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Get Paid To Wear Clothes [2024] – 25 Creative Ways Inside!

Do you like to try out fashionable dresses every day? You do it to show your sense of fashion and style. But, how do you feel when this habit lets you earn some bucks?

There are opportunities to get paid to wear clothes. Almost anyone can start this venture and make money by wearing clothes.

How is that possible? You have more than one way to fulfill your dream. Check out the 25 creative ways to get paid to wear clothes.


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Ways to Get Paid to Wear Clothes

get paid to wear clothes


1. Get Paid to Wear Clothes on Instagram

Become an influencer and grab the chance to earn money by wearing clothes. Fashion designers like to rely on celebrities to spread their brand awareness.

Both new and recognized designers try to partner up with Instagram influencers. Produce quality content and attractive visuals to establish your presence on Instagram.

It will enable you to draw the attention of fashion brands and designers. When they hire you for promotional purposes, you can wear their clothes and get paid.

Thus, try to promote yourself to become an Instagram influencer in the fashion industry. You will easily get noticed by designers.


2. Become a Brand Ambassador For Clothing Brands

Several clothing brands have established their presence on social media platforms. Search for these brands with hashtags like #style, #fashion, and #designers.

Some brands like to work with brand ambassadors for advertising needs. They prefer micro-influencers and real users with a large follower base.

As a brand ambassador, you need to create hype around new clothing released by the brand. So, get paid to advertise clothes on social media platforms and other sites.

You may also reach out to different brands via social media or email. There are special platforms helping you to connect easily with brands.


3. Become a Fashion Blogger to Get Paid to Wear Clothes

Fashion blogging is a lucrative profession, as bloggers can find different ways to earn money. Surely, you can monetize your blog by posting ads for other brands.

However, you will also get an opportunity to earn more by wearing clothes from different brands. How will you make your fashion blogs attractive?

Share photographs of your favorite brands and talk about fashion trends. This is the way how you can make your fashion blog interesting to readers.

Similarly, fashion brands will understand your authority in the industry. Some brands may ask you to wear their clothes for promotion, while others like to post ads on your site.



4. Get Paid to Wear Clothes on Your Own YouTube Channel

Several fashion lovers have chosen YouTube as the best destination to share how they love trendy fashion.

Presently, YouTube has several fashion channels, and most of them have lots of subscribers. From styling tips to fashionable clothes, different things can be shared on these channels.

To make money wearing clothes, you need to become a fashion YouTuber. Open your own channel and share interesting content with your target audience.

When you start gaining more likes and shares, your videos will gather the attention of fashion brands. These companies may ask you to wear their clothes and promote their brands through interesting videos.


5. Get Paid to Model Clothes Online- Become a Runway Model

Did you know that you could earn $200 to $1000 as a runway model? However, in some cases, fashion designers offer some clothes instead of paying you. The major purpose of the fashion brand is to showcase clothes.

Runway models need to be tall and slender, and they have to show off the new garment in a flattering way.

But, these models earn a high amount and win free clothing. It is the major attraction of fashion lovers who dream of becoming models.

High-end models shoot for designers, editorials, and fashion campaigns. In most cases, their age is not more than 21 years. Height and body contour are highly important for becoming a model.


6. Take Part in Affiliate Marketing to Promote Clothes

Create a fashion blogging website and join affiliate programs of different brands. You can start promoting clothing and fashion products of these brands. It is a way to earn a high commission by increasing sales of others’ products.

But, you need attractive social media pages and a highly trafficked website to promote the chosen products and get more clicks on affiliate links.

Instagram and Pinterest are the best platforms to advertise clothing. How will you earn as an affiliate? Try to gain more followers on your social media account.

Although it may take time to find long-term results, you will get paid to promote brands. In some cases, brands will offer free clothes to promote their products.


7. Get Paid to Wear t-shirts

You may find a few gigs that pay you out for wearing t-shirts. Some organizations place an order for professional t-shirts with their brand logos printed on the fabric. They like to advertise their brands in this way. But why would you get paid for wearing these clothes?

