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How To Make 20 Dollars Fast – 51 Legit Ways [Get $20 Now!]

Before getting into the ways on how to make 20 Dollars fast! let us first question ourselves why earning money is important.

Why do you always money making ideas tops the search volumes? and currently, why fast cash techniques are trending on the internet?

The only answer to all the questions is because-‘Money provides security and control over our lives.’ So it is not wrong to find multiple sources of income to lead a peaceful and happy life.

If you also want to add these sources, you can clearly follow this article to know more details on how you can earn 20 dollars fast and how to get free $20 instantly.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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How to Make 20 Dollars Fast Online

Considering various passive income sources, people tend to opt for more interest in earning money fast. So here are a few ways where you can make 20 Dollars fast online:

1. Make 20 Dollars Fast by Watching Videos on InboxDollars

inboxdollars - how to make 20 dollars fast

InboxDollars is considered one of the most acceptable ways to earn money online, and this website has an A+ rating, according to Better Business Bureau.

Anyone above 16 years with a device having an active internet connection can create an account with InboxDollars and can also earn a $5 signup bonus.

After earning the first $30 of payment, you can get a Free Gold Membership Card. This card allows you to make 5x more rewards than non-gold members.

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2. Take High-Paying Online Surveys

take surveys

Have you ever thought about how various brands work on their quality improvement?- Conducting Surveys!

Yes, It’s all with the help of the opinions of various users through genuine surveys. Here you can easily make money in less time just by giving your valuable perspectives.

Considering the traction of fake online fillings, here is the genuine list to make 20 Dollars fast:

Apart from this, you can also check these 14 Legit Paid Online Surveys for Real Money.

Tired of searching for fundamental money-making ideas? Check out how I make around $7000 – $10,000 per month, totally passive from this blog. You can also create your own blog in less than 20 minutes.


3. Earn Sign-Up Bonuses

bonus image - how to make 20 dollars fast

When you are looking for simple ways to make money online, considering this way can hardly take a moment for you to earn 20 dollars fast.

All you need to do here is sign-up with these websites mentioned and earn sign-up bonuses:


Sign-up Bonus: $5
InboxDollars is another legitimate platform that offers an instant signup bonus. Apart from the signup bonus, you can also earn from various activities like watching videos, playing games, and online surveys.

Register Here: InboxDollars.

Panda Research

Sign-up Bonus: $3

PandaReseach can not only help you with a signup bonus, but you can also earn amazing coupons and giveaways here. Earn $3-$75/survey or offer completed at Panda Research.

Register Here: Panda Research.


Sign-up Bonus: $5

Hintsters is an online survey site where you can earn $5 as a signup bonus. You can also review the surveys mentioned on their platform and perform them in your free time.

Register Here: Hintsters.

Product Testing

Sign-up Bonus: $100

When you have a decent knowledge of testing and reviewing different products, this way can help you earn $100 easily. You need to test products like gardening tools, vacuum cleaners, gadgets, and many more exciting products.

Register Here: ProductTesting.

Apart from these, check these 40 legit apps to Sign Up And Get Money [Up To $100 Instant Bonuses]


4. Give Your Opinion to Make 20 Dollars Fast

When you are right opinionated and can give a proper justification for your reviews, this way is for you.

Here you will join a focus group, and these groups are more like survey groups where they gather data directly from the consumers after research.

Depending on your flexibility, you can join an in-person or online focus group and conduct surveys.

Based on the nature and complexity of the task, you can easily earn around $20-$150 per task.

With the increase in your expertise, companies like Respondent are also ready to pay hundreds of dollars per hour. This option cannot be considered as your full-time income but can surely be a pocket saver.


5. Make 20 Dollars Fast with Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

nielsen app - how to make 20 dollars fast

Are you the one who is looking for ways to earn $20 without doing anything?

Here comes the savior for you. All you are going to do is install the Neilsen Panel app on your device and earn $60 a year for keeping the app installed on your device.

This works very simply. Keeping this app on your device can give you a chance to enter their challenge of offering a $10000 sweepstakes. If you are lucky enough, you can be their monthly winner.

Installing this app on your mobile and keeping it long can unlock about $60 per year. Apart from this, you can also earn gift cards, coupons, and cashouts.

