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Get Paid To Write Poetry – 34 Online Poetry Jobs For Beginners

Everyone at some point in their life pretends like a poet to express their feelings and thoughts. It’s really a great way to express ourselves. Some people do it as a habit in their free time, and some do it seriously every day.

Can you believe how easy it has become to get paid to write poetry if I told you, you only needed to browse a few of the right websites and submit your work?

Some of the best ways to get your poetic voice heard today are through well-known magazines, online magazines, published books, winning contests, writing for greeting cards, etc.

You can live your life’s passion while also making a wage through these poetry-writing jobs!

We have compiled a list of all possible ways you can use your poetry to its full potential. Earn from them, receive recognition: just live the life you’ve always wanted to live.

After reading this article, there will remain no shadow of a doubt in your mind that you can earn a considerable income through poetry.


Disclaimer:  This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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How to Get Paid To Write Poetry from Home

Need to get paid to write poetry? Because that’s what you do best, right?

All poets think this way; especially Indian poets who seem to get stuck at dead-ends at every turn of the way. But trust us, some websites pay for poetry in India.

A lot of magazines, journals, and niche websites welcome international writers, no matter where they are based.

These places can serve as a great source of extra income for yourself, in addition to your full-time job. And let’s accept it, “freelance writer” is one of the coolest side gigs there is today!

So, how to make money as a poet? Knowing the tricks of the trade is very important if you want to get paid to write poetry. Not every magazine or blog will accept your work, and not every place requires the same kind of poetry. You have to adapt to survive.

If you tap into your creative side and unleash that part in which poetry just flows like an unbridled stream, you will find several markets to get paid to write poetry. Here are a few:

    • Literary Magazines & Journals
    • Greeting Cards
    • Poetry Contests
    • Poetry Books
    • Selling your poetry on Fiverr
    • Selling your poetry on Etsy
    • On-demand items with your poetry on them
    • Personal Poetry Blog


How Much You Can Get Paid To Write Poetry

get paid to write poetry


We are pretty sure that the main motive that drives poets toward creating beautiful pieces is not money, but a passion.

To get paid to write poetry, you must know that you have the potential to earn anywhere between $10 and $300, depending upon the mode you’ve chosen and its individual pay rates.

This amount might not look as lucrative as other markets related to the field of writing, but the true aim behind writing poetry is often recognized.

Getting your poems published and building a superb portfolio will open scopes in your career that can help you leap toward bigger projects. And hence, higher incomes.

Consistent submissions can also land you a book deal, as has happened to many poets before!

From there on, the journey is only uphill.

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Get Paid to Write Poetry for Magazines

How to earn money by writing poems? Here’s a list of 13 magazines (electronic and paper) where you can submit your work and get paid to write poetry.


1. The Sun Magazine

The Sun Magazine is fully supported by its readers and hence, does not contain any ads. The magazine has been described in many words over the past several years: fierce, celebratory, thoughtful, unflinching, truthful, tender, dark, etc.

If your work on The Sun reaches over 70,000 active and engaged readers of the magazine, your poetry career is highly probable to kick-start with recognition and appreciation from new admirers and old supporters.

Writings from The Sun often receive accolades in the form of prizes and rewards like the Pushcart Prize, etc.

You can earn anywhere between $100 and $200 for an approved poem in The Sun. But be patient after you send in your submission since they receive a huge number of submissions every month. They will take time to get to yours.


2. Poetry Foundation

Poetry Foundation is a Chicago-based magazine founded in 1912, the oldest in the English-speaking world, wholly dedicated to monthly issues comprised of verses.

The magazine is known to be independent, and unaffiliated with any university, institution, or organization, and it has always been this way. They also don’t conform to any particular critical or poetic movement, school of aesthetics, etc.

They publish renowned poets as well as give a chance to emerging talents to showcase their work on a prestigious platform. Lately, the magazine has been supporting newer talents more; one-third of its issues comprised of first-time poets and their brilliant work.

Poetry Foundation receives a huge amount of submissions (in the English language) each year from across the globe, their bulk amounting to an average of 150,000.

If your poetry is selected and published, you will get paid to write poetry at $10 for one line; close to $150 a page, and $300 in minimum.



EPOCH is a magazine that publishes fiction, cartoons, screenplay, essays, graphic fiction, and graphic art, in addition to poetry.

