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49 Best Travel Jobs To Get Paid to Travel in 2024

Who doesn’t loves to travel… But has it ever crossed your mind that you need to fulfill your dream of traveling the world but not at the cost of your income and savings?

Don’t worry because it’s exactly regarding this doubt that we want to help you out in this article. 

Do you know that you can be paid to travel? Sounds amazing, right? But how?

We have got you covered. Keep scrolling down to know how you can make money while you wander out to your dream destinations.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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50 Ways You Can Get Paid to Travel

There is a plethora of opportunities through which you can earn while you travel. We have precisely listed all the information you are looking for below.

So contain your excitement and go through the list of a few ways through which you can get paid to travel.


1. Start a Travel Blog

The first on the list is travel blogging. Blogging is a distinguished way to make money from anywhere on the globe.

So why not start a travel blog to record everything you have done traveling as different articles and get paid for doing it?

Starting from booking tickets to different eateries available around the place, there is a wide range of articles you can write about that travel freaks can refer to anytime on your blog.

It’s not easy to start a blog and generate immediate income, but it works well in the long run as it has huge income potential. This is what got me started, and I have taken it to a couple of thousands per month level in less than a year.

With my 4+ years of experience, I would say blogging income is consistent and passive. Wanna check how our blog generates between $7000 – $10,000 every month? You should read our latest income report here.

travel blog

What do You Need to Start a Blog?

While blogging needs you to have stories to share and good communication skills, there are a few more things you need to invest in to get your blog into shape.

And believe me, all of these things together don’t cost you more than $100 bucks.

  • A good niche. (Of course, Travel if you are journey obsessed).
  • One good name with domain availability. (ex: (Costs $20 a year but FREE with Bluehost)
  • A hosting service such as Bluehost. (Costs just $3.95 per month + FREE domain)
  • A good WordPress theme to get a decent look on your website. (FREE themes available)

If you have all these, you can set up your blog in just 30 minutes.

Blogging is so lucrative that you can start earning decent bucks as a beginner if you publish good content.

Once you work on all of these, you can make your blog a passive income source, as just one good blog post can earn you money for years. 

Now you can travel around the globe stress-free and make money while you travel.

How Do Bloggers Earn Money From Their Blog?

mediavine payments

Not just one or two, blogs generate income in a handful of ways. Some of those are…

  • Affiliate marketing (promoting others’ products).
  • Display advertising (placing ads in between content).
  • Sponsored posts (getting paid for writing about products).
  • Selling products (like courses or ebooks).
  • Offering courses/training, etc.

Seems booming, right?

start a blog button

If you feel you lack knowledge, I recommend you attend this Free Workshop by Holly Johnson, found of a blog that generates over $200k a year.


2. Start a Travel YouTube Channel

If you are not much into writing but are good at making and editing videos, then A travel YouTube channel is your way to get paid to travel.

Companies, hotels, and tourism boards always look for YouTubers in travel niches with a good number of subscribers to promote their brands/places.

They invite you for a trip to their place or stay at their hotel and pay you for reviewing the same. Isn’t it the best way to get paid to travel?

And why not because the companies offer you a trip, stay at the best resorts or hotels, take you to explore the place, you get to taste all the native food everything for free!

Requirements to Start a YouTube Channel

  • A camera with good resolution (to record videos).
  • Smartphone (also to record videos).
  • Editing software (I recommend Filmora).
  • Communication skills to present the video.

And that’s it.

Ways to Earn Through YouTube

get paid to travel while posting on youtube

YouTube used to pay creators based on the number of views, but now it pays based on the number of ad clicks they get on their videos. (Means you get paid when your viewer clicks on the ad displayed on your video).

Converting all those stats, an average YouTuber earns $4 to $8 per 1000 views. (subject to multiple factors) Apart from what YouTube pays you for the viewership, below are a few more ways you can earn through your YouTube videos.

  • Channel memberships,
  • Affiliate marketing,
  • Brand promotions,
  • Courses/training.

Just like blogging, YouTube videos also earn you passive income once you are established. And you can travel the whole world when the earnings flow into your account regularly with little to no effort from your side.


3. Become A Social Media Travel Influencer

influencer marketing

Who doesn’t have a social media account these days? Almost everyone has one, right?

Why don’t you monetize it and attract offers that pay you to travel? Let us put it straight.

Share your knowledge about traveling and different destinations, their culture, food, or history on your social media. Do it in a fun and engaging way to increase your followers and reach.

