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How To Make $50 Dollars Fast In a Day or Less [53 Real Ways]

Who doesn’t like quick cash in their pocket during a financial crunch? But do you really know how to make 50 dollars fast?

If not, here we will discuss all the possible ways to achieve that money within a day or even less.

Options are many, as you can select the preferred job depending on your area of expertise. While some are creative, some can type fast.

And jobs are already there that can suit your expectation and skillset. But this online space is overly crowded by frauds and scams.

So, we have tried and tested hundred different options before filtering the best ones for you. But before revealing those, let’s clear your fundamental doubts first!


Disclaimer:  This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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Is There A Legit Way To Make 50 Dollars A Day?

Yes, there are several ways by which you can easily make $50 a day.

However, you need to choose the work according to your proficiency and skillset if you want the right answer on how to make $50/day.

There are several legit WFH companies that pay weekly, whereas some pay daily. So, choose according to the urgency you have.

But yes, don’t fall for any scam, and always check the reviews before joining any website.

Depending on your preference, you can either choose creative works like writing or vlogging or can choose manual works like taking part in paid surveys and getting cash back.

You can also provide community service and do odd jobs to earn $50 each day.


What Are The Primary Reasons To Make $50 Fast?

At some point or the other, we all search for the answer to how to make $50 fast.

It can be for various reasons, from a financial crunch to an urge to buy the new variant of iPhone, or maybe for an excursion that you have wished for quite some time now.

But, the most common reasons are as follows.

  • Increase Savings: If you can earn and save $50/day, you can have $1.5k in your bank at the end of the month. And it sums up to $18k/year on average, which is definitely a significant saving.
  • Pay Debts: Most of us are still not free from student loans, car loans, and even automobile loans. And we often need some quick bucks to clear the debts.
  • Retirement And Medical Emergencies: You should have at least six months of your salary saved in your account for emergency purposes. And $50 savings per day can be a great way to start.


13 Legit Ways To Make 50 Dollars Fast Online

We all want to know how to make 50 dollars fast online without leaving the comfort of our homes, isn’t it?

There are now even many legit online jobs for introverts that you can also try. But, the highest-paying among those are as follows.


1. Participate In The Quick Questionnaire On Survey Junkie

If you want to know how to make 50 dollars on PayPal fast, you should first start using this platform called Survey Junkie.

This is actually a market research company that asks for genuine opinions of genuine users through short surveys.

And for each of those paid surveys, you’ll get at least $1, which can go as high as $3/survey. However, there are several Survey Junkie hacks that you can also try to double that amount.

Each of their short surveys takes around 5 to 10 minutes to complete. So, you can expect to earn approximately $6 to $18/hour on average.


2. Watch Videos On Swagbucks


Who doesn’t love to watch trending videos and reels?

But it is now very much possible to even make money just by doing that, all thanks to this fantastic platform called Swagbucks.

You just need to open a free account to log in and start watching videos. And for each of those legit views, you’ll get cash rewards.

Besides videos, you can take part in high-paying online surveys as well. Moreover, it now also offers a $10 welcome bonus for all its new members.

InboxDollars is another platform that gives the same opportunity. And the best part, this platform, too, offers a $5 signup bonus to its new users.


3. OpinionOutpost – Earn $50 Simply To Answer Questions

apps for instant money

More than 350k active members regularly use OpinionOutpost to earn free money this year.

And you can be one of them by joining this unique platform that pays to answer simple questions. A typical survey here takes around 5 minutes to complete.

And for that, you can earn around 10 points on average, although there are surveys available that pay up to 250 points.

Once you accumulate at least 100 points (equivalent to $5), you are free to submit a withdrawal request through PayPal.

You can also opt for online vouchers as your withdrawal method. They will directly send you the gift card or the coupon in your inbox within just 24 hours.

And this Texas-based company now also has a tiering system where you can earn more once you climb the ladder.


4. InboxDollars – Watch Videos And Earn Money


InboxDollars and its British counterpart, InboxPounds, are undoubtedly the most popular free money-earning sites. Although these websites are mainly known for high-paying survey opportunities, there are many other ways to make money as well.

Since 2000, this company has been known for providing surveys that pay up to $35/survey. However, you can now also earn money by playing games, surfing the web, and even watching trending videos.

It is not very difficult to make around $10/hour just by watching fun stuff. You can now also get a $5 signup bonus if you join this platform right now.

However, many other legit platforms for high-paying surveys are also available that can significantly boost your monthly income without putting in much effort.


