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Gift Card Exchange Kiosk Near Me For Instant Money (Operating In 2024)

You surely have some unused gift cards lying around somewhere in your house, as we all have those! But there is a way to use those cards (which you’ll never use otherwise). There is a gift card exchange kiosk near me that offer direct cash exchange for GCs.

Previously, we used to exchange our gift cards from Coinstar kiosks to get money instantly, that too, for a better rate. But sadly, they suspended this operation.

Still, there are some companies, such as Gift Card Bin, that operate exchange kiosks throughout the USA, where you can even exchange your free Amazon gift cards.

To know the operational status and also to get the best rate, I decided to try some kiosks personally in 2024.


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What Is A Gift Card Exchange Kiosk?

A gift card exchange kiosk in a type of physical machine (looks quite like the ATMs) where you can insert (or scan) your unused gift card and convert it to instant money! You can easily exchange gift cards for cash by using these machines.

You can surely sell gift cards for PayPal these days, but nothing can beat the old-school charm of exchanging them through a gift card kiosk. These photo booth-looking machines are pure nostalgia (and very useful)!

Even a few years back, you could have found thousands of these nerdy-looking machines all over the states. But with passing days, these are decreasing in numbers.

Most card exchange companies are now taking the online route to minimize maintenance costs (yes, these are maintenance-heavy machines).

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How To Use A Gift Card Exchange Kiosk? Steps To Follow In 2023

Almost all the gift card exchange kiosks near me are self-service. And you can find them in grocery stores, consignment stores, and even supermarkets.

I got some free Xbox gift cards a couple of months before, which I sold for a good price in one of these kiosks.

If you want to exchange GCs, follow these steps:

  • Find a gift card kiosk nearby by visiting this Google Map link.
  • Visit the place with the gift card and your identity proof.
  • Insert/swap/scan your gift card in the exchange kiosk.
  • The total remaining balance and the exchange offer will be displayed on the screen.
  • If you are okay with the fees (which will be deducted from your balance), press the “Accept Offer” option.
  • Verify your identity by entering your government ID or driving license number.
  • Take out the printed voucher from the exchange machine.
  • Show it to the customer support desk or to the cashier and walk out with cash!

Easy-peasy, isn’t it? But let me tell you a fact first! Don’t expect more than 60%-70% of your gift card’s face value as the final exchange value. And in some states, the exchange fees are also high, and you’ll get even less!

My Findings: Always check the remaining balance and the expiry date (yes! some have one) of your gift cards before you go for an exchange! And if you have a high-priced gift card, talk to the customer desk first to know if they can exchange it or not.

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Is It Legal To Sell Or Trade Gift Cards For Cash?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to sell, trade, or exchange gift cards for cash in the USA.

But according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, there are specific state-wise pay caps for how much you can cash out from your gift card.

In March 2023, the payout caps are:

  • Alabama: Below 60% of the face value.
  • California: Up to $9.99
  • Colorado: Up to $5
  • Connecticut: Up to $2.99
  • Hawaii: Up to $4.99
  • Maine: Up to $4.99
  • Massachusetts: Up to $5 (or 10% of the actual face value)
  • Montana: Up to $4.99
  • New Jersey: Up to $4.99
  • Oregon: Up to $4.99
  • Rhode Island: Up to $0.99
  • Texas: Up to $2.49
  • Vermont: Up to 0.99
  • Washington: Up to $4.99

As you can see, you can’t exchange your gift card for more than $9.99 in cash in most states. So, don’t go for an exchange or cash out if you have a remaining balance way above $10. However, there are alternative ways available to do so!

This is what the California Department Of Consumer Affairs says about the legality of redeeming gift cards:

The legal advice for gift cards from California Department Of Consumer Affairs.


My Findings: There are loads of scams going on in the gift card market. I’ve recently tested the $750 free Shein gift card offer to check whether it is real or another scam! Do check out my insights!


How Can I Sell Gift Cards For Cash Instantly Near Me?

Selling gift cards is as easy as selling used DVDs and Blu-ray! But if you sell it in person rather than exchanging it through a kiosk, you’ll get a much better price. And you can also technically avoid the pay cap!

If you ask where you can exchange gift cards for cash instantly, sites like Craigslist are the best bet!

You can even use Facebook marketplaces to connect with local buyers. But yes, don’t expect the total face value of your card!

My Take: You need to give around 25% to 30% discount on your face value or the remaining balance (whichever is lower) if you want it to sell fast. But trending gift cards, such as Amazon or Walmart, can fetch better prices.