Note: This app doesn’t track your personal information and is known to be safe to keep on the phone. You can have it on your device without any data concerns.

Download Neilsen Mobile Panel now!


6. Earn Cash Rewards on Rakuten

rakuten - how to make 20 dollars fast

We consider ways to earn cash back for our purchases, but we mostly believe in only credit/debit card offers. Here, picking the right shopping portal can also help us earn this cash back effectively.

Rakuten is one of the famous shopping apps on this portal, where you can earn $10 Rakuten cash or a $10 Walmart gift card as a sign-up bonus.

An added advantage of this platform is that it won’t charge commissions for shopping from its portal.

Here you can shop at over 2500 different stores all across the United States and get up to 40% cashback on your purchases.

Download Rakuten App now!


7. Make Money Fast Playing Mistplay

mistplay - how to make 20 dollars fast

Mistplay is one of those legit game apps that pays instantly through PayPal. This platform pays you when you play by discovering new games on their mix list.

On Mistplay, various game development companies release their beta version for people to try out before the final release, and they also pay to find out flaws in the game.

Here you need to download the app and create a free account. After getting approval, you can check available games from your portal and start playing for rewards.

Your earnings depend on the hours you spent playing, and for cashing out, you can use PayPal or Giftcard.

Download Mistplay For Free Here!

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8. Make 20 Dollars Fast by Referring Friends

get paid to refer friends

The most organic and ideal way to build financial relations is by referring friends, and there are a whole lot of platforms that pay you for referring.

How Does it Work?

When you sign up with any platform, they provide you with a unique link. When any of your friends’ signups using your referral link, you will be accredited with a referral bonus.

Platforms To Make Money Referring Friends

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How To Get 20 Dollars In 5 Minutes?

Earning $20 in 5 minutes seems surreal right? but this can surely be possible if you are able to find authentic ways to earn money, one on which that tops the list is playing real-time games.

9. Games To Make $20 Instantly Online:

Playing games is really a fun activity and a stress buster. How about spending your free time playing these real-time money-earning games where you can easily earn $20 fast?

Seems interesting, right? Find these below-mentioned games to serve your purpose:


Solitaire Cube

Solitaire Cube


Solitaire Cube is a popular skill-based card game that can let you in with different challenges to compete with other players online in exchange for bets.

This app has a rating of 4.6/5, stating it as the most-liked game in the segment. Participate in its tournaments and win some real cash.

You can encash your earnings on this platform through PayPal or Apple pay. The best part here is that there are no distractive ads while playing. Challenges here hardly take a couple of minutes to complete.

Download Solitaire Cube now!

Blackout Bingo

Blackout Bingo


This is the top-played Bingo game where we can earn real-time cash. Blackout Bingo Game tops the list when you are looking for ways to earn $20 instantly.

This platform is believed to pay nearly $72K per hour daily and has a decent user review rating of around 4.5/5.
Compete with others in 2-4 minute challenges to win relative bets. Here they offer timely earnings with all legal standards.
Download Blackout Bingo now!

PoolPayDay Game

Pool Payday


Another one to add to the bucket list is where you can easily earn $20 in minutes. This Virtual Pool Game can be a nail-biter when you can compete with skill-matched players.

The Skillz platform powers the in-app rewards, allowing you to earn Z tokens on tournament winnings. Creating an account is as easy as finding the 1v1 competitions.
With a 4.6/5 user review rating, this game provides you to enjoy the edge of playing unlimited plays with genuine payouts from PayPal or Apple Pay.
Download the PoolPayDay Game now!

21Blitz Game



This game pays you in real cash for winning challenges. 21Blitz Game is available on all platforms like AppStore, Galaxy store, and Playstore.

This game is an amalgamation of Solitaire and 21 card games. 21 Blitz also ranked in the top 50 casino games. It has a user rating of 4.6/5 based on 31k reviews.

You can participate in multiple games to win real-time rewards, and the best part is that you can also pair up with a partner to compete. You can also win virtual trophies and rewards.

Download the 21 Blitz Game now!

Dominoes Gold

Dominoes Gold


When you search for the best Dominoes game on the internet, Dominoes Gold takes the top spot as it is the most liked game with a 4.7/5 user review rating.

You can start participating in the money-earning tournaments by paying relevant entry fees. This platform also seldom conducts pro leagues where you can get a chance to win bigger prizes in one go.

Grab a chance to win real-time cash prizes with hardly minutes taking challenges. You can play Dominoes Gold anytime and anywhere.

Download Dominoes Gold now!

10. How to Get 20 Dollars Fast on Cash App

cash app surveys

Cash App is mainly a money management mobile app that allows users to transfer and receive money without fees.

There are more than 40 million+ active users of Cash App in the USA and UK. This app can be considered legal with a user review rating of 4.6/5 on Glassdoor.

To get 20 Dollars fast on Cash App, you can initially Earn $5 by entering our unique referral code-BR8RDQX.

Apart from that, you can also try these 43 Cash App Games That Pay Real Money.

Note: Don’t believe in false claims of earning $10, $15, or $25 from referral codes. Currently, you can only earn $5 from a referral bonus.

Other Ways To Win Huge Cash App Rewards:


How To Make 20 Dollars Fast From Home


11. Become an Online Proofreader

proofreading information

As the Internet is more and more saturated with content, the demand for proofreaders has seen a significant hike.

A proofreader is someone who looks for and corrects grammar, punctuation, formatting errors, and spelling.

This content quality improvement process is mainly done after editing and when ready to submit any document or text.

There are many legit online proofreading jobs available in the market where you can easily earn around $20-$45/hour.

How To Get Started?

Join this Proofread Anywhere Free Training by Caitlin Pyle. She is a professional and earned over $45000+/year working as a part-time proofreader. Also, check her Free 76 Minute Free Workshop on proofreading.

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12. Try Voice Acting Jobs For Immediate $20

voice over jobs for beginners

Source: PayScale

Ever watched a YouTube video wherein a person narrates a story in the background without showing their face?

That’s a voice-over artist, and their demand will not decline soon as YouTube is the second largest search engine.

Not only for YouTube videos but voice-over artists are also required for podcast creation, audiobook narration, video ad creation, singing, and more.

Voice-over jobs are high-paying gigs. If you head to Fiverr, you’ll see thousands of gigs charging $20 – $50 for narrating just 100 words.

If you are good at narration, you can also create your own gigs on platforms like Fiverr, UpWork, and PeoplePerHour to offer your services.

Becoming a voice actor requires no special skill than modulating your own voice. Try checking out this Free Intro To Voice Over course to learn the Ins & Outs of this job. And get started if you believe it will work out for you.


13. Work as a Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant jobs

Virtual Assistant jobs are one of the finest and most reliable options available in the market.

A Virtual Assistant usually is a self-employed person who tends to provide services such as customer support, professional administration, marketing, call support, etc., without leaving the comfort of home.

Become a Virtual Assistant by just having strong communication, technical and organizational skills. These are the key foundations to prosper in this field.

There are many companies that offer virtual assistant jobs, where you can easily earn around $20-$85/hour.

How To Get Started?

To learn these skills try to join this Virtual Assistance-Free Webinar by Gina Horkey. Her student testimonials share that they make around $20-$50+/an hour with the learned skills here.


14. Become a Freelance Writer

freelance writer salary


A Freelance Writer is someone who engages in building quality content relative to his respective niche.

Writing standard and creative content is not everyone’s cup of tea. This needs some great skills. When you have these writing skills, there are various ways to earn as a Freelance Writer.

If you are a person skilled with narrative or persuasive writing skills, you can get paid to write for Magazines, articles, editorials, journals, poetry, business articles, short stories, etc.

How To Get Started?

Writing skills can’t be developed overnight. In order to learn these systematically, try going through this Free Webinar on Writing by Gina Horkey and learn how she makes a whopping $200k+/Year.

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15. Transcribe Audio Files

online typing jobs

Transcribing audio is nothing, but we convert audio files into text format, it sounds simple, but this is one of the most engaging jobs where you need lots of attention and skills to perform.

Considering the work nature transcribing/transcription can be classified as Medical transcription, Legal transcription, and Real-time transcription.

Good listening skills, command of grammar, accurate speed, and technical knowledge can edge you in this field. By transcribing audio files with reliability, you can easily make around $20-$35/hour as a beginner.

How To Get Started?

As transcribing needs precision in work, you need to build strong accuracy with decent transcription skills.

