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Is Buff Gaming Legit Or A Scam? (Brutally Honest Review 2024)

What if I say that you can now play your favorite games, such as Fortnite, PUBG, or Call of Duty, and still make money just for playing those? Yes, it is very much possible with Buff! But is Buff even legit?

Can you really make money besides the chicken dinner playing PUBG?

Buff is revolutionizing the gaming industry by using state-of-the-art Overwolf technology that silently collects data in the background while you play games.

And in return, it pays gamers with redeemable reward points. So, you can definitely kickstart your video gaming career with Buff.

I previously checked a similar site and published a detailed Appstation review. And this time, I was also excited to try Buff.

So, without any further ado, let’s check out what I found while testing the website and the apps.


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Is Buff Legit?

Yes, Buff is a legit Platform. The desktop version, as well as the apps available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store, are also legit.

It has received mostly positive reviews on rating forums like Trustpilot. However, it is not a high-paying or high-rewarding platform. You can hardly make around $10 to $15 per month on average.

If you are a non-professional gamer who spends less than an hour each day gaming, you can hardly cross $5/month. So, it is better not to take it as a side hustle. Instead, consider it as a little boost.


Buff – Summary & Ratings



Buff is revolutionizing the online gaming industry by paying avid gamers. But is Buff even legit? Is Buff a virus?

The doubts are many! But thankfully, Buff is a legit site where you can make money just by playing your favorite games, such as PUBG and Fortnite.

Yes, you can get paid to play games here. As a gaming lover myself, I decided to try it on my own to check its true potential.

But before I reveal those, let’s check out some quick facts first.

Dreamshala Rating: 4.5/5 in terms of legitimacy, as Buff is truly a legit platform that has been paying gamers for the last five years. But 3.2/5 in terms of actual earning potential, as you can hardly make any significant amount just by using it!

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What Is Buff?

Elay De Beer, Ophir Sarapi, and Ophir Gertner established BUFF Technologies Ltd as a privately owned company in Tel Aviv, Israel, way back in 2018. And since then, it has established itself as one of the best gaming reward sites.

While talking about Buff, current CEO Elay De Beer himself said that it is “a loyalty program for gamers on top of blockchain that allows gamers to earn something.”

It mixes blockchain technology with game development to reward gamers. And as of 2024, there are more than 450,000 daily gamers active on this platform. Besides, it hosts more than 3 million gaming rounds each day.

It is truly popular in the USA as one of the best gaming apps that pay rewards.

Here are some of the best and most popular games you can find on the Buff platform.

  • Fortnite
  • PUBG
  • League of Legends
  • Apex Legends
  • Call of Duty: Warzone
  • CS: GO
  • DOTA 2
  • Minecraft

All you need is to play your favorite games on this gaming platform to get rewarded.

Buff Games


We will now also see if it is legit and how Buff makes money, as this info are essential to judge if a company is scamming people or not!

My Take: Buff is not like other apps that pay users to put wagers and win the game. Instead, it works like a background data collector that pays you depending on your gaming skills and in-game achievements.

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Is Buff A Scam?

No, Buff is not a scam. However, many people still have doubts! Some gamers even want to know whether Buff is a crypto miner or not! No, it is not even a crypto miner.

Buff Trustpilot Reviews

Source: Trustpilot

Gaming is truly among the money-making hobbies these days, as there are ample opportunities available in this field. And Buff took it to a new height by encouraging avid gamers by giving rewards.

You can just play your favorite games and earn points that you can cash out through your linked PayPal account.

Besides, you can also buy goodies from the Buff marketplace by using those points.

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What Is Buff Premium?

When I first discovered this site, I wanted to know if Buff is free or not! Yes, the basic version is free, although you can surely take premium subscription plans as well.

Premium Offers


Right now, they are offering three membership plans, which are Buff Premium, Buff Plus, and Buff Elite.

Each of these subscription plans offers some distinct advantages. And they also offer different pricing. Here they are!

Plan Monthly Pricing Yearly Pricing Extra Earning Extra Buff Points Extra Daily Rewards Discord Channel Marketplace Access Raffles
Premium $3.99 $35.99 150% 50 Yes Yes Premium Raffles
Plus $5.99 $53.99 200% 100 Yes Yes Special Raffles
Elite $7.99 $69.99 500% 200 2X Yes Yes Special Raffles

If you don’t desperately need money now, you can stick to the basic (free) plan, which will enable you to earn points at a standard rate.

But if you are looking for better rewards and better earnings, these subscription plans will help you with that.

My Findings: You can get up to 350% discount on special items available at Buff Marketplace. You can use your accumulated earnings to buy goodies and merchandise.

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What Is Buff Pay Debit Card?

Buff Pay is a reward debit card offered by Buff Gaming. They branded this VISA debit card as the ultimate gamer’s debit card.

It is like a Cash App card that comes with unique designs to stand out!

