117 creative ways to save money

How To Save Money – 117 Creative Ways That Works in 2020

Tired of Thinking/Planning how to save money? Looking for tips that will at least let you start planning for it? Finding ways to save money is not that tough rather start implementing the same.

Frankly speaking, money plays a vital role in every individual’s life. Isn’t it?

From rich to poor, adult to a kid, everyone wants to know a method to double the money they have. Or at least raise their saving depending upon their ability and resources.

Having the same concept, we shall discuss today’s simple yet effective and creative ways to save money even on a tight budget you already have.

There is a difference between thinking of saving and in actual saving the money. Real saving is the hardest part that anybody could start.

If you wish to be strong for saving, try to take a pledge or set up a person who can taunt you or remind you regarding the same.

Set up your goals or targets if you have any. The goal could be as simple as to meet your bills or as hard as your saving plans.

Finally, all I want to say is I know that this is a bit hard job to learn but it is really not an impossible one to start off.

Try hard until you get habituated into saving your pennies. Trust me, your savings plan will help you to live a tension-free life.

I know my list will not make you a millionaire overnight but for sure, this will help you in your necessities. Also, all these tips will not be beneficial for all but, few may be helpful which over time will show you massive savings to satisfy your hard work.


How To Save Money – Effective Ideas:

Plainly speaking, the below suggestions will take some time to bloom but once after getting a perfect implementation, you will enjoy the fruit later.

And savings are not rocket science that you need some specific technique. Anybody can learn the art of saving and enjoy the sweetness after a bitter struggle.

Pick any few of the below tips to save a bit and invest in something that will give you the flower. Don’t get fixed to any one or two. I hope you will finally realize the benefit of saving and different ways to do so.


117 Working Tips To Save Money:


1. Plan Your Budget:

An easy way to start planning your budget is to pin up all your expenses from day one of the months till the last day.

Bills like for grocery, restaurants, maid, medical, personal, and others are to be piled up. So,  you can know where your hard-earned money is going to.

Then accordingly you can fix things and reduce your expenses and finally plan your savings.

If you are a smartphone user, I recommend you to download either Mobills or Monefy, the best budget planner apps to make your planning easy and handmade.


2. Use the Envelope System:

After deciding on the amount you spend, try to fix an amount that could help you to meet your expenses at a basic level by saving some amount from last month’s expenses.

Put that amount in an envelope and try to spend or meet your expenses from that envelope only. This will help you to plan or either keep a note of how much more money you need to spend for a month.

Also, try to save some more pennies from that envelope. You will learn to save money even from your regular expenses.

Use Mvelopes or GoodBudget apps to use envelope budgeting efficiently from your phone.


3. Take Surveys in Free Time:

Answering surveys is a great way to convert free or leisure time into a few decent bucks. Another best part is that you can do this work using your smartphone.

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4. Pile up your Change:

Do you know, you can save around $500 on a yearly basis if you save a minimum of 50 cents. Yes, that’s true. Try.

I know its not a huge amount but it’s not less too. Save up your loose money and pile up to make something big.

If you are interested in investing, you can use Acorns to invest your change every day and get amazing returns later.


5. Get Cashbacks on your Shopping:

Do you often shop online? Can’t stop yourself from buying clothes, gadgets, and other stuff? Well, you don’t need to sacrifice these to save but you can save a certain percent of your spending by using some apps like Ebates, Swagbucks.

One more best thing about these apps is you don’t need to buy from unknown stores just buy from your favorite stores through these apps while getting amazing cash backs.


6. Save For A Reason:

Find a valid reason for saving like a car, house, or a holiday trip. This will surely give you the amount of boosting that you need to start the saving procedure.

Save for your studies or for a holiday trip or for an electronic gadget or for Health or to buy a house or any other thing you feel worth for.


7. Treat Yourself With 24 Hour Rule:

Saving doesn’t mean to kill your basic requirements. If you like to pamper yourself go for it. But give yourself a treat with a 24 hours rule.

Before spending something lavishly give yourself 24 hours to implement, So that your brain can crosscheck if the expense is really important.

This will help you cut short instant expenses you usually spend on. Here the 5 best practices you can do before going for high expenses.


8. Differentiate between Earning and Spending:

Firstly, you need to calculate the amount you earn based on the number of hours or the days you inculcate to earn.

Later, when you are about to purchase something, make a cost-benefit analysis, and by self, you can realize is that product worth your hard-earned money.

This will surely help you in reducing unnecessary expenses you usually end up with.


9. Choose A Good Savings Plan:

There are wonderful saving plans with many good perks. Choose an advisor and ask him/her to suggest a good saving plan which suits your style of living.

This will help you to wear the correct shoe. With the correct amount of return interest, you can hope for a bright future.

Also, remember to start with short term goals which will help you to give you a positive push for future saving plans.


10. Automatic Deduction:

This is one of the effective ways to save.

Lastly, ask the bank to deduct the suggested amount directly from your account on a monthly basis. This will help you in continuing the savings plan without fail and end up avoiding tax dues.


11. Retirement Plan:

It is better to start a retirement plan whenever you are ready with earning procedure.

The quick you start with the retirement plan the more returns you expect at the time of your retirement. Try to enjoy the advantage of the retirement plan by starting it as early as possible.


12. Ask The Employer:

Try to enjoy the perks of saving that your working organization provides.

There are many plans that an organization is bound to give to its employees. Provident Fund or Medical Claims or many more.

This will surely reduce the amount of burden on your head. The organization where you work will help you in saving half or a quarter of the amount. Try to gather information from your HR team regarding the same.