Because it’s exactly these kinds of accounts that different companies are looking for to promote their products. Maintaining a good social media account will make companies from tourism boards, and related brands approach you.

You might be asked to promote a particular destination or a hotel. All the expenses will be borne by the company, and you must promote the city while exploring it.

Isn’t it a great way to travel the world? Moreover, you will be paid a good amount for doing it.

A social media influencer with a 1 million+ following makes around $10,000 per post.

Social Media Platforms to Start With

  • YouTube (You need to make good videos)
  • Instagram (you need to post good photos and reels)
  • Facebook
  • TikTok

So that’s, in brief, about getting paid to travel as a travel influencer. Move on to the next sections, where we have discussed some more fun options for you to make money while you travel.


Self-Employed Jobs You Can Do To Get Paid To Travel

Self-employment is such a beautiful opportunity that allows you to work on your own terms. With a little investment of time and money, you can start doing a job you like sitting in any part of the world.

So you must have understood by now that self-employing yourself is one of the best ways to earn if you are mad about traveling.

You might be thinking, now how to do that?! Don’t worry, and keep reading, as we have a way out of this problem for you.

Here we have jotted down a list of self-employed jobs that are always in demand and profitable to you.


4. Proofread/Edit Content While You Are On Trips

  • Pay rate: Average of $23 per hour

Have you got an eagle’s eye for grammatical errors and feel uneasy until you correct them? Then you are the perfect fit for proofreading or editing jobs.

We listed this job here as it is easy to proofread from anywhere, which helps you travel and get paid for it.

With a lot of content being published every day online and offline, there’s always a need for proofreaders in the industry. So why not use your skills and fill that gap of need for proofreading services?

You can apply for proofreading gigs on job boards such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc., or you can offer freelance services by pitching your work to companies that are looking for proofreaders.

How to Get Started?

Since companies expect their content to be completely free of errors, it’s not easy to be a proofreader unless you have exceptional proofreading skills.

It’s exactly these skills that Catlin Pyle, a six-figure making proofreading business owner, talks about in her 76-minute free proofreading workshop

She has turned thousands of students into full-time proofreaders who are making $1000 -$4000 per month after attending her FREE workshop.

If you have the basic skill, attend her free proofreading workshop now and make enough money as you travel the world.


5. Get Paid To Teaching English While Traveling

  • Pay rate: Average of $25 per hour

English is a Universal language, and there’s always someone who is in need of English teachers. Thanks to the ever-evolving online world that can help you teach online to students from any part of the globe.

teach english online

If you are a native English speaker, this remote job is a great thing to do to get paid to travel. Sometimes you may also require to have a college degree or an ESL/TEFL certificate.

Several online tutoring platforms hire English tutors, or you can market yourselves to potential clients by posting your portfolio on freelance websites.

The best part about this job is that it offers you the liberty to work in your own schedule and set your pay rates. So cool, right?!

Don’t wait anymore if you have all the required qualifications. Just pack your bag to your favorite destination, teach English in the evenings for a few hours and explore the place rest of the time.

Best Platforms To Get Started

As we already said, you can do this job in two ways. One as a freelance online English teacher or to work with online English teaching platforms.

The first method offers good pay but needs you to have a lot of experience or a good portfolio to attract clients. Whereas the other doesn’t always have these requirements.

Here’s a list of the 5 best platforms that you can start with.

  • VIPKID: There are always openings at this online teaching and education company. To work as VIPKID‘s English teacher, you need not know any other language except English or have any teaching experience. You can easily earn $22 per hour.
  • MagicEars: This online teaching platform offers the best career opportunities to teachers. At MagicEars, you need to teach English to children of the age groups 4-12. You will be paid $20-$26 per hour.
  • Chegg: Earn up to $4 per question by answering students’ queries at Chegg.
  • Cambly: As an online English tutor at Cambly, you can earn around $15 per hour.


6. Start Freelance Writing

  • Pay Rate: More than $30 per hour

If you are good at writing and have a strong grammatical prowess, then you can choose freelance writing as an option to travel and get paid.

Writing is a creative job for which both online and print publications are ready to pay.

You need to have a laptop and good internet connectivity to do your work.

There are almost zero places with no internet on the earth these days. So hurray! you can do writing from the balconies of a beautiful resort in your dream travel destination and earn.

You can use online freelance portals such as Fiver or job portals such as FlexJobs, etc., to find writing opportunities.

freelance writer salary


How to Get Started?

Mere writing skills may not help you move forward in this field. In order to make a successful place for yourselves and attract high-paying writing jobs, you need to stand out in the crowd.

You need to have a strategy to stand out, and Holly Johnson, a famous writing coach is there to help you plan a strategy.

She has coached over a thousand beginners to shape themselves as credible writers, and she herself makes around $250K per year through freelance writing.


In a recent webinar, she shared a six-step strategy to become a successful writer. We suggest you join the FREE writing workshop that she offers to help people like you.


7. Become a Travel Writer & Write About Destinations

  • Pay rate: $35 to $250 per article.

A travel writer is another self-employed job that can help you to get paid to travel and is also related to writing. 

For this, you need not be well-versed in writing or have done a lot of traveling in the past. You can start writing small articles about the places that you have visited nearby, their culture, food, etc.

Pitch them to magazine publication houses or travel bloggers to build a portfolio that can help you move further. You can do this as a freelancer only.

Once your work gets approved, and you find someone to pay for your writing, you will make decent money that allows you to travel. Sometimes, magazines will pay you to travel and write about the place they send you to.

Interesting right?

How to Get Started?

To make big in this field, you need to have a special skill set which Gina Horkey is ready to help you with.

She started from scratch, earned $800 on her first gig, and never looked back after that. She has helped many people become successful writers with her Freelance Writing courses.


Gain those special skills by joining her 30 Days or Less To Freelance Writing Success Course to earn a high-paying writing job while you travel.


8. Affiliate Marketing

  • Earning Potential: As much as 50% of the commission on the final selling price of the product.

If you have a website or any channel through which you can promote a product, then Affiliate Marketing is your thing to do to get paid to travel.

As you know, affiliate marketing is about promoting a useful product and making your audience buy it. You might be surprised by the numbers but let me tell you that you can make millions if you have a website with good reach.

Such a lucrative self-employment idea, right?! So let all that passive income flow in while you chill at your favorite beaches or mountains.

How to Get Started?

With proper guidance and strategy, you, too, can join the millionaire club through affiliate marketing and spend time holidaying.

Let us inspire you by talking about people like Michelle Schroeder Gardner, who made $1 million by selling a single product on her website through a single post.

Incredible right!?

So it’s totally possible for you as well, and she also has a shortcut that she shares in her course on affiliate marketing.


One of her students, Saira Perl has seen a 1500 % growth in affiliate income and is now making $5K per month after completing Michelle’s Course on Affiliate marketing.

What are you waiting for? Book a slot now.


9. Dropshipping

  • Earning Potential: Profit margin of around 15% -45%.

Dropshipping is basically all about selling products of a third party/brand on your storefront. But how does this help you to get paid to travel? Scroll down to know.


In this model of e-commerce, you only list the products on your online store.

All other things, like holding the logistics and shipping, etc., are handled by the brand/third-party business as you accept orders and forward those orders to them.

You can do this effortlessly from any corner of the earth with good WiFi.

And that’s why we say Dropshipping is a great way for you to make money while you travel.

How to Get Started?

First of all, you need to find a trustworthy Supplier who supplies genuine and good quality products. This is the most crucial step you need to take care of, which otherwise may lead to bashing from customers.

We would suggest you start with Amazon as it isn’t just great for customers but sellers as well.  Amazon offers an FBA program to drop ship or resell products. You can use this and earn passive income as you travel.

With the right coach, you can start from scratch and make huge bucks from this program.


The Selling Family has offered training to 10K + students to be a PRO in Amazon FBA selling, and most of them are making $10,000 to $20,000 in revenue per month.

Cataleya a graduate student has achieved the $7000 mark revenue in her first month of taking up the Selling Family’s Amazon BootCamp course.

Fantastic right?!

You, too, can join this course to learn the successful dropshipping strategies and start earning as you travel.


10. Try Virtual Assistant Jobs

  • Pay rate: More than $50 per hour.

If you are tech-savvy and can do any computer-related work, then virtual assistant jobs are something you need to consider to earn while also fulfilling your obsession for traveling.

Every business needs someone to handle different operations, such as customer service, organizing files, etc. And this is where a virtual assistant enters into action.

As a virtual assistant, you only need a good computer and internet connectivity. Since this is mostly a remote job, you can work from anywhere and thus you can travel and also get paid.

Again you can do this job as an employee for any particular company, but freelancing gives you that chance to travel. So we always suggest offering voluntary services.

How to Get Started?

With some exceptional skills, you can land some high-paying VA gigs. Some of the skills include communication skills and multi-tasking ability.

Some of the most acclaimed coaches discuss the importance of having these skills to hit high revenue.


