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How To Become A Foot Model and Get Paid in 2023?

There is no doubt that foot modeling is one of the most lucrative professions for divas who have gorgeous feet nowadays. And as new players are entering this industry, opportunities are also rapidly growing. But do you really have an idea how to become a foot model?

You need many other attributes and skills to become a professional foot model besides having gorgeous feet. Besides, you must also have prowess in marketing and promotion to bag high-paying clients.

Safety is also a concern in this industry, as you can come across many perverts and creeps.

So, we have prepared a complete step-by-step guide for you to help you achieve your goals. Let’s start!


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What Is Foot Modeling?

what is foot modeling

Foot modeling involves showcasing barefoot, footwear, and various foot-related accessories and beauty products while using just the feet. And many foot models also never reveal their faces, as they only highlight their feet in their portfolios.

From shoemakers to skincare brands, from foot accessory manufacturers to even pharmaceutical organizations, many industries now frequently hire foot models to appear in their advertisement campaigns.

So, if you have beautiful feet, there is a prospective career waiting for you as a foot model.

Even if you know how to flaunt your feet while taking pictures, entering the industry as a feet model can be a difficult task.

However, you can follow our detailed guide on how to sell feet pics online to start your career as a freelance feet model.


Foot Model Salary: How Much Can You Make As A Foot Model?

You must have already understood how to become a foot model. However, you also need to understand if you can make a living with just foot modeling alone.

There is no doubt that foot modeling is one of the fun things to do at night that can make you a hefty bit of money.

According to a recent estimate by ZipRecruiter, foot models typically make between $20,000 and $113,500 a year, with an average of $46,815+/year.

And if you calculate the hourly earnings, you can easily fetch between $30 and $175/hour on average.

The sky is the limit if you work for any modeling agency. And if you work as a freelance foot model online, you can still make more than $4,000 a month quite easily. However, most online establishments will charge between 10% and 20% commission.

Click, here to know the best apps to sell feet pics for $100/picture or more in 2023.

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What Are The Requirements To Become A Foot Model?

requirements to become a foot model

You need to have specific body traits and skills to become a professional foot model.

And there are five major attributes you surely need if you want to know how to become a foot model, which is the following.

  • Gorgeous Feet: You surely need to have attractive feet, preferably waxed and polished, to become a professional foot model. It will work to your advantage if you have high arches and slender fingers that will highlight during close shots.
  • Sense Of Poses: You need to have the right, artistic vision to figure out the best foot poses that can highlight the features of your beautiful feet. Besides, you should have a thorough understanding of different poses that can complement different settings and lighting setups.
  • Confidence: Not just foot modeling; you need to be extremely confident while pursuing any niche modeling. A confident model is not just aware of the surroundings but also knows how to highlight her features in different studios and outdoor setups.
  • Persistence: As a newbie in the professional foot modeling industry, you may need to appear in many auditions before you can land on your first assignment. And for that, you need to keep on motivating yourself and stay focused on your goals.
  • Pedicure Skills: You surely need to keep your feet in good shape if you want to work as a professional foot model. And it is absolutely necessary to know how to trim and file your nails, cut thick cuticles, and scrub off dead skin.

Besides these five must-have skills, you also need to have some marketing skills to properly use all the available channels to showcase your work as a professional foot model.

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How To Become A Foot Model? – The 4-Step Guide

how to become a foot model

It is not easy to enter the professional modeling industry as a foot model. So, we have prepared a four-step guide to help you take your first step in this industry.


1. Take Good Care Of Your Legs And Feet

Almost all the foot models have naturally beautiful feet. However, they highlight their features while maintaining their feet in proper shape.

And they also make sure that their feet look best during a photoshoot. As a foot model, you must regularly remove dead skin from your feet to make the skin look healthy and bright.

foot care

Besides feet, you also need to take care of your nails by cutting and filing them. You must also wear the right-sized comfortable shoes to retain your shape.

And if you also use your legs, you need to keep your legs waxed and polished. You must also exercise regularly to keep your muscles toned.


