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Freecash Review (2024) – Can You Really Make $15+ Per Day?

For the last couple of years, Freecash has enabled many users from all over the world to have a legit earning source. From surveys to offers: many ways are there to make money with this company. And in this Freecash review, we are going to reveal every secret of this company.

Several GPT sites present in the global market are known for on-time payment and industry-standard payout. However, there are certain things about this company that make it stand apart from its competitor.

This app claims that the average user makes $17 per month using this app. And Freecash allows users to withdraw their earnings via Bitcoin. Sounds interesting to me.

Let it be the timely payment or the various ways of withdrawal, there are many benefits of using this GPT site. But there are certain disadvantages as well. So, read on to know more!


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Freecash Keypoints & Review

  • Name: Freecash
  • Parent Company: AImedia Online LLC
  • Year of Inception: 2020
  • Location: Worldwide
  • Price: Free Download (No hidden fees)
  • Platforms: Website, Android. (No iPhone app yet.)
  • Downloads: 500K+
  • Average Hourly Earnings: $4
  • Payout Threshold: $0.10 (Bitcoin via Coinbase)
  • Payout Methods: Crypto, Gift Cards, PayPal, Prepaid Credit Card.
  • Trustpilot Rating: 4.6/5 (21k reviews)
  • Our Overall Rating: 4/5
  • Signup here.


What Is Freecash?

Launched just three years ago in 2020, Freecash is a GPT site currently operated by Almedia UG. It now has more than 500 thousand active downloads.

freecash review

You can easily make money by completing offers, playing games, and answering short surveys. Besides, it is also among the fastest-growing reward apps that have global popularity.

This organization now pays its users through PayPal, gift cards, and cryptocurrency. So, rest assured, it is undoubtedly one of the best options to try if you need money now.

You need to have an active internet connection with a handheld device or laptop to get started with this company. And you can try various ways to make money right here.


Is Freecash Legit Or a Scam?

Freecash is a legit website where you can get high-paying online surveys, complete various offers, and refer your friends to get paid.

freecash ratings

And since its inception, there have been no such serious complaints against this company. Freecash now has a 4.6 rating in Trustpilot with more than 21,000 reviews.

More than 83% of users have marked it as an excellent platform, while just 4% rated it bad. Besides Trustpilot, Freecash also has a notable presence on Reddit, Twitter, and Discord, although you can’t find any serious complaints on its thread.

And here are some other reasons to say this company is totally legit…

  • It has transparent information about its founders and team,
  • Freecash is super active on Twitter and Discord,
  • On-site chat feature that allows you to chat with real users,
  • Freecash is totally free for everyone,
  • Thousands of positive reviews all around the world,
  • And it is owned by a legit company (AImedia Online).


Freecash Users Reviews

It is important to know what users are saying about a company before jumping in. Here is what people are saying about the Freecash app.

freecash reviews


Who Can Join Freecash?

Technically, anyone from anywhere can freely join Freecash to start their financial journey. However, you need to be at least 13 years old to open an account.

You also don’t need anything but your Google or Steam account to complete your registration here.

So, if you have already crossed the legal age barrier, you shouldn’t waste your time after reading this Freecash review. So apply right now!

And you can make money fast and easily on this website, as there are many methods to try. But, if you are from certain restricted countries, such as Syria or North Korea, this website is inaccessible in those places.


Is Freecash Safe?

Yes, 100%.

Freecash is totally safe to use. They just collect a few personal details like name, email address, username, etc.

freecash review

They have a strict privacy policy, and if you want to opt-out anytime, just one email ([email protected]) is enough to get your data deleted from their databases.

Apart from that, Freecash has an SSL Certificate (Safe to browse), Delete account features, and all. You can refer to their privacy policy page to learn more about their data policies.

And one thing we all keep in mind is that Freecash is a GPT site that provides third-party offers. So, when you are installing or using any third-party apps, you better refer to those third-party policies.


Registration Procedure For Freecash

freecash signup

As we have already said, you need to have an account before you can start making money on Freecash. You must start by downloading and installing this app from Google Play Store.

After launching the app for the very first time, you need to click on the “Sign Up” button and fill out the joining form to create a free account.

You can also finish your signup process on their website and login into the app using your credentials. It’s up to your convenience.

To get started with Freecash, you just need a Gmail or Steam account. Other things like username and password can be set while signing up.

Once you login into your account, you will be asked to open a case where you can earn up to $250 as a welcome bonus. Honestly, winning $250 is super rare. However, if luck is on your side, you can earn something like $2.50, or 0.25, or 0.05 at least.


Ways To Make Money On Freecash

Not one or two; there are at least four distinct ways to make money on Freecash. And in this Freecash review, we are going to reveal the secrets of all those ways that we have tried personally.

ways to make money on FreeCash



A variety of tasks are available in the “Offer” section of this website. And depending on your demographic profile, these tasks can change regularly.

However, most of these tasks require you to install an app or create a free account on a specific website.

Each offer wall on this platform receives a performance score between 1 and 100. So, you can choose to take only those offers that have paid quite well in recent times.

However, you must fulfill specific task-based criteria before you become eligible to earn coins from that particular task.


