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10 Pro Tips To Make Money From Instagram Blogging In 2023

Along with Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is also one of the most powerful social media platforms that are now dominating the whole world. And thousands of social media influencers are also earning millions through Instagram blogging.

Millennials now also aim to make a full-time career out of the social media platform. You will not only get massive popularity on Instagram but can also make tons of money.

It can just surprise you if you realize that Kylie Jenner earns more than a million-dollar per post on Instagram. There are several influencers who charge the same amount for their sponsored posts.

However, it may be easy to open an account on Instagram and get a couple of followers. But it is very tough to make it big and get the most out of this way of blogging.

And to help you with this, here goes the complete guide to achieving success through Instagram Blogging.


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Step-By-Step Guide To Start An Instagram Blog


1. Open An Account On Instagram

First thing first: You need to open an account on this platform as the first step of Instagram blogging. It is pretty straightforward and is entirely free for everyone.

All you need to do is to download the app on your smartphone and install it. The app is now available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Once it is installed, you can create an account by filling out the joining form. Since its recent takeover by Facebook, you can also sign up with your Facebook credentials.

Enter your profile name and submit a profile photo to create it. You also need to verify your mobile number during the account creation process.

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2. Select Your Niche of Blogging

You need to choose a specific niche that suits your area of interest. Starting from sports to lifestyle, you can start blogging in almost any genre you like.

But fashion, beauty, and food are some of the most popular niches on Instagram. If you are good at money management, you can also start a finance blog.

You need to do market research and check out the profiles of your peer group to know about the possibilities in your niche. If you already have any business or a website, you can stick to that genre and work on that.

You also need to link to your Facebook page or profile if you have already opened one.

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3. Write An Attractive Bio

Always remember that your first impression is extremely crucial for everything. And it is also vital for Instagram blogging. Most people tend to read the bio before even watching the content or subscribing to it.

So, you must write a compact bio that can tell the whole story of your blog in short. Instagram currently allows up to 150 characters in a bio. So, you need to highlight the key points and keep them compact.

It is better to check out some of the most popular profiles in your niche to get suggestions. But never copy another person’s bio, as it can affect the popularity of your handle in a negative way.

You can include your web address in your bio if you have any.


4. Look For Great Images

First, you need to understand that Instagram is a visual platform where the primary marketing tool is images. And secondly, you also need to know that people are now more into audio-visual mediums rather than boringly written documents.

So, you need to collect photos first. And those photos should be of your specific niche. You can take a photo if you are good with a camera. But don’t forget to put a watermark before publishing it on Instagram.

If you don’t have photography skills, you can use stock photos from websites like Pixabay and Unsplash. Always try to incorporate good photos with depth and high resolution. You should also concentrate on the aesthetic part of the photos.

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5. Write Great Captions

Instagram now allows up to 2.2k characters in the photo caption. However, you have to put maximum effort into making the first 125 characters work for you.

The rest of the caption will become truncated after that, and a viewer can only see it after clicking the view more button. So it will be better if you can express the main thing about the photo in the first 125 characters.

Write thought-provoking captions to get maximum attention. But beware, Instagram will not allow you to make clickbait captions, and it will harm your overall post reach.

You can also tag your friends and tag the location of your photo to make it more engaging for the audience.

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6. Unlock The Power Of Hashtags

Hashtags are the most popular tools on Instagram. The images that have at least a single hashtag will have around 12% more engagement than images without it.

You can also use multiple hashtags on your photos to maximize your engagement potential. Instagram now allows up to 30 hashtags for a single post. And you should use all of those to truly unlock your potential.

Be extremely picky while choosing the right hashtags for your images. It will be a great option if you reverse-engineer your competitors. Look for the hashtags that your competitors use to get maximum engagement.

Apart from this, you can also look for recent search trends. Moreover, there are several websites that can guide you in picking the right hashtags for your niche.

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Do You Need Anything Else To Become Successful in Instagram Blogging?

