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Get Paid To Text: 30 Legit Ways In 2024 [Earn $5/Min]

Although it is the era of online messenger services, we still chat with our friends and families through text messages, isn’t it?

But what if I say that you can now get paid to text right from your smartphone? Yes, some companies provide this opportunity globally.

But it is not easy to find the most legit and high-paying ones. And to help you, we have tried and tested thousands of apps and websites to find those that assure at least $15/hour. But before diving deep, let’s clear your doubts first!


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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Can I Really Get Paid To Text Online?

Yes, you can! There are several ways to make money with your cell phone by texting and chatting these days. But in a broad spectrum, you can divide these opportunities into three subgroups.

First, you can work for marketing and customer support companies. Second, you can chat and text lonely guys and girls looking for an online dating partner.

And third, there are messengers with which you can earn even for sending and receiving text messages.

But in all these scenarios, you need to remember,

  • Never reveal your personal information to anyone stranger
  • Always use an alias name and never use your credentials
  • Read terms and conditions thoroughly before joining any company or downloading any app
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Get Paid To Receive Text Apps

Many companies pay their users just to receive paid text messages directly to their inboxes. These text messages mainly contain ads from third-party.

And below are the companies that assure this opportunity:getting paid to text


1. McMoney

If you want to get paid to chat in English, there is no better option than this excellent SMS testing app called McMoney. This company specializes in helping global leaders and corporate giants to calibrate their SMS marketing campaigns.

But the best part is you don’t even need to read the text messages. Instead, you can just download the app and let the marketing texts come to your inbox.

And for each of those, you can make $0.05/SMS this year. Right now, it is only available for Android users.


2. I Spy Plates

Although it sounds like a James Bond movie, I Spy Plates is genuinely one of the best platforms to get paid to text. Headquartered in the US, this company mainly deals with tagging license plates of vehicles.

Banks and lending houses are their primary customers as they often fail to locate vehicles that they have hypothecated.

And this company comes into action while tagging those number plates and their current locations.

Besides industry-standard rates, you’ll also bag a $50 bonus after tagging your first ten number plates. You can also fetch $25 for referring three of your friends.


3. The Free Eats Network

This USA-based company called The Free Eats Network is a key player in the US consumer marketing industry.

Besides, it is among the very few legit platforms where you can get paid to click ads this year. After downloading the app and creating a free account, you’ll start receiving paid text messages directly on your phone.

But yes, they send just two text messages per week to their existing users. And for that, you can fetch around $0.25/SMS.

Please don’t consider it a full-time opportunity but a side hustle instead, as you can earn a maximum of $24/year from here. Oh wait, you also need a PayPal account to get your money.

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Get Paid To Send Text

Like receiving, you can earn while sending text messages as well. It can either be a regular customer query or maybe an expert’s advice for customers.

And the most legit among those are as follows:


4. 1Q App

If you talk about the best get-paid-to-chat app, you talk about 1Q. This unique platform helps marketing companies to find their target customers.

And in return, you’ll earn a cut from the profit that this company makes.

You’ll receive simple questions right in your inbox. And for replying to those, you can fetch up to $0.5/answer, although the average is around $0.25/answer.

And the best part, this app is now available for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. But yes, this is only available in a few selected countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.


5. KGB

Although it sounds like Russian intelligence, KGB is genuinely a great platform to get paid to text. Besides, it also stands among the highest-paying platforms to get paid to chat online this year.

This company typically asks you to answer simple questions. You can either answer those through their automated programs or can answer manually.

For automatic process, you can fetch around $0.05/answer. And for manual research, you can fetch around $0.1/answer on average.

But yes, this opportunity is now only available in the USA. You need to register with your US social security number to prove your legitimacy and working status in the USA.



If you are looking for ways to get paid to text that supports even non-members, you are in the right place.

IMGR is one such app that enables you to earn money without even becoming a member. All you need is to download the app, and you are all set.

You will get 2 points/text from this company. And for every 90 points, you can get $1 in real cash.

So, it is not very difficult to make around $40/month for the members and about $20/month for non-members.

Although it was initially developed for iOS, you can now also get the Android version from the google play store.


7. JustAnswer

If you are an expert in any field, let it be in civil law or guitar repairing, you can make great use of this excellent platform called JustAnswer.

You’ll get paid to text someone through this app when you solve the queries or answer the question.

You can make up to $30/answer if you are an expert in a highly demanded subject like cloud computing, AWS, or AI.

However, the average lies around $5/answer. Nonetheless, it is undoubtedly one of the best platforms to get paid to give advice online.