Run since 1947, this magazine is primarily edited by Cornell University’s faculty in the Department of English Program in Creative Writing, so you can guess the standards of the magazine’s content that they must maintain consistently over generations.

EPOCH publishes three batches of its magazine annually: in January, May, and September. Since the magazine aims to reward only the best of the best in poetry and fiction, you can imagine how competitive things might get during the selection process.

If you have a natural flair and beautiful poetry just flows through your veins easily, EPOCH will generously reward you for your skills. The minimum pay for each successful submission and acceptance is $50.


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4. Boulevard Magazine

Boulevard is known to publish the finest in poetry and prose (both fiction and non-fiction). If you have some experience writing poetry and are already a published poet, then Boulevard magazine is most certain to welcome you with open arms.

They usually only publish poems by poets who already have some recognition but sometimes also give a shot to exceptionally promising freshers.

If you’re confident of the quality of your work and believe that your poems have the charm to be in an A-list magazine, look no further and send your work to Boulevard.

You can submit up to 5 poems at once, a maximum of 200 words each, and get paid to write poetry. Keep in mind that they do not accept light verse.

Each published poem in Boulevard magazine can earn you anywhere between $50 and $250.


5. Three Penny Review

Three Penny Review is a platform that showcases poetry through submissions from poets via both the old-school method and the modern way. They accept submissions through the traditional mail system and their online submissions page.

However, make sure to go through their guidelines thoroughly before you consider submitting your work. The online submission page does not have a copy of the guidelines, so you must read them beforehand and strictly adhere to them.

If your poem is accepted, each of your poems can earn up to $200.


6. The Arc Poetry Magazine

The Arc Poetry Magazine is a whimsical platform for poets to publish their works of art. Based in Canada, the magazine aims to search for “brave new voices.”

They look for poetry that can be described as cunning, shearing, woozy, and wild-like; poetry that delves into new depths of what you thought you knew.

They accept submissions from published and unpublished poets alike. The Arc Poetry Magazine prints out an annual issue that showcases poetry from all kinds of writers all across the world.

Each successfully published poem in The Arc Poetry Magazine earns you $15.



AGNI is more inclined towards publishing already-recognized writers and poets, so if you have prior published work, it will work as a plus here.

They look for one-of-a-kind writing: writings that challenge preconceived notions, do not blatantly follow conventions, and go out of the way to think something different.

AGNI believes that the poets they publish should make them think twice and convince them of the truth within their writing; if you can make them believe that what you can do, no one else can, then you’re the perfect fit for them!

The magazine takes submissions from September through May. Any submissions in June, July, or August are sent back unopened if proper postage information is provided.

You will get paid to write poetry at $150 for every accepted poem.


8. Rattle

Rattle has a very high acceptance rate for poems. They publish submitted poems daily along with their blog posts and the magazine they issue.

You can submit your poetry on the Rattle website, with a voice clip of your recital of the same attached! This is a great way to truly capture the essence of the poems exactly the way the poet wants their readers to.

Rattle has no particular type: any poetry that is interesting, accessible, memorable, and moving, is welcomed on their website. If your poem can make its readers laugh or cry, just induce a strong emotion, it is good enough to Rattle on their website or published issue forever.

For every accepted poem, you get $50, and for every piece of your work that is published in their printed magazine, you receive $100.


9. Crazy Horse

Crazyhorse is an interesting site, to say the least. They accept poetry, fiction, and non-fiction submissions from September through May, except for January.

Every year, in January, they accept special entries for the contest they host called Crazyhorse Prizes, and in July, they host Crazyshorts! (a short-short fiction contest).

Crazyhorse focuses on publishing poetry that highlights the work of twenty-first-century poets and writers.

They welcome poets from underrepresented communities and fresh, new talent interested in publishing their work. You will get paid to write poetry at Crazyhorse for $20 a page, up to a maximum of $200.


10. Alaska Quarterly Review

Alaska Quarterly Review is a journal focused on publishing works of literature in traditional and unconventional styles. They mainly publish poetry, fiction, non-fiction, short plays, photo essays, literary art, etc.

The venture is a result of the partnerships between the University of Alaska and the Center for the Narrative & Lyric Arts.

The editors of the journal are keen to give a platform to emerging talents while also publishing poetry by established writers. AQR is acclaimed as one of the leading voices in the world of poetry and prose.

For every successful submission that is accepted, you get paid to write poetry for $10 to $50.


