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20 Best Ways To Get Paid To Sleep (Up to $1500 Per Nap)

Earning money is impossible without serious effort and hard work, isn’t it? But what if I tell you that it is now possible to get paid to sleep?

Yes, it may sound like a fantasy, but it is possible to make up to $40k/year just by sleeping.

While some companies pay to sleep on their mattresses and beds, many state-funded and privately-funded research organizations also pay equally well to take part in their studies and trials.

But like most other professions, earning money by sleeping has its pros and cons.

Our editorial team has carefully tested all the available options to find the high-paying ones. But before we reveal all those, let’s figure out the initial steps to take to enter this industry!


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How To Start Making Money Sleeping?

Although it sounds unbelievable, sleeping and making money are not just possible together, but it is also among the high-paying passive income ideas you can adopt this year.

But, to take part in those sleep studies, you need to fulfill three basic requirements; particular age profile, specific demographic, and geolocations.

However, several studies have their own criteria that can even consider height and weight to select eligible participants.

But, in general terms, you can take part in almost any sleep study if you are a healthy adult aged between 18 to 35 years.

You shouldn’t also have any pre-screened disease. So, you can easily get paid to sleep studies or to take part in any other clinical trials as well if you are free from any of the adverse health conditions.


10 Best Ways To Get Paid To Sleep

Although there are several ways to earn money just by sleeping, not every option is legit and equally rewarding.

So, our team of experts has handpicked only the legit options where you can really get paid to nap and make up to $40k/year on average.


1. Bed And Mattress Tester

Testing new beds and mattresses to decide their qualities is the best option if you want to get paid to sleep.

It is also one of the best ways to make money without a job, as you need to just sleep in cozy beds and fluffy mattresses to make money.

According to a recent financial report, a bed-testing expert now earns around $40k/year on average. And for part-time testers, this can go as high as $80/hour, excluding incentives.

Sonno is probably the most sort-after company in the USA that now offers this opportunity. And if you are from the UK, you can try Olivia’s and similar companies.


2. Overnight Caregiver

If you are looking for jobs where you get paid to sleep, you can try working as an overnight caregiver, especially to babies, toddlers, and senior members.

Although several high-paying babysitting jobs are available, caregiving can fetch more money than usual babysitting.

As per earning potential is concerned, you can expect to make around $15/hour. However, people are also earning as much as $18/hour while having sufficient experience in caregiving. is probably the most notable platform in this category that offers several of these caregiving jobs.

All these duties will entail you sleeping at night after taking care of the elderly and toddlers.


3. Mystery Shopping In Hotels

Mystery shopping is one of the best money-making hobbies that pay well this year.

And now, you can even do mystery shopping in hotels to test their hospitality and competitiveness. New-age hoteliers are looking for mystery shoppers to ensure their quality.

So, you can now even get paid to sleep in hotels. And trust me or not, you can easily fetch around $20 to $22/hour on average.

Besides, you’ll also get five-star hospitality and comfort along with that money.

You mainly need to just stay at a hotel and experience their service. And then, you should write detailed feedback about their services and comfort, which the management team will use.


4. Line Sitting For Others

Have you ever tried buying an iPhone the day it gets launched? Or did you even try to go inside Walmart during their flash sales?

If you have done these, you must have already known you need to be in a lengthy line.

But now, you can be a professional line sitter if you want to know how to get paid to sleep.

And in the USA, you can expect to make around $25 to $35/hour on average to keep lines for others.

You can easily sleep while keeping your ques as a line setter. Same Ole Line Dudes is probably the most reputed platform in this category that now offers this opportunity in the USA.


5. Pet Sitting Overnight

Not only just toddlers or seniors, but our beloved pets also need care and comfort whenever they need it.

So, you can also start pet sitting if you have a love for four-legged and also want your time to sleep at night. And there are several get-paid-to-sleep apps available to get these jobs.

Besides high-paying animal rescue jobs, pet sitting is also an excellent option for animal lovers to make money.

And according to recent estimates, you can easily make around $25/hour doing just that.

You can start your journey as a pet sitter with Rover. Besides dog walking, this brilliant platform also offers pet sitting opportunities in your locality.


6. Sleeping Executive

Yes, if you want to get paid-to-sleep jobs, becoming a sleeping executive can be your ideal option.

Asleep executive mainly sleeps in a closed room to check the quality of the curtains and blinds to give customer-centric feedback at the development stage.

According to the current financial estimate, the asleep executive can easily make around $35k to $40k/year on average.

And people taking this as a part-time opportunity can fetch as much as $140/day.

But yes, you shouldn’t have a light sleep pattern or other sleep issues while doing this job because you may need to sleep in various light conditions and noise levels.


