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26 Ways to Make Money Without Paying Anything In 2024

Many opportunities are now available where you need to pay before you actually get the job or individual projects. But do you know how to make money without paying anything to anyone?

If not, we are here to solve all your queries and guide you on the right path to success.

It is not easy to find legit platforms that actually offer opportunities to talented people without asking for any joining fee or upfront payment.

Even if you can find a few, you may not be able to enroll in them due to geolocation restrictions. So, to solve all these issues, we have tried and tested several hundred websites and apps to identify the legit ones.

Besides, we have only selected those platforms that offer at least $15/hour on average. So, without further ado, let’s dive deep!


Disclaimer:  This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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SurveyJunkie – Earn a quick $20 for taking surveys & reviewing products. Signup here.

OpinionOutpost: Get paid up to $30 per answering simple questions. Join now.

Nielsen App: Earn a fixed $50/year. Also, get redeemable points & enter $10000 monthly sweepstakes automatically.

InboxDollars: Get paid to watch videos. One already made $75 within a week. $5 Signup bonus.

Pinecone Research: Up to $3 – $5 per survey & $7 per each product test. Join now for FREE.


How To Make Money Without Paying Anything?

You need to understand how this online work industry works to finally understand how to make money without money. Mainly there are two main avenues to do so.

First, you can join any establishment as a remote worker that doesn’t need you to pay anything. And second, you can start freelancing and work with multiple clients at the same time.

However, the competition is super tough, and the freelancing industry is already overcrowded. So, you need to be top of the line and also need to know the legit platforms to actually make money from freelancing.

Get this straight; a legit company will never ask for any joining fee at all unless you need any specialized software or hardware from the company itself. So, start freelancing and become your own boss!


How To Earn Money Without Investment Through Mobile?

Many online jobs boomed and faded away within just a few years of going crazy on the market. However online surveys are still relevant even this year.

And some of the highest-paying online survey sites where you can earn money in many ways are as follows.


1. Earn Cash Instantly By Completing Surveys With Opinion Outpost

make money without paying anything

Source: OpinionOutpost

We don’t need to talk about the legitimacy of OpinionOutpost as it has already proved it by paying thousands of its members on a regular basis.

This user-friendly platform is equally well-suited for both experienced side hustlers and newbies.

You can fetch around 10 points/survey on average while taking part in its online programs. And for each of your 100 points, you can redeem $5 directly to your linked account.

Signing up here is complimentary and takes just a few minutes to complete the initial steps. And it now has a minimum payout limit of just $5.

Join OpinionOutpost now.


2. Sign Up For Survey Junkie

One of the oldest online hustles we could ever think of, online surveys, are still reliable even this year.

And if you don’t know how to make money online for beginners, participating in online surveys is your best bet!

Survey Junkie is one of the best websites that now pay up to $75/survey. However, a typical short survey here can easily fetch you around $5/survey.

But there are many amazing Survey Junkie hacks you can always follow to get the highest-paying surveys.

Right now, this company has a minimum payout limit of just $10. And you can join it even from the remotest corner of the planet Earth.


3. Download Nielsen Computer And Mobile Panel

make money without paying anything

Source: Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

If you are looking for the answer to how to make money online without paying anything, the Nielsen Computer And Mobile panel is the only solution!

All you need is to just download their mobile panel to start earning money. Besides, you can now also enable it even on your desktop and laptop.

And without doing anything, you can make a guaranteed $50/device each year. However, Nielson collects some non-sensitive data in return.

And there is another exciting way to make money here. You can participate in their monthly online lotteries to earn up to $10k/month if you hit the jackpot.

Download Nielsen App now!


4. Join Vindale Research And Get Paid

vindale research

Source: Vindale Research

There are many benefits to joining this incredible platform called Vindale Research. Besides, you can now also claim your $1 signup bonus if you join right now.

And the procedure takes hardly a minute or two to complete. You can make up to $50/survey if it has a longer format and needs elaborated answers.

However, you can make around $1/survey if you take the short questionnaires that take hardly a minute to complete.

This company is quite serious about the data protection of its users. And for that, it has site-wide SSL encryption to safeguard your information.

This website also allows you to make money by referring friends, reading emails, sharing payment proofs, watching videos, and more.

Sign up for Vindale Research here.


5. Earn Quick Cash With Inbox Dollars

earn quick cash with inboxdollars

Source: InboxDollars

There are no better options to make quick money than joining this excellent platform called InboxDollars.

A typical survey here can take around 10 minutes to complete. And for that, you can make around $5/survey.

You can earn in many ways here, such as while playing exciting games, watching trending videos, and even shopping from its online stores.

Right now, you can also claim a $5 signup bonus if you are a newbie here. Oh wait, you can join its sister concern, InboxPounds if you are from the UK.


6. Answer Online Surveys For OpinionCity

make money without doing anything

Source: OpinionCity

This Illinois-based company called OpinionCity is the one-stop solution if you don’t know how to make money without paying anything.

It is also among the very few sites where you can claim a $1 signup bonus for joining as a new member.

It is probably the only company that pays up to $50/survey, even to the newbies. Besides, more experienced members here reported earning up to $75/survey.

Right now, it is only available in the USA and Canada. However, there are many high-paying survey sites also available globally if you are not from tier-1 countries.


7. Play Games On Swagbucks


There are not many websites available that assure a legit platform for collegegoers to earn.

So, if you want to know how to earn money without investment for students, then head straight to Swagbucks.

It is one of the only legit websites to get paid to play games this year.

And with more than 15k positive reviews on Trustpilot, it has enough support to prove its legitimacy and global presence.

There are many other fun ways to earn here, like taking part in interactive surveys, surfing the net, and many more. And now, you can also claim a $10 signup bonus by joining today.


8. Earn Free Gift Cards With MyPoints


Source: MyPoints

Earning on the go is not easy at all! But there is a solution if you want to know how to earn money without investment through mobile this year.

It is just by signing up to this exciting platform called MyPoints. Besides online surveys, you can make money here in several ways, such as watching videos and surfing the net.

And you can claim a $5 incentive after completing your first five surveys. You can redeem your earned points for gift cards from your favorite retail stores.

And for gamers, it is also among the most legit ways to get free Steam codes just by participating in fun activities.


9. Download the MobileXpression App And Earn Free Money

make money without paying anything

Source: MobileXpression

If you are looking for the answer to how to earn money online without paying anything for students, downloading and using the MobileXpression App can provide you with a legitimate solution.

All you need is to install this app on your smartphone and create a free account.

Once you get the initial approval, you can easily make money here by taking part in fun and interactive surveys.

If you are from the USA, you can also claim a $5 Amazon voucher as your welcome gift just a week after joining here!


How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything For Students?

Although they have the highest level of energy and enthusiasm, students lack just one thing, and that is experience.

However, many platforms help you make money even if you are a student and don’t want to pay any joining fees.


10. Become A Proofreader

free proofreading course

If you have an impeccable grammatical understanding and an outstanding grip over language, becoming a proofreader is the best way to make money.

It is also the legit answer to how to make money without paying anything at all!

There are many high-paying proofreading jobs available right now that can easily fetch around $20/hour. So, it is not difficult to make up to $150k/year, although the average is about $60k/year.

But to bag such an amount, you definitely need the guidance of an expert like Caitlin Pyle. She is a veteran proofreader who earns six figures from her business every year.

Over the years, she literally trained more than 12000 people and helped them become successful proofreaders. You must go through the student testimonials here before believing my words.

Many of her students are now making $1000 – $5000+ every month from proofreading. If you truly like to be one of them, you must check out her 76-minute FREE Mini-Course on Proofreading.


11. Do Transcription

how to make money without investment

Transcription is where you listen to the audio or video files and type them out to store the valuable data in searchable text formats.

You need at least 65 WPM typing speed with more than 95% accuracy to enter this industry. It is not difficult to make $20/hour on average.