Right now, it is available throughout the world. But yes, you do need a PayPal account to withdraw your earnings from this app.


8. Fibler

This platform called Fibler works quite similarly to JustAnswer. You need to be an expert in any field and give proper answers to the questions posted by ordinary people.

But what makes it stand apart, it has voice-calling and video-calling answers too. You can easily fetch up to $3/text answer after creating a free account.

Besides, you can fetch up to $9/session for voice calls and up to $15/session for video calls with people looking for answers from experts.

You need a PayPal account, as this company now only pays through PayPal accounts and direct deposits in a few countries.


9. Hummr

There are a few better options to get paid to Text than Hummr. It is a platform for experts of different genres. And if you have any specific skill set and expertise, you can also join this platform for free.

Unlike the websites we have already mentioned, you can set your asking rate on this platform. Besides, there is no such time commitment needed from the company’s side.

According to our estimates, you can make around $5/answer as a member of this platform.

But you can fetch up to $15/answer if you opt for a video session. This company now pays through PayPal and direct deposit.


Get Paid To Text Chat

Chatting can be fun and equally rewarding. Several companies now pay their users to have text conversations.

And the most legit among those websites are as follows:


10. Fiverr

This Israeli online marketplace called Fiverr is one of the most trusted freelance jobs websites for WFH opportunities. Like many other options, you can find several GPT projects on this platform as well.

From SMS marketing to motivational pop-ups, you can get almost any project of your choice.

And the best part, you can set your gig price. But, try to make it around $5/gig at the beginning to attract more clients.

This platform is now available globally, and you can access it even from the remotest corners with internet connectivity. And this company also supports several payout modes.


11. Premium.Chat

Trust me; there are very few options to get paid to text as genuine as Premium.Chat. As the name itself suggests, this company offers premium customer-centric solutions through chat and text support.

If you are a coach, motivator, or consultant, it is probably the best place to kickstart your journey.

Right now, you can easily fetch up to $6/minute for text conversation. And for a video session, you can earn up to $9/minute.

The signup process is completely free and takes just 3 minutes to set up your profile. But yes, you do need to have a linked PayPal account to withdraw your earnings.


12. The Chat Shop

If you are looking for the best ways to get paid to text chat in the UK, The Chat Shop can be the right destination for you.

All you need is to convert consumers through engaging and in-depth conversation about any specific product.

You will mainly work for the business growth, although the project is solely B2C. And you can make around $20/hour if you take this as a full-time opportunity.

This company mainly allows people from the United Kingdom to join the team. And you need to be a native-English speaker with strong communication skills to get selected.



We don’t take mental health as seriously as we consider physical health. But in these challenging times, it is essential to have a healthy mental state as well.

And for that, people look for emotional wellness coaches on to get help.

You mainly need to work as a mental counselor to people suffering from anxiety or mental health issues. And in return, you can fetch around $21/hour on average.

Besides text messages, you can also opt for video sessions that can earn you much more. Right now, it is available in several tier-1 countries, including the USA and Canada.


14. Working Solutions

This third-party customer support agency called Working Solutions is one of the best platforms to get paid to text.

You need to answer the queries and troubleshoot the problems of a customer while working for this company.

And in return, you can expect up to $30/hour, although the average lies around $7 to $10/hour. Besides text messages, you may also need to answer through live calls and social media chats.

But yes, you can also start your own VA business to do these works while having your work freedom.

And for that, Gina Horkey recently launched her free mini-course on VA to kickstart your journey in this field within just 30 days or less.

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Get Paid To Text Men

If you are a gorgeous working lady or a stay-at-home mom, you can start texting lonely men to get paid.

Although several companies claim to provide this opportunity, the most legit among those are as follows.


15. ChatOperatorJobs

If you want to get paid to talk to lonely guys, ChatOperatorJobs offers the best platform for you. You can start having emotional or flirtish text conversations with men around the globe to earn money.

You can fetch around $0.2/text message from this platform. But yes, be prepared to receive sexually explicit texts and adult-oriented messages while doing this job.

And one more thing, you must reply to at least 75 messages/week to continue your membership.

You need to be at least 23 years old to become eligible for this platform. And you should also have a linked PayPal account as this company only pays through it.


16. Flirtbucks

There are now several legit ways to get paid to flirt online these days. But nothing can be as high-paying as this excellent platform called Flirtbucks.

You need to talk to lonely men to earn quite a significant amount of money.

It is not tricky to fetch around $0.1/text message and around $0.4/video message. But yes, these messages can be explicit. And you need to be at least 18 years old to open a free account on this platform.

