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GoTranscript Review 2024 – Can You Really Make $1000+/Month?

With the exponential increase in freelance opportunities in the market since the global pandemic hit us in 2020, a huge part of the working population has been looking to make an income (full-time or side) by working freelance.

One of the easiest freelance jobs we’re going to talk about today is transcription. And this GoTranscript review will tell you exactly where to kickstart your transcribing career.

All you need to become a good transcriber is a decent typing speed with more-than-decent listening skills. Simply put, the job is pretty easy, so there’s no elaborate training cycle you need to go through, unlike a lot of other freelance jobs.

But you still need a trustworthy platform to find a steady flow of work and a solid payment structure. Here’s where we come in. GoTranscript is a transcription platform that checks all the right boxes!

It’s a great place for beginners as well as experienced transcribers to find steady jobs. Read on for an in-depth GoTranscript review with pay rates, pros and cons, reviews, and the final verdict!


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What is GoTranscript?

what is gotranscript

Source: GoTranscript

GoTranscript is a well-known company that has provided transcription services since 2006. It was founded in Scotland and dealt with analyzing and converting video and audio files into text.

They primarily hire from native English-speaking countries like the UK and US and have 144 million minutes of work to their name so far!

Besides transcription, GoTranscript also provides translation, captioning, editing, and subtitling services. The company has worked with prominent names like Stanford University, University of Cambridge, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, and Bose.

Although GoTranscript does make use of AI for some of their jobs, most of the work is entrusted to the human brain, and hence they regularly need freelance transcribers to work from home!


Is GoTranscript Legit?

gotranscript reviews

What are people saying about GoTranscript?

The short answer? Yes, GoTranscript is 100% legit. They have been around since 2006 and have made a name as one of the most popular transcription services in the world.

GoTranscript not only grabs big-budget clients but also pays their editors, transcribers, and proofreaders well for their jobs.


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GoTranscript Jobs and Opportunities

Before delving into our GoTranscript review, let’s look at what kinds of jobs they offer.

The nature of work is mainly divided into 5 categories:


GoTranscript Audio and Video Transcription Jobs

Transcription jobs usually involve pretty long durations of audio and video files that are divided among various transcribers to increase efficiency and reduce turnaround time.

General transcription jobs (the lower-paying ones) include seminars, lectures, speeches, sermons, etc.

The creme de la creme of the transcription field is financial, medical, and legal transcription jobs!

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GoTranscript Translation Jobs

Translation jobs are usually ideal for bilingual people; if you’re proficient in more than one language, you might as well put it to good use as a translator.

The job involves working on video, audio, or text files and translating it into the language required. Businesses and individuals pay for translation jobs to reach a larger audience.

English speakers also benefit from translated files such as games, applications, academic papers, foreign patents, etc.

GoTranscript translation jobs offer roles in 15 languages, including French, Spanish, and German.

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GoTranscript Editing Jobs

This post is only available for those who have an average 4.5 (or above) rating on GoTranscript (this rating is pretty difficult to reach) and a total record of over 20 successful transcriptions.

You can head over to your dashboard to view if you’re qualified to apply as an editor.

Once you do, they’ll assign you a test similar to the one you took while applying as a transcriber; only this time, you have to make necessary edits to a ready-made transcription.

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GoTranscript Captioning Jobs

Most people think that transcribing and captioning are the same things, but they’re actually quite different.

While transcription involves word-for-word conversion for each text in the file, captioning requires you to write the original words in another required language in such a way that it makes sense as if it was originally spoken in that tongue.

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GoTranscript Subtitling Jobs

Subtitling is usually more lucrative than the other jobs on this list because it involves clients from legal, technical, and engineering fields, as well as software and Forex videos.

All you have to do as a subtitler is listen to the audio in a video file and convert it into text that goes at the bottom of the screen (for people who are watching it on digital screens).

GoTranscript subtitling jobs are perfect for those who would love to combine their TV/movie-watching experience with freelance work!

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How Does GoTranscript Work?

how gotranscript works

Source: GoTranscript

GoTranscript is a platform that first advertises its services to potential clients all over the world and then hires freelancers to complete those tasks when they receive orders.

The clients pay them for their completed tasks, and GoTranscript, in turn, pays the freelance transcribers that provide these high-quality services.