However, there are many high-paying online transcription jobs available that can fetch you up to $5k/month. But to do that, you need a sensei like Janet Shaughnessy to guide you.

She has introduced the 7-lesson FREE Mini-Course on Transcription as a step-by-step guide for the newbies to enter this industry and make a handsome living without vesting much effort.

This mini-course helps you in gaining knowledge about both general and legal transcription. Make sure you complete this course before applying for any job as a transcriptionist.


12. Create A Money Making Blog

how to start a blog

I would say Blogging is the best because it allows you to make money without paying anything and without working as well.

Along with many other bloggers, I myself a living example of that.

I started blogging 3 years ago with amateur knowledge, and it took me a few months to make my first dollar from it. Yes, initially, blogging takes time and effort.

But once it starts taking off, you’ll realize its real potential. It’s been more than a year since I wrote a blog post myself, but it is still making me more than $7000 every month. Check my income report here.

The best part is blogging doesn’t require any particular degree or experience to get started. Any person can start a blog in less than 30 minutes with less than a $100 investment.

You only need a few things like

  • Domain address (Normally costs $10 – $20 per year, but you can get one for free with Bluehost)
  • Hosting Service (Bluehost offers the cheapest hosting services at $2.95/Month)
  • WordPress theme (thousands of free themes already available in WordPress)

That’s it. These are the primary things you’ll need in the first place to launch your blog. Later you can add required plugins and upgrade your blog based on your traffic and revenue.

Many people think blogging is the hardest thing but what makes it easy is choosing the topic that you like to write about and you are most passionate about.

If you choose a topic that you don’t like to spend time on or have no knowledge of, then you’ll find it hard to blog about it.

Here are some profitable blog topics

  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Finance
  • DIY & Crafts
  • Parenting and more.

These are the primary topics to blog about. If you want to go with a specific topic, you can also start a niche blog on child topics like Jewellery, Freelancing, Credit, Shopping, Gaming, Gardening, etc.

It’s up to you to decide what you are most comfortable with. And with the help of trending social media platforms like TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram, you can build your audience and readers more quickly.

Once your blog starts getting visitors, you can start monetizing it. Usually, bloggers make money from display advertising, affiliate marketing, courses, ebooks, sponsored posts, and many more.

So, what are your thoughts? Wanna give it a try? It’s totally your decision now.

Start one if you are interested, put in some serious effort, and enjoy the financial benefits that blogging has to offer.

Here is our Step-by-Step Guide to Setting up a Money-Making Blog to kickstart your journey as a blogger.


13. Become A Freelance Writer

freelance writing

Do you know that more than 63% of talented writers work independently?

And it may sound a bit impossible; you can easily make around $5k/month on average if you have the right flair of writing embedded in you.

You can make as much as $50/hour from many of the high-paying writing jobs available all over the globe.

But to take it to the next level where you can unlock the ways to make at least $65k/year needs the guidance of a writing coach like Holly Johnson.

You can join the FREE Workshop of Freelance Writing, specially curated for the newbies by her. In this workshop, she discusses the strategies that helped her to make $200K in a year as a freelance writer.

So, you better not miss this golden opportunity!


14. Virtual Assistant

how to make money without paying anything in 2022

The answers are limited if you want to know how to earn money online without paying anything in India.

But among the only few options, virtual assistance is top of the line. And with rapid globalization, the scopes are also increasing.

You can try any of the high-paying VA jobs available globally that pay around $15/hour on average. And if you are a more experienced guy on the block, you can fetch up to $25/hour.

But you need to have the proper guidance to unlock the true potential of VA.

Gina Horkey, one of the most acclaimed VAs and mentors, has recently conducted a FREE Virtual Assistance Webinar to help newbies like you.

This webinar offers strategies that one can use to become a virtual assistant in less than 30 days. So, why wait? Start now and get your first client in less than 30 days.


15. Start Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing business

Affiliate marketing is the next big thing if you don’t know how to make money without paying anything or even without having a website.

You just need to boost the sales of a product or service to earn a handsome commission in affiliate marketing.