13. Create Your Own Recreation Plan:

Savings aren’t always meant to spend in productive ways. Many times we end up in myopia and fall up to spend in an un-worthful way.

An initial way to overcome this criterion is to avoid vices. Create your own recreation plan, Health investment must be your top priority.

Exercise, Yoga, spending time in public parks must add to your to-do list. According to health surveys, a healthy mind can make better decisions in financial management.

Our mind can jinx us in any sort of situation, we should learn to trick it. For example, go to any grocery shop after having something, This results in saving many bucks we spend on food items.

Hydrate your body periodically while managing financial decisions, Hydration activates your brain and end up in making better decisions.


14. Invalidate Newsletters or Other Subscriptions:

You will find many tempting heist emails where you will end up spending most of your hard-earned money without your knowledge.

Try to unsubscribe such emails or links and you will see that you are saving money automatically.


15. Cook At Home:

Usually, planning to prepare your food at home is one of the easiest ways to save most of the waste expenses on food commercials.

Cooking is a bit tough in today’s life when the whole family is working. Yet this will boost your health as well as your pocket in equal terms.

Try to check your pantry section so that you don’t buy more than what you actually require. Also, try to inculcate kitchen gardens which will enhance your health and wallets too.


16. Credit Cards:

Basically, Credit cards are one of the keys that helps you in boosting your expenses.

Try to use the credit card with all your senses on and also pay off your credit card bills on time to avoid all extra interest charges.

It is a clever idea to use credit cards with cashback reward programs or either stop using your credit cards. Make a list with all offers your respective bank and website are providing and make use of them wisely.


17. Budget Sheet:

Finally,  understand your expenses and make a spreadsheet for your funds and pen down all the information you have.

Plan for the extra cable bill you have made last month or maybe you have spent the extra amount on some lavish things and so those are the ones which need to be cut short this month.

By putting all the knowledge handy you will realize where your actual budget is going and how much more you need to save for the next month.

Make use of electronic gadgets as always finding paper is not an easy task. There are many applications for making note of your expenses and they provide the final Venn diagram of all the categories you are spending on, analyze your waste expenses and work on them.


18. Digital Payments:

Digital payments are easy in today’s life and also today’s generation adapted to automatic payments.

Paying everything digitally will ensure you to save those loose changes( pennies or cents) that we usually do not keep in track.

Also, in today’s world, we have some cashback rewards for digital payments which are helping us to gather some more benefits to our expense. 

Make sure you keep your private data safe while using digital payments.


19. No Collect – Only Sell:

Do you feel your antique items will give you a rich look to your place? You can actually resell them and gather some returns from them.

It’s a good idea to join an online site where you can sell your products and make money on it. Its a great stop buying and start selling zone wherein which that will help you to make some money. A penny saved can be useful for any reason.


20. Start Making Products:

It is always a creative idea to start making things rather than buying them.

There are many occasions when you need to present something to someone. In this process, you end up spending a good amount.

For the same, if you wish you can make some gifts or also use some of your materials within your house.

Rather than buying a present you can bake a cake and gift it to the birthday boy or girl. Start making candles or soaps or anything which is rather cheaper than you buy it on the store.

Not only this will cut short the amount but also fulfill your urge to be creative enough.


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21. Include Another Person:

Basically, you will be more strong in materializing things when you include another person who also watches over your tasks.

When you have a guide in terms of your parent or spouse or some advisor you will be more bound to take lenient steps in saving.

Including another person will surely enhance the concept of saving within your brain. This will make a reminder call to yourself that someone is keeping an eye over your card swiped or penny spent.


22. Encourage Cash Back Programs:

Frankly speaking, these cashback programs are really a boon to the people who actually utilize the benefits of it.

I, myself, have enjoyed the cashback benefits effectively for every purchase I have made online.

There are many cashback programs that you can start on with the tip of your finger by using your phone.

Sometimes you may not earn any cashback but you will surely earn a reward which will further help you in saving some bucks.


23. Stick To The List:

Many people have the habit of writing a list before going shopping.

This is actually a good habit unless and until you stick to the list and don’t end up buying anything more than required.

This way of sticking to the list will help you to avoid unnecessary expense and piling up useless products at home.


24. 30-Day Rule:

After the 24-hour rule comes the 30-day rule. Where the 24-hour rule is implied for basic products like a SPA visit or a haircut or Saturday night party or something else.

Whereas 30-day rule is implied for heavy budgeted products like some stereo system or a television or maybe a lavish holiday and other similar things.

The 30-day program will not only give you the required time to think about it but also reduces the urge for that particular expense.

Later if you still stick to that expense you will surely have a better perspective and will spend accordingly. This will surely help you in points of how to save money.


25. Savings Bucket/Penny Bucket:

Savings bucket is one similar thing that you have at home. We call it a piggy bank, that we actually handover to our kids.

We can also make similar saving buckets and pen down the purpose of saving on it. This will surely help you not to club your expenses and to maintain the perfect saving option.


26. Bank Accounts To Enjoy Perks:

There are many banking offers that are being indulged day by day. All you need to do is to keep track of them and try to interrelate your bank account to that particular offer and enjoy the benefits of it.

There are many hidden perks and advantages in using a particular Bank at a particular period of time.

Mark a note or advice and alert notification to get an update to avail on the same.

Though the interest rates have differed from the past scenario. Yet you can always give a look at the interest rates so that you can enjoy the benefits easily.


27. Repair:

It has become easier to replace rather than to repair. This is done both with clothes or gadgets. It makes a huge difference in repairing rather than replacing.

Try to repair things which you can easily do.