I suggest you take a look at this Free Mini Transcription Course by TranscribeAnywhere under the guidance of the most experienced transcriptionist, Janet Shaughnessy.

Companies That Offer Transcribing Jobs

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16. Sell Stock Photos

websites to sell photos online

Have you got a photography talent? Then why are you simply containing your skills in your gallery? Selling stock photos can be a game changer for you.

This is one of the best passive income ideas that you can do in your free time and evenly earn popularity.

You must click the right photos, advertise them with a watermark, and get paid-for-sale conversion using various platforms. 

Platforms To Sell Photos Online

Also Check: 22 Best Platforms To Sell Photos Online.


17. Sell Online Courses

If you are skilled in any respective area like Art, Mathematics, English, Music, etc., try selling your teaching course online.

If you are a skilled English trainer, there is a high demand to Teach English To Japanese students. English has a high demand in comparison with other areas.

You can also create your course relative to your expertise, market it the right way, sell your online courses using various platforms, and earn handsomely.


18. Freelance on Fiverr

Freelancing is something you opt to stay independent, and this can actually be self-employment. You are mainly accountable for your work and sincerity, being this can always help you to boost your freelance business.

Fiverr is considered one of the most popular freelance websites where you can offer various tasks to the customers registered on this platform.

You can perform various tasks on Fiverr, like content writing, proofreading, logo designing, video editing, podcast service, etc.

Ways To Promote Freelance Business

  • Create attractive offers
  • Use Cold Reach Methods: Emails, messages, or calling)
  • Use Referral programs
  • Boost your client interactions
  • Partner with other freelancers
  • Offer discounts for high orders.

19. Get A Free Amazon Gift Card

We all know that Amazon is for buying electronics, apparel, household items, and many more, But do you have any idea that you can also make money from Amazon?

One way to earn from amazon is earning Amazon free gift cards. These gift cards are mainly a substitute for payment methods like Amazon pay balance, and you can earn this gift card from various platforms for absolutely free.

As there is no possibility to encash this gift card, you can only use this to purchase items on the Amazon platform.

Check out our detailed article to know 40 Ways To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards [100% Legit].


20. Test Websites

websites to get paid to test websites online

Various companies usually conduct testing websites to check the usability and easy accessibility of the users.

Companies usually release a Beta version of their original version and will pay for the people who test and report bugs. You can easily earn around $10-$20/hour by testing websites.

A device with an active internet connection, screen capturing application, proper microphone, testing abilities, analytical skills, and decision-making are the basic recommended things to start with this business.

Depending upon your demographics and working abilities, you can choose from these 26 Companies That Pay Well For testing websites ($60/Hr).


21. Do Product Testing

Product testing is one of the lucrative and fun-induced income ideas where you can easily earn 20 dollars.

The various brands usually offer product testing jobs to recuperate their investments and beat the competition. This is mainly conducted in order to check whether the product is in compliance with the consumers or not.

Here on registering with brands, you will get a few free products shipped to your address. You need to test and review those products to earn. Your valuable genuine reviews can help them with their quality improvement.

Note: With the increase in your popularity and expertise, you can also form collaborations with various brands and earn lots of commissions.

Do Check, 35 Unique Ways To Get Paid To Test Products.


How to Make 20 Dollars a Day

Earning 20 Dollars a day seems so less, but considering this as an additional income can definitely be an advantage. Follow the below ways to earn 20 dollars a day passively:

22. Deliver Food Via Doordash App to Make $20 a Day

how to make $500 a week with doordash

DoorDash is one of the remunerative platforms that offer food delivery jobs. This platform recently acquired Uber Eats and turned leader in this industry.

As a DoorDash delivery executive, you can easily make around $20-$75/hour from beginner to expert. 

To get started, you need to signup with DoorDash and get verified. After verification, you can start your delivery services and perform your best to earn high.

Check out: How To Make $500 A Week With DoorDash?.


23. Deliver Groceries with Instacart

Instacart is an online grocery delivery service offering company, and this platform lets consumers order groceries or household items and helps those items be directly delivered to their houses.

Firstly, you need to signup as an independent contractor on this platform and get approval from Instacart, and this process hardly takes 3-4 working days.

Right after approval, you can start your services and easily earn around $15-$25/hour, excluding tips.

