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25 Highest-Paying Plasma Donation Centers Near Me

Do you know that plasma donation is a $25-billion industry? Yes, with the rapid advancement of medical science, the plasma industry is also likely to touch a new horizon.

And, there are now several highest-paying plasma donation centers available throughout the world where you can donate your plasma and make good money.

While many patients need plasma as a one-time therapy, many patients need it at frequent intervals. So, you can support them by donating the precious liquid of your blood each month.

However, it is challenging to find plasma donation center contacts that also pay well. So, we have personally tried hundreds of options to select the best one for you.

But before that, let’s clear your fundamental doubts about donating plasma first!


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What Is Plasma?

Before you continue your quest to find high-paying plasma donation centers, you do need to know what plasma actually is!

It is the main content of your blood that occupies 55% in volume. Plasma is a semi-transparent bright-yellow liquid that is loaded with enzymes.

If you can extract red and white blood cells from the blood, the liquid that remains is actually plasma.

This liquid mainly works as a medium for transferring nutrients, enzymes, proteins, and hormones to different parts of your body and organs.

Plasma also collects waste materials from your healthy cells and sends that to the filtering organs. This liquid also plays a vital role in the circulatory system as they transfer nutrients and blood cells.


Basic Requirements for Donating Plasma

If you want to make money without having a job, donating plasma to your nearby centers can be the ideal option.

However, I got to know that there are specific requirements that you need to follow when I searched for plasma donation centers near me.

Both the FDA and AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) restrict plasma donation up to 2 times a week. Besides, you can’t donate plasma in less than a two-day gap.

However, the other requirements are as follows.


General Requirements

  • You need to be from the age bracket of 18 years to 69 years. However, several countries now also accept donors for more than 16 years.
  • You should have at least 110 lbs. bodyweight to become an eligible donor.
  • Proof of residency is needed for donating plasma in any country.
  • As proof of identity, you need to have a government ID or a state-authorized certificate.
  • You may also need to submit a photocopy of your social security card to get additional benefits.


Medical Requirements

  • You should not have any sexually transmitted diseases, STIs, or HIV.
  • All the donors having Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Chagas’ disease, babesiosis, and hepatitis are ineligible.
  • You shouldn’t donate plasma if you are into blood thinning and blood clotting medication.
  • Plasma donation is not possible if you take isotretinoin or etretinate.
  • You are not eligible to donate plasma if you recently visited a malaria-risk country.
  • You shouldn’t donate plasma if you have donated whole blood in the last eight weeks or just RBC during the previous 16 weeks.
  • Plasma donation is not possible if you have had body modifications (including tattoo, piercing, or skin procedures) within the last 12 months.

Although these are general requirements that everyone needs to follow, you should directly communicate with your preferred donation center to know about the specific requirements.


Documents To Bring In Plasma Donation Center

When I first searched for the plasma donation centers near me that pay, I was completely unaware that I needed to bring documents to become eligible as a donor.

You should carry the below-mentioned documents with you while visiting the plasma donation center.

  • You need to bring any proof of identity issued by the national or state government, including a passport, driving license, military ID, veteran certificate, or any state-issued ID.
  • College ID cards are necessary for students. Besides, you may also need to submit a copy of your utility bill (that displays your address) not more than two months old.
  • You may need to submit a photo ID attested by the government officials or a W-2 Form.
  • You should submit your social security number if you are a permanent citizen of the USA.
  • If you are not from the USA, you need to carry your valid visa, border crossing card, BBC card, or B1 or B2 visa documents.


What Is Donated Plasma Used For?

Before I visited the highest paying plasma donation centers in my area, I didn’t have any idea about the actual reason to donate plasma.

But I gradually realized that it is the only element of the human blood that can’t be created artificially.

And some of the essential uses of plasma are as follows.

  • Critical Illness: If a patient is drug-resistant or not responding to medications, doctors often prescribe plasma therapy.
  • Vaccine Creation: Healthy plasmas are absolutely necessary for the research and development of new vaccines.
  • Plasma Alteration: This is especially needed for people having blood cancer or other complex hematological issues.

Besides, there are many other usages of plasma in modern medical advancements. This bright-yellow liquid is also necessary for many scientific researchers.


Highest-Paying Plasma Donation Centers

If you want to know the best ways to earn money fast and easily, you definitely need to consider donating plasma.

There are several high-paying plasma donation centers available worldwide that assure more than $50/plasma donation on average.

So, here are the most legit options!


