Instafeet Review: Earn $1000+/Month By Selling Your Feet Pics

It is eBay for the foot snaps sellers! It is Amazon for the people with foot fetishes! And obviously, it is Facebook for all the feet enthusiasts around the world. Yes, you heard it right! In this Instafeet review, we will talk about all the good and bad of this unique company and its unique concept.

But tell me first, do you think you can even earn by selling the pics of your feet? Yes, just feet?

You can now do just that; no strings attached! No intimacy or public sharing of your pic. You can now simply earn just by selling decent pictures of your feet through this platform. So, don’t wait and open a free account on Instafeet right now.

And like all the online platforms, you need to try it and use it for some time to know all about the inside tricks. So, we did that tough part for you to reveal all the details you need to know about Instafeet this year.


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Is Selling Feet Pictures Legal?

Is Instafeet a legit website; isn’t it the primary question that pops right after you know about it? Let us answer you in a single word; YES, it is! You won’t get any legal complaints against this company.

If you even search Instafeet reviews UK or USA on the internet, you won’t witness any such legal complaints against any of their users.

Selling pictures of your beautiful feet is completely legal in tier-1 countries like the USA, UK, and Canada. But yes, you should be extra careful about your country’s laws and state laws if you live outside. And in general, you need to follow a standard protocol.

  • Selling pics of your feet shouldn’t come under the adult content category in your country
  • You shouldn’t hurt the religious sentiment while selling your feet pics

But yes, selling feet pic online if you are under 18-year-old is completely restricted and illegal in all the countries. So, you should be a legal adult to do it.


Why Do People Ask For Pictures Of Your Feet?

instafeet review

Yes, you are thinking on the right track! It is truly the people with foot fetishes that are the primary customers of Instafeet. But yes, it also has many other consumer groups that we have listed below.

  • Foot Fetishes: It is one of the hotcakes of fetishes as Hollywood divas like Britney Spears openly talk about it. So, adult males with foot fetishes are the primary customers. They mainly get turned on by it, and they love to spend money on it too.
  • Modeling Agencies: Ad agencies around the globe often need great foot pics to market beauty products and even shoes. Other categories like nail arts, ankle jewelry, and temporary tattoo, also frequently look for feet images of real models.
  • Production Houses: Several Hollywood movies already explored foot fetish, like 50 Shades of Grey. And there are many more to come. But, actors may not have the right feet to showcase it on the silver screen. So, directors often buy feet photos and small feet clips to replace with the original.
  • Magazines And Newspapers: Magazines like ESPN Body Issue or Sports Illustrated often need body part pictures. Besides, there are many more news agencies, digital news portals, and magazines that often look for foot photos.
  • Bloggers And Publishers: If any blogger or content publisher writes about feet, they need great photos to go with it. And to perfectly complement a beautiful write-up, these clients look for independent models to work with them.
  • Painters And Tattoo Artists: Although a relatively new client group, this Instafeet review will remain incomplete without mentioning talented tattoo artists and painters. They often need beautiful feet to use on their ads or just to use them as a canvas for their artwork.


What Is Instafeet?

instafeet review
Source: Instafeet

In simple words, Instafeet is a platform where female models can sell their feet photos. But, is it that simple? We have searched a lot of Instafeet website reviews to know the real company operating behind Instafeet.

Established in 2017, this Santa Clara-based company is developed and operated by Fabian Lejsek. And as the company itself says, it now has more than 100k registered members. If you are a foot pic seller or a foot admirer, it is the den you are looking for.

It is actually a privately held social media platform for foot models and admirers. All you need is to be just 18 years old to start earning through this platform.

If you are a seller, you don’t need to pay a single buck. But, any fan who loves to see and download foot images needs to pay a subscription fee of just $20.


Is Instafeet A Legit Website?

Do you ever wonder how legit is Instafeet? We do! And after our thorough research and review, we can definitely claim that Instafeet is completely legit.

It is surely a legit platform where beautiful ladies can sell their feet pics. And on the other hand, people and agencies can purchase and download them.

However, the users face some real problems frequently. First, there is no clear guidance about ID verification. Secondly, they don’t have any defined timeline under which they usually reply.

While some people claimed to get a response within a day or two, many had their approvals even after several weeks.

While we analyzed the Quora and Reddit threads of Instafeet, we have also encountered many peoples reported by real users. They mainly faced trouble related to slow server response and huge loading time. Many users also reported identity theft issues.


Is Instafeet Safe? How To Keep My Instafeet Account Safe?

Yes, we do have this question on our mind; is Instafeet safe at all? And as our own experiences are concerned, it really depends on how you use it.