The points we have mentioned above are not all that you need to do to make your Instagram profile popular. Actually, the main work starts after these basic steps.

You should remember that content is king, and you should deliver optimum content to your audience. However, you need an expert guide who can show you the right path to success.

Blogging is not a cup of tea for everyone. But one of the most renowned names in the blogging field, Greg Johnson, recently launched a unique course that can fetch the desired success for even the most amateur bloggers.

So, don’t hesitate to join this blogging course today to earn more from blogging. You should also maintain consistency. You also need to follow the ten tips to get the most out of your Instagram blogging.

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10 Proven Tips To Unlock The Potential Of Instagram Blogging


1. Stand Out From The Crowd

Not on just Instagram, but in every field, you need to be absolutely unique. You can only catch the maximum attention if you make yourself stand apart from the crowd.

It will be great to give a slight personal touch to your Instagram posts rather than just following general business formats.

While most companies often opt for crossposts between Facebook and Instagram, you can work in a slightly different way.

Set your business approach for the Facebook post and put a little personal touch on that same post while posting it on Instagram. You should remember that your posts have to catch the eyes of humans, not machines.

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2. Make A Brand Name

As of 2023, the monthly number of users of Instagram has crossed more than a billion. And it is now available in more than 32 languages around the world. So, whichever niche you choose to make your blog, you will face stark competition.

And as we have already mentioned, you need to stand apart and make your own brand name to pull a broader audience.

You should work on making your own USP while starting Instagram blogging. It can be either your photo composition or your own unique way of telling a story; it should be unique.

Besides, you can also now use Instagram Reels to create even more human-centric videos. However, don’t forget to put your watermark in each photo.


3. Try To Engage Your Audience

Instagram is one of the most engaging social media platforms you have ever known. It is not just addictive but also extremely communicative.

And you need to use that in your favor to maximize the marketing potential of your brand.

Try to look for ways to increase the overall engagement of your audience. You can start with small steps like faster replies to DMs and tagging some of your fans on posts.

Besides, you can use questions as your image caption to start a conversation with your audience. Never forget to upload a “thank you” post every time you reach a milestone on this platform. Increase audience engagement and let the algorithm work in your favor.


4. Use Instagram Stories and Reels

Around half a billion people all over the world use Instagram stories each day. And since the launch of the new Reels, many Instagram users are now also using it on a daily basis.

If you really want to unlock the real power of Instagram blogging, then you should start using both the stories and reels to engage more audiences.

You can create stories in many formats, such as photos, videos, and even slideshows. But in Reels, you need to upload a short video. You can use both of these to market your blog.

Just make engaging short videos or an informative slideshow to pull new subscribers. You can also promote new deals and discounts on various things to make it trustworthy among real users.

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5. Promote Your Content

Although a major chunk of Instagram users uses stories and reels, you still miss many users. And for that, you should also put some budget to work for you.

You need to promote your content frequently to reach people that only use Instagram to scroll through great photos. Promoting content is very easy, and even new users can do it with complete ease.

There are several strategies you can adopt to maximize the engagement potential of your promoted content. You can either promote an opinion poll or a question-type post to get maximum engagement.

Besides, you can also promote content with exciting promos, coupon codes, and discount vouchers to get new followers on your handles.

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6. Arrange A Contest For Your Audience

The human race is extremely competitive. And you can use that natural instinct to work in your favor on Instagram blogging too. All you need to do is to arrange a small but rewarding contest for your users.

You can select any contest you want related to your niche. And you can set anything as a reward, let it be a cash prize or a discount coupon.

You can even make it a marketing tool as you can reward limited access to your website on that contest. However, you need to use the hashtags properly to increase the chance of maximum reach of your contest.

Besides, you can also ask your audience to give you a contest idea. That will surely increase the overall engagement of your users.

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7. Use Slideshow On Instagram

Most people underestimate the power of slideshows on Instagram. However, it is one of the most powerful tools to get new followers. It can work quite the same as the stories.