1. BioLife Plasma Services

The brainchild of the iconic biotechnology firm, Takeda, BioLife Plasma Services is undoubtedly one of the best plasma donation centers in the USA.

However, they also recently started operating in Austria. And now, this company is working hard to get cures for all life-threatening diseases.

For the first time you register with this company and donate your plasma, you’ll earn around $20.

And for the subsequent visits, you’ll earn about $30 to $50/plasma donation on average. And they provide a preloaded debit card with your earned amount.

It takes just half an hour to complete the whole plasma donation procedure. And you can easily find your nearest center by visiting their website.


2. Grifols

If you talk about the high-paying plasma donation centers, you definitely talk about Grifols.

It is probably the only company that uses plasma primarily for the research of new medicines. And for that, they only use the plasma from the repeat donors.

So, you need to give plasma at least two times to make it worthwhile to research and develop new medicines.

And for that complete donation process, you can make around $200/month on average.

Right now, it has several plasma collection centers throughout the United States. And, you can seamlessly book your appointment from their web portal itself.


3. BPL Plasma

Without any doubt, BPL Plasma is one of the most reputed plasma donation centers in the UK and the USA.

A subsidiary of the BioProducts Laboratories, this company works towards making an ecosystem of donating and using human plasma.

From Arizona to Texas, this company has numerous collection centers spread across the nation.

And for donating your valuable plasma, you can earn up to $300/month. Moreover, it has a legit referral program where you can earn even while your friends donate plasma.

This company also arranges a monthly lucky draw for the plasma donors. If you hit the jackpot, you can bag an additional $200.


4. B Positive Plasma

If you are located in Maryland or New Jersey in the United States, B Positive Plasma is undoubtedly the best option to try.

Although it has a payout range of $30 to $40 on average, it offers a unique “5×50” plan for first-time plasma donors.

By opting for this unique plan, you are guaranteed to receive $50 for each of your first five plasma donations to this company.

Besides, this company also has a great referral program in which you can bag $20 each time your friends donate plasma.

Several donators confirmed making more than $500 per month with this company. This earning can further increase if you can influence your friends and family to donate plasma.


5. Interstate Blood Bank

As the name itself suggests, Interstate Blood Bank is primarily a blood collection center.

However, it has also recently established itself as one of the highest-paying plasma donation centers in the whole United States.

You are guaranteed to earn at least $50/donation for the first five plasma donations to this company. And after that, you are eligible to earn around $25 to $35/donation on average.

A reporter on Reddit also suggested that this company provides a $10 additional bonus from the fifth visit onwards.

And cumulatively, you can comfortably make around $360/month on average just by donating plasma.


6. New York Blood Center

Nothing can be more legit than New York Blood Center if you live in the metropolis.

This company has been in operation for the past fifty years. And right now, it has more than 20 collection centers all over New York.

Right now, they are following a strict procedure in each of their donation drives.

If you want to donate your plasma, you need to come to the center while properly wearing masks to cover your mouth and nose.

It takes time to enroll yourself for an automated plasma or red cell donation on this company.

For first-time donors, it is better to register for the whole blood donation to have a seamless blood donation experience.


7. Biotest Plasma Center

If you are looking for the highest-paying plasma donation centers in the USA, Biotest Plasma Center is surely one of the best options to hop for.

Right now, it has its centers in several states, including Florida, Iowa, Ohio, South Carolina, Nebraska, and a lot more.

As the company claims, it has more than 26 plasma collection centers spreading across 11 different states in the USA. And, it is very much possible to make around $400/month on average.

Right now, this company pays around $30 to $50/plasma donation on average.

However, it has a referral program where you can earn an additional bonus each time you influence any of your friends or family members to donate plasma.


8. ADMA Biocenter

As you might already know, ADMA Biocenter is one of the best plasma donation centers in South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia.

However, they recently inaugurated new collection centers in Knoxville, Maryville, Creek, and Kennesaw as well.

You need to be located within 50 miles radius from their centers to become eligible.

Right now, they guarantee a minimum payout of $70/plasma donation for the first five visits.

So, you can bag $350 in just five weeks. And each donation drive takes just thirty minutes or less.

This company currently has an exciting referral program where you can earn $50/referral every time any of your friends and relative donate plasma.


9. CSL Plasma Inc.

Without any doubt, CSL Plasma Inc. is one of the best human plasma collection centers having a massive global presence.

It has a chain of modern hospitals and collection centers throughout the United States. It is not very difficult to make more than $400/month on average just by donating plasma.