You can expect to make around $100/hour on average as a newbie in the field.

However, there are ways to take it around $5k/month with the proper guidance of an affiliate marketing coach like Michelle Schroeder-Gardner.

This award-winning coach and marketer has introduced a free mini-course on affiliate marketing where you can learn all the secrets of becoming a successful affiliate marketer.


16. Become A Voice Over Artist

voice over artist business

Although it needs a special kind of texture and quality of your voice, you don’t always need a Morgan Freeman-like quality to make your name in the voiceover industry.

And, the opportunities are plenty, even for the newbies!

You can easily make around $20/hour from legit voiceover jobs for beginners, while more experienced VO artists earn up to $60k/year even while taking it as a part-time profession.

But to know the right way to crack that deal, you need the mentoring of an expert like Julie Eickhoff.

This Audible-approved producer and Hollywood mentor has recently launched her FREE Mini Voice-Over Course to ensure a step-by-step guide to entering this industry and making it big.


17. Become A YouTuber

Vlogging, especially on YouTube, is one of the few avenues where you can earn money and fame hand in hand.

It is also the one-stop answer for the new-gen people on how to earn money online without investment.

There are creators like PewDiePie and Nas Daily who earn millions just from YouTube.

Besides its internal AdSense program, you can also make money in several ways like paid promotion and partnerships.

But yes, the competition is super tough, and you need to create a USP to make your name on this platform. So, be unique, and success will follow your way.


18. Do Photography

If you are good at photography, can create unique compositions, and have the right knowledge of lights, you don’t need to look for the answer to how to make money without paying anything.

Because becoming a professional photographer is the best option for you.

You can easily make around $45k/year as a photographer, according to a recent survey report from Indeed.

It is also one of the most rewarding money-making part-time hobbies that you can try.

But yes, you do need to be among the best to make your name in this industry. And once you do, you can sell your photographs on websites like Shutterstock, iStockPhotos, and Getty Images.


Want to know about a fun way to make money just by selling pictures of your feet? Don’t forget to check out our detailed review and the step-by-step guide to make money from FeetFinder.


How to Earn Money Online Without Investment?

There are many ways to make money online, even without paying any joining fees at all.

You just need to have specialized skills like teaching or financial analysis to start earning without any investment.


19. Bookkeeping

bookkeeping business

Bookkeeping is for people having a background in accountancy or finance.

It needs at least a background degree in these two subjects with the right skill set in accounting software like Tally ERP and QuickBooks.

You can expect around $25/hour on average as a beginner.

However, there are many legit bookkeeping WFH jobs available these days where you can make up to $80/hour. But to earn such money, you need the proper guidance.

The founder of, Ben Robinson, has a fantastic three-part free bookkeeping series that can answer all your queries regarding bookkeeping and how to make money from it.


20. Teach English Online

If you have the right teaching skills and a good grip on the English language, your search for how to make money without paying anything ends right here.

Now, there are many high-paying online teaching jobs available to teach international students.

And the exciting part is you can either take it as a full-time or a part-time opportunity depending on your preference.

You can expect to make around $40/hour on average, with experienced teachers earning up to $80/hour.

There are websites like VIPKid and Magic Ears that not only offer a better hourly rate but also ensure an endless stream of new students.


21. Create And Sell Courses

Are you a painter, a yoga instructor, a guitarist, or a salsa dancer? If yes, you can create and sell your own courses on these specialized topics to make money.

It is also the answer if you are looking for ways how to make money without paying anything.

There are websites like UdemyCoursera, and SkillShare where you can sell your courses without any upfront fees.

You can also use YouTube to sell courses. These platforms are equally suitable for specialized teachers.

However, there are many websites to sell college notes also available for online teachers and professors.


22. Sell Your Crafts

how to earn money without investment through mobile

Do you have a crafty mind? Can you create unique artwork with simple items?

If yes, then you should start selling your crafts online and make money from them. Remember that there is a market still unexplored in the low and mid-range segment.