For example, a torn pair of jeans can be stitched or repaired rather than just piling up the clothes in your cupboard. Without repairing you will end up purchasing another pair of jeans and start using it.

The same goes for gadgets like a phone or a laptop or a PC or smartwatch or anything else.

Try to repair such things rather than just throwing it off and buying a new product in exchange.

You will surely end up with unnecessary expenses during that month.


28. Cleaning Cupboards:

It is a proven fact that psychologically you get disturbed if you haven’t cleared your closet in some specific period of time.

It is always better to clean your closet occasionally.

You can resell your products or donate them with a clear receipt. This will help you with your tax deduction too.

Cleaning your cupboards will help you in making your home free from unwanted stuff and also give you some income in your pocket.


29. Home Invitation:

Instead of enjoying with friends or family elsewhere, it is always better to invite your friends or relatives home and enjoy the time together.

This will surely help you in saving the amount and also you can enjoy it to the fullest.

The food you purchase at a restaurant will surely give you a bomb and with that expense, you can enjoy much more at home.


30. No Expensive Gifts – Kids:

Being parents, we usually tend to be more lenient with our kids.

We try to give them the best in every aspect of our life but entertaining children with all their tantrums is really not a good deal.

A parent’s mentality is like, we haven’t enjoyed something in our childhood so let our kids enjoy the same. But doing this we are spoiling our kids with our own hands.

Instead of giving the kids the hi-fi lifestyle, it is better we give them real-life enjoyment.

Also, remember all that your child needs are your valuable times and not the valuable gifts from your end.


31. Kids Saving:

Try to speak to your kids about savings and also about the amount they spend on their stationery and pastries.

It is never too early to indulge in the habit of saving in a child’s mind.

Take initiative and try to set up a few basic goals for a child and this will help them enjoy their perks in their future life.

It is really important to make the child understand the benefits for the purpose of saving money. You can always take your childhood experience and inculcate a better atmosphere for the child by initiating the habit of saving.


32. Bigger Goals:

Once you have fulfilled your short term goals, the time to take a bigger step falls ahead.

You need to set good achievable big saving goals. Already you had set up a good rapport and faith in yourself that will boost up you to save for the major goals.

Just thinking of saving maximum won’t be enough unless and until you put that into action.


33. Know The Reason:

You always know what you are buying and why you are buying that. Make a better decision about the reason behind your investment.

Finding out the exact reason will allow your brain to make wiser decisions.

Also, find out the reason behind your saving plan.

This will surely differ from time to time in period to period as your requirements keep on changing. Think twice and act wisely.


34. Self Challenges:

Setup self challenges so that you can meet your hurdles and fulfill your tasks on your own.

Try to control your urges for shopping and make savings for the future.

Create a convenient zone so that you can divert your self for spending useless amount. Rather than shopping online, you can do many other creative tasks in your free time.

Stop purchasing anything on EMI basis, as that will leave you with expense only rather than any savings.


35. No Expense Period:

No expense period only means you will need to set up a particular period of time within a week, for a day, or some particular span where you will not buy anything.

Then, transfer that particular money into your savings account. Unless and until you start with small steps you cannot take the large decision.


36. Only Cash: 

Handling only cash will surely give you an idea of how much amount you are actually spending on. Swiping a card is easier but yet I will not give you a clear idea of how much you are actually using that money.

Train yourself for a period of time that to use only cash and to stop your expenses if you are out of your cash.

Withdraw a particular amount of money at the starting of your month and try to utilize the same only for your daily needs.

Do not overspend and also try to save money from the already withdrawn amount.


37. Negotiate:

Negotiation will surely save you lots of money and so start negotiating for every deal you make. Negotiate with the vendor for basic things or a grocer for your regular things or with the bank to allow good credit card rates.

With today’s credit card interest rates you are ending up paying a bomb without your knowledge.

Make sure you swipe your card with all your senses and pay back the bills as early as possible.

Ask your card issuer to advise better rates and to always update you with the notifications if any ups and downs with your credit card interest rates.


38. Quit Bad Habits:

People usually end up paying a massive amount with basic irritating habits for smoking and drinking.

If you pen down the expenses on an annual basis, you will surely find hell lot of difference.

Also, these habits not on burn your pocket but also do regretting harm to your body.

Before inducing into any bad habits remember your family needs you – your friends need you.

If you are already an addict try to quit or join a rehab center. It will surely improvise your future.


39. Cook Full And Use In Batches:

Try to purchase material or ingredients in bulk and cook two portions more than required for some dishes.

Use a portion and save the other in the freezer. This will not only save your money but also saves time which you can invest else were and make money off it.

This immediate assistance for cooked food will help you avoid useless amount you put for junk food. Consider it as a healthy tip too.


40. Quit Junk Foods:

You often don’t feel like cooking when you are in a hurry or maybe tired and instead try some fast foods or processed foods. These are both expensive and unhealthy for your life.

Try to give some initiative and boost yourself up in cooking procedure and you can see a massive change in your help as well as your pocket.

I know cooking is really not convenient for everybody. If you are a foodie and like to dine out, search cashback coupons, or any other related discount coupons. This will help you to save some amount from your daily basic needs.


41. Proper Hydration:

Try to drink more water as this will not only hydrate your body and skin but also saves you money.

It is always better to drink a glass of water 30 minutes before your meal so that you can eat the correct amount of food. Avoid intake of water post 30min of your meal.

This will also help you in maintaining your healthy lifestyle.

Filling in your stomach with water will help you in avoiding other beverages like sodas, mocktails, Alcohol.

Also, remember to carry your own water bottle wherever you travel so that you can skip that amount to purchase a water bottle.


42. Spending Alarms:

Every one of us at any point of the time is prone to the sending triggers.

