10 Easy Ways To Get Paid To Watch Movies: Earn $300+ Per Month

Are you an ardent admirer of movies and spend most of your time watching movies? Then get to know this fact you are not at all alone. An average person spends about 78000 hours in front of the television or watching movies.

This sums up to 3900+ movies or 30k+ episodes of any program. What if you get paid for that? That will be huge money, right?

There are several companies and websites that’ll pay you to watch videos using their apps and websites. If you are an avid movie lover or love to watch short video clips, then this article is for you.

In this article, we are listing 10 amazing platforms you can use to get paid to watch movies. So, without making any delay, let’s dive into the article.


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Why We Get Paid To Watch Movies?

Watching movies may not be simply watching movies. These are a few tasks you need to complete. The below things will let you know the real reason behind these jobs.


1. Advertisement Screening

Job Title: On-Screen Ad Checker

You may come across various advertisements published before and after the movie screening.

You need to check the reliability of the advertisements and make a report on them and submit them. This can help to increase the credibility of advertisements published and also they can increase the quality.


2. Trailer Screening

Job Title: Trailer Checker

Every movie has its respective trailer and it will be played for promotion. As a trailer checker, you need to give a report on the trailer published on the movie featured.

This job has strict guidelines, follow them to give a straight report.


3. Audience Count/Blind Check

Job Title: Blind Checker

Sometimes there are biased reports on the audience visiting the theaters. You as a blind checker need to submit the report on the visiting audiences on different days. Mostly this is an incognito job.

Theatre management mostly won’t be aware of you creating a report on this. You can reach them with the guidelines mentioned by your entity.


4. Open Count

Job Title: Open Checker

To conduct this you need to get permission from the theater management to conduct. This is similar to the blind checking job. You need to keep a count on the audience visiting theaters on different days. Here you need to be more accurate.


5. Reaction Auditing

Job Title: Reaction Auditor

For every scene or trailer published there is a wide range of reactions from the audience. Here all you need to do is make a note and prepare a report on how the audience reacting to different scenes.

This can help movie makers to enhance the scenes and increase the quality. You may or may not take permission from theatre management for this task.

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6. On Go Viewer

Here you are just a normal movie watcher. There are a few websites that just pay for watching movies without doing anything but just accessing content from their website or app. This is an easy thing to do.


7. Lobby Checker

Job Title: Theatre Lobby Checker

Every theatre promotes various advertisements from the sponsorers. They are pre-installed promotions and brandings. You need to prepare a report on how this promotion is heading. This includes banners, posters, cards, advertisements, ticket printing, hoardings, etc.


8. Preview Checker

Job Title: Preview Checker

Similar to trailer checker this is another job where you need to submit a report on the sneak peek of the movie yet to release.

Capture the reactions of the audience and make a report on the published content. This report must contain all the information like quality, graphics, sound, information, etc.


9. Mystery Shopping

Job Title: Mystery Shopper

There is a high scope for mystery shoppers in various fields like restaurants, hospitality, movies, gaming, etc.

When you choose to work as a mystery shopper in the theatres you will be a regular movie visitor. You need to observe everything happening in the theater.

Here you can make a report on management, food quality, pricing, management response, audience reactions, and also the cleanliness of the theater.

This can always help to improve the movie quality and also the theater management. Be the best reporter by submitting genuine reports.



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10 Proper Ways To Get Paid To Watch Movies


1. InboxDollars

Pay RateEarn up to $220+ a month by watching videos, taking surveys, games, shopping, etc.

Here when coming to the list where you can get paid to watch movies or videos InboxDollars can grab the best place. 

All you need to do is signup and decide on the playlist what to watch. This playlist may include movies, tv shows, news clips, cooking related, health, or even technology.

They mention clearly on their website how much each video pays for watching them. Depending on your free time you can pick and choose. But you need to complete the playlist to encash the rewards.

The minimum amount to withdraw is $30 which is very easy to earn. This will be paid through the payment method or bank check. You can always check on the hours you have spent watching videos on this website.

You can even use the opportunity to perform other tasks in InboxDollars and can make extra cash in no time.

Joining BonusYou can get $5 as a joining bonus and more for referrals.



2. MyPoints

Pay Rate: Around $150+ by watching videos and other tasks.

Here you need to use MyPoints platforms to watch videos or taking surveys, etc. You can only access videos from the desktop to earn. 

If you are picking mobile to watch videos, download the MyPoints TV app to get access to the videos. Your screen presence time is recorded and paid accordingly. 

If you are bored of watching videos you can even try taking surveys, playing games, printing coupons, and also reading emails. For each completed task you earn MyPoints! 

Reach $25 to cash out directly through PayPal or gift cards. Additional $5 for the first 5 surveys filled.

Joining Bonus$10 Amazon Gift Card

Website: MyPoints! Get more details here.


3. Swagbucks

Pay Rate: Anything between $50 -$100+ by watching videos, taking surveys, etc.

There is a wide range of genres where you can choose and pick your playlist. For every video you complete, you earn points. Here these points are termed as Swagbucks.

You need to rate each and every video with your opinion on it. These genres may of sports, tutorials, news, cooking, health, entertainment, etc.

There is even flexibility to download the Swagbucks TV app and access it through mobile phones. You can even get paid to watch movies while traveling too.