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What Is A Coinstar Gift Card Exchange Kiosk? (Can You Still Use It In 2023?)

Landing page of the Coinstar website taken while searching for gift card exchange kiosk near me


A Coinstar gift card exchange kiosk is a physical machine where you can turn your physical and e-gift cards into real cash! And if you ask where to get quarters in 2024, Coinstar is still the best option.

But sadly, Coinstar stopped these gift card exchange kiosks from all over the USA. You can still find the standard green Coinstar machines where you can do other things.

But Coinstar discontinued their yellow-colored gift card exchange machines.

Coinstar kiosks currently offer:

  • Get cash for coins (11.99% fees).
  • Get cryptocurrency for coins (4% transaction fees + up to 11% exchange fees).
  • Exchange coins for e-gift cards (free).
  • Donate coins to reputed charities.

My Findings: Coinstar exchange kiosks were all over the place in many grocery stores, gas stations, and even pharma counters! But they reportedly discontinued their gift card kiosks due to the high rent of floor space in popular stores.

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What Is A Gift Card Bin Exchange Kiosk?

Homepage of the GiftCardBin website taken while searching for gift card exchange kiosk near me


After Coinstar stopped operating their GC exchange kiosks, Gift Card Bin became the only place to exchange or sell gift cards for cash instantly.

If I need money now and have some unused gift cards, I’ll trust them more than anyone!

You can get up to 60% to 80% of the face value of your gift card in these kiosks. They are even offering an additional 2% discount in March 2023.

Finding your nearby Gift Card Bin exchange kiosk is easy. You need to visit the Gift Card Bin “Store Locator” Page, enter your city or zip code, and get the list of nearby options. But don’t forget to take a government ID with you.

There are many advantages of using a Gift Card Bin exchange kiosk:

  • You can claim up to $40 for a $50 face-value gift card.
  • Gives you the option to sell your gift card via a simple text message.
  • Accepts gift cards from 600+ online and offline merchants.
  • Get paid via cash, PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App.
  • Receive money in your account in just one business day.

My Take: Selling gift cards via text is a great option! You need to just send “SELL” to 833-568-7355 to get an instant offer. If you accept, you’ll receive your money within a day!

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5 Other Places That Have Gift Card Exchange Kiosks

Not just company-owned ones; you can even find individual GC kiosks in grocery stores and retail chains. And I’ve found five such places that still have a gift card exchange kiosk near me!


1. CVS

Landing page of the CVS website taken while searching for gift card exchange kiosk near me


I always trust CVS whenever I look for a 24-hour pharmacy near me, as they are the biggest pharmacy chain in the USA.

But besides selling pharma and health needs, these stores also keep kiosks where you can sell unwanted gift cards for cash.

But wait! Not every CVS store has these kiosks (actually, they are extremely few in number). So, it will be better if you call your nearest CVS stores to know if they have one.


2. Walmart

Landing page of the Walmart website that I found while looking for a gift card exchange kiosk.


The days are gone when we used to have GC kiosks and coin machines in every Walmart store!

But I can still find a gift card exchange kiosk in one of the Walmart stores near me. You can also check with your nearest Walmart.

However, it is not possible to exchange your gift card for cash at Walmart. They will only let you use the gift card balance to buy selective merchandise.

My Take: Walmart is my favorite recruiter for summer jobs and part-time gigs! They even offer side jobs that pay up to $80 from time to time.

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3. Walgreens

Homepage of the Walgreens website.


Walgreens, the close competitor of CVS in the pharmacy sector, is another household name. And you are surely within 20 miles of a Walgreens store if you are living in the major cities in the USA.

A few of these stores have kiosks right outside the store itself. You can even find it near their cash counters.

On a different note, Walgreens offers fun jobs that pay well these days. So, if you are looking for one, don’t forget to keep an eye on their career page.


4. Target

Landing page of the Target website.


Do you really need an introduction for Target? We all know that we can find almost anything in Target stores, from pharma products to daily essentials. And a few of these stores still have exchange kiosks.

Although they are very few in number these days, you may still find one nearby. It is better to call the nearest outlets of Target to know if they have any machines in place.

There used to be an exchange program where you could shuffle your gift card for a Target gift card. But they have recently stopped this service!


5. Kroger

Landing page of the Kroger website.


You can find Kroger grocery stores and supermarkets in 36 states. And many of these outlets still have kiosks where you can exchange unwanted gift cards for cash.