Requirements For Instacart Driver

  • Must be above 18 years
  • Eligibility to work in the U.S. or Canada
  • Right smartphone with internet connection
  • Legit background verification
  • Unique social security number.

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24. Deliver Stuff With Postmates

Postmates is similar to Instacart, and this platform offers food and grocery delivery services to its customers.

They have a huge network as they partnered with more than 30000+ merchants, giving delivery partners a high scope to earn decent enough.

Download Postmates App, register yourself as a delivery partner, and get approval by providing the necessary information. 

Postmates delivery partners can easily make around $15-$28/hour, excluding tips and surge allowances.

Download PostMates App now!

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25. Drive for Uber or Lyft

drive a car with lyft

If you have a passion for driving your car, why should you drive for free? Try partnering with popular platforms like Uber or Lyft as a driving partner and earn some fair bucks.

All you are required here is to be above 18, have the right car with timely insurance, have no previous accident history, and have no convictions of drunk and menace.

There is high flexibility you can drive whenever and where ever you want. There is no age restriction if you cross 18 years, so you can add this to your job list after retirement.

Select the right insurance partner and a dashboard camera to safeguard your car, and avoid future complications in your journey.


26. Rent Out Spare Room to Make 20 Dollars Fast

It is always a great idea to share your unused space in exchange for money. Keeping your space idle won’t help you either when you want to build passive income.

There are various platforms like Airbnb where you can rent your spare room and make 20 dollars quickly.

Apart from this, you can also try these 33 Most Profitable Things To Rent Out For Money.


27. Rent Out Your Car on Turo

Considering added expenses, a car is always a liability to your lifestyle, but here is the solution to turn your car into an asset.

All you do is register your car on the Turo platform by qualifying their basic enrollment process. This is one of the leading car rental apps where you can make around $20-$150/day.

No need to worry about your car safety, as Turo offers transparency on who is using your car, and also you need a proper insurance policy before registering.


28. Do Odd Jobs

Odd jobs are those we perform in our daily routine but have no idea that we can also earn through them.

Some of these odd jobs may include virtual friends, funeral attendees, pet watching, gardening, surfing the internet, etc.

You can find these ways to earn on apps that pay for odd jobs, Don’t worry they also pay according to the industry-standard rates for freelance workers like you.

There is also high flexibility in choosing your working hours and standard rates here. Serve well and be accountable for your work. This way, you can have a decent side hustle in no time.

Check out our article on 20 Best Odd Job Apps That Pay $20- $60/Hr Easily.


How to Get $20 Dollars Immediately.

Sometimes we need money immediately; for this, here we mention a few quick ways to make money:

29. Sell Old Textbooks

best places to sell textbooks

Most of us have old textbooks with us that are kept on bookshelves without any use. Turn this opportunity to sell those old textbooks in exchange for money.

This method not only helps you earn from your clutter but can also help the needy to grab at an economical price.

You can use various platforms like Bookscouter, Campus Books, Cash4Books, etc., where you can Earn up to 50% of the Book MRP.

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30. Sell Unwanted Tech on Decluttr

Apart from books, our house is also filled with many unwanted items like computer products, old phones, grooming items, Cds and DVDs, etc.

As the name suggests, Decluttr helps you to clutter out your unwanted items through their platform; here, you can buy items from their portal if you like.

Depending upon the items, you can earn around $20-$100 by selling on this platform. Join Decluttr now! to grab a chance to open your free account.

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31. Sell Gift Cards to Make 20 Dollars Fast

free gift cards

We may have a few gift cards that are of no use to us, but this is the time to use this opportunity to make cash out of those gift cards.

You can use options like regifting, gift card exchange, purchasing items, and redeeming as cash from your cards.

But encashing them to cash is a bit typical, so here we tried mentioning the 25 Best Ways To Sell Gift Cards For PayPal Instantly.


32. Donate Plasma to Make 20 Dollars Instantly

Donating plasma is a voluntary act that can help to save lives. Similar to blood, your plasma is used in trauma situations in hospitals for patients who are in need.

Consider a certified plasma donating center by International Quality Plasma Program(IQPP) to make yourself completely safe for donating.

You can earn $20-$50/donation by also saving a life.

Do Check, 25 Highest-Paying Plasma Donation Centers Near you.