2. Practice Various Feet Poses

If you really want to know how to become a foot model, start practicing various foot poses. You must follow famous fashion magazines to learn about trending foot poses.

how to become a foot model

Besides, you can find many tutorials on various poses, even on YouTube. You can also follow the social media handles of professional foot models to learn about various poses.

If you are imaginative enough, you can also try out new poses on your own.

However, it is better to have a mentor or a trusted guide while you practice various foot poses. And if you are confident enough, you can also pose with foot accessories and props.


3. Curate Your Portfolio

You surely need to have a professional-grade portfolio before you approach big brands in the fashion field.

If you don’t have the right photography skill, you can always hire a professional photographer to take some high-quality foot photos.

how to become a foot model

However, you must work with a photographer who has previous experience in foot photography. You also need to avoid too much editing and retouching the photos to keep the natural aesthetics.

And once you have at least 15-20 good photos, you can make a portfolio with those and send them to various modeling and fashion agencies. And there are many apps to sell feet pics where you can also upload your portfolio.


4. Do Your Research

You must obtain thorough knowledge and insight into the feet modeling industry before you actually enter this field.

Although it sounds quite easy, it is surely not a cup of tea for everyone.

feet pics

You can start your research by studying various brands and magazines that frequently hire foot models.

You also need to keep an eye on the recent issues of famous feet magazines to know about the recent trends.

Besides, you must also follow professional feet models to know about the trending poses. And there are many beauty channels available on YouTube from where you can learn about maintaining your feet in the best shape.

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4 Extra Skills You Need To Learn To Become A Professional Foot Model

skills to become a professional foot model

Besides the four must-have professional skills we have mentioned above, you also need to have four additional skills to become a professional foot model.

And here goes the additional guide if you don’t know how to become a foot model.


1. Learn Marketing Skills

Marketing skills are absolutely necessary if you want to become a professional foot model.

And as most foot models are actually freelancers, they all have at least the basic business skills to showcase their works through the right channels to catch the attention of prospective clients.

You can start taking business classes focused on a freelance career.

Moreover, you can also check out several YouTube channels that can teach you to showcase your work correctly. And most of these tutorials will also teach you how to deal with your clients and agencies.

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2. Learn Business Skills

Like marketing, business skills are absolutely necessary if you are eyeing a professional foot modeling career.

You need to have a proper understanding of basic economics to have the right pricing strategies and supply chain. Besides, you also need to have basic accounting skills, such as measuring profitability and cash flow.

If you can’t manage your finances in the proper manner, it will be tough for you to become a steady player in this foot modeling industry. Besides, you also need to have negotiation skills to thrive in the current competitive market.

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3. Concentrate In Self-Promotion

If you want to know how to become a foot model, first learn how to self-promote yourself.

As foot modeling is widely considered one of the dirty ways to make money, you need to take cautious steps to promote your work in the right way. It is always better to hire a professional agency if your financial strata support it.

However, you can also start using your social media handles to showcase your work. Besides, you can also launch your own blog and highlight your recent works.

You can also become a member of various Facebook Groups and Reddit threads to promote your work in front of prospective clients.

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4. Hire An Agent

If you want a professional approach, hiring an agent who will work for you and approach various companies and modeling agencies is necessary.

However, you need to hire a confident agent who has previous experience in this industry. It is even better if the agent has already worked with professional models.

A good agent can showcase your work in front of the right clients to bring you modeling opportunities. However, most good agents are costly.

And if you hire an agency rather than an individual agent, they will cut a percentage from your earnings as their commission.

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How To Get Signed To A Modeling Agency As A Foot Model?

foot modeling

You must have already understood how to become a foot model. But even if you become a foot model, it is quite tough to sign your first contract with any reputed modeling agency.

You need to first find the best modeling and fashion agencies in your area. And if you have a bit more budget, you can search for the best ones in your country.

Once you gather the list of agencies, you can start sending them your portfolio.

However, you must not reapply to any agency at least six months before your first application. And once an agency likes your portfolio, they will most likely invite you to appear in a casting call.

You also need to understand that rejection is very common in this industry. So, you need to keep self-motivating yourself even if you face multiple rejections at the beginning. Always remember that persistence will pay off sooner or later!

