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How To Take Feet Pics Like A Pro? [Best Tips and Poses]

It is now very much possible to sell a single picture of your feet for $100 or more. Does it sound impossible to you? Trust me; if you know how to take feet pics and market those properly, you can take foot modeling as your full-time profession.

You also don’t need to worry about obscenity, as you can take and sell non-adult pictures of your feet as well. But yes, you need to take good care of your feet and should also learn the craft of taking good images to make your name in this industry.

However, it is not easy to take pictures of your feet without any professional help, especially if you want to sell those pictures online. So, we have curated this comprehensive guide to help you take the best possible feet images.


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What Are The Best Props To Use In Feet Pics?

how to take feet pics

Props not only just enhance the overall aesthetics of any pics but also adds a different dimension to the image.

And if you talk about taking feet pics, there are four props that work the best in almost any light and background setting.

  • Flowers: A bunch of red roses or a bouquet of orchids can add some elegance to your photo. You can also make some cool accessories with flowers to use while taking photos of your feet.
  • Leaves: Besides flowers, leaves can also add serenity and positivity to your photo. Depending on the theme of your photo, you can choose between fresh or dry leaves.
  • Feathers: If you want to incorporate a softness in your picture, try to ass some feather elements. You can tuck a few feathers in your hair or can also make some funky accessories with feathers.
  • Rocks And Pebbles: Small rocks in different shades and tones can add dynamics to the image of your feet. You can also use rocks as your main prop in natural settings, such as on the banks of a river or a lake.

Besides these four props, you can also use other unique props, such as hats, pillows, and even teddy bears, while taking images on your feet.

You can also wear junk jewelry to give your feet pics a distinct appeal.

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What Are The Best Camera Angles For Taking Feet Pics?

You can’t master the skills of how to take feet pics until you know about the best camera angles in which you can get the best image output.

how to take feet pics

And if you can implement these angles correctly, there are several best platforms to sell photos online where you can showcase your pics as well.

We have figured out six such unique camera angles that can properly highlight your feet. And those are as follows.

  • Bottom of your feet facing towards the camera: If you want to highlight the beautiful arch of your gorgeous feet, it is surely the best pose to try. Besides, this pose also highlights the shape of your feet.
  • Looking at your feet: It can add a different dimension to the images if you look down at your own feet. You can also use this angle to highlight your nail polish or pedicure.
  • Top of Feet Close-Up: If you have any tattoos on your feet, or if you love to wear cute nail colors, or have some nail art, it is surely the best camera angle that can highlight all that.
  • Side arch of the feet: Take this photo from a side, which can highlight the sideward arch of your beautiful feet. Besides, it can highlight other feet accessories as well.
  • Laying down with feet up: If you want to incorporate a casual and relaxed vibe in your feet pics, you must try this camera angle to highlight your beautiful feet.
  • Go Candid: Nothing can be better than a candid shot if done right. So, if you are unsure about the right camera angle, go for a candid shot.

Besides these six iconic camera angles, you can check out many other fantastic camera angles used by your competitor on photo-selling websites to get inspiration.


Best Ways To Pamper Your Feet

ways to pamper the feet

Before you know how to take feet pics, you need to first know how to take good care of your feet to make those sales-worthy.

So, here are our five tested beauty hacks to make your feet soft and glowing.


1. Take Care of Your Feet

how to take feet pics

Not every diva knows how to sell feet pics online! However, you must take care of your feet first to make those salable. You need to understand that pictures will highlight all the minute details of your feet.

So, your feet should be thoroughly cleaned before you take a snap. You must make a daily routine of using scrub and mild soap to clean your feet and then moisturize them with a non-oily lotion.

Besides you can also assign a spa day each week to take proper care of your feet. If you have a rough patch or a jolt of calluses, you also need to take care of those by using foot files, hydrating gels, and foot masks.


2. Exfoliate And Moisturize

exfoliate and moisturize

Exfoliation can help you to get rid of all the dead cells accumulated on your feet. And doing that will reveal the new skin hidden underneath the layer of dead cells to give you an instant glow.

However, you need to properly moisturize your feet with a thick lotion after exfoliation. You can exfoliate your feet with pumice stones or sturdy foot scrub once a week.

