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How To Make 300 Dollars Fast In One Day [31 Ways]

Are you looking for the answer to how to make 300 dollars fast and easy this year? Then you are in the right place.

There are plenty of options available to achieve that financial goal in the shortest possible time. But sadly, not every option is legit!

So, we have individually tried and tested each of these options to understand the best possible ways to make $300 or more this year.

And we also tried to cover all the available jobs that are suited for every age group.

But before that, you need to understand a few basic things about making quick money. So, let’s dive deep and make at least $300 or more this week without further ado.


Disclaimer:  This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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Who Can Make $300 Fast In A Day?

Not everyone looks for the answer to how to make $300 fast. While some people believe in a steady income, some people also believe in a one-shot wonder.

And according to our own statistical report, the people looking for a quick $300 can be divided into four main categories.

  • Teenagers: It is probably the best age to start anything. And, they have plenty of options in the job sector to choose from. As a starter, they can go to McDonald’s or Burger King to get a job.
  • Stay-At-Home Parents: Parents have immense responsibilities, whether for their households or raising their kids. And for various reasons, they often need quick bucks.
  • Single Mom: The responsibility gets doubled up for the single moms. Raising a kid all alone is not an easy job. And for that, single moms often need to make quick money.
  • Young Entrepreneur: Young people are the highest risk-takers among all age groups. And they often try to execute the newest business ideas for which they need easy and quick funding.

Besides these four, retirees also look for quick cash for various reasons. Trust me; almost all people need to make quick money at some point in their lives for various reasons.


How to Make 300 Dollars Fast Online? – 30+ Tested Ways

There are plenty of ways to make quick cash in the era of the open economy.

Besides, more and more avenues are opening up throughout the world that can help you make big money in a short time.

So, if you want to know how to make 300 dollars fast this year, here are the best options to choose from.


1. Sell Unused Items Online

You do have unused items in your wardrobe, right? Then, you also have the answer to how to make 300 dollars fast online.

It is just selling those items to make quick money. And to do that, there are two great websites.

  • Decluttr: The most popular website for decluttering, it is a great platform to sell anything electronics at a great rate, let be your old smartphone or a PS4 that you need to upgrade. Check out our in-depth Decluttr review to know more.
  • Poshmark: It is like Twitter for decluttering, where you can make followers and sell items to them. And the best part, the company will take care of the handling and shipping for you.


2. Take Part In Online Surveys

If you want to know how to make 300 dollars fast, online surveys are among the best options to try this year.

And there are now several high-paying survey websites available throughout the globe.

  • InboxDollars: It is not only the best-known platform but is also among the very few that now offer around $5/survey on average. Besides, you can now also claim a $5 signup bonus.
  • SurveyJunkie: As the company itself says, it is not difficult to get around $5/survey on average. However, there are several amazing Survey Junkie hacks that you can try to make up to $75/survey.
  • OpinionOutpost: Participate in high-paying surveys and get paid up to $20 per survey.
  • Pinecone Research: Pays $3 – $5 per survey and up to $7 per product review. Also, enjoy the free gift cards and participate in contests to win prizes.


3. Become A Facebook Marketplace Seller

Facebook has recently become much more than just a social media platform.

And with its latest introduction of Marketplace, it is ready to dominate the local reselling market around the globe.

You can sell almost anything you want through this unique segment called Facebook Marketplace. All you need is to click some good images that you want to sell and then post those with a brief description.

You can directly communicate with your potential buyers, as FB doesn’t charge a penny for this service. However, there are many other side business ideas with Facebook that you can also try.


4. Become A Proofreader

how to make $300 a day - proofreading course

Not just writing but proofreading is equally essential to create and publish great content.

And if you have the right proofreading skill to make any content absolutely free from grammatical, syntactical, or punctuational errors, you also know how to make 300 dollars fast.

You need impeccable skill in grammar and an outstanding grip over the English language to become a high-earning proofreader.

And once you do, it is not difficult to make around $60k/year on average from several high-paying proofreading jobs.

However, you can go beyond that $60k per year, but to do that, you need an expert’s guidance.

So, to help you, Caitlin Pyle has already launched her 76-minute free mini-course on proofreading to kickstart your journey.