However, this company does not offer real cash but iGive points instead. For each of your donations, you’ll get a specific number of iGive points on your account.

You can definitely redeem those points for real cash rewards. However, you can also use these points for various retail outlets and online purchases.


10. Immunotek

If you are looking for the highest-paying plasma donation centers near you, you should try this fantastic company called Immunotek.

It has more than 30 collection centers in the United States alone. Right now, you can expect around $30 to $50/plasma donation on average, depending on a couple of factors.

Besides, this company also has a unique referral program where you can bag an additional $20/referral.

You first need to enroll yourself to become eligible for a plasma donation.

However, your final evaluation will be done once you visit the center in person, as they will check various factors to calculate the effectiveness of your plasma.


11. Kedplasma

This USA-based company called Kedplasma mainly works on saving the lives of babies.

And now, they have a specific plasma collection program called Anti D. This company also organizes several donation drives for the negative blood groups.

Right now, this company has more than 18 collection centers in the United States.

And they also have a plan for a rapid expansion in the next couple of years to collect more amount of plasma for good causes.

Every time you donate plasma to this company, you’ll receive a preloaded Wirecard prepaid card. And several of its donors reported earning more than $400/month on average.


12. Hemarus Plasma

Based in Florida, Hemarus Plasma has three state-of-the-art collection centers in the USA.

And in recent years, it has emerged as one of the highest-paying plasma donation centers in the whole nation.

For each of your plasma donations, you can make around $50 on average. However, this company also offers several bonuses.

You’ll also get an additional $5 cash reward when you donate your plasma for the first time.

Besides, you’ll get additional rewards if you are a veteran, military personnel, or a student. Several users also reported earning more than $800/month just by donating plasma to this company.


13. Octapharma Plasma

If you are from the United States, Octapharma Plasma is undoubtedly one of the highest-paying plasma donation centers you can find in the country.

It now has a chain of collection centers throughout the nation to offer a seamless and fast plasma collection.

This company has a unique program in which you are guaranteed to get a $50/plasma donation for the first five visits.

So, you can bag $250 in no time. This company also encourages people to donate plasma each week.

And if you become a frequent donor, they will also give you an additional $75 bonus as a loyalty reward.


14. Blood and Plasma Research Inc.

Based in Beaumont, Texas, this unique company called Blood and Plasma Research Inc. mainly works for research on critical illness.

Besides, it has a great network of collection centers throughout the USA for a seamless plasma collection program.

Right now, this company is working on testing new vaccines and developing new hematology procedures.

This company assures around $35/plasma donation on average. However, they do offer additional benefits for frequent and first-time donors.

You need to book your appointment through the web portal of this company before you actually show up to donate your plasma.


15. Biological Specialty Company

Based in the USA, Biological Specialty Company or BSC now has more than six modern collection centers in California, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

However, they are now also planning for an expansion for better and broader coverage. You can get around $50/plasma donation on average.

However, this company also has a unique referral program where you can bag an additional $25/referral each time they donate their plasma.

This company does have a strict pre-screening procedure that you need to go through to become eligible for a plasma donation.

Several of its donors reported earning more than $500/month this year.


16. GCAM Plasma

Although GCAM Plasma is mainly based in the USA, this company is widely counted among the highest paying plasma donation centers worldwide.

Right now, it has massive coverage in five states, including Texas, California, and Arizona.

This company currently offers around $30 to $35/plasma donation on average.

However, they do have a special loyalty program for returnee donors. And each of their plasma collection takes around 90 minutes on average.

You first need to enroll yourself through its web portal.

Once you fix your appointment, you are ready to go for the screening procedure before you can actually donate your plasma for noble causes.


17. Scantibodies

Based in California, Scantibodies has a very active presence in the social media space, especially on Facebook.

They have a dedicated FB page where they announce their upcoming plasma donation drives. Besides, they also keep everyone posted through their dedicated web portal.

You can comfortably make around $30 to $50/plasma donation on average.

Besides, you can also take part in their unique referral program, where you can get an additional $10 to $80/referral.

However, they have temporarily suspended their plasma collection operation since the wake of the pandemic.

But yes, they are now planning to reopen their collection drives after the global vaccination drive gets over.


18. TrueHealth Plasma

Needless to say, TrueHealth Plasma is not just one of the most trusted but is also one of the highest-paying plasma donation centers.

This New Jersey-based company currently has two modern collection centers; one in St. Elizabeth and another one in Fair Lawn.