Your spendings depend upon your mood swings as few people spend when they are in a bad mood to rejuvenate themselves.

Sit in a corner and ask yourself if that purchase at midnight is really that important.

Try to design yourself in a way that you can get a custom to any of your moods and handle yourself in a proper way.


43. Credit Score:

You might be wondering that savings have nothing to do with the credit score. But credit score will surely show your caliber of long-term savings.

If you have a very good credit history you can get qualified for lower interest rates for your heavy purchases.

This will also show your interest in paying off your debts in a particular period of time.


44. Find False Account Blocks:

It is true that with a good credit score you can grab good interest rates on loans and savings plans.

Then look for the adverse account sections on your reports of your credit account.

If you have any flaw credit notes then kindly take care of them and try to clear them depending upon the required steps.

You need to check out and clear those flaws without fail to avoid any other difficulties you will face in the future.


45. Daily Resource Savings:

You can always cut short your expenses by reducing the expenses on your daily life basis.

You can do all small tiny things to avoid extra expenses like turning off the lights or turning off the TV and reducing your cable bill.

Utilizing the gas with a perfect limit and calculation, maintaining the water bill depending upon the use.

You will also be responsible for teaching your colleagues or roommates or friends or kids the habit of saving resources in daily life.


46. Swap Products:

There are many things which you can swap and use it to save a lot of money.

In the section of swapping products also includes music DVDs or CDS in books or any other similar things.

Also, if you are a bookworm you can surely borrow books from the library rather than buying them. This will not only save you money but also will reduce the amount of extra luggage at home.


47. On the Mark Payments:

Did you know that paying interests on time will improvise your credit score? Yes, it does.

To apply and get qualified for some finance lending cards you need to maintain your credit score on to the mark. So, paying your bills on time will enhance you in qualifying for such cards.

As all the game plays on trust, so the vendors would surely want to know whether you can repay them their bills on time or no.

Remember to make every payment on time and this will also lower your interest rates and will give trust to the vendors who are lending you the money in the form of products.


48. Credit Utilization:

The major portion of maintaining a credit score is also the utilization of credits with any Bank.

All you need to do is to repay the loan back and maintain space which is usually required.

Basically, improvising your credit score will surely form a saving space.

The interest rates are usually lower when you are an active credit payer.


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49. Participate In Yard Sales:

It is mostly possible that you grab excellent deals at yard sales. Unlike in India, there are many places where you can enjoy the benefits of yard sales.

If you have something within your area, try to participate and enjoy the benefits of such massive buying. Think of anything you want to buy and you can easily purchase them in such sales.

You will surely save a lot of money – beyond your expectations.


50. Buy Used Products:

There are many things that you can utilize on a second-hand or third-hand basis.

Take it a two-wheeler or four-wheeler or any vehicle in that sense can give you a good deal.

Furniture in that sense will also let you grab good deals. Remember to take a wise decision before purchasing something.

There are many other expensive things that will lose some portion of their value in the first month of ownership. Try to figure out such things and if you need you can grab the deal.

The list could be as simple as books and DVDs and as large as a Home, a Car, a Chandelier, furniture, or anything.


51. CFLs or LEDs:

Though energy-efficient bulbs are expensive than regular traditional bulbs, CFLs for LEDs are a better option to choose from compared to the regular lights.

You need not change all the bulbs at a time but at least you can swap bulbs wherever required and you can save a lot of electricity.

CFLs are a bit cheaper compared to LEDs, but even LEDs are getting cheaper day by day. And LEDs can last you for decades for which you can easily invest the amount of purchasing such a product.


52. Research Analysis:

With the help of the internet, you can have any information available at your fingertips.

It is always better to have a minimum amount of research for whatever products you are buying.

Also, better research on the savings plan and the related bank is equally important before taking a wise step.

Remember to do all the work required to attain higher returns in an easy manner.


53. Better Appliances:

Always prefer full quality appliances which will last you long rather than buying cheap appliances and worrying about its working life.

There are many category sections to decide like electricity consumption, the warranty, and many others.

Always check on the reliability of an appliance so that you need not invest in it regularly. If you are aware of investing a lump sum amount try to go for a branded product where you can get service near your place.

Also, search if you are getting any good deals or discounts so that you can save some more amount on a similar purchase.


54. Pre-Approved Loans:

If you are in a plan of purchasing something important or expensive always plan your purchase by getting a loan from your bank. Also, make sure you are getting the right amount of interest rate on that expense.

Also, getting a loan will surely ensure your position where you stand in the race of economic growth. Always remember to compare many options available and grab the right bank.


55. Mode of Cash Transactions on Expensive products and Lavish Expenses:

Plan to buy expensive products in cash so that you will be prepared beforehand to save the amount for the particular expense.

Having cash in hand also makes you sure that you have used your 30-day rule or any other strategy to use that particular saving.

With a cash-only procedure, you will also learn to negotiate with the products and try to market many options to grab a good deal.


56. Watch For Various Insurance Plans:

When you are to buy a car or some valuable asset you will surely need insurance for it. For the same, you have many insurance programs that you can search, make research, and then opt for one which gives you high returns.

There are many companies that offer lower introductory rates but in the process, they raise the interest rates after a particular period of time. Try to negotiate with the insurance company to grab a basic deal and save the amount for your future.


57. Buy A House-Reach Your Lifetime Goal:

Purchasing a house is always considered a good option by considering the real estate prices in today’s life.

It is typically considered a good investment because people are investing hell lot of money by renting a property.

Do hard work and take a step of buying a home for yourself whether it may be small or big depending upon your caliber.


