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How To Make Money On Pinterest in 2024 [Beginner Guide]

Is it possible to make money on Pinterest in 2024?

I would say, Yes!

And, I would like to share my journey with Pinterest and how I have been making thousands of dollars every month for the last six years.

So, if you are reading this post, you are probably wondering how to make money on Pinterest.

If you are a regular Pinterest user, I’m sure you’ve seen or heard a lot of influencers and bloggers sharing their jaw-dropping earnings on Pinterest. Maybe you might have ignored these before thinking making money on Pinterest is just a myth.

Well, I am not gonna blame you because I was in the same shoes before starting this blog. I too used to think that people are faking their earnings on Pinterest to get the attention.

But things changed when I decided to try on my own. After learning and experimenting, I actually started making money on Pinterest and realized it is possible to make money on the platform.

Gradually, I learned the Pinterest platform well and utilized it for my blog which currently generates a full-time income for me.

Let me share some screenshots with you for proof…

affiliate income

One day income from one affiliate network

More than $800 per day affiliate income and $1000+ including ad income.

Panthera Earnings

Affiliate Income from blog

$43,437 alone from one affiliate network. (I will reveal all in this post later…)

mediavine income - jobs that pay 10k a month

Mediavine Ad Revenue of Dreamshala Blog.

And a whopping $157,578.75 in ad income from Mediavine (PS: Majority of the traffic is from Pinterest only.)

I went from thinking all these income proofs were fake to actually making real money for myself with my successful blog with the help of Pinterest traffic.

Feeling excited to know more about making money on Pinterest? Let’s discuss it.


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How To Make Money On Pinterest in 2024?

Initially, I signed up on Pinterest to browse beautiful, informative, and helpful images. At that time, I had no idea that we could actually make money on this platform.

Sometimes, Pinterest used to show blogger’s income report pins in the feed. When I read those blog posts, I used to think that these were all just scrap and not true.

As time goes, I decided to try blogging with the help of Pinterest after reading many income reports of DIY, Food, and Finance bloggers.

Soon I started to understand the platform and got to know that Pinterest is more like a search engine but not a social media platform.

This changed the whole picture and paved the way to make real money from my blog.

I am going to share the exact things you’ll need today in 2024 to start earning real money with Pinterest.


How Much Money You Can Make On Pinterest?

Most of us have one question before starting any new job side hustle or business. Is it worth our time?

Because we cannot completely rely on something new, is it really worth spending 2-3 hours a day learning ways to make money on Pinterest?

What if I tell you that you can make $50, $100, or even more than $200 a day from Pinterest?

mediavine payment

One Day Ad Income from Pinterest

And how would you react if I told you that I made $1000+ in a single day from my blog which gets the majority of traffic from Pinterest?

affiliate income

One-Day Affiliate Income

And, the cherry on the cake is that, like me, you can start this side hustle today with no experience at all.

I started with no experience and no big expectations but eventually learned to make money using the Pinterest platform every day over the years.

However, how much are you expecting from Pinterest? There are a handful of ways (which I am gonna share later in this post) to make life-changing money on Pinterest.

Some people go for quick bucks by doing surveys on platforms like Freecash or InboxDollars because they are free and quick.

Though these are legit survey sites that pay around $200 – $500 per month, they cannot provide a full-time income. On the flip side, you can have Pinterest, which has the potential to make a full-time income and change your life.

I’m pretty sure that whatever your expectations are, Pinterest can match in terms of making money.

So let’s not waste any time to set up your Pinterest business account before discussing the ways to make money on Pinterest


Guide To Make Money With Pinterest

Though there are many ways to make money with Pinterest, I recommend you start a money-making blog which is easier and more effective.

There are other ways that require no blog or website but they have less potential and I’ll talk about them later in this post.

Going on Pinterest with a blog uncovers various high-potential passive income ways like affiliate marketing, digital product selling, ad income, courses, ebooks, and more.

Whether you start with or without a blog, you don’t need any prior experience to begin with.

I too started with zero experience like most of us and was able to scale my blog income to $7000+ per month within the first year itself.

And believe me, I had no special skills when I got started.

I too have started with a lot of doubts in my mind because I used to think you have to be a great writer and need great technical knowledge to maintain a blog and Pinterest. But this is just a myth.

Basic computer skills like typing and browsing are enough BTW we all possess these skills in 2024. Who doesn’t?

And, your willingness to learn things and make money on Pinterest is what makes the journey more easier. If you implement what I discuss below in this post, then you can start using Pinterest as your money-making machine.