And you can create a complete storyline just by adding pictures in a series. The plus point: it will not expire after 24 hours as the stories do.

Many travel and food bloggers use this technique to create a compelling story. They post a series of pictures of a travel destination or their favorite restaurant.

You can also do the same while tagging the location of individual photos. Besides, you can also provide a small giveaway on the last slide of your slideshow.

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8. Make Your Own Community

There is nothing better than a loyal audience base. And don’t rely on a single social media platform but diversify your social media presence instead.

However, if you want to make a loyal base on Instagram, there is no better way than directly communicating with them on a regular basis. That will not only increase overall trustworthiness but also increase engagement.

You should concentrate on making your blog or website look familiar to your audience. When your audience instantly recognizes your website or blog, you don’t even need to make them understand what you are trying to convince.

They will automatically know most of the content as they are familiar with your content.


9. Unleash The Power Of Geotagging

Geotagging is a kind of tagging that includes actual places rather than people. You can tag a particular location of a photo through this unique feature.

There are two ways to do this; you can either tag the image post using the current location of your smartphone or can enter the location manually while posting the image.

However, you need to provide permission to the Instagram app to use the location of your phone.

If you accurately use this feature, it can increase your overall engagement by up to 80%. It is also a great tool to attract local customers and is beneficial for people having local businesses.

Besides, anyone can explore pictures taken at your photo location just by using that geotagging.


10. Communicate With Your Users

It is essential to communicate with your followers if you want to become popular through Instagram blogging. It will not only just increase the trust factor among your followers but will also increase the overall engagement.

There are several ways to interact; you can choose to reply to the comments or can reciprocate the DMs of your followers.

Whatever way you choose to communicate, you need to be consistent. And you should also try to reply faster to feel like a real-time chat for your followers. You should also follow the users who advocate for your brand.

It will give them a sense of confidence. Many people use the age-old follow-unfollow method, although it feels a bit tacky sometimes.

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How To Get Started With Instagram Blogging?

There are numerous ways to make $500 – $2000 every month through Instagram blogging. But out of the list, blogging can be the most rousing option.

Before knowing that, have you ever heard of blogging? Mostly yes, but not to every detail, right? Before explaining it, I must share one interesting thing about blogging.

How much extra money do you want to make every month? $1,000 or $10,000 or $100,000? All these figures are easily attainable with Instagram blogging. You just need to work on it until you get your figure.

If you are here with no idea about blogging, learn that blogging is nothing but building and sharing useful and informative content on your website by gaining genuine readers.

So the main thing you must develop is your knowledge for creating genuine and engaging content. But blogging needs super hard work in the beginning.

You just need to believe in yourself to move forward. Blogging doesn’t need high investments, you can launch your new blog with less than a $100 investment.

Let’s see the main requirements for blogging:

  1. First of all, you must choose your topic (like food, health, finance, travel, and more).
  2. Choose a name and register your domain address (ex:
  3. Buy a hosting service (Bluehost offers at $3.95/mo + FREE Domain Address).
  4. Install WordPress and a nice theme.
  5. Start to publish articles and start promotions.

How Long Does It Take To Make Money?

Can I start a blog now and make $1000 fast? Absolutely yes! For all who are looking forward to starting a blog, you are on the right track; go ahead! I made a decent $7147 this September through blogging.

All it takes is your patience and perseverance to see earnings from blogging. But once you observe earnings, there is no stopping you from there, not just $1000; any figure can be easily chased. 

How To Get Started?

After knowing this, If you really want to know the quick basics about blogging and kick start, then you can refer to our detailed step-by-step guide on how to start a money-making blog

Blogging doesn’t require huge upfront investments. You can start & run a blog with just a $3.95 per month investment. So, take action now.


Make Money From Instagram Blogging – Conclusion

So, these are the proven tips to get success through Instagram blogging. However, you need to keep an eye on your competitor to know about their working strategies.

You should also follow the recent trends to provide updated information to your followers.

If you want even more ideas for making money, consider checking our posts on: