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5 Legit Home Assembly Jobs & Alternatives [$30/Hour]

Have you ever come across home assembly jobs online? Isn’t it too good to be true?

Yes, many companies will just tell you that you need to assemble small things like jewelry items or decorative crafts to earn money.

It may not seem legit as full-time work, but the earning part will surely catch your eye. It is an excellent option for creative people who also have a fondness for art and crafts.

But the biggest setback is that most cases have turned out to be scams. You can find thousands of negative reviews regarding these kinds of jobs.

And now, we had our in-depth research to learn about the real inside story of this niche.


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Are Assembly Jobs Legit?

From jewelry items to bookmarks, from paper wrappings to hair accessories, from furniture to circuit boards – almost all aspects get covered by home assembly jobs.

However, a significant chunk of these jobs is simply fake. It is a way to earn money for fraud companies.

Firstly, you need to pay up to $100 per starter kit to get into this job. And this in itself is a major sign of a possible fraud scheme.

And secondly, it can take way longer than you are told to. Some jewelry assembly jobs at home, which are supposed to take 5 minutes, may take up to an hour to complete in an actual scenario.


Craft Assembly Jobs

Most companies that now offer home assembly jobs mainly deal with crafts. First, you need to buy a starter pack that comes with DIY kits and an instruction manual.

Secondly, you need to assemble the item following the instructions and then send it to the company. And lastly, the company will accept or deny the product after its inspection.

Now the main catch is that the company will never pass your product through its inspection in most cases. However, not all companies are the same.

But to be extra cautious, you need to check the ratings and reviews of the companies on websites like Better Business Bureau. You should also check for user reviews on websites and social media platforms.

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Legit Work From Home Assembly Jobs

Even if you find any legit company that provides actual home assembly jobs, you can hardly earn more than $4 an hour.

It seems extremely low for today’s scenario, isn’t it? But there are ways to boost your income if you start working on the right track. And here are the three best ways to do it right.


1. Start Your Own Craft Business

It is always better to work independently than to work for other companies. And if you have the right skills, you can surely shine by starting your own art and craft business.

But first, you need to choose the niche you are comfortable with to kickstart your journey.

You can make jewelry items with the materials you prefer, like stones and metals. You can also knit or stitch clothes and blankets if you have knitting skills.

Besides, you can start your own business if you know how to revamp a shoe or even a surfboard.

You should choose the items to design and make that give you joy. Otherwise, the work will feel a little monotonous for you.

You will also get an extra boost if you do what you actually like to do. So, you can make a few items as a trial run to know if you are really getting joy and artistic satisfaction.

There are several companies, like Etsy and Artfire, where you can easily sell your craft and assemble items.

There are many opportunities where you can start your own online shop and market it through social media handles.

Also, join Facebook groups and subreddits of your genre and sell your products through those channels.


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2. Check Job/Career Websites In Your Area

It is always better to look for local businesses to tie up with. This will not only give you a better chance to communicate but also gives you a way to connect with like-minded people from your own locality.

So, it is better to search for job platforms and career opportunities in your own area to get home assembly jobs.

You should start searching for these opportunities from the manufacturing units of your locality. They often look for people to do assembling jobs before they are ready with the final product.

If you are located near the silicone valleys, you can look for electronic companies. These companies often offer work-from-home electronic assembly jobs.

If you don’t get many opportunities in your own locality, look for your bigger metropolitan area. And in that way, you will surely get the right kind of assembly job you are actually looking for.

You can use the Facebook marketplace to explore nearby opportunities. There are websites like Glassdoor and Indeed that are loaded with these types of jobs.

The best part is that you can filter open positions according to your locality or area preference. You can also contact your community centers to get possible leads in nearby locations.


3. Work For Companies That Hire Home Assemblers

Many people look for assembly contract work from home opportunities. But in most cases, they encounter fraud. Even if you find any legitimate companies, the payment may be extremely irregular.

In addition, many users reported that their work never even passed through the final inspections.