Gina Horkey is one such coach who has helped students with her free virtual assistant workshop. Through this course, she covers about 50+ VA services and has turned thousands of students into full-time virtual assistants.

One of her students Hailey Thomas now makes nearly $60K per annum with an average of $4785 per month all with just 38 days of training.

Awesome right?

Book your free slots now and make the most of this incredible opportunity that allows you to travel and earn.


11. Start an Online Business

Running an online business is another way you can have a chance to get paid and travel.

Having said that, we want to clarify that it’s not easy to start your online business and make it a source for you to earn from anywhere.

Starting from finding a niche to setting up the business takes a lot of diligent effort. But success is guaranteed if you do it the right way.

There are several businesses that you can do online few of which include selling a course, your artwork, handmade products, or preloved goods, and the list never ends.

While this is a list of self-employed jobs you can do to get paid while traveling, you still have other options if these jobs are not in your scope of abilities. Jump to the next section to learn about more opportunities.


Jobs That Pay You to Travel

And the list goes on. Here are some more attractive job opportunities that allow you to travel for free and also pay you. 


12. Work on a Cruise Ship

  • Income PotentialOn average $1200 – $2600 per month

Traveling on a cruise is a lifetime experience, and how about if you get paid for doing that?

get paid to travel

Yes, you heard it right! Traveling to almost every part of the world and earning is possible with an amazing line of jobs available on cruise ships. 

Just going around the dock and catering to the needs of the travelers as a crew member on the cruise is one of the easiest ways to make money when you travel on a cruise ship.

CruiseShipJobs is a great platform to apply for a full-time job if traveling is just more than a dream for you. However, there are several contract-based jobs available too.

The party culture, exploring the whole world, free accommodation and food, and meeting people from around the world are a few of the many benefits one can have working on a cruise ship.  So why late? Get ready for a whole new adventure.


13. Public Speaking

  • Income Potential: A beginner Public speaker can easily earn around $500 – $2500 per talk.

Most of you seek to travel as you might want to take a break from work or the usual daily grind. In such cases, you can cash your vacation by indulging in speaking about your work experiences over there.

get paid to travel

Public speaking is a thing that helps you make money while you travel with the knowledge you have possessed at your work.

All you need to do is add some good speaking skills to your subject knowledge, get your microphone on, and start talking.

The best part about public speaking is you hardly speak for an hour or two, and the rest of the time, you can enjoy exploring the place.

There are several platforms online, such as

that you can use to make speaking arrangements at any local event for yourselves anywhere.


14. Flight Attendant

  • Income Potential: An average of $77,274 per year.

Flying to new cities and exploring them is a daily routine if you work on a plane. A flight attendant is one of the best jobs on a plane that can help you travel during work.

get paid to travel

As a Flight attendant, you must spend at least 3 nights a week away from home. So make the most of this opportunity as you get a chance to stay at a new place every week.

All you have to do is take care of the passengers on the plane as you fly over different parts of the world and go around the city in the time between different flights.

Free food and hotel stays are the other major perks you can get in this job.


15. Sales Representative

  • Income Potential: $100,000 per annum.

If you are good at cracking deals, then a sales representative is another opportunity for travel freaks like you. In short, you need to be an outside sales representative to get that chance to earn while you travel.

Outside Sales Representatives are usually assigned territory and are responsible for increasing the sales and network of their respective companies there.

This job requires you to meet customers and clients in person, meaning you must travel to the territory assigned to you. Once you wrap up your meeting, you can explore the city and spend some quality time.

You need to travel at least once a week in this job, and the pay rate for this travel job is comparatively high. I tell you, it can”t get anymore better!

The best part is your company will look after the travel expenses and food, and accommodation until your job at that place is done.

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16. Work on A Yacht/Sail Boat

  • Income Potential: $1000 -$3000 per month

Sail the world while you earn by joining a yacht crew. Several crew posts include a chef, travel nurse, deckhand, engineer, steward, etc.

get paid to travel

It’s not a hard task to work on a boat, even if you are new to this work. However, it has to offer many opportunities in the future and an adventurous experience. 

If you are not looking for a full-time job in travel but are interested in working on a yacht, you can opt for yacht delivery.

Yacht owners often hire people to bring their yachts back to them from a particular place. In this assignment, you will be traveling to a new place and get perks such as free food and plane tickets to return to your place once you deliver the yacht.

Though this is not a high-paying gig, I bet the nomad in you won’t let you go of the opportunity.