Buff Pay card is issued by Evolve Bank & Trust and is currently exclusively available in the USA. You can apply for your personalized Buff Pay card by clicking on this link.

It comes with $0 annual charges (+no hidden charges). Besides, there are many benefits!

  • 3% cash back on all purchases from Buff Marketplace.
  • $100 welcome bonus once you spend $1,000.
  • $5 gift card as a signup bonus once you make your first deposit of at least $50.
  • $15 gift card as an extra bonus after spending $500.

You’ll get Buff points as cashbacks. And with those Buff points, you can buy various gift cards, such as Amazon, Walmart, Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation cards.

You can also buy gift cards of gaming houses, such as EA Sports, Valorant, and Fortnite, from the Marketplace.

My Take: You need to have an existing bank account to get the Buff Pay Card. You need to first link that account with your Buff Pay Visa card, and then only you’ll be able to load money on your card.


How Does Buff Gaming Work?

While we need to spend money to play games online, Buff is promising the opposite.

It pays gamers to play games. And that makes it suspicious for many people as they seriously want to know how does Buff actually work?

Buff is not one of those iOS or Android apps that pay real money to complete different tasks.

Instead, it gives reward points to gamers who use their platforms to play their favorite games like PUBG and Fortnite.

It is actually a data collection company that supplies much-needed user data and reports to gaming companies.

These companies pay Buff to collect user stats. And you, as a gamer, receive your cut from that.

According to the company itself, Buff “collects data, calculates statistical probabilities, and generates the reward accordingly.” And they supply this data to game developers worldwide.

My Findings: Buff is run by Overwolf technology that doesn’t hamper the gameplay or performance when you run it in the background. It also doesn’t give any popups or ad notifications while you play a game.

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Minimum System Requirements For Buff

You must have already understood that Buff is a legit platform that pays gamers to play their favorite games. And anyone can join this program.

However, there are some minimum requirements which are as follows:

Item Minimum Requirement Recommended Requirement
CPU Quad-core (Intel & AMD) i3, i5, i7 (Intel) – Ryzen 1st Gen (AMD)
OS Windows 7 (64-bit) Windows 10 (64-bit)
Hard Drive Space 50 MB 50 MB
APIs DirectX 8 DirectX 10 + OpenGL
.NET Framework 4.5 4.5

Kindly note that Buff is currently available only on the Windows platform. This software is not available for MacOS.

However, you can download the iOS app on your Apple phone.

My Take: If you are a teen and looking for some extra pocket money, consider this option as one of the legit jobs for 15-year-olds where you can earn while having fun as well.


How To Earn Buff Points?

how to earn reward points


This Buff review will remain incomplete without letting you know how to earn Buff points.

It is like the Flash Rewards points that you get while you complete some tasks. Here, those tasks are just gaming!

The basic principle is simple. Buff will run in the background using the Overwolf technology when you play your favorite games, it will collect your data and user stats, and in return, it will pay you Buff points.

According to Buff, they only collect non-sensitive data, such as your in-game performance report and your overall achievements. And they don’t spy on any other data on your computer or mobile.

These Buff points will not depend on how long you play a game. Instead, it will depend on your winning ratio, your KDA ratio, and your overall gameplay.

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How Many Buff Coins Can You Actually Get?

Buff has its own virtual currency with the same name. And it gives rewards to players in this virtual currency.

It is a common practice in this industry that we have also seen while researching for our Forum Wheel review.

There are three factors that will directly impact the number of Buff points you earn.

  • Popularity Of The Game: Popular games like Fortnite or PUBG will earn you more points than other not-so-popular games.
  • Mastery & Skillset: Your point earning will directly depend on how you perform in the game. If you have real mastery and can play like a pro, you’ll earn much more points than others.
  • Completed Challenges: You will also earn points by completing game-related daily and weekly challenges.

There is no fixed rule to calculate how many Buff points you’ll get. But while I tried it myself, I figured out a rough estimation. And it will depend on your skill level.

  • Average Gamer: Up to 100 Buff points/day.
  • Amateur Gamer: Up to 200 Buff points/day.
  • Pro Gamer: Up to 350 Buff points/day.

My Findings: You’ll earn more Buff points if you use their Desktop interface. While I tried both their desktop and app variants, I got around 1.5X to 2X Buff points on the desktop.


How Much Money Can You Make On Buff?

There are games that pay through Cash App. And there are games that give you the option to choose your payout methods. Buff falls under the second category.

While working on this Buff review, I tried to understand the actual earning potential.

I tried it personally and also had talks with previous and existing users of Buff. And one thing I realized first is that you must not expect any significant amount.

If you are a regular gamer, you can hardly make around $1 to $5 a month. For average (medium skill level), this earning can be anywhere between $5 and $10 a month. And if you are a real pro, you can expect to make around $15/month on average.

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How Buff Pays Its Users?