Right now, this opportunity is only available for the permanent citizens of the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. However, they are soon going to expand to many other countries as well.


17. Text121Chat

As the company itself claims, Text121Chat is the biggest independent player in the adult texting market worldwide.

And while we have tried it, we found it one of the best platforms to get paid to answer messages to a sugar daddy.

Unlike many other adult conversation websites, this platform only supports text messages.

So, you don’t need to worry about identity protection and online privacy. And for each of your conversations, you can make around $0.5/text message.

However, you need to meet the minimum quota of 2k messages/month to continue your membership on this platform. So, your net income lies around $125/month on average.


18. LipService

There are very few websites available these days that offer legit phone actress jobs for women.

And among those, LipService is the most dominating force in the industry. However, this platform is currently available exclusively in the USA and Canada.

But the best thing is you can set your asking rate for chat and adult conversations. Besides, you also have the freedom to choose your preferred work hours.

You need to be at least 18 years old to open a completely free account on this platform. And right now, you can expect around $18 to $20/hour on average.


Get Paid to Text Lonely Guys

Lonely guys around the globe often look for online dating partners. And if you have an eccentric personality, you can grab that opportunity to make money.


19. Dreamlover

Not every website that offers ways to get paid to text is appropriately encrypted. But it is a whole different ball game for this unique platform called Dreamlover.

It is not just secured but also uses proxy numbers during conversation to safeguard your real identity.

All you need is to be at least 18 years old to become eligible for this job. However, it is now only open to permanent citizens of the United States.

You will always get a steady supply of clients to boost your earnings. And you can expect around $25 to $30/hour on average while working as a model for this platform.


20. Chat Recruit

This UK-based company called Chat Recruit has recently witnessed a massive surge in popularity around the globe.

It is probably among the very few websites that allow text messages and voice calls instead of video calls.

So, you don’t need to reveal your real identity to strangers on this platform. Instead, you can start working with your alias name and earn up to $0.25/text message.

Right now, it is available throughout the world. It is also pretty easy to sign up as a chat model.

And you can withdraw your earnings directly on your linked bank account to cut down payment gateway charges.


21. TexKings

First, you need to understand that TexKings is not an end client but a moderator instead. It works as a bridge between genuine companies and people looking for late-night WFH jobs that also pay well.

According to our estimates, you can make around $25/hour on average while chatting with lonely guys through this platform.

However, it is pretty challenging to make more than $1k/month due to excessive competition and thousands of models.

You mainly need two things to become eligible. First, you need to be at least 18 years old native-English speaker.

And secondly, you should have more than 25 WPM typing speed with minimal grammatical errors.


22. MyGirlFund

MyGirlFund is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get paid to text, although it works differently from other websites on this list. You mainly depend on your clients to earn tips (in points) through this unique platform.

For every content of yours, clients can tip between 50 and 100 credit points. And for every 100 points on this platform, you can cash out $1 directly to your linked bank account or Skrill wallet.

Right now, it is available in several tier-1 countries, including the USA and Canada. However, you need to be at least 18 years old with excellent communication skills to become eligible.


23. Rent a Friend

The name Rent a Friend itself tells the whole story, isn’t it? Yes, anyone can rent a friend through this unique and versatile platform. And the best part, you don’t need to reveal your real identity while becoming someone’s online friend.

But remember, it is not a dating site. Sending adult or explicit messages is also prohibited on this platform.

You will be instantly penalized if you act like an online date or become too flirtish while chatting with someone.

But if you follow all the rules, you can easily make up to $50/hour. However, the typical payout lies between $15 to $20/hour on average.

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Get Paid To Text Apps

Several text messengers are available for iOS and Android that you can use as your default texting app.

And in return, these companies display ads on your texts and give you a cut from their profit.


24. Phrendly

There are very few websites to get paid to text as popular as Phrendly. It is often dubbed as paid-Tinder, where you can make money while flirting through text messages, voice calls, or video chats.

You can make around $0.35/text message on average. However, you need to reply within 24 hours to get that money.

And for voice and video calls, this rate can go as high as $66/hour. Right now, it is available for people around the globe having at least 18 years of age.

But to get more in-depth details, don’t miss our Phrendly app review before joining it.


25. Blabber

Blabber, a relatively new kid on the block, now provides an excellent opportunity to get paid to text on your phone.

You don’t need to talk to any stranger or even flirt with anyone. Instead, you can set this as your default messaging app for regular conversation.

For every 1k message you send through this app, you will earn $1. But yes, you need to send at least 15k messages (equivalent to $15) before you become eligible for a withdrawal.

