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How To Attract Money & Wealth? 15 Tips For Riches

Who doesn’t want to become rich? Who is not fascinated with the unimaginable power of money? How do you attract money immediately to cultivate that power?

And to do that, what are the basic steps to take? These are the fundamental riddles that we need to solve before we actually start making money.

But, the answer is not simple unless you get it from a source who tested all the success himself. So, before revealing all the cards in the deck, let’s understand some basic concepts first.


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Money And Mindfulness

I am now earning $7k+/month just from blogging, that too, without investing much time each day. Besides, I have also invested in several successful home-based business ideas and now tasting the fruits of all those ventures.

It is almost a rag-to-riches journey for me, trust me! But let me tell you one thing, I had worked my way to become mindful even before I started making that money.

I actually understood and implemented the concept of mindfulness to make it work for me. It is a part of positive physiology where your mind can stimulate ideas to attract money.


Study of Wealth

If you want to become a scientist, the first thing that you’ll do is understand and study science. Isn’t it?

And the same thing goes for money and wealth. If you really want to become wealthy, you must have enough study and the correct understanding of wealth.

There are several versions of how to attract money books on pdf available these days that can show you the right path. You can also watch several exciting videos on YouTube.

Please do whatever you want, but be aware of wealth and its power. And to kickstart your journey to the realm of money and wealth, follow these 15 steps one after another.


Ways How to Attract Money Now

It is your mind that is needed if you want to know what I can use to attract money. But to train your mind and tune it in the frequency of extravagant wealth, follow these steps first.


1. Have A Positive Attitude

Before you know how to attract money at home, you should have a positive attitude towards everything. Always look at the brighter and happier side while staying away from negative things.

Besides, you also need to stay away from your own negative thoughts and follow these two things.

Believe In Yourself: If you don’t believe in your real potential of yourself, the world will not believe it either. So, from now on, don’t be too critical about yourself. Always cherish the positive things that you have done.

Always Talk Positive: Try to bring good things even from bad situations. If you talk positively and stay positive, people will automatically get attracted to you, thus unlocking a better chance of making money.


2. Stop Worrying

Do you want to know how to attract money instantly? Then, stop worrying! Get this fact straight; worrying about anything will not solve it.

On the contrary, excessive worrying can often make the situation even more critical. Thinking about money all the time can also cause unnecessary worries.

Excessive stress with excessive worries is a lovely concoction to have a bad mental state. And once you have a mental issue, health issues will soon follow it.

And if you start having health issues, you’ll automatically close most of the ways to make money. Don’t worry about anything. Instead, try to find the best way to solve that problem.

Remember, you need to face the problem to solve it. So, get up, take action, and alleviate all your worries!


3. Have A Productive Money Mindset

You need to increase your productivity if you want to increase your earnings. And to increase your productivity, you need to have a productive mindset. Having a money mindset is great.

But, it can often lead to unnecessary worries and stress. On the contrary, nothing can beat the output of having a productive money mindset.

You must have already noticed that several media houses and political parties often demonize people having money.

Don’t ever fall for that trap, and let them talk whatever they want. But trust me, this world is ruled by money, with money, and through money.

Always have a positive approach towards money and wealth. You will always see that billionaires are hardworking and honest. So, try to be like them before you have cash like them in your bank.


4. Make Self-improvement Your Top Priority

Self-improvement is necessary for every field of your life. If you think about it deeply, you will know that our primary and secondary education is solely based on self-improvement.

But we often leave that habit once we start facing real-world situations, which is the biggest mistake, indeed!

So, if you want to know how to attract money, you need to improve yourself first. Before you even invest in any financial tool, start investing in yourself.

Start having a systematic approach towards making a better you. Invest in courses, books, and training.

Even if they don’t yield immediate results, every lesson of your life will help you at some point or the other. So, make a better you before you want a better tomorrow.


5. Have Realistic Dreams

You need to keep your feet on the ground. Never starts to fly, even on your head, while thinking about your goals. Always have your dreams more realistic and practical.

Suppose you are now in college and dream about buying a yacht next year; is that even feasible? (Unless you are from Elon Mask’s family)

So, keep your dreams realistic and achievable. Start with smaller goals in your life. Even if you are now planning to invest and earn, start with smaller investments.

And lastly, never equate happiness with money if you really want it enough in your life. Because if you think money will buy you happiness, you will never have such an amount of money that can actually buy you that.


6. Focus on What You Have Right Now

We mostly live in the future, isn’t it? We always plan for the future while neglecting our present. Besides, we often forget to cherish today’s happiness while overstressing ourselves for a better future.

Trust me; your future is unknown. So, stop concentrating on something unknown. If you want to know how to attract money spiritually, you need to cherish what you have right now.

When you start celebrating your present, your future will automatically become more positive and brighter. So, start creating a mindset that makes the most of the present situation.

If you have a small car, have a highway ride and enjoy it rather than complaining about not having a bigger one. If you are not happy with the color of your shoe, think about someone who doesn’t even have legs.


7. Do A Good Study Of Wealth

You need to study wealth properly before you even start building it. And to do that, you need to answer three primary questions.