Some Kroger stores even used to have Coinstar machines! This company is known for its extraordinary marketing stints. And a few years back, they even offered opportunities to get free food.


7 Best Places To Sell Or Trade Gift Cards Online Instantly

When I can’t find a gift card exchange kiosk near me, I personally resort to online marketplaces. And for 2024, my top seven recommendations are:


1. EJ Gift Cards

Homepage of the EJGiftCards website that I found while searching for a gift card exchange kiosk nearby.


I first found EJ Gift Cards while I was searching for a legit marketplace to sell Pokémon cards. Then I got to know that you can even get cash for gift cards here. No doubt it is a great platform!

Follow these basic steps to sell your gift card:

  • Visit the “Sell Gift Cards” page. (Disable your VPN first)
  • Enter “Card Merchant,” “Available Balance,” and “Quantity.”
  • Click on “Get Offer,” and it will autogenerate an offer for you.
  • Click on “Accept & Continue” and enter your details.
  • Receive cash right onto your PayPal, Stripe, or BTC.

My Findings: When I entered a few cards I have, I calculated that it offers me around 60% to 65% of the face value. And for unpopular cards, the offer is even less!


2. GiftCash

Homepage of the GiftCash website.


Selling or trading gift cards are legit passive income ideas that can fetch good money these days. But won’t it be even better if you can get up to 90% of the face value of your unused cards?

Yes, GiftCash offers that price! And the steps to sell it here are so simple.

  • Visit the “Sell Gift Card” page of the GiftCash site.
  • Enter the name of the merchant, available balance, and quantity in designated fields.
  • Click on “Add Cards” and repeat the process to add all your gift cards.
  • Once all are added, click on “Get Offer.”
  • Accept or reject the offer once you get a price quote.
  • Enter your details and get paid through various options, including crypto.

My Findings: If you have a physical gift card, you need to mail them. But for e-gift cards, you can send them via email. And they usually charge around 10% to 14% on the face value, depending on the current demand for your cards.


3. CardCash

Homepage of CardCash website that I found while looking for a gift card exchange kiosk near me.


You can turn gift cards into cash by selling them on CardCash. Headquartered in New Jersey, this site offers both sale and exchange options. And they are known for their sweet sitewide discounts.

As of 2023, they buy and sell gift cards from more than 1,300 merchants, both offline and online. You can easily check the offer price on this site by entering your details.

My Take: While I tried it myself, I saw that they offer a better price if you exchange your card rather than sell it. You’ll get around 10% more if you opt for an exchange.


4. Prepaid2Cash App

Homepage of the Prepaid2Cash website that I found while searching for a gift card exchange kiosk near me.


An agent of Evolve Bank & Trust, Prepaid2Cash offers cash through direct deposit for your unused gift cards. And you can sell gift cards from 100+ merchants, including Visa, American Express, and MasterCard.

As the company itself says, it offers up to 92% of the actual face value of your card, although it varies from merchant to merchant. But when I tried it myself, it offers around 90% face value to bank-grade cards, such as Visa.

Prepaid2Cash currently offers two payout options:

  • Instant Payout (Within 15 minutes): 15% of the offer price + $1.50/transaction
  • Next-Day Payout: 7.5% of the offer price + $1.50/transaction

My Take: If you want to make quick money by selling your unused gift card, it is undoubtedly the best option. With a little extra fee, you can get your payment in minutes just by using your debit card.


5. Raise

Homepage of the Raise website.


When I couldn’t find a working gift card exchange kiosk near me, I always tried Raise! It is actually an online marketplace to trade unused gift cards.

You can sell your gift card in a few simple steps:

  • Visit the official website and create a free account.
  • Create an online listing with the complete details of your card, including the merchant name and remaining balance.
  • Set an asking rate and publish the ad. It will go live after the review.
  • Once anyone purchases your card, you’ll receive your payment through PayPal, checks, and ACH direct deposit.

My Findings: Raise will take a flat 15% commission on the final selling price. And it can take up to 5 business days to get your money into your account.


6. Gameflip

Landing page of the Gameflip website.


Gameflip is a one-stop shop to buy and sell anything related to games. From games to gift cards, from in-game items to NFTs, you can trade anything on this marketplace.

You can easily list your item by creating a free account. Just enter some basic details of your card and set an asking rate. Once any fellow gamer purchases it, you’ll receive your payment through PayPal.

However, this is a global platform. So, before you buy or sell any gift card on this platform, make sure it is usable in the USA before listing.