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5 Best Websites To Start Freelance Foot Fetish Modeling

Besides agencies and fashion houses, you can now also start working as a freelance foot model online.

best apps to sell feet pics

And if you don’t know how to become a foot model online, here are the five best online establishments to try this year.


1. FeetFinder

If you don’t know how to become a foot model, you can easily start your journey as a professional model with this company called FeetFinder.

You can open an account and verify it through your registered mail id or contact number. However, you can make your contact details hidden from other users to safeguard your identity.


Once you are verified, you can directly start uploading your feet pics on this website.

Like most other companies in this industry, FeetFinder also lets you fix the asking rate of your feet pictures. However, this company will retain a flat 20% commission.

You can get more details about this company in our latest FeetFinder review.


2. Instafeet

The newest kid on the block, Instafeet, is an excellent website for amateur models. You can open a free account on this website and showcase your feet pictures to get potential buyers.


This website also lets your fans follow your profile and buy directly from the storefront. However, you need to be at least 18 years old to make an account here.

You can either set individual prices for your feet pics or can also set up a monthly subscription. This website also lets you set your asking rate between $5 and $100.

However, this company will charge a flat 10% commission on top of that.

Click here to learn how to make $1000+/Month by selling feet pics on Instafeet.


3. Feetify

You can create an account and start uploading your portfolio as a freelance foot model on this free-to-use website called Feetify.

It has a direct chat feature by which you can directly connect with your potential clients. Besides, you can also set your asking rate for each of your foot photos.


Although this company doesn’t charge any commission at all, you need to take a premium membership to unlock all real potential, which will cost you $57 for the first month.

However, you can also take a yearly membership that costs $97. You can directly share your photos on different social media platforms from this website, too.

You can find more insight into this company in our recent Feetify review.


4. Feetpics

apps to sell feet pics

Feetpics is probably the only website in this industry that lets you pick up a specific theme and then upload your feet pics in accordance with that theme.

And by doing that, it gives easy access for the clients to find images that they are looking for. However, you need to pay a small one-time fee to open an account on this site.

Once you buy a subscription and complete your profile, you can start uploading feet pics to this website.

However, this website doesn’t charge any commission at all. And you can also communicate with your potential buyers right through this website.


5. DollarFeet

DollarFeet is a website where you can freely open an account and start selling your feet’ pics worldwide. You don’t need to pay any registration fee or subscription.

Besides, this company doesn’t charge any commission as well. And you can keep 100% of the asking rates for your images.

You can also set the asking prices for each of your foot photos, although it will be better to stick between $5 and $10, as competition is pretty tough here.

However, professional models can easily make a couple of thousand each month from this website alone.

More places to sell feet pics online



If you want to really know how to become a foot model, you must first prioritize taking good care of your feet.

There are many beauty hacks available on the internet with which you can keep your feet in good shape. Besides, you must scrub off dead skin regularly from your feet to keep them bright and glowing.

It is better if you apply some thick moisturizer on your feet and then wear socks over them during bedtime to keep your feet soft and healthy.

Besides, you must also opt for a pedicure session once a month.



Is it easy to become a foot model?

It is very difficult to become a professional foot model, even if you have gorgeous feet, as the competition is extremely tough in this industry.

However, with the right marketing skill and approach, you can definitely become a full-time foot model.


What is required to be a foot model?

First of all, you need gorgeous and well-maintained feet to become a foot model. Your feet shouldn’t have any visible scars or discoloration.

Besides, you should also keep your feet in the right shape by exercising, toning, and proper care. It is also better if you can go for a pedicure once a month.


What is the average shoe size of foot models?

The current average shoe size of professional female foot models is between 5 and 7 in US size. And for males, the average shoe size stands between 9 and 11.

However, this average shoe size depends on demographic profile, as certain countries have a greater average shoe size than others.


Who is the most popular foot model?

Ashleigh Morris and Zara Miller are two of the most popular foot models in the world right now, no doubt about it.

However, fans also have special places for other popular professional foot models like Claire Kesby-Smith, Hannah Howells, Elisha Cuthbert, and Beverley Brown.


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