With this workshop, Caitlin has successfully trained over 12000+ students, and most of them are already making a full-time income from it.

Before you go, make sure you go through the reviews of her students who are making $1000 – $10,000 every month.


5. Start A Blog

Blogging is one of the most sort-after professions for Gen-Y.

It is among the very few high-paying areas of work that don’t need anything but your creativity and mass appeal.

And you can blog about anything, literally anything. Topics like Food, Finance, Fashion, Health, Parenting, Lifestyle, DIY Crafts, etc., generate a decent income.

It is not at all challenging to make more than $70k/year on average just by blogging. It may sound untrue, but I am earning more than $7k+/month from blogging even amidst this global crisis.

Blogging generally takes a few months to get the results. Every blogger must go through this hard period, and once you do, you’ll witness the real potential of blogging.

Believe it or not, blogging pays you forever for the work you do only once. It’s been more than a year since I wrote an article but still, I am making $7000+ every month from this blog alone.

I ain’t from the English background, to be honest. Anyone can start their own blog and start writing. You don’t need special degrees for that. All it takes is an investment of 100 bucks or less.

But, setting up a money-making blog can be a little difficult for complete newbies.

So, we have just published a step-by-step guide to making a profitable blog that anyone can easily follow.


6. Sell Your Craft On Etsy

It is not only the adults who need quick money.

And if you want to know how to make 300 dollars fast for 13-year-olds, it is probably selling handmade arts and crafts through this unique platform called Etsy.

Selling on this platform is super easy as you can list the item by clicking some pictures and posting a catchy headline.

However, you need to pay a $0.20 listing fee for each of your items. Besides, Etsy also charges around 10% to 15% commission on top of that.

However, getting a buyer here is like a cakewalk. And there are many easy things to make and sell that you can also try your hands on.


7. Sell Photographs Online

Everyone is a mobile photographer these days, and some are truly exceptional.

And if you have the right photography skill with the proper understanding of composition, you already know the answer to how to make $300 fast with no money.

There are many great platforms to sell photographs online that you can try this year, such as Getty Images, Shutterstock, and Foap. All these platforms give you the opportunity to list your images without any charge.

But yes, they do charge a little commission at the final selling price. Don’t forget to post the links on your social media accounts to get more potential buyers.


8. Sell Or Flip On eBay

how to make extra 300 dollars a day

Many want to know how to make $300 fast as a teen, isn’t it?

And my honest advice; try buying an item worth selling from garage sales and discount stores and then resell it at a higher price on platforms like eBay.

If you want to get the best deals, you should make the most of the Deal of the Day segment on Amazon and the top deals and clearance segment on Walmart and Target. Just buy it at a lower price and list it at a higher price on eBay.

However, flipping is a craft to learn. And to help you, Rob and Melissa Stephenson from Flipper University recently introduced a money-making flipping course that you should try.


9. Become A Bookkeeper

how to make 300 dollars a day

Do you even know that a virtual bookkeeper can now easily make around $60/hour on average?

Yes, 21st century is the era of virtual bookkeeping that you can also try your luck on. But yes, you do need the right background to fetch around $45k/year on average.

Besides at least a graduation degree in finance or accountancy, you also need to have the right proficiency in accounting software like Navision or Tally.

But yes, bagging a high-paying bookkeeping job is a different game altogether where you need an expert’s guidance.

And for that, Ben Robinson recently introduced his complete bookkeeping free series to help newbies like you.


10. Make Money As A Freelance Writer

freelance writer

If you have a creative mind and the right flair in writing, no one can bring you down from making a good chunk of money just by becoming a freelance writer.

And there are now several high-paying writing jobs available that you can try. It is not very difficult to make around $45/hour if you have credible writing skills.

But to make more than $60k/year, you do need to have an expert’s guidance. And in that case, Holly Johnson can help you a big time.

One of the most acclaimed writers, Holly, recently introduced her unique writing course to help people fetch a six-figure salary.

So, don’t wait and join this FREE writing workshop now to make the most of it.


11. Become A YouTuber

If you want to know how to make 300 dollars fast for 14-year-olds, follow the success story of YouTube stars Piper Rockelle and Shae Bennett.