However, you need to apply a hydrating gel and then wear socks overnight to moisturize your feet properly. You can also add a layer of Vaseline or Aquaphor on top of your daily moisturizer for better absorption.


3. Trim And File Your Nails

trim nails

Not just skin but your nails are equally important if you desire gorgeous feet. If you don’t trim and file your nails on a regular basis, they will grow and cause you a lot of foot problems.

Besides, ingrown nails can be equally painful. So, it is better to trim your nails before something happens. It is better to keep your nails at a medium length while you trim those straight across.

However, you can use a file and make rounded edges in your nail to give it a professional look. It is also better to go for a professional-grade manicure and pedicure session once every two weeks.


4. Use Sunscreen Lotion

how to take feet pics

The UV rays emitted from the sun not just harm the skin of our face but are also equally harmful to the skin of our body.

So, if you keep your feet exposed to the sun for a longer time, you can get sunburns, burning patches, and even allergies. Besides, it can also tan your feet unevenly.

So, it is better to use sunscreen before you go outside. If you have to keep your feet exposed for a longer time, you must choose a sunscreen with more than SPF 50.

But you need to apply sunscreen on your feet at least 10 minutes before you go outside to give it sufficient settling time.


5. Go For A Wax Treatment

how to take feet pics

If you have open pores or dead skin patches on your feet, a warm paraffin treatment can work like a charm. Wax treatment not only just shrinks the pores but also softens your skin and sole.

Besides, hot wax also promotes better blood circulation in your feet to give them a natural glow. It is better to opt for a hot wax treatment once every month.

However, you can also buy a hot wax kit online and use it in your home. You can also purchase a wax brick and then mix it with your foot cream to make a homemade wax cream. But don’t forget to check the temperature before applying it.


Things To Follow While Taking Feet Pics

If you want to fetch the best price for your feet pics, you need to know how to take feet pics properly, as many people can’t fully unlock the potential of their feet even after having a gorgeous one.

how to sell feet pics

So, here are the crucial things to consider before taking any snap.


1. Use Unique Camera Angles

If you want to make your name in any industry, think outside the box. You can only get quick attention if you don’t follow the traditional routes.

So, try incorporating newer and unique camera angles while taking pictures of your feet. You can also analyze the photos of other users to get an idea.

It is better to check the portfolios of professional foot models to get an idea about the poses that sell the best. Besides, you can also find several excellent tutorials on YouTube.

And if your budget permits, you can also hire a professional photographer. Don’t worry about the initial investment, as it will pay off in no time, as feet modeling is one of the legit passive income ideas nowadays.


2. Select A Good Location

The location where you are taking your feet pics is equally important as your feet themselves. So, it is better to look for a decent setting with an aesthetical appeal to get some great snaps of your feet.

You can use your garden, backyard, or even your garage to make some great settings. You can also explore nearby places, such as a lake or a park, to use those as your background.

And you can also highlight the beauty of the place besides the sensuality of your feet to attract more customers for your feet pics.


3. Use Appropriate Background

You need to thoroughly understand the importance of having a good background first if you don’t know how to take feet pics.

A congested background with a lot of unnecessary items can destroy the aesthetical appeal of any photo. So, try to incorporate a background with simple patterns or textures.

You can also use natural landscapes as your backgrounds, such as a lake or a garden. Besides you can also use a green screen if you are good at photo editing and VFX.

You can easily implant any background you want on that green screen to generate an awesome output.


4. Choose The Best Setup

The setup in which you take photos of your feet is also very important. If you take a photo amid a busy street or high-rise buildings, they will not look good.

So, it is better to stick to a natural setting, such as a garden or a lake, where there will not be many elements in the background.

If you are not comfortable with outdoor shooting, you can also easily make a studio-style setup right at your home by using some custom backgrounds and photography lights.

And if your budget allows, you can even go for a photoshoot stint in a professional studio.


Crucial Equipment To Take High-Quality Feet Pics

crucial equipment to take high quality foot pics

Even if you know how to take feet pics, you need to have enough mastery over the camera and related equipment to take professional-grade images.

So, to start with, you need to have four must-have tools with you to take great feet pictures.


1. Portable Lights & Diffusers

Besides the camera itself, lights and diffusers also play vital roles in any photography stint. You need to have sufficient lights thrown at you to get the best image possible.