11. Orion Magazine

Orion is a magazine with a mission. They accept thoughtful pieces that are clearly driven by the environment and focus on the intersection of culture, nature, and place.

Orion invites their readers into an existing community of people who deeply care about the planet.

The magazine puts a lot of work into publishing thought-provoking content (poetry, prose, and art) that can redefine the ways humanity can live on the planet sustainably, justly, and joyously.

They do not accept submissions all around the year, so make sure to check in once in a while. You’ll get paid to write poetry at the rate of $100 for every published poem.


12. Grain Magazine

Based in Canada and primarily focusing on English poetry, Grain is an internationally acclaimed magazine that publishes four times a year. They like to keep their content eclectic, surprising, engaging, and challenging, inviting national and international writers.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with Grain by reading some of their issues before you can get paid to write poetry.

Grain accepts poetry submissions from mid-September to mid-May, so keep track of the dates when you are applying to them.

Upon publishing, you will receive $50 per page (a maximum of $250), along with two copies of the journal in which your work has been published.


13. Slice Magazine

If you’re an unpublished poet, Slice is the perfect magazine for you. They welcome poetry, fiction, and non-fiction by fresh voices and minds who have compelling stories to share in the form of poetry or prose.

You can get paid to write poetry for Slice easily, as they’re always on the lookout for emerging poets.

Again, reading their previous issues is your best bet at understanding the magazine. They are strong advocates of an anti-prejudice society, hence rejecting all work that promotes transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, racism, etc.

Times to submit to them are April 1st to June 1st and October 1st to December 1st. You can submit up to 5 poems at a time. They have certain themes per issue that you need to adhere to. Each published poem will make you $100.


Get Paid to Write Poetry for Greeting Cards

Ever thought about who writes the poems that you see on greeting cards? See where we’re going with this?

If you know exactly where to look for the job, you can easily get paid to write poetry online for greeting cards.

It’s an out-of-the-box idea for sure, but if you look at the market for greeting cards and the poems they’d need, the option doesn’t sound half bad, does it?

We list out a few online options that accept submissions from outside poets. Go through these websites, and you’ll soon get paid to write poetry for greeting cards online!

Make sure to do enough research on the company you’re applying for; some companies make cards with light poems and some with strictly serious sentiments.


14. American Greetings

Based in Ohio, American Greetings Corporation is the second-largest producer of greeting cards in the world (after Hallmark Cards).

They sell electronic greeting cards, paper greeting cards, party products, personalized e-gifts, etc.


15. Blue Mountain Arts

Blue Mountain Arts pays their contest winners generously for poetry submissions: the winner gets $350, the runner-up $200, and the second runner-up $100.


16. Noble Cards

Get paid to write poetry for Noble Cards, an American card publisher that sells a wide array of items like humorous greeting cards (paper or e-cards), gift cards, lapel-button cards, cards with detachable magnets, magnetic memos, and note pads.


Win Poetry Contests

Websites like Saturnalia, Poetry Nation, Boston Review Writing Contest, and Fanstory host seasonal or annual poetry contests, where you can participate and if you win, you get paid to write poetry!

Winning a contest like this can also kick-start your poetry career and enhance your portfolio.


17. Saturnalia Books

Saturnalia Books aims to publish high-merit poetry and recognize new talents (along with giving space to established ones). They invite non-commercial, challenging approaches.

You can become a part of the Saturnalia family by participating in and winning one of their annual contests meant for emerging and mid-career poets.


18. Poetry Nation

Participate in Poetry Nation‘s semi-annual contests for a chance to win $2000 worth of prizes and cash! There are no topical barriers to speak of; just let your mind flow in whichever direction it goes.

You don’t have to pay anything to enter their contests either. You can also take part in the monthly poetry challenges where they assign a topic and ask poets to rank the entries!


19. Fanstory

Fanstory hosts poetry contests with a varied range of rewards and gifts. Every year, they give away over $5000 in rewards for their poetry contest winners.

The categories of poetry contests this site organizes are:

  • One Line Poem where you have 2 days to submit your entry.
  • 20 Word Poem where you have 5 days to submit your entry.
  • Flash Fiction (A relatively newer contest) where you get 8 days to submit your work.

Visit the Poetry Nation website for more details and more kinds of contests.


20. Boston Review Writing Contest

Boston Review hosts writing contests on their literary and political forum to engage in ideas, discussions, and cultures. It is a non-profit, independent platform that’s driven by hope and equality.