These teen stars are now making millions just from their vlogging channels on YT.

Becoming a YouTuber is super easy if you have a creative mind and little knowledge about video editing.

However, many vloggers also do wonders without even any editing. But you need to create your USP to stand out.

Just start with proper keyword research on any topic that you wish to make videos of. And once you publish your videos, don’t forget to market those through your social media profiles.


12. Work As A Voiceover Artist

Many want to know how to make 300 dollars fast as a kid. Let me be absolutely honest; there are very limited ways by which you can actually do that.

But among those, voiceover acting is the most profitable one. But yes, you do need the right texture and the perfect voice modulation skill to make more than $20/hour.

There are many legit voiceover jobs for beginners also available where you can make up to $60k/year.

However, becoming a high-earning VO artist is not that easy. And, you do need the guidance of a Hollywood mentor and Audible-approved producer, Julie Eickhoff.

Don’t forget to enroll in her free mini-course on voiceover to make it big.


13. Become A Virtual Assistant

how to make $300 a week

Do you want to know how to make 300 dollars fast without leaving the comfort of your home?

Try becoming a virtual assistant to meet your goal, that too, without leaving your favorite couch in your house.

From making an appointment to booking a table, work for a VA can revolve around many things.

And for that, they typically charge between $15/hour and $25/hour on average. However, there are many high-paying VA jobs available that can fetch way beyond that.

But sadly, you need the right guidance to make such an amount. So, to help you, Gina Horkey recently introduced her one-of-a-kind VA course.

So, don’t hesitate to join the free Virtual Assistance webinar to kickstart your journey as a VA.


14. Start Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing business

The third decade of the 21st century will be entirely dominated by affiliate marketing if you talk about the online market.

And you can also become a key player in this industry if you enter right now. All you need is a website or a social media base to get started.

In affiliate marketing, you can earn up to 15% commission for each qualified sale. And, if you do it right, it is pretty easy to make around $100/hour on average.

But many people also reported earning more than $10k/month. But to earn such, you need the proper guidance from a successful affiliate marketer.

So, you can join the free mini-course on affiliate marketing especially curated by the award-winning marketer and mentor, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner.


15. Sell Online Courses

Many people are now turning to online platforms when you talk about learning new things.

And in this global crisis, many countries also make it mandatory for students to attend online classes. So, you already know how to make 300 dollars fast if you know how to sell online courses.

According to a report by Global Newswire, the online education market will cross $320 billion in revenue by the end of 2025.

And you can become a part of the booming market by joining websites like Teachable, Udemy, or Coursera to sell courses.

Besides selling courses, there are many legit websites to sell college notes also available around the globe. And it is not tricky to fetch around $2k/month doing just that.


16. Organize A Garage Sell

We all missed our childhood days when we used to get free popsicles whenever we attended any garage sales in our locality.

Days are gone, but the charm remains the same. And you can now also arrange a garage sale to make money fast.

If Facebook Marketplace or Yellow pages don’t excite you, it is better to organize a physical sale.

And to do that, figure out which items you need to declutter from your stock. And then fix a rate for each of those items.

You can also create deals like “buy one get one” or “$10 for 10” to attract more customers to your sale.


17. Become A Member Of Focus Groups

You will never search for the answer to how to make 300 dollars fast if you know how to make money with focus groups.

These groups are a specialized set of people who test new business ideas and try to accumulate genuine responses from consumers.

There are several high-paying online focus groups available around the globe that you can join and make more than $500/day without any hassle.

Companies like Respondent and Apex Focus Group also give you a chance to make more than $150/hour.

But you indeed need to invest a couple of hours each day, systematically, to earn big from focus groups. You need excellent communication skills as well.


18. Teach English Online

The whole of humanity is now moving towards a homogenous monoculture where we will speak a single language for ease of communication.

And in that race, English is the forerunner. So, this language is becoming more and more popular.

In countries like China and Japan, demands for professional English tutors are steep.

And you can take that opportunity to grab one such high-paying online tutoring job if you have the right expertise.