However, you can also use natural light settings, such as sunlight, if you prefer outdoor photoshoots. It is better to get a portable and dimmable light for your photos.

Besides, you must also buy some high-quality diffusers to bounce the light in the proper places. You can also use a lux meter to identify and adjust the light settings properly.


2. Ring Light

Most people neglect the importance of professional-grade right lights as they don’t know how to take feet pics that sell for high prices.

A ring light is even more important if you want to take short clips and reels besides still images. It will add vibrancy and a glow to your photo in no time.

If you use your mobile to take pictures, you can try your hands on a smartphone-mounted right light.

Besides, you may also buy a remote-controlled one to change the settings easily. You can also use some colored ring lights to give your pictures a distinct look.

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3. Adjustable Tripod

Most amateur photographers suffer from shaky hands. So, whenever they try to take images with a higher shutter speed, they tend to get a blurry image.

However, you can easily fix this issue by using a professional-grade tripod. You can also use a foldable one if you want something portable.

Many high-quality tripods nowadays also come with wireless controls through your smartphone. You can also get one such tripod if your budget permits.

But don’t forget to check the mounting type before buying any tripod.


4. Photo Editing Software

Not just the actual photoshoot but post-production works are equally important nowadays to generate the best possible images of your feet.

And to start that, you need to have mastery over photo editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Fotor, BeFunky, and many more.

By using these image editors, you can easily tweak the color, contrast, brightness, sharpness, and even luminosity of a picture. And you also don’t need to buy these tools as many such free tools are available nowadays on the internet.

On a different note, if you don’t know how to make money without paying anything, you can just start your career as an image editor after mastering these tools.


Camera Tricks For Taking Best Feet Pics

You will not learn how to take feet pics just by having the equipment and tools we have mentioned above, as you also need to know about some camera tricks to get professional-grade photos.

feet pics

So, here are the best camera tricks for you that you can do yourself without any professional help.


1. Adjust Your Head Room

Only professional photographers truly understand the headroom in any photo.

You may not know, but the blank space between the border of your head and the top edge of the photo actually decides the aesthetical appeal of that picture. So, your vertical distance should be appropriate.

If you leave too much blank space above the main subject, the image will not look good. So, you should keep your headroom at a minimal level to make your feet look more aesthetic and appealing.


2. Never Use Digital Zoom

There are two types of zoom available in DSLRs and smartphones. The first one if analog or motorized zoom, and the second one is a digital zoom.

In digital zoom, your phone or camera actually first stretches the image and then crops a particular part to make it look bigger.

However, if you don’t know how to take feet pics, you must start by resisting using digital zoom. If you use digital zoom, your photo will lose its quality in no time.

And as a result, you’ll get a pixelated and deformed photo at the end.

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3. Select The Appropriate Aperture

The aperture is the opening of the lens while you take a photo with it. If you keep your aperture on the higher side, your lens will be open more, and you’ll have more lights entering the image processing unit.

And by doing so, it can isolate the subject from the surroundings and the background.

But, if you keep your aperture on the lower side, less amount of light will enter from the lens opening, giving you a chance to focus on a larger area. So, if you are shooting indoors, go for a higher aperture. And if you are shooting outdoors, go for a lower one.


4. Control Your ISO

ISO is the sensitivity of your camera toward the light. If you keep your ISO on the lower side, such as 100 or 200, the camera will be less sensitive to light.

However, you can get the clearest image possible in the lower ISO settings. You must keep your ISO on the lower side if you are shooting outdoors.

If you keep your ISO on the higher side, such as 3200 or 6400, it will make your camera extremely sensitive to light. However, images with higher ISO settings tend to get more noise.

But, if you want to shoot indoors, keep your ISO on a moderate level. And if you can rightly control your ISO to take some great images, you already know about the ways to get paid for pictures of your body this year.

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5. Adjust White Balance

You won’t have a thorough idea about how to take feet pics if you don’t understand white balance properly.

Most cameras and smartphones these days now come with various preset white balance options, such as daylight, artificial light, flash mode, fluorescent, and even shade (for cloudy days).

So, you need to select the white balance carefully to get the best vibrancy possible for your feet pics. You can also use the automatic white balance feature of your phone or DSLR, especially if you are using a high-end one.


