10 best house sitting jobs for everyone

10 Trusted Ways to Get House Sitting Jobs (Now Hiring in 2020)

I have come across many people who are looking out for the best house sitting jobs that could be available near your surroundings.

The numbers over the last few years have given a remarkable rise in the graph of this side hustle. Interestingly the full-time workers are also easily handling this section as a side business. House sitting helps them in solving many of their bills.

Usually, house sitting jobs are easier for the people looking for a side income along with their regular earnings. One cannot literally rely on these jobs because the payment is variable depending on many factors.

Today we shall discuss every detail from its requirements to potential earnings of these house sitting jobs.

This section will also help many travelers to get accommodation in a most convenient manner. Considered as one of the best ways to you give your travel idea a smart gift in terms of accommodation.

Before we totally jump into the ultimate search for various sites, it is better we start from basics.  Let’s gradually dig into the scenario with the introduction part.


About House Sitting Jobs?

It is nothing but handling somebody else’s home when the owner is not available on the premises. The period of time could be limited from a week to a maximum of 6 months for one year.

House sitter has to take care of the general procedures like dusting, cleaning, gardening, and performing any other household chores. You could sometimes have to pet sit if there are any.

These tasks are similar that you perform at your own home, but here you get paid for. In countries like Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and many similar places this opportunity is blooming.

Before fixing on to a home for house sitting you can always check with the rules and regulations and the period of stay and can start on easily.


House Sitting Jobs Benefits and Hourly Pay:

Here comes the main part because ultimately we are doing that extra work to earn some extra income for ourselves.

Frankly, the pay scale of a home sitter or a house sitter depends on various things. And in some cases, you will not be earning real cash as a payout.

Whereas in a few other cases house sitting is done in exchange for food and rent expenses only. Factors like the location of the house, the duration of stay, the chores that have to be fulfilled are considered to fix a price for the task.


What Are The Requirements?

Frankly speaking, there are no specific requirements that are needed to apply as a house sitter. But for sure there are many panels who refuse large families to work as a house sitter.

Most homeowners prefer people who are single or a couple without kids to take care of their houses.

Also, people who priorly have pets are given special consideration when the homeowners have pets of their own to look after.


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Quick Tips To Follow As A House Sitter?

To start your journey as a house sitter there are a few tips to be mastered to gain your reputation. 

  1. Create a good resume and upload it in websites – Include your past job experiences in your portfolio.
  2. If you have no experience, try to serve your friends or relatives and include good pictures.
  3. Keep activating your subscription at different portals.
  4. Be friendly, flexible, and easy to handle.
  5. You should be a pet lover for sure, unless you may miss opportunities.
  6. Be prepared for interviews if any – and try to have a clean chit from the past job.


10 Legit Companies To Find House Sitting Jobs:

Having known about details related to this job, we shall proceed a step further. Its time to discuss various companies that are offering these positions.


1. Trusted House Sitters:

Trusted House Sitters is the one and only biggest website that is resourcing for house sitting jobs.

This website charges around $119 per year to provide premium services to its users. But it definitely worth investing to get quick and legit house sitting job opportunities.

At this point, this company is only open to the US, UK, all the European sectors, and Canada. It has 4.5/5 stars ratings on Sitejabber and excellent 5-star ratings on the Trustpilot websites.


2. House Carers:

House Careers is another popular place for genuine house sitting jobs but it promises rewards in terms of accommodation but not cash.

To get enrolled at House Carers, you must be willing to pay $50 upfront fee to become a verified sitter. By the time of writing this post, this company is only accepting people from the US and Australia.

A bonus tip of this is, any additional duties will be directly paid by the house owner to the sitter depending upon mutual communication.


3. Nomador:

Here is another one of the well-known websites under house sitting jobs, Nomador. This website provides free trial up to three applications (you can check with the reliability of clients as well).

Later registration amount of $89 is collected from the members. The openings are specifically designed for people of France and French-speaking cities.

This company also operates from Australia so even people from Australia can give it a try.


4. Mind My House:

Mind My House is one of the convenient places to start your career as a house sitter if you are a fresher. You need to pay just $20 per get a premium subscription for a whole year.

Mind My House was launched in New Zealand but promises to provide support around the globe in major cities.


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SurveyJunkie: Take short, easy, and selected surveys and get paid up to $3 – $75 per each survey. The only site has more than 4.5 stars rating on Trustpilot. Signup here.

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5. HouseSitMatch.com:

HouseSitMatch is well known for its services for pet sitting. Pet lovers can surely give it a try if you have basic experience. Even freshers are entertained but on limited pay.

Annual income charged for this is from $49 to $79 during registration.

This company throws promotions in various cities of Spain, Australia, the UK, and France. And this company hires people of that origin only.


6. LuxuryHouseSitting.com:

This website is one of the places to find some luxury income in terms of pet sitting and house sitting options.

The annual registration amount for a new user at LuxuryHouseSitting is $25. People from Australia, Africa, the US, and the UK can directly apply at this website to grab wonderful opportunities.

One best term with this website is that there is a 60-day money refund policy that you can avail of if you are unsatisfied with the company.


7. House Sitters America:

As the name suggests the company only hires the people from the US only. The basic registration fees at House Sitter America is around 30 dollars on an annual basis.

This website precisely helps you in dealing with house sitters or pet sitting jobs within the country.


8. House Sitters Canada:

The name itself implies that the oppositions are open for Canadians only. Earlier, this had a free registration for a couple of years but now they charge $59 per annum.

Though this website deals with both pet sitting and house sitting jobs, it has a lot of positive reviews from pet sitters.


9. Kiwi House Sitters:

KiwiHouseSitters is considered to provide the most trusted and reliable pet sitters and house sitters within New Zealand.

Registration fees at kiwi house sitters are 84 NZD. Just try if you find the clauses interesting at Kiwi House Sitters.


10. Aussie House Sitters:

This website is good at delivering trustworthy and reliable house sitters and pet sitters. With an annual charge of $84, you can get registered at Aussie House Sitters and earn accordingly.

The company is based in Australia and is open to Australian citizens only.


Pros And Cons of House Sitting Jobs:


  • Complimentary stays at various luxurious places.
  • Chance to fulfill your dreams – stay, earn, pursue passions.
  • Waive off maintenance charges and extra expenses.
  • Possibility of interaction with wonderful animals.
  • Introducing yourself to a new neighborhood each time. 
  • The probability to enhance your lifestyle to an upgraded one.


  • Shifting your stay more frequently.
  • Need to live a travelers life – mostly with creased clothes in a suitcase.
  • Appointments get abandoned at the last moment.
  • Homeowners may be rude sometime – they may be fussy to handle.
  • Misconducted pets most of the time.
  • Accommodation in the outskirts in most cases – isolated places.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What if I don’t like to work with dogs?

You can opt for other animals to spend your tie with. If you not comfortable with any animals or pets, you can precise your search and look of opportunities. The scope may be limited.

2. Why do house owners do not contact the Management?

Mostly, direct house sitters are a bit less valued in terms of economy. As people are looking for personal attachment, they don’t usually approach through management.

3. What do house owners expect from a house sitter?

Along with handling their home in a manner, some of them expect you to move a magic wand. Isn’t that funny? 

But frankly, you can do some tasks like gardening, lawn, and pool care, plumbing, and other basic.


Some Alternatives To House Sitting Jobs:

Of the above option, if you are not willing to spend your life in somebody else place, you can try a few others as well.

Baby Sitting:

There are many places, that will allow you to earn money by taking care of other babies. Many parents are in search of a trustworthy baby sitter to take care of their offspring.

You can apply at various websites listed here and drop your clear resume. This job will act as stress boosters and also a way to make money. 

Pet Training Jobs:

These people usually work full-time, but some also work part-time. One should have a minimum knowledge of handling pets. There are websites to apply for the post and people near your surroundings may consult you regarding the same.

A few renowned sites you can check are Rover.com, DogVacay.com, PetSitters.org for quick reference.


People who are passionate about lending their helping hand to others can surely check on various options. Becoming a nanny to someone you don’t know, requires strength, patience, and a good heart.

For a quick go through, you can visit Nannies, Care.com, Sitter City  (a quick look).


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To become a good house sitter you need to remember to stick to the guidelines that the homeowner provides.

Making yourself prepared to handle all the situations from chasing dogs to disposing of a dead rat will help you to handle your job smoothly.

There could be opportunities awaiting an international house sitting for you. In such cases get yourself prepared to give reasonable answers to the customs officer.

Instead of telling them about your job,  prepare a script which includes visiting a friend for some ceremony, and inform the same for your homeowners. There are chances that the customs officer may give them a call for confirmation.

I hope the above information is safe enough to let you understand that house sitting jobs are so fun to handle. Just check and let me know if you are benefited from any of it.

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