7. Take Part In Clinical Trials

When I first searched for options to get paid to sleep near me, I discovered this fantastic opportunity to make money while participating in clinical trials.

There are several research labs and universities that frequently hire test subjects to take part in their trials.

You can expect to make up to $3k/trial, although the amount varies on various factors.

You may not believe it, but the University of Colorado Boulder recently paid $2.4k/for participants who appeared for their sleep trials.

But yes, you can’t do these jobs if you have family obligations or any pre-screened sleep disorders. Besides, specific trials may have particular criteria to fulfill.


8. Sleep Exhibitionist

Exhibitionism has been in trend since Salvador Dali took this on a giant scale during his time in New York.

And to date, it is one of the best methods to try if you want to get paid to sleep. It is also one of the most high-paying part-time weekend jobs you can try this year.

New Yorker and modern-age artist, Chu Yun, has hired 100 ladies from 18 to 40 years of age to take part in a giant art installation.

They all took sleeping pills and slept amidst a crowded gallery as a part of this mega art project.

You can also grab these opportunities, although you need to have an eccentric personality to be an exhibitionist.


9. Environment sleep tester

Although it is a very niche job, you can really make money just by becoming an environment sleep tester.

Sleep Standard first created this job role to determine how ambient noises, lights, and other parameters affect the sleeping quality of an average person.

As an environment sleep tester, you need to sleep at different setups and different hotels each night. Although most of these will be star categories, you may need to follow some strict criteria.

According to the current financial estimates, you can make as much as $2k/night while working as an environment sleep tester with Sleep Standard or similar companies.


10. Sleep Intern

It is pretty challenging to get paid to sleep as a sleep executive, as you need enough experience to crack that role.

But, becoming a sleep intern is relatively easy, although it makes less money than full-time sleep executives.

The primary duty will be the same as you need to sleep at various setups to determine the quality of different aspects of a room.

And in return, you can expect to make around $50 to $100/night with star-category accommodations.

Several mattresses, blinds, and curtain companies frequently hire sleep interns to test their new products before they actually hit the market.


10 Best Companies To Get Paid To Sleep

As we have already talked about the best positions and job roles in this sleeping industry, companies that are now offering this opportunity also deserve their mention.

So, we have handpicked the top ten companies that currently provide legit opportunities to get paid to sleep this year.


1. Sleep Junkies

If you are looking for a legit company where you can easily get paid to sleep, there is no better option than Sleep Junkies.

Joining this company as a sleeping expert is simple, as they frequently have global openings.

You mainly need to test the quality and performance of three mattresses over the course of two months while working for this company. And in return, you can expect to make around $3k/assignment.

Besides, you can also keep one of those mattresses that can cost as much as $1.5k, even after the trial gets over. However, you may also need to test blankets and pillows besides mattresses.


2. Sleep Standards

Do you know that you can make up to $2k/night while sleeping in five-star accommodation in a posh location?

Unbelievable it may sound, it is now very much possible as a team member of the Sleep Standards.

This company mainly tests how ambient changes can affect sleeping quality.

So, you need to sleep in different setups each day and then write a detailed and in-depth review of your sleeping quality.

But yes, this platform is only open to permanent citizens of the USA. You can simply apply for these positions with a short 60-second introduction video and by linking your social media accounts.


3. Wakefit

Wakefit is not just a company that produces excellent mattresses, but it now also assures a genuine platform to get paid to sleep.

This company mainly hires sleep experts to test their upcoming products before they actually hit the consumer market.

So, you need to sleep at least nine hours each day on their mattresses for at least 100 nights. And then, you need to submit a complete review of that product to help them improve on their cons.

In return, you can expect to make around $1.4k/assignment. Besides, you can also keep the mattresses to yourself once the trial gets over.


4. Eachnight

This fantastic company called Eachnight offers a complete guide and solution for bedding, mattresses, curtains, blinds, pillows, and other sleeping accessories.

And this company frequently has openings for sleep testers to participate in their experimental trials.

The idea is simple; you’ll get the product from this company that you need to test by sleeping on them or by using them while sleeping.

And then, you need to figure out all the pros and cons of that product to help them improve further.

In return, this company will pay you as much as $40/hour and up to $1500 per nap sometimes. However, many part-time sleep testers also reported earning more than $1.5k/month.


5. Aetna

Although it is based in the USA, Aetna provides health insurance globally with massive coverage.

And now, you can even get paid to sleep just by becoming a part of their sleeping experts. Yes, this company now has a dedicated sleep program.

Since 2014, this company has been offering in-work nap time to all their employees to improve their overall performance.

So, you don’t need to yawn in your office when you are exhausted, as you can simply sleep at the workplace.