Websites like VIPKid and Magic Ears are the best options as they are now assuring as much as $80/hour for credible English tutors. You can also try websites like Tutor and Wyzant.


19. Test Websites And Apps

Testing websites is not a new thing. And you can now become a website or app tester without having any coding skills at all.

There are several high-paying platforms to get paid to test websites where you can earn more than $300/day.

  • User Testing: If you don’t know How to make 300 dollars fast, join this company asap. For testing a single website to report the bugs, it is now paying up to $90/review.
  • TryMyUI: Although it is around $10/review, a bit lower than the market standard, it assures a seamless supply of projects. So, if you need constant work, it is the best option, no doubt about that.


20. Do Small Jobs With TaskRabbit

You already know about TaskRabbit, isn’t it? It is the best platform to get skilled people for odd jobs.

And if you have such skills, you can also become part of this ever-expanding community of taskers to make more than $300/day.

From assembling IKEA furniture to washing hatchbacks, you can get various odd jobs from this platform.

And joining it is also pretty easy as you need to follow just a few simple steps to get it done.

And the best thing, you can set your own asking rate for the services you offer through this unique platform. And what is even better is that it doesn’t take a commission at all.


21. Name Companies With Squadhelp

Not every company is as lucky as Apple, which resembles an object that is easy to remember and creates a unique identity.

So, most companies look for creative people to get a great name. And if you have the sorcery, you already know how to make 300 dollars fast.

Squadhelp is a platform that lets you sell business names. And for each of those names, you can expect around $135 to $500 on average. However, many users also reported earning up to $5k.

Besides the name, you can also sell several things related to business establishments, such as logos, domain names, and even taglines.

And if you can create a complete package, you can easily fetch around $1k or more.


22. Rent Out Your Room With Airbnb

You don’t use every room in your house, do you? If not, you can simply rent out that empty room.

However, finding the right tenant, that too for the short term, is pretty difficult. But don’t worry; Airbnb is there to help you.

Renting out your room with this fantastic platform is one of the best ways to make money without a job.

And you can earn around $60 to $70/night on average. However, this rate can significantly increase if you stay in an exotic location.

Right now, Airbnb is also offering comprehensive insurance for your property against any accidental damage.


23. Rent Out Your Car

Do you have a car and still asking how to make 300 dollars fast?

Then, you should start renting out your vehicle when you are not using it. And two prime websites can give you the right platform to do that.

  • Getaround: You can list your car for free on this platform. It comes with a unique feature called Getaround Connect that lets your renter for a keyless entry for optimized security.
  • Turo: The oldest kid on the block, this platform shares up to 85% of revenue with you. Besides, it is also among the very few platforms that offer a complete vehicle protection plan.


24. Become A Pet Walker

It is pretty hard to get a job that also satisfies your inner feelings and affection besides earning a good amount of money.

And Jobs, where you work with animals, are the ones that give you just that.

If you have a special love for the doggos, you should start working as a pet sitter and walker with a unique platform called Rover.

Each time you walk a dog, you can fetch around $25 on average. So, two adorable pups a day for a week can easily fetch you $300.

Besides, you can also try other websites like Wag, which also gives you the same opportunity. On top of that, this platform lets you walk multiple dogs together.


25. Work As A Cab Driver

Becoming a cabbie is a long trend! And it is the best answer if you have a car but don’t know how to make 300 dollars a day.

Just use your vehicle and your free time to boost your monthly income quite significantly. In fact, you can even take it as a full-time profession as well.

  • Uber: The most popular app cab, uber, has a significant global presence. It also pays up to $15/hour to its drivers. Besides, you can also earn a pretty handsome tip while driving with them.
  • Lyft: One of the most dominating forces in tier-1 countries, Lyft also assures industry-standard rates. Besides, it adds a $300 bonus to the wallet once you complete 100 rides in a month.


26. Become A Delivery Agent

If you are 18 years or above and have your own car, you are ready to become a delivery agent to make money.

There are now many platforms available that offer lucrative driving jobs for retirees as well.

The best thing about the delivery job is that you don’t even need to work outside your locality as most of these platforms will let you deliver in a fixed radius near your house.

