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Get Paid To Watch Movies – 31 Entertaining Ways [2024]

The average person spends more than 78000 hours watching tv, may it be movies, tv series, or other content. Won’t it be amazing if you could get paid to watch movies? or any other content? Surely, it does, right?

Netflix and chill are undoubtedly the favorite pastimes among youths and young adults. Even white-collar people also relieve stress by watching good movies.

From launching your podcast about movies to becoming a movie critic, there are many ways to make money from this entertainment industry. 

Various apps and websites are also now creating an edge for you to utilize your spare time to make money while watching new movies. And if you are really interested in those avenues, read on!

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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Benefits Of Watching Movies

Before learning the ways to earn from watching movies, you must also know how movies can be beneficial for you personally.

  • Movies can help you gain lots of exposure.
  • Foreign language movies can make you aware of that language.
  • One can get cultural and regional exposure.
  • Top of everything, they are the source of entertainment.
  • Movies can be a source of stress and anxiety buster.
  • A rightful movie can always help you to stay motivated.
  • You can grasp more insights and understand the current scenarios.
  • They can improve our mood and boost mental health.


Our Top Picks To Get Paid To Watch Movies

Have a paucity of time? Don’t worry! we got you covered. Every way you can get paid to watch movies here is legit. The real question is, what are our top picks?

  • Best Website To Get Paid To Watch Movies: MyPoints
  • Best App To Get Paid To Watch Movies: Swagbucks
  • Best Platform To Get Paid To Watch Movies: Market Force
  • Finest Side Hustle To Earn From Watching Movies: Movie Critic or Movie reviewer


10 Innovative Ways To Get Paid To Watch Movies

48% of stressed-out Americans turn towards watching movies, streaming content, and watching TV to manage their stress levels- Marketing Charts.

As we mentioned above, movies are not only the source of staying stress-free, but it is way beyond.

Although there are many ways to get paid to watch movies, not every method can earn you the same. Some methods also need less effort than others.

So, we handpicked ten such unique ways for you.

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Get Paid To Watch Movies On Netflix

Till now, you have only heard of subscribing to Netflix but have you ever heard of getting paid for watching movies on Netflix?

Mostly no, right? Here is how you can earn from them.


1. Become A Netflix Movie Tagger

ways to get paid to watch netflix

To rightly arrange the metadata, Netflix uses various tags for its shows, movies, and documentaries, primarily according to the genre and the subject line.

And for that, this company frequently hires taggers who can work full-time or part-time. This job requires you to allot a chunk of time each day, as you need to watch the movies or web series and then use the correct tags accordingly.

However, you can have a free Netflix account while doing this job. So, don’t forget to keep your eyes on the Netflix job board.


2. Try Being a Netflix Affiliate Marketer

Try joining the Netflix affiliate marketing program and earn commissions by referring friends and others.

When you register with their affiliate program, you will be assigned a unique link and credited with commissions when others join with your unique referral link.

You can promote these links on all your social media platforms and in other promotional ways for conversions. Meanwhile, you can watch movies by parallelly earning referral commissions.

Note: Don’t have an idea of affiliate marketing? Try Michelle Schroder-Gardner’s free mini course, which mentioned how they earned over $1 million by selling a single product.


Best Apps To Get Paid To Watch Movies

3. InboxDollars

Although InboxDollars is a website where you can get paid online surveys for money, it facilitates its users with various methods of earning, such as participating in polls, playing games, and watching films and movie trailers.get paid to watch movies You can even claim a $5 signup bonus for joining this company. To watch each video, you’ll earn some points in your wallet.

And once you cross the $5 minimum payout threshold, you can get the money through a linked PayPal account. You can also buy various gift cards with your in-app wallet balance.

Claim Your $5 Signup Bonus From Inbox Dollars!

4. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another popular website where you can make money by participating in online surveys, completing various tasks, watching new videos, and playing exciting games.swagbucks

You can earn up to $50/survey on this website, although they are extremely rare. On average, you can earn around $1 for each qualified view.

But you can multiply these earnings by performing various tasks on this website. And now, this company also gives its new users a one-time $10 signup bonus. The minimum payout threshold is also just $5.


5. Kashkick


KashKick is another website that primarily offers online surveys to its users. But you can now even make money simply by watching videos.

However, you may need to take part in short questionnaires about the movie or show you are assigned. You can make around $0.50 to $3 for watching each new video on this website.

And you can now even claim a $1 signup bonus for joining this company. This website also has an attractive referral program where you can earn up to 25% commission from each referral.

Download KashKick now!

6. Pinecone Research

pinecone research

For a very long time, Pinecone Research has been claiming the top spots in the market research category in the United States.

And you can get paid to watch movies on this website, as this company is currently associated with several movie companies and entertainment ventures. As a member of this site, you must participate in surveys about movies and theaters.

However, this company wants you to give a genuine opinion rather than some flowery lines. And once you accumulate at least $5 in your in-app wallet, you can submit a money transfer request.

Download PineCone Research now!


Get Paid To Watch Movies and TV Shows

7. MyPoints

Not just movies, you can even watch ads for money on this unique website called MyPoints. Besides, you can also earn by participating in various surveys and also by completing different offers.

You can also claim a $10 signup bonus to join this company as a new user. You need to accumulate points worth more than the payout threshold limit to submit a transfer request.get paid to watch movies However, this company usually pays its users within seven working days, primarily through PayPal, although you can even buy gift cards with your wallet balance.

Get a $10 Signup Bonus From MyPoints!

8. Become A Movie Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is a relatively new industry now experiencing a global upsurge in popularity.

And as a movie mystery shopper, you need to visit movie theaters and performance centers to check if they are operating in the right shape and according to the regulations.

You need to work like an undercover agent and act like a regular movie watcher to get the actual inside report. And in return, you can make up to $20/hour. Besides, you can even get snacks, popcorn, and soft drinks for free at movie theaters.


Get Paid To Watch And Review Movies

According to Scholar’s EDU thesis, it is concluded that people are highly influenced by the reviews provided by either movie critics or regular consumers.

So there is always a high demand for review writers in the movie field. Why can’t you give it a chance to get paid to watch and review movies?

9. Become A Movie Critic

get paid to watch movies

Professional movie critics are an integral part of the entertainment industry, as they analyze different aspects of movies to provide viewers with a thorough understanding.

But, even after having the credibility of a critic, if you don’t know how to make money without paying anything, you should follow your heart.

Apart from the earning opportunity of more than $30,000 a year, this job also has its own perks. And you can also earn fame besides the money while doing this job.

You can either post a resume on popular search engines or send your resume directly to magazines and publication houses.


10. Write Movie Reviews

Writing a brief review is surely among the best ways to get paid to watch movies, as you can make money writing reviews along with the opportunity to watch new shows and movies each day.

However, you must thoroughly know filmmaking and the entertainment industry. You can either start writing reviews on your blog and social media handles or join any entertainment company to have a part-time or full-time job.

Some companies now offering this position are ScreenRant, PasteMagazine, SlantMagazine, and CultureEater.


11. Launch A Movie Review Channel On YouTube

If you don’t like to write but have a keen internet of audio-visual mediums, you can launch a film review channel on YouTube.

And in the era of content creators, you will have the chance of making millions just with the YT handles, as there are several such creators.

The primary source of earnings will be your AdSense revenue. But, if you can establish your channel as an excellent platform to give ads, you’ll also have direct sponsorship offers from movie and entertainment companies.


Get Paid To Watch Movies At Home

12. Podcast About Movies

podcasting - get paid to watch movies

The podcast industry is also witnessing massive popularity worldwide, especially in developed countries.