33. Sell Your Old Stuff

There are also many platforms apart from Decluttr to sell your old stuff. No matter how much we clear our clutter, there is always a chance for it to rebuild.

Schedule your time bimonthly to check for old stuff, sell them on legit platforms, and lower your pocket.


34. Answer Questions on Task Rabbit

Task Rabbit is a must-visit website where you can get paid 20 dollars fast by just doing simple tasks for people. 

Here there are tasks like a product review, delivery, answering questions, tips sharing, etc. Many tasks here hardly take minutes to complete and help you earn $5-$20/task.


35. Sell Feet Pics

sell feet pics

Various surveys share their thesis that more than 14% of the world’s population are sensuous about feet. There is always a high demand for foot pics in the market. 

People like models, photographers, stock photo websites and foot-fetish people will buy your feet pics. You can find them on legit websites to sell feet pics mentioned on our website.

Feet-selling apps like FeetFinder, Feetify, and Instafeet are the best options to pick to earn around $5-$25/Feet pic.

Note: With respect to the high demand for this gig, there is always a chance for you to get scammed by fraudsters. So always make sure and learn the real ways how to sell feet pics without getting scammed.

Do Check:


Other Ways to Earn 20 Dollars Fast

36. Sell Friendship on RentAFriend

get paid to be an online friend - how to make 20 dollars fast

Friendship has a huge impact on one’s mental and physical strength. After family, only the friendship circle can aid and motivate you to be what you are willing to be.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a proper friend circle, so to help the RentAFriend platform is helping out to reach new friends. By this, you can earn around $10-$50/hour.

You can interact and make friends on this platform and earn by doing a few activities like sports, shopping, wine tasting, and clubbing.


37. Get Paid to Advertise

Advertising is the right way of communicating with consumers about products or services. We can come across various advertisements throughout our day, but do you know what?

There are not only ways that you get paid to see ads, but you can also earn from advertising.

Ways To Get Paid To Advertise

  • Rent ad space on your blog
  • Get paid to advertise on your car
  • Reviews of sponsored products
  • Managing Facebook ads.
  • Advertise using your phone

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38. Invest In Stocks to Earn 20 Dollars

best investing apps of 2022 - how to make 20 dollars fast

In simple terms investing in stocks means buying shares of ownership in a publicly listed company. Here you buy small shares of that company through Demat accounts and wait till the company performs.

Your investments enhance along with the company’s growth. Money is the most valuable asset we possess, so make it count. By investing in stocks, we can make money work for us.

Cautiousness and right-point techniques of stock investment can let you compensate more than your full-time income. Investing in stocks can do wonders when you have these decent trading skills.

Even if you don’t have these skills, Don’t worry! you can start with minimal trading and can enhance your expertise.


39. Take Out A Loan

By reading this heading, you might have come across a question, Is taking a loan a good idea? We say absolutely yes! but do it with some cautionary measures.

This is one of the ideal ways to choose in order to achieve monetary compensation fast. Opting for low-interest loans can be the right decision to clear off your high-interest debts like a credit card, vehicle loan, etc.

Taking loans only as much as needed and considering how much you can pay in return without hiccups are the prime considerations to be noted here.  

Rightly repayments of your loans can also help you to boost your credit score, which can eventually give you chances for future loan approvals.


40. Sign Up for a New Credit Card

Signing up for a new credit card can not only earn you welcome rewards but can also offer you various cashback offers, rewards, and special discounts.

Before choosing your credit card, always do your research on offers, interest rates, renewal fees, and the safety of your card.


41. Ask Someone

Sometimes even if banks or lending agencies are offering competitive interest rates, that can be out of our reach considering our financial state.

You can reach out to your aids, family members, or close friends to lend money. This way, you can avoid high-interest rates, and by timely repayments, you can also gain their trust and empathy.

Note: Always choose the right tenure and never use the borrowed money to spend on your luxury, as this can negatively impact your lenders’ minds. Consolidate and pay off all your debts.

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How to Make 20 Dollars Fast as a Kid

There are many ways to earn money as a kid too. Early earning can help you know money’s value and make you aware of financial knowledge. So here are the ways:

42. Take Paid Surveys with Swagbucks and MyPoints

mypoints - how to make 20 dollars fast

Kids of this generation are highly exposed to technology and are learning tech skills right from an early age. With this knowledge exposure, they can easily make 20 dollars fast.