Right now, it is available for Android users only. However, they are soon planning to launch an iOS app as well.


26. Drizzle SMS

Like Blabber, Drizzle SMS is also a text messaging app that provides one of the smart ways to make online money through chatting.

But you don’t need to chat with any strangers but with your friends and family instead. You’ll earn money every time you send a text message through this app.

Besides, this company also sends your paid SMS directly to your inbox. But the best part is you can even make money from it without opening those texts.

Right now, it is available globally, and anyone can directly download this one from app stores for both Android and iOS.


Alternate Ways To Get Paid To Text Online

Besides downloading text messengers or chatting online, there are many other ways from which you can get paid to text.

And the most notable and high-paying genres to do that are as follows:


27. Blogging

Blogging and vlogging are the most lucrative professions these days. Besides immense earning potential, this profession offers fame and popularity as well.

And now, you can earn through several channels like native ads, sponsored content, and even affiliate marketing.

Typically, the average income of a full-time blogger or vlogger lies between $30k/year to $50k/year. But, vloggers like PewDiePie earn millions.

You will also be surprised to know that I have earned $7k+/month from blogging without venting much effort each day.

However, it can be pretty challenging to set up and initiate your blog in the very first place. Besides, you need several other skills like SEO and editing besides having a flair for creating content.

But don’t worry; follow our step-by-step guide to set up a money-making blog to kickstart your blog.


28. Proofreading

Proofreaders are the final checkpoint before any piece of content goes live on the internet. So, they need to have native-level English proficiency and excellent grammatical and syntactic prowess to make their name in this industry.

There are now several high-paying proofreading jobs for beginners available where you can easily make around $5k/month.

However, top proofreaders earn up to $150k/year. But yes, you need proper guidance to earn six figures.

So, one of the most credible proofreaders and coaches, Caitlin Pyle, recently launched her 76-minute free mini-course on proofreading to help aspiring proofreaders around the globe.

She has already trained more than 12k successful proofreaders across the world.


29. Transcription

You need to convert raw audio or video files to editable text documents in transcription. More and more companies are now looking for talented transcribers to keep their audio records in text format.

But yes, you do need to have excellent hand-ear coordination with a minimum of 65 WPM typing speed to get started.

It is not difficult to make around $20/hour as a proofreader, although it can go as high as $25/hour.

Many credible proofreaders also reported earning more than $5k per month. But yes, you do need proper guidance to bag high-paying online transcription jobs.

And to help you, one of the most talented transcribers, Janet Shaughnessy, has launched her 7-lesson free mini-course on transcription. You will learn about all the inside trade secrets and learn how to lock high-paying clients.


30. Freelance Writing

Writing is not everyone’s forte. You need impeccable grammatical skills, writing flair, and immense creativity to make your name in this industry.

It is now very much possible to get up to $1/word in writing assignments. If you can bag any high-paying writing jobs available throughout the world, you can easily make around $5k/month on average.

It can go even higher if you have expertise in various writing styles like thesis writing or technical writing. But yes, you need an expert’s guidance to know about the inside tricks.

One of the most popular content writers and mentors, Holly Johnson, has recently launched her course to help budding writers like you.

So, you should join this free writing workshop to kickstart your six-figure earning journey in the writing field.



Can I get paid to text messages?

Yes, you can easily get paid to text if you have a smartphone.

Although there are thousands of companies that provide this opportunity, there are three main ways to do that.

  • Answer questions through SMS for customer care companies
  • Take part in marketing, customer research, and advertising campaigns
  • Join adult chat services for flirting and sexting


Can I really get paid to talk to lonely guys?

You can now get paid to talk to lonely men around the globe. These men mostly look for online fun and short-time flirting to satisfy their urges.

And in return, they are ready to spend a generous amount. But yes, you need to be prepared for sexually explicit messages as well.


How much money can I make from texting?

It depends on several factors. If you choose to join customer care companies for clean messages, your earnings will be lesser than adult sexting companies.

But according to our research, the typical earning lies around $0.5/text and around $500/month on average.


How to make money with cellphone texting?

Several companies around the world now provide opportunities to get paid to text from your cellphone.

But there are three main ways to do it.

  • Send text messages with third-party embedded ads
  • Receive paid text messages containing ads
  • Flirt with strangers through text chatting



Although the ways to get paid to text or chat seem lucrative, you should only consider these as a side hustle in most cases.

Moreover, if you choose to talk or flirt with strangers, don’t forget to hide your identity before diving deep.

So, that’s all for today, folks! Feel free to send us your opinion in the comment box below.


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