17. Work At a Hotel/Resort

  • Income Potential: Up to $3000 including free lodging and boarding.

Working at a hotel or a resort in a foreign place is another lovely opportunity for travelers.

There are no big or small jobs. Doing good work and earning is the only thing that matters. So this time you are out for a trip, don’t hesitate to look for any vacant position in the hotel or the resort you stay in.

This approach would help you save a few bucks through your journey as you might get free food and a bed along with a job. You know that you can utilize the downtime to explore the place.

 This is a great travel job idea if you are on a solo, long trip to that place.


18. Become a Travel Guide

  • Income Potential: $500 -$1500 per trip

This is one of the ultimate ideas to make money while you travel. If you are a seasonal traveler or if you have good knowledge about any particular destination, you definitely can’t skip trying this gig.

travel guide

As a travel guide, you are responsible for taking the tourists to all the famous and happening places in that particular area. It takes quite an effort to plan the day and guide the visitors. However, if you are a true travel maniac, it won’t seem like a task for you.

This is a wonderful opportunity where you daily get to meet a new set of people from across the world. You can also draw some knowledge from them about the famous destinations in their countries and plan your next tour over there.

Here are a few apps you can partner with to become a travel guide…


19. Become a Travel Nurse

  • Income Potential: Average of $118,400 per year.

All you practicing and already nurses who love traveling, this is for you. Find a job on a cruise or a flight, or a boat, and get paid for your services while you travel.

The demand for travel nurses is usually high because travel companies need health workers to look after their customers and avoid any health emergencies.

You will need to stay for the tour period with them and take care of their health. So look, you will travel and go around the destination absolutely for free. In addition, you get free accommodation, and you will be paid for your services.

Such a great opportunity where you live your purpose of saving lives as well as travel around the world, right?

Here are some places to apply for a travel nurse job…


20. Personal Chef

  • Income Potential: $1500 -$3000 per month.

Every traveler need not be a foodie or might not like to try new food. So people or travel companies usually hire chefs to help them with food at a new place just in case they don’t like the food available there.

travel chef

So if you are good at cooking, we know that you will not ignore this gig.

This opportunity covers all your travel expenses. Additionally, you will meet chefs across the world and learn new recipes.

The best part about this particular get-paid-to-travel job is the high pay rate; you work in a different kitchen and with a different team every time.

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21. Transport Vehicles

  • Income Potential: Average of $650 per long trip.

If you are someone who loves going on long rides, then this gig is for you.

Many transporting or car rental companies usually hire professional drivers to drive their customers to their respective destinations.

Sometimes when there is a surge, companies may offer opportunities to those with good driving skills and specific vehicles to drive for them.

Make sure that the companies may require a clean driver’s license from you, and go ahead.

You get to see new destinations on each booking; further, your gas and lodging are also covered.



22. Become a Yoga Instructor

  • Income Potential: $5 to $50+per session.

People are more into healthcare and fitness these days and continue it on their vacation too. So Offering Yoga classes is another coolest way of earning while you travel.

But make sure you are a certified Yoga Instructor to crack deals easily. Though you can find a gig without a certificate, you might not be paid enough comparatively.

Set up classes in travel destinations in and around your place to promote yourselves to foreign tourists. You can later offer classes wherever you go.

You can also find traveling Yoga jobs all over the world. Find one online at the next place you plan to visit and get paid while you travel.

The best thing is you offer yoga sessions only at a particular time, and can enjoy exploring the place rest of the time.


23. Scuba Instructor

  • Income Potential: $1000 – $4000 per month.

Beaches are one of the major holiday destinations these days. So why don’t you make some bucks the next time you visit a coastal place for your vacation?

scuba instructor

Beaches call for many adventurous activities, one being Scuba Diving. Go for a certified training program in scuba diving and turn your vacation into a paid travel opportunity.

It’s great if you are already certified and have experience; otherwise, invest now to get yourselves certified as a scuba instructor, and it will all be worth it.

If you take up this job through any related companies, then you will get to travel more places around the globe while getting paid for it.


24. Surfing Instructor

  • Income Potential$1500-$3500 per month.

This is one more opportunity that’s similar to a scuba instructor. Make money while surfing through beaches all around the world.

Being a surfing instructor is easier than being a scuba instructor as you don’t need to have any certifications to be one.

All you need is to enjoy yourselves and be real and help those who are interested in surfing. Such a cool gig, right?

Though the pay rate is not as much high as that of a scuba instructor, you can make a decent amount that covers your travel expenses. Working through a surfing agency will help you make more instead of doing it independently.