You must have already understood that Buff pays rewards in terms of Buff points. And you can redeem those buff points to buy things on the Buff marketplace.

Buff Marketplace


While basic (free) users need to pay the full amount in points, premium users will get an additional discount on top of that.

When I last tried to cash out from Buff, some of the options that I found on Marketplace are as follows:

My Findings: You can get a $5 worth of gift card from your favorite retailer or online merchant by spending 600 Buff points. And to get a steam code or in-game currency, you need to spend between 800 and 1,200 Buff points.


Pros And Cons Of Buff

Buff is indeed a legit site. And it is almost like a free money hack when you can make money while playing your favorite games, which you’ll do anyway!

But it has some advantages and disadvantages too!

  • It runs silently in the background, and you don’t need to do anything.
  • Almost all the popular desktop and mobile games are available on Buff.
  • The software is not resource-heavy.
  • The Overwolf technology used by Buff doesn’t slow down performance.
  • It will not decrease or fluctuate your FPS.
  • Buff is available in more than 50 countries.
  • There are many reward options to choose from in Buff Marketplace.
  • Cashing out will be easy if you stay in the USA.
  • Reward options are limited if you stay outside the USA.
  • Buff Pay debit card is exclusively available for American gamers.
  • Earning is not significant, as you can hardly make $5 to $10/month.
  • There is no direct way available to get rewards in cash.
  • Many of the rewards are unavailable even if they are displayed on the Marketplace.


Buff – Ratings On Different Platforms

Besides having my own experience (which can be subjective), I always look for ratings on different sites to have an overall idea about any company.

Buff Trustpilot Ratings

Source: Trustpilot

And when I looked for Buff, here is what I found!

I also prefer to check the social media presence of any company, as it is absolutely necessary in the current scenario. User Reviews


So, I tried to check Buff as well. Here is what I found!

While doing my research for this Buff review, I found out that Buff has quite a positive rating on social media platforms.

Many even consider it as a late-night WFH job related to gaming where they can generate a couple of dollars.


Buff – User Reviews & Complaints

No one can tell you better about a platform than its previous users. And as gamers do have a strong community, I tried to search for Buff user reviews.

Buff Trustpilot Reviews

Source: Trustpilot

Here is what gamers are saying about Buff on different forums.

  • Beautiful-Tourist251 on Reddit wrote, “On average, I earn around two tokens per full game of Valorant and 0.8 – 1 token per match of Fortnite.”
  • kaanCHO on Trustpilot Wrote, “I’ve used Buff for quite some time. It’s a great way to earn rewards while playing your favorite games, and it doesn’t affect your gameplay at all. Only issue I’m having lately is getting gift cards from the Marketplace.”
  • Ylecarah Mendoza on Quora wrote, “The competitive gaming circuit is extremely difficult to break into. BUFF is here to change all that- Once you’re in, each action in any BUFF-aligned game will seamlessly reward the gamer with BUFF coins.”

My Take: Buff mostly gets positive reviews on forums. Most of their complaints are about the unavailability of gift cards in Buff Marketplaces. And there are no major complaints regarding their reward system.


Similar Sites To Buff – Best Alternatives 2024

Buff undoubtedly stands apart from the crowd due to its technological innovation and the rewards it offers for popular games.

However, there are some other websites and apps also available that offer equal opportunities.

And here are my top recommendations for 2024.

My Take: While apps like Bubble Cash and Solitaire Cash will give you direct rewards for winning games, websites like Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks offer a lot more opportunities than just gaming.


Final Note

There is no doubt that Buff is a legit site. The software they offer is non-malicious and trustable.

Besides, the apps on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store also have positive ratings to support the trust factor.

Buff, while talking about their apps, stated, “We declare unequivocally that the BUFF app has no malicious properties of any kind.”

However, it is also true that you can’t make any significant amount here.

It is like the free money on Cash App, which is excellent as a top-up but not worthy as a full-time professional replacement.

So, strictly consider this as a bonus for playing rather than a stable income opportunity.


Is Buff Legit – FAQs

Is Buff Real or Fake?

Yes, Buff is a 100% real site. And their claims of giving money just for playing games are also true. The company has been in operation since 2018.

And right now, there are more than 450,000 active players using this platform each day.


Is Buff App Illegal?

No, Buff apps on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store are not illegal.

Buff is truly legit and has also received high ratings and positive reviews on both the application stores.


Does Buff Decrease FPS?

No, Buff is a legit platform that doesn’t decrease the FPS in any game. Buff actually uses Overwolf technology that silently monitors and collects gaming data in the background without being resource heavy.

This is why it doesn’t decrease the FPS, and you are almost guaranteed to get the same gaming experience.


Is Buff A Bitcoin Miner?

No, Buff is not a Bitcoin miner, although it uses blockchain technology.

Buff mainly runs on the DPoS (Delegated-Proof-of-Stake) system, which is also used in crypto mining. But here, you can only make points by playing games.


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