5. Scan Receipts With Ibotta


There is no better place than Ibotta if you want to know how to make 50 dollars fast this month.

It is actually a cashback site where you can just scan the receipts of your last purchase through your smartphone camera to claim rewards.

This company now has more than 500k retail partners spread across the globe. And it gives legit opportunities to make money without a job and also without any additional effort.

Besides shopping, this one also assures great cashback every time you dine out or travel through its associates.

What is more interesting is that you can opt for gift cards besides cash while withdrawing your earnings.


6. Play Games On Bingo Mania

We all love to play cool games in our free time, isn’t it? But what if I say that you can even make money just by playing games?

Yes, this is absolutely possible with the platforms like Bingo Mania. From arcades to first-person shooters, there are several genres of exciting games to choose from.

But the best part; this platform is now offering a $100 welcome bonus to all its new gamers on board.

It also has a fantastic referral program where you can make money by referring friends. Every time your referral makes more than $25, you’ll get an additional 10% bonus from those earnings.


7. Win Scratch Cards In Lucktastic

get paid to play games

From the old-school Lucky 777 to Diggin’ for Gold, from Lucky Starts to Pirate Shipwreck, thousands of exciting games are available on this unique platform called Lucktastic.

And what more interesting is that you can have loads of scratch cards besides these games. You’ll earn a few points for playing each game on this platform.

Besides, it offers daily scratch cards where you can win $10k cash rewards each day. And for the jackpot winner, it goes up to $25k/day.

But the sad part, this website is currently available only in the United States. However, the signup is absolutely free, and you can open a free account within a minute or so.


8. Earn Free Rewards For Playing Games on Toluna

get paid to play games

Do you want to know about the best way to earn money online, free, fast, and easy? It is undoubtedly playing exciting games.

You’ll get the fun of playing the latest games. And in return, this excellent platform called Toluna will pay you to try those games. A win-win deal, isn’t it?

But the best part is you can also take part in engaging surveys on this platform that can easily fetch you around 100 points/survey.

And once you accumulate 30k of those points, you can opt for a gift card. However, you can submit a PayPal withdrawal request anytime you want.

Right now, you can get a chance to win a LED TV each month once you accumulate 100 points. And for every 500 points, you can win a chance to enter a $4,500 lucky draw each month.


9. Listen To Music On Slice the Pie

get paid for your opinion

Many music producers, sound engineers, singers, and music organizers want to check the public response before the track actually hits the market.

And for that, they prefer this brilliant platform called Slice The Pie. You can get paid to listen to music online with this platform.

All you need to do is listen to a track for at least 90 seconds before writing a short but genuine review about it. And for each of those reviews, you’ll earn points.

Besides reviews, you can also earn by referring your friends on this platform. Needless to say, it is the best answer to how to make 50 dollars fast for music lovers.


10. Lose Weight With HealthyWage

get paid to lose weight

We all love to stay fit in this current scenario, isn’t it?

Believe it or not, there are now several ways available to get paid to lose weight this month.

But not every platform is as trusted as HealthyWage. With thousands of active users, this platform lets you have an ultimate weightless challenge.

Praised by famous media houses, including CNN and Good Morning America, HealthyWage is an app where you can bag up to $10k just by cutting down your weight.

You can download this app right on your smartphone from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

And once you install it, you need to set up a challenge and create a target weight within a specific period.

And if you can achieve that particular weight by that specific time, you’ll get cash rewards. Trust me, it is not just monetary benefits but is also an excellent motivation for workouts.


11. Claim Cashback From Rakuten

how to make 50 dollars fast

Previously known as Ebates, Rakuten is a global superpower in the field of cashback.

It has thousands of associated online and offline stores. And purchasing anything from those stores, you’ll get up to a 50% flat discount.

From Walmart to Target, even Amazon, you can find all your favorite retailers under s single umbrella. And the best part, you can now claim a $10 welcome bonus as a new user of this platform.

Besides having a lightweight app, it now also has a browser extension that works seamlessness.

And this platform has a unique referral program where you can earn up to $25/referral through your custom link.


12. Claim Refunds With Paribus

Nothing can be easier than claiming refunds through Paribus if you want to know how to make 50 dollars fast.

This fantastic app has already helped its users to claim more than $30 million in refunds from online and offline stores.

It is actually a brilliant platform that keeps track of your price adjustments.

From Walmart to Target, from Amazon to Best Buy, you can shop with any of your favorite retailers and get a refund every time your purchased item has a price drop.

