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Hello bloggers, Want to skyrocket your blog traffic up to 600%. Then this is the right place to know how I did it with my new strategy on Pinterest. Want to check it? Let’s start!

Every time before writing a blog post, first of all, I will go to Google and enter my keyword and reads almost every post from Google’s first page.

This process gives me more knowledge and confidence in my topic. Then I complete writing the article in a better way.

But now, It’s all about how my blog traffic that went from 100+ pageviews a day to 702 page views per day with my new Pinterest strategy.

I don’t know how to start and complete this article because for the first time on my blog, I am sharing something about my experience.

My blog is just 4 weeks old when I get these results and I was so excited that I can’t stop myself from sharing this experience.

Up to the end of the 3rd week, my blog is used to get 100+ pageviews from Pinterest. But after the update from Pinterest that lowering the reach of group boards, I have searched for new strategies and followed some expert’s suggestions to continue to work on Pinterest.

I completely changed my schedule in the 5th week, and this strategy worked for me. My traffic was increased more than 600%. Want to know how? then keep reading this article to get similar results on your blog too.

blog traffic analytics


How Was Pinterest Changed In Recent Days?

After realizing a bitter truth that Pinterest group boards won’t work in the way it worked in the past, I really felt bad because I newly started this blog.

I really needed an alternative strategy and wanted to know how all other bloggers are going to face this update from Pinterest.

I have read some updates and strategies from the senior bloggers and applied those on my Pinterest account.

One thing everyone suggested was to pin to own boards rather than pinning to group boards. Because of the update from Pinterest, only our followers will see our pins and if they repin our content, then it goes to their followers.

Now we cannot reach other people’s followers by simply joining or contributing to their group boards. So now, we only left with own boards, right? Let’s see what I have done!

Creating Niche Boards:

After reading the suggestions from other senior bloggers, I decided to focus on my own boards. So I started optimizing them well for better results.

I created a few more boards using keywords that are related to my blog niche. I also included keywords in board descriptions, pin descriptions, etc.

Later, saved some related pins from others to my boards. Then I scheduled to pin my own pins daily using Tailwind app.


Want to Know About Tailwind?

Tailwind is a post scheduling tool that allows it’s users to schedule to publish their stuff on Pinterest and Instagram.

Tailwind is mostly used by bloggers to save the time spending on the Pinterest platform. It will generate the best time slots when most of your followers active, So you can reach more people using tailwind. It is also a time-saving tool.

Are you new to tailwind? Let’s give a try. Sign up for its trial version. It allows you to schedule 100 pins for free.

If you want Tailwind plus plan then Sign up here and get one more month of free subscription.


How To Schedule Pins To Grow Blog Traffic:


tailwind pins scheduling


I use Tailwind app to schedule my pins. This is an ultimate tool that changed my Pinterest reach and pageviews.

According to the new strategy, I separated my boards into two categories, one is about “blogging” and the other one about “make money online“.

I also listed some group boards with good virality score (more than 1 above.) to avoid a significant change in my pinning strategy.

I neglected remaining inactive group boards with less virality score.

Later, I mixed my own boards with the best performing group boards and scheduled to pin to those boards only.

Tailwind generates the best time slots to pin our articles and It helps better to reach more people.

Listing Boards:

I follow list strategy while scheduling my pins on Tailwind. So, I prepared a list of 30 boards (own boards + group boards).

group boards lists

I have created 30 different lists to send a different pin to each board each day and this cycle will be completed in 30 days.

Interval is also important. I use the 1-day interval between the same pin going to two different boards.

I create 2 pins for every new post and upload to Pinterest. And this hardly takes 20-30 minutes to complete the full schedule for one month.

That’s the benefit with the tailwind.

Rest, I pin manually from the Pinterest smart feed. One thing I have observed these days was, my profile reach and performance increased when I spend some time on Pinterest and pin manually than scheduling pins for one month and not visiting the Pinterest platform for few days.

Totally, I pin 30-40 pins (mine + others) every day including Tailwind and manual pinning.

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Help Of Tailwind Tribes:

Every time I pin my posts to Tailwind tribes, I will see a hike of in my traffic. I am using default tribes plan and planning to power up soon.

If you are already using tailwind and not a member of tribes, open your tailwind dashboard and click on tribes option from the left side menu.

tailwind tribes

Here you can find, join, or create new tribes to increase your blog traffic never like before.

Here I am listing the list of my tribes that giving me good results. You can join here if you want.

Bloggers Unite Tribe

Blogger Killin it on Pinterest

Bloggers & Creative Infopreneurs Tribe

Blogging Friends Pins

Pinterest Friends

Tailwind tribes are performing better than Pinterest group boards when it comes to driving traffic.

After group boards lost their foothold on Pinterest, most of the bloggers focusing on tailwind tribes.

I think tribes will be the main source for driving traffic to blogs. One thing I did better is being part of tribes in the earlier stage. I suggest everyone buy tailwind today if you want to be a part of Tailwind tribes.

Overall Help Of Tailwind:

I just changed my strategy just one week before writing this post and seen result from the next day of the new strategy.

pinterest monthly views


Before that, my blog is getting 100+ page views per day only. And from the next day of my new strategy, I have a rising curve in my analytics.

My blog page views jumped from 100+ pageviews to 702 pageviews per day. almost (600% hike).

Pinterest monthly views reach went from 90K to 201K within one week.

Here we are at the end of the article. What next I am hoping is to reach 1000 average views per day. Hope I achieve this goal in the next months.

Hope this new strategy helps you to increase your traffic. If you have any other doubts about Pinterest or tailwind you can leave a comment or contact me. I always happy to help you.


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