Cracking a job at GoTranscript isn’t as easy as it sounds: they hire the best of the best. You have to be impeccable at the task to grab a job with them. You need to go through a guidelines test and even an audio project to test your preliminary skills.

Once you’re in, you will start receiving catered jobs on your very own GoTrancsript dashboard!


What Does It Require?

Here’s a concise list of the requirements you need to meet for a freelance job with GoTranscript:

  • Age: you have to be 18 or older.
  • Country: GoTranscript hires freelancers from across the world (brownie points if you’re bilingual)!
  • Device: GoTranscript encourages you to use a personal computer device; even though its transcription tool works on mobile devices, it lacks a lot of essential features.
  • Payout: they make payments via PayPal or Payoneer, so you must be registered with one of these platforms.


How to Become a Transcriber on GoTranscript? (Free Tips and Training)

There are a few very basic steps involved in joining and becoming a transcriber with this platform.

We are going to brush up on the steps you need to go through to bag a freelance transcription job in our GoTrancsript review.


Step 1: Application for the position of Transcriptionist

Shortly after your application, you will need to take a guidelines test and a demo transcription test. Your accuracy has to be a minimum of 95% if you want to pass.

This test can be retaken if you fail the first time, so don’t stress too much about it. You can expect to hear back from them within 60 days!


Step 2: Create a profile, fill in your personal information, and payment details

Short and simple, you get accepted into their platform as a transcriber, and you start creating your own profile and bagging transcription jobs!


Step 3: Start your transcription journey!

On your dashboard, you’ll find your “Work” tab, where all your available project files will be listed. Some of these audio files come with a comment that specifies certain requirements (say, if a project needs a legal transcriber).

Read every comment and instruction carefully before starting a job. Your dashboard will also display information about your payment per job and stats!

Here are some handy tips:

  • Not every transcription job is worth taking up; make sure to read instructions carefully and listen to the files beforehand. Sometimes, the voices are indecipherable, and you might end up wasting a lot of time for nothing.
  • Think about your overall rating; you have to keep it at a constant of above 3.6 to avoid termination.
  • The 5-minute files pay slightly more per audio minute than longer projects. For example, you earn $1.33 per 5 minutes and $2.33 for 10.


Step 4: Redeem your earnings

Collect your hard-earned money (well, kinda) every Friday when you receive an email notification reminding you how much you’ve earned for the week!

free course

How Much Do GoTranscript Transcribers Make?

Next, on this GoTranscript review, let’s look at how much your earning potential really is here. The company claims that freelancers earn nearly $150 to $1215 a month with them.

There’s no minimum payout amount, so you can work as much or little as you want.

Moreover, if you make your payments via PayPal, GoTranscript will cover the withdrawal fee.

Per video or audio minute pays about $0.60, and according to Glassdoor’s GoTranscript review, beginner transcribers make about $3 an hour, whereas seasoned ones make $13 an hour.

Translators have an earning potential of $2000 per month (or $17 an hour).


How to Apply for GoTranscript?

The application process is very straightforward. You fill out an application form and take a 5-minute online guidelines test. Make sure you’re prepared with their guidelines before taking this test.

Next, you get an in-depth guide on how to format transcripts, identify speakers, and time stamp the transcriptions according to their rules.

Then you receive an audio file for your transcription test. Now, we should mention that this audio file is deliberately a low-quality one, spoken by a non-native English speaker.

GoTranscript intends to filter out incompetent candidates through this test, so make sure you really pay attention.

A representative from GoTranscript will contact you if you successfully pass your assessments. Upon failing, although you can retake the test, it’s only after a few days’ wait.

apply now

GoTranscript Test

Yes, Our GoTranscript review also includes tips on how to pass their transcription test.

So, you now know that GoTranscript gives you a demo audio file to transcribe to test your competence in the role.

The test will be handed to you only after you have gone through the in-depth instructions about their formatting, time-stamping rules, etc.

Don’t worry if you fail on your first attempt, though; GoTranscript will provide you with all your previous attempts so that you can practice and get better!

Check here for GoTranscript practice tests.


How to Pass the GoTranscript Audio Test?

The test challenges you with a low-quality audio file and the voice of a non-native English speaker. But if you’re a truly good listener, that’s what will carry you through the assessment with ease.

Listen to each and every word in the file and convert them verbatim into your transcription copy. Our pro tip is to use good quality noise cancellation headphones and, possibly, a foot pedal for speed.