Besides, most of these platforms offer attractive incentives as well. DoorDash and Amazon Flex are the most reputed platforms in this industry.

However, companies like Postmates and Shipt are also doing well to keep up the pace. You can also try Instacart these days.


27. Claim Cashbacks For Daily Purchases

Do you know you can get exciting cashbacks for your daily purchases? Yes, your quest for how to make 300 dollars fast end right here.

There are now many ways to make money while shopping these days.

  • Swagbucks: You can get up to 15% cashback while using this platform. On top of that, you can now also claim a $5 signup bonus.
  • Rakuten: Previously known as Ebates, it is the oldest player in the industry. And now, they are giving a $10 instant bonus to their users.
  • Dosh: Not just shopping; you can even get cash back through this app when you travel or dine. Besides, the minimum payout is just $25.


28. Become A Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is where you act as a shopper and visit a specified store to understand the current inventory, stock of a particular product, or the entire stock.

It is the best way to earn money if you don’t know how to make 300 dollars with PayPal fast.

One of the best mystery shopping sites, Gigwalk, currently has close to 2 million members around the globe. It is not just easy to create an account but also effortless to use.

Although it takes a little time to get accustomed to mystery shopping through this platform, you can easily earn $300 or more each week once you get a little familiar with this app.


29. Open A New Checking Account

Like every business, banks are always looking for opportunities to expand their customer base.

And to get new customers, they never hesitate to give exciting offers like a handsome signup bonus for a new checking account.

You may not believe it, but many financial organizations like CIT Bank and Chase Bank are paying up to a $300 signup bonus for each of their new customers.

But yes, you might need to deposit a small amount to get this offer.

It is also great to have at least two bank accounts to keep track of your financial liabilities and expenses.


30. Find Unclaimed Money

Do you know a considerable amount of unclaimed money always lies in the vault of your government?

Yes, from life insurance maturity benefits to safety deposits, from bank refunds to rent refunds, it can be of any sort you can possibly imagine.

And if you don’t know how to make 300 dollars fast, just check for the unclaimed money. It is a wise choice to check if there is any refund, claims, and deposits in your name.

Just start by contacting the Unclaimed property administrations in the USA. Besides you can also contact the Wage and hour division of the department of labor.


31. Install The Nielsen App

We saved the best for the last! Downloading the Nielsen app on any of your devices will technically get you free money.

Yes, you don’t need to do anything other than just install this lightweight and low-space-consuming app.

Nielsen is a market research company that works on the consumer market to know about market trends.

It helps companies to identify their customers correctly and to understand their needs.

For each download, you can get $50. So, if you have a total of six devices in your house, you can fetch $300 without doing anything at all.



How can I make 300 dollars in a day?

There are plenty of ways to make $300 or more in a day. First, you can start with decluttering your house and sell that unused stuff to websites like Decluttr.

And second, you can also make good crafts or even take great images to sell online. You can also arrange a garage sale in your place to make $300 or more in a single shot.


How to make $300 dollars fast as a kid?

As a kid, avenues are genuinely very limited.

But the best way to earn $300 or more is to become a blogger with your own website or become a vlogger on YouTube.

Besides, becoming a voiceover artist is also an excellent option for the kids, as many studios often look for kids’ voices for ads, television commercials, daily soaps, and even Hollywood movies.


How to make money asap online?

Taking part in legit online surveys is the best option to make online money ASAP.

However, if you don’t even want to work for that, you can simply declutter your wardrobe and sell it online.

Besides, you can also make good crafts and then sell those to platforms like Etsy.


Can you make $300 through shopping?

There are two main ways to earn money through shopping.

First, it is through cashback. Many websites like Rakuten and OhMyDosh now provide this opportunity to get up to 15% cashbacks for your daily purchases.

And second, you can make $300 or more by mystery shopping with various websites like Secret Shopper and Mystery Shoppers America.


Final Words

If you need a quick money-making avenue, you should stick to decluttering your house or arranging a garage sale.

But if you need a steady income where you will never have to worry about how to make 300 dollars fast, you should rely on your creativity to become a writer, proofreader, photographer, or vlogger.

So, that’s all for today, folks! Feel free to drop your feedback and your experience with us in the comment box below.


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