First, what is wealth actually? Second, what amount of wealth do you need in your life? Third and most importantly, how successful and wealthy people have made such wealth?

There is a great book that I’ve recently come across called “How To Attract Money” by Joseph Murphy in pdf [Get this book here]. Have a read, and you’ll find the answers to all these three questions.

Once you get the right answers to these three questions, you’ll automatically have a positive and wishful mindset about building wealth. But remember, wealth doesn’t mean flashing jewelry or riding expensive cars.


8. Share What You Have With Others

Sharing is caring, isn’t it? If you want to know how to attract money, you need to be generous first. Try to evoke your empathy toward small things in life. Try to understand who is in dire need and who is in pain.

When you identify anyone’s crisis, never hesitate to help with all you have, be it emotional strength or financial support.

It’s your karma that will either push or pull you from having enough money and wealth. And to make positive karma, always give back to society.

Start donating, and start encouraging others to donate for a greater cause. As the wise people always say, you’ll get back twice the amount you give. So, if you really want to attract money, be generous.


9. Visualize Money

You may not believe it, but your imagination can be extremely powerful! All you need is to visualize your financial goals.

If you visualize every day and always keep a positive outlook towards it, you’ll start having better clarity towards your goal.

Think of it as your next destination of travel. Whenever you plan for any holiday destination, you always think about that place, isn’t it? Same thing you should do with your money-making journey as well.

It will not only keep you motivated and keep you going towards your success but will also help you plan properly.

Always remember that every billionaire started as a dreamer. So, become a visionary and a guy with daydreams if you really want to put your stake at a higher level.


10. Respect the Power of Money

If you want to know the tangible ways how to attract money, you need to first acknowledge the real power of money and wealth in the modern era of capitalism.

Many people think that great money comes with great notoriety, but it isn’t the case at all.

Money is the end product of enormous dedication and challenges. You can’t have more money until you put in the extra effort.

And if you disrespect money in the current day situation, you actually start to disrespect yourself. So, you need to show respect towards it and start organizing it properly.

Money has both qualities, either to construct you in a better way or to destroy you in the worst way possible. So, you need to respect it before it actually creates a bigger mess in your life.


11. Give Yourself a Push

Self-motivation is a less traveled road! We always look for motivational videos, Ted Talks, and articles to keep us motivated, isn’t it?

But you actually don’t need those instruments if you know the real craft of self-motivation. You may not know, but Germans practice a nice thing called self-punishment and self-reward.

And when you keep rewarding or punishing yourself, the rest of the world will not interfere then. It will also keep you motivated and keep your energy levels at the top.

Get up, and register your company today if you have been thinking for a long time. Work hard to start your business without any investment right now!

Remember, the law of attraction never says that you don’t need to do anything to become rich! So, act fast and act wisely.


12. Think In Terms Of Adding Value, Not Just Time

Know this rule first; never trade your time for dollars. Instead, exchange your ideas and values if you really want to know how to attract money.

If you now have a tedious day job or a typical minimum-wage job, you can even apply this rule to get the best out of it.

Always ask yourself how you can help your company or your boss to succeed. And if you are a businessman, always think about how you can benefit your customers rather than making a huge chunk of profit from them.

When you work towards providing more and more value, you automatically start climbing the ladder of success.


13. Be A Minimalist

Minimalism has been in the trend among billionaires for ages. It is us, the commoners, who never understood the value of minimalism and always wanted to show off our money.

A billionaire only uses a helicopter to attend to work or to serve an actual purpose rather than flaunting it everywhere.

It is us who will do it if we get a helicopter right now. So, are you understanding the difference in mindset? So, follow it, become a minimalist. And minimalism means you take and use only what is necessary, even if you have enough.

You don’t need to buy flashy jewelry or a convertible just because your colleague is doing so!

There is no competition going on! Instead of spending on unnecessary things, you can work your way to make extra money to stay positive and stay minimalist.


14. Reward Yourself

If you punish yourself when you do any wrong, you also need to reward yourself whenever you do any right.

Rewarding yourself is the best way to keep yourself motivated and work towards your goal. Celebrate the little successes of your life if you want to create positivity.

Start with small steps, gift small things to yourself like a vanilla ice cream cone or a ticket to the next NFL match. Identify your success, even if that is minuscule, and celebrate it!

You can also buy a piggy bank if you are a high-school or college student as a reward.

Whenever you start rewarding yourself, you’ll get an extra zeal to fulfill your next goal. So, to attract money to yourself, you can use that zeal to work even harder.


15. Take Action

You must have already understood all the steps to know how to attract money now. But, it’s time to talk about the last but most important step to complete this cycle: taking the right action.

If you think and don’t start acting towards making your thought a reality, you can’t attract money. So, get up and start working towards fulfilling your goals.

If you have been thinking about joining a course for a long time, join that right now. If you are thinking about saving money, buy a piggy bank or open an account and start saving right now!



As Paolo Coelho once said, you need to work hard until your last drop of energy to achieve something in your life. And when you do that, all the universe will conspire to help you to achieve it.

Yes, that is the power of attraction and a positive attitude towards wanting something desperately.

So, that’s all for today, folks! Feel free to type your mind out regarding any questions or queries about these ways how to attract money in the comment box below!


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