58. Good Thermostat:

While planning a house you should also plan the quality of appliances and other detailed works at your home.

You should make a wise decision as to reduce the amount of investment and increase the durability.

Keeping thermostat or inverters in mind you are bound to install a good thermostat so that you can save energy usage and also keep regulating your home temperature evenly without a wastage.


59. Maintaining Home Temperature:

Maintaining your home temperature means keeping it warm or cold depending upon your climatic variations.

During summer it is always safe to close your blinds so that you can avoid the sun rays entering the home and making it warm.

This will help you by deducting the amount of electricity you use to maintain your temperature by switching on air conditioners.

Also, during the winter season, it is better you allow the sun rays to fall in to keep your home a bit warmer and convenient to suit your body temperature.


60. Maintenance Charges:

Like your body does, your home also requires maintenance and it also costs you a lot of money. If you maintain a regular dusting and repairing of your home the maintenance charges will be very convenient.

All you need to do is regular maintenance of gas connection or your drainage connections or your air filters or water filters and many small issues.

Keep dusting the home so that you avoid any sort of dust allergies.

It is always better to take technician support in doing all the above basic tasks.


61. Water and Gas Usage:

There is a tax which you need to pay for every small product you use.

Similarly, this also implies for water usage and gas usage as try to fix the leakage in your toilets or kitchen sinks for which you are literally letting the money to drain out.

Take small initiatives like closing the lid while cooking which will make the food cook faster comparatively.

Also, you could take out time to repair such tiny leakage problems and also you can reduce the temperature of the geyser to 120 degrees which can save a lot of money.


62. Vehicle Maintenance:

Buying a car is not as expensive as maintaining it because there are many investments to be made after purchase it.

You need to check with the engine oil and the brake shoes and the radiators and the seat covers and the interiors and the list is long and long.

Correct maintenance of a vehicle is as important as to cut short your much of the wasted amount.

In the list comes the car’s air filter, which will give you a raise in the mileage around 7 percent which will let you save approximately $100 for every thousand miles.

You can clean your air filters with the vehicles manual guide and so you need not go to the mechanic and invest the amount on it too. Also, keep changing the air filters periodically with the help of a mechanic.


63. Plan Meals Wisely:

If you visit a store, you will find some sections in the grocery for sale or discount. Try to plan weekly meals on such vegetables or groceries rather than just picking around things.

If you continue to follow the procedure for a month, you will realize that there is actually a difference in your expenditure.

Also, try to carry food from home when you are to your office or college or any other place.

Do not rely on restaurants or canteens. This will surely help you in deducting your expenses on food.


64. Save Tax Returns:

There will be many cases in life when you will receive Tax Refunds from any plan you once made.

Always remember to invest the same in something very valuable or divert the same into any other savings plan.

Buy a property or any valuable asset or try to fulfill your very important portions of life.


65. Bonus:

There are many freebie bonuses that you receive in your life.

You can consider work bonuses in the form of providential funds or maybe you have inherited the property of your ancestors or maybe you can win some lottery are many other options.

These are all the extra benefits that you get without your knowledge and planning. Try to make a correct path for that amount and make the correct benefit come out of it.


66. Employer/Employee benefits:

Usually, in corporate sectors, you have the benefit of earning incentives with the additional amount of your regular salaries.

Always make a habit to accumulate that portion of incentives without spending.

Though on a regular basis to may not find any difference but on the annual account, you can find the average amount which will be helpful for any of your important needs.


67. Local Investment Development Account:

Depending upon your monthly wages you can join any local investment programs if your income is less.

These programs help a lower-class person in maintaining his lifestyle by providing basic loans on a few terms and conditions.

You will be provided with a few classes which help you deal with financial crisis or savings for a home or vehicle or any support. These organizations also help you in starting your small scale industries or any business.

The classes or the sessions are mandatory to attend to get qualified for any loans or supports. This truly and simply means you need to be an active member of the group you have joined.


68. Wise Shopping:

Do your portion of the research while shopping so that you will be in a safe zone.

You need to become a good consumer by finding out the right price for the product.

Think twice or search for various options and choose a place where you can buy a product for a cheaper price comparatively.

Basically, you need to compare prices, and finally, you will come out with options where you can buy products from.

Wise shopping is always a sign of being a good buyer. There are many websites available for comparing prices.

This does not mean you need to pick up the cheaper products but grabbing the right deal will surely keep your mind stress-free.


69. Home-Made:

It is always better you try making products at home rather than buying things. You might have thought that you cannot make something or it was complicated or maybe a waste of time and energy.

Eventually, by the time you will yourself realize that homemade products are healthier, tastier, and low cost than you have expected.

All you need to do is to figure out what all products you can make at home which will also improve your skills at that particular task.


70. Saving At Baby Shower:

Planning for babies means a lot of investment to be made.

For sure your baby’s study would cost a heavy budget and it is never early to start saving for them.

Take a healthy step in saving for your child’s future.


71. Plan For Gifts in Advance:

You will surely have an idea of the fore coming functions or get together for which you will be buying gifts.

Always plan ahead so that you will not have the last hour rush in purchasing such expensive items for your loved ones.

Last moment shopping will surely put you in trouble because you will end up purchasing a costlier product or maybe the one which you don’t like.

The ultimate situation will be like, you have to give something and so you have purchased the wrong item or maybe the right item for the wrong price.


72. Daily-Care Expenses:

Children in their childhood and their growth periods are always expensive and beyond our imagination sometimes.

If both parents are working and the child needs a daycare center, all you need to do is to plan the amount of investment you do on such Care centers.

Frankly speaking, childcare centers are very expensive and you really need to plan that.