You can expect around $30/plasma donation on average. However, you are guaranteed to receive a $50/plasma donation for the first five of your plasma donations.

Besides, it also has a lucrative referral program.

For each of your qualified plasma donations, you’ll receive a preloaded Visa prepaid card. You can also check your earnings for plasma donations through the PaySign app.


19. Nuvance Health

Previously known as Western Connecticut Health Network, Nuvance Health is actually a healthcare company that now works for the betterment of life and to create cutting-edge medical technologies to support the global medical crisis.

Right now, this company has collection centers in Western Connecticut and New York.

And you need to book your appointment through the Nuvance Health™ web portal to opt for the upcoming plasma donation drive.

Although they didn’t mention any payout on their portal, several donors reported making around $50/plasma donation on average.

However, you need to go through a strict pre-screening drive before you can actually donate your plasma.


20. Saturn Bio

If you are looking for a blood donation center that also pays equally well, Saturn Bio is undoubtedly one of the highest-paying plasma donation centers you could rely on.

It is also among the very few companies that pay up to $150/plasma donation.

The first time you donate your plasma through this company, you’ll bag $100. And for the second visit, you’ll get $150.

And for the fourth time onwards, you are eligible to make around $50/donation on average.

For donating plasma more than seven times in a calendar year, this company will also give you an additional $20 bonus.

However, their plasma donation drive is currently exclusively open in Indianapolis.


21. Prometic Plasma Resources

If you are looking for the highest-paying plasma donation centers in Canada, Prometic Plasma Resources is the one that you can trust completely.

Right now, it has its collection center in Winnipeg. And in the United States, it has its center in New York.

The collection procedure is pretty straightforward. You first need to visit the web portal to know about the requirements.

If you can fulfill all the requirements they have mentioned, you can book an appointment. It takes around an hour to donate plasma through this company.

And for each donation, you can expect to make around $40 on average. However, they also offer a $25 bonus for first-time donors.


22. Vitalant Blood Donations

Believe it or not, Vitalant now has more than 900 state-of-the-art hospitals and medical facilities in 28 different states in the USA.

And now, they have launched an entire segment called Vitalant Blood Donations to collect life-saving plasma.

Although they prefer pre-registered donors for a seamless blood donation experience, this company also welcomes walk-in donors.

But it is better to book your appointment through its web portal. Right now, this company doesn’t offer direct cash rewards.

Instead, they provide a specific number of points for each of your qualified plasma donations. You can use those points for online purchases or cash withdrawals.


23. Southern Blood Services

This unique company called Southern Blood Services mainly looks for high-quality antibody-enriched plasma to work on their cutting-edge plasma-based medical therapy.

They also work pretty hard amid the global pandemic crisis to develop newer medical technologies.

This research-based company mainly looks for Rho(D) Immune Globulin, so the pre-screening is extremely strict.

You should have a healthy hematological profile to become eligible for its plasma donation drive.

Right now, it has collection centers in Nashville, Birmingham, and Tuscaloosa.

Established in 1999, this company doesn’t offer any cash rewards for giving plasma. Instead, they offer loyalty points and cool merchandise.


24. Carter BloodCare

Established more than 70 years ago, Carter BloodCare is surely one of the highest-paying plasma donation centers in the USA.

It is also one of the largest blood and plasma collection companies in Texas, USA.

Right now, it has a yearly capacity of 440k units of life-saving blood and plasma collection that they distribute to critically ill patients.

And for that, they collect plasma and blood with a healthy hematological profile.

You can directly enroll yourself for the upcoming plasma collection camp by visiting their web portal.

Besides, you can also book your appointment by dialing 817-412-5603 or 1-888-480-8200. You can also drop them an email at [email protected].


25. American Red Cross

Who doesn’t know about Red Cross? They are carrying out enormous work in war-torn and destabilized countries.

But, do you know that the American Red Cross also has a dedicated plasma collection unit operating throughout the USA?

Yes, you can directly become a volunteer and donate your valuable plasma to save critical lives. However, this company is entirely non-profit and doesn’t offer any financial benefits.

Instead, they offer merchandise! Besides donating plasma yourself, you can also arrange your own plasma collection drive in association with this organization.

You need to download and open an account on RapidPass® on your smartphone to keep track of your plasma.


Benefits Of Donating Plasma

Whenever you visit the highest paying plasma donation centers near you and donate your plasma, you actually step forward to save a life.

Plasma therapy has now become an integral part of modern critical care support. However, there are some specific benefits of donating plasma.