When you got bored with the videos try filling some exciting surveys or play some games to earn some extra cash. Earn $25 to cash out through PayPal. Gift cards starting from $1.

Joining Bonus: $5 Instant signup bonus.

Website: Swagbucks.


4. Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

Pay rate: $50/year fixed pay and get a chance to win $10,000 every month via sweepstakes.

Here is one more source where you can get paid to watch movies. Download Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel app on your device and start using it. It is the easiest way to earn without doing anything.

There is a chance to win $10000 per month in a lucky win. Install and use this app to watch or play games and wait for luck to turn your side to win some real cash.

You can win $50 per year by adding more devices. 

Joining Bonus: No Bonus assured!

Website: Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel.


5. Netflix

Pay Rate: You can earn $300 per week (Limited)

This is one of the leading OTT platforms available in the market, so is its popularity. If you want to get paid to watch movies from Netflix it is a bit hard as there are limited positions for this and also the reason pay rate is decent.

Openings won’t be there all the time, If you got placed you were assigned with the name of Movie tagger‘. They mainly hire analysts and creative heads to watch their content to link the data to the relevant area.

Your job mainly helps Netflix to send recommendations to its users. Be attentive while tagging.

Joining Bonus: No Bonus assured! Instead, you need to buy a premium account to access the content. By referring you can get offers on subscription plans

Website: Netflix.

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6. Market Force

Pay Rate: $10-$20 per hour.

Have you ever heard of the term Mystery Shopper‘? He is nothing but a person who is employed to visit a shop, movie, restaurant, etc without identity in order to assess the quality of services.

MarketForce is one of the Mystery shopping job offerers. You can join as a mystery shopper and visit a movie theater incognito and write reviews.

Here you can join for free and get paid to watch movies without any hassles. You can get a title as Certified Field Associate‘. Here you can even give suggestions to the theater management after the task.

Joining Bonus: Can claim free movie tickets and perks.

Website: MarketForce.


7. Mystery Shoppers America

Pay Rate: One can earn $10-$40 per assignment and many free perks.

Here you need to signup with Mystery Shoppers America and link with the companies listed. And later get the assignments through email. Choose your favorite one and start making money.

You need to take membership to get access to the assignments. There is flexibility for choosing 30 days of free trial membership. Along with watching movies, there are other tasks where you can earn money.

The areas where you can use this as assignments are to eat free at restaurants, buy clothes and shoes, electronics, and appliances. One can even enjoy a stay at the hotel, health products, groceries, refueling, buying books, etc. 

Finally submit your shopper’s report and get your check or through PayPal.

Joining Bonus: No joining bonus! But can get free perks along with the work. Membership of 30days free trial.

Website: Join here Mystery Shoppers America.


8. VeriTES

Pay Rate: Depends on the assignment. 

VeriTES got the PSB title in 2010. This company constantly providing in-field consumption point auditing and compliance research to companies with significant retail operations.

One of the main sections is auditing movies by providing feedback. As a movie freak, you can opt for this position and get paid to watch movies by auditing. 

A few ways to earn here are movie previews, trailer checks, presentation checks, screenings management, reaction checks, material checks, sneak preview checks, etc.

What you are waiting for? Join now to claim your bucks.

Joining Bonus: Free perks with the assignments.

Website: Check VeriTES to get your assignments.


9. Imyst

Pay Rate: Varies with the assignments. You can earn more as a full-time employee.

Even they serve mystery shopping. Register now with Imyst to know about more assignments. pay varies along with your assigned assignments.

If your passion is to respectively choose to review movies, join as a theater checker with Imyst. Here you as a theater checker, you need to give feedback on ticket issuing patterns, management, box office interaction, theater in-situ, and ex-situ conditions.

You can get paid to watch movies also trailer checking. Along with them, there are also other tasks like film quality-assuring, ID’s,  advertisements, gaming, telephones, restaurants, hospitals, banking, and finance-related, etc. 

They have extended arms in many fields where you can start your job with. 

Joining Bonus: No Bonus! But compensate for the nature of the task assigned.

Website: Check Imyst for more tasks.


10. Confero

Pay Rate: Based on the deals approved!

Another website that contracts with mystery shoppers as independent contractors.

Here on this website, You as an independent contractor can pick and choose the assignments of your interest. Apply for your interesting assignments on the job board. 

There is a requirement for multiple mystery shoppers so there is wide scope for these jobs. Pick assignments related to movies and visit nearby theaters by following the contractor guidelines.

The process goes this way, First, you need to signup with the Confero signup page this is absolutely free. Review the independent contractor agreements and terms of service. 

Complete your shopper’s profile and finally get access to the confidential job board.

Joining Bonus: Free perks with no joining bonus. The signing-up process is free.

Website: Visit Confero for more details.



If you are passionate, you can find passion in every task you perform. Learning is the thing which we should never avoid. 

If you want to learn something everything becomes a source of learning. Movies provide a source of ample information where you can learn much scientific and practical knowledge. You can even learn about fiction and more aspects in no time.  Where comes the learning there comes the earning.

So these are the best 10 ways you can get paid to watch movies. Turn your unproductive time into productive this way. Thanks for reading! Suggestions are very much welcome.


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