You can always compare between staying at home or joining our kids at a daycare center.

If staying at home is possible, I personally recommend you to take that option. This will not only avoid extra expense but also gives your child the personal touch which is required.


73. Sanitary items:

Always try to use cloth diapers when you have low incomes because regular diapers are really expensive and also harmful to the environment.

For mothers who have twins or triplets, diapers would really cost a bomb and in such cases, cloth diapers will act as lifesavers.

I understand the amount of effort you put into these cloth diapers is heavy but it will surely let you pocket around 1500 to 2000 dollars per year.


74. Baby Diet:

Discussing babies has really had a long list and with the requirements they actually have.

We have already spoken about day Care centers and diapers, now its turn to talk about baby food or weaning food.

The weaning food is usually costly and also doesn’t last long if your child is healthy and has a good appetite.

For this, there are plenty of recipes available online, and with the availability of gadgets, you can prepare your baby food at a much lower cost comparatively. Also, you can store it in a fridge by putting them in the ice trays.


75. Don’t Get Carried Away With Gadgets:

Today’s market is filled with tremendous amounts of gadgets which will make anybody’s life easier and specifically a parent’s life.

I suggest, until you have the specific need to buy any gadget please don’t go for it.

You will surely get tempted with a number of gadgets around but do remember that the kids have grown healthy without the gadgets as well in earlier days.

Try to purchase products which are most important and also try to keep the toys as simple as possible.


76. Taking care of children extra activity:

Children are exposed to tremendous amounts of pressure in today’s life whether it be academics or extracurricular activities.

It is always better to let your child learn one extracurricular activity at a time so that it will be easier for you also as a parent and easier for the child to learn the task.


77. Doubling the Recipe:

If you have been to the restaurant with your family or friends for dinner or any other meal, it is always preferable to order a similar dish so that it will be easier for you to share it among yourselves.

Doubling the recipe will also avoid confusion in plating within the table.


78. Swap Babysitting:

In regular life, you will face many situations when you have to leave the baby at home and visit some important cases.

Consider a grocery store or maybe a doctor’s appointment or maybe any other similar situation. At that time you will surely need a babysitter to take care of your child or your deceased person if you have any.

In such cases rather than spending the amount on babysitting, you can take the help of your relatives or neighbors who can do the same help and intern you can help them in any other situation.

Trust me you can save a good amount by doing such simple tricks.


79. Maintenance Runs:

With today’s hectic life, you will be having many appliances at home which will make your work easier.

To make you work much easier you should have correct maintenance of your appliances so that they don’t cause you’re a problem in the future.

Make sure to check all the clogging points or vents or dryers or the cooling units. The more you check for the maintenance the less you need to invest on such devices in the future for repairs.


80. Close Unused Memberships:

You must have been indulged with many membership cards and are just paying without even utilizing them.

Try to cancel such membership cards for a gym or for a pool or something.

Trust me you can pocket an innumerable amount by just removing those membership cards.


81. Health Checkups:

Regular health check-ups are important and so you should never ignore them. These healthcare steps will surely let you act on a particular issue before it is too delayed.

I understand health check-ups are a bit costly but with the health plans and other details, you can surely take precautions prior.


82. Generic Medicines:

With the drugs available in the market, there are many similar compositions that will surely cost use half of the amount that you usually spend.

Always take a suggestion from your physician to suggest generic medicines so that you can take care of your health within your pocket-friendly scenarios.


83. Brand Consciousness:

Remember that you are paying an extra amount for the medicines just for the brand marketing strategies.

The composition of the medicine is similar for both brand medication and over the counter medication.

Always try to use your brains before investing your money on something that is equivalent.

At times being brand conscious is important because you will be picking up the right thing which will last you long comparatively.

Yet you can skip acting as a brand ambassador because you can pic similar products at a much lower cost in your local markets.


84. Compare Pharmacies:

Although you have many pharmacies near you, never rely on one single store.

Try to compare the various options and try to purchase from the most reliable options.

Also, you can check for online medicines that have a special coupon code to avail of better deals.


85. Affordable Parties:

Let us accept the fact that we surely invest a lot of money on partying and get-togethers.

But try to plan affordable birthday parties or functions so that you will not let your money go wasted for unnecessary arrangements.

Design a correct menu that will work for all groups of people you invite so that you don’t let the food also go wasted.


86. Entertainment Plans:

Taking kids for a vacation or a weekend trip, it is always costly. There are many ways where you can finish the same with less investment.

Go cycling or visit a public library or go for fishing where you will surely entertain yourself and the kids.

This will give them a new experience within a budget.

Do research for such low cost for free cost entertainment activities which will also improve the child’s abilities.


87. Shop Cleverly:

There are many equipment stores in which you can opt to buy already used products.

Check for consignment shops or nearby markets that are providing good productive products.

Firstly check such options before investing your money. This will surely let your pocket to save some bucks which will be used for the future.


88. Manpower As A Gift:

If you have some quality time, try to you gift it to somebody who is in real need.

Go to a new parent and try to give your support by babysitting the child or by gifting them something.

If you know any pet owners try to take their pet for a walk or take care of the pet when the owners are traveling.

Try to lend your land mower or try to help to mow the land yourself.

Though these bits of help will not save you anything in actual money but will surely help you and will surely be a benefit with the gifts in return.


89. Remove Credit Card from Online Payments list:

Are you a person who does the online payment for all basic and expensive things?

I am sure that if you have this habit you will surely cross the credit limit that is required.

The ultimate remedy for this step is to delete your card details from your online accounts.