As you wear their logo-printed t-shirts, you can display the brand name to their potential customers.

One thing to be noted is that brands will not approach you. Rather you have to go to these brands and learn about their willingness to sponsor you to put on the branded t-shirts.

These companies may also ask you to wear those clothes at events and in crowded places. It will enable them to promote the brand name and achieve marketing goals.

Suppose you know the way to design customized t-shirts. Let the brands know about this skill, and you will get paid.


8. Flip Clothes for Profit

Flip your old clothes online and earn money from your sale. Use Amazon, eBay, and other sites to create your seller account.

These are popular platforms for selling old clothes, as you can connect with a large number of potential buyers.

But make sure that the items you sell have no wear and tear. It is also better to buy clothes directly from brands and sell them online.


Other Ways to Get Paid to Wear Clothes


9. Selling Clothes on Poshmark

Poshmark and other similar sites let you earn money. There is no need to step away from your home. Create your blogging website and get started. Check your wardrobe to find a few stylish but old clothes. You can resell them at the desired price.

However, Poshmark will charge you $2.95 on every sale which is below $15. Nevertheless, the charge is 20% for sales that cost more than $15. You do not need to pay an additional charge for listing your items.

Thus, you can look for sites like Poshmark and get paid by selling clothes.


10. Get Sponsored Posts

As a successful affiliate marketer and content developer, you will get offers from brands. However, while writing blogs, you need to ensure that the content offers value to readers.

Create a separate Sponsor page on the blog and let advertisers know about the availability of sponsored posts.


11. Join Referral Programs

These programs give you an opportunity to wear fashionable garments from the subscription box. By referring to others, you will also earn money.

The most important trick is that you have to make videos and fashion unbox the clothing. To get more referrals, you need to share the video.

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Companies that Send You Clothes to Model

companies that send you clothes to model

Are you now curious about the ways to earn money by wearing clothes? Some companies will choose you as a model and send their clothes.


1. Happy Earth

Happy Earth is a reputable company that sells clothes in order to spread awareness regarding environmental problems.

This company can choose you as its brand ambassador. That is why you will get paid to wear their garments.

As an ambassador, you need to convey the message that environmental cleanup is important. By planting trees and removing trash, you may promote this concept.

The best fact is that the brand offers discounts to its ambassador. By sharing the brand’s products on social media, you will avail of the discount.


2. Unemployed Denim

It is another clothing brand that pays you an amount to wear comfy-cozy clothes. From the name of this brand, you can easily guess that it has a good collection of denim wear.

Visit their site and find out how they accept brand ambassadors. The aim of this company is to make the team size bigger. You need to fill out a form and send an application to become a brand ambassador.

This company sells different fashionable clothes ranging from sweatshirts to pants and shorts.



It is a slightly different platform, as it targets events, teams, and athletes. OpenSponsorship enables brands to check their database of teams of athletes. Then, it offers sponsorship opportunities that are relevant to its advertorial campaigns.

Athletes who have a presence in the digital world have a chance of getting hired to wear branded clothes. They can send clothing sponsorship applications online.

Brands may also contact your representative and make a sponsorship deal. Thus, you will be able to wear fashionable clothes and help brands in their marketing campaigns.

Several clothing designers have used OpenSponsorship to contact athletes. Join the website free of cost, and you can then add your name to OpenSponsorship’s database.


4. Farai

The popular brand, Farai, is involved in selling apparel and fashion accessories. It also looks for style-savvy brand ambassadors. Build a strong presence on the social media platform and gain the attention of Farai.

As a brand ambassador, you will be able to earn a commission whenever someone applies your code for a purchase. You can play an important role in establishing the presence of Farai on social media platforms.


5. is known for dealing with t-shirts. The major role of the company is to connect clothing brands with consumers who like to wear their clothes and advertise these products.

TeesPay offers you free t-shirts. However, it is not clear how the company will pay you to wear other brands’ t-shirts.