Besides having a pop-up notification, you can also get emails right in your inbox to claim the refunds.


13. Save $50 On Utility Bills With Trim

make 50k fast

We spend a good chunk of money on our utility bills, isn’t it? What if I tell you a great way to cut down those bills? Yes, you can do that with Trim.

It is also one of the highest-paying apps that technically pays money for doing nothing! This Ai-powered app can keep track of all your utility bills and recurring subscriptions.

It also automatically notes down your spending habit. Every time it finds an unused service you are paying for, it will remind you through pop-up notifications.

Besides, this app will also find the best rates for your bank dues and credit card bills to fetch a better discount.


Make $50 Fast Without Any Investment

While most jobs need some amount of investment, there are now several options available in the online space that doesn’t even need a single dollar before you can start making money.

And some of the legit options are as follows.


14. Deliver Food With DoorDash

make 50 dollars fast

Food delivery aggregators are becoming more popular with each passing day throughout the world.

And becoming a delivery agent with these companies can be your best bet if you don’t know how to make 50 dollars fast.

This US-based food aggregator called DoorDash now assures up to $25/hour to all its delivery agents.

So, you need merely a two-hour work to get $50. And the best part is you can keep your tip from the customers on top of that.

Several delivery agents reported making $750/week with this company. But yes, you do need to have your personal commute to start this work.


15. Drive A Car With Lyft

drive a car with lyft

If you want to make money just by driving your vehicle, Lyft is the one to hop for. You can even find high-paying driving jobs for retirees on this brilliant platform.

Established in 2012, this company now has nationwide coverage. This company paid more than $700 million to its drivers alone in 2016.

And that amount is since constantly been increasing with each passing year. Joining this platform is also a lot easier than before.

And the best part, you can claim an additional $300 bonus after completing your first 100 trips with this company.


16. Create A Drop Shipping Store With Shopify

get paid to shop

Dropshipping is where you just need to take care of the marketing to increase your sales, while a dropship partner will take care of the rest in the background.

From packing to shipping, you don’t need to take on any responsibilities at all. And all this becomes possible with the introduction of Shopify.

You can easily set up an online store and seamlessly integrate it with your existing website. All you need is to tie up with a trusted supplier, and you are done.

Now, just concentrate on marketing the online store much as possible. Use every channel, let it be your social media handles or google ads, to make it popular and to get potential buyers.


17. Sell Handmade Items On Etsy

Who doesn’t love to make creative arts and crafts in their free time? But do you know that you can now sell those great handmade crafts on this platform called Etsy?

Yes, you can attract millions of potential buyers while using this platform. Joining this platform is super easy as you can create a free account in a few simple steps.

However, you need to pay a listing fee of $0.2/product. Besides, this platform also charges up to 15% commission on the final selling price.

All you need is to take some great pictures of your crafts, combine them with a creative and unique description, and you are ready to sell on Etsy.


18. Sell Photos Online

We all love to take great pictures with our phones, isn’t it? But you can now even make a good amount of money just by clicking photographs and selling them online.

Several legit websites to sell photos online are there where you can showcase your photography skills.

You can open a contributor’s account on platforms like Getty Images, Shutterstock, 500px, and Alamy.

All these websites give you a platform to sell your photos for money. And in most cases, they charge a very minimal commission.

But yes, you do need to have outstanding photography skills and the correct understanding of suitable compositions to make your images sale-worthy.


19. Install Nielsen Panel And claim $50

how to make 50 dollars fast

If you don’t know how to make 50 dollars fast legally, just install this Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel on any of your electronic devices.

And believe it or not, you can make $50/device per year just for installing the panel.

It is actually a market research company that automatically collects data from the users to provide customer insight to their associates.

This lightweight panel will work in the background and will automatically collect non-sensitive data.

Besides earning fifty bucks for each of your devices, you can also take part in the monthly sweepstakes to earn a jackpot of $10k per month.

It’s not all as you get a chance to enter $10,000 worth of contests each month. Even if this app is not available in your demographic profile, there are now many other apps that pay to unlock your phone these days.


20. Review Products And Earn Money 50 Dollars Fast

Product Testing is a relatively new genre where you can earn free money by trying new items and reviewing those in detail.

UserTesting is one such company that is now dominating the product testing market with thousands of active participants for each test.

A typical test that takes around 5 minutes can fetch you about $5. And for more extended testing that takes approximately 20 minutes to finish, you can fetch up to $10/product test.