This step will surely help you to control your temptation to spend and also will let you decide about the importance of that portion of spending. You also need to convince yourself before taking such a step.


90. Shop After The Event:

If you are good at keeping stuff in your closet for the next year try to use this technique of shopping after the event.

For example, you need to shop for Christmas theme after the event is done or you can buy a mother’s day card after mother’s day celebrations.

This may sound a little weird but you will surely grab good deals after the event and this will surely help you in saving a lot of amount for the next year.


91. Dryer Sheets and Laundry Powder:

Detergent powder or the dryer sheets are a bit expensive than expected.

It is always better to use less amount of them than that is usually suggested in the packaging box.

This will let you in gaining better results as you will not find any traces of leftover soap on the clothes.


92. Compare for better Airfare Deals:

There are many airline search engines are which will let you know all the clear details of the airfare and other benefits.

Do not rely on a single portal for a particular airline. Try to do your amount of research which will help you to save money and make your travel easy.

Plan when to take the luggage or went to avoid the same to save amount comparatively. Remember luggage also costs you money.

Always browse air fairs in incognito mode as airfares always fluctuate with more clicks wrt to our IP address.


93. Beverage Control:

Try to avoid soda or alcohol from your life. This will not only make you dizzy but also let you spend money unknowingly.

A small amount of wine or vodka will surely make your senses dumb and will let you feel sobby or tired which will interrupt your daily routine.

Try to avoid such things and you can see a remarkable change in your account.


94. Use Related Mobile Applications:

Innovators are making remarkable changes in people’s lives. With various applications on smartphones in today’s world, there are many different offers being availed.

You can get a good deal when you are using an online procedure rather than going to the restaurant and ordering there.

Recently, I have been to a Pizza corner and found that if we make an online order I will be offered free garlic breadsticks. All I need to do is to download their application and order through it. And a prominent food company named Dominos offering extra one on one pizza or Hamburger by installing its application on your mobile.

I like to deal and so have done the same.

This will imply many other applications as well. You will find many offers and discount coupons available so make research and take the right application to save your amount.


95. Flexibility In Travelling:

Try to be flexible with your traveling dates and travel rules.

Do not fix yourself to travel at only some particular period of time or to travel within a few standards only.

Make your mind easy to go and let the prices decide when you need to travel and when you need to stay at your place.

This will not only let you save amount but will also provide you the amount of time you need to rethink the plan.


96. Compare Hotels/Motels:

Try to rent service apartments or become a paying guest when you travel to avoid unnecessary costing that we pay to hotels.

Make your mind to decide that you are not going to spend your living on that particular hotel room and also you need you just need to spend a night as you will be traveling in the morning or visiting sightseeing places.

There are many websites which will help you with great deals at the hotels as well. Try to take a clever step which will let you pocket a lump sum amount.


97. Usage of Reward points:

Never let your reward points go wasted. They are the rewards for your hard-earned money.

Try to take the full benefit of such reward points and plan your requirements depending upon your feasibility.


98. Camping:

Camping is one such option that will let you enjoy and save the amount in equal portions.

You cannot ask for higher quality beds or hotels as camping only includes basic arrangements with plenty of time.

For sure you will have a good place and a good time when you enjoy with your family and friends and share self-made food sitting at the campfire.


99. Regular Fitness Activities:

It is important to maintain both physical and as well as mental stability with good health.

You can give all this by maintaining good health with regular exercise.

This will also help you in saving the amount that you usually spend on doctors.

There are many applications on the mobile phone which keep up reminding us about our daily routine to exercise.


100. Branded Clothing:

Basically purchasing branded clothes or high-quality clothes is a bit expensive but will surely give you satisfaction for the amount you have spent on.

Rather than investing the small portions of the amount in purchasing clothes on a regular basis.

It is better you purchase a good pair of jeans and shirts with good quality. This will surely be a one-shot investment and you will also have replaces or exchange for your clothes if they are worn out within a particular period of time.


101. DIY:

Doing things yourself will surely give you interest and also help you in saving a lot of money.

Try to use the internet to help you deal with all the basic needs and ideas to get along with DIY.

You cannot try everything but rather you can fix a few things on your own in save money easily.


102. Clearing Blocked Space:

Check your surroundings and find out the things you have clubbed them without knowledge.

Pull out all the unnecessary things and handover the products to someone else who needs them for free or for money respectively.

It is basically a win-win situation when you clear your home you will make space for your fresh mind ideas.


103. Avoid  Shopping Malls:

It is a habit for many people to visit malls every weekend without any particular reason.

As a result, they end up spending the amount which is really not important because you will find many things which will tempt you.

Try to avoid such visits which invite unnecessary expenditure and in turn, you can invest that time by watching a movie or reading a book or playing the puzzle and many other interesting things.


104. Minimal Dressing:

Minimizing your dresses means to plan your clothes in a way that you can mix match and use the same clothing with various options.

If you are aware of combinations and permutations you will surely understand what I mean to say.

For example, if you have seven pair of pants and ten shirts and 6 ties, you already have an endless amount of combinations which you can wear and feel always new.

This will help you to pocket a good amount of money rather than spending on every individual thing.


105. Shift To Cheaper Stay:

You should always mark a note on your cost of living.

Try to look for a better place and cheaper place comparatively to shift your home.

This will not only reduce the amount of rent that you pay but also help you in bifurcating that amount to something valuable.


106. Maintain Speed Limit:

Speed thrills but kills.

Whether it is a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, it is necessary to maintain your speed limit not only to avoid extra usage of gasoline or fuel but also to save yourself from fining with unnecessary tickets.

Your speeding limit will surely attract the cops and their speed guns which is really unnecessary and also it will save you from any further fines.