25. SEO Specialist

  • Income Potential: $84,300 per year on average.

Just like every other business, businesses in the travel industry also want to rank themselves high on Google. And guess what not everyone can achieve it or have the skill to up their content strategy.

It’s here that you, who have experience in the science of SEO, will enter to make a proposal and grab the opportunity to help their marketing team.

But wait! Do you know the reason why we listed this here?

As an SEO specialist, you can offer your services from any corner of the world with good internet connectivity to clients in any other corner of the world. Yes, that means you can work while you keep traveling to all your favorite regions.


26. Freelance Journalist

  • Income Potential: Average of $59,951 per annum.

With an increase in online reading, there is a myriad of writing or journaling opportunities.

freelance journalist

So you have one more opportunity on the list for you to earn that would, in turn, pay you to travel.

If you are good at writing and have a unique opinion about things happening around you, you can freelance as a journalist. You can sell your work to websites online or top publication houses.

The other big thing you can do is pitch your ideas to publications like Discovery. If you crack a deal, you will get to visit a lot of places on the map to witness different events or things and journal them live.

This way you’ll get to travel for free and also a pay cheque for what you write. Isn’t it an awesome idea?

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27. Social Media Consultant

  • Income PotentialMedian of $56,776 per year.

Like an SEO specialist, you can do this job from anywhere worldwide with WiFi.

Social media marketing has become one of the important things in business operations these days. And businesses always need a social media consultant to help them out in this aspect.

So go grab the opportunity from the lot available out there. Or just propose how better you can help them to improve their marketing strategy and strike a deal.

And Man! go sit and work in your favorite spot of the globe.


28. Freelance Photographer

  • Income Potential: $85,862 per year.

Most of you who travel don’t miss to click photos of different things or sites you have visited. Why let those photos just sit ideal on your devices?

You can sell your travel photography to media or publication companies who can’t afford a photographer and make good bucks. 

We have one more piece of good news! If you are good enough at the craft of capturing photos, you can land a job with magazines like National Geographic as their travel photographer.

You can travel free to the most exotic locations around the globe and get paid for all the photography you do while you travel. Such a dream job, right?!


29. Sell Stock/ Travel Photography

  • Income Potential: $100 per photo

As we already said, don’t let all your travel photography sit idle on your laptop.

get paid to travel

Submit your photos to stock image websites such as Shutterstock. The copyright of the photo will remain yours. All you will be selling is the license to download or use it.

By doing so, you’ll be earning a commission as long as your photo is online and someone downloads it.

One thing you need to make sure of is that your pictures match and fulfill the quality criteria these websites ask for.

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30. Freelance Graphic Designer

  • Income Potential: Average of $46,900 per month

Graphic designing is another vital job that all industries in the market need to improve their brand image. So why not grab this offer and work while you travel?

If you are a certified graphic designer, then it is very easy for you to find a graphic design gig on online platforms such as Fiverr, UpWork, etc.

Being a freelance graphic designer, you can work from home or from any other place with good internet. You can also use your portfolio and propose deals with local businesses in your vacation region to enjoy a long stay.

So let the digital nomad in you use this opportunity to work while you travel to your dream destinations and also get paid.


31. Video Promo Maker

  • Income Potential: $1200 – $10,000 per video.

According to Statista, 86% of marketers say promo videos have helped them to get more leads. And 14% of marketers say that their company spends between $5000 – $10000 to produce a promo video.

Interesting right? That’s the power of a promo video. So is the demand.

Any hotel or resort and tourism region always need good videos to promote their entities socially. So if you have enough talent in the art of video making, you have to take this shot.

Though you need to invest in good equipment and build your portfolio to grab opportunities, it will all be worth it in the end.

Why we call it worth it because the hotels or tourist places would require you to come across to their place for you to shoot videos. So you are traveling to a new place every time at the expense of your employer and getting paid for it. 


32. House Sitting

  • Income Potential: $36 per hour.

A travel job that feels barely like working but still pays you is this job of house sitting.

get paid to travel

Wondering who would hire you in a new place to house sit? Have no doubts because you can find and land these gigs as long as you provide valid proofs & documents to the housesitting platforms.

So this time you are traveling abroad for a vacation, don’t mind checking out online for housesitting jobs in that place. 

You will have a private stay that makes you feel at home that too for free. Further, you will be paid a certain amount for doing the task, which may include looking after their pets and plants.


Companies You Can Join To Get Paid To Travel

Here is a list of a few legit companies that pay you to travel. Just go through them and apply if you wish you join.