Some assignments also want you to appear in a live feedback session via telephonic or AV conversation. And for those, you can easily bag up to $120/testing. Still not sure about this company?

Don’t forget to check out our in-depth UserTesting review, as we tried the site a few days back.


21. Get Instant Credit From ZippyLoan

get instant 50 dollars fast

Businessmen, entrepreneurs, and online sellers often face cash crunches.

And if you don’t know how to make 50 dollars fast for your business, you can now get an instant loan approval through this brilliant platform called ZippyLoan.

It takes just a few steps to open a free account on this website. It can automatically track your credit performance and will approve a loan within 5 minutes.

Besides, it has an extensive network of private and institutional lenders that work hand-in-hand to deliver loan services seamlessly.

All you need to be just 18 years old with a valid source of income to become eligible. And in a 24-hour cycle, you can request an instant loan from $100 to $15k.


22. Rent Out Your Room With Airbnb

You don’t use all the rooms in your house, do you? If not, you can simply rent it out with Airbnb to make money from that.

Besides, you’ll also have a chance to meet and greet travelers from all around the world. Just take some great pictures of your house and describe why anyone should stay at it.

And upload that to this platform to get it rolling! Once someone likes your property and wants to spend time, you’ll directly get a booking request.

And the best part, you can prefix the room rent.

Right now, this company also provides comprehensive property insurance to let it save against any unforeseen circumstances, natural calamities, or even acts of God.


23. Rent Your Car And Earn Money

If your vehicle remains idle for a significant chunk of time each day, you should try the Airbnb of cars, GetAround!

With the surge of app-cab services like Uber, many people have already started renting out their vehicles for monetary benefits. And you can also do just that to make around $1500/month.

You don’t need to drive your car at all. Instead, you will lease out your car for a few specific hours each day. And in return, you will get hourly rents.

However, there are available jobs for lazy people to make $100/day from various sources.

Besides, you can also use platforms like Turo that offer similar opportunities in the tier-1 market as well. And if you are comfortable driving all by yourself, Uber is the one to hop for.


24. Earn 50 Dollars Instantly- Declutter and Sell Your Old Stuff

sell unused stuff

You do have those items in your closet that you have never used for ages, don’t you? But, you can now sell out those to earn free money. Decluttr is one such website that gives you this opportunity.

You can sell old smartphones, DVDs, Blu-Rays, computer games, and console games through this unique platform.

And the process is pretty simple. You need to scan the barcode and then scan the entered item through your camera while using the app to get an instant quote.

If you are happy to go with the offered price, you can print a free shipping label and dispatch it to their warehouse. And the money will be credited to your account.

However, you can also start your flipping business where you can sell items through various auction sites.

Rob & Melissa Stephenson of Flipper University recently introduced a mini-course on flipping to let you know about the secrets of this trade.


25. Sell Unused Stuff

We all have those things in our closets that we have never used for ages.

And if you can declutter your wardrobe and sell that unused stuff, you don’t even need to search for the answer to how to make 50 dollars fast.

Because you may not know, you can fetch big cash just for selling those items.

You can use Facebook MarketplaceCraigslist, and Yellow Pages to sell your unused items.

But it is better to go for a face-to-face deal to make the deal secure and also to get a better price than online marketplaces. And for that, drop some flyers in your community center.

Fix an asking rate for each of your items, depending on their current condition and the current price. Besides, don’t forget to click some great images to attract high-paying buyers.


26. Fetch Rewards– Scan Your Receipts For Money

get free money

If you don’t know how to earn money online without investment, let me reveal a simple trick. You can now even earn just by scanning the receipts of your recent purchase.

From groceries to household items, you can scan almost any receipt to earn cashback. There are several platforms available such as Storewards and HuYu, that now provide this opportunity.

You can easily fetch around 5% to 10% instant cashback on any suitable day. But several people even reported earning up to 50% cashback of the total purchase price.

You can also join websites like Shoppix that currently has thousands of registered retail and eCommerce shops. All you need is to scan the receipt after purchase, and you are done!

Download the Fetch Rewards app here: Android, iOS.


27. Cancel Unwanted Subscription With TrueBill

make 50 dollars fast

From Netflix to mobile bills, we have several subscriptions that we usually pay on a monthly basis.

We often also take subscriptions for a single month, but due to the autorenewal, it deducts the monthly fee. It is also not possible to keep a tab on all those.

But now, it is absolutely possible with the introduction of TrueBill.