So, you should not look for the assembling companies that only provide this opportunity. Instead, you should look for other companies that also offer these assembling opportunities.

You can find many companies and manufacturing units online that look for hard-working people for their assembling work.

Suppose you opt for a company that only specializes in-home assembly jobs; the chance of you encountering fraud will be the highest.

But suppose you find a company with its own manufacturing or selling segment besides the regular assembly; you can trust them for these home assembly jobs.

Always remember that the best option is to trust Amazon work-from-home assembly jobs rather than working for some unknown companies.

These giant corporate and eCommerce platforms offer not only timely payments but also an almost endless supply of jobs.

But yes, you should have a clear idea of what you need to do and the financial aspect of that before starting any job with any company.

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Home Assembly Jobs Scams

As we have already stated, the chance of encountering frauds and scams is the highest in-home assembly jobs. It is tough to find a legit website in this particular genre.

But three main things can instantly hoist a red flag for possible scams of a possibly fraudulent company. And the most vital signs are as follows.


1. No Contact or Location Information

It is the biggest and the brightest sign of fraud. Always look for the contact address and location details of the company’s physical identity before you actually start your application process.

Most of the companies have their own dedicated “contact us” section displaying their addresses. If you don’t find any, just move on.

Even if you find an address of a specific website that provides home assembly jobs, search for the address and location manually.

You can use Google maps to trace that location and see if it actually exists. Most of the fraud companies will just give an imaginary address of their offices.


2. Asking For Money

Beware! A company that asks for money in the first place is fraudulent in all probability. But the line is extremely thin in this genre as even the legit companies will ask for money for the starter kit.

So, you need to judge the company according to the money it demands and the way it demands. If it is too good to be true, just ignore the company.

You should also look for the security or SSL certificate of the company website before you make any online transaction. And most importantly, always look for reviews of the actual people who previously worked with that particular company.


3. Asking For Personal Information

Most legit companies will ask you for your name, contact info, and PayPal address to initiate your application process.

If it asks for sensitive data like your citizenship card number or credit card information, just close the website and simply move on. It is a clear sign of a fraudulent company.

You should again look for customer reviews and website security before providing your sensitive data.

Besides, restrain yourself from any online monetary transaction if you are in doubt about a particular company. You should only provide your private information like your banking details and address if it is a reputed company.


Home Assembly Jobs Alternatives

There are several legit options to try if you are not at all comfortable with the companies that offer home assembly jobs.

From your own business to a career in a different field, the options are many. Some of the best things to try as an alternative are as follows.


1. Virtual Assistant

Pay Range: $10-$60 per hour.

Virtual assistance is a booming market, as more and more companies are now looking for freelance assistants to do short-term jobs.

It is also an excellent opportunity for freelancers, as you can do it at a convenient time. All you need is high-speed internet connectivity and an updated computer to start working as a VA.

One of the most trusted VA companies, Time Etc, can be your ideal destination as it offers a base rate of $11 per hour.

However, depending on your experience, it can go up to $16 per hour. Besides, you can also try other companies like Belay, Prialto, and WoodBows for legit opportunities.

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2. Short Tasks

Pay Range: $1-$100 per task.

There are several short tasks that you can try your hands on as alternatives to home assembly jobs. However, taking part in online surveys can be your best bet.

You will have complete freedom to choose your work hours and minimal effort to do these projects. Besides, most companies also offer reasonable payments for these surveys.

You can try several high-paying websites like:

  1. Inbox Dollars ($5 Joining Bonus) Get paid to watch videos, play games, take surveys, shopping online.
  2. Opinion Outpost Earn up to $50 per survey, High acceptance rate. Join now.
  3. Branded Surveys (100 Points Bonus) Earn up to $20 per survey. Rated 4.2/5 (70k reviews)
  4. Survey Junkie (No Joining Bonus) One of the highest-paying survey-filling websites with a trust pilot rating of 4.5/5.
  5. Toluna Influencers (No Joining Bonus) Earn up to $250 per month in extra income. Earn direct cash.
  6. Panda Research ($3 signup bonus) Get paid $3 – $50 per survey. Withdraw your earning via PayPal.