How To Edit Your Feet Pics For Best Responses?

It is better to use offline software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, if you want professional output during the post-production process.

However, these tools are extremely costly, and you may also need to pay a monthly subscription to unlock all the potential of these tools.

So, you can also use several online photo editing websites and apps, such as Pixlr, Fotor, Canva, and many more. You can use various filters and prefixed autocorrections on these apps to enhance your images in no time.

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5 Best Places To Sell Feet Pics Online

You must have already understood how to take feet pics. However, learning these tricks is not all, as you also need to know about the websites and apps where you can sell your feet pics for the best possible price.

So, here are the top five options for you.


1. Feetfinder

feetfinder review

If you talk about the most popular website to sell feet pics these days, you will surely talk about Feetfinder.

And since its inception, many feet models have already earned millions from this website just by selling pictures of their feet. And now, this company is accepting joining requests from all over the world.

You don’t need to pay any upfront fee to create an account on this app. Besides, you are free to select your asking price for each of your feet photos.

This company will charge a flat 20% commission on your asking price. You can get more insights about this company on our latest Feetfinder review.


2. Feetify


Feetify is another website where you can start your quest if you don’t know how to take feet pics.

Besides paying you a grand price for your feet pics, this company will also give you cash rewards just for being active on this forum.

Besides, this company doesn’t charge any joining fee at all. You can directly communicate with your potential clients through the unique chat feature of this app.

But to unlock the real potential of this app, you need to take a yearly premium subscription, which will cost you around $97 this year. Know more about this website in our in-depth Feetify review.


3. Instafeet

how to sell feet pics - instafeet

Instafeet is the Instagram for feet lovers. You can easily open a free account on this website and start selling images of your gorgeous feet.

Besides, this company lets you choose your asking price between $10 and $50/pics as well. However, it cuts a small commission of around 10% from that.

This website also has a unique chat feature that will let you communicate directly with your potential clients. And you can find more insights about this company in our latest Instafeet review.


4. OnlyFans

OnlyFans has already become the best website for personalized adult content, as it witnesses millions of unique visits each month.

And you’ll be surprised to know that there are more than a hundred creators on OnlyFans who have already made more than a million dollars just by selling their adult content.

However, you can also use this website to sell feet pics. All you need is to make a free account on this website first to get started. And you can also set your asking price for each of your feet pics.’

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5. Feetpics

apps to sell your pics

If you have already understood how to take feet pics and are looking for a legit website to sell those, your quest should start from Feetpics.

You can choose a theme for your portfolio and then upload the images of your feet accordingly. And you can display all your images on the featured page of your profile.

However, this company is currently charging a small one-time registration fee. But you don’t need to worry about the upfront payment as this company is absolutely legal.

And if you get a membership for yourself, you don’t need to pay any commission at all.

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How to Take Feet Pics – Conclusion

While selling your feet images, you need to ensure that it does not hurt any religious or cultural sentiment.

Besides, you must also need to be at least 18 years old to become a professional foot model. But most importantly, always try to keep your real identity hidden from other users.

We hope you’ve already liked this guide. But if you want to add your input to this guide about how to take feet pics, share your thoughts with us! Go, girls!


How to Take Feet Pics – FAQs

What type of feet pics sell best?

Natural or unstaged images of beautiful feet sell the best in the online market. However, many people also prefer to buy foot images with nail polish, jewelry, and other foot accessories.

And if you talk about the pose, the lying down posture with feet in the air is surely the best one.


How much should I charge for feet pictures?

You can charge anywhere between $5 and $100/image, depending on your fan base and demand. Many feel models also ask for more than $500 for a single image of their feet.

But if you are new to this field, it is better to keep your asking price on the lower side.


How much do feet pics sell for on OnlyFans?

You can now set your asking price for each image you upload on OnlyFans. Depending on your popularity and fan following, you can fetch as much as $100 from a single feet photo of yours.

But in general, OnlyFans models usually charge between $5 to $20/image for their feet photos.


How can I sell my feet pictures anonymously?

Yes, there are several great websites and apps available, such as Feetfinder and Feetify, where you can easily sell pictures of your gorgeous feet while being anonymous.

And in that way, you can keep your real identity safe without hampering your online profession.


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