It automatically integrates all your subscriptions in a single place and will let you know which subscriptions you are not even using right now.

Besides, this unique app can also track your spending habit and will remind you whenever you overspend on something.

This high-tech AI assistant is truly a gem if you have loads of subscriptions, bills, and payments to make.


Make 50 Dollars Fast With Online Trading And Investment

In the 21st century, options are many in the trading industry.

Besides the old-school stocks and dividends of companies, you can now have opportunities to trade several other things like commodities, foreign currencies, cryptocurrencies, and many more.


28. Trade Cryptocurrencies

Cryptos are the future! Believe it or not, cryptocurrencies are now almost dominating the financial cyberspace around the globe.

And we all have witnessed the massive surge in the price of Bitcoin that has gone many folds since it was first launched.

You can now also become part of this innovative trading.

There are several websites available where you can easily upload a cash balance on the wallet and then use that balance to purchase and trade various cryptocurrencies.

However, it is necessary to understand how it works and its true potential to make a good profit.

But yes, you can find several tutorials and guidebooks online that can help you to understand and predict the market.


29. Micro Invest In Real Estate With Fundrise

quick money online

You might think that real estate investments are only for millionaires, don’t you?

But this is an absolute myth that everyone falls for. You don’t need to invest a good chunk of money at all, as you can start with just $50.

There is a great platform called Fundrise that gives you this opportunity.

You can invest in a diversified portfolio through this platform to put your stakes in institutional-quality real estate.

It is actually a crowd-funded real estate investment that anyone can be a part of. However, you can’t make a quick profit here. But in the long run, this platform does give a steady return.


30. Invest In Forex

Forex is where you deal with foreign currencies.

It works pretty similarly to share trading, where instead of stocks, you trade foreign money. All you need is to buy some currency online and hold it till its value increases.

However, it is not a wise decision to put more than 2% to 4% of your total budget into a single stock. Suppose you have a forex trading budget of $2k; you should have at least 50 stocks in your portfolio.

But yes, like profit, you’ll also have to face loss in this industry. And it is a wise decision to take a calculative risk according to your loss-bearing capacity.


31. Flip Websites And Apps With Flippa

make money fast today

You may not know, but buying and selling websites and apps are one of the most lucrative trading opportunities that anyone can pursue nowadays.

You can either sell just the domain names or can also build a website and then sell it. Flippa is one such website that gives you this platform.

All you need is to list your website and app on this platform while describing a few vital details, such as total traffic, revenue, and domain ratings.

You can either have a fixed selling value or can go for bidding with your website. And you can also sell it through this website itself.


32. Get Unclaimed Money

Claiming the unclaimed money can be the best way if you don’t know how to make 50 dollars fast.

Yes, you may not believe it, but there is a considerable chunk of money that remains unclaimed, let it be from insurance settlements to maturity benefits.

We also often don’t have any idea about the ancestorial wealth that we have inherited. While we mainly consider real estate values, we often forget about real money.

If you live in the USA, it is better to check with the Unclaimed property administrations. Besides, you can also directly contact the Wage and hour division of the Department of Labor.


33. Get Free Money Every Year with A Lifetime ISA

Do you know that you can now earn up to $2000 free money just by opening an individual saving account or ISA?

The government will pay you an additional $2k each year once you start saving at least $8k in each financial term till you hit 50. However, there are now lifetime ISA or LISA accounts available that don’t have any age limit.

In a single tax year, you need to deposit at least £4k in European countries and around $8k in the USA and Canada. And the government will add another £1k ($2k in the USA) on behalf of you.

However, you can’t withdraw your savings from this account until you have a specific demand. You can only withdraw it once you hit 60 years of age or when you need to buy a house.


34. Earn Interest On Your Savings

You must have already understood how the ISA and LISA work in tier-1 countries.

You can also directly contact your bank to know if any particular account is available to earn reasonable interest rates on a personal saving account.

If you are a lady or a budding entrepreneur, many banks throughout the world now offer excellent savings programs to boost you.

All you need is to open an account with your preferred bank and start saving.

But to lock the best deals, you need to go through the current offering of your nearby banks thoroughly.

You can directly call their customer service to know if they have any tailored account privileges for you.

Many countries have MIS (monthly income scheme) as well where you can save money.


13 Ways To Make 50 Dollars Creatively

Becoming creative is the best thing you can do in any field. And while talking about making at least $50/day, creative works are the best things to try.

It will not only give you financial freedom but will also help you to quench your artistic thirst.


35. Create Your Own Blog

I also didn’t know how to make 50 dollars fast until I started this blog. Around three years back, I started this blog to get financial burden and to free myself from student debts.

Although the initial six months were pretty tough, this blog started making money from the seventh month itself.

And trust me, I’m making way more than you think, close to $8k/month, on a regular basis. You can check out my latest monthly income report to have an inside detail.

All you need is a good domain name and reliable hosting to start it. And both these things are available at an affordable price on Bluehost.

You can invest as low as $2.95/month to get a server and domain name package from Bluehost.

And if you don’t know how to set it up, I’ve also recently published a step-by-step guide to set up a blog in less than 30 minutes.


36. Earn $50 Dollars Daily with Your Writing Skills

Writing is not a forte for everyone. But if you have the right flair, it is the best option where you can easily make around $20/hour on average these days.

Many talented writers around the globe also reported earning about $30/hour even in these challenging times. And the recent ZipRecruiter report suggests that the average income now lies around $63k/year for full-time writers.

But it is not easy to enter this industry even if you are a talented writer. You need the right SEO knowledge besides incredible writing skills to stand out.

freelance writing business

But still, these are not all that you need to master if you aim to get high-paying clients. And to help you, Holly Johnson recently launched her all-in-one freelance writing course that can help you to go from $0 to $225k/year.

You can try websites like TextBroker and Hubpages to kickstart your writing career. And once you know about the correct steps, you should also try these websites to get paid to write this year to lock in some high-paying writing projects.


37. Become A Social Media Influencer

If you don’t know how to make 50 dollars fast for 8-year-olds, you may not know the power of social media these days.

Just try searching “The Axel Show” or Tiana on YouTube or Bugha on Twitch. These kid influencers are now earning millions.

Just try to be as unique as possible on social media to make a reasonable number of followers. It will be an added advantage if you have video editing or photoshop skills on top of that.

There are many ways to make money while becoming a social media influencer. First, you can earn through a web revenue system like AdSense.

But, most of your money will come from brand promotions and sponsored content.


38. Start Proofreading

Proofreading is where you don’t need to write but to make it absolutely error-free. There are two aspects of this job.

First, you need to make it free from any grammatical, syntactical, and punctuational errors. And second, you need to make the intent of the writing absolutely clear for the readers.

And for that, you do need to have the proper proficiency and a solid grip over the language.

It is necessary to have at least a graduation degree in language or linguistic-related subjects to start as a proofreader.


But yes, you also need the proper guidance if you really want to make your name in this industry.

Caitlin Pyle is one such mentor who already guided thousands of successful proofreaders from around the globe.

Her students are not only the highest earners but are the most acclaimed too. And now, you can also join her free proofreading webinar to kickstart your journey in this industry.


39. Vlog On YouTube

You may not consider becoming a YouTuber if you still don’t know how to make 50 dollars fast for 13-year-olds.

There are YouTubers like Shae Bennett and Piper Rockelle who are now earning in six digits just by publishing great vlogs on YouTube.

And trust me, the future is AV! You should enter this field before it gets saturated with too many creators.

And the best part; you can blog about anything you prefer, starting from cooking to toy reviews.

Your primary source of income will be the revenue you will generate from AdSense.

But once you become a sensation on YT, you’ll get a lot of paid promotions, sponsored partnerships, and brand tie-ups as well.


40. Convert Audio Files Into Text

Converting plain audio or AV files to texts can be the best way to earn free money if you have excellent ear-hand coordination along with a great typing speed with minimal errors.

Yes, transcription is one such genre that can earn you around $30/hour on average. According to a recent report by ZipRecruiter, the average salary of a transcriber now lies around $58k/year.

But yes, you need to invest in a few types of equipment like a foot pedal and noise-canceling headphones to get started. Besides, you also need to take the right steps to enter this industry and create your name here.

So, it will be beneficial for you if you join this free mini-course of general transcription to know about the initial steps to create a successful transcription career without spending a single penny.

50 dollars fast

And suppose you are already a seasoned transcriber. In that case, you should opt for this free mini-course on legal transcription that can comfortably earn you around $50/hour for legit companies offering high-paying transcription projects such as TranscribeMe and REV.


41. Start Your Own Podcast

Podcasts are fantastic to listen to as they give insights about so many things.

And if you have a good voice and a command over communication, you don’t need to worry about how to make 50 dollars fast.

You can do that just by starting your own Podcast. Way back in 2004, BBC journalist Ben Hammersley first coined this term.

And ever since, this term has been embedded in every fan’s heart. From Spotify to Apple Podcast, you can start your Podcast anywhere you want.

But there is no direct source of making money with podcasts, and you need to rely on sponsored content and ads entirely.

However, most good podcasts are now earning more than $500 for just a 30-second ad campaign.


42. Become An Affiliate Marketer

Becoming an affiliate marketer is the best option if you don’t know how to make 50 dollars fast this month.

In this industry, you mainly need to create sales funnel through your own channels to increase the overall sales volume of a particular product or service.

And in return, you’ll get your cut as commissions. In most cases, you’ll earn up to 15% commission on the actual selling price.

So, it is not very difficult to make more than $100/hour. Believe it or not, I myself am earning more than that just by doing affiliate marketing.

how to make 50 dollars fast

And I get the most guidance from my coach and mentor, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner.

She is an award-winning marketer who already coached thousands of successful affiliate marketers around the globe.

And now, you can also join her free mini-course on affiliate marketing to kickstart your career in this industry.


43. Create An Online Course

If you are good at something, you should teach that skill to others not just to make money but also to help them earn.

Believe it or not, the online education market will likely cross $320 billion by the end of 2025, according to a report by Global Newswire.

You may not know that there are now several legit websites to sell college notes as well. And if you combine these two, you can easily make a six-digit income each month, that, too, without vesting colossal effort.

There are several platforms like Teachable, Udemy, and Coursera where you can develop and sell courses. Joining these platforms are also free, although they charge a small commission.


44. Work As A Virtual Assistant

I myself have appointed several VA for doing small jobs for both myself and for this website.

And I’ve never had any issues related to their efficiencies. And I was awestruck by the fact that they are charging even $15/hour for small jobs.

Many virtual assistants also reported earning more than $25/hour while doing some of the high-paying VA jobs available in the online space.

However, becoming a VA is not a cup of tea for everyone as it needs several inside tricks to earn good money.

Gina Horkey is one such mentor who already coached thousands of successful VA around the globe.

50 dollars fast

And now, she has also introduced her free Virtual Assistance webinar so that you can get inside knowledge of this industry. Don’t forget to give it a try!


45. Become An Online English Tutor

If you are good at English, you don’t need to worry about how to make 50 dollars fast.

Because there are now ample opportunities available where you can teach English online and make quite a significant amount of money.

You just need strong proficiency in the English language to teach students, especially the foreign ones from China and Japan.

There are now several high-paying online tutoring jobs available where you need TEFL or ESL certificate besides having a graduation degree.

There are many platforms like VIPKid, Magic Ears, Tutor, and Wyzant that now provide great opportunities to online teachers to earn up to $80/hour on average.


46. Write An eBook

You may not know, but there are several high-paying writing jobs available nowadays where you can make $50/hour.

But yes, you do need to have the right flair in writing and a creating mind to become a high-earning writer with utmost credibility.

I myself wrote my first blog around three years back. And trust me, I improved a lot over the course of these three years.

And all thanks to the guidance of Holly Johnson, who is not just a famous writer herself but is also a great mentor.

She has recently introduced a specially-curated course for the new writers, that too without any charge at all.

Besides the writing tricks, you’ll also learn the secret art of getting good clients.

So, don’t waste your time and join this free writing workshop right now to make up to $50/hour just by writing creative content.


47. Become A Freelancer On Fiverr

You don’t really need an introduction to this Israeli tech giant, do you?

Fiverr is one of the best freelance job sites that offer almost all the genres of WFH and freelance opportunities.

Besides, it can be your answer if you are doubtful about how to make 50 dollars fast. It takes just a few minutes to open a free account on this platform.

You can just log in with your Google, Facebook, and Apple ID as well. Write some brief descriptions of the services that you offer and set a price for each gig.

You can set anywhere between $5 to $999/gig on Fiverr. And you can also list several gigs even from different categories at the same time.

This platform now also offers a payment protection service.


6 Alternative Ways To Make 50 Dollars Fast Offline

While many prefer online jobs, many also want to know how to make 50 dollars fast offline.

So, we have tried several available opportunities all by ourselves before selecting the best five options for you.


48. Do Odd Jobs

If you are not even an adult and still want to know how to make 50 dollars fast as a kid, there are several options you can try.

But the profitable among those will be definitely doing odd jobs for your neighbors.

You can either get it from your local community center or can get it from some of the best odd job apps like TaskRabbit.