And youths are attracted to this profession as there are many ways to make money podcasting these days. One can also gain fame along with that.

You can either make your channel on YouTube or Spotify and start uploading interesting podcasts about movies and web series.

You can even try to get some local celebrities in your show to give it a different appeal. However, you surely need a decent audio setup to start podcasting.


13. Write Movie Subtitles

Most films and OTT shows these days are released worldwide. And to cater mass audience, most movies now come with subtitles in region-specific languages.

So, you can start working as a closed captioner in the entertainment industry to get paid to watch movies from the comfort of your home.

However, you need to have the right grip over language and a hefty typing speed to bag this opportunity, as most companies require you to have at least a 50 words/minute typing speed. You must also achieve optimum accuracy while typing subtitles.


14. Nielsen Mobile Panel

nielsen - get paid to watch movies

I doubt you know about a more simplistic method than earning money by installing the Nielsen mobile panel on your smart devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and even computers.

It is a market research company that has a long history attached to it. You need to install the mobile panel on your smart device and let it gather data while you watch any movie or web series on that device.

And to install this panel, you can get $50 a year for each of your devices. And you don’t need to take part in any surveys after watching any movie.

Get a Chance To Win $50 From Neilsen Mobile Panel!


Get Paid To Watch Movies In Theatres

No matter how hard OTT platforms are ruling the markets, watching movies in theatres is always an obsessive act for all of us. How about learning ways to get paid to watch movies in the theatre?

15. Audit Movie Theatres

get paid to watch movies

Much like mystery shoppers, many entertainment companies and theater chain owners also employ people to conduct regular checks of the movie theaters.

You need to visit the company’s allocated movie theater and thoroughly assess its operating mechanism.

You need to give ratings and reviews about the seating condition, sound arrangements, and even service promptness above the actual movie experience.

However, this job needs time commitment as you may need to visit particular movie theaters within a specified timeframe.


16. Take A Job At A Movie Theater

You can always take a job at nearby movie theaters to watch movies for free. And there are several job opportunities available in any movie theater.

You can either work as a ticket salesman or serve snacks and popcorn to the viewers. However, the only downside is that you may need to watch the same movie every shift.

You can directly contact your nearby theaters and multiplexes to drop your resume. You must also keep an eye on the job boards of reputed job search engines.


17. Join A Movie Focus Group

Not only for making money but a movie focus group is also a fantastic place for every entertainment lover and movie buff alike.

And you can become a part of any focus group to start earning money by giving your opinion about movies, theaters, and much more. If your luck supports you, you can even make around $50 to $100/hour just by joining these focus groups.

However, this job also demands a time commitment. And you can join focus groups like Before The Premier, GoFoBo, and iScreeningRoom.


Websites To Get Paid To Watch Movies

If you don’t want to establish an independent channel, you can even join various apps and websites to get paid to watch movies these days.

And we have found twenty notable companies where you can watch various videos to make money.


18. QuickRewards


Source: QuickRewards

QuickRewards is also a primary survey site on this list. However, it is now also offering various simple tasks to its users, such as watching videos and participating in various polls.

You’ll be assigned specific videos, and you need to watch those in total to get the cash reward.

According to the current users, you can earn around 25 points for watching each video with a run length of close to 10 minutes. And once you accumulate at least $5 in your wallet, you can submit a money transfer request.

Download QuickRewards Here!

19. SliceThePie

SliceThePie is the most popular online website to get paid to listen to music. But you can earn by performing several easy things on this website, such as watching new videos and answering some short questions about those.

You need to watch various movie trailers, films, and TV shows to participate in those surveys. And to participate, you can get up to $5 for each survey.

You can now submit a money transfer request once you earn at least $10 on this website, although this company pays through PayPal.


20. PrizeRebel


PrizeRebel is primarily an online survey site that has been providing its users with legit projects for ages. You can now even get paid to watch movies and can also get paid to click ads on this website.

And you can earn between $1 and $3 for watching each new video. You can buy gift cards from the in-app store once you accumulate at least $2 worth of points.

And if you are looking for cash advantages, you need to make at least $5. However, this company usually pays its users within 24 hours of submitting the transfer request.


21. Shopkick

Shopkick is an old site that primarily worked towards giving attractive cashback and shopping offers to its users since 2010.

But this company has recently started an initiative where you can make money simply by watching new movies, film trailers, web series, and a lot more.

With the money you make on this website, you can buy various gift cards, such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Starbucks. And if you need a cash transfer, you must earn at least $5. You can also purchase various items with your accumulated points from the in-app store.


22. iRazoo

iRazoo is a trusted website to get paid to watch movies, although it primarily deals with online surveys like most other companies.

However, the supply stream is more potent on this website, and you don’t need to watch any video more than once.

You can watch almost anything on this website, such as movie trailers, tutorials, documentaries, ads, and more. And once you gather at least 3,000 points, you can ask for a money transfer to your linked PayPal account. You can even buy gift cards from this platform.


23. Checker Patrol

Checker Patrol is a market research company that works to gather customer-centric and market-specific data for its clients.

You can now become a part of this team to make money simply by visiting your nearby movie theaters and conducting a thorough check. There are four types of checking you may need to conduct while working for this company.

These include open checking, blind checking, trailer checking, and sneak preview checking. And for each of these tasks, you can make around $10 to $15 an hour. However, seats are quite limited here!

get paid to watch movies


24. VeriTES Field Force

VeriTES Field Force is similar to Checker Petrol, as it also hires people to conduct thorough checks on movie theaters and performance centers.

So, if you want to get paid to watch movies, you can definitely join this company as their undercover checker. Currently, more than 50,000 checkers from various parts of the world are working for this company.

But this job needs time commitment as this company will allot time-specific projects to its users. Besides, you shouldn’t consider this a full-time job.


25. Market Force

Market Force now conducts six types of checks for its clients: open checks, trailer checks, blind checks, ad checks, sneak preview checks, and comprehensive checks.

And for that, this company regularly hires enthusiastic people from various parts of the world. You need to operate as a covert agent and conduct checks without revealing your identity.

And you also need to submit brief but genuine feedback about your overall experience at that particular movie theater. And by doing that, you can make around $30 each day.


26. SuccessBux

If you are looking for a hybrid between online survey sites and movie review forums, you must check out this company called SuccessBux.

Over the past five years, it has already paid more than $20,000 to its users.  You can now become a part of this company to make money.

Not just for watching videos, you can even get cash rewards on this website for watching ads and trailers and even for listening to radio stations.

However, you shouldn’t expect to make more than $8 to $10 an hour while working for this company.


27. Perk.TV

While most companies need you to participate in opinion polls and surveys after you complete watching a movie, Perk.TV is probably the only website that now pays its users to watch the actual film.

Besides, you can also make money by watching new trailers. You will earn one point for each minute you watch any particular movie or trailer on this website.

So, you can make around 150 to 180 points for watching the whole movie. And you can easily get your cash rewards through a linked PayPal account.


28. AppTrailers

AppTrailers is surely a legit website to get paid to watch movies! However, you may need to watch long trailers of upcoming movies and web series rather than the actual movie itself to get paid.

And it can be tedious and quite monotonous for many people. You also need to spend a hefty amount of time on this website to generate significant earnings.

However, you must not consider this a full-time opportunity, as you can barely make more than $5 to $8 an hour.


29. WeAre8

WeAre8 is a brilliant app you can download on your smartphone and start your quest to make money by watching movies and web series. You need to participate in a small survey about the video they have assigned.

And for each of those, you can make $0.20. Once you accumulate at least $2 in your in-app wallet, you can transfer that money to your PayPal account.

However, you can also enable the auto-pay feature of your EE mobile bill. You can also donate all your earnings to an associated charity.


30. Keeping It Reel

If you love discussing movies and OTT content with like-minded people, Keeping It Reel is the best website where you can satisfy your creative needs by making money.

It is a focus group that is primarily geared toward movie reviews. You can talk about hundreds of movies, web series, and trailers on this website.

Depending on the running length and genre, you can earn between $10 to $50 for watching each movie on this website.

You’ll also have an exclusive chance to sneak peek before a movie releases in the theaters.


31. Viggle

Although Viggle is primarily an online survey site, this website is mainly geared toward movie fans and film buffs.

And as a member of this community, you must regularly take part in surveys regarding movies, shoes, documentaries, and even movie theaters.

To participate in each of these surveys, you can make around $2 to $5, although it can vary depending on the allotted survey’s difficulty level.

But you can submit a withdrawal request once you accumulate at least $5 worth of points in your wallet.


How Much Money Can You Make By Watching Movies?

You must have already noticed that there are several ways to get paid to watch movies nowadays. However, the real question is, can you make a decent living with that income?

It is pretty hard to generate a sustainable income just by watching movies, although you can consider this a side hustle to top up your monthly income.

Typically, you can earn around $5 to $10 at max to watch an entire movie on any of the websites or apps mentioned above.

And to watch trailers and small video content, you can hardly make more than a few cents. So, if you talk about the overall monthly income, it can be between $100 to $200 at most.

But, if you are a movie buff looking for an avenue to watch movies for free, you should consider these opportunities, as you don’t need to pay a hefty ticket price to watch anything.



As we have said earlier, you can get paid to watch movies, although you shouldn’t consider this a full-time money-making opportunity.

You can barely make a hundred or two each month, even if you dedicate a significant amount of your time each day. So, it is only great as a side hustle.

But this side hustle is a great fit for all the movie buffs, as they don’t need to spend money buying movie tickets. And the money saved is money earned, indeed!



Does Netflix pay you to watch movies?

Netflix does pay you to watch movies, although it is not that simple, and the seats are quite limited. You need to watch the content on Netflix and assign them with proper tags to earn money.

And to become a tagger, you must have a thorough knowledge of the entertainment industry.


What website pays you to watch movies?

Several online survey sites, such as InboxDollars, Swagbucks, and MyPoints, are now allowing people to join their company to get paid for watching movies and video content.

Besides you can also join market research companies, such as Market Force and VeriTES.


Can I earn money by watching YouTube videos?

Although there are no direct methods available to make money while watching YouTube videos, several companies nowadays can give you the opportunity to watch particular YT videos on their websites to get paid.

Swagbucks is a website where you can now get this offer.


How much does InboxDollars pay to watch videos?

You can’t make money by watching an individual video or clip on InboxDollars. Instead, you need to watch the complete playlist to become eligible for payment.

And for each of those playlists, you can typically earn between $0.01 and $0.04.


Can I Get Paid To Watch Movies In India?

Considering this 2nd most populist country in the world, people here have the utmost interest in and value towards the movies.

If you are a resident of India, there is always a high demand for movie reviewers and subtitle creators. You can also try a few platforms like SlideJoy, Ad wallet, and CashBuddy to earn rewards from watching videos.


Can You Get Paid To Watch Amazon Prime?

Here are quite a few ways to get paid to watch Amazon Prime:

  1. Amazon pay offers a $10 credit for performing 4 tasks after opting for prime membership(Currently, this offer is closed): 1. Stream a show on prime 2. Listen to songs on Amazon Music 3. Borrow an eBook on Prime Reading 4. Make a prime-eligible purchase($5 or more).
  2. Until December 2022, took applications to offer a dream job for $40000 to watch Tv shows and Movie Recos on prime.
  3. Above all, you can also rent or buy videos or series on Amazon prime and get paid 50% of the net revenue for the series or episodes you purchased via an electronic payment method or Amazon Pay.


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