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In Today’s Internet world, we daily encounter with many apps/websites that offer gift cards/cashback for completing certain tasks. But, we often get confused by the ocean of apps that are working on the same basis. 

InstaGC is a website that allows its users to get gift cards for completing small tasks.  These tasks include taking online surveys, shopping online, and watching videos. It comes under get-paid-to category websites.

Here, in this particular article about InstaGC review, let’s discuss is it a legit company or not, and has it really issued one million gift cards or not. Continue reading to know the complete information about InstaGC.


InstaGC Review – Is It a Scam or Genuine?


What Is InstaGC?

what is instagc

InstaGC is more like a GPT (get-paid-to) website. The word InstaGC abbreviates instant Gift cards. It was founded by Andrew Day in the year 2011. Since then it has a good reputation. It has a rating of 3.5 stars out of 5.0 on Trustpilot.

You can earn points for watching sponsored videos, taking up surveys, online shopping later which can be redeemed as gift cards. The best thing about InstaGC is, you don’t need to maintain any particular minimum amount. You can redeem your money even if you have $1 only.


Working With InstaGC:

It pays you the amount in the form of points that can be redeemed as cash or gift cards. InstaGC pays you for completing tasks using their search engine. i.e, InstaGC search engine. You get points instantly after completing the task. 100 points are equal to the US $1.

Like any other GPT site, its pay rate is also low. You should not expect to earn over huge money with this. It is useful to earn some extra money as a side income but not at all a full-time job.


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How to Get Started with InstaGC?

To get started with InstaGC, you need to sign up first. The process is easy to proceed with. What you need to do is directly go to the official website of InstaGC and sign up using your Gmail/email account. Or you can log in with your Facebook, or Twitter.

There you will find another page with personal contact information. You have to enter the details such as your first name, last name and how did you find InstaGC, etc… After signing up, you immediately get 10 free points.

This is applicable only for U.S residents. Others have to maintain a verified PayPal account if they wish to work.


How To Make Money With InstaGC?

instagc review - make money

There are so many ways to earn points with instaGC and redeem into cash/gift cards. The list contains tasks like using instaGC search engine, watching videos, online surveys, etc..


The offers include visiting websites, buying products, downloading and playing games, and more. Through these offers, we can earn money but it will consume a lot of time. In that span of completing an offer, we can do other tasks easily.

So, mostly I don’t prefer to work out with these offers. It is suitable for some kind of people who have a lot of patience in giving their time to work.

Take Surveys Online:

Another great way to make money by taking surveys but it always doesn’t work. As it disqualifies for some surveys you take.

The disadvantage with these surveys making is you can not guess when you will be get disqualified even in the middle of the task or at the end of the task.

However, it will give you a good experience with qualified surveys that makes you get nearly 100 points.

Watching Videos:

By watching videos you can earn up to 1 point for every 10 videos you watch and sometimes less than or near to 1 point for every 3 videos you watch.

Some people show very interest to watch videos without pausing even a second. This is the very best option for that kind of person. Maybe watching videos continuously gets bored but it makes earn more points compared to other tasks.

Online Shopping:

How can you earn with online shopping? You have extra benefits for shopping online as you get points along with your buying product.

Before going to shop check that merchants have linked with InstaGC or not. If they linked, you get $1 for purchasing any product.

Testing Products:

Testing products is also one of the best ways to earn money. It provides you to test the websites and apps by signing up through their offers.

You can earn between 100-700 points for some offers and sometimes 1100 points depending on the test.

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Visit Websites:

Visiting websites is a very easy and simple task and takes less time compared to the other tasks.

No need to login/ signup /test any products or apps like the other tasks performs. You just only need to visit the websites that instaGC suggests.

For each visit, you will get 1 point. You can find these offers in the “clicks tab” of the instaGC.

Test Apps:

InstaGC also allows users to earn money to try and test mobile apps. Mostly these apps are free to download but some apps need to be purchased. If you invest in purchasing the app don’t need to worry as you get more than the cost you invested. 

InstaGc displays these offers in the app listing. Go through with that and check the terms and conditions before you make an effort on any offer. Because some apps might ask for payments as mentioned early.

Referral Earnings:

Referral earnings mean you can refer anyone from your contact list to the InstaGC. You both will be rewarded with some points for it. It is a very easy way to earn points.

We have seen all the ways to earn points with instaGC. So, check which is the simplest way for you and go on with it. 

Is it through a bank account or PayPal or some other way?


How to Redeem Points Into Cash?


Now we have known all the ways to earn points but the question is how do we redeem them? Here we are discussing in how many ways that instaGC is going to pay money for the task we have done.

There are many ways that instaGC redeems:

  • Direct Deposit
  • eCheck
  • PayPal
  • Sweepstakes
  • Gift Cards


Pros And Cons in InstaGC:


  • It provides a different number of tasks to earn points. So, we can choose the best that suits us.
  • It pays $1 for even small tasks you have done.
  • Like other websites, you no need to pay anything to join in InstaGC as this is completely free to join. 



  • It consumes more time but pays less amount for some of its tasks.
  • It has less retail partners to shop and get cashback and earn rewards.
  • Only its long-term users can use PayPal redeem 0ption.


Our InstaGC Review:

instagc review

Credits: Trustpilot

Coming to the conclusion, this website is not at all a scam website. It genuinely pays gift cards for its users who complete those discussed tasks every day.

As per their website, they already issued nearly 1.3 million gift cards to users. This website also has many positive reviews on the Trustpilot website. (As you can see above picture.) Some people are using this website for years.

If you are trying to earn some extra cash, then this website is a great opportunity to earn gift cards while enjoying your doings. But if you expect big bucks, then it is definitely not for you.

That’s about InstaGC and its review. Do signup for the website and enjoy the benefits of this website. Share your experience or queries in the comments section.


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