1. Start A Blog To Make Money on Pinterest

Whether you choose to sell digital products or earn commissions via affiliate products, you should better have your own blog for a high probability of success.

To start a blog, I highly recommend Bluehost Web Hosting services to begin with.

It costs less than a coffee (Just $2.99 per month) and offers a FREE domain ($20 in value) when you sign up through this link and go for at least the 12-month plan.

This is how my real money-making journey started as well.

You can also choose to go with the free WordPress or Blogger without spending a dime on hosting but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Because no company will take you seriously and it would be hard for you to get the approvals from ad and affiliate networks.

So, if you are serious about starting this side hustle with a blog and Pinterest, then follow this step-by-step tutorial to create your blog with Bluehost.

Note: I’m happy to share with you that Bluehost offers hosting services at just $2.99 per month when you purchase via this special link. So that’s the only upfront investment of $36 USD a year you invest on a blog. Plus, you’ll get a FREE domain (worth $20) when you sign up for at least a 12-month plan.


How To Make Money on Blog With Pinterest?

My blogging journey took a positive turn when I decided to promote it on Pinterest.

I saw many people doing the same on Pinterest and making extra income and even full-time income just from Pinterest traffic alone.

So, I decided to try it for myself.

And today, I am sharing my own experiences here and how I made nearly half a million US dollars from this blog alone.

Honestly speaking, It took me several months to make my first $1000. And within a year, I was able to make a full-time income from it.

Blogging is definitely a ‘get rich’ scheme but not a get rich ‘quickly’ one. You have to put in some serious effort and work upfront. Once you get the breakthrough, it pays you forever for the work you did only once.


Write Engaging, Helpful, and Relevant Content

Once you finish setting up your blog, the next thing you need to start doing is content strategy and writing.

Content strategy is more important than writing tons of random content. So, make sure you stick to your niche and write useful content around it.

Also, make sure your articles help readers learn something or solve their problems. Don’t fill up with your personal life or issues if they don’t help the readers.

There are several topics/niches you can choose to write… for instance

  • If you are a plus-size person trying to be fit, you can write about your journey, diet plans, and exercises
  • If you have cleared debts early, you can share your financial knowledge, money management tips, etc.
  • Write about time management and discipline if you are a very punctual and disciplined person
  • Similarly, you can write about fashion, travel, food, relationships, beauty, and more based on your knowledge.

Don’t choose your niche/topic just because you believe it has more potential to make money, because it may work out in the beginning.

But this won’t work out in the long run. Would you like to keep writing every day about something you are not passionate about?

Always go with the topic that balances your passion, skills, and demand as well.

It takes some time to decide what topic/niche to go with. Take your time and decide. Never do it in a hurry.

And, remember, you’ll be rewarded as long as you help readers with your content. Whenever you start writing something, always ask yourself, ‘How this is going to help readers?‘ & ‘What’s in it for readers?‘.

So, you don’t get shifted towards the wrong path.

Also, as you are a new blogger, I would recommend writing at least 3 articles a week. Once you finish publishing 10 or 20 good articles, then you can apply for ad & affiliate networks and start promoting them on Pinterest.


How To Set Up a Pinterest Business Account?

The first step to start your money-making journey with Pinterest is Signing up for a Pinterest Business Account. This is absolutely free to use.

Pinterest bio

Make sure you include all the relevant keywords in your bio based on your niche and topics. You can see the above screenshot for reference.

And before you start creating your Pinterest Business account, make sure you start a blog to make money on Pinterest.

You should create a blog before creating your Pinterest account because you’ll need a website URL to complete your business account set up on Pinterest.


Creating Boards & Pins

Once you finish filling up your business name, website address, bio, and all the required info, now it’s time to create boards and Pins.

I recommend you use Canva to design pins (I use this and here you can use premade templates). This is absolutely free and easy to use.

Pin or Board creationg on Pinterest

Create a Pin or Board on Pinterest

Click on the “+” sign at the bottom right on the created tab on Pinterest to create a board or upload a pin.

Whether you are creating a pin or board, make sure you include relevant keywords in the description. It helps the pins to reach more people.

For instance, if you are posting a pin/board about “online jobs

  • – include relevant keywords like ‘online side jobs, remote jobs, online typing jobs, online side hustles‘, etc. It creates relevancy.
  • – don’t stuff irrelevant keywords like ‘career, fashion, trending, popular, work, food,’ etc. Even the algorithm will be confused about what it is all about.

Pinterest keywords in description

Check the above screenshot to learn how to include keywords in the description without messing up the descriptions and titles.