Once they turn over 13 years, they can participate in various online paid surveys and get paid to give reviews. Apart from money, they can also earn sign-up bonuses and gift cards.

Try Joining:

Do Check, 25 High Paying Cash App Surveys To Make Money.


43. Play Cash App Games

Who doesn’t like playing games as a kid? Are you playing for free till now? No worries!

Due to this advanced technological expansion, there are a variety of games available for free as well as for paid.

From picking this line, there are many ways where you can get paid to play games. All you need to do is open the respective app and play the listed games in your free time.

You can earn around $1-$7/game. Apart from this, you can also earn gift cards, bonuses, and free goodies.

We tried listing out the Best Real Money Earning Games that pay you to play; reach our comment section to learn how to get started.

Must read, Cash App For Kids: How To Use It As A Minor Under 18?


44. Baby Sitting

If you have the skills to babysit, this would be a great way to earn some extra money in your spare time.

Here you need to be very cautious, as babies are too sensitive, and learn proper skills with certifications before getting into this field.

Once you gain expertise in this field, there are ample babysitting opportunities where you can earn around $5-$45/hour.

Learn a few medical technicalities like CPR, First-aid, baby movement tracking, etc., to be ahead of all other babysitters in safety precautions.

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45. Dog Walking

dogwalking - how to make 20 dollars fast

Due to paucity in their busy lives, most dog owners won’t pay attention to dog walking activities.

If you find any of them in your circle, you can take advantage of this and earn from dog walking. This can be a good physical activity and help dogs stay healthy and active.

Dog Walking Requirements

  • Communication skills to interact with pet owners
  • Understanding the dog behavior
  • Must have the ability to walk for longer periods
  • Reliable, trustworthy, and patient 
  • Maintaining hygiene of surroundings 
  • Passion for dogs. 

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46. Pet Sitting

Do you love animals? Most kids these days are voluntarily attracted to pets. The bonding between them is inseparable.

If you are a kid who can look after someone’s pet when they are on vacation, then this could be the best viable option for you to earn some bucks. This can boost your responsibility along with your income.

As you are a stranger to that pet, understanding its behavior and needs is the primary step you need to focus on in order to build a bridge for friendship.

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47. News Paper Deliver

Your job as a newspaper delivery boy is to deliver daily papers or magazines to customers by biking or driving.

This is the most well-known side income gig as a kid. When you have a habit of waking up early, you can edge that time by delivering newspapers.

This gig can fetch you over $10-$20/hour and can also earn added tips for better deliveries.

Apart from earnings, you can also gain time punctuality, responsibility, individuality, new relations, and money management. All these factors can eventually help you with personality development.

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48. Sell Your Crafts on Etsy

Etsy - how to make 20 dollars fast

Recently we have observed a significant growth in the trend of DIY products, which means “Do It Yourself.”

One of the most reputed DIY techniques is making crafts, and If you have a creative mind and the skill to make crafts, then you can earn from selling crafts online.

There are various platforms that love to buy your crafts, and you can earn fame as well as money in one go. You can create these crafts easily without leaving the comfort of your home.

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49. Sell Lemonade

Why look for many alternatives to earn when you can easily earn without leaving the comfort of your home?

Here in order to sell lemonade, you need water, sugar, lemons, and cups, that’s it. You can organize a table and chair, fix your price, and sell lemonade.

You can fix your own price and add things like popcorn, chocolates, cotton candy, etc., from the income earned. 

Right after reaching a threshold, you can also plan a permanent stall of your lemonade and market your business to make it stand long.


50. Car Washer

There is always a high demand for car washing. On average, you can easily make around $10-$15/hour.

But washing a car needs time and patience, as it includes tedious work you need to plan and perform in your free time.

You can’t pick this as your full-time income unless and until you want to start your own car-washing business.


51. Junior Camp Counsellor

Kids who possess leadership qualities can opt for this role. Here, your task is to mainly plan, lead and implement activities and workshops for your campers.

You need to take responsibility for the overall safety of your camp and assist them with any assistance.

With good performance, you can get certified or sometimes earn around $10/hour and can be promoted to senior camp counselor.

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