These companies pay up to $50 per survey, which takes just around 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Besides you can also withdraw your earnings through your linked PayPal account.

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3. Transcription

Pay Range: $0.6-$3 per audio minute.

All you need is a computer with a high-speed internet connection and also a noise-canceling headset with a foot pedal to do transcription work.

You also need to have excellent coordination between your ear and hand as you need to type while listening to audio files. Most companies also prefer people with blazing-fast typing speed for this job.

GoTranscript is one of the most popular transcription platforms that now offer around $0.6 per audio minute.

You can also try websites like REV and TranscribeMe that pay up to $20 per hour to talented transcribers. Besides, Scribie is also a great option as it pays around $1 per 6-minute audio file.

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4. Write Articles

Pay Range: $0.05-$2.25 per word.

If you have a flair for writing, you should write articles for various websites and publishing houses to earn money. You can also start your own blog and write about the topics of your choice.

However, you need to have the marketing and SEO skills to rank those articles in Google search results to get traffic.

You can also try websites like TextBroker, which will pay you per word according to your writing standard.

You can also join WritersDomain, which pays up to $0.05 per word if you are exceptionally talented. HireWriters is also a great platform that offers around $2.25 per word for articles on various niches.

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5. Customer Support Jobs

Pay Range: $10-$30 per hour.

You need your personal computer, reliable internet connection, and a headset to start working as a customer care agent without leaving the comfort of your home.

However, you need to have excellent communication skills with top-level English proficiency to shine in this sector.

Concentrix is one such company that now offers customer care projects where you can earn up to $12+ per hour.

And if you have a little understanding of vehicles, you can try U-Haul, which offers around $9 per hour. You can try Conduent, which is currently offering up to $13 per hour.

And the best part, you can also earn a lucrative incentive while working for this company.

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6. Product Testing Jobs

Pay Range: $15-$30 per hour.

If you are good at home assembly jobs, product testing can be your best alternative. And, there are now many companies available that want honest opinions about specific products.

In return, you can earn monetary compensation for your testing time and effort. Besides, you can keep that product in most cases.

Valued Opinions is one of the most trusted websites in this genre. And, you can join it easily if you are from the United States.

You can also try websites like Product Testing USA that offer instant cash rewards for testing. Besides, you can also subscribe to Just Answer to earn money just by answering questions about a particular product or service.

One can give it a try by also testing websites at reputed websites like Usertesting, where you can get paid up to $30+ per hour


7. Teach Online

Pay Range: $20-$50 per hour.

Teaching is a noble profession, indeed! But, it is not for everyone. But, if you have the right skill to teach and the correct educational qualification, it is the best option for you.

And now, there are several websites available that hire online teachers to teach students via their unique platforms.

VIPKid is one such website that now offers around $22 per hour to qualified English teachers. All you need is to teach English to children and adults alike.

You can also try websites like Brainfuse and Cambly to start your teaching journey. And on all these websites, you can select your preferred time slots.

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8. Sell Crafts

Pay Range: Varies with the crafts.

Etsy is the biggest platform to sell your own craft. It sold handmade items worth 3 billion to its 33 million users in 2017 alone. And this number is rapidly increasing day by day.

Besides, it takes just $0.2 on average to list an item on this website. So, you can start selling with very minimal investment.

There are other websites like ArtFire and Bonanza that also offer this opportunity. However, the rate of listing can vary depending on the type of item you want to sell.

You can also try Amazon Handmade to sell crafts. It takes 15% of the selling price of $1 as the referral charge, whichever is higher.



So, these are everything you should know before trying home assembly jobs. We are not saying that each and every company that is offering this job is fraudulent and illegal.

We are just saying that you need to be extra cautious to try your hands on any website of this genre. And if possible, you should try the alternatives for this job which we have mentioned above. Happy earning, folks!


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