joining Bonus: Bonus assured on referrals.

UniqPaid is basically an international program where members from all across the world can join. Here you can earn cash and rewards by performing various activities.

Here first you need to signup by using their platform, this task is absolutely free. Now you can get access to their platform where you can get paid to read emails, completing tasks, filling online surveys,  visiting sites, online shopping, etc.

They hold fast and honest payment processing. You can access your payments through PayPal, Bitcoin, and even in the form of a bank check. Very minimum payout limit i.e, $5.

You can get an additional $2 for every referral and also a 10% commission on each offer you complete in the first 2 days. Reach their community forum to learn more.

Website: Uniq Paid.


17. Paid To Read Email

Joining Bonus: $3 as a signup bonus.

As the name sums the definition, This is one more best chance where you can get paid to read emails. All you need to do here is to follow 3 simple steps.

Signup with their free platform, and complete all the emails you are assigned with, and finally, earn real cash. Here you can receive daily paid emails with a low payout reach of $15.

So you can encash reaching the limit of $15, simple right? They are also quick in payments. You can also refer to any of your friends to earn a referral bonus.

Website: Paid To Read Email.


Alternative Side Hustles To Make Extra Money

Try Proofreading

Here also reading is the main job but you need to point out typos, errors, grammatical mistakes in the content, or documents. These jobs are super flexible and can earn you up to $15 – $20 per hour.

Check the full list of websites here to find a well-paying job.


Get Paid To Read Books

Another great opportunity for avid readers to make some serious cash by doing what they love. As a book reader, you need to complete reading a book and share your honest reviews and thoughts upon it. This job is the best as it increases knowledge and fills your pockets at the same time.

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Get Paid To Type Audio Files

Have great typing skills? Well, then transcription is for you. All you need to do is convert audio files into text format by typing while listening to them. Such an easy job to work from home in your free time or full-time.

There are several companies to find online transcription jobs. Earn up to $10 – $25 per hour.



While you are opting for something you must look way beyond earning money. Life is all about experiencing all the aspects, when you choose to earn by reading emails it has various pros as well as cons. 

The time when one can really balance and analyze pros over cons then you can experience the real pun in the task. Reading emails and clearing the clutter can be extremely irritating for most of us, But see we also have opportunities to clear that by earning money into our pocket.

Create interest, learn, imbibe, get into action’ is what we want to say here. Here are the 17 real chances where you can get paid to read emails, let us know how our article helped you the way through.


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