33. GoBlue

Concentrated in the Bahamas, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic, GoBlue offers Spring Break Rep jobs mostly during the month of march. This travel job needs you to help travelers with check-ins, events, etc.

The working hours are long, and the wages might not be high, but the overall experience you look as a wayfarer is served.

You will have a fantastic time for a month at the most happening resorts with all your needs covered, such as flights, stay, pay, etc.


34. PeaceCorps

As you all know, PeaceCorps is an independent agency that offers international development assistance that needs volunteers who will be posted to different countries. 

If you are someone who is inspired to work for a better future for all of us, then this is the opportunity you need to grab.

The work duration might last anywhere around 3 to 12 months. You get paid an average of $3000 per month and also get paid to travel to new places.

The application process at Peace Corps may take time, but it’s all worth it.


35. TopdeckTravel

This is one more company that can get you paid to travel. They usually hire guides for road trips for travelers aged 18 to 30 years.

Based in the UK, Topdeck Travels offers 330 tours in 65 countries. Woah! now that’s a huge number. And you’ll be literally traveling to every part of the globe if you join here.

Apart from these, there are a lot of perks you can enjoy that include free flights, housing, meals, and huge discounts on your next Topdeck tours.


36. JusCollege

This travel company offers a unique opportunity to college students who would like to travel. So if you are a college-going student, read on to know how you can get paid to travel.

All you need to do is promote JusCollege and their tour packages in your college and win a free tip.

The wider you spread the word, the more the chances of a free trip, and if you have a large circle of friends, then it’s very easy for you to crack it.

Your work will be paid for in the mode of an inclusive holiday, starting from free tickets to food, stay, etc.


37. STS Travel

Another opportunity for college students to enjoy a free trip during spring.

STS Travel hires college students as spring break reps to welcome clients on arrival and guide them throughout the tour and at all events. You will be stationed in Cuba, Punt Cana, and Cancun.

Don’t miss this coolest chance where you get a free one-month trip and everything free with loads of fun and adventurous things to do.

Though you don’t get paid in cash to travel, you travel completely free by taking up this gig at STS Travel.


38. One Life Adventures

This is an Award-winning travel company that offers tours mostly throughout the Asian continent.

One Life Adventures looks out for experienced candidates in tour guiding. You can get a job here if you have at least one lifetime trip experience.

You get paid to travel, along with all your travel expenses covered by the company. This job let you enjoy itineraries in beautiful destinations in countries like India, Maldives, Japan, etc., across Asia.

So what are you waiting for? join their team now.


39. GradCity

GradCity is a student-focused travel company that offers high school graduation trips and spring breaks. Based in Massachusetts, this company works with resort staff.

They usually need prospects who can offer On-site staff services such as smooth check-in and check-out processes, helping in scheduling, and other customer services. 

This company mainly plans tours in places like the Bahamas, Hawaii, and more. Who doesn’t want to visit these incredible locations, that too, for free?

So join aboard with GradCity and get paid to go on a vacation.


40. Stoke Travel

If you want to travel to Europe, StokeTravel is one of the best companies that pay you to travel.

There are several positions here, each of which has a different role to perform and different pay.

This company is solely dedicated to festival and party trip planning. So if you join the festival staff, you will get free food, accommodation, and a chance to explore the place for free in exchange for your services.

You can get paid actual money if you work as a chef or travel guide with them. So the choice is yours and both the ways you get to travel Europe.

You can also earn a few more bucks when clients buy a trip using your promo code.


41. Contiki

Like Topdeck, Contiki also offers road trips to the youth of 18-30.

And you need to be the guide for these road trips to a group of people. Contiki offers guide positions to their workers only in countries they have a passport.

So mostly you will be exploring your country as you’ll have the passport and one more in case you have that country’s passport also.

Apart from getting paid to go on road trips and excursions, you can also get a discount on your next trip with Contiki.  


42. Bus2alps

Based in Europe, this student travel agency offers discounted trips to students with departures in London, Prague, Barcelona, etc.

Bus2alps looks for full-time, freelance, or seasonal interns to work with them.

You can get paid to travel with Bus2alps by selling as many trips as you can to potential clients. In addition, you get commissions for each trip you sell.

As part of the internship, you will get to live 90 days in one of the cities in Europe, so you can explore the place doing your task and get paid for it.


43. Smart Trip Europe

If you are studying abroad in Europe and would like to gain some work experience, then Smart Trip Europe has the best travel jobs to fuel your passion for traveling.