Etsy is probably the most popular platform to sell your crafts online, although you can also try eBay.

Both these platforms offer lower commissions and higher visibility to attract potential customers.

You need to pay a minimal commission fee to sell your crafts on Etsy. You can also boost your product through paid ads to attract more buyers.


23. Sell Your Clothes

Are you looking for ways to make money without paying anything?

Don’t worry, as the answer is simple if you have unused clothes in your wardrobe. You can now just rent out those or just sell to make a good chunk of profit.

There are many amazing apps to sell clothes available right now, like ThredUp and Poshmark, where you can sell your apparel.

Both of these two companies offer you to set the asking rate. However, you need to pay a 20% commission fee to use their platforms for free.

Withdrawing money is also easy as these companies offer both direct withdrawal and wallet balance.


How To Make Money Without Money?

Money makes money; that’s the famous line we have heard for ages. But is that true everywhere? Not at all!

There are many ways available in this online age where you don’t need to spend anything to start.

However, you can bag a pretty good amount of income without investing even a single cent.


24. Dog Walking With Rover

god walking with rover

Source: Rover

You don’t need to know how to make money without paying anything if you just have pure love and affection for men’s best friends.

Yes, it is now possible to just pet and walk those beloved canines to make money. Rover is one of the leading platforms that offer this opportunity to dog lovers.

All you need is to take care of the pooches and pups when their owners are not around or can’t find enough time to walk with their fur babies.

You can make around $20 to $25/hour on average. However, you can also independently start this service by contacting your community office or by distributing some flyers.


25. Become A Food Delivery Driver At DoorDash

how to earn money online - doordash

Source: Doordash

Food delivery apps are becoming crazily popular so are their delivery jobs.

And there are now several high-paying food delivery jobs available globally that don’t need any particular skill set or qualification.

DoorDash is one such website where you can freely enroll and start delivering food to make money.

It is extremely easy to join, and you can control your deliveries right from its user-friendly smartphone app.

You can expect around $15/hour on average if you take this as a full-time profession. But yes, you do need your own bike or motorcycle to start this job.


26. Do Mystery Shopping

A relatively new kid on the block, mystery shopping is the answer if you are looking for less-competitive ways how to make money without paying anything.

The main idea is simple; it is to understand the behavioral pattern of a consumer. You just need to shop online, that’s all!

But for that, you don’t need to pay anything. There are also many websites available where you can buy on someone’s behalf.

And in this case, too, the investment is zero. You can find several focus groups on social media and Reddit that assure mystery shopping opportunities.

And you can expect to earn around $50/session of mystery shopping, depending on your experience and consumer potential.



What is the best way to make money online without paying anything?

There are many ways to make money without paying anything to anyone or even investing in new tools or accessories to do it.

First, you can opt for any freelancing opportunities and offer your services to global clients.

And second, you can join any of the legit online platforms that offer WFH projects without any joining fee.

Let’s understand that no legitimate company will ever ask for any upfront payment to join those. Obviously, there are some exceptions where your job needs special software or hardware equipment.

However, it is better to crosscheck its trust ratings on websites like Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau.


What are the trending ways to make money online?

The 21st century is the age of social media. So, any WFH job related to social media is in trend now.

You can choose either digital marketing, social media management, or brand promotion as your main job or side hustle.

Besides, you can also start doing more innovative jobs like mystery shopping and affiliate marketing.

Apart from these, you can also start your own blog and become a full-time influencer. It is also a great idea to create your own YouTube channel if you love to create unique content.


How To Make Money Without Paying Anything – Conclusion

While most genuine platforms never ask for money, a handful of legit websites may ask for it for various reasons.

So, you need to check the reviews and understand why they need any upfront payment. It would be great if you could directly communicate with any real user before trusting any website.

It is excellent if you want to take these opportunities as your day job.

However, there are now many lucrative second job ideas also available where you can just boost your monthly income without leaving your 9-to5 job.

So, these are all for today! We hope we have cleared all your doubts! If you still have any queries, feel free to drop your question in the comment box below!


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