107. Use Library/Digital Library:

The library is not a place just to borrow books and read them and later handover them to the authorities.

Also, it is a place where you can enjoy multiple facilities with literally no charge.

For example, I can take the use of a newspaper or you can use the library to learn few basic foreign languages or maybe you can surf the internet and use it for yourself and also you can grab good ideas for CDs and other related portions.

Go to a good library to start availing of its benefits on your own.

Nowadays many websites are added on the internet for E-reading, In this E-Generation, many people opt for digital books rather than Softcopies this results in avoiding excess weight. Famous websites like Amazon are promoting digitization of books on the platform called “Amazon Kindle”. You can make use of this platform to save both the forms of paper i.e., Paper and money.


108. Choose Small Over Big:

It is always better to choose something small compared to big products.

Consider home or car or couch or anything else, it is always better you choose a conveniently spacious place rather than getting surrounded by empty space around you. 

Always try to pick out small things which will help you in easy maintenance and you can also discard it when you don’t actually use it.

Purchasing small things are also requires small expenditure only rather than putting a lump sum amount on one single product.

Cutting short expenditures will surely guide you to lead a life of a safe future and hassle-free one.


109. Fee Waived Options:

It is better to always ask from your end about the fees which have to be waived off. Usually, the service companies will not let you know about this but it is better to you always ask from your end and make sure about it.

Also, remember this will not be the case for every service station or any service you avail of. Rather than spending the unknown amount you can always ask and find out about it.


110. Health and Hygiene products:

Frankly, I am happy with the lower price products when it comes to hygiene as they work the same and has the ingredients similar to the costlier products.

All the difference is by the marketing brands and so you can always spend a minimum amount on such hygienic products.

Bathing regularly and keeping yourself clean itself will let you go germ-free.

It is enough if you can wash your face properly rather than spending the amount on facial scrubs and body scrubs lavishly.


111. Stand Up After A Mistake:

There is a possibility that you will make mistakes in your lifetime. When the topic comes for clearing the debts, the possibility increases.

You will surely learn with your failures or drawbacks. Take your mistakes as lessons and deal with the scenarios accordingly.


112. Don’t Lose Hope:

There are tremendous chances that you will always feel the pain while clearing the debts.

In such cases try to give yourself pain and never to give up on such issues. This will for sure give you the fruit in the future.

Take the help of others or any books that will give you the inspiration to go on in the run.


113. Use Smart-Strip Techniques:

There are many tips which can help you in saving electricity with which you can trim your electricity bill significantly.

Try to connect your gaming consoles or personal computers with a smart strip that can cut down power gradually to all the devices and in return will end up saving electricity bills.


114. Close Air Gaps:

Usually, homes have air leaks which will make the job of cleaning and maintaining their temperature to the minimum during summers tough.

Always try to fill in those air leaks and also try to cover up the furniture that you are not using with something that you need not dust over on a regular basis.


115. Beer on Own:

Did you know that you can make your beer or wine on your own?

What if I say you can easily make approximately 5 gallons of beer at home? Interesting right?

Try to gather some of your friends and ask them to bring their juice and you can buy the equipment so you can start making beer or wine at your place and enjoy them to your fullest.

All you need is a little mastery in the process which will make the procedure much easier than you think of.


116. No Meat:

Try to pick your menu accordingly so that you can plan conveniently and economically. Prefer to include beans and sprouts or any other vegetable rather than non-veg all the time.

This will not only help you with a good diet and a healthy meal but also will reduce the amount of investment you do on buying meat.

Also, you can grab good deals with packaged products with beans and legumes and any other similar products.


117. Gaming Habits:

Try to purchase a good gaming console with the resale value if you can sell it in the future.

Master your brain in a manner that you can increase the levels in the game rather than changing or swapping the games.

This will not only improve your gaming skills but also will save you from a lot of unwanted wastage of money.

Also when you are done with that gaming section try to get a replacement of the same with the gadget store to any other new set of games.



Mark a rule: Do not save what left after spending, But spend what left after saving.

I hope the above list is convenient and also feels that you can surely try 15 to 20 tips at the same time. The basic thing to make a point is to remember that the saving is for your sake and ultimately it will be you who will be beneficent. Try to make good decisions and start saving as early as possible.

Also remember, you will have to be strict to your self, and below are a few guidelines that will help you succeed.

Basically, there are few steps to be followed to start with a savings plan. The below will pave the way for you to reach the destination to a secure future.

  • It’s not your salary that makes you rich. It’s your spending habits;
  • First, you need to keep an eye on your expenses. Plan accordingly that you don’t end up spending on unnecessary things.
  • Also, design your monthly budget that you don’t end up using your credit card.
  • Basically, take the help of an adviser to guide you with a good savings plan.
  • Usually, plan your savings in terms of your personal interests. Set a goal like savings for your holiday or savings for your retirement or savings for education or savings for your family or any.
  • After picking on your priorities, you need to work on assigning your weapons. All the success is based on the right tool you work on. Tools as in-where to save, what plan to fix, how much to dedicate, and others.
  • After joining, the first few months will be easy then later you will feel reckless about the payments. So, it is always better to make your savings account an automatic one. Every month the amount will get deducted from your account directly.
  • The final step is to look and enjoy your savings to get multiplied. Depending upon your plan your money will get increased accordingly.
  • Never depend on a single income, Make investment to create second.
  • Last and final rule do not hustle to make people envious. Don’t confuse the cost of living with the standard of living.

I hope the above information is helpful and anyone of you is getting benefited through my research.

Feel free to write to me in the comments box if you have any more tips to save so that I can include it in my article.


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