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15 High Income Skills To Make You More Money In 2023

We all are talented in our own way. We also have specific expertise in our area of interest. But still, why is there an income difference between two people?

It is mostly because the people having lower wages have expertise in low-income skills, while the higher-income group has expertise in high-income skills.

We often fail to spot and pursue the type of skills that can earn us better than the rest of the world. According to the recent global wealth report, only 46 million people all over the globe are millionaires.

And the total population is close to 7 billion. In the United States alone, only 7% of people are millionaires. But why is it so? What is the difference between that 7% with the rest of the 93%?

It is just the choice of skills that they have and the profession they pursue. But it is not easy to choose the right path even if you are ready to follow that.

And to help you with that here goes our complete guide to selecting high-income skills that can make you a millionaire in 2023.


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Earning Potential of These High-Income Skills

While the average yearly salary is around $48k in the United States, people with high-income skills tend to earn a six-figure salary each year.

On average, you can earn approximately $120k to $250k per year while having these skills.

Only people with these skills have the potential to make more than $20k per month just from day jobs or from freelancing.


Tips To Develop High-Income Skills

Like all skills, it takes time and patience to learn any high-income skills. But you can smoothly accelerate the learning program by following these powerful tips.

  • Learn New Skills: You need to evolve according to the changing market and learn new skills. Learning new skills can effectively safeguard you from any saturating market.
  • Make A Learning Plan: You need to focus on making your own customized plan to learn new skills. Do not follow anyone else’s dream, but follow your own.
  • Work Hard: You should understand that there is no shortcut to success. So, you need to invest your time and work hard to learn and succeed. Never let frustration overtake your long-term success goals.
  • Invest In Learning: We don’t hesitate to buy $200 worth of denim, but we hesitate to enroll in a $199 course. And it is just a pathetic mindset that you need to get rid of.
  • Practice Till Perfection: You need to practice and sharpen your skills to become the master of them. And for that, you need to set a routine and practice as much as possible.

So, these are the things you need to follow while learning any skills and let them work for you.

However, certain skills work better in the twenty-first century. Fifteen of these fantastic skills are as follows.


15 High-Income Skills To Learn In 2023


1. Copywriting

Copywriting is a genre of writing that revolves mostly around writing marketing campaigns, ads, landing page scripts, and business emails for the client.

And with growing days, the popularity and demand for this profession are rapidly accelerating throughout the world. There are now several copywriters available all over the globe who earn six-figure salaries.

It is necessary to have excellent writing skills and an impeccable grip over the language. But it is also essential to have a USP of our own.

And to help achieve that, one of the best writing coaches, Holly Johnson, recently launched her success classes for beginners.

You can take a look at the Earn More Writing Free Workshop to make your career in the copywriting industry.

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2. Affiliate Marketing

You need one of the two key skills to become successful in affiliate marketing. First, you need to have a strong media presence and an avid following base.

Second, you should have knowledge about SEO and the ability to generate organic traffic through search engines. And if you can properly channel those skills, you can easily earn around $300 each day.

There are several pro affiliate marketers who now earn more than three grand each day. But for that, you need to learn the inside tricks of this trade.

If you are serious about making money in this field, you can join this fantastic affiliate marketing course by Michelle. One of the best things about this course is that you can learn it at your own pace.


3. Artificial Intelligence

From self-driving cars to the moon landing, companies are using AI or artificial intelligence to recreate the backbone of their technology.

AI engineers develop unique programs and teach machines to learn new things.

Besides, devices can also communicate and make decisions through this unique approach. And scientists are working all over the world to develop breakthrough AI technologies.

AI engineers need many other skills besides programming. And to become a good AI developer, you need to have knowledge about data management, statistics, probability, logic, and reasoning.

There is a vast vacant market that you can dominate through high-income skills. And it is now also possible to make more than $10k per month from the artificial intelligence field.


4. Blockchain Developer

Blockchain is the new kid on the block in the finance market. And since the rise of Bitcoin, the blockchain industry has been rapidly increasing. It is now considered among the high-income skills to learn in 2023.

This technology actually revolves around securing the transaction and communication between sequences of blocks. And from there, the name of this technology is derived.

This new technology instantly removes the authority of any third party like a bank or a finance institute. And with that, it makes the money transaction industry completely free from any monitoring.

Needless to say, cryptocurrency is the future in the technological world, and you can make more than $15k per month just by working as a blockchain developer.


5. Software Development

Although you need a software engineering background, this is one of the highest-paying skills to master in 2023.

Software developers not only have coding skills but also have the ability to analyze, test, and install software and related products.

They are also responsible for designing and developing customized software for companies to cater to their individual needs.

With the proper skills and experience, it is possible to earn around $10k per month as a software developer. However, you do need to stand apart from the crowd.

Most tech giants only hire software developers who have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. Besides, you also need to have updated knowledge about programming languages.


6. Mobile App Development

Smartphones have now become an integral part of our daily life.

From communicating with friends to maintaining our financial accounts, we do it mostly on our phones. And in that, apps let us do a variety of jobs.

The mobile app market has been rapidly growing since the innovation of Android and iOS. And many companies are now working in this field to ensure an unmatched experience for their users.

It is easier to learn than software development, as you can find thousands of DIY videos online. However, you need to have strong knowledge of coding and designing if you want to take it as a full-time profession.