But yes, here are a few useful tips to make it a safe and secure experience.

  • Always use alias name or just initials to keep your real identity hidden behind a curtain
  • Never share your personal information like address and phone number
  • Never leave any hint of your area or environment while taking your feet photo
  • If any subscriber tries to become too familiar, restrict him immediately, but in a polite manner
  • Use a watermark with your initials or your screen name to eliminate photo theft
  • Never use mobile transfer; stick to PayPal transfers as it won’t reveal your identity

Finally, you also need to understand that it is a public forum operated by a private entity. So, it is better to go through their recent terms of service before you open an account.


How Does Instafeet Work?

instafeet review
Source: Instafeet

Even if you search a lot of Instafeet seller reviews, it is still quite difficult to understand their operating procedures. So, let’s simplify it for your understanding.

First, you need to create a seller’s account by filling up the signup form. You also need to submit a photo ID so that moderators can verify your profile.

Secondly, you need to post at least 5 feet photos of yourself after you receive the email confirmation. You can also set your screen or alias name at that time.

Third and most importantly, it is a subscription-only model where your subscriber will pay you. The standard rate is around $10/month, although you can set your own rate. From that subscription fee, Instafeet has its cut and sends the rest to the actual seller.

They now pay the sellers on the 1st and 15th of each month. Besides PayPal, you can also opt for several other payment options to choose from.


How to Sell Feet Pictures on Instafeet?

instafeet review
Source: Instafeet

Let’s equip you with a step-by-step guide to sell pictures here as this Instafeet review will be incomplete without that. But first, you need to keep an ID card handy as it is required during the registration process.

Step 1 – Open An Account: You need to visit the signup page and fill up the joining form. However, only females now can open a seller account in Instafeet. Your profile will be rejected if you are a male or even a female-to-male transgender. If you are that gorgeous lady, you need to submit the following.

  • Your full name and complete address
  • Personal email ID (preferably Gmail or Yahoo Mail)
  • A recent selfie where your face is clear and blur-free
  • At least three clear pictures of your feet

After submitting the above-mentioned things, you need to wait for around 1 to 3 weeks to get verified.

Step 2 – Upload Pictures: Once any moderator approves your account, you’ll receive an email confirmation. You need to log in to this platform with your proper credential to post at least 5 clear images of your feet. You can definitely submit much more to attract a large number of subscribers.

Step 3 – Set Your Subscription Fee: You can set the subscription fee from $5 to $100, according to your preference. But, you should stick below $10 to attract more subscribers at first. During our research, we noticed that most of the ladies ask for a subscription fee of $9.99 to keep it under ten bucks.

Step 4 – Get Your Custom Link: Once you complete all the steps mentioned in the first three points, you’ll receive a custom link to your profile in your associated email. But yes, you can also change your username later on.

Step 5 – Share The Link And Earn: You should start posting your custom link to the social media handles and public forums to attract potential subscribers. But remember; you shouldn’t use your real identity while sharing it as it may cause safety-related issues.

So, now you know how to use Instafeet without harming your identity and safety parameters. But yes, you do need to follow some rules to keep it even more secure.


Rules To Follow

As we have already made it extremely clear in our Instafeet review that you can surely make money from this platform without compromising any safety and security parameters. But to get the approval on first hand, you need to follow some dos and don’ts which are as follows.



  • Submit a valid photo ID while opening an account (preferably a government ID)
  • Remove leg hairs or opt for a waxing session to make it look clean
  • Go for a pedicure and put some nail polish
  • Properly moisturize your feet as dry skin will make them look less appealing
  • Submit images that show both your face and feet if you don’t have any security concerns



  • Don’t apply if you are a minor or below 18 years old
  • Don’t apply if you are a male or male-to-female transgender or lady-boy
  • Wait for up to a month to get your approval and don’t reapply during that time
  • Submit clear feet photos without any blur or noise



  • Accessories your feet with some ornaments like ankle bracelet or toe rings
  • Adopt to sensuous feet poses

So, these are the dos and don’t you need to follow to get a sure-shot approval from this company.


How Much Can I Make on Instafeet?

The Instafeet income potential is the primary concern; isn’t it? Yes, we all want to have the best rate. But, it is a little tricky to earn here as you can set your own rate.

You can set it anywhere between $5 and $100 per photo. So, if you have 10 subscribers paying even $10 each, you can make around $100 bucks each month. But if you have 100 subscribers, you can earn $1k and so on.

Instafeet charges 10% of your subscription value for profile maintenance and credit card processing. So, if you earn $1k from 100 subscribers, you will receive the final value of $900.