  • Plasma is a concoction of essential proteins that is crucial for people with an unbalanced hematological profile.
  • This yellow liquid is necessary if any patient’s body is unable to produce essential enzymes.
  • If the medication response is weak or the patient is entirely drug-resistant, plasma therapy is among the only few options left.
  • By donating plasma, you can become a part of the scientific research ecosystem where medical scientists need healthy plasma to develop and test new vaccines and medicines.
  • Regular plasma transplant is an absolute must for patients having hemophilia.

Remember, your plasma will regenerate after you donate it, as there is no risk involved at all. So, step up and donate your blood and plasma for the noble cause.


Is Donating Plasma Bad For You?

Both AABB and the FDA approve plasma donation twice per week if you donate within the permissible limit.

However, most doctors and medical practitioners suggest giving plasma once a month to ensure high-quality plasma without taking a toll on your own body.

And if you donate plasma at this permissible frequency, it is absolutely safe. Always remember that a healthy body can regenerate plasma in no time.

But for people with critical illness, giving plasma from external sources is the only option to maintain the right hematological profile.

So, donating plasma is not at all bad. Instead, it is a noble work that you should also do to make your effort in the noble cause of saving lives.


How Often Can You Donate Plasma?

As we have already mentioned, both AABB and the Food and Drug Administration of the USA (FDA) allow people to donate plasma up to two times each week.

However, you should have at least a two-day (48 hours) gap between your plasma donations.

According to most doctors and medical practitioners, it is best to donate plasma once a month for optimum results.

If you donate it every month, it won’t have a toll on your body. And on the other way, it can boost your monthly income if you donate your plasma at frequent intervals.


How Much Can You Earn By Donating Plasma?

There are numerous highest-paying plasma donation centers you can find in your own state that claim to help you earn even a grand each month. But the reality is a bit different in most cases!

If you don’t know how to make $500 fast, donating plasma can definitely be the option if you have a healthy body weight and an excellent hematological profile.

But remember, most companies will pay you around $50 to $70/plasma donation on average.

So, if you donate plasma for a limited quantity each week, you can bag around $200 to $300/month.

However, most doctors recommend donating plasma just once each month.

And if you follow that frequency, you can easily bag around $50/month just by working for a noble cause like donating live-giving plasma.



How Much Do Plasma Donation Centers Pay?

Several players in this $25-billion industry claim to pay hundreds of bucks for donating plasma.

But, on average, most plasma donation centers pay in the range of $30 to $75/donation. And the median average lies around $50/donation in the United States.

However, several donation centers do offer specific bonuses for first-time and repeat donors.


How Do Blood Plasma Donation Centers Know If You’ve Had Any Diseases?

Most of the plasma donation centers need you to go through a pre-screening while you book your appointment.

In that pre-screening, you need to declare if you have diseases or not, have done body modifications, or have any STDs or STIs.

After that, most centers will perform a quick blood test on the day you actually donate your plasma.

And even after you donate your plasma, that goes through another round of tests to finally become eligible for life-saving treatment.


Can I Switch Plasma Donation Centers?

No, you can’t switch plasma donation centers. To protect donors’ privacy and physical wellbeing, donating plasma to several centers at the same time is not at all permitted by law.

It is to minimize the risk of donating too frequently, which can take a toll on your own body.

Every time you donate your plasma, the record gets uploaded to the centralized medical record system.

Besides, most plasma donation centers communicate with each other to filter out repeat donors.


How Long Do I Have To Wait Before I Can Switch Plasma Donation Centers?

You can’t switch plasma donation centers once you register yourself with it.

But yes, you can only switch it if that particular center closes its operation in your locality.

And if you are relocating from your place, you can find the nearest collection center of that same company in your next location.



Before you start donating your plasma to any of the highest-paying plasma donation centers we have mentioned above, you need to understand that you need to donate it for the noble cause of saving lives rather than just for making money.

There are several legit passive income ideas that you can try if you are looking for a way to make just money.

Because, in most cases, you’ll hardly make more than $100 to $200/month just by donating plasma.

So, that’s all for today, folks! Feel free to drop your suggestions and feedback in the comment box below!


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Tracy Light

Saturday 1st of January 2022

Although you say that there are centers in the UK, when doing a search, only centers in the USA are shown.

Siva Mahesh

Sunday 9th of January 2022

Hello Tracy. Try 'plasma donation centers near me' keyword in your google search. It will show nearby centers. Thanks for your time.