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6. Izzy and Liv

Known for promoting black culture and black-skinned persons, Izzy and Liv have gained high recognition. This company gives you a chance to become a brand ambassador.

But, a strong presence on social media platforms is a must to get accepted as an ambassador. You may create your pages on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. It is also essential to make your blogging site popular and draw more visitors.

Izzy and Liv ambassadors have to take different steps to promote the company’s products. You will gain the opportunity to grab discounts and win free products.

How will you approach the company to become an ambassador? Check these few steps.

  • Upload a video or image to show that you have enjoyed a product of Izzy and Liv.
  • Submit your application and reveal more details about yourself. Add links to social media pages that show your dominance in the fashion industry.
  • Follow the brand on social media to know the names of the winners.


7. One Tribe

Dresses, tops, jewelry, and other accessories sold by this brand reflect a Bohemian style. You may shop from different collections.

But what will you do as a brand ambassador? Share the unique code with family, friends, and others. It lets you enjoy a 25% discount.


8. Enjoy Leggings

Although it is a small brand, you can connect with it to become a clothing brand ambassador.

Try to draw more followers to your social media pages and spread a positive message related to the brand. What benefits do you obtain from becoming an Enjoy Leggings ambassador?

Your photo will be displayed on the social media pages of this brand. You may also receive free leggings from the company. 


9. Amazing Lace

Instagram and Tiktok influencers can grab the opportunity to earn money from the clothing brand Amazing Lace.

The company is searching for both brand ambassadors and content influencers. These influencers have a chance to receive free gifts by posting images regularly.

However, brand ambassadors also win free merchandise by developing a strong influence and spreading a message about the brand.


10. Breezy Swim

Accessories and apparel, including swimsuits, are available in the product collection of Breezy Swim.

This company prefers ambassadors to spread the brand name. As an ambassador, you have a chance to receive a 15% commission on every sale. Use the personal code to get this commission.

You will also receive attractive discount offers for apparel. Moreover, this brand will invite you to attend photo shoots and events.

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Other Brands That Pay You for Wearing Their Clothes

1. Wool & Prince

Promote this brand on social media sites and receive free clothes as the wool ambassador. The brand is known for designing men’s clothes.

2. L’Estrange London

It produces contemporary fashion products with a touch of British styles. It looks for new ambassadors to represent the brand.

3. Aday

This USA-based fashion brand has launched a campaign to let you wear clothes. You will get paid based on the number of times you have worn their clothes.

4. Patagonia

This clothing company focuses on environmental protection and sustainability. The Grassroots Grants program pays small environmental organizations.



You can now connect with companies that pay you to wear their clothes. But what should you wear to earn money?

You can pick almost stylish clothes to show your love for the latest fashion. It will give you a chance at your favorite brands.

Several clothing brands offer free clothes, while others offer cash rewards. To earn some additional amount, you can take advantage of these brands. Free stuff is always desirable.

However, you need to put effort into convincing brands to choose you as the brand ambassador. You may also get paid to review clothing brands on your website. Look for some other ways to earn more money from the fashion industry.



Who pays to wear clothes?

You have a chance to earn money by connecting with fashion brands, magazines, and clothing designers.

Both new and established companies in this sector look for the right person to promote their products online and offline.

Thus, you can start networking with them to find earning opportunities in the future.


Can I get paid to wear clothes?

It is common to earn money by selling clothes. But you can also make money by wearing clothes free of cost.

However, to do it, you need to become a blogger, influencer, or model to gain the attention of fashion brands.


How to get paid for clothes you don’t wear?

Wearing clothes and fashion accessories is not the only way to earn money. For instance, a sponsored post with around 1,000 followers can cost $10.

You can try to have 300,000 followers on social media to earn $3,000. You may also participate in the affiliate marketing program.


Is there any job that gives you free clothes?

Some of us think modeling is a good way to win free trendy clothes. However, brands do not let models keep their clothes.

These models get the opportunity to wear costly and gorgeous clothes to flaunt their styles. Some runaway models win free clothes as an alternative to payment.


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