Online Surveys

You can get paid online surveys for money on this website as well. And you can choose your preferred surveys depending on the final payout, survey ratings, and estimated time to complete the surveys.

You also don’t need to worry about the safety and privacy of your data while taking part in online surveys, as this company follows a strict data-sharing policy.

If you live in the United States, you can earn 50 to 100 Freecash coins to complete a single survey, depending on the length and time requirement of the survey.

But, if you live in tier-II or tier-III countries, you may witness a much lower payout per survey.


Leaderboard Contests

Unlike other GPT sites, you can be rewarded just for being active on Freecash. There is a dynamic leaderboard on this website where you can check the performance of top earners.

And this company places 250 users on the leaderboard who receive bonus points from the company itself. It may be a little tough to believe that you can even claim thousands of dollars just while you’re on the leaderboard.

You can get free daily rewards each day just by clicking the button. However, it also checks your activeness. If you collect your reward daily, the website engine will count you as active.

A daily reward collection with completing offers and tasks can be the ideal recipe for becoming a leaderboard winner.


Referral Program

You can make money by referring friends on Freecash. There is a dedicated segment on this website from where you can collect your custom link.

And you need to share that link through your social media accounts to get referrals. Every time anyone joins through your link, you’ll get 5% of the total earnings of your referral.

You can also get additional earning benefits if someone clicks on your link and completes a specific task. And in that case, you can get up to 2% of the total payout.

Typically, users tend to make around $7.65 on average once their referral completes earning the first two thousand coins.


How Much Money Can You Make On Freecash?

How much you can make on this site will depend on the offer and survey you complete each day and the amount of time you allot on this website.

make money from surveys

Typically, you can expect around 50 to 100 coins to complete a single survey, although you can’t expect to get more than 10 to 15 surveys each day. So, technically, you can make around 500 to 1,000 coins from surveys.

Besides, you can also earn around 500 to 1000 points to complete each of the new offers listed on the offer wall.

However, you can’t complete more than 2 tasks each day due to availability issues. So, you can make around 2,000 to 3,500 points in total each day if you work hard.


How Much Freecoin Coins Worth?

Freecash users earn coins for completing certain tasks every day. These coins can be converted into cash while cashing out. Coming to their monetary value…

1000 freecash coins = $1


How Freecash Pays Its Users?

There are three options to take payments from this company. And in this Freecash review, we are going to review each one of those. The first option to withdraw your earnings is through PayPal.

However, you must earn at least $5 before requesting a money transfer. And you can only withdraw up to $200 in a single shot through this method. Moreover, PayPal will also charge a flat 5% withdrawal fee.

freecash review

The second way to withdraw money is by purchasing gift cards from the in-app store. And you can choose between Google Play, Spotify, Netflix, Steam, Xbox, Blizzard, and PlayStation gift cards.

If you are a foodie, you can also choose Just Eat or Door Dash gift vouchers. Besides, you can also get a prepaid VISA card if you have a minimum $5 wallet balance.

The third way to get money from this company is through cryptocurrencies. You need just a $0.50 wallet balance to get Litecoin and $1.50 to get Dogecoin.

Besides, you can get Ethereum coins once you cross the $2.50 account balance. And if you want to get bitcoins, you need to earn at least $5 on this website.

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How To Not Get Banned From Using Freecash?

Since Freecash is a legit website that pays users for completing offers, it has some strict rules that it wants users to follow.

If you found using a VPN or creating multiple accounts to manipulate referrals or doing multi-accounting, they will ban your account instantly. The worst thing is that you cannot get a banned account back and all your earnings will be useless.


Freecash Alternatives

Like Freecash, there are some other apps that pay real cash for completing everyday offers. Here are some apps we regularly use.


Pros & Cons of Freecash

  • Freecash users can earn up to $49.73 per offer
  • $0.10 payout threshold which is very low compared to other platforms
  • On-site chat features to chat with real users
  • $500 Daily and $20,000 monthly leaderboards
  • Withdraw via Bitcoin or PayPal or gift cards.
  • Up to $250 welcome bonus
  • Charges 5% if you choose to cash out via PayPal
  • Low affiliate commissions


Freecash Review – Conclusion

Finally, that’s the wrap for our Freecash review.

If you are looking for an avenue to make money on the go, Freecash is surely one of the best websites to try your hands on this month. And you can even make money just by referring your friends to this company.

But, from this Freecash review, you must have already understood that it is tough to make more than $100 to $300/month from this website.

So, if you are looking for a full-time option, it is probably not the best option to try.

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Is Freecash legal?

Yes, Freecash is legal and safe to try if you are looking for an avenue to make money. This company has a 4.6 rating on Trustpilot with more than 19,000 active reviews to prove its legitimacy.


How much can you make on Freecash?

You can hardly make about $100 to $300 per month on average on Freecash.

But, if you can place yourself on the leaderboard, you can get up to $10,000 worth of additional money as an incentive.


How do I redeem my Freecash in points?

You need to first log in to your Freecash account and navigate to the account section.

You can then choose your preferred withdrawal method and click on the “Redeem My Reward Points” button to get it done.


How long does Freecash take to withdraw?

It can take as many as 30 working days to receive your payment from Freecash, although it depends on the withdrawal method.

There are even reports that this company dispatched the payment within just one day.


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