It is possible to earn around $12k per month as an app developer. Besides, you can also start working as a freelancer in this field.

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7. UX Designing

UX designers are the people responsible for assuring the excellent and seamless user experience of web-based products. They mainly work to develop the perfect user experience and debug websites, apps, and software.

And while doing that, they not only achieve the optimum user experience but also eliminate the technical glitches and security loopholes.

Besides computer knowledge and programming skills, UX designers must have analytical and troubleshooting skills. Besides, they also need to be good at market research and consumer psychology.

An entry-level UX designer can earn around $6k per month, while advanced designers can fetch up to $10k per month. However, the monthly salary depends not just on skills but also on previous experiences.


8. Cloud Computing

It involves creating and maintaining remote servers. Days are gone when we used to operate on physical servers. Now, it is time for remote servers through cloud computing.

In the last decade, this sector has witnessed unprecedented growth. And according to recent estimates, it will accelerate even faster in the next decade. It is almost a $240-million industry as of 2023.

First, you need to learn programming and coding skills. And secondly, you need to learn data security, advanced networking, and server management.

Many pro cloud computing engineers have now also started learning AI to integrate innovative technologies into computing. And if you have the right set of skills, you can easily earn around $20k per month while working for the tech giants.


9. Video Production

According to recent estimates, people are twelve times more likely to watch a video rather than read a blog on the same topic. And that is why YouTube garnered massive success throughout the world.

You can easily make money by learning the high-income skills related to video production. Besides, you can also take it a step further and start working as a video marketer.

To do any video production-related work, you need some hardware like a computer with a good graphics card, camera, and other necessary filming equipment.

And you need to have software skills too. You can learn video editing skills from learning platforms like Udemy or Coursera. And if you take it as a full-time job, you can earn around $10k per month.


10. Audio Production

Like video production, the audio production industry is also growing rapidly. More and more talented professionals are now coming to this field to learn high-income skills.

Audio production mainly involves recording audio or music and then correctly doing the post-production works.

From fine-tuning the audio to sound mixing, audio production engineers are capable of doing several things.

You can learn the basics of audio production on various study platforms. Besides, you can also find tutorial videos on YouTube.

You can then learn the advanced skills by the trial and error method while practicing with live audio inputs. As a newbie in this industry, you can expect to earn around $7k to $10k per month.


11. Digital Marketing

Most of the companies that are looking for growth now invest in digital marketing.

As more and more people are now using smartphones and computers, even for their entertainment, companies are now also investing more in digital media.

From Facebook to Instagram, companies all over the world are now using all the possible social media channels to boost their overall growth.

You need a variety of skills to become a successful digital marketer. First, you need to have knowledge of social media marketing skills.

And secondly, you should also have the ability to analyze both customers and the product. It is not very difficult to earn around $8 per month if you take this as a full-time profession.


12. Analytical Reasoning

If you have a rational mind with excellent analytical skills, you should learn high-income skills related to analytical reasoning.

The experts in this industry mainly search for patterns and themes in a set of data to create a decision-making model, which is also rational.

Companies now hire these experts to boost the development of their data-driven products.

You need to have analytical and troubleshooting skills to prosper in this industry. Besides, you should also learn a few other skills like programming, data analysis, and customization.

Experts in this industry are now also learning advanced skills like machine learning and artificial intelligence to become future-ready. And if you correctly learn the craft, you can easily make a six-figure income each month.


13. High Ticket Sales

Salesmanship is one of the highest-earning professions in the whole world. And if you talk about the top layer of that profession, it is the high ticket sales. However, you need several skills to become a great salesman.

Besides the business model and the product itself, you should also have the ability to understand the demand of the consumers.

Moreover, you also need to adopt a customer-centric approach. People dealing with high tickets actually work to sell highly valued products.

It can be anything from a car to an exclusive membership; a high-valued product can earn you a massive amount of money as your sales commission.

Several people in the industry are currently making up to $50k per sales cycle.


14. Investing

Warren Buffett once said, “The most important quality for an investor is temperament, not intellect.”

And who are we to neglect what one of the richest men on the planet said?

So, you may have already understood that investment needs a nerve of steel and quick decision-making power rather than technical knowledge.

However, you should have a sound understanding of the technical aspect if you want to invest in stocks.

Investing in companies, assets, or even businesses needs you to have the proper knowledge of that particular business model.

And if you are into stock trading, you should also have a proper understanding of the consumer market. It is one of the high-income skills that every investor needs to master, but very few people can do it.

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15. Public Speaking

A small and thin guy like Adolf Hitler shook the whole world in the last century. But do you know how he did it? It is all due to his absolutely fascinating speaking skills.

He was maybe the cruelest guy humankind has ever witnessed, but he was a great orator. Yes, that is the power of public speaking. But this profession needs you to have a real talent that you can sharpen through practice.

The sky is the limit for the earning potential of an excellent public speaker. There are even speakers who charge millions for a tour.

But you do need to have the sorcery in your area of expertise to let everyone listen to you with absolute awe.



Learning always pays off in the long term. So, you need to learn new skills until perfection and then start using them to earn money.

Besides, you also need to love the high-income skills that you are aiming for. Without genuine compassion for your work, it is highly unlikely to get a real taste of success.


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