We strongly insist that you don’t take help from AI and transcription software that is prone to mishearings. Searching for terms related to the topic can also largely help in omitting misheard words.

For example, if you’re transcribing a legal file, it’s best to look up related terms to the ones you aren’t 100% confident about.

free transcription training

GoTranscript Review and Complaints

gotranscript ratings

So finally, the GoTrancsript review you have been waiting for

Glassdoor reviewers have given GoTranscript 4.0/5 based on 147 reviews.

The pros pointed out by most people were:

  • helpful editors.
  • fair pay with timely bonuses!
  • the amazing flexibility of the work-from-home schedule.

The negatives mentioned by some were:

  • general poor quality of audio in files that make it difficult to transcribe them.
  • the non-native English accents are sometimes very tricky to understand.

Indeed reviewers also rated the platform and gave it a 3.4/5 based on 17 reviews.

The pros they mentioned were:

  • the time provided to complete each task is ample for transcribers.
  • choice of projects is abundant.

There were, of course, some complaints too, such as:

  • inadequate pay
  • the quality of the audio in most files makes it difficult to decipher and transcribe (like we mentioned earlier).
  • one of the reviewers complained about wrongfully getting rated low, being fired because of it, and not receiving any payment as a result!


GoTranscript Review from Employees

gotranscript employee reviews


Coming to the part of our GoTranscript review where their employees have spoken up about the platform.

Thankfully, none of the employees mention anything about the company being a scam. That’s a good start already!

An employee who worked at GoTranscruipt for less than one year applauded the company on their prompt and timely payments via PayPal.

They also praised the flexibility they achieved in their work schedule while working with GoTranscript.

His only complaint is about the low pay rates and scarcity of decent projects to work on.

Like all other job boards, the key to overcoming the scarcity of projects is by checking in on the website periodically to be able to grab opportunities right when they appear!

A Redditor who worked for GoTrascript shared a tip with his readers. He said that working as both an editor and transcriber simultaneously can help increase your earnings significantly. He was able to make $1500 a month with this method!

If you feel that the pay is low or the jobs are not sufficient, then try these ones:


GoTranscript Review: Pros & Cons Of The Company

A GoTranscript review is incomplete without even brushing up on the pros and cons of the company.

The Pros

  • Flexibility in work-from-home schedule.
  • Payment is prompt and done weekly via Payoneer or PayPal.
  • The feedback you receive helps you improve consistently as a transcriber.
  • Working from home as a GoTranscript transcriber is easy and convenient.
  • There’s never an inadequacy of projects; you will always have active projects to work on.
  • You can preview project files before actually accepting them, so you can listen to a part of the file and decide whether you’re interested in that job or not.
  • Projects are allocated and available 24/7.

The Cons

  • Audio quality is generally very poor.
  • Payment isn’t really as high as the company claims.
  • Payment is made per audio hour; don’t mistake this for an hourly rate where you’re paid for the hours of work you put in.


Important FAQs about GoTranscript

Is GoTranscript legit?

Yes. If you’re not convinced by our GoTranscript review, check out some other sites as well. They’ll all tell you one thing: GoTranscript is completely legit and is known to be prompt with payments.

Trustpilot has given it 4.4 out of 5 stars!


Is GoTranscript safe for workers?

The company has a safe environment, and previous employees have made it clear that working for them is extremely easy, flexible, and convenient.


Is GoTranscript free?

GoTranscript is free for anyone to apply, although you have to pass a couple of tests to become a transcriber with them.


How do I get paid from GoTranscript?

The steps are pretty easy: just submit an application, take a test, start working, and redeem your earnings at the end of each week!

They make payments via Payoneer and PayPal (in case you forgot).


Conclusion – Is GoTranscript Worth It?

is gotranscript worth it


We hope you found our GoTranscript review informative and useful!

Transcription work needs more effort than people give it credit for. Most times, the audio in the files isn’t decipherable due to poor quality, it takes a lot of time to complete one job, and the payment might not feel worth all the work.

But if you just want to cash in on your keen listening and decent typing speed as a freelancer working from home, GoTrancsript definitely is the key to your earnings!

A platform that requires zero experience, hires from across the world, and pays on time is hard to come by. So, if you’re committed to transcription jobs, look no further and apply to GoTranscript.


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