They have positions open such as Brand Ambassador and Tour promoter. 

As a tour promoter, you must work as a full-time sales representative during the holiday season. You will earn a commission for each trip you sell and get paid to travel to some of the trending locations.


44. Busabout

Work on more flexible schedules with Busabout as you guide a group of like-minded travelers.

This travel company offers a unique hop-on and hop-off option to its customers that facilitates them to stay at a certain place for a long time and catch the next Busabout bus that comes that way.

So you will get to spend more time with tourists, see wonderful locations for free, and get paid.

They plan trips to 38 destinations in 14 countries. But note that you can only work if you have a passport and are eligible to work in that particular country.


Get Paid To Apps You’ll Need While You Travel

Traveling is fun. How about earning a few bucks during that downtime moving from one location to the other on your trip?

While we have talked about some serious money-making while traveling opportunities, here are some fun ways that can be used for the same.

Certain apps out in the market pay to do simple tasks such as taking surveys, playing games, participating in contests, etc. This is a great way to earn and cover small expenses on your trip, such as buying chocolates, snacks, a discount during shopping, etc.

Here’s a list of them that you may need while traveling to earn while having fun.


45. Paid Survey Apps

Some apps allow their customers to take surveys about different products on their smartphones to collect feedback and analyze their products. They pay you in exchange for the survey you’ve filled out.

Each survey takes 5 to 15 mins of your time and can earn you around $0.50 to $100.

Here’s a list of a few well-paying survey apps for you to earn on the go.

  • SurveyJunkie: Most popular and high-paying survey site with 5 million active users and a 4.5/5 rating by TrustPilot.
  • OpinionOutpost: Gathers surveys from different sites in one place. Earn $1 to $100 per survey.
  • InboxDollars: Gives you a $5 instant signup bonus and pays for filling out different surveys.
  • BrandedSurveys: Offers a $1 sign-up bonus and up to $50 per survey.
  • PineconeResearch: Make $3 to $7 per survey & $9 per review.


46. Cashback Apps

Some apps offer you cashback for shopping on different websites through their app. Shop through these apps on your trips and get paid in the form of cashback.

  • Rakuten: Earn 40% cashback on your purchase in addition to the $10 Walmart gift card or $10 Rakuten cash bonus for signing up.
  • OhMyDosh: Cashback site that offers cashback on shopping, completing surveys, etc.
  • Fetch Rewards: Scan your grocery receipt and save on your bill after shopping in any grocery store.
  • InboxPay: Shop at any branded store during your tour and get paid for it. New users get a $5 sign-up bonus.


47. Money Paying Game Apps

Play games in the free or resting time at your hotel during your tour and earn money using the following apps.

  • Swagbucks: Earn a $5 sign-up bonus. This app already paid $50+ million to its users.
  • MistPlay: Earn gift cards while playing games. Win up to a $400 cash prize for signing up.
  • BingoClash: Earn real money playing bingo games. Win up to $3000 in prizes.
  • BubbleCash: Top-rated bubble shooting game available. Win real money while playing.


48. Contest/Sweepstakes

Certain apps pay you for participating in small contests they conduct and pay you cash or gifts in return. Winning prizes is such a pleasure, and why don’t you have them while traveling?

Some of the apps that pay you to participate in their contests are:


49. Rewards/Gift Card Apps

Having a gift card that allows you to shop at your favorite branded store during your holiday is such a delight, right?!

Here are a few apps that help you earn gift cards and rewards for doing small tasks. You can do it on your cab ride to your next site-seeing location and earn gift cards.

  • MysteryShopper: Go around a store to review its layout, pricing, etc., and earn a $200 gift card.
  • OneOpinion: Complete small surveys and earn Amazon, and Visa Gift cards, and more.
  • Pinecone Research: Complete small surveys or test a product to win amazing gift cards from Walmart, Amazon, etc.
  • MyPoints: Earn a $5 instant sign-up bonus and free gift cards for taking polls.

So these are a list of money-paying apps that pay you for doing simple tasks. These tasks can be finished in barely a few minutes, that’s great for you to pass your time and earn money while traveling.


Get Paid To Travel – Final Thoughts

We finally end our article by stating that while there are a hundred options to get paid to travel, it’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your skills and lifestyle.

Making the right choice will help you travel across the world seamlessly, and you can make earn more than your full-time job.

We would love to read your experiences once you try these options. If you are already living your nomadic life, leave in your adventure stories and bits of advice to other travelers reading this.

We wish you all the fun in commencing this adventurous phase of your life.