But yes, many great models are now earning around $500 each day just by selling feet pictures.


How Do I Get Paid On Instafeet?

Right now, Instafeet offers several payment methods to withdraw your earnings each month. From PayPal to direct transfer, you can opt for almost anything.

However, it is wise to not use the mobile transaction as it reveals your identity. So, it is better to stock to gateway transfers like PayPal and Payoneer to opt for it.

But yes, your earning potential will largely vary on several factors that are as follows.

  • The overall appeal of your profile on Instafeet
  • The individual subscription value for your followers
  • Total number of subscribers that you have on Instafeet
  • Your popularity and social media presence

So, if you follow this, you can definitely earn around $500 to $1k per month in the beginning. It can go much higher with your increasing popularity and subscribers.


How Much Should I Charge for My Feet Pictures?


We have already disclosed in this Instafeet review that you can set your price from $5 to $100 on average, anything you prefer.

But yes, you should stick to below the $10 mark to get the maximum number of subscribers in your initial days. You can surely spike up that price once you have enough audience to support you.

It is better to expect a higher rate if you are selling your feet photos to any modeling agency and publications. It is better to bargain at around $100 bucks in these cases. But if you mostly have individual male followers, stick below the tried-and-tested $10 mark.


Instafeet Reviews

This USA-based company allows all the hot ladies to open an account from all over the world.

But, if you search Instafeet USA reviews or even Instafeet Canada reviews, you’ll see the highest number of users from these two countries. Right now, it has a 2.3 rating on Trustpilot, a fairly average score.

Melbourne-based Instafeet user, Racheal Mended, recently published her feedback on Adopt10plus. She currently earns more than AUD 6k, equivalent to around $4k. Racheal not only just shared her recent earning screenshots but also gave all the evidence for her money withdrawals.

Reddit thread about Instafeet sparked controversy as a user named Johanna Rylee blamed this site for document theft. But later, the official Reddit account of Instafeet replied that they never store the document or share it with third parties.

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Important FAQs about Instafeet


1. Do I have to show my face on Instafeet?

Not at all! You don’t need to show your face as this platform mainly encourages pictures of your feet. However, the decision is completely yours to reveal your face in the photo or not.

But yes, you surely need to submit a selfie of yours during the registration process, although they won’t make it public.


2. Is it legal to sell feet pics?

It is absolutely legal to sell feet pictures. Actually, selling any pictures without breaking the social code of conduct is legal. But, you do need to check your country’s laws and local religious beliefs.

Besides, you also need to be at least 18 years old to become legally matured enough to sell your own pic.


3. Can I sell hand pics on Instafeet?

As of now, Instafeet doesn’t offer that. It is mainly a platform to sell feet pictures only. But yes, you can sell the pictures of your hand on other platforms, especially on stock photography sites like iStock Photos, Shutterstock, Stocksy, and even Getty Images.


4. Why do people buy feet pics?

Well, mainly the people with foot fetishes buy feet pictures from Instafeet. However, there are several other reasons as well. Many companies, news agencies, and publication houses also often buy feet pictures. Besides, modeling agencies and movie production houses are also frequent buyers.


5. How else can I sell feet pics?

There are many ways to sell feet pictures. You can opt for stock photography websites like Shutterstock, iStock, Stocksy, or Cavan Images to sell those. Besides, you can also make your own website and start selling it. But, it is very hard to deal with creepy and perverted people in open forums. So, it is better to stick to Instafeet as it offers complete privacy.


Instafeet Alternatives: What Is The Best App To Sell Feet Pics Other Than Instafeet?

There are several online platforms where you can sell feet photos besides Instafeet. The most notable and legit platforms among those are as follows.

  • Feetify: More than 160k+ registered users with 2k+ premium feet models earning $1k+/month
  • FeetFinder: Average feet photo sells at $22/photo while feet videos sell at $19/video
  • DollarFeet: Feet photos can fetch around $5 and 5-minute-long videos can fetch up to $10
  • OnlyFans: A platform not only for sharing feet photos but any kind of photos to followers
  • Wikifeet: A collaborative celebrity website and message-board active since 2008

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Conclusion of Instafeet Review

So, this is all, folks! If you want to earn some extra cash each month while flaunting your gorgeous feet, it is the one to hop for.

You can also become a full-time feet model on Instafeet. But yes, you better be prepared to encounter a few perverted and creepy people as well. Rest aside; everything is just smooth as butter here.

And we think we have already cleared all your doubts in this Instafeet review. Feel free to drop your queries and feedback in the comment box below!


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