7. Gift Card Outlets

Landing page of the GiftCardOutlets website.


Previously known as Gift Card Spread, Gift Card Outlets is one of my favorite choices when I can’t find a gift card exchange kiosk near me. It is another platform that lets you set your asking price.

Currently, they deal in more than 700 brands, including Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. Just visit their listing page, enter the specific details, include an asking price, set up a payment method, and make it go live.

My Take: My only issue with this marketplace is its payout option. They only pay through checks that can take up to 10 business days to arrive (ACH is only available for bulk sellers).

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5 Alternate Ways To Sell/Trade Gift Cards

If you don’t want to sell your unused gift cards at online marketplaces or physical kiosks, there are other ways to repurpose those!

And my top five recommendations are,


1. List It on Facebook Marketplace

Marketplace page of the Facebook website.


Facebook Marketplace gives me the best option when I don’t find a gift card exchange kiosk near me.

It gives me the freedom to set my asking rate, communicate and negotiate directly with buyers, and close it with a F2F deal.

Listing on FB Marketplaces is very simple:

  • Login to your Facebook account and click on “Marketplace.”
  • Click on “+Create new listing” and then on “Item for sell.”
  • Use a catchy title, set an asking rate, and upload a photo of your gift card.
  • Check the preview of your ad and publish it.

Once anyone shows interest, fix a safe meeting place and only accept cash. You don’t need to pay any fee to Facebook to close your deal.

My Take: Not just selling; there are many ways to earn money on Facebook. And some can even fetch six digits. Don’t forget to check out my guide to know more!


2. Sell It On eBay

Homepage of the eBay website.


From watches to old collectibles, I even tried to sell used furniture on eBay. It is a great place to sell your unused gift cards as well. But don’t opt for an auction, as you’ll not get any better price.

Go for the regular listing by setting up a fixed asking price. But yes, try to give at least a 20% to 25% discount on the actual face value to get buyers real fast.

It is possible to sell both physical and digital gift cards through eBay. But if it is a physical one, you need to bear the shipping cost.


3. Sell To A Friend

My friends always gave me a better rate for GCs than a gift card exchange kiosk near my location. I even get a better trading value from one of my friends than some popular consignment stores near me.

It is also probably the easiest way to sell or exchange your gift card. And as they are your friends, you have the freedom to try a bit of bargaining to get a better price.


4. Transfer It To Your Bank Account (For Visa Cards)

Banking-grade gift cards, such as VISA, MasterCard, and American Express gift cards, can be used to make any purchase, both offline and online.

Instead of selling or exchanging those, you can use those GCs to pay your utility bills, buy groceries, and even buy food from your favorite restaurant.

Many cards also support direct transfers to bank accounts. So, check your card to know if it offers this option.


5. Donate To Charity

If you don’t want to use your card but don’t want to waste it either, it is better to donate it to any charity of your choice. Previously, Coinstar used to give this option to send the money directly to a charity, although they have suspended this service.

Many charities nowadays accept donations through gift cards. Besides, these donations are 100% tax deductible, so you get a tax advantage.

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Final Note

Whenever I look for a gift card exchange kiosk near me, I make sure to call them beforehand to know about their terms, as kiosks don’t take all the cards.

It is also better to check with different companies to get the best exchange rate. And as per my own experience, online marketplaces offer a better rate than physical kiosks.

But yes, if you want to get money right now, kiosks with be the right fit, as you get an instant payout!



What is the average fee for gift card exchange?

Typically, the average fee for gift card exchange lies between 15% and 40%. If you choose a kiosk, you are likely to get up to 50% of the original face value of your card.

But if you choose any online platform, you can fetch up to 90% face value.


Can you get cash for gift cards at Coinstar?

No, you cannot get cash by exchanging gift cards at Coinstar, as they discontinued this service years back. The cashless yellow Coinstar Exchange machines are very rare to find nowadays.

However, you can find regular green Coinstar machines at many places where you can use your coins.


Which gift cards does Gift Card Bin accept?

As of March 2023, Gift Card Bin accepts cards from more than 600 retailers, both offline and online.

And if you want to sell it here, you can expect to get around 40% to 60% of the face value of your gift card.


Can you sell unwanted gift cards at a pawn shop?

It depends! Some pawn shops do take gift cards, while many don’t accept them.

As this market is volatile, where the gift card price fluctuates due to demand, most pawn shops these days don’t deal with gift cards.


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