You can send in entries to pick at the world’s collective imagination and notions. The prize money is $1500.


Other Websites That Pay For Poems Include

  • Chicken Soup For The Soul ($200 per poem)
  • Kenyon Review
  • Iron Horse Review ($50 per poem)
  • Plowshares (for a successful publication, your poetry earns $45 per page, two copies of the issue your work is published in, and a year’s subscription to their platform.)
  • New Myths ($30 per poem)
  • The Capilano Review ($50 per page with a maximum payable amount of $200)
  • US Kids (minimum of $50 per page)
  • Black Warrior Review (the exact amount they pay is not known, but they mention a “nominal amount” for each poem; this could mean less than $50.)
  • The Iowa Review (you can submit up to 8 pages of your work in poetry; they pay $1.50 per line with a minimum payable amount of $40.)


Other Ways to Get Paid to Write Poetry

Here are some other ways you can get paid to write poetry in case the idea of submitting to magazines and contests doesn’t appeal to you.


Poetry Books

If you have a collection of poetry or some prior published work, you can choose to build a book with them. Sort through the existing collection of your poems and select a few that go well together.

It is essential for poems in a poetry book to complement each other and be based on a common theme.

Your next step would be to decide whether to submit the collection to a publication or self-publish the book.

Big names in the publication sector can make things more complicated for you. If you choose to go with a publishing house, we recommend that go for a small one. This way, they think about your end of the deal fairly. A lot of small publishing houses encourage new or emerging poets.

Self-publishing has never been easier, thanks to Amazon! Simply create a Kindle Direct Publishing account and get started. You can easily upload all your work and publish your own poetry book on the internet.

You will most probably face only one obstacle in self-publishing; it gives you the driver’s seat when it comes to creativity, but it also completely leaves the marketing aspect of the book upon you.

Treat this process like a learning curve, and no one can hold you back from success!

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Sell Your Poems on Fiverr

If you are a part of the writing community and you don’t know about Fiverr, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers charge for their work to interested buyers.

As a poet, you can offer custom poetry or lyrics for specific occasions. The downside of Fiverr though, is that you have to place bids to get a gig. Hence, things tend to get pretty competitive.

Give your poetry a unique touch, and you should not find it difficult to compete with other bidders on Fiverr.


Sell Your Poems on Etsy

Get creative with your work and add craft with poetry! You can print your poetry on craft papers like handmade paper, beautiful paintings, custom greeting cards, etc., and sell them on Etsy.

Sometimes, even T-shirts, mugs, and other decorative items are a great option to add to some poetry. Let your creative side free and see the possibilities expand!

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Sell On-Demand Items with Your Poetry

If you’re well-versed with social media and the lucrative ways it can be used to attract an audience for your business, this method is perfect for you.

Another way to get paid to write poetry is to launch some custom merchandise with your poetry on them.

This works best when you already have a steady base of readers or followers who are genuinely interested in your work. It’s a great way to fund your creativity.

There are a few sites where you can print your poetry on T-shirts and mugs (or any other item you please). You can then make use of social media to promote these products and start a small, steady business.

Other items that work well with poetry written on them are posters, key chains, notepads, postcards, etc.

If you are skilled enough to promote and market your products to potential buyers, this little side gig can turn into a cool small business.

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Poetry Blog

One of the best options for writers and poets is to start their own blog. You don’t need investment or a dedicated base of readers from the very beginning to start a blog. All you need is strong will and patience.

Bloggers are earning are fortune with affiliate marketing and running advertisements on their pages.

As we said, blogging needs patience; you can only expect a substantial income after a few months.

It takes some time for a new blog to adapt to search engines, and SEO, gain an audience, and hold their interest.

So, be patient when you start blogging. Getting paid to write poetry from blogging will take time. You may also have to learn a little about online marketing techniques first.

The passive income you gain from blogging is really great once you generate organic traffic.

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We hope that you finally found the perfect method for you to earn through your poetry.

The possibilities are endless: you just have to commit to one (or a couple) of these for their outcome to turn fruitful. If not a full-time income, you can at least pay your bills with the earnings.

A little research and strategy can turn your love and passion for poetry into a healthy income source!

Whether you choose to submit entries for magazines, contests, or cards or decide to go solo and sell poetry on your own, always remember: the key to success is patience and practice.


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