Create New Boards & Join Group Boards

If it is 2020 or before, I would recommend you join 100 group boards and start promoting aggressively. But group boards are not working in 2024 as they used to be.

I won’t tell you to completely ignore them. You can still join good and active group boards. But your main focus should be on your own and new boards because Pinterest shifted its focus to your personal boards.

When joining group boards, make sure you join completely relevant and small group boards. If a group board has hundreds of contributors in various niches, then it’s not gonna work out.

If you blog on finance-related topics, join group boards that share money-saving, money-making, and financial management tips.

Create new boards often and pin other people’s content occasionally. This practice boosts the overall growth of your account and website traffic.

Uploading Pins

Here are the steps you need to take to upload your pins onto the Pinterest account.

Step 1: Login into your Pinterest business account

Step 2: Go to Create >> ‘Create Pin‘ or Go to the Saved tab and click on the ‘+‘ symbol >> Choose to Create Pin

Pin or Board creationg on Pinterest

Step 3: Select the Pin image from your computer and fill up all the fields

Pin uploading tutorial

  • Add your title/heading
  • Write a perfect pin description (include relevant keywords as explained above)
  • Enter the target blog post URL
  • Select the board you want to save this pin into
  • Finally, Click on Publish to publish immediately or you can choose to schedule it for later.

As said earlier, Pinterest is a visual search engine where you can browse pictures of fashion, food, products, recipes, and more.

We also can earn money from Pinterest by uploading pictures. This is called Pinning.

When you have 10-20 articles on your blog, you should start uploading your pins to the Pinterest account. You can attach your blog post link to your pin image while uploading. This way you get traffic to your website from Pinterest.

The more traffic you get to your blog, the more income you’ll make from display ads, affiliate commissions, sponsorships, and selling digital products and courses.

For instance here are a few screenshots to see how much I am earning from my blog.

Mediavine Ad income

Daily Ad Income from Mediavine

This is only from display ads from Mediavine only. Similarly, you can also earn affiliate income with the same traffic by monetizing your blog with relevant affiliate products. Check the below screenshots.

panthera network

Affiliate Income from Just One Network



SurveyJunkie Income


proofreadanywhere revenue

ProofreadAnywhere income

You can see my earnings from both affiliate and ad networks. These are majorly based on Pinterest traffic only.


Monetize Your Blog With Adsense and Mediavine

Once you post articles and pins regularly, you can start seeing traffic to your blog.

Then, you can apply for ad networks like Google AdSense, Ezoic, Mediavine, and AdThrive based on your monthly traffic numbers. Once approved, you can monetize your blog with display ads.

Initially, you can go with Adsense as it is the best option for new bloggers with no special requirements of traffic to get approved.

However, this is not a great option in the long run as their revenue is too little compared to other networks like Mediavine and AdThrive.

As of 2024, Mediavine requires 50000 monthly sessions for any website for approval, and on a good note, recently they launched the Journey platform where they accept websites that have 10000 monthly sessions only.

Comparing AdSense and Mediavine, the latter pay almost 10 times more than the first one. For instance, for 50000 monthly sessions, you can make around $1500 – $2000 per month with Mediavine (with RPM around $30 – $40 which is highly possible).

For the same monthly traffic, you can expect a couple of hundred dollars with AdSense.

So, you can apply for Google AdSense as a new blogger and make a shift to Journey or Mediavine once you reach the threshold monthly sessions.


How I Make $10k Month With Pinterest Traffic

As I explained everything above in detail, I also started as a completely new blogger with zero experience and technical knowledge.

Honestly, my routine in the beginning days was writing content, making pins, and promoting on Pinterest only. This started working within a month and I started seeing people coming to my blog regularly.

So, I applied for AdSense and affiliate networks like Panthera, and MaxBounty to start monetizing the blog.

At that time, I started with a goal of making $500 a month from my blog.

Fast forward to today, I have achieved making $50 a day, $100 a day, $200 a day, $500 a day, $1000 a day, and $10,000 a month from my blog just because of the Pinterest traffic.

Wanna start your blog and copy what I did? Here is the step-by-step guide to starting your own blog in just 20 minutes.

And, don’t forget to grab the Bluehost deal of $2.95 per month with a FREE domain.


Other Ways To Make Money With Pinterest

We have seen everything in detail on how to make money with your blog using Pinterest as a source of traffic. Though it is a highly potential way of making money, there are several other ways you can make similar income from Pinterest.

Let’s explore the lesser-known yet high-potential ways to make money on Pinterest.