Aetna also pays a $25/night allowance to each employee to have a good night’s sleep at their houses. But yes, you can claim up to 20 nights of remuneration with that scheme.


6. Crafted Beds

Who doesn’t love to Netflix and chill while lying on a cozy mattress? Yes, we all love it. But what if I tell you that you can do just that to make money?

It is now very much possible as one of the leading mattress manufacturers in the UK, Crafted Beds, offers this opportunity.

You need to be at least 18 years old with legal citizenship in the UK to qualify for this job. Besides, they also prefer candidates having impeccable communication prowess.

And in return, you can expect to make around £24k (approx. $40k) a year as a mattress tester. But yes, this is a full-time job that needs time commitments.


7. Same Old Line Dudes

We have already talked about this company as they are probably the leading platforms to get legit line-sitting jobs in the USA.

And you can easily get paid to sleep just by having a place for someone in a lengthy line.

Based in New York, this fantastic company called Same Old Line Dudes has regular openings for their line sitting jobs.

And if you have the ability to sleep anywhere, it is definitely the best job profile for you.

Depending on the length and rush on the line, you can expect to make up to $25/hour. Besides, they also offer performance incentives at times.



We all know that NASA offers some of the most high-paying jobs in the entire world. But now, you can even get paid to sleep in NASA.

This premier space research organization offers freelance transcription jobs as well these days.

In 2019, they conducted a “Bed Rest Study” to understand sleeping patterns. And for that, they have paid $19k/participant on average just to sleep for two months.

They mainly conduct such studies to mimic the conditions an astronaut can face during his operation beyond this blue planet.

However, you may feel weightlessness and other physical troubles while working on this project of NASA.



ClinicalTrials is a state-funded organization that keeps all the data and records of all the publicly and privately funded trials and clinical studies all over the globe.

The National Library of Medicine in the USA provides the entire resource of this platform.

So, you can now check out their website to learn about all the sleep studies going on at this time around the globe.

You can also check if any paid trials are going on in your locality where you can take part.

Although this platform will not pay you directly, it will help you filter out the paid trials.


10. Swedish Art Project

While many corporate houses offer the opportunity to get paid to sleep, what if you get the same benefits from a state-funded project?

Yes, the Swedish government itself took part in a conceptual art project that allows people to sleep and make money.

They also advertise this art project as the easiest job in the world as participants just need to sleep.

And in return, the Swedish government has paid around KR 21.6k (Approx. $2.5k) per month on average to each participant.

The main art project was held at the Korsvägen train station in Gothenburg. While many claimed this project was a social experiment, many activists also argued it was a profound political statement.


How Much Can You Make From Sleeping?

There are two major ways to get paid to sleep; if you talk clinical trials and sleep research.

First, you’ll get a daily wage or a task-based payment during the application stage. This payment typically ranges from $25 to $100/day on average.

And secondly, you’ll get the major payment after taking part in the trial.

And in most cases, it is a bulk amount that ranges from $3k to $20k, depending on the study. But typically, week-long research can fetch you around $5k to $8k on average.

However, there are several studies, like the sleep research by NASA, where you can earn much more. This space research organization has already paid $19k/participant for their 70-day sleep study.



Can you get paid for sleeping?

Yes, you can definitely get paid to sleep, either for clinical trials or for mattress or sleeping accessories testing.

You can participate in any private or government-funded sleep trials and research to get a bulk amount of money in a single go.

And if you want recurring income, you should consider taking part in mattress or bed testing that can last for a lifetime with various companies.


How can I make money while I sleep?

There are two ways to make money. First, you can earn by participating in private or state-funded research that involves sleeping.

And secondly, you can be an associate tester of a mattress or bed manufacturing company to make money.

And in both cases, you need to just sleep at your workplace to get up to $40/hour on average.


How much does a sleeper get paid?

If you consider hourly rates, the average pay of a sleep tester now lies around $17 to $25/hour.

However, some companies provide up to $150/night for week-long projects. And if you consider state or private-funded trials, you can easily fetch up to $20k/assignment.


Which company gives money for sleeping?

Two of the most notable companies that now give money just for sleeping are definitely Sleep Junkies and Sleep Standards.

However, several other platforms like NASA and Clinical Trials pay equally well. Even the Swedish government offered money to sleep while participating in their mega artistic project.



These are all the legit ways to get paid to sleep. But honestly saying, not every opportunity is suitable for everyone.

If you have any existing disease or sleep disorder, you’ll not get a chance to take part in any clinical trials.

Besides, you also need to be a healthy individual with the right height, weight, and BMI to participate in those studies.

Although the payment is much lower, mattress companies and bed testing agencies don’t have strict criteria.

So, that’s all for today, folks! Feel free to drop your suggestions and feedback in the comment box below!


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