However, you need to choose the job depending on your proficiency and physical capacity.

If you are physically strong, take work like lawn mowing, pet sitting, and raking leaves from the pathways.

And if you are not, you can go for babysitting, flyer distribution, and similar odd jobs.


49. Provide Community Service

We are all social animals, and we make communities for the betterment of our life.

And as community members, we have helped each other for ages. However, it is still a great way to make money.

You can start providing community service in two ways. First, you can directly ask your neighbors and relatives if they want any assistance from you.

And second, you can print some flyers and drop them at your community center.

You can do several things as a community service. You can power wash a pathway, clean a driveway, help decorate the house, or even paint a wall.


50. Organize A Garage Sale

Nothing can be better than organizing an old-school garage sale if you don’t know how to make 50 dollars fast.

You must have some unused stuff lying in your wardrobe or closet. Just sell those to earn money fast.

First, make an inventory of what are the things that you can sell at the garage sale. And then, fix a price for each of those items.

However, you should set a price depending on the condition of your item.

And to get customers on your garage sale, you can either announce it on your social media profiles or can directly put a cardboard sign in front of your house to let everyone know.


51. Walk Dogs With Rover

We all love fur babies, don’t we? It is the man’s best friend that has remained loyal for ages.

And they deserve equal love and respect, isn’t it? So, you can do your part by taking jobs working with animals nowadays.

You can go to a park and directly talk to the dog owners to let them know you are offering this service. Besides, you can also open a free account on this platform called Rover.

After opening a free account here, you can directly look into the available tasks for dog walking in your locality. And to walk each dog, you can expect around $25.


52. Become A Voiceover Artist

If you have a great voice, you search for how to make 50 dollars fast should end right here.

Voiceover is not a cup of tea for everyone. But, if it is for you, you can even make $50/hour just giving your voice to films, ads, and a lot more.

As a newbie, you can expect between $20 to $60/hour, depending on your skills. However, many voiceover artists reported earning more than $60k/year.

But yes, you do need a good mentor to keep you on the right track. Julie Eickhoff is one such mentor who is not just a voiceover artist in Hollywood but also an Audible-approved producer.

And nothing can be better than learning the craft from him, that too for free. Yes, you can join her free mini-course on voiceover to kickstart your journey in this industry.


53. Earn Free Money Without Investment

It is not very difficult to earn free money without investment these days. There are plenty of ways to win cash rewards, such as a lottery, lucky draw, or a flat cashback.

You can take part in various online and offline competitions as well to make money. An elite-level comper typically earns around $100/day on average.

However, you need to participate in at least 100 different competitions each week to touch that level of daily earning.

However, you can also start your own business if you have the right entrepreneurial spirit embedded in you. But don’t forget to check out our tested ideas to start a business without any investment at all this year.



How can I make money fast?

If you want to know how to make 50 dollars fast, you first need to identify your skillset and preferred area of work.

Besides, you also need to choose either offline or cyberspace to make $50 quickly.

There are several options like taking part in paid surveys, doing small jobs, claiming cashbacks, and do creative work that can earn this amount without any hassle.


What is the fastest way to make money?

The fastest way to make money, at least $50, is undoubtedly by taking part in online surveys.

Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, and Opinion Outpost are some of the legit and high-paying survey sites that you can join.

And if you like creative works, you can also become a writer or a proofreader to make that money.

You can also now get $50 cashback from apps like Rakuten if you are a frequent shopper.


What are the best apps to make money fast?

The best apps to make money fast and easy are definitely Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and Inbox Dollars.

Besides high-paying surveys that can fetch up to $75/survey, you can participate in various projects on these platforms, such as watching trending videos, playing fun games, reading paid emails, and a lot more!


What are the jobs that pay $50 fast?

There are two types of jobs that can easily make $50 fast. First, you can choose creative works if you have artistic quotients.

Try writing, proofreading, or becoming a voiceover artist to make quick cash.

And second, you can do small but manual jobs like taking part in paid surveys, claiming cashback, reading emails, watching videos, and similar opportunities.


Conclusion – Can You Really Make 50 Dollars Fast?

As I’ve already said, you need to first know about your own expertise and preferred job sector even to start the hunt for making money.

And if you want to know how to make 50 dollars fast, you definitely need to sharpen your skillset to make your name in the industry.

There are now several genuine online jobs that pay $20/hour that you can also try. And working for just three hours can fetch more than $50 for you.

So, that’s all for today, folks! Feel free to drop your feedback in the comment box below. Happy earning!


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