2. Sell Customizable Pin Templates

Pinterest templates on canva


When you are running a blog or an online store, designing Pinterest pins will become your daily routine. And it costs a lot of time and effort for both bloggers and online business owners.

Fixing this issue by selling Customizable Pin templates is the business here.

You can create Pinterest templates and sell them to bloggers. These templates are easily editable and save a lot of time and effort for bloggers.

You need to be good at either Canva or Adobe Photoshop. If you can master any one of these platforms, you can create professional pin templates and sell them.

Once you complete creating the templates, you can sell them on your own blog or on other platforms like Etsy, Shopify, etc.

Make sure your templates are unique, creative, and appealing to boost your sales. You can also upsell your old customers by regularly updating new templates and releasing new packages.

How Much You Can Sell Templates For?

Generally, people create 30, 50, or 100-pin templates and sell them as a package. As far as I know, people sell a 30-pin package for around $50, $70, or even $100.

It’s better to do some ground research on pricing to decide yours. Check how much your competitors are selling on their websites and on Etsy as well.


3. Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Do you wanna work on a side hustle that pays full-time income while working part-time or a few hours a day? Who would miss it?

Though, there are many such hustles, out of these, Pinterest virtual assistant is the most lucrative one as it doesn’t require any upfront investment other than your skills.

If you don’t know what Pinterest VAs actually do, their job is managing client’s Pinterest accounts.

From designing pins to publishing them on Pinterest strategically, everything is done by VA to bring the best results.

Pin creation is one of the key responsibilities of a VA because Pins are the actual traffic sources. So, you must incorporate awesome graphics and add a professional touch to grab your attention.

As a Pinterest VA, you must also analyze the analytics from time to time to check what’s working or not. Pinterest provides built-in analytical tools to track the performance of your pins and boards.

This data helps you know the performances, make adjustments to your strategies, pin designs, publish timings, and try new things.

How Much Pinterest VAs Make?

This job offers not only flexibility but also financial benefits and the satisfaction of helping businesses grow with your skills.

Coming to the earnings, you can charge your clients around $300 – $1000 or even more based on their requirements.

So, if you are looking for a breakthrough in your life, this part-time can change your life and can bring full-time income with full job satisfaction and zero stress.


4. Become a Pinterest Coach

how to make money as a pinterest coach

Wanna help online business owners financially succeed with your Pinterest expertise? Pinterest Coaching is the way.

As a Pinterest coach, you can create some impact on new small online e-commerce business owners and bloggers with your valuable insights.

You can club your various strategies to promote products and grow Pinterest followers, engagement, and website traffic as well.

Sharing tips and lessons on how to use Artificial Intelligence to create Pinterest templates and automate the entire process can make your course/coaching stand out in the crowd.

You can also share valuable insights on how to create great content, and stay consistent, and disciplined to grow your account.

There are several ways or platforms to offer your coaching services to your potential clients. You can choose to conduct paid webinars, weekly workshops, live classes, recorded courses, meetings, one-on-ones, and more.

You can price your services according to your services. Coaches make hands full of income from one-on-one coaching and paid webinars.

And, the great thing about Pinterest is that you can even promote your Pinterest coaching services on Pinterest to get clients fast.


5. Sell T-shirts & POD Products on Pinterest

how to make money on Pinterest using POD

As it is called a visual search engine, Pinterest is a free gold mine for e-commerce and POD product sellers to boost their sales by showcasing their products.

POD is not just limited to T-shirts, you can also print on mugs, bottles, keychains, pens, caps, and more.

With the right approach, you can also leverage this venture to kickstart your POD business. You can design creative designs on online tools like Canva, Teespring, and Printful and sell them on your blog, Etsy, or Shopify store.

First of all, make sure the quality and designs of your products stand out so they’ll grab the attention and bring more sales. And, don’t forget to mention all the shipping costs, delivery times, refund, and exchange policies on your website clearly as they are required mandatorily.

You must be updated with the trends, holidays, seasonal events, and popular cultures to encash those events in your favor.

Implementing all the above strategies with Pinterest, you can create a life-changing passive income side hustle selling POD products.


How To Make Money On Pinterest – Conclusion

Until now, I’ve explained everything above about how to make money on Pinterest with or without a blog.

So, it’s up to you to which path you are going to take. Whatever the way you are going, Pinterest can help you earn a living if you leverage this platform in the right way.

Finally, I recommend you pick the right part-time side hustle with Pinterest that aligns with your interests and skills. Stick with it and put in some serious effort for at least a few months to see the growth.

Don’t be in a hurry and jump to conclusions if they don’t work in the times you expect